Father's role in the family

WHO IS A REAL FATHER??? by Dr Myles Munroe (**Must Watch For All Men**)

WHO IS A REAL FATHER??? by Dr Myles Munroe (**Must Watch For All Men**)15 Aug. 2018
62 370



Fatherhood is long neglected piece of society's puzzle responsible for most of societal crisis and threats. Rediscover fatherhood in this great with Dr Myles Munroe from God's word.



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Comments (24)
Chi Prestige


Jessica C.J

?? I just agree with this so much. I am so excited and looking forward to the day when my girls have A Great father in their life for ever. I know it will make all the difference in their lives as women. It is so very important.

Aneika Pinto

Never knew a father only My creator my God.

nwanne Jesus

Fathers make all the difference


Never knew my dad, he was disabled by the time I was a teen, when every young man or woman really needs a dad. I read in the Word to call God Abba, Father, learned to call Him - Dad. When I wanted something, He was always there to give it, good direction, and comfort when I was sad. Some people call it spoiled, God calls it favor. For all y'all without a father, call God your Dad, and receive supernatural favor.



Amani Ndoroma

Really miss my father for this.... Rest in Peace Daddy gone to soon?

Jabril Patterson

And we see why the men in the world are lost, young and older, I can't stress enough how important it is to have men raising children in the homes. Women can say what they want, but the truth was already written.

Wisdom for Dominion


** Download ALL Christian Books FREE: https://goo.gl/LPoFP8

Vaalotu Iakopo


Matt Brown

I don’t need human as my father, i need God as my father he always with me anytime anywhere , wonderful message, RIP legend MM??

Patrice Marie

OF FLATTERY! ....... RESPECT ....... OBSERVE ........... HONOR ............
...... "STEP UP" ...... BEYOND ......THE "FOUNDATION"! ............. GOD
ABBA ..... FATHER .... IN YOUR LIFE! ...... YOU MUST "SEARCH" ...............
"TRUST" ....... FAITHFULLY ..... IN HIS "LAWS" ..... AND "SACRED WISDOM!" .......

N Shanti

Yes I agree God can be our father.yes v true.we can talk to Him,ask Him any thing we want or need, claim from Him,argue with Him, Praise Him,nd thank Him,fr the wonderful things He does fr us gives us supplies us protects us ,keeps us safe nd hears our prayers, understands us loves us sooo dearly,even uplifts us,promotes us,nd who has given us soo many talents,to enable us to earn our living, nd the most precious nd greatest thing on earth which He gave us is this gift, "FAITH"which cannot be compared to anything in this world a miracle indeed.nd also forgiven us sooo much.nd gave us Eternal life.ooh what an awesome father we have.we r in fact privileged to call Him nd make Him our father.i always call Him father.Praise the Lord.Bless Myles.

Marie J

Sounds like you trying to be a good daddy, I am proud of that... Be a great father, our kids do not deserve anything less.....My friend…………Jesus is coming back, and he wants to take you with him! Please be kind to everyone. Don’t purposefully hurt others, do not steal, nor kill, nor have sex outside of marriage or have sex before marriage. Do not practice witchcraft as it opens demonic doors that you need God to shut. Do not watch pornography. Do not lie or be envious or jealous of others. Seek God and ask him to forgive you of your wrongs in life and then stop doing the bad things. If you do not know what bad things are, read Exodus 20 and be holy. God is so worth getting to know. He created you for great things! You’ll be amazed at the number of angels he has protecting you right now. Seek him by reading the bible, like Psalms 103, so you can see how King David loved him. Love ya!

If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

The music in the background.......should be deleted

Jeriel Dialysis Warrior

thank You Lord for accepting me as Your son! You're the best Father I ever have! ?

Arvind manyam

I thank your efforts in making a great message conveyed and educating us thanks a lot. Love from india

Tony Searight Investment Education For Youth

Lost my dad at 10 years old......never got over it.....Thank God for His Mercy & Love......

Joel Roberts

A father is a man who is present in the home and worth mirroring/copying both in behavior and thought process. ?

David wangai

oooh my it's so nice i really Love this kind of teaching

Boniface Anthony

God is my father

Sherry Choksi

Most people may have nva experienced a father
Most woman living wth der husbands too have not known nor experienced yet wats a husband supposed to be like..but life goes on n on..people may go to church temples..may hear sermons n preaching...yet ders no effect on self understanding..
Living by urself ..living on ur own..is peacefull life...
But tknx pastor u speak well
Ur sermon on succesfull marraige was too good...avoid interference from outsiders..
Ds is private home..
Take permission...Lol..♥️
U speak intelligent things
Ur wise..


Amen ??

MangaMango 2

Thank YOU GOD ALMIGHTY for being our HEAVENLY FATHER and giving each one of us our Earthly Father's, whom YOU have ordained to be a true reflection of YOUR image, YOUR likeness and YOUR LOVE, giving all HONOR and GLORY to YOUR KINGDOM, AMEN

Role of father in the development of a child: |Professor Dr Javed Iqbal|

Role of father in the development of a child: |Professor Dr Javed Iqbal|18 Mar. 2020
253 369

Father has a vital role in

Father has a vital role in the upbringing of the chid.

Comments (100)
Siddique Siddique

Aksar husbands kehte hai ki parwarish maa ki zimmedari hai!! Baap srf kamayi karte hai..

Zunayra Zuni

Asalam alikum sir,mujhay ap yeh batadain k cofidence kaise paida kar saktay bachoun main

Edima Ghulam ali

Thank u so much sir.i have a 5 year old boy and ur tips are outstanding




It was good but as a muslim you were telling about science. Psychological aspects but it is unfortunate that you didn't mention about upbringing of child by our Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم).you could have given example of Hassan & Hussain(asw) & about other children. But you didnot mention it think we can give examples of our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم). rather than wondering here ,and there .

Muhammad Baig

Excellent Sir

sarfraz baber

Jo hm lailmi me bachoon me bhar ckhy hn ab usy tbdeel kesy kryn please batyie

Rubeena Rubi

Kash me aapko 4 saaal pehle suni hoti

Hira Naveed

Muje blv ni hota aise log b duniya me hain


Bohot Umdah kaafi seekhne ko mila


Love u lectures sir

Anila Naeem

Outstanding lecture sir. I m a psychologist and m also agree about that . Parents is a role model for his her children

Shamsa Ahmed

Aslam Ulaykum Jzkallah for video mashallah beneficial points , one thing I didn’t quite understand when you said argue with the child .

Fakhra n157

How can I get a direct contact with Dr. Sahib?

Amjad Khan

Parents bachcho k liye hee krte h jo bhi krte hai bss itnaa smjhtaa hoo m.

ROCHDALE_ wb_ sadaf

This platform is free India Pakistan and Bangladesh, help for needy people free of cost

negina shirazi

parents must learn something specially fathers


Rizwana Qamar

Sir you are really a great teacher

Asia Dost Muhammad

Fantastic idea!

Bio Sciences with ShahTareen Swati

Sir i wish to see u live

Afzal Bhola Chairman

Europe's ma ap k lecture ke tarah bachon ke tarbeat krtay han. Magar old home bharay paray han.

HAYAT Gamer 1

Me 1 saal ka tha jab mere Abu ka intiqal Hogaya plz pray for him ?

Khizar Hayat

Sir no words, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute
, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute, Salute you.

BBC News Pak Sindh

mri maa mjhy bht support krti hy zaban se b dua sy bi or mry walid mujhy kehty hn tum bhatkoo gy .wageraa wagera or mjhy kisi b lhz s support nhi krty

Dr Sana Bhat

I really wanted to know the reason behind his success.... Finally he said his mother never fed him without “wudu”(ablution) and that answered all my queries about him. May Allah give you healthy life with emaan and if possible some give me his email id, I need to ask serious questions TIA

Arshia Khuram

J0int family mein reh k bchun ki trbiyt kesy krin ALLAH pak mjy b es nehmat sy nwazny wala hai ALLAH oak usay zindagi sehyt dy main uski trbiyt k mamly mein bht ziada s0chti hun k w0 ek acha insan bn sky chahy beta hai ya beti mery sy k0i kami na rhy j0 kch hmary parents ny hmary sth kia w0i kch usk sth main na krun but mery jeth k bchun ki trbiyt bht khrab ki jari hai unki mama unk0 kesi bat py smjhati hain t0 dada dadi bich mein ajti hain r had ye unk0 ulty kam0o py lgaya jta hai ph0po unk kmry mein ly jti hain ulti batin sikhati hai w0 2 r 3 sal k bchy abi sy ajeeb harkatin krty hain agr dada dadi k0 b0la b jye t0 unk0 bura lg jty hain aesi situati0n mein ek aurt kya kry middle clas families k sh0hr bhr kma rhy h0ty hain sal bad bchun ka bap ata hai bchun k0 atach h0ty h0ty bap ki chuti khtm h0jti hai bchun ka t0tly dehan maa py h0ta hai jb bap retired h0 k ajta hai tb w0 bchy bap k sth adjust e nai kr oaty qk sari life unh0 ny bs 10 din0 k leay 20 din0 k leay ya ziada sy ziada 30 din0 k leay bap ka m0un dekha h0ta hai main ny a0ny husbnd k0 kaha b k w0 mjy sth ly jain but w0 nai ly k jty ... kya es sb mein ek bv ya maa ghlt hai???

Ajit Kumar Seth

Thank you so much ....For the best information ???

Usman ZahiD

ye admi peer hai

Siddique Siddique

Ma sha Allah!!!

Travel Through Earth


huda samad

some of the fathers dnt want to play their role

Hamza Mehsud.

Right and easy solution❤

salman ahmed

Boht ilm hay sir k pass

Bittu Gym

sir on great talk

Ajit Kumar Seth

Thank you so much ....For the best information ???

Sadia hasan

Masha Allah very nice sir???????????


Assalamuallikum..kash pehle suna hota..great sr

Seekers Of Knowledge with Fiaz Raza

God bless you Sir jee

Zenab parwez

Aoa" dr g ' mjy ek masla ka hal pochna ha' mry sar my dard ha 2 din sy ' or aj kal sar dard k sth mra pait karb ho jata ha ' pr kal sy dil ki darkn teaz ho gi ha' suhba roti katy nawla ni chba gaa-plz tell me ' waja kea ha


assalamualiakam ap ka number hona


Bahut khoob kaha...

Saba Parveen

Asslmualikum sir
Great vedio I am very thankful you really very impressive vedio. Thanks love from India

Hakeem Khan

جناب آپ کی ویڈیو میں بہت اندھیرا ہے

Roshni Danish

Very informative sir


Some great tips by such a wise person. I wish i heard these kind of lectures 20 years ago when i had small children. I did all those mistakes which were highlighted by Professor Iqbal in the clip. I kept running after work and money, to be able to give my family and myself material things. I neglected interactions with my children as i was always home exhausted. Today my children dont talk to me or share anything of theirs with me. I only get bits and pieces and that too from their mother. I feel like i am treated the same way i treated them when they were small. At this age i feel i should have had more parenting tips like the wisdom and explanation by Professor Iqbal. May God bless him and all parents.

Sheena Shah

Those who wish to get these lectures years before need not to worry at all. It's not late even now. Be on good terms with them now. Try to fill up the gap.

Fahad Humayoon

What about a son and father who can never talk in good mood usually & often the conversation turns in to an argument.

What should the Son & father both do.

maik ubaid

meri jab Shadi aur phir bchay hongay, I will rewatch these videos.

Tehseen Dar

Best wishes from sialkot Pakistan



Juveria Ahmed

Assalamu alaikum dr....my tou aapjki fan banchuki hun....aap ne tou role of father pe tou video banadi hai.....role of mother pe bhi video banayi na....plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz dr sab.....plzzzzzzzz....

Zenab tahrah

مجھے لگتا ہے آپ روحانیت بھی اچھے سے سمجھتے ہیں ۔ماشاءاللہ

Mama's diary

Amazing words......Alhamdulillah now we are parents. In my calculation me and my husband doinv 60%what u told but we will try our best to make it 100%. ..i really inspired nd feel energetic after listening ur debates ..thnks alot Allah bless you Ameen

pak king

Mujhe ye moqa mila hai,or me apki batein follow krta hn

shakeel numaan khan


Faisal Al Toobi

Respected Sir Javed & Fellows,
Your words are so precious and well-selected, Subhan Allah. Please take a moment to read my post.
You may understand my point that in our society it's a Father more than the mother who insults his children especially boys. Me and my brothers have been bearing insult, rude behavior, ego and even slaps not only for us but for our mother too since our childhood. Now, we have come to an age even we have our own children, Alhamdolillah as gifted by Allah Almighty. But our father's behavior is same like. The reason we can't settle down in any field our of our personal and professional lives around. I, myself, try hard to obey my father and act upon the sayings of Allah Almighty and His Prophet (SAW) but the hater that has been gathered in my heart for my father never go away. Now, since a long time, I have been listening to Pakistani Scholars and Trainers, meanwhile I get familiar with your channel, and trying to change myself as much as I can. But the challenge is still my father, who would let him change in this part of age when he is around 70s. I am so confused, heart-broken and demotivated because at one side is our religion and on the other side is that hardship from our father. Please help me and guide me in the best way you can.
Maybe this would be a 'Saddaqa-e-Jariyaa' from you to many like me and other upcoming generations.
Thanks & Regards,
...S. B. Faisal...

tehreem SIKANDAR

Bilkul. Such a nice and true person. God bless u sir

Shabana Naz

Assalam o alaikum.. jazak ALLAH Masha ALLAH.. ALLAH tala aap ko apni hifz o aman main rakhain.......sir agar aap se baat karni ho to k se kr saktey hain

Water lake


Sameera Perveen

Awesome advice sir.

Solutions Dealer

Great sir. Thanks alot sir.

Ahmad Ali khan

Sir mera ek beta hai aur ap jo batey kar rahey hai main isi tarah followe karti hon but mera beta har chez k leye rota hai aur ham us ki har khuwahish poori bi kartey hai per wo khush nahi hota abi 7 year men laga hai aur mery husband us ki full support kartey hai main rokti hon par nahi phir jab tang karta hai to marna shorou ho jatey he
Ap btaey ye sahi hai?


Love and respect from India......allaha bless u ?

muhammad hammad

Thanks a lot sir! Plz make more vedios on parenting

Tabassum Ahad

I like his all lectures in every topics

aqsa nomi

such a great vedio

Saeed khan Pathan

السلام علیکم آپ انداز تربیت بڑا ھی انوکھا ھے لیکن میری آپ سے درخواست ھیکہ دوران گفتگو آپ جب کسی انگریزی اصطلاح یا کسی انگریزی لفظ کو استعمال کرو تو اسکی معنی بھی بیان کردیں تاکہ آپ کی باتوں کو جانکار اور جاھل دونو مکمل طور پر سمجھ سکے

Bittu Gym

please and please listen only one time ug Krishnamurti only one time

Saima Shahzad

Aoa. Plz guide us how we make attachment with our kids.

huda samad

hamaray moashray ka non serious mard na acha baita hai na acha baap

Bilal Ziaullah

میری دادی نے کہا میں ان پر بوجھ ہوں
I wanna Leave study???

Maha Shokat

Very true

Muhammad Asif Aziz

I wish i get this lectures before my daughter bron.

Princess Arwa Home remedies By Ruhma


Ayesha Ahmed

Sir my husband is saying "agar do bachay hain tu 10 saal aik naukri karain, tu dosri milay gi bhi nahi". career k start mein he two mil sakti hain naukriyan

watson jan

Good my honourable teacher


7 years of childhood are golden years, in this years both parents are young and excited they can give more attention to their children but because of their lack of knowledge and grandparents interference make it worse and difficult, every new parents need support.

keep similing with dua khan

Dear uncle marvellous job that u r doing to set good moral values in society.me and my new innocent channel need Ur support uncle

Hani Islamic

? online quran at home female& kids for female and male for male
?Besic Qaida for kids
?Nazra Quran with 6 kalmen asan namaz
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Plz sent to all contects

Tarek Khan


Nemath Syed

Ya Blady topper Kay hota hai fuck off the fucking topper blady topper
And let the childerns live there lifes
Love from india


Masha Allah ! Keep it up Dr. Javed Iqbal sb. You are doing an excellent job fi sabillah for the Ummah.May Allah Swt shower His Choicest Blessings on you. Jazzak Allahi Khairan kaseera.

Aiman Farooq

I want to talk to you sir ... Because I'm impressed with your personality I want to communicate wanna discuss some issues....

Syed Aftab

Unbelievable video ?Life changing advice ?

ShaMas Tv

Sir Bhuuuut Shukria.
Stay Blessed ♥️

Eisha tur Razia

Your statements are quite strong and thought-provoking, Sir!

Funny outsider

Sir, how to rebuild confidence.

Alrashad parenting and Tarbiyah

Thank you sir. Very effective talk...

umm e ibi

Kaash k mery susr k zehn me ye baat baith jaye k un k potay ki yhi umr trbiyat ki hy . Wo is baat ko chor dain k pehly usy bigrny do jo chahta hy krny do phir baad me isy theek kr lyn gy

Qs entertainment

Sir agr MAA namaz b prhy or logo se tameez se b bat kry or phr b bacha osko follow na kry to phr kia Kya jaey age 12 saal hy

Dr Shabbir Usmani


Abdul Ghani


Hamza Mehsud.

Doctor ki bund

zeeshan ali ENT GURU

Don't like the venue

Muhammad Ikram


Amjad Ali Qasmi

آپکا بہت شکرگزارہوں

Tariq Hanif

Good valid point.

Fuad Ali

Our father doesn't listen to everyone instead he's so furious about everything. He's doesn't have a opportunity to kill us. May Allah give kind father to every childerns.

exploring world with ali baba

Very educated

Father, Zack Fox - Family Function (Official Video)

Father, Zack Fox - Family Function (Official Video)27 Nov. 2019
641 691
FatherVEVOSubscribe 438 721

‘HU$BAND’ - featuring

‘HU$BAND’ - featuring "Family Function" - Out Now! https://smarturl.it/xHUSBAND

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#Father #FamilyFunction #HUSBAND

Comments (100)
Farewell Viking

fake or real you keep your finger off the trigger !!!

certified hunterzcq

family function

Tobias Looser

hey Richelle i'm single baby!

Kieffer Glaser

mans looks like Juice Wrld and Ski Mask combined

Haunted Trap

ib have that same headband as slugga


is father gay?

Nick M

make sure to refill your green gas 2:12

Bjarni Jonsson

Won't lie my family needs to up it's functions

O'rylon Crockett

I would love to watch this show



a morenita

Listening in on a Monday ?

Grant Hartranft


Neptune Dorealus

This n*gga was stealing from target before it was cool


Ahhhh trigger discipline

Shane Wavy


Isaiah Ramirez

anyone know the white girls ig?


Yo Ya'll think i rap like father on my latest track

lil Vynom

omg slugggga is the brother in law im dead


.75 speed go crazy g

nope nottelling

is this play from kid and plays son or something? breh looks exactly like him

Tolerance Who

his dreads are fake

Yasmin Yasim

Too dicked up on a Tuesday night or double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon


im inlove with that fuxxing kick bro


These the uncles at the function who let you try beer


Isn’t that ily hook??

Nom De Plume


Drink More Water

that gold volvo 850 turbo is the star of the video

Brandon Romagnoli

Am I the only one who came here for the Zack Fox verse...

Bleu Castro

is that hook in the cut!!!

Rick James

I’m bout to hit the club and do some shit to get my ass whooped ?

Mags Komlosi

Why Father so cute ?


love how they left the spacebar in

Azeto Grey

I feel like this collab was inevitable ??


Father shouldn't be allowed to say the n word...


Worst song I know of where Zack Fox is involved. xD

Obviously his would be the best part. Only thing remotely interesting or original sounding here...

Zoey Gandara

this video s everything

Zodyac Music

Father sounds white... he probably had a father...

Jered Satterwhite

Rhodolite Productions

what just happened


"Came a long way from stealing v necks a target"


?? Heatt

Troy Dunlap



With a family like that I’d go all sweet home Alabama up in there

SHUR 610

This slaps

Too True

Jsssss awful

Red Forman

This song makes me want to show up to the wrong Thanksgiving dinner wasted and start a fight with the step-dad.

Stephen Gold

Shout out to Slug Christ for existing


Revisiting this because it's the perfect Thanksgiving 2020 track

buttweiner facehead

no way this doesn’t have a million views?

Anthony Rosati

This shit is fucking fire

Oi Oi

Slug My boy.


Forgive me, Father.


zach fox went in on this

Brett Robinson



OK HEAR ME OUT The only thing this song is missing is lil tracy

Will Acuña

Damn Zack, Ok

Grey Vracin

Zack just drinking a Red Bull one of the funniest parts of this video like of course this fool just gonna be drinking Red Bull at the family function


hook is so sexy

Eelis Kiviniemi

This sounds like a minecraft parody

Michael Bertoncini

The 90s sitcom we all need.

Charged by the Creator

I ain’t never someone as thirsty af over Zack Fox like I am. That man deserves the 3600 double twist hand slurp slurp combo. Hmu

Matt wizard of le fek

I like how the son in law is about to kill himself it accurate


yo slug christ whaddupppp

Dante Marshall

Did anybody else see the Walmart lil peep in there

Lele 123

This is literally all my favorite rapper (kinda) father, Zack Fox, and hook??‍♀️

Stacie Mohler

712th comment


This beat is the most simple and basic shit I’ve heard in a minute and I fw it cause he run that shi


LOVE you too

Brent Ogilvie

Ok, so no one heard father drop that hard R? ?




wtf ily hook??

Da Beef

Feel bad nobody peeping slug christ in this vid.

Too True

S/o ily hook


Is the video based off of that show blackish? Idk I just get the vibe from the characters


Love how slugga still around


Zack fox looks weirdly healthy idk how to explain it

Xander TTMCL

slugga mood this entire video




Beat is beautiful

Connor Gelb

How come they censor this shit on Apple Music? how am I supposed to go hard to it then

Oxtail jazz



Isn't juice world dead?


Coming from a video of Zak Fox being so critical of other rap music and I see this garbage... Kinda hypocritical.

Granted, he had the best part, but this song's a joke.. Autotuned chorus n' all. xD

Nature isNYCe

My nigga zack really had on some dusty ass reeboks??


father looks carmelo anthony and play from kid and play screwed up the fusion dance


This is the first song I've heard that made me think "iLoveMakkonen would fit right in here"

Haut Strange

How are people still sleeping on this dude?? I don’t understand.

rad xavier

wow, haven't seen slugga in a hot minute

Jaime B.


Green Man

I love that one girl with the sword

Jason Lee



(1:22) i felt that

Igor Rodrigues

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He sounds like a white gay boy wtf

King Sage

ILY Hook!!!

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