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Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You | THIS Is How You Can Tell Your Wife Wants To Leave

Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You | THIS Is How You Can Tell Your Wife Wants To Leave2 Dec. 2019
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Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You | THIS Is How You Can Tell Your Wife Wants To Leave

My name is Coach Natalie I'm a relationship coach and I created Happily Committed alongside my talented partner Coach Adrian to help couples all around the world stay together, stay committed, stay happy and we're confident that if you're able to incorporate a few tips and tools along the way through your journey in this relationship you can make your relationship last. You can make the love last. You can make it grow. You can keep it steady. If you're watching this video saying that you think your wife wants to leave you, you're in the right place. There's a couple of signs I want to outline to you that might help you notice or come to the conclusion that your wife does want to leave you.

Sign number one that your wife might want to get a divorce is if she's avoiding spending time with you. Women are nurturers. We want to spend time with you, we want to build a bond. We can't help but we're designed to feel this way and so if your wife is avoiding spending time with you that's something that you have to keep an eye on. Is she disappearing or not telling you when she's gonna be home when she usually would? Is she not as adamant about doing things together anymore? If she's kind of given up on the idea of wanting to nurture and nourish spending time with you and this relationship, that to me is a sign that your wife might be unhappy and that your wife might be losing faith and your marriage’s ability to make her happy.

Sign number two that your wife might want to leave her marriage is that when she does spend time with you it feels a lot more like an obligation than it does fun and adventurous and playful and casual. If it feels like a chore or a burden or she's grouchy and unhappy and uninterested the entire time you're spending together that tells me that she might be losing interest. She might be wanting to distance herself she might be losing momentum or care for trying to keep this marriage alive. If you notice the sign, it's important for you to really try to get in front of it and to try to entice her to spend time with you and to make spending time with you seem more fun and less like a chore or like an obligation.

Sign number three that your wife might want a divorce or your wife might be losing interest is when she consistently chooses spending her free time with friends over spending it with you. Not only is she not spending time with you as listed in point number one but she would rather spend time with her girlfriends, endless countless hours with her girlfriends, not as interested in hearing about your day, not as interested in knowing what you're doing, or how you're spending your time. When she stops asking you how you're spending your time, and she's only prioritizing spending time with her friends that's a sign that she's not feeling it right now.

Number four, a big sign primarily for men if your wife isn't wanting to be physically intimate with you anymore and she's really resistant and she comes up with a variety of excuses. “I'm too tired, I don't feel well, I'm cramping,” and she's trying to get out of being intimate with you multiple times, for a significant period of time it might mean that she's losing attraction or she doesn't feel sexy with you. Maybe she's losing attraction to herself with you. Those are all components that create the idea of her losing interest in you and wanting to exit this marriage. I would invite you to be really mindful if you notice that she's starting to avoid having sex with you, being intimate with you, spending intimate time with you for a significant period of time, and coming up with a variety of excuses to get herself out of it. Ultimately as women, we're communicators, we are nesters, were nurtures, we want to spend time with our men. That's of interest to us.

Spend your time focusing on whether or not these tips, these signs are things that you're seeing in your marriage is she here is she not is she late without telling you does she not care if you're mad that she disappears is she more focused on spending time with her friends and with you spending time with you starting to feel more and more like a chore all of these things are important for you to identify so that you can get in front of this and can start to turn this around.

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George J Gilles.:

After 23 years of marriage and 6 children, my wife has been exhibiting these signs. She spends time with her friend and she doesn't bring any of our six children. The funny thing is I put my heart and soul into the relationship. She doesn't pick up the phone when I call or answer my tex. When she is around she said she has a lot of work to do and that work is distracting her.

Brandon Krugel

Hi my wife and I are on a trial seperation, I feel like there is something going on with her, like she is hiding something, I know I can't control what she does, we never disussed seeing other peolple, I am going to remain faithful during this seperation.What advice can you give ?


So you're saying 19 months without marital sex isn't normal...interesting

Shafer the lion

how about when she stops bathing regularly haha, im serious?

CCD Parrot



I love how as a husband I’m the one looking this up but yet the video is about how the man needs to change in order to keep the marriage. This is why men don’t do counseling and just go through the divorce.


My wife has been going to her parents house after work everyday (she's a teacher) and I'm a police officer who works 11pm-8am...she also isnt intimate, always says " cramps, exhausted, etc." This happens quite often and I'm always the one trying to be intimate which can be extremely difficult after the things I see at work on a day to day basis. I'm now sleeping on the couch and for the hour or 2 i see her a day i barely say a word because i feel like I'm just here in the way. Idk, divorce may be the next step unfortunately

Xav Cuttino AKA The Inspiration

COACH NAT- my wife has executed ALL of those signs. Although she hasn’t left me, I have no one to really fault but myself. I let everything around us become more important than us. I have a great woman ?? and I don’t want to lose her.


Techno intro I'm not here for excitement, cool video though

Michael Baumann

God I love being single!!!!!!

Chiwaraidzo Nechitima

I forced myself to behave like this because he has been taking me for granted. I’m quarantine together but I make sure it feels like we are on different planets. I just want to let go!

FHI Prince Peter

This is so obvious it doe'snt need even saying. The Question is is it worth spending any further time with a person who acts like that.

Dave Leighton

7 weeks ago my wife met a man on line and tells me she loves him. She wants to meet him and she is prepared to throw away a marriage of 35 years to achieve it.


I have one sign for my wife, who's showing all these signs.... The F-ing door! I have been faithful to my wife and given her the fruit of all my efforts. I'm seeing many women in this modern Feminist world are more a parasite then partner. The best advice for most men.... run!!

John Sample

My wife has about all the signs, but 1. rather than #3 spending time with her friends - she spends all her time on her phone. Be it Facebook, social media, watching tv, reality shows etc. Much more interested in everyone elses life than ours. She doesnt seem to care if we even speak.

Robert Wright

I still don't understand how it works I watch these videos alot I do alot. I mean alot I tend to the children do the laundry dishes cooking average cleaning aka floors tend to dogs etc. I even fix her car when she recked it not once but twice(legal matters on her part where insurance didn't cover the vehicle long story). I buy her roses at random times set up dates for us to go on some times I won't lie I do set few up for my enjoyment but try to take her to things she likes like sushi places. I work out excessively to keep my self in shape I spend more time trying to conversate but I get nothing sometimes will get a reply but seems like the only relationship she wants is her phone or her family(not that communicating with her family is bad but she will talk to them for hour or two and I'll get 5 minute phone call. I don't know if any one got any advice but divorce is last thing I want so if that is the advice it's going to be like talking to a wall.( I apologize not a great speller I probably made alot of errors)

Steven Grissom

Ok here goes. All of them. Straight up told me she doesn't want to be intimate.
I'm right in front but it might be to late. With covid, no work , shes being merciful. She still wears her ring.
My question is should I start sleeping in the guest bedroom.
I can't take no sex.
If she doesnt want to I dont need to be there. But I can't stop thinking I'm displacing my position in this.

RJ Clower

I've seen every one of these signs for five years I tried to get ahead of it tried to shut it off tried everything I knew nothing's worked

Cory Sutphin

Plzzzz contact me. I need this

Bashiruddin Ahmad

Been married for 2 years been knowing my wife for 3 years.. intimacy has always been once a month..told I wanted more sex she hasn't changed her stance..the touching holding hands and the kissing has all disappeared.. I'm frustrated help

RJ Clower

Can you even help if my wife a narcissist


I've given up. My husband does not make an effort with anything.


My Wife by Nature has NEVER been a Nurturer. My Wife is FAR from the average type of woman

Amiracle Crosby

Coach Nat i need your help im feeling exactly all of these signs

Brandy Yolidio

Wife here: Husband cheated for 4 years (I forgave him and joined church and went to counseling and it got better) and decided he no longer wants sex. Told me he had so much wild sex with his girlfriend, that he thinks he broke his penis. Wtf. He does not want sex with ME and no I am not fat (Just lost 80lbs) I am not ugly, I work very hard inside and outside of our home including yard work and anything else I can do, I do it. Cooking, cleaning, working 2 jobs, raising our child...
Whatever, Fuck this, I am out of here. Moving to a different state before I end up on the run

Shams E Siraj

Hi Coach Nat, in need of your assistance. All of the signs are visible in my marriage.

Don Charles

All the above.


Ex-wife started disappearing soon after marriage.

Chris Longley

After 17year my wife just trun around and said it over and now won't talk to me and pushing me away


It's also very very important to accept that a breakup could be the healthiest option. If she no longer loves me, and being with me is not going to make her happy, then I need to help her find her way away from me.

mayla Q dominguez

My husband always walks out on me and leave the house now I'm ready to move on forever and never come back change my number and move out of state just got a few days before I move


I'm Free!!!

James At the water cooler

All of these have happened to me, after being treated like this I have decided after 33 yrs to call it quits I filed two weeks ago shes never going to change

Frank Overå

My marriage is just broken. We just started and she already have all these signs. And the most important you realise it, that's when you can move on.


Sometimes its not only husbands fault

Jose Velez

Great video.

Justin Jones

My wife wants to leave me he's talking to another man she says he's nice she does not want to spend time with me she says I'm not her friend that she hates me


Coach Nat I see all the signs I'm seeing a counselor now n starting to do more around the house for her and doing more with the kids but, she wants space as n nt calling her see how she's doing and texting. She says I'm doing to much n I honestly DNT know what to do n nt to do

Jeff Pittman

Unfortunately my marriage matches this list entirely too well. I feel trapped and isolated. My wife isn't affectionate, she encourages me to do things without her all the time. Not sure we have anything in common anymore. Ughh. I'm not sure I care anymore.

Erich Seals

I had the signs but I didn’t recognize them been gone for 6 months now anything on rebuilding a relationship or working on rebuilding the trust and attraction she had in you

Rel One

It is due time that "men" comprehend, how the relationship ends is how it began. "Women" do not "love" "men"; they want what the "man" is able to provide. Justly, if you start a relationship by giving yourself, buying things, and sacrificing yourself; that is what is going to destroy the relationship. Most "women" do not operate in a relationship by principles or accountability; their emotions rule and determine how matters are addressed. Thus, you can not satisfy nor keep them happy; the key is don't try.

doug powell

Mine dont want sex and she dont wanna talk til she needs something and im at fault for everything reguardless of what it is

Jennifer Velez

Try THIS! I didn't bring kids to the table. He has kids. I am the secret. Puh!


What happens when your husband says that he hates going to town with you because u wanna stop numerous places...(we live a ways out of town so it doesnt pay to go to town for just one item) a few months prior i would be talked to(chewed out) about going to town for just one item...what then????

Joan de Bruin

the same applies for men wanting to leave a marriage.

Dino Morell

Need one on signs that your separated wife wants you back but won't say it.


I loved to do and be everything you said, but I wasn´t successful, it hurt, so I go the way on my own. Would like to change the situation but don´t know how when a partner thinks that everything is always your fault without being able to clear things by talking.

Christopher Ross

Thank you! But I'm afraid it is too late for me, and my marriage. I so love my wife!!!


Number 4!!!!!!!!!!! Damnit.


My wife is post menopause. She has no interest in me anymore. I can't take the rejection, the ignoring, the pushing me away, the hurt. Shed rather sit and talk on the dam phone than spend time talking to me. She says all I think about is sex. Well when she gives it to me maybe twice a year yeah it's a big issue in our marriage.
I can tell her hormones are out of balance but she wont go to the dr and do anything about it.
She says she loves me but never shows it. They feel like empty words.
I'm madly in love and turned on by my wife still after 20yrs of being with her. What the hell am I doing wrong?

Keith Laham

I'm so sick from coming off xanax and my wife keeps turning it into i dont care. For so long I took pills to stay up. Adderall to stay awake to hang out. Then I was talkng xamax to come down. Now I'm sick my body is failing. I hsve 13 years off heroin and she just keeps attacking me saying I dont care. I want so badly to be sober snd shed rather me stay on the drugs as long as I have sex.. i told her a year ago I needed help and I was going down a bad road where I'd end up a mess or my body failing me. .. she doesn't hear me im telling her im dying and sick so bad. Waiting to have a seizure. She says ok im sorry then 24 hours kater rt vack to im am asshole who doesn't care about her. At this point I don't have much wiill anymore. I love her i really love her but she doesn't undersrand that witnessing death. Drugs. My family turning on me 12 years clean from heroin that it was all about money and im traimatized. She comes at me so nasty about sex. She knows iI was assaulted all through highschool by a male teacher. Yet she comes at me the same way he did. Im dying inside and dont get it. I dont even know what to say to people anymore. At night I try to put myself down with pills but now this cycle has me not able to function like a normal person yet shee expecting me to be the person she met 7 years ago. I dont ha e much will anymore to live and trauma from the past is messing me up bad. Idk what to do

Hidden Fire

What if I feel this way, have felt this way for years, begged him to go to counseling, but get told if I would just "act right" we wouldn't have any problems....if I would just do what he says, it would be fine. But I have. I have no friends, I am not allowed to spend time with my family, I get called a whore because I went to church with heels on.....I am not myself anymore. I am empty. We have 4 young children and he has told me that he will take them from me if I leave...I do not know what to do anymore.....its a rollercoaster. Up and more down than up. I go to counseling, he doesn't. I know what she says.....i know what my family says....i feel what i should do.....but i am confused as if this is right or wrong. Am i the problem? Am i messed up because I have cptsd from childhood sexual abuse??? Is he right?? I don't know. ? I have been praying that I get into a wreck or something bad happens and I die
... then it's not my fault. My children wouldn't be hurt by it. It was an "accident"....?

Tyrin P

My wife is giving me all the signs, we have now taken space...

Craig Smith

I need help my wife left and says she's in no hurry for a divorce what to do


Love to here more

Dee Gesta

my wife is hiding money from me and spent it secretly,
it's always too late for me to know what she puchased, and when i found out she always gets mad at me.

please tell me what should i do coz it's been a struggle for me coz I'm our main source of income

Javier Benavides

Um I could really really use some advice

Burndout Rage

She walked up to me one day and said I'm leaving place of my own to the intimate relationship I respected because she had a vagina growth so I felt for her for that she did not spend time with friends and she does not want to do marriage counselling I am in counselling myself she would not tell me why she's leaving I told her my faults she would not tell me hers interesting situation any suggestions she works with all women they have been a bad influence on her

Terry Wade

Sounds like a woman who’s been cheated on & her infidel husband hasn’t made enough effort to win her back! She’s tired of being alone in trying to save the marriage. She’s given up!

Kevi kevi

How to get her feelings back on track after I messed up real bad. M depressed. Help!

David Mason

Yes, spending time with friends at night and loss of intimacy. Large age difference may be a major factor


This is a good video. The subject of Menopausal symptoms of women should be brought up. This is a time when alot of women have symptoms of not wanting there husband. Of course this doesn't mean us men should stop trying to be better people.

Chon A

I am the one doing all these 5 things and more to my wife.
She rejected me sexually 17 consecutive times then I stopped trying and started sleeping in a separate room.
Each time I tried to talk about it with her she would start picking up a fight.

Psychic Witch

These sign is me now to my husband.I hope i can changed a lot of things ...?

Hope Castillo

My wife doesn't want to really spend time with me and she hasn't want to be intimate in a good while. She doesn't really talk to me about her emotions and our marriage and its harder to talk at all when she keeps drinking and she won't let me help her or she won't try. I love her but I don't know what to do. Its starting to stress me out and wear me down but I don't want to give her up.

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If you ever feel like

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Random stuff with N

All the dislikes are from parents and teacher's lol



steve elliott

Teaching is a right sick is not right

ghazwan burhane


Fans Health and Nutrition

Jonah is that you brother being the mom

Leola's Adventures

i hate school its a waste of time

Victoria Williams

Hah sorry don't need this now ?


i still have to attend classes since its online learning


Purposefully get ur friend sick

Mystery Tea

Man you guys have mom's

Whoa Slxp

This would not end well in 2020 they gunna think u have corona

David Berrios

One time I skipped my school because I was really sick and it was not faje

Thandi_ Avon

Me: mum I am not feeling well

My mum: oh do u wanna stay home

Me: nah I am good

My mum: ok then get up

Me: thinks oh &£%@¥

Michelle Wallace

You faker

Addlee Miles

Well not if your mom is a principal

She Plays

Damn if you will become a parent in the future, your child cant fool you?

Lisa O'Neill



Make sure your parents doesn't watch this ;)

luiz games official

Me: is actually sick
My mom: ok then
Also me when I forgot that is online class: well f*ck


Me: fakes sick and stays off school

Teacher: so this was the work we did yesterday so you can do this now!

Eudoxia Chernyshevsky

The gay version of him?


EmilyTheWeeb _

When I watched this I had the same trasher hoodie on?

The Universe

When you ask the science teacher the wrong thing: Anti or hentai?


*mom go's have fun when i'm at school

Richard Chen

guess what, in China, My mom tell me to go school and I have a light fever.


me: sick
teachers: OMG why don't ur parents let u go home, go to the office and they'll pick u up!
me: sick
mom: decides to break the school rule and send me to school so i puke it up

IgotBlues2who Trejo

Dislikes are from the teachers

Samantha Dale

I've done this 10 times

J Bolton

That fake throw up looked so real

spy ninja fan

Fam I love you so much

Taliyah Faison

Thank you

giorno giovanna

Yo your mam is flat chested


Only works for white boys


guess what, we don't go to school anymore ?️??️

Jesse Campos

I like say I have a pizza party when I lie when I don’t wanna go to school

Furby Gaming 125


Liam Nguyen

this video not for asians

Lily Osbaldiston

I am watching this on the holidays.



Jonah Riddle

Share this video with a classmate ;)


I just can skip it now since its virtual :/


My mom would drag me to school

Liz White

i love your videos

Leola's Adventures

im in my room door locked curser on pas button

Lil Suu

but de third one probably you have to drink MeDiCiNe

_* Sarah_*

me: ?️??️


When I saw the thumbnail bro I was like ??? ewwww I didn't throw up though

Leola's Adventures

i have adhd its even harder for me

giorno giovanna

The fore head one doesn't work all the time my mam said I'm just sweating

Kayla Gray

How we going to do that when we have online school?

Geist Geist Geist

??This first joke makes me laught


When you are trying to be fake sick and your mom brings you to the doctor

SharpMowe GD

Wow u can crack an egg on your mouth and then u can puke

Malaysia Gyaltsen Goh

I want skip school too

Norah Akootchook

Your right people don't needa be smart


omg thank you sooooooo much a have been trying to stay home form school for the longest time!!!


Student:I feel sick
School nurse:get a wet paper towel

Mastel Siosio

My school is 9 hours a day




"make sure to hide your mum"

Sasuke Uchiha

People watching during coronavirus


I literally watch this video every year

Mary James



if you wanna get the day of school and your parents dont let you just tell your school nurse you diareah or how ever its spelt and you get 2 days of i do it like every other week

Joqwia Clark

He’s not sick

Pedro Niño

3:22 didnt work of the hot forehead. My mom gave me medicine :( we dont havd a thermorator to check hdads that would havd work

chris hartsock

Oh my God today I hit school and before my mom was awake I watched this video and it really worked I made the puke one

Kids channel-extra slide channel

i paid the school fee,and my son copy your idea !!!!!drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fans Health and Nutrition

How is a fake permission slip going to work

Sayuri Yasuda

I shared it to my mom :)(just kidding I mean my oldest brother-)


After 1 day of skipping school: a ton of work on my desk

Abc Def

Me: mom l dont feel good *fake pukes and dies my mom: go to school young girl!


This is funny now in 2021

Threshervlogs Boi

1:32 mustard sound like a10

Riku Chan

We dont have a temperature stick! WHOOOOOO

Abrielle Cooks

Omg the tot head worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay

Jacob Bourgoin

I’ve been using this one it’s called your mom forgetting to wake you up

Rosie N

2:32 my parents get emails...

Santiaga Garcia

Me having a mexican mom and there is covid:????

miles loves bagelsandtoast

my mom would just say if you keep throwing up go to the nurse


The 1# is worth it but it's disgusting
2# my permission slip for my school is very very very long and it's look hard to believe
3# kinda but it will backfire immediately cuz the I'm sick I always get temperature check

Johnny Bravo

The second trick works really well at the time of pandemic


Very helpful I did had fun skip school :D


Dude this vid actually helped me so much i can evade now my cancer teachers faces and learning litelarry nothing


I dont skip school

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This is not working for African mums

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Really good ?

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Alternatively you can rub your forehead until it is hotter


Dude what

LittleGingy 09

did anyone else worry abt the phone when he dropped it cause i did...


So this is a true story ok so one time I pretended to be sick but I had strep trout so I am glad I pretend to be sick and it got worse and worse and then it got so worse that I god not even swallow my spit and food or water so that is when I went to the doctors office and I stayed home for a week

Snoozy22 Blue

Me: Doesn’t even fake puke and actually pukes

Mom: Good you got that out of your system you can go to school, if you throw up there THEN you can come back

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matthew chang

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Btw if your mom/dad wants your temperature then just rub the thermometer on your shirt a lot before thay take your temperature and it actually works I’ve done it before

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Parents watching this be like:WE NOW KNOW UR SECRETS MY CHILD