How to get trt prescribed

How to Get a Prescription for TRT

How to Get a Prescription for TRT13 Nov. 2020

Steps for getting a

Steps for getting a prescription for TRT:

1. Meet with a doctor, either your PCP or at a TRT clinic (TRT clinics often offer telemedicine services, so you will do your consultation and any subsequent discussions over the phone or video call). Discuss your symptoms and concerns. If you're talking with your PCP, specifically request to have labs done to check your testosterone levels.

2. Have your bloodwork done. The doctor will send in orders to your local hospital, where you will go to have your blood drawn (no appointment necessary). Tell the receptionist that you are there to get bloodwork done, they will point you in the right direction.

3. Wait for your results to come back. If you have the results, your doctor will, too. Wait for your doctor to contact you to discuss your lab results (unless it's been over 3 days since you've received the results and your doctor still hasn't contacted you).

4. Speak with your doctor about your lab results. He will comment on any outstanding values and will determine whether or not you have low testosterone. If he thinks you do, he will send in a prescription for medication (likely testosterone solution for injection) to your preferred pharmacy.

5. Pick up your medication and follow any instructions your doctor gives you on how to administer your medication.

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Ol' No Gains

were you prescribed Testosterone Cypionate?

turbo kox

Hey there! If i have about 560 TT ( 350-820) and free T 12 (9-33) and i have a lot of symptoms of low T , it qualify me to trt u think? I feel like garbage, lack of motivation and libido kinda depressed ... Ive been to some endocrynologist in my country ever1 looking on total t ofc i dont give a damn about symptoms, ofc i had a tons of small talks like u should relax more, dont stress so much etc and maybe try sertalin i dont take this crap if the source of that might be just a lack of T, u think trt here is a good choose? Cheers bro

Royal Mens Medical Center

Noticed you had no contact info available. We would love if you would reach out to us at [email protected] Have a great day!

The Bro Scientist

I don’t inject 160mg a day. I inject 160 mg/week, split into daily doses.

Rahat Salwan

with all respect, did TRT speed up your hair loss? If so, how long did it take for your hairline to disappear?




This is the robinhood guy

Blood work is the 1st step to get Dr. prescribed TRT

Blood work is the 1st step to get Dr. prescribed TRT5 Jan. 2017
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The first step to getting

The first step to getting on HRT is to get your blood work done. This video explains how you go about doing this. If you think you have low testosterone or are hormone deficient then you need to take action.

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