How many aspirins can i take at once

DAY 5 : Aortic Valve Options For Aortic Aneurysm In Aortic Stenosis

DAY 5 : Aortic Valve Options For Aortic Aneurysm In Aortic Stenosis30 Jan. 2021

Inder Birdi at The Keyhole

Inder Birdi at The Keyhole Heart Clinic discusses aortic valve replacement options in patients with aortic stenosis and associated ascending aorta aneurysm. He also discusses the association between bicuspid aortic valve stenosis and early need for replacement of the ascending aorta is it is enlarged. Aortic root replacement with xenograft root, homograft, and OnX valve conduit is mentioned.

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Taking ibuprofen while on aspirin regime: Should I Worry?

Taking ibuprofen while on aspirin regime: Should I Worry?8 Jun. 2015
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Medical advice from Drs.

Medical advice from Drs. Marc Siegel and David Samadi

Watch Dr David Samadi and Marc Siegel on Americas News Hq and Sunday Housecall Should I Worry.

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Mr mc nugget 1.2M views

Please do not stop your aspirin regimine if your doctor has placed you under his care, these doctors are speaking to those who have made a personal choice to take aspirin everyday without advising a doctor, aspirin is a last resort to battling heart disease, if your already a healthy patient this can create further unessessary damage.

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Why Aspirin Goes Best With Bicarbonate and Glycine | Chris Masterjohn Lite #99

Why Aspirin Goes Best With Bicarbonate and Glycine | Chris Masterjohn Lite #991 Jan. 2019
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Most over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs carry a risk of causing food intolerances and chronic, low-grade inflammation. Aspirin is an exception. But this is why it’s best taken with bicarbonate and glycine. IMPORTANT NOTE: Give 30-60 minutes between any dose of bicarbonate and aspirin to avoid hurting your stomach. Tune in to learn more!

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DISCLAIMER: I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and my expertise is in performing and evaluating nutritional research. I am not a medical doctor and nothing herein is medical advice.

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Why not get the Alka Seltzer company to just add glycine to their product? It's basically aspirin with sodium bicarbonate sans the glycine. Seriously though, would it work just as good to add some glycine to a glass of water, pop in some AS tabs and drink? I am not sure most people are going to do the Ph testing of their urine, etc. i like the idea of this recipe though, and will have to try it the next time I use aspirin.

Ben Nguyen

Any thoughts on Dr. Russell Jaffe's approach that suggests, urine pH levels below 6.5 usually indicate a Magnesium deficiency.. and it's best to raise pH levels (6.5 - 7.5) to become more alkaline via taking more Magnesium/Zinc/chromium/copper/iron/manganese, MCT Oil, and other dietary approaches rather than with bicarbonate. (He was on the JJ Virgin podcast #259)

Also if not currently taking a daily low-dose aspirin, any thoughts on a protocol that may minimize the common risk cited of stomach bleeding? For example, taking the low-dose every other day? Or the type of aspirin (ex. enteric safety/coated/delayed, vs 'buffered' to make less acidic)? Or if is there any CVD in family history or any blood work that can suggest the benefits of a daily 80mg aspirin may outweigh the risks?

kam wolf

Alka Seltzer. Also, please address the claims that aspirin causes Reyes syndrome? I've always felt aspirin ( Alka Seltzer) to be the safest anti inflammatory, but when I gave it to my kids for flu fevers, I was admonished by medical staff.

Roger Moore

Is sodium bicarbonate alright

The Chief Keef Project

How does one stop aspirin safely to avoid withdrawal/rebound effects?


chris why not just dissolve the aspirin in hot water, then add bicarb soda until you neturalise the acidity of the aspirin (i.e. until it stops fizzing). i agree glycine and bicarb soda great to take alongside but your recommendations seem convoluted

Igaluit Channel

One shouldn't take aspirin at all.

Winston D

Can you use white willow bark in the same way?

Lu Ma

Cheer, peace an prosperity in the new year!

Celeste Kelsey

I use Carlson Glycine Amino Acid Powder...delicious.

Rob D

How long approximately on average would it take to pee out the Salicylate? Minutes, an hour or two or many hours or...?

Nimni Eden

Is there a substance that acetylates cox-2** without inhibiting cox-2? Why salicylic acid inhibits cox-2 if it has just modified its action?


I think you can type in pretty much any possible ailment or affliction on pubmed along with "glycine," and you'll find studies that glycine treats it. However, you won't hear a peep about glycine in health magazines or any other mainstream health/nutrition source. Those "experts" are too obsessed with vilifying coconut oil or praising almond milk.

Shannon Reis

Also good advice for salicylate sensitivities...though, I don't know about taking bicarbonate during meal times. Additionally, glycine supports the main pathway, but what about the other main pathway, which uses glucuronides to function. (e.g. Calcium d-Glucarate)?


just take Alka Selzter! (has the soda bicarbonate already in!)

Brandon Trean

Excellent info, a good compliment to some of the work I am learning from Ray Peat. Also would recommend people take MK4 K2 about 1mg for every 350mg or so of aspirin to counter blood thinning aspects from getting out of hand. Depending upon use of course.


Increasing urine pH also increases excretion of PGE2. From what I remember it was thought to limit/prevent re-absorption for whatever reason. Does that mean manipulating urine pH toward 6.5-7.5 is simply a good general plan?

Matthew Albracht

Great info! Thanks Chris.


Can you please instantly upload the sum total of your knowledge into my brain? Thank you. I anxiously await your answer.

Maximilian Eberl

Hi, Master of Metabolism, and a Happy, Relaxed, Peaceful and Joyful New Year!!

Q: Is there anything known about the influence of Aspirin on the way in which the immune system clears up senescent cells?

The background of my question is this:
or here:

Thank You and best wishes to You!!

Margaretta Payson

If you don't have glycine on hand but you do have Great Lakes Collagen would that be helpful? Or is there not enough glycine in that?

John Smith

Aspirin very quickly and irreversibly damages the stomach lining. The "food intolerances" are the result of this. Doctors proscribe Aspirin because they are butchers.


Great info, thanks


Is it OK to take collagen with the aspirin instead of glycine? Anyone?

Otto Metalkake

Aspirin, blocking cox since 1853!

But in all seriousness, great video sir!

Matthew Alistair

But I like the details

Shafqat - SE

Excellent tips, Chris! Never knew need to take these precautions for aspirin!

Angelique Jackson

Great information-- I took Advil for about a week and developed burning pain in my stomach and stopped, but then months later I tried 1 dose and my lip swelled up. Still today I have the pain in my stomach and get a swollen lip with even a tiny dose of aspirin. I have been taking 1-2 scoops of collagen a day for months to get glycine in but still to afraid to try anti-inflammatories.