Grandpa have sex

Slutever Sex Tape: Bad Grandpa (Irving Zisman) and Karley

Slutever Sex Tape: Bad Grandpa (Irving Zisman) and Karley28 Oct. 2013
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Courtesy of Paramount

Courtesy of Paramount Studios.

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Stella Keridou

Nope im out of this game

mock loha

Macam pariaa

Shripal Arage


Yolanda Dawson

what the hell

Yolanda Dawson

what the Hll

Cindy Leal

Wate the fuck

Yolanda Dawson

what the hell

Jordan Yates

What the hell ???

Bojack Sauce

Guys on drugs

Native Mizo

Wtf his dick


Dang so good!!

Vyreak Keo


Curtis Roan

dang that sex tape was good

Yumi Heart


Jesslyn Angel


moble gameing


Happ nice day


Aydee Gonzalez

Me fuck you up

Kani Ali

The grandpa reminds me of my teacher that had a crush on me

Chloe White

She reminds me of my English teacher

Alex Torres

Sooo funny

Petit choufleur Gachaa


Chris cortave

SHE is fucking hot

arnold sok


Yolanda Dawson

what the Hll

Levino Deathnote

What the fuck?

Jetnor Hyseni


kylox Co

2:26 wtf he is fuck ing not a dog

Dziqra Fairuz


jake paul


Anyia Smith


Tony T

Very funny

Alexandria Walls


curry the boss

What the hll


Wat of fuck

kylox Co


Sara Grødem




Niva Lindroth


Dirty Grandpa Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Zac Efron, Robert De Niro Comedy HD

Dirty Grandpa Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Zac Efron, Robert De Niro Comedy HD29 Oct. 2015
15 646 055

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Dirty Grandpa Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Zac Efron, Robert De Niro Comedy HD

Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break.

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Comments (100)
Jovi 01

Still the best movie for me in 2019

Bender Bending

De Niro is the best

Rebeca Esqueda

Is it just me of does zac kindda loke like anthony from smosh

EZ.c e_z.official

Like who thinks de niro is a legend

Oscar Gallas


Winona Daphne

so gross

JackRandom Anomaly


Jakir Ahmed93

Old mans goes for young women don’t they realise that they born before they were young?

Trevor Philips

Robert De Niro looks like Michael De Santa in red


why did Robert de niro agree to this.

Evan teece


Wilson Che

That grandpa is like Barney Stinson in 30 years later lol


Whats the name of the song at the end?


Man, Zac Efron is truly box office radioactive poison!

Bxbx Snjdh

Yang pilih allah like.

Shipa R

I must live a shelted life , I'm watching this now ??

Aidan Fiwka


Shania Barbara

I just went straight to the comments


Still wait for the second me to
Come out

Itz Me

U tAlKiN tO Me?!!?!!??!!??


Oh god

Leon Russell

Whens the realse date?

He asks 3 years later

Anjaney Asreet Rout

The weirdest thing here is people complaining about the trailer......
Like...It's already written in the damn title, what did you expect?

Call 911

From school boy to party maniac

xd Sponge

Did. * ban:m

марина лазарева

Robert De Niro ??????

Rebekah Nielle

I LOVE Zac!!!

Ncbdb Kdnxb

Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

Android's Art

a movie about Zach Efron smoking crack and lowering his standards.

Manuel Nardin

Boxxy software its really cool platform where can find all movies i want to watch

Marshmallow Vlogs

If the grandpa was Nicolas Cage and zac efrons character was a pig named spider pig then this movie would be awesome


Are you a slack jawed yokel who laughs like "ahyuk"? Then this movie is for you.

Snow Rap

horseshit movie


1:37 uhh just cuz

nicholas costelloe

Well, thank God De Niro did Joker and The Irishman four years later after being in this trash!

Azareal Bheri

What were you thinking Robert?!!???


Dirty Hitman


1:32 like The Score (2001)


Demnerio washed up and over the edge actor

Karen Osolin

The only funny parts were from the idiot drug dealer.

vivian gadet

I saw this movie when i was like 10

Jay Lintz

Wow, and people actually like this a society the collective I.Q. is dropping so quickly it's no longer quantifiable.

David 04

Greatest film i ever watch

Reaganation #

So bad it is good

Fabio Ximenez

why, Bob, why?

Viola Official‘s

I've watched the movie, it's very exciting .. well I enjoy the video and there are funny scenes ?

The Official Trash Squad



let’s be honest, this doesn’t look that great, but Aubrey Plaza is in it so I am, indeed: going to watch it.

Pls Don't

Why do people complain about it being dirty it SAYS DIRTY IN THE NAME

Pavel Skokan

guys please 0:54 in film is song in blue car.. please name ?



Amazing Badri 1


Callum Tall

Awesome video ??????

wjd b

Well I call all my friends, say "Let's go into town"
But they're all too busy to go into town
So I go by myself, I go into town
Then I see all my friends, yeah they all in town
Yeah they all drive past in Simon's car
So I followed them down to the cinema
Yeah well seeing them without me, it breaks my heart
When they go to watch that movie, Dirty Grandpa
'Cause they know I love the work of Robert De Niro
They know Zac Efron is a personal hero
They know I suffer from chronic FOMO
It's all 'bout the movie
I sent them promo

Itzzz Queen

Worst movie ever


This is what travis bickle went on to do


From godfather to dirty Grandfather grandpa

Aisha Azhar

The moment u know Robert De Niro did a comedy called dirty grandpa

Callum Tall

Awesome video ??????

alooo ghobhi

Is it good or not

Robert Charles high Hight

Charles high

eleventh mystery

1:13 So this is where Pimento hangs when he's not with the Butcher

Thatkid Nathan

I remember he used to be so popular when he was in high school musical. But now I wonder where he got lost.

Adi Pike

Thank God he did The Irishman after this lol. It's his choice, but it's very surprising to see an actor of such stature doing atrocious roles in an even more atrocious movie like this.


Do you guys think Robert gets more women in real life than Zac?

Subhojit Dey

poor taxi man

WiFi gaming

That wife is a Karen

Swagata P Das

Toffee or socks grandpa

Avdhoot Sawant

De Niro? Seriously?

gacha Sofi

Im a phychic zac efron your gonna be choicen in the greatest showman

Just kidding 2019 anyone

Anti Amourshiper

The best anime movie of all time.

Dattesh Naik

Dirty Murray


I found them.... I can see good lord !! ??

KANGABOY - The Animal People

Was so funny loved it?

de niro is a loooser xD

Callum Tall

Awesome video ??????



Molly Boardman


nikolas bardakis

At 1:21 this scene is deleted

Tamojit Basu

From Vito Corleone to Johny Sins?


“help i’ve fallen and can’t get up”

Andrea Gonzales

BAD GRANDPA was better then this

The Devil's Advocate

When is this movie coming out?

David Le

Honestly I prefer to watch Robert De Niro in other roles than playing gangsters and Italians!


I hope that this becomes the sequel to neighbors

Myriam Corrales



0:50 funny :D

jeremy lukasik

"it happen's to me all te time"..

Metallic Justice

Look how they massacred my boy.

Callum Tall

Awesome video ??????


Title should be Dirty Godfather...

Naomi Masidza

From watching Robert De Niro on the Intern, its clear the guy's got mad acting skills. # very different roles.

Andreas Drunk

best movie in the history of cinema

Amber Gabel

I live in Daytona.. its not that lit

irjan vikre

Just watched taxi driver and then saw this trailer. Why De Niro why...

Gloria Mudany

1:32 What song is that?????

Martin Brandom

Is De Nero just playing himself or acting as a foul mouth bore? Most over rated actor ever.

Candy Girl

Watch from 1:33 to 1:39 it looks like De Niro REALLY liked her boobs and the girl looked REALLY thirsty for him if you know what I mean

Sophie At.

From the beggining to the end this is by far the most funny movie i 've ever seen ??


GREAT MOVIE! WOW HILARIOUS. De niro was absolutely brilliant!

DIRTY GRANDPA Official Trailer #3 (2016) Zac Efron, Robert De Niro

DIRTY GRANDPA Official Trailer #3 (2016) Zac Efron, Robert De Niro7 Jan. 2016
1 799 123 - - DIRTY GRANDPA Official Trailer #3 (2016) Zac Efron, Robert De Niro

Comments (52)
Simon Frederiksen

"This is our last dance."
Wanna bet? they are probably gonna make three more...

Princience Angelia

DIRTY GRANDPA Official Trailer #3 (2016) Zac Efron, Robert De Niro
c???? ???? ➽
All Subtitles
Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent


de niro hit a new low... PASS!


Zac & her girl in yellow are the most gorgeous couple


George Segal would be a better grandpa js


Did you just get naked? That's the best way to sleep. Oh my God! ?? that's so awesome!

Frank Furlacker

Let me guess, Robert DeNiro is going to talk Zack Efron into standing up for himself and leaving his gf by the end of the movie?

Spoder Man

0:22 lol the only reason I'm watching this trailer

Isaac Porter

Wow. This movie is very twisted.
1:46 ???
? ??

Naha kakkar Lovely

fast moving 8

Kenzie Ross

Robert de Niro will nail this movie


Johnny Knoxville already made this


I thought this was a sequel to Bad Grandpa

ziter Z


Meldi Saja

Video bokep indonesia

Kayla Finckh

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DIRTY ALIMONY - more like

Art Howard

This is going to fly by "The Force Awakens."

Cigman Freud

Zac Efron is such a poor actor. Good looking dude tho.


Where's Johnny Knoxville?

Paul Urban


tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ

DeNiro hits a new low 
Unfunny Adam Sandler type shit movie 

Solly B

lol how am I supposed to get a girlfriend when guys like Zack Efron exist? Dude is unfairly good looking


nice thumbnail

Dario Palomo

Can we have Robert DeNiero in serious movies please. He shouldn't be in comedy family type of shit.


this trailer seriously lacks some Aubrey Plaza. We need more!


"party till your pregnant"-senior quote

The Tek

Deniro got the Cage fever..doesn't turn a script down

Benehakaka Kaiwi

@pash91 Johnny Knoxville was Bad Grampa. This is Dirty Grandpa.

Wiliam Morgan



Poor Robert de niro. No one wants to hire him anymore. Such a great actor in his time. Now he is just another B list actor.

Beach Waves

Zoey deutch!!!!!!!

SeaJay Oceans

'Bad Grandpa' copy ?


dirty old de niro


This looks good fun

Caspar Krejbich



lol thought this was from jackass :(

lukas vargas

secind ?

Wilson - The Storyteller

Aubrey Plaza, please marry me?


I have a feeling like i've already watched some movie like this ? Its like deja vu.

денис тарасов

Efron great choice play character Dick Grayson or Tim Drake or Jason Todd for DCEU.


The godfather to this...... dam.


Robert De Niro is a fucking legend who's made a shit ton of of amazing movies for the past 50 years. He's earned the right to do whatever the fuck he wants. Maybe he just wanted to go somewhere warm for a couple of months and hang out with some hot chicks. It was probably a vacation for him.

Ali Ahmadi

i don't get why the fuxk they would show a girl with NO ass at 1:01 ? to turn niggas like me of? Tf??

Sohom Sengupta

This guy...this guy....was the Raging Bull....this guy was the Godfather...this guy was the Heat...


This is going to blast Johnny Knoxville's "Bad Grandpa" out of the sky.


And...right after gaining +1 on a decent movie job choice by De niro on the intern,
he goes back to shit like this. that no one will remember one month after they saw it.
I didn't see interviews with him with that it was brought up why so much crap in last years. we must be optimistic
and think he's just not getting anymore good role offers due to his age. and it's not his choice, he just want to keep working.
and yes in general there's far more tons of crap than good movies that are worth the time and money.
and no, Marvel movies are not in the good category.

Lorosio Naqesa

entire bitch


Johhny Knoxville Bad Grandpa = The Walking Dead.                                                        .         .                    This =                                                    Z Nation.

Jonathan Calleri Art

Meh. I'll watch the "De Niro" cut version of the film. Where I only see the scenes with him in it. Then, the movie will be good.


jesus, stop makin zac efron happen! it's not gonna happen!

Mike Smith

WTF is Efron on the Dudes shredded