Etsy funny valentines day cards

Naughty Valentine's day Messages/Cards To Share With Your Loved Ones 2017 || Etsy Cards

Naughty Valentine's day Messages/Cards To Share With Your Loved Ones 2017 || Etsy Cards11 Feb. 2017
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Naughty Valentine's day

Naughty Valentine's day Messages/Cards To Share With Your Loved Ones 2017 || Etsy Cards

St. Valentines day is colored in red and pink in the calendar for many people. Mostly people like to celebrate it in a romantic way, but then some like it to be funny and little naughty, too.

Here you have some ideas to express your “love” with really naughty messages.

And remember to enjoy the day!

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Valentine Layered Card with European Paper Crafts

Valentine Layered Card with European Paper Crafts18 Jan. 2019
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Robin Sismai

Lovely Monica!! thanks for sharing your design process

Janie - The Craft Princess

Monica that card is just gorgeous!!! And you made it all come together so easily. I love shabby chic....I love pink....I love your card :) Hugs...Janie

Chris Pfeifer

Lovely cards! TFS

Misty Elam

Hi Monica!! I just found you in the YouTube Crafters group on Facebook. This is gorgeous!! I definitely struggle with layered cards so it was fun to watch your process. Thanks for sharing!!

Wendy Jansen

You maje lovely cards with the kit??.
I have kits too and you give me a lot of tips for make / use these different. Thanks for the beautyful video. ??????

Sheena Wilson

stunning card beautifully different card great for an anniversary

Mags Nash

Thank you so much Monica, that’s really really stunning and gorgeous too

Cassie's Creations

This is beautiful, Monica, just beautiful. I can see why this set is easy to work with and would be a good supply to have in the stash, to create any type of card. The card with the birds and butterflies is my style. It is so very pretty, as well. One of my favorite books was written by Emily's sister, Charlotte Bronte's, "Jane Eyre". I love that book. It's so sad, they died so young and I think that was Charlotte's only book but it's a classic now. I also love Charles Dickens's, "Bleak House". Papercrafter45 created an envelope made from a book page and I could tell immediately that it was made with a page from "Bleak House" because the page was a discussion with Mr. Bucket, the detective in the novel. That's how much I love the book, one page identification and his style is so unique. I have a slight fascination with the 1800's literature (and early 1900's) and the great works produced during this time period! I could talk all day about it. Thanks, Monica!

Crafty Scissors

Beautiful :)

Hetty Sanders

Beautiful card! Love the vintage style, Monica.

European Papercrafts in the US

Thank you Monica. I love your card, especially the Jane Austen quote since I am a big fan myself. I never thought of using her words on my cards. Will try it now.


Beautiful as usual, Monica. Thank you for sharing this with us. You always make everything look so easy! I hope to reach your skill level one day. I appreciate that you are so generous in sharing your process and making it easier for us. It isn't just this video, it is all of them. I watched you do a passport video without a kit and you made sure to explain all the measurements, etc. Thanks again for all of your tips. I am learning so much from you ! ~Corally~

I Have A Secret Admirer At School! *SO CUTE*

I Have A Secret Admirer At School! *SO CUTE*2 Feb. 2020
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Dan and RiyaSubscribe 438 721

It’s Valentine's day and

It’s Valentine's day and everyone at my high school is excited to give their gifts to their valentines. Me and my best friend are one of the only single people at school. Valentine's Day took a twist when I got a message from a secret admirer. I felt like I was Lara Jean from the movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Now I just have to figure out who this guy is! Usually I am the one with a crush.

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About Dan & Riya:

Welcome to the Dan and Riya channel! Our names are Dan Kipnis and Riya Malik. We are best friends for over 15 years who decided to start making YouTube videos. We think we are the funniest people out there, so our job is to make you laugh for hours as you binge watch all our videos every single day on our YouTube channel!. Our channel is made up of comedic skits. Most of them take place in the world of Beverly Valley High where you have Dan, Riya, Tootsie, Cinnamon, Raja, Chad, Miss P, Riya's Dad and Riya's Mom. Our skits are for every age and are about everything including; relationships, boys, girls,, love, how to survive school, families, and friendship!

Step into our world and become part of the DanAndRiyaFam!

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I hell bad for Austin

Azael Rz

Riya the secret admirer is AUSTIN

Tiffany Allaway

I like Dan and Riya

Marim Khaled

video how does raja kiss those big purple lips you can see them from mars me you can see them from the sun



Zeyneba Burka

Tootsies laugh lol when cinnamon fell ? ?

Isla isla


Tyre Smith

Valentines day is coming at our house

gamer kat

He broke up with his girlfriend he wants you,,

xxlexi cookiexx



Tea look soooooooooo cute❤️

Toleen mohamed

To all.

Mariam Khaled -Roblox

oh no poor guy

Sam Boateng

Sinamon is too sasy and too much red ?

Angela Stino

I keep forgetting that riya is raja. And I also forgot that Agnes is Ilya and I forgot strawberry is daniel

Maria Alonso

Rita Austen is your sikret emane it true

Lily Plays

Ughhhhhhhh why do you do this to me!

Rubi Gonzalez-Luna

I’ve been asking for this when will break up with rhubarb

kayla sanders

i am a kid to

Frozen Favour

Can’t you know the secret admirer is True and it is Austin

Aleshia Beery

touste was so round to riya shea shoud be nice touste

Uni Mine

This is sus because just one left JUST one in the basket for Riya

Frozen Favour

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

Chloe Mirandilla

I think u guys should make a video that riya finds her secret admirer that will be so COOL!,!,

regina valencia

Can you pls have a part 2

Beckyann Black

Love you guys and hope all

Leah O'Sullivan

Cinnamon: carbes in a heart my nightmare


9:38 I do that every time in the library with my sister!!!!! ?

Katherine Sherman




Lenae Darden

I watch them over and over again

Brittani Petticrew


Serenity Ortiz

Have accepted the note and went to the baseball site whatever is called

Khadija Isahaq

To be honest, I would rather be a single pringle then have rhubarb as my girlfriend, also I'm so sad coz it WAS AUSTIN WHO SENT THE BEAR AND NOTE and now he is so sad and also he would have told riya that he likes her although if I was riya I would at least see if someone actually had a crush on me and I have a crush too but he left my school!????? He was cute but I think he liked me too coz he looked at me in class ALL THE TIME and when I look he turns so I get GOOSEBUMPS BUT can u believe he sat next to me I was y6 when I developed feelings for him

Sofia Zamora

Iiiiiii. Her you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyannah Bolt

11:49 ? lol


I just want to punch cinnamon so freaking hard

Genesis Torres-Rodrguez

Whos here on february 2 2021

Katherine Gonzalez

riya that ber wus austin ber

Aliah Taduran

Hahahaha when strawberry said oh my god did she swallow a whistle

Emma Lui

“Whoop sees rubarb made a poopies” LOL???????

Toleen mohamed

Toleen 1

Mercedes Sasu

Most people mercedes Sasu is a good fit for your vehicle because the same with the same price is a lot 5AM you know what to do when you're a lot more than and v more and less likely and the only thing they

Lily Plays

I really think strawberry and raja should be together and riya should be with Austin and tootsie should be with Sam and cinnamon should be with Daniel

Jayla West

Nooo it should have turned out better ?

Malak Ali

Which video is after this one?

gamer kat

Bria Austin send you all the things don't fall for this w

RCPV Dream team siblings

Cinnamon: I know you miss my cinna-buns!!

Daniel: Huh?

Me: You mean flat-buns ? why do people like a witch like Cinnamon? ???

(Edit) Time Line when Cinnamon said Cinna-Buns: 14:47

mandeep lehal

I have the same back pack as riya

Naeem Anis


William Means

Aston tells Roy’s he likes her plz

Kellie Leunig

Yeah that was Austin

Victoria Duran

I know IDK WHY

Clipzi V-

I feel bad for Dan he gean allot of Wight because he's eating allot of big macs

Nadia van der Westhuizen

Riyaaaaa! Your secret admirer is real its.................. AUSTIN


“You do have that whole Priyanka Chopra vibes going on” ?? my fav line

Starr Eusden

It was from osten

Jocelin Fuerte

hi riya i am a big fan i want to be youst like you wen i gro up

Amanda Ebzery

Riya it was Astin who said secret amrirero

Kevin Giron Guerra

Tootsie is so funny I loved it when tootsie hit riya with the backpack



Fatima Alaryani


Toleen mohamed

surely maybe Austin, or maybe it's a maybe chat birthday to Robert

JLM sein

Your secret admirer was a fake it was Austin Rita

Ashley Sanchez

There going to be a new guy in there video

Jennifer Atienza


Blerina Uka

its so sadddd

Mariam Alsaffar


Stephanie Villatoro

Oh no it was Austin no ???

Savanna Snyder

these are always soooooo funny

Tamara james


Sel Cal

Riya it was Austin who sent you that I fell really bad for Austin tho

Sabella WaterPower

U hate Valentine's day :(that's my birth

Jason Hagens

I love you guys but tussle is weird

Rainbow girl

Did she really said Priyanka Chopra

E'Mylah Boone

drama sadness happy

Gracies world P

I was not in the mood loves the states and watches said your brush this and we were things he want to go on a date and you said yeah

Rosie Playz

Priorities rasha priorities ???

darnesha Mckenzie

Your secret admirers real

Dan and Riya


Eliakim Fessor

You guys are amazing ??

Lenae Darden

I love y’all videos



kayla sanders

and i am a gril not a boy and i am a kid yo

School With sanee


Abdalla Abubakar

anyone noticed dans arms r sooo tanned compared to his hands\

Mika Tatiano-Williams

Isn't he dating that smirk kandy with a k with a k

Addison Rae

Rama said rusty I want to kill u after class for me

Lucy Mendoza Araiza

make a video about riya and Austin the last one was a month ago.

Justice Laliberte

Austin and riya are just????

Tanya DeGroot

I wonder what would actually happen if Riya did go to the field

Jacinte Aoun

Omg riya.

The Vacay with K & A

Riya should have went to the field to " confront Strawberry " but found Austin.

Lily Plays

Now he’ll never like her!!,

Sylvia Zaragoza

Roy’s your secret a Meyer was not fake it is Alex actually Austin he is super cute I am 15 years old and I’m still watching you guys and really really cute he’s a secret admirer anyways by happy Valentine’s Day?????

Ila Adams

So cool✌

Rhyian Phillips

Rhubarb is so lame and took the other names shoulders and also Roses

Emma D

B ghfhd

Aalimah Alishah Amin

I was in tears when Riya thought that it wasn’t Austin ?