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House M.D. gratification dissorder

House M.D. gratification dissorder21 May. 2008
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house explains concerned

house explains concerned mother that her daughter is not epilectic

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it's funny because the actress who plays the mom in this scene is an avid anti-vaxxer and anti-masker today lol

captain Tattertot

The only time ive seen house in all these years be a softy

Kaila Gaston

The fact that masterbation is still demonized is just wrong. Teach kids about their bodies so they know how to protect and appropriate themselves?

Yasmine G

I just realized the mom is Amy from Good Luck Charlie, I'd recognize her from some where

Mayjane N

Amy duncann

mischievous one

so shes touching herself but house still proceeds to "high-five" the girl??

Nefeli Tsakiridi

Wow, being more concerned about masturbation that an actual disease, don't I love people

Carmela Camba

the mother didn't catch that? She never experience it before?


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Finding A Stranger In The Alps

'Murica: Where conservative parents consider masturbation a more horrifying "disorder" than a potentially life-ruining/threatening illness.

Willie B Productions

I love how the lady who plays the mom is Leigh Allen Baker who played Mrs Duncan on Good Luck Charlie


You know, for a misantrope on a permanent diet of pain medication, he's surprisingly good with children.

Elizabeth Pribyshchuk

Is it just me, or whenever you hear House's voice, does it remind you of the grinch?


People would not believe how common it is for toddlers and young children to masterbate. Of course they don't know the context, so they're just doing something that makes them feel good. Just like you teach a child to eat candy in moderation, teach a child that if they want to masterbate they need to do it in private.

Retro Forger


Martin Zaehringer

Is that Penny?

Morgan Johnson

Charlies mom done fucked up, lol.

Antonio Starke

Ooff...hehe, Eeeh... House got real, huh?

Tazkiya Rahman

Amy Duncan!!!

Edgar Flores

I love when House said "epilepsy is horrifying", it's like saying "stfu u stoopeed veetch, r u serious prefer ur girl has epilepsy instead of just masturbate like a normal child? No wonder why this country is fvcked"
(Masturbation at that age it's completely normal)


It's too bad House was too early to deal with parents who wanted to "transition" their pre-pubescent child based on silly remarks they made about playing dress up.

Angel Mendoza

I've used the loser line on my patients before

ghostboy 2015

She is amazing playing the entitled helicopter mom

braian gomez

Good luck charlie and House crossover?

Kim Milliner

That is funny...

Rebecca Michael

Mom - "I think it's Epilepsy."
House - "It's called Gratification Disorder."
Mom - "Oh this is horrifying."
House - "Epilepsy is horrifying."

Me - Take it from someone who knows.

the invisible me

Isn't she a little young to be "marching the penguins "?

Mark Perez

“Your a goof”. “Takes on to know one looser”

Letícia Basile

“Saying yohoo to the hoo hoo”
“Marching the penguin”
“Ya yaing the sisterhood”
“Finding Nemo”


Gratification disorder sounds like anti tourette's. Instead of random cursing, they give random compliments.


.....He would play a Rick from Rick and Morty

Nicholas Howell

Ultimate expression of chaotic good.

Nandini Agrawal

The synonyms for masturbation were freaking gold???

Christoper H

finding nemo was a good one

No One

"I would rather have my child have a lifelong disorder so I can get sympathy points from the other soccer moms than have a serious discussion with my child"
Yep. Definitely a 90s parent.


Well, all I can say is good luck, Charlie.

Lu Clarksone

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Oh hello mom from good luck charlie

A Katie

Its Amy Duncan

Alex Z

It's possible that this child is using this as a dissociation technique or some other kind of psychopathology. She's not "exploring her body". Judging by the intense critique of the mother that could be the source of the distress of the disassociation. I'm not sure of the exact situation, but it's a bit disturbing to see how many people in the comments are sure this is normal behavior.

Isabella C.

Is that Charlie's mom from good luck Charlie

Mark Ashton

Your doctor is house, good luck Charlie

Michelle Mae Simplicio

Why is the mom shocked? We teach children eyes, ears, nose early, how long do you think they will figure out the other parts esp when bathing? ?

Nikhil Menon

Finding Nemo..????

branden8045 theultramangofighter

Hey Jessie ohhhhh


It's not that she doesn't think having epilepsy isn't horrifying, it's the thought of her daughter being so young and masterbating that's horrifying to her. I would be a bit horrified as well.


It amazes me how house always ppoints out the stupid in others and he's always right it just shows how much lack of Common Sense we use on a daily basis.

Caleb Mantle

The high five at the end is so good. "kudos kid, you're way ahead of the curve"

Hope Flaggs

Well if something feels good of course kids are going to do it. They dont realise that adults think its dirty or shameful. Like, pardon the pun, scratching an itch

Das Karnickel

Not that we Americans are prudish, but we sure have a gazillion ways of talking around sex...so i guess we are prudish

Ayema Eyalit

At 5? Wow.

Mike Eberhardt

I’ve had this same disorder my whole life!!

Mat Deering

Love the look on Mum's eyes when the penny finally drops.

strangest loser


Terisa Nicole


adrian aron

But shes a kid?! How did her neurons mature enough to even comprehend orgasms!

Jonathan Darnel

I don't know what's more disgusting, this work of FICTION implying that child masturbation is normal or all the sick Alfred Kinsey wannabes cheering in the comments.

Sohrab Marzi

Why is house too damn cool?

Eden Alexandria B

I have a few words of encouragement in the midst of what's going on. It might sound wierd, but it is for real and I thought that it would be important to say it.

Its long because I've tried to and any faqs!
Hopefully this will answer some of those nagging questions -
Why can't evil be forgiven and let off, how is the whole "Jesus dying" thing really relevant to anything?

To you?  if you still have any questions let me know x

Do you ever struggle? Or doubt that God Loves You After what you've done? Do you wonder if He even exists for that matter? Read this:

Every one of us have lied, stolen (even tiny things count as stealing), spoken badly to our parents and had embarrassing and detestable thoughts in our thought life. The Bible calls this "sin", the breaking of God's laws. You might think, so what? Everyone lies and thinks bad things about others! Its human!

You're right. That's exactly what the Bible says, we're "born into sin" and that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" - Romans 3:23

What is that "glory", morally speaking?
Well, the opposite of human nature and desires.
Not lying, not stealing, and having a perfect thought life is God's standard for us.

But if its God's standard and we were made in "God's image", Why don't we meet it?
Well, Remember Adam and Eve and when they sinned. Before sin they were perfect in thought word and DEED completely, but after the first sin occured due to Satan's tempting in the Garden, it destroyed that part of us that was morally perfect and in perfect harmony with God's morals, standard, and love. So while we kept certain things, the ability to be thinking individuals with unique personalities, the moral part (affecting how our thoughts, actions and personalities operate) was damaged. To the point where we are "opposed" to God, hence His nature and standards being the opposite of what we see as reasonable or possible. The Bible even makes it clear that "apart from God you can do nothing" - John 15:5. Without Him, it will 100% feel "opposite", unreasonable and alien to us. Only WITH Him can we gain victory in these things.

Why doesn't God just let sin off and leave it?
The Bible describes God as a "righteous judge", many wonder why God doesn't just let sin off and leave it, but He can't. Why? That's like a if a judge let off a
murderer who broke the state law. Everyone would attack that judge and call Him corrupt, saying that he had not done right and should be fired for failing to punish the murderer for his evil. AND to completely love and be good as God is, means you need to, in turn, hate all forms of evil. You can't truly love good unless you hate the existence of evil.

This means that God needed, as a righteous judge to punish sin with the ultimate penalty of death - expressing His hatred of evil - and separation from His presence forever. Hence Hell.

"The soul that sins shall die (in Hell and suffer damnation)" - Ezekiel 18:20

But God, who is also love, did not want to see His creation tortured and cut off from Him. He cares so much for is that He couldn't bear to see us fall into Satans hands and suffer death, even though we broke the law and deserve to bear the guilt, pain and be cut off from perfection forever through damnation.

Because of justice, God could not leave sin and evil unpunished, BUT because of LOVE, God provided someone else to take that punishment on our behalf, satisfying both justice (by punishing the evil committed), and love (by sparing OUR lives) despite our sin. 

God sent His own SON - think about that. His *Son*, the one whom He loved infinitely (the same way He loves us).

God allowed Him to take the pain we deserved, He took ALL of Gods wrath for every single sin you and I have committed. He was punished brutally and completely as if He was the picture of mankind's sin itself so that we do not have to be punished.

Back in the courtroom scenario: He paid the "fine" at His own expense (His life had to be morally perfect on this Earth, then He had to be killed as a sinless sacrifice on our behalf).

So when He returns to remove all evil from the face of the Earth, we can be spared and free because Christ has already BEEN punished on our behalf. He then rose again on the third day, conquering not only life and sin and temptation, but DEATH.

"I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live (immortally and eternally in Heaven when I return)" - John 11:25,26

ALL we have to do is accept it by faith. Faith alone in Christ alone.

Religion = rules to be saved

The gospel = Christ saved us already we just have to believe it by faith. If you lack faith (as I did before), pray. He will make it strong it time. Trust Him as you would trust those close to you. He knows you even better than that. He created you and knows you inside out.


What does it actually mean for us?
It means we can be completely free from the penalty of damnation.
Not only that but we can be restored to Him and recreated into His moral image AGAIN as long as we accept Jesus having paid the price for us and accept Him as our Lord, the one who is in the front seat of our lives. He has a plan for your life, He's created you for a purpose. Just remember that. A purpose that includes being recreated into His image, one you can only accomplish through Him and reliance on His power and by following HIS way of life.

What does this new way of life entail?

It entails love, true love and service and aid to others, to "love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength" and "love your neighbour as you love yourself" Matthew 22:37, 39.

Sharing the message of Christ's death, resurrection and soon return on this Earth to give justice OR mercy depending on what the person chose.

Sound "opposite" again?
God knows it sounds opposite, which is why, as The Bible states, this is NOT something we can do alone. It's not in our nature.

We need a new nature in the front seat,  and the first step is to repent (turn from and reject our sin, pursuing the opposite direction and drawing close to God)

Christ will give us an actual DESIRE to do these things. Through the Holy Spirit, sent by Him to us after the ascension. He speaks to us through thoughts of love and truth and conviction, verses, ideas, prayers and He guides us so that we gain a desire to follow God and be able to do these "opposite" things through Him.

"With man it is impossible, but with God, NOTHING is impossible!" - Matthew 19:26

What is the way FOR though?
Firstly its to save you from sin - the only way to gain victory over sin and not have it as your master is through having Christ as your master and following His aid to resist the devil's temptations.

Christ lived down here for 33 years suffering EVERY FORM of temptation that you have ever faced - "who in every respect [has] been tempted as we are, yet without sin" Hebrews 4:15.

Therefore He is able to help us through our struggles. When the devil knows people have left his camp, he always tries harder with more temptations and evil attacks. BUT - His way is also there to guard and teach you daily in the midst of this (and despite this) sinful, selfish world.

The path He wants you to walk is a path of committment and love - its not about rules and regulations to save us - what Christ did GAVE us salvation.
All we need is faith.
The rest, the "fruits of good works (the will to obey and follow Him)", are what come through true, maturing faith. It's all about faith and the relationship God wants with you just like before sin arrived.

God preferred His own Son to be tortured And killed to give a chance to us (who broke His law of perfection) so that we can live as His children again. He wants us to love and trust and worship Him.

What if I still find myself sinning after I have accepted Christ?

That's why Christ died, For our sin. His death doesn't fix us in a snap like that, but it does protect us from the damnation that our past, present and future sins would bring without Jesus.

It's a process - a lifelong process - of God bringing you back to Him, away from the destructive pleasures of sin (greed, selfish temptations, trampling on people to gain). This process takes a *lifetime*, as it does for all, but NEVER give up, when you fall, know Christ paid for that sin you committed already - just acknowledge your sin and ask for forgiveness - and you can get back up again because He already bore your guilt and shame.

Regardless of the darkness you are in or the extent or frequency of the sins you have committed or will commit, regardless of how doubtful you may feel, know that Jesus UNDERSTANDS completely and He is faithful.

"those who come to Me, I will by no means cast out" - John 6:37


Don't know where to start?
Note down the Gospel of "John", or "Luke" (if you want a more detailed account of it all).

Remember that He will "NEVER - and that means never - leave you, NOR forsake you" - Deuteronomy 31:6

Regardless of what goes on down here, God knows, Jesus has been down here and felt all the emotions you are feeling.

You can go to Him with them and be assured that He loves you and is for you.

Even in the storm, God is still there, walking on the water alongside you!

Keep your heart open to Him and remember that if we pray for Christ to enter our lives, He will.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, that whomever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life". - 
John 3:16

Thanks for reading if you did. I just felt that I should tell you regardless.

Let me know if you have any more questions or if you need any clarification on anything.xxxx


this would be mad awkward if I was house but that's nature lol. Only house makes this funny


The kid is like 5 she wouldn’t even be able to do that


It weird how it's referred to as self abuse .

Darkb4light 06

1:25 Hugh/House getting bemused by the child ❤️❤️

Dylan Gleeson

....and u were going to diagnose her with epilepsy


Oh I did this all the time when I was a baby but who’s to say I minded


I had no idea kids could start "marching the penguin" that young.

Abhishek Bajaj

Big word ????

Macross Walküre



Fun fact: Amy Duncan here is an anti-vaxxer.


Okay....one question...isn't that girl too young to be having sexual impulses? Seriously...my diagnosis would be that if she is doing adult things she's being molested.

Chris Webster

Mom is SO hot. She is like perfect to me.

David Abuashvili

someone's been on " I N T E R W E B "

Rico Setiawan

i still cant understand about
"finding nemo" ????

Barry The Chopper



is this the first season? because it feels different

Jason Shin

i love how she didnt get all the other references but immediately knew what he was talking about when he said "finding nemo"

Wensela Âû

Just wondering what the child actress is going to think about this scene when she is old enough to know what it is about.

Francesca Bailey

0:45same actress playing on good luck Charli

Madison watts

? those sayings made my day??

Delicious soup 2


Christian Rocha

I know this is weird but after someone mentioned House hating people but liking children, I wished there was an episode where him and Chef Gordon Ramsey butted heads.


I wonder if people bring up this episode to 19 year old Amber DeMarco nowadays.


Delicious soup 2


Katrina Gibson

Amy Duncan?

Alexandra Delliou

2020: 4868

Phips Ger

isn't that the girl from the Pepsi-Godfather commercial?!

The Devil

"ThIs Is HoRrIfYiNg!!!! "
"Epilepsy is horrifying! "
Man he is amazing! He's so smart and logical!

Larry Lund

Finding Nemo...too funny!!!

Marvel Disneyfan

Huh. Through some clever writing and editing tricks we were able to have a scene in which a child’s sexual exploits are discussed without actually putting a child actor in a vulnerable or awkward position.

The makers of Cuties should take notes here.

The Musicmaster107

“Finding Nemo”

Rafael Robyns

The writers and Hugh Laurie had a lot of chemistry. They really understood together the right balance of humor, arrogance, and weakness.

J.D. Matthias

That little girl is so adorable.
Too bad her mother's sense of humor is an F- her life is systematically ruined by psychological cross examinations and drugs just to get her daughter to "act normal."


America: where masturbation is considered a disorder

Katelyn Pringle

Love how after all that he just high fives her like “you know what, she’s a cool kid”

Kevin's Concealment

Never EVER search up symptoms on the web. It makes no difference what you type in, it will come back as cancer, aids, or a combination thereof.


That wouldn't air today


DIS order, not DISS order. I noticed over time that Hugh Laurie always did really well with child actors - cool.

Bruce G.

I really like the way he handled this one.

Rebekah Wallace



DELAY GRATIFICATION - Jordan Peterson27 Jul. 2020
25 567

jordan peterson on how

jordan peterson on how delaying gratification will help you succeed in life. it is the idea that if you sacrifice the present for the future, you will become great.


Jordan Peterson



all the footage you see in this video comes from one lecture, that is the biblical lecture on Cain and Abel by Jordan Peterson. the following link will lead you to that lecture.


?Video footage: all video footage used is either licensed through either CC-B, Videoblocks. or Pexels

?Music: Free Audio Library- No Copyright Music:


Theory School Forgot


Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

-This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them)

-This video is also for teaching purposes.

-It is not transformative in nature.

-We've only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.

We make these videos with the intention of educating others in a motivational/inspirational form. We do not own the clips and music we use in most cases. Our understanding is that it is in correlation to Fair Right Use, however given that it is open to interpretation, if any owners of the content clips would like us to remove the video, we have no problem with that and will do so as fast as possible, please contact [email protected]

#jordanpeterson #motivation #theoryschoolforgot

Comments (12)
Ousman D

But when do you stop delaying?

Soggy pie Face

Said the budgie...

Ahmad Jamal Mughal

What is the background music?

Nathaniel Luis Reyhan Soesilo

The guys who wrote the old testament must be like, "Gosh, I've never thought of it that deep."

Chris Klugh

Only problem is if you sacrifice your youth for the chance of something better as you age, you just lose your youth.
Career wise, we should not be expecting anyone in their 20's to gamble the best time to be planning a family. Get your family affairs in order before your career.

The Sunshine Xperience hosted by Sunshine Lov’Aire

His biblical essays were very well presented. Much food for thought.

Dan Dude

That piano is on point! Where can I download this? Amazing!! Or at least the name! Bravo my friend! Keep this up! All videos are hitting home this thanksgiving night! You are reaching many with callings!

Katalyst Klub

Life changing stuff. Most can't handle it, I'm grateful to be a part of all of this

fayed photography

Please don't stop making videos like this ??

R. Wong

“Sacrifice” is modern day psychology code/words/concept for “delayed gratification”.

Theory School Forgot

thanks for watching, leave a like - subscribe


Self-Gratification13 Jan. 2008
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Common Hearts

Common Hearts playlist:


Jesus! I'm really starting to think that the movies game doesn't like Common Hearts. While I was making this video the movies games had so many glitches. It was ridiculous! It didn't turn out exactly the way I want, but what can you do?

Anyway, this vid's the closest I'm gonna get to making sex scenes with the movies game.

The music in Self-Gratification is Gimme More by Britney Spears.

Comments (1)
Amelia Mamblewill

i like how this is goin, keep up the good work