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Men and Women Don’t Buy these Fragrances!

Men and Women Don’t Buy these Fragrances!22 Oct. 2017
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Safe Blind Buy Fragrances

Safe Blind Buy Fragrances but not modern anymore:

1:55 Chanel Allure Homme Sport


3:09 Dior J'adore


4:39 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male


6:54 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue


8:02 Thierry Mugler Angel Man


10:07 Tom Ford Black Orchid


Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Fragrances for Women:

My Camera Equipment:

Must Have Products (that I 100% use):





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Comments (100)

Awwwww they make a beautiful couple. ??

Claire Unterholz

Süß wie er übersetzt. Ich mag die Art, wie er sie behandelt.

El nino Jr

Bring back LARA!!!


Ho not the dior sauvage, i'm French and a lot of men wears it, friends, family. It's as banal as the Chanel. And i remember my dad was wearing angel for man and my mum the one for woman during the 2000's. But i think i've never smell those anywhere else. (It's Thierry MugleR you have to pronunce the R at the end, no hate, i'm trying to help)

Marina Lore

Idk but my boss really liked Jadior, and when I was walking down the street one time some man made some noise walking by me and when I turned around he shouted I have a really good perfume and my boyfriend doesn’t mind it so ??‍♀️

Wessam Sayed

J'adore is amazing!!!!!


Ok, I’m going right to put on some Dior Sauvage Lara...let’s snuggle.

Zianelka Martinez

I have both Gabriel and Jadore, love jadore is sexy pure seducción, gabriel too is very elegant and sexy but don last long like jadore

Lissy Perez

Caleche was also reformulated..don't like it as much.

Esther Rokhum

Love J'adore but Gabrielle gives me 'head-itch' ?

Anna Ramirez

At certain angles he looks like a young Tom Cruise! ??


I'm Italian and so proud of Light Blue♥️ It's absolutely unique❤️ I've just bought a new one, waiting for the spring?


??? when he had a Disappointed look on his face and said “it’s a woman’s fragrance” I nearly died it was too funny

Anna Elmaarraoui

I just bought a bottle of Jadore, 20 years after I bought my first and only bottle. I absolutely love it. It is timeless and classy and elegant. I don’t usually like sweet perfumes, this definitely is a lot more complex than sweet. On the contrary I found Gabrielle too soapy and common.

lynn shabani

J'adore is timeless and definitely does not belong on that list.


I miss lara

Billy Eichelberger

I love how Lara is on there. She is so great ❤❤❤

Daniel Santana

Hello Broh. Nice work with these videos.
would be fantastic if you cold do a review about Brazilian Fragrances.


What about layering lotion and perfume? How come nobody talks about that? It lasts so much longer. I also mix perfumes to make a signature scent.

Ludmila Kotovski

Sorry, but, Sauvage is a horrible fragrance! I nearly gagged! I prefer Eau Sauvage which is a more subtle and unforgettable fragrance. I prefer the yesteryear perfumes as they don't smell like synthetics as most of the latest perfumes do!

Anna Rose

I disagree re J’Adore. It is a classic with the beautiful vanilla and melon in it! Not Head-Itch at all.

ZeNa M. BsNo

? It smells like headache ?
I'm not making fun... But that was so funny! Very pretty girl.

Xavier Brenneman

She just got wet for the sauvage


Both so good looking !!!

Sharon G

I think Lara and Jeremy look so good together and make a cute couple. ?

ו ו ו asal muncaidh ו ו ו

Unfortunately, you are right about Le Male, as I recently learned. I have a dupe that smells better and has a better performance than the reformulated original. Forget Le Male - get Amouage Reflection Man instead! Smells like Le Male for millionaires. In the Le Male series, however, I like the Essence de Parfum most. Ultra Male is not my cup of tea, much too fruity.

Alex 2010

Best 10 office frequencies for office for women please


Totally agree...I gave up on the J’adore & Blue by D&G coz indeed it’s fragrance doesn’t work for me anymore ??‍♀️


Totally agree with the entire content, so true. Thank u Jeremy! ????????

B True

All the parfums reformed because of INGREDIENTS being over manopoloised........

We get ripped off in all areas

All products go down and price up....


Laura McKeage

Jeremy, maybe get some cougars on your show. By cougars, I mean this as not insulting. Mature, beautiful, experienced women. The younger girls are gorgeous too. Just for us mature perfume loving classy ladies.????


I actually have the light blue (not the intense) and it lasts very long. I actually ordered my 2nd bottle ? but now I'm curious about the intense. Maybe I'll try it nxt time.


I bet Jeremy has seen Laras Tonka bean


The spin, clap, the lean in and inhale! Gets me every time. ?

Al 2Dieu

I can not substitute my Dior j adore especially the bottle .. j adore I Will always buy you

Pop Mary

Jeremy should have put a ring ? on
it right here and the hair is perfect ??
These two are sooo cute ?!!!!!!!!

Saima H Malik

Omg I just wanna move her hair out of the way

Nurun Nahar Lilian

Excellent job

Rene Ortiz

Someone please drop the @

Laurie Warmerdam

Lara’s hair is so pretty✨

Patrick Evancho

Oh i bet shes fun. Dumb. But fun

B True


Dylan H

I hope they get married


Jeremy ?


I want to try the tomford fleur de portofino i didn’t watch all your vlogs about scents. Do you have a review with this perfume?

diana ofoori

Dior jadore smells like sun cream to me

Howard Davidson

Why doesn’t anybody talk about Panama by Boellis One of the best fragrances I’ve ever used.

Evelina Miškūnaitė

This girl looks like she has no idea what she is doing

Amy Kearns

I need some descriptions / run down of fine fragrance houses since the one Nordstroms closed in Anchorage , Alaska. :(

Laura McKeage

Also the gorgeous, mature, intelligent silver foxes...???


Playa playa .. you the man Jeremy

Levi Ackarmen

Ugly girl but sexy

Amy Kearns

Is Lara German like you?


this nigga say dont buy this shit and i remember him putting it at one of his top lists years ago

Louise Leite

Lovely young lady ?

Berton Guillaume

And wath about "Allure homme sport eau extreme"? I just buy it yersteday...


Who's was waiting for her to do a "turn around"too?!? ?


She looks at Jeremy like .... can I lick your face. ?


Where is this place located ? Germany ?

Ayman yaseen

Don’t buy ck obsession

Emily Samoliuk

Please review Chanel Gabrielle. I never saw it in your videos ?
Edit : and new irresistible givenchy fragrance

Lorena Rivera

I definitely like J'adore and I have to say that on me it smells so damn good, fresh and sexy, never like a old aunty and with a Chanel at the other side I'll only say that 80% of 50 and older woman that I know are the ones that use Chanel, sorry not sorry but no thanks to Chanel!

K9 Monk

No spin from Lara? Very disappointed.

Arralel Odi

@Jeremy Fregrance : mate you look like a fictional character, very cute ?


You should marry her.... you look adorable together.

maik schmidt

Danach wurd erstmal gebumst ???

Aly B

j’adore is my absolute favourite.

TheRealMorningStar KeKe

Who is going to take over Dior Sauvage when they get over done?! Which is already happening but it's still delicious and everyone's skin fragrance can change the way it smells.

Captain Scentsible

Jeremy shoulda married this girl.omg she is gorgous.why he let her get away?

Carolyn Norton

She most definitely needs to cut those locks. She looks like a Lady Godiva wannabe.

Farah Boyer

Completely agree for the Dolce and Gabbana light blue


Is that his girlfriend

Krystal Bizx

A great more feminine version of D&G Light blue to me is Lanvin Eclat d' Arpage....smells similar but more floral and so fresh! Lasting power is decent.

Kenner Kenna

I Buy A*Men , I will Buy A*men. But thanks for the recommendations.

Melinda Duncan

I must be a man eater because I like the stronger scents!

Ms Jordiee

can you live stream on twitch please?uwu

Kyle Vin

Le male is still a beast. Idc what anyone says....


I respectly disagree, Tom Ford Black Orchid is one of the best fragrances. While I was wearing it, I got tons of compliments from girls


Lara: “It smells like a Grandma” . Aagghhhhh nooooo, so offensive to the older ladies! ☹️

Bebo Babooo

What a gorgeous, bubbly woman ??


What did she do in a very old hotel for rich people?

Jacquelyn Marie

Lol so cute when she rubbed light blue on him

Richie ///M3

Does somebody knows Lara's Instagram? I will pay $1,000 dlls.

Cinzia Casti

Please Jeremy teach me English and German pronunciation? boss!

Bobby Bobson

The whole amen line has been reformulated into oblivion. They all are garbage

bill barton

She’s a sweet girl, she realizes she’s playing second fiddle to Jeremy, and would like some attention, because he hogs the camera

massanga gina

I saw you making good review of j’adore but now ???? it’s just confusing

Jeremy Fragrance

My Cologne Brand, also for Women:


Headage.....too funny but cute

Hannah Barnes

Ok look...the idea of all of this is just increasingly getting on my nerves lol dont base your choice on videos like these. As a luxury fragrance selling specialist, literally all i do every day 60 hours a week, you HAVE to wear any fragrance on your skin. The idea of telling people something smells bad or generic or that a fragrance doesnt last long is asinine. Everyones body chemistry and PH is different which means the fragrance and oils used react differently which MEANS that every fragrance smells and lasts different. Ive never been more annoyed in my life than watching your videos and all of the misinformation and flat out BS you tell people. Dont pass your personal taste as professional guidance ok at least give factual useful information that allows people to make an informed descision

Иван родства не помнящий

Девица реально туповата


Your friend/partner is very beautiful. She does not need those extensions, they are weighing her down. Chop not short by any means keep it long with some balayage and face framing highlights. She will look so classy.


Hey Jeremy, Where did you get your jacket? Its amazing.

Asla Mehmed

She look a bit like Lily Rose Depp


l can’t believe you put Chanel Gabrielle the massive failure by Chanel over J’Adore, a perfume that is a classic and has been so consistent and a best seller for so long.

Style Domination

Awww! I love Black Orchid!!

Charlotte Kretzschmar

Man hört so krass den deutschen Akzent ?


Very Mexican of you. Green/White/Red and GOLD!

A huevo!

Amy Kearns

Can or have you done a video series that focuses on a single fragrance house and run down the top 5 or 10 depending on size of the collections the house?

Bee business

Вы подходите друг другу как пара)))) you fit together as a couple))))

Gucci Bamboo for Women Perfume Review - Bamboo smell?

Gucci Bamboo for Women Perfume Review - Bamboo smell?4 Jan. 2021
Scent ExplorerSubscribe 438 721

This is a review video of

This is a review video of Gucci bamboo for Women perfume and you will learn why a lot of people don't get Bamboo accord or smell from this perfume. This perfume is a white floral kind of perfume for women and a bit headache inducing for some people. In summers and winters Gucci Bamboo emits different smells.

Buy Gucci Bamboo on Amazon US


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Comments (1)
Mahmood Ahmad

App urdu ma b reviw kiya karain

My Favorite Perfumes for Women 2018

My Favorite Perfumes for Women 20181 Dec. 2018
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Jeremy FragranceSubscribe 438 721

Best Female Fragrances

Best Female Fragrances Perfumes for Women Girls Ladies Favorites



3:11 Tiffany for Women Eau De Parfum



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Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Perfumes for Women:

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Comments (100)
Summer Summer

Have you ever spin after your twist ?

Marie Quin

Is Tiffany and co long lasting?

Clare Purvis

Well all as I can say if that Britney Spears perfume is your favourite you don't know what your talking about, sorry to say unless your talking about little girls!!!

Sam Dhakan

Romance by Ralph lauren

dulce maria sanchez arguelles


Elizabeth Sherstoff

OMG. I'd buy poison ivy from this guy!

Serena Perez

Wtf does a wife smell like?

Ag neta

Thanks to your videos i bought almost all the sexiest smelling perfumes ❤?

Barbara Maric

I couldn’t believe when you pulled out Britney Spears Fantasy ? I thought I was the only one who still likes it

Andrea X

A “best women perfumes that are versatile” would be very good.

weepeng ang

Jeremy you very handsome

Kristi Gibson-Cormier

Thank you for this wonderfully diverse list. I live on a strict budget as I'm single. I don't own any not even one perfume at this time..but I've saved this video for when the time comes I. Will know what to get.Thank you ??

Andrea Por aí

Would you come as a gift? Your accent would go very well with my Brazilian accent! And I smell good too ?? love your channel ??????

Amberlovesitforu Review's

Omg good job hands down your list is the best and yes Britney is my fave favorite and my husbands favorite on me

Roseanne B.

I loveeeee Marc Jacobs Decadence! I’m 19 and it smells so good and I would say matches me really well

faridah Akmar

I bought the light blue recently,it smells so fresh and absolutely suitable for hot weather ❤️

Icxed Teaaa



Hey :) Ich liebe den Duft Narciso Poudrée und würde mich über ein Review von dir freuen. Lieber Gruß


I love ❤❤❤ all the perfumes!! and the way you Express end describe each the seductive " Viva la Juice ..thank you


Jeremy sure likes sugar.


Hello. Do you know of any fragrance that smells like Tiffany classic for women? The one that they discontinued in 2017? Thank you so much.

Brian Tapson

Britney Spears fragrances are amazing, Love Love Fantasy so much. Probably my all-time favourite :)

Rebecca St.Germain

Jeremy, can you please review “Exact Friction of the Stars” by Pilar and Lucy? I’ve been wearing it and obsessed with it for about 5 years, and to my knowledge you haven’t reviewed it. I’m a new subscriber but binged you! Cheers!❤️

Scorpio lady

Britney Spears fantasy!!!! Really Jeremy !!! It smells awful. . I'm so disappointed

Dr Sky

You can tell he's reading a script wouldn't trust your advertisement ?

Homemakerandglamour29 Victoria

You remind me of Christian Grey ?


Lieber Jeremy, könntest du bitte ein Video über die Top Parfums für elegante, selbstbewusste, klassische Frauen machen?

African Barbie

Definitely getting the Tiffany intense and bom bom

Annekay Patterson

Thank you!

Elyse S

This channel is amazing. I’m fragrance obsessed and I can watch these videos all day long.

Mariana Chvostáčová

Wow. Amazing youtube channel!??? And your presentation is fantastic! ???

Anthony C

I love this guy lol


I just subscribed to to your Channel ?

Haha Conny

Fantasy is not out this year. It was out four to five years ago...

Corey Brassington

Tom Ford Lost cherry as a great one for women or Chanel No5 there perfect.

nedjoua belboul

Tefany and co is top

Joe Doe

?it smells like a wife ?

glossy lips

Love the suit!!???

saroasha engineer

I turn heads whenever I wear my Tiffany perfume. So many compliments from strangers.

إيمان حسين

Thank you so much for your videos .. can you make a video for most calm scenes perfumes for women

Izabela Izabela

I love Tiffany - mein Lieblings Parfum!!


You sexy Jeremy!!! Xoxo


What's your opinion on the Elisabeth & James perfumes? :)


How come I never hear you mention Gucci bloom nettare di fiori or the original Gucci bloom it smells amazing and long lasting or any Chloe

Follow your Heart

How about le labo?

jesse henderson

Please include some Bvlgari

Crystal Liu

What do you think of my Burberry blush?

Mana Mana

Plz do a review on eden perfume,I m using since last 20 years

Mayroune Kaawach

What is the smell of a wife !!

Natalie D.

Britney Spears♡♡♡

Georgia H

Mm so tou consider women to be "things" wow that's totally chauvinistic Jeremy & comments like smells like a wife? REALLY! what the hell does that mean! Shame on you

miss happiness very happy

Jeremy you are sexy

Ri Ray

Men have always loved hypnotic poison on me

Gaby Weast

My 16 years old boy he is Handsome like you Jeremy, like James Dean!

Jaclyn Rene

The youtube channel I didn't know I needed in my life ? subscribed!

Smaher Butt

The way he tastes the fragrance ?

Dris Davis

Mon guerlain edp best blind buy.....or an jc gold Yessss


Hi Jeremy, when I first watched your channel I have to say I was apprehensive of your advice because I didn't think a man could choose fragrance for a woman. But I ended up listening to you and buying Decadence by Marc Jacobs and and Viva la Juicy were RIGHT they are both AMAZING scents!(especially Decadence).Thank you for your advice.

Meemee Poonam

Longest lasting and selliage fragrance for women from past 10 years

Jeremy Fragrance

My Fragrance Brand:

Britney Spears Stan

Fantasy is iconic

Montana Snowflake

That perfectly cut and styled dark head of hair..... those eyes..... that 007 thing you got going on.... the leather watch band...... beautiful nails...... topped off with white teeth. I'm 56 and you are gorgeous <3

Snoop Dogg

1. Opium original brown - Yves Saint Laurent
2. Angel - T. Mugler.

The rest are too soft for me

Claire Ducas

Hi @jeremy please I used to put a fragrance called "only me" from Yves de systelle .. the purple buttle... I can't find it any where... could you please help find a similar fragrance... plz

Tania Artinian

What do you think about D&G Italian Zest ?

Olga Jimenez

Jeremy I Love you...You are to me to Hottest man alive.....???????

Vivian Fayehun

Omgosh everyone thought I was crazy for liking the Tiffany and Co perfume!

Trump Girl!

Jeremy you are soooooo handsome that I could barely pay attention to the review as I kept zoning out while staring at you!!! Anyway thanks for the review. I am purchasing your number 1 pick!!!!

Cloud Walker

I love the Britney Spears perfume! Got it years ago, would revisit again

Ann Kostrova

Can you make a review at perfumes by Anna Sui? Particularly Rock me! by Anna Sui. Thanks!


JAJJAJAJJJAJViva la Juicy Gold Cuture im gonna MUST to buy it JAJJAJAJAJAJAJ

Sweet Thang

Tiffany & Co. Intense smells like a dull mishmash of a scent. Borrrrringggggg. And a confident women doesn't want to smell like bubblegum! Don't insult our intelligence, please!

Meilani Ritawati

After I watched this video ,I bought Mon Guerlain & Viva La Juicy Gold Couture . Also bought Chanel Mademoiselle after I watched your other video .
Thanks for the recommendation , Jeremy.
Love from BERMUDA ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Serena Perez

I wanna smell like that

Family Nagy

You are annoying in a good way
I orderd the scent boss if it is not good il sent it to you??

Annette Rizzi

That is so funny to me that you included "Fantasy", by Britney Spears on your list because this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite fragrances! The scent sort of reminds me of vanilla, and lasts FOREVER! I scene you had Bond No. 9 New York in your collection, and was hoping that you were going to choose that one! LOL (Another of my favorite scents) .I also love Jean Paul Gaultier - CLASSIQUE, and "Ralph", by Ralph Lauren toilette sprays, and my most newest favorite scent is "Flowerbomb Nectar", by Viktor, and Rolf! Thank you so much for sharing your favorites! I'll have to check those others on your list out!

Mae Cadayona

This is bad for my bank account. Love you tho, thank you for all your tips and amazing taste in fragrance. Xo

Hoai Trinh

I like how u presenting, but i think u have a very mainstream taste on perfumes. For me they arenot special at all.

Ryelle Bunagan

I knew its viva la juicy gold couture, for me its to sweet i dont think its smell sexy but its def smell young but not sexy


The fact that two of my fav perfumes are on here I feel like I've nailed the perfume world ?

Ewelina Szwajca

We have a very similar nose ;)

Anthony C

I smell a darker chocolatey note with fantasy

Reina Cedeño

Live by Jlo is delicious

Ferdelyn Coso

I love my light blue ❤️

arki ninja

Thanks for the awesome tip! ??

Donna Henke

Doesn't the fragrance depend on the chemistry makeup of the person using it? PS appreciate your thoughts ?

reba billy

Ahhh I can watch u all day ????✨✨✨✨✨✨and my fav is also viva la juice ❤️❤️???


Jeremy Fragrance, you should do a review La Petite Robe Noire Intense by Guerlain

The blue bottle. I think you gonna love it! It smells like cotton candy, blueberry and a bit of fairy tale

Jade G

What about miss Dior?

Reina Cedeño

Curious from Britney is also delicious

Queen Bee

I literally have bought almost all of them just because oh him ??‍♀️

Sandra V

You're so handsome! :)

Ana Gaby Montes

Omg i can bealieve the britney spears is in your top 5! I have it since I was a teenager and I'm no longer in love with it even thought I still wear it...

Lamia Ahmed

Hi Jeremy , Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you , would you please write us the best perfumes for work and hanging out with friends ? I need it to be noticed in a good way , and last for long time.Thank You Elegant Man ????

Carol Merchant

Hi Jeremy. I’m new to your channel. Love what you do. ♥️♥️♥️

Esthetically Chic

Hey what is your opinion on Victoria’s Secret very sexy?? By the way I agree with all of these. I have the Juicy one and the original Tiffany. I really want the new intense though!

Me Ann

Just bought Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy Gold awhile ago.?❤️

Zachery Combs

I buy my mom fantasy and midnight fantasy every year for her birthday and Mother’s Day. Only 2 perfumes she never gets sick of.

Vancea V

one of my fav's, Viva La Juicy Couture made number one by this handsome gentleman. Another one of my favorites is Poppy from Coach ;)
XoXo Jeremy!


My fav has always been la vie est belle and I thought I would never love any other as much but man that Tiffany&Co intense smells marvelous on my skin wow wow wow... so elegant!