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Rollation 3 - Square to Round

Rollation 3 - Square to Round30 Jan. 2021
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This is the third video in

This is the third video in my Rollation series, showing how to make a transition from square to round, in steel.

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Comments (100)

I almost stopped at tractor supply to grab a chunk of the 20ish gauge steels they have there just to try this out. That and I just got my micro oxy fuel torch going and it would be just about right to torch weld 20 guage...

Centrist Glass Cannon

Man, imagine if Captain Lovell and crew had some of this stuff available on 13. Hmm, I wonder if you could make the pattern with stuff just from inside the capsule and lander.

Todd Cott

Thank you so very much

David Guyton

Love the videos Ron.

dan farris

We call theses squircles

Curtis von Epp

You remind me of a gunsmith that worked in my shop and his bag of tricks actually it was a wood Gurber chest what fit in the box was all that he needed amazeing how few tools to do a job . ?


holy damn what a nice snips

Kaiser Basileus

You don't need to guess and roll that compass, just draw a mark halfway on the arc, then halfway again on each side, then halfway again 4 times.


I would recommend the sheetmetal trade to anyone who has the interest for it. I enjoyed almost all of my 50 years in it and it is cleaner and safer than it used to be.

666 Magnum666

I would never have guessed how to do that, very impressive. It's interesting to watch and I keep learning new techniques.

James Walley

I had just mentioned to a coworker that we'd be needing to learn how to do exactly this for a job we have coming up. Thank you for the tutorial.


I,guess that I’d how you fit a square peg into a round hole you sir are a genius.

carl lavertu

i like the idea of aluminum paper ! clever


You are a great teacher. Thanks for sharing all this wizardry.

Brad Cavanagh

This is how you can fit a square peg in a round hole.



Havok Vladimirovich Stalinov

This man is the Bob Ross of metal working ans its absolutely amazing

Kurtis Wilkes

Read my comment. Answer my question. When is the next collaboration with That Old Tony? Love the work!

Marsh Monster

I don't know why I watch that video I don't ever plan on doing anything like that but it was a very nice watching You make that. Should be outside working but I came inside for lunch and got trapped into watching a 20-minute video by you . Thank you so much sir .


Descriptive geometry. Now do this in CAD software :)


Very cool technique! - and I think it's awesome that you're using basic tools. I also really dig that Dykem "marker" - going to have to look for one of those.... Thanks for posting this :)


I love to see the clever solutions you come up with along the way. Things like the holes in the form to clamp it to the tables are great tricks to learn from.


Awesome video! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques.

Patrick Hayes

Mind numbingly simple, yet so elegant a method. I have skipped projects that required adapters between shapes or sizes. I see that this would be a great trick for HVAC installers. I know I needed 4 of these for our last HVAC install.

Stephen Hepworth

Your a genius man! It's like therapy watching you work. Do you want to be my adopted father?. Top work ?


Gonna go rollate me a pot still.... for making distilled water like a good boy. =)

George Simmons

You sir are a fantastic educator! Thank you for this!

Mallen Alley

Were your notches for the corners calculated or done by experience?

m m

NIce old timer way.
CAD takes about 3 minutes to make the printable pattern.

Juan Ignacio Caino

Takes a ton (or two) of know-how and experience combined to make this look as simple as you do, and without using "break the bank" tools. Bow to you, as always, Oh, Mr. Metalshaper Lord.

Dudley Toolwright

You made that look so easy. I suspect that my first, second,...fiftieth attempts would not turn out as good.

Mike M

What kind of paper do you use for the patterns??


Brings back memories of a fifty year career in HVAC/Sheetmetal. We used rollation mainly for oddball roofjacks and "old shool "layout for square-to-rounds and other fittings. My last two years were on a plasma table but I got the job being able to do it "old school".


Could you do the same form but with the shape/geometry inverted ?

Larry Barnes

Thank you Ron that was excellent.

Zachary Welch

These videos are amazing, thank you for all the efforts. Can you cover building a part that has both concave and convex shapes with rollation? It seems obvious they would have to be done in separate parts joined together, but I'm curious on how you would recommend approaching the form and template process.

Jim John

Wow !

Empire Forge

Thoroughly enjoyed the video Ron! Took me back to doing my ‘Pass Out’ piece in the sheet metal shop, when I was finishing my apprenticeship in the UK. (I just realised it was 47 years ago!) Had to make a square to round 4’-0” across, out of 18G galv. Love the rollation technique. It takes the mystery out of the geometry, and very practical for the home workshop.

Baron Burgamot

It's like magic, onlyy . . . better.

Rory Turnbull

Metal Church 101!

Steven Wu

Thank you very much! It's so smart method which can apply to many irregular shape.


Another winning video, Ron! From my experience with mechanical drawing and descriptive geometry (traditional manual methods, literally on the drafting board) to a physical model is a tough mental leap, but your latest videos have really been helpful in creating lofted transitions in sheet metal. I would love to see more detailed examples of more complicated designs. Keep 'em coming!

Scott A

Amazing ? ?


Dude is like the Bob Ross of metal working. Or is Bob Ross the Ron Covell of painting?

Lloyd Prunier

Learned something from every video! Hope I can remember some of it and also that the videos will still be available. The fact that you do it with simple tools and show the steps is fantastic! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I didn't miss the block of wood support for welding! That will help my shaky hands!!

tommy g.

I've been laying out square to rounds for years the old fashioned way and I think I could have laid it out faster. Not as much trimming and maybe more accurate. Cool way to find a pattern though. The new programs for cnc machines put us out of work. I'm retiring this week.

Fire Crow's Workshop

This is amazing! So simple yet so effective! I've dropped my jaw, I can't find few of my teeth now, but never mind that, I've learnt something new today and that makes me happy!

Franco Buzzetti

Hello ron! i really enjoy watching you work , i love learning new stuff all the time , even if i know i wont be doing most of this , watching a master work is trully an amazing experience!

Russell Johnson

As long as it isn't for a hi-temp use just buy a 6 pack for your 3d printing owning buddy and you'll get as many as you need.

Wayn Goodman

Ron, I always like watching the solutions you come up with, and would request ‘one more’ chapter - or multiples, as needed - in rollation: how to take one shape (like an oval or square) and transition to another (like a round or rectangle) thru a curve or compound curve vs. a straight transition!

Stephen Sarkany

This is an interesting technique. There is a traditional way to do this as well, without computers, etc, it is called triangulation and works great, esp with much larger parts that would make for an unwieldy rolation pattern.

Tim Miller

The Bob Ross of welding, happy little accidents ??


What is that scissor you are using??


Dziękuję Ci za ten film ,był bardzo pouczający. Pozdrawiam .

Steven Jansen

Ron - I am amazed !!!
It's one thing to model it in software, it another to see it in practice - You are brilliant !!

Three Rivers Forge

Great video. I do blacksmithing and have really enjoyed learning about sheet metal work. Even bought an old pattern book from the early 1900's. Thanks, Ron, for making it look so easy!

Khail Kupsky

You’re mad... great stuff.


Simple ways to make complicated things! love it! :D

Robert Gebbie

Ive been a boilermaker for 45 years, this method is not only overly time consuming, but inherantly innacurate

Alan Lapp

Lovely and informative as always.

That shop-made tool has an analogous tool in ship-building. It's called a spiling (pronounced spy-ling) tool. It's used in planking a boat. it's job transferring the top edge of the back plank to the front of the front plank so the top plank can be cut and fit the back plank perfectly. Some have off-sets for lapping of planks.

S Mca



Superb video as usual from Ron ?


Thanks Ron! Awesome ?

Randy Williams

Ron, I commend you for the endless possibilities this series of videos has given me and countless others. Thank you so much.

J W Dickinson

super cool video!


I bought a rollation cheap from an old sheet metal shop going out of business. I have my own shop and make these regularly. It's also called a jet pattern designer (at least that's what written on the tool with the patent number), I was told it's what sailors used on ships to fabricate parts at sea.

The two ends have screw on rings to hold on the patterns. They also each pivot on an axis up to 45 degrees so you can make offset transitions as well.

I make them in two equal halves and munch over and punch the sides instead of welding. I can fabricate one of these in about 20 minutes.

Harvey Priest

Could you use a spot welder

Ted Hicks

You young guys need a trade learn this not many HVAC people are building ductwork.

Marcus Andersson

Love to watch your videos! Amazing results with so ”little” work, you make it look so easy!???

marcus cicero

interesting, thanks for the vid

Superior Etchworx

Thanks Ron


I learned how to do this for my trade. But when he does it, it still looks like magic to me

Patrick Hayes

Ron- Have you always been a hot rodder or do you have an aerospace background that made you a hot rodder of finesse?

Random Person

Very impressive part.

Craig Munday

Awesome tutorial


Genius! Thanks Ron, I learned a lot from this one.

Which miller TIG welder are you using? Looks a bit like a Diversion 180.

Steve Ozias

In practice most sheetmetal shops would put the seams on the flat and not on the corners.. that was the way it was taught in the apprentice course..

Mick Holgate

A master at work, always love your work Ron!

Bill Bayer

Great video's Ron! OK, here's a challenge for you. I tried this at work but it did not turn out well! I need a transition between two 6.5" circles at a 90 degree angle. I tried to make two wireform circles welded together and rolled them out tracing the pattern. When I cut and bent the metal, it didn't work at all! I'd love to see what you can do. Thanks for all you do.

Peter Lastrucci

Completely therapeutic observing your masterful skills.. thank you Ron!

Meaner Kat

Great video. All of your videos are so well done. Instructions are so good.

Rob Finson

Happy to report that I cannot hear any audio artifacts in the background. Whatever you did worked great to get rid of them!

Alan Campbell

Wow that comes close to something I want myself. Sadly, I have neither the tools nor the skills...
I wanted to make a drinking bottle, holding 1 litre. Square base, 7.1 cm x 7.1cm, 20 cm tall - but with round top of 8 cm diameter.
As a drinking bottle, I'd have to close off the square end as a final step.

RC Send And Blast

Not bad bud. Pretty good


Logic and methodical application, gives me confidence to apply ideas
You make it look achievable.
Thank you.

Phillip Yannone

Silly Tony, it’s not a dustpan it’s a vacuum cleaner nozzle. Ahh, the wonders of experience.

Average Joe

Thoroughly enjoy your videos. Very grateful that you are willing to share your expertise and knowledge on sheet metal forming.

On a side note,
Do you have a recommended manufacturer for pneumatic tools? Like that particular 4-5 inch sander you used in this video? Looks like the 90 degree die grinder is Chicago pneumatic brand?

Anyway. Thabkbyou again

Random Person

Can you make me a suit of armor next episode?

EViL LennY

Great now u got me thinking of boxing lights into somthing that means i get to buy somyhibg to add to my collection of kool krap love the techniques you show that you dont need a whole fab shop to bulid a dream

Matthew Hall

I really enjoyed watching you work I have heaps to learn !


Welp, I know how I'm making ac ducts from now on.


Great video mate , I been a sheeting for 30 years now forced into retirement from sheeties plight only ever made large square to rounds out of 2 pieces but like your work , how do you go making* a double offset square to round though? It requires 2 piece production. I hope you’re using wiss snips and Gil bow snips on your videos ?


A skill and craft that's being lost...
Thank you for this...!!!


I noticed you didn't use soap when you sanded this time. Is that because steel isn't as likely to clog the paper or something else?

ehs por

دمت گرم داداش خیلی خوبه

Julio Almeida

Thanks for sharing! Saudações (Greetings) from Brazil!!

Axel Funke

Thank you!

Rick van Eijck

You are the bob Ross of sheet metal working. Love it❤️

Василий Смирнов

Как асегда красиво! Приятно смотреть?

Bob Gaylord

I am constantly amazed at how little I know, how much I have to learn and how short a time I have left to learn it ! Thank you for passing your knowledge on.

Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy (Hard Again)

Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy (Hard Again)3 Jan. 2013
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firedrichSubscribe 438 721



Comments (82)
Alfredo Cristovam de Souza

Muddy and Johnny wonderful ! eternal !!


Rock & Roll Honey! ;)

Picle Sanches

Eu sou o primeiro preto

alessandro marchesini

There's no better.


Calve pindakaas

Pedro Afonso


Cassia Cardoso


james spillane

the best blues album ever made...full stop!!!

.feat Gordo

Bluesman brow! Exu vive

Levon Peter Muhammad Salah Setyowan Poe

 I would have loved to be in the studio when he recorded this.
The sound, the energy projected.
Not much can equal what was done on this record.

Robert Jango

American music's Mark Twain. "I'm a man".

clint barnes

johnny winter makes this album rock the bluse

Lia Da Silva


William Lucas

Bacu não me trouxe aqui kkkk

Shreshth Gautam


Ben White

RIP James Cotton, you and your incredible sound will be sorely missed! :(

Gernita Jackson

Good morning America!


"Ain't That a Man.!"




ray Charles may have been dead for ten years now but I know he has his sunglasses on in the grave swaying his head to this tune


He thinks I am paranoid.

Robert Jango

I know this sounds stupid, but this is one of the top ten American songs of the 20th century. Time will prove I'm right.

Matt Spaunhorst

This song is pure, perfect masculinity. IM A MAAANNG!! Gives me goosebumps evertime. You don't hear this song, you FEEL it!

Leonardo Beguine

Jesus é Blues, falei memo!

Wendel Marques

Tudo bem BLUES

paula nebbioli

que buen blues Muddy !!!!!!!!

henk homes

Zet zachter! 0:19

the north remembers

I finally found it goddamn

Gary Shelby

I can get with this. I like it.

Victoria Henrique



Bluesman Baco Exu do Blues


such a classic performance. all the musicians are on top form here but the drumming ... real driving hard beat. Unsurpassed in Cool and hip. A classic.

Charles Klinetobe

Who are the 8 assholes who down voted this? One of the great performances in history.

Larry DuVall

big hit by a lot of folks in the early 60s

Mike Mcmullin

That represent Man.

O Justiceiro

Baco who

Pablo Manoel

Essa música trás um cheiro de taBaco

Marco Rozza

Ray Liotta's theme

cathy struska

Wasn't that a Mainnnnnnn



anglia racer

Rappers and Hip Hopists take note.


Az egyszerűsége lenyűgöző ennek a számnak. Ugyanakkor mellbevágó az ereje. Tényleg a legjobb blues album.

Kiani Francis

Get it while we hot, Johnny!

da rhooster

Simply perfect.


For music like this, slavery was worth it!!


any women need a hoochie-coochie man?

Brian Bednarek

Such an amazing album!!!

Haecken Costa


Ελπίδα-Hope Z.


donald zackson

the man

Franco Cooper

When he says "...I'm a rollin stone", that is the #1 coolest moment in music history. Everything about it is absolutely perfect. Everything tries to capture that level of coolness, but I don't think anything else ever will.


Muddy Waters: Vocals / Guitar
Johnny Winter: Guitar
Bob Margolin: Guitar
Pinetop Perkins: Piano
James Cotton: Harmonica
Charles Calmese: Bass
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith: Drums

Produced by Johnny Winter
Recorded: October 1976


You know the guys playing in the background are so happy to be playing this with Muddy!  Think its Johnny Winter and Bob Margolin.  They probably thought they were dreaming.

Manoel Leandro Silva Do Nascimento

Baco Exu Do Blues!

Inge Nyberg

Mi love this and my frend ho died today

Esmeralda's Life Fandango

Love "Mannish Boy" sung by Muddy Waters.  Waters is the best!
Thank you for posting this.

luc dejonckheere

nice one

Henrik Sandberg Jensen

Johnny Winter on guitar and in the background shouting....


Saw this tour.without question one of the most memorable shows I have ever seen !

Noddy's Ginger Nuts

Now that's what I call music!

Edon Rodrigues

Baco Exu do Blues - Bluesman


Johnny Winter yellin' in the background!

luiz silva


Brian Tulloch

So sorry to hear the 'hollerer' died. Man was a genius!

bruno B S

vim porque ouvi blvesman

Gulf Breeze

I really enjoyed seeing Muddy and Lightnin together in 1978 great the giants of the blues


Isso é blues



james spillane

come on. I does not get any better than this!!!

Chris Stolz

If there’s there sources of the blues, this is the first.

Rafael Nicolich


A I Gaming

I am a man, if you find that toxic, so be it.

peter betts

Muddy was a co writer and sang this song the best of all.

cathy struska


Boat Axe

I love Muddy and this song but I've always been confused by the line " I'll make love to a woman in five minutes time", that's nothing to brag about! Give her at least a half an hour!!!!

Anna Simone

Bye Bye Johnny. We'll miss ya. Now, go have a cookin, all out jam session with Jimi, Janis and McKinley!

Marc Arturi

Happy Birthday, Muddy!

Maurice Thrower

Muddy killin' it! Johnny shoutin' in the back!! Both in the next phase now! God Bless!!

Axis: Bold As Love

Diogo Alvaro Ferreira Moncorvo aka Baco Exu Do Blues(Bacchus of the Blues:22 yr old,Salvador,Brazil HIp Hopper)_Bluesman_title trac film & LP_11:23:18_
= Thank You McKinley Morganfield !

chris holtz

Love this man's music was listening to it while driving today

Bảo Tuấn Cao Thiên

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
Everything gonna be alright this mornin'
Now, when I was a young boy
At the age of five
My mother said I was gonna be
The greatest man alive
But now I'm a man
I'm age twenty-one
I want you to believe me, honey
We having lots of fun
I'm a man (yeah)
I spell M
A, child
That represent man
No B
O, child
That spell mannish boy
I'm a man
I'm a full-grown man
I'm a man
I'm a rollin' stone
I'm a man
I'm a hoochie-coochie man
Sittin' on the outside
Just me and my mate
I'm made to move
Come up two hours late
Wasn't that a man?
I spell M
A, child
That represesnt man
No B
O, child
That spell mannish boy
I'm a man
I'm a full-grown man
I'm a man
I'm a rolllin' stone
I'm a man
Full-grown man
Oh, well
Oh, well

Dictius Games

It's 7:40am on a rainy Saturday, I'm up early getting high listening to the blues before I pick up my guitar.

How To Get Hard Again

How To Get Hard Again17 Jan. 2019
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I'm Susan Bratton with

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The mechanics of an erection is basically like filling a water balloon. You're filling two tubular structures with blood and it has to have blood coming in, not coming out. The P Shot is taking what we've known about for the past 15 years and using the growth factors in your platelets instead of the preventive healing of the cartilage in knee or shoulder like Tiger Woods and track athletes have done. We're using PRP in the penis instead. You're under numbing cream and your blood is drawn from your arm and that platelet part is injected after 5 minutes and introduced into the penis itself. Then those growth factors and cytokines are activated in the penis.

What is a cytokine?

It's a dog whistle for the stem cells. If you have an injury, it's not just the tissue around it that causes it to heal. Stem cells migrate from the bone marrow to the area to fix it. It’s pretty miraculous what happens. The effects for some men is life-changing. Now if you have blood flow let's say from the aorta through the iliacs that's blocked from years of smoking or diabetes, then the P Shot is not going to help you. You can't get blood in but it's not going to change that problem. But it will change the tissue of the penis itself so practically speaking if a man can have an erection of some type but it's not as firm as it used to be and on the erection scale that's 5 to about a 7 which practically means if you're using Viagra or Cialis, you'll cut the dose in half, or if you're using Trimix injections, you'll cut that dosage too, or if you have a very low dose maybe you wouldn’t need it at. If you're not using any medication at all, your erection becomes more like it was when you were 17. It takes your penis back about 5-15 years.

Can we talk about venous leaks when you can get blood in your penis but you can't lock it in. Does the P Shot help with that?

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When a guy has a P Shot, what's the window of I-got- an-instant-boner or three months later I saw the effect. Everything's always a bell curve with human beings.

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Comments (8)
Den Worley

There is Susan Good Subject look good thanks

Cj Ceniceros


David Davis

Will it increase a normal size to a larger size

Trevor C

Hey Doc how do I kill my sex drive? I'm not average down there and I don't want to get hurt by ridicule or cheating.

Rabb Di Haveli

Any Dr. In southern california with cost of $ 500 for P Shot ?
Last time i took from Tijuana $360 . Now its hard to Cross border coz of Govt shut down .
I was superman for 8 months after one P shot . I wanna feel that power again .

Susan Bratton - Better Lover

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bonzo1200 goTrump

I would get these shot if Susan would hold my hand?

James McFadden

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