How to ask a girl to make out

Georgie ask new Girl for Makeout [Full HD] #YoungSheldon

Georgie ask new Girl for Makeout [Full HD] #YoungSheldon28 Aug. 2020
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#YoungSheldon #MissyCooper

#YoungSheldon #MissyCooper #SheldonCooper #GeorgieCooper #MaryCooper

Young Sheldon : Georgie ask new Girl for Makeout

Young Sheldon Season 03

Missy and Georgie

Young Sheldon is an American comedy television series on CBS created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro. The series is a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory and begins with the character Sheldon Cooper at the age of nine, living with his family in East Texas and going to high school. Iain Armitage stars as young Sheldon, alongside Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, and Annie Potts. Jim Parsons, who portrays the adult Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, narrates the series and serves as an executive producer.

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Glittery Girls of NYC

When will Season 4 Come ?


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Today we're talking about

Today we're talking about makin' out ;)

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Ray Ryan

Hi mi perents gave me a compoter


I know this is an old video but i hope you still answer so quick question. If your gf has never "made out" in their life then how do you explain to her what "making out" is and how do you start "making out" in that situation

christopher ridge

I feel like I'm lucky. My first kiss was just like the movies for both parties (we talk about everything) and we made out multiple times the same day.

Mike Black

Can I make out with you


I have an over bite, not bad , but my lips slightly part and my teeth slightly show. My upper lip is thin As well, so my boyfriend complained that he felt my teeth. I don’t really know how to fix that? Please help me out here lol

Luke Skywalker

I fell asleep and woke up to this

Ray Ryan

a boy likes me I dont no if I shod tell him I like him to and I am skerd

Pedro Requeno

jenna lets make out now

sulls bulls

Virgin gang

Lil Lex

Learning how I’m lesbian

Tubeless Pixal

Making out is nervous at first but honestly it feels great just don’t force anything go with it. Slow and easy and once you know what your doing it’ll be like you e done it for a while.

Skii T

I'm watching this the day after I did it for the first time and I'm sooo relieved. I had no idea what I was doing but he helped me figure out what to do and we made out for 3 hours? I'd say it was pretty damn good, especially being my first kiss

Barb Sechrest

The wattys I watch I watch a lot these of these

Tata Nuranggrarni

♣【⚜️LOVE SEX⚜️】♣

♠【﹄?C???≔⫸VIDEO ?﹃】 ♠

Landin RAGS

Ok. Imma just say this me and my girlfriend have been kissing/makingout for a while I’m almost 13 she is almost 14 and do NOT think about it my main thing is use chapstick and use ALOT of minute and brush your teeth don’t go to far to quick and kissing then neck helps a lot some people don’t care if they get a hicky some do (personally I don’t and neither does my girlfriend ) but make sure u find someone you love I’m guessing most of you are watching this becasue you want to kiss someone or u just did and want to make sure you did it right I hope you ALL find someone special

Spectre YT

Great advice edit:it didn't go well


This is just a vid about a girl trying not to get demonetized

Yung Gallo

Mexican food is badd noooooo u did not just say that shits bomb but respect your opinion


Um im 13 and my gf is 14

Caitlin Nel

You talk too quickly.


This is great

Rubiks Goomba

Anyone that hasn’t made out yet, I’m 14 and her dad caught us and he literally didn’t care but don’t think about it too much it really is pretty natural

The Man Behind the Slaughter

Thank you?? Working on getting my first. You're the first person I've found on YouTube that makes it not awkward. Thank you so much. (This is my alt account and not my real name)

Luigi C

Pray for me boys

Peyton Wilganoski

Anyone watching this the day beofrre u have your first make out sesh with your bf

Brooke DeLoof

Umm is it bad I’m 13 and in 8th grade and my gf in 6th grade and 11 have made out like 5 times



edit: then he wanted to fuck so i cancled

chosen one

What is YouTube trying to tell me putting this in my recommended


I had plans to hang out with a Junior yesterday, and we met up before school started. We were in the cafeteria, and she told me to follow her. I was like okay. Fuck it. And then I was like "Wait, why the fuck are going in this direction?" Next thing I know we are in the bathroom making out. I had no idea what I was doing, and I'm pretty sure that I physically said "Shit" but I caught feelings. She kissed me again that day. She kissed me again today, and I decided to tell her that I had cuaght feelings. She said "So what do you want to do about it?" I didn't know what she was talking about, but she kept on hinting at me but I was too fucking stupid to catch the hints. Then she said "Ask me" and I said "Ask you what?" Then she said "on a" and it took me a minute and I was like HOLY FUCK! DATEEEE! And she was like "Yeaaahhhh" and I asked her out and now I have a seventeen year old girlfriend... keep in mind that I am a fifteen year old High School Freshman...

Andy Bostwick

Someone please help

Ozzy Be stylin

Saying the word”peck” makes people feel like such pussies

Raphael Kefsenidis

I just hooked with some girl yesterday and it was my first hu . I can’t really remember what hapenned but i just remember that my tongue was just naturally doing it’s thing ?? I just can’t remember where my hands were and I think they were just down ?‍♂️?

Belle Mohamed

I'm watching this literally because we ate Mexican food before we made out ?

Truth Hunter Batman!

I just wanna make out with you now as you seem so experienced

Angie Elizabeth

I haven’t made out in like a year so I’m preparing myself

brooke grohowski

my first hu was at a football game behind a fence? all of my and the guys friends were screaming and trying to take videos of us it was so funny? he said i was good for my first time so idek what that means lmao


i kissed my boyfriend for the first time the other day and we actually ended up making out a little but he’s good and i’m scared that i’m ...not ? it was his first kiss too like wtf

airam Gutierrez

Bru why am I here I literally already had mine???


What if its jus a hookup


lol idk why I'm here, I think it's pretty easy tbh UwU

Sad_Diamond 77

I’ve never “made out”but I plan to with my gf soon I hope...

brooklyne andres

The first 4 seconds of the video i had no clue what u just said....

Ishtiaque Khan

Your imitating accent is really putting off

christopher ridge

How far is too far? As long as you are both comfortable I don't see an issue.

Charlotte Byers

My gf and I tried making out for the first time and i was so fucking nervous that my body would not stop shaking ?

Jethro Betcha

Hello, me and my girlfriend have been dating for a couple mounts now and we've kissed from time to time but the first time we tried to make out, she was going kind of fast but I was trying to take it slow and enjoy it. How do I fix it? I try to speed up but I end up being messy and all over the place. Help. Me. Please.?????????


I'm sorry but the whole time I watched this I was just laughing the whole way.

Leii Martinez

The first time I did it I was hella drunk and the guy i kinda liked was to one who literally just started making out and I was okay so I’m kissing him and I’m so drunk I don’t even have the chance to think about wtf am I doing

wanda v

bruh i’m just scared imma do sum wrong so i’m here


I dont know why Im here, I inherited all of my fathers smoothness and finesse. Weird Flex but ok.

Ariovistus II

so like me and my gf had dem little innocent kisses, then I was laying next to her, and she literally made out with me, for like 20 seconds, and I was in shock for the first like 5 seconds


I’m in middle soooooooo yeah....

Kylie Graber

So I have this friend... it’s a guy and he says he doesn’t like me and he likes someone else but we are really close and he us he wants to kiss and he always touches me and stuff ... but I don’t know if he really likes me. We’ve been friends for around 5 years and we dated for around 3 of those years and we are just friends now... does he like me? Or just using me...

Gabe the bassist

This was very helpful, I'm in 8th grade and me and my gf had our first kiss together and I'm just nervous about kinda leveling up ig


This is sad

Alexa Fricker

I think I do have a i love this guy and I’m gonna tell him on Monday at school but I’m not sure how he feels...what do i do if he doesn’t feel the same?

Carter Baudouin

Why am I watching this I feel so dumb

Aven Foxx

Ahaha I'm 14, and last night I slept over my crush's house, so she works out and I was all like oo im stronger than you and so she uh she pinned me to the floor, and we were talking for like 10 minutes in like pitch black, and I like brushed my lips on hers and she kissed me an then we started making out but like, she's dating my exand I'm also dating someone, so can somebody help me!? Also tho like her knee was in like the best spot ?? but like just to be clear, I'm also a girl cuz im gayy lol

xSry4BeingToxic x

I feel like dying as a virgin lol

hopito ______

My performance anxiety brought me here. ?


I just make out today

Road 2 Recovery

15 yr olds shouldn't be sucking faces

Sarah Barnhart

me who has never had a bf: ???

Tomura Shigaraki

Im not even 15 ?

Alex The cat Family

Make out is fun ??

Hi Hi

Hey virgin squad where u at

Haylee Ray

“ no offense but I could tell u didn’t know how to make out” and that’s y I’m here??


The dldlddld part I'm dying ??

Ayuda’s Music

I fucking love chicken

Leohar PlaysYt


Mystical Theif

Bruh I came here because I'm Finna make out with a girl in the cinema fr ???

Donaldtrumps Myuncle

How do you not know how to make out at 15?


fake content

It's La DayJha

So today Aug 2 I was making out with him and I had trouble keeping my eyes closed cause we were outside and there was a lot of noises ???‍♀️

klu klux klan man

Well I'm 13 and like we where making out for like 20 minutes now I'm scared idk what to do

uhh clarissa

make sure you’re not bitting his lip- learn from my mistake-?

Bena Kagbala

Eww, your making kissing sound gross

Barbecue Sauce Eyebrows

Reminds me of Gabrielle Moses

uhh clarissa

i made out at a library-

Andy Bostwick

I'm kind of scared but I'm going to try it


my bf tried to bite me when we kissed ?

Ariana Tabacsko

How do you make a baby

Katerin Piper

this guy has no game trust me but he asked to make out tomorrow and i don’t know how-


is this patched ?

Lukhangela Lilitha Mahola

I don't know you but your personality seems to be my favorite!??

Jonas Kopstad

Dude hadn’t kissed his girl in three months. I was making out w/o being together at the age of 13?


So my mom walked into my room while it was happening because she got home early from work and she knew my GF was coming over and she chucked a condom at me... I regret my life

Ryan Doyle

Why am I here


I like this guy and i think he likes me too and we talk a lot and stuff but i’m fat so i’m really anxious about doing anything.

George Washing machine

Im deleting this from my history

Ryan Huff

Is ur lip numb?

Caitlyn M

Any other actors here that have to make out with their coworker but doesn’t want to be terrible at it?

Ray Ryan

and the boy is in hiscool and I am not in scool

NateMotion Studios

Whenever i see people kissing it makes me and the bois feel single.


Did she really just say mexican food smells bad??

Will kang

haha this shit is impossible at boarding schl



sezora ares

I’m.. scared?

Derrick Schneider

I'm gonna be 25 and no girl ever showed interest in me. I Never even kissed anyone yet. I hope there's a girl out there that's finds me attractive in that way. I feel so heart broken about it ?

Olive Sileki

I had my first kiss at 12 is that bad? ?

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You Without Rejection

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You Without Rejection24 Jun. 2014
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HOOKED Video Masterclass -

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Going in for the kiss can be nerve wracking and if you don't do it right you could get rejected which will probably ruin any chance of a future opportunity. So on today's video, you'll learn the best way for going in for the kiss without getting rejected.

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Comments (100)
Lord Napoleon

if a girl prevent you from kissing her on your first date what does that mean....

Carson Dehmer

hey I was in 8 grade choir i fanted the gril i liked i think she jumped a little

Matthew Jarel

kaitlin o’conner


that hat tripp no no no


if a girl talks to you like batman then yeaaaaa you'll get the point...but if her voice is high as a rooster then she in to you xD

Joshua Ayers

You forgot the gentleman approach by offering to kiss a girl on her hand; it's been around since the dawn of chivalry

Vincent Diiorio

She looks like iJustine

Samuel Geno Ochwo

Tripp I also need that book of the free magnetic conversation course.

Amandie Freyman

Great one, ty. Make him desire and addicted to everything about you with the Big Kissing Secret lol..., I'm talking about that unexpected tidbit found in Jillian Therkstein's website.

Liam Cox

I don't need this advice

Amahl Blowdup

This is so helpful.  I'm 97 and a virgin my goal is to kiss a girl before I turn 100.

BAM vlogs

It’s horseshit

Christine Mikolajczyk

why am I getting dating advice for men pop ups? but since I'm here I have a tip. don't wait until I'm half out a car and lunge from behind me after hanging out INSULTING...I really liked him and the worst thing is I have no idea if he was nervous so botched it or was a chancer looking to hit and quit he won't talk about it, just said he's a nice guy or he's friendly. any thoughts?...x

Lidor Shimon

U so fucking skinny wtf

Tommy Halloran

i used this method and it worked????

Avi P.

Tripp she has bigger arms than you


I wish I could try I gotta problem with being short so I can't kiss her on the forehead to figure out.

Graham Clifford

Caitlin O'Connor ur smoke hot


Tripp has this weird thing where his arms are thinner than an anorexic holocaust victim.

Donald Firpo

a kiss on the forehead equals: you've derailed


it work for me

Giovanni Merced

I always wonted a girlfreind

Adrenilane Gaming

Lol u can see the girls boobies


10 likes and I'll kiss my crush

Internet Friend

Anyone else notice that she doesn't have a bra on?

Michael Chang

what happen when she blush ,smile and red as a tomato when i kiss her cheek

Lloydel Beckford

so you're saying that's ok for her come up and touch you first, but it's not ok us guys to touch first. I love your videos; However I disagree with this one.

Kid Fista

3:11 I know what a forehead kiss is, but whats the other thing? Sorry I am from germany^^

Mie Simpson

This is amazing chanell
What helped me to score is this GRATIS stuff.
Thank me when you score :D
Have a nice day


skinny as fuck lol

Chris Schall

When you notice she isn't wearing a bra

ME Black hot and sexy and cute I give my love

connie9 aina

some girls plan to kiss you and when your lips are close some reason she hold back

Mahfuz Munir Khan PT

she might be a ring card girl but she is butters!

Debunker Debunkers

Yo what if i constantly brush my elbow to her boobies? She seem okay with that, i see no signs of stepping back. I tried to brush my hands to her hands and still no negative sign. But she is not making a constant text messages to me.. So im kinda baffled if she likes me or shes pushing me in friendzone?

Edilson Pinto

Did u and the girl go out

Greg East

Tripp you the man, but damn your skinny. Bulking Season?

_ incognito _

Be attractive or give her alcohol Lol

Matt Morrison

guys. I am in primary school moving on high school. u am going to a kayleigh with a girl, I wanna get first kiss but I don't know if I have the confidence. the girl is pretty much open to me...please help cos the kayleigh is coming up soon. what do I do?

Thuso Rampoetsi

Nice thigh.

Liam David

kate is so sexy haha hook in trip!

Romel Hassan

i just walk up to a girl and ask her if she want to play game if i win i have to get a kiss and if i lose i till get a kiss trust me it works



Destiny Aspect

she looks like miss ferlotte

lm nasa

Bruh.. do u even lift?

Per Egilson

I have'nt kissed a girl in my whole life and I'm in 11th grade

correnna iverson

Does it work though

Your Mom

This actually help thanks guys?

Joel Gullin

The subscribers are increasing by the day. nice

Joe Stewart-Paul

Dude, Caitlin is gorgeous.

Fyah Keyz

I like this video I really like it but what really want to know how to get a block girl to kiss me

Melanie Sue

Would this work for lesbians??

Seth Rollins

she kiss me for good dame 5 fuking mutes

CW Productions



Would it work if u sang to her

Pitstop BMX & MTB

This vid was so TRIPPy xD xD

Vito Corleone

HAHA did anyone else notice the microphone squished between the chairs

LoonyEngineer 138

2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

Da Theif

Everytime I see this dude he's with a different girl

BAM vlogs

What if this didn’t work

Appleace 75

This guy should've kissed her

kailash verma

20:32 that's how u get a girl to touch you !!
notice Tripp he's like Ya ya your doing it right...?

BAM vlogs

It’s bullshit

my cheeto is burmt33

I ended up on this video and wow talk about desperate I'm 12 and I have kissed girls way more then you will in your lifetime

SoaR Smokey

Shes not wearing a bra lol

John Meder

i am irish and im the least appresiated guy in school i am told by both genders that i should die but i dont know why but u see im bisexual i need extreme help how can i be attractive because me boyfriend just moved pls help meh

Dondre Straker

Dude needs to hit the gym ASAP I stopped watching once I saw his arms.


a beautiful girl in my class witch i wanna kiss keeps looking at me

Amanda Hennasey

I'm a girl and I have a girl friend so will it work?


this dude needs to lift man...

steve 02

I am sure you guys fuck

Star Wars Fan

A girls voice gets higher when they are talking to someone they like. A girl thats so hot likes me in college.

Nick Alexander

Your evolution will be accomplished when you have learned the simple fundamental truth of life, it is as simple as that. You are not dependent on the fate of mankind which could get really dark and ugly.

It is available at this point so there are no more excuses and time to be wasted. Google "Truth Contest" and read the top entry The Present.

Tripp Advice

To learn more about how attraction works and get girls to want to kiss you so badly that you never get rejected again, be sure to check out my course called Hooked ►

Sas Games

anyone if ur reading this post read my last 1 it is way better than this post or mainly the links are

Alex Lawrence

Here's a story of something that happened to me recently. I was in a club in a group, and I was dancing when this girl came up to me, and I thought she was going to make the first move and say hi, but instead she kissed me on the cheek, then on the lips. She was the first person to accept my drink offer, and she went away to look for her clutch, and she came back to me. But I made the rookie mistake of not getting her number.



why did u bring this bitch

Jane Doe

Just be confident, direct, take charge and follow your gut and you can get most any girl.

Theblueninja Ninja

This is stupid


I think he's trying to do what he's explaining in the video wink wink

Horror Husky

When I was on holiday to turkey and I met a girl and I hurt myself she said "are you ok" I said "yeah but my arm hurts" she said "do you want a kiss?" And I was like WHAT I JUST MET YOU TWO DAYS AGO F**K OFF and then she said "do you want a hug" and I said "ok" so I almost got a girlfriend or a kiss WOOP WOOP

Josh Wilkins

Those chairs were horrible.


Rule1: Let the girl kiss you first
Rule 2: Let the girl get on top of you and you will not be accused of rape.
Rule 3: Always use a condom
Rule 4: Treat women with respect

BAM vlogs

This didn’t work

The King

would be better to show us instead of talking about because entertainment is better


it worked I girl friend kissed me and also I am 10 years old

Phillip Galloway

Lots of pessimists in the comment section here. Thank you for the video Tripp. hope all is well in your life. Things are getting better for me. like your videos a ton. peace!


Oh my good ness when we were eye contact somebody pushed her and accidentally kissed me!!!

Eli Donenfeld

I need a girlfriend

im planning to try this on my girl bff tmr wish me luck !!!!!

Charles Redfearn


Synimosh. ExpogramHD


Zero Limits

Thanks this worked, Great advice.

Donald Firpo

If the dude was Green he's resemble gumby. The babe looks pretty hot. One time I had this chick( former gang member)_ a bit hard to deal with, but she was smoking hot. Once I got her up against me and massaged her in hot areas she became like putty in my arms. she was all over me. We've been married 42 years.....heeeeeehaaaaaaaaaww!

Amol Kale

Those who are telling tripp to hit the gym are completely dont understand his teaching. See how he can get all the hot chicks without being too goodlooking or buffed up body. Muscles are not the only thing that attracts women.

Martie Stols

Hit the gym
That way you can get any girl and also just grab her and kiss this vid is for ppl who are still probably 20 and still a virgin???
Also bro start lifting man u frikken skinny af

Donna Carrol

Get your dream girl friend with this secret now:

Fouad Rose

She is ?