How many guys have you slept with


How many SEX PARTNERS?2 May. 2018
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Pick a number, any number.

Pick a number, any number. Is that the right number of sex partners for you? You deserve to know. #sextalk4real

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Kartikey Yendhe

I am 19y/o and partner is 0 ??

Carl Johnson CJ

20 years old and haven’t even kissed a girl

Oreo Carlton




K Sulli

I don't think negatively of someone with a high count, I just prefer to be with someone with a similar area (- + 5). I'm pretty adamant on this so much so that I'm willing to break up if I hear the girl is too high. Do you think this is wrong? For the most part I can rationalize my distress.

Teddy BoBeddy

I’m at around 70 partners at age 25. I’m a lost cause..

How Many Dates Until You Have Sex? | First Dates Ireland

How Many Dates Until You Have Sex? | First Dates Ireland28 Mar. 2019
207 571
First DatesSubscribe 438 721

21 year old Kias decides

21 year old Kias decides to ask Ciara a very important questions whilst on their date, but it doesn’t go down that well.


You only get one chance to make a first impression - and these couples are sharing it with the world. Be a part of every moment as carefully selected couples meet for the first time over a romantic dinner for two. Who do you think will hit it off? What are the best ice-breakers? And who should pick up the cheque?




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you Han

He doesn't deserve her


He said no because he didnt want the possibility of her saying no first aka being rejected by her so he rejected her first

Jessica Lyngkhoi

She’s so sweet..




He did the right thing at the end of the day


Not the question to ask on a date let alone the first date ever. It’s like how many times does he have to wait around? ?

Lloydee Lloyd

Damn he knocked her back

Raz H

??? man was tryna suss what type of girl she is.

Hasanain Murtaza

She’s tooo pretty

Mira Bella

She is too easy....

Kiki B

I don’t understand why people say they like arrogance. It’s horrible. Confidence is the best, arrogance sucks.

stefi hofauer

When he rejected her, he just kept going on and on.


In the thumbnail he looked like Eric Andre


How many dates before sex? if i were asked that i'd draw the liaison to a close couchie is not set by timer and its going to take a few months to work out if youre worth it and if so in what capacity you can get it in, plus i gotta makesure youre not leading a double life cause i aint trying to share a d or cause headache in another womens home

Cherish Teija

Damn his ego? if anything, she’s out of his league.??

Sam S

That question was just random and made the moment awkward.

katie sheehy

He is not even that good looking, too cocky ! He scares me when he smiles

gabriel denny

She looks sad in the end

Graham Blue

She's absolutely gorgeous, he was well punching him, she needs to get back to liverpool and see me ???


He seriously needs his head re-screwed on right. He couldn't even see what was sitting across from him. Classy, very attractive woman.

Mick Roden

That dude was batting way above his average with her anyway...she was stunning and can do much better than him!

Abigail mcintyre

He has ego problems she's beautifull

Sarah O’Donohoe

Her accent is kinda weird?

Melis Corakkum

He only looks like he’s here for fun immature people shouldn’t come onto the show looking for love when they are only there to mess about


Shes a 9 hes a 7

Julia D

Ew. Black men are often like this ?


She had NO intention of splitting the bill. ????

Alex McAdam

If she said she would have slept with him on the first day he would have definitely said he liked her, he’s a player

Lloydee Lloyd

This girl looks like shes greying pretty badly already. What's with the brown dye on top of her head



Akash Sharma

He needs a hair transplant

YNCU Hollywood Delgado

Someone please I want her

Craig Lewis

She’s a nice girl. He was a bit off a player.


He's just not that into you love, it happens both ways all the time.

Melissa Wright

He. . . Is. . . HORRIBLE.

Rejab Haron

She is gorgeous! Wow...

Harry Raiswell

The guy looks a bit like Luke Britton from Coronation Street!

John Ha

So , if she would had said " after the first date if it feels right" ......he would probably said yes to a second date!!!

Jordan Meko

Irish Fredo ☘️

Sweet Spicy

Women get so offended when they are told they don’t look like a teenager or 21 around . Calling men RUDE for reality is very immature .
Btw I am 31 , female and I don’t think it’s a bad thing .


She is really pretty ?


Lovely girl, he was definitely punching!

Fadoua M

Ughhhh, dump himmm

m B

I really feel bad for the girl in this one. Not for being rejected. She gives out positive vibes like loving and caring type. Felt bad seeing her sad. She deserves to be happy...

Regan T. Cameron

She's lovely
He's awful
End of

King Jay

Just live your truth if you like to get it in on the first night do you .if your a good girl who waits do you as well but keep in mind when your sexually active always get tested don’t wanna go out like Willy lump lump ?

nicole Kelly

Check please

Mikhail Angela

"there was a bit of spark" where?


She so cute she deserves better

Fatima Guilford

Arrogance, seriously what is to like about arrogance ??


She dodged a bullet.

Joyful Preterist

He just needs to grow up


Irish women are very stuck up no banter very very serious

True Crime Report

Say what you want, this guy gets laid every weekend and can afford to be picky, the same negative traits you see in him are the same things women find attractive in him.

Same Same

When girls say u sure u don’t wanna split it let’s be honest they expect u to pay ??


a bloke with a forehead like The Elephant Man turning down reasonably fit Irish birds, now I've seen it all.

Cameron S.

She got shut out by this guy and her last time on the show the guy didn't even bother showing up, I feel bad for her! She seems really nice! deserves better than these two guys

Dana Alame

She’s adorable, his loss.

Black midi Min

If she offers to split the bill I would agree

Julia D

Gross. What a creepy loser.

Farzana Yasmin

They both look older, he looks about 27, she looks about 35

Krzysztof Zabinski

She deserves someone much much nicer !!!!

August Modiga

21 year old who wants to pay for a date


I do want to see her again with a date. After getting stood up, and this date wasn’t a match.
Don’t give up! Let’s see more of her ❤️

Irish Countryman

He's just on it for his hole

ASAE Animations

Just uploaded a hilarious commentary video about this date. lol check it out

Hussein Hoca

People salty because he rejected her, it doesn't matter if she is lovely and has a great personality, in the end if there is no attraction or spark, it won't work, unless it's just a one night stand.

Charles Blake

He's hot but dont trust him as far as I can throw him!

Ameel Dezi

Nice looking lady.A bit confused but very attractive.She will find a better lad 100 per cent.


I would never let her go trust me ??


Haha their first date discuss on whether their age match their look???? they have nothing to talk I guess.

E Nadine

I won't say anything bad about either of them, at least he was honest. She is stunning and will be fine. Both are entitled to reject or accept each other. Leading people on is bad, and i'm glad he said what was on his mind.


Shes so cute! She trys to smile all the time, lovely girl


She is so lovely his lost


I'd date her!

Jessica McGill



1:18 don't be daft man, he wants to have sex

Donna Allgaier-Lamberti

I didn't know there was a hard and fast rule? I mean really! It depends on the chemistry, and how well they get brute!


What a weirdo!!!

Mr. 4leafClova

I Think she's Too Serious for him... He's more Laid back, plus she basically said he has a Old face but she has a Baby face????

Raz H

He’s a live soul. Chill and just not about responsibility. Gosh it’s always hard to say no without someone getting hurt lmao.

Keith Hinchcliffe

HE turned HER down??? wow. he's a 3 and she's an 8+. like, really??


I wonder if he cuts his own hair... blind folded

Ali H

He was self assured and to the point. Rejected her. And she still wanted him. Well played sir. Dudes got game

Ericson Manliguez

the brunette is gorgeous!??


He deffo nut and run


1:10 Cold, dead eyes. Immature player-wannabe.


It was nice of him to pay for the whole meal even though he never fancied her

Mark David’s

His hair line has left the chat

Anna Lore

Shes dumb!

Adams Apple

He should've thrown a bit more on that question like ...and fav position ?


She's a lovely woman

Gurdeep Chumber

He is a player & but interested in settling down...what was he doing on the show??

b foster

she's a hard 23 lol


Oh come on, no! Run away from him!

Maci Flax

At least he's not trying to say yes just to get her in bed, he's being a gentleman paying the bill and is honest. Think he is a good kid.

Mango z

I can’t tell if the hair at the top of her head is white (the roots) or her hair is thinning there


Tacky tacky tacky...that question was absurd. SMH.

Blessed Place

He's like..... Damnit!

Maartje Goede

If he's not into her he just wants a booty call. Im straight and into her.

DIRTY Q&A: How Many People Have I Slept With?

DIRTY Q&A: How Many People Have I Slept With?15 Mar. 2017
28 310
yunging19BlogsSubscribe 438 721




masturbate on school nights or sleep right away?

whats the dirtiest thing you've sexted someone?

whats the nastiest thing you've ever said to get someone off

whats your idea of the most perfect orgasm?

how many ppl have you slept with?


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Comments (31)
Delaney Brown

love these videos and how open you are to all of your subscribers!!

Wesley Turner

your one of my favorite YouTubers

Anna S

weird question, but I wonder this about famous people or youtubers, etc. do you ever worry that a guy you've had sex with will out you, as in brag about having sex with you?


How about now?

Ryans Channel

I hope you're feeling better. Someone as beautiful as you does not deserve to have a terrible cold. ?

yaser kadhim

go and marry and have family

Tom Duncan

Why can't all girls have your approach to these things. You've got such a good attitude toward this subject and like communication.

Holly Panisiak

Yes cooking videos!

Ryans Channel

All of those five to eight dickheads who had sex with you are some of the most luckiest songs of bitches on the fucking planet! ?? You are such a beautiful person and I wish I had the chance of getting to onow you. I am still a virgin and I've never been with a woman because everyone I know treats me like shit on a regular basis.

Don Iotte

How old is the oldest man you had sex with, call me Crazy but since my Divorce in 1994 I have not had sex since after catching my wife cheating I tried dating but met other cheating women so I just walked away. I am ? not into Cheating Ever. I would Date A Gorgeous Woman such as yourself, am I nuts for not having Sex I alike Staying Clean of STD’s don’t want them at all.

MikeWhoCheese Harry

girls who gets mad at that question are the real immature people, grown ups are suppose to own there shits, they expect guys to be themselves but then they force there fake persona down our throats.

Kyle D

Have to say I'm a bit disappointed after watching this one.
I expected this QA to be dirty, but it was far too clean for my liking (not to mention the fact you were purposely avoiding giving clear answers to some of the Qs)

Janet McCarthy

definitely do cooking videos!!


haha cool video

Melanie Lyne Beauty

Love these Q&As :D keep up the awesome videos Ashley xx



Ricky McKnight

Between 5 and 8? So rule of 3..... between 15 and 24?

Jillian M

Can you show us how you do the eyeshadow you have on in this video? I like how natural it looks but it's not like super natural either it's somewhere in the middle. I like it and I suck so bad at eyeshadow so I want to know how you did this

Léonie Ménard

you're great! you made me a lot more open to talk about sex and not be ashamed of it :)

Garrett Jeffers

I want to be number 6 or 9 ??

Joshua Taylor Madison

Would you rather have somebody call you "Mommy"?

Lady Sel

I love how you're so open about sex and whatnot. Like, it makes you seem more real and legit than most youtubers out there. There's nothing wrong with your human needs. It's totally normal. Or God wouldn't have gave us these feelings. ??

Ashley Beckman

Question: How do you ride? I try but I can never do it! It just hurts my hips so bad, and i don't want to do something that is painful to me... but i want to, any tips?

anonimo aninimus

i have slept with e to the natural logarithm of 0 girls lml

Dave Allen

calling a man daddy has no relation to family relation all it means is that your been submissive to your partners masculinity.

Wesley Turner

and I love watching your videos


I see a lot of younger people watching her videos and seeing her having fun and feel left out, depressed and feel they don't have such a good life.
Do not feel that. Ashley is partly acting, partly exaggerating and partly faking a little to boost up her membership, to become more popular and get attention. NOT HER FAULT, it is all a part of the game. To get more viewers so she can make some side income off of Youtube. Maybe even try to get a modeling or acting contact or get discovered. Maybe to get free stuff (and which she advertises on her blog/vlog too).
Besides would you watch a boring, dull, regular day in the life video if the actors have everything ordinary in them? No! So keep that in mind and no need to get depressed and get under the weather. Ashley is smart - she's not wasting her time and energy for nothing. Remember that, youngsters. You all have talents. And do not fall into cult like mentality and try to be like her. Be your own.


I'm 50 and "daddy" just slipped out the other day when sexy talking with my guy. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, then he said, "Say that again". It ended up being one of our best dates.

Rolf Pimentel

Hey dear. I have enjoyed watching your nice videos. You have vlog for maldives? Like trip to any country? Thanks

Amber Avalos

God bless you for real ? because you going hell without marriage

Unnamed Unknown