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Turning Points in History - Industrial Revolution

Turning Points in History - Industrial Revolution2 Oct. 2009
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The industrial revolution

The industrial revolution made a myriad of products affordable for everyone.

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Oscar Parzen

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Tommy Tucker

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Clifford G.

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It lead to complacency and entitlement.
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Karsten Jerald Wood

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Derek Wood's Channel

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YHWH Chose

Good information to sum up about Industrial Revolution

Jacoby Davis

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Haider Al-Ali

This video was great!! Ioved it

Mina Bakugo

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The ending is outdated, but otherwise a fun educational video. Like if you saw this because your school made you.


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a yeti with internet

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Jacoby Davis


Internet Furry

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I know I should be paying attention and all, but DANG! Those Computers are Ancient!

Mark Anthony

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Zelda Master

Am I the only one who was told to do this in class, then just not fully after a minute, start looking through the comments for the answers? No? Just me? Ok then..

Saxon Codex

What a load of simplistic baloney. Firstly the opening statement is wrong. One of the myriad of reasons the Industrial Revolution happened in Britain, was the fact that a large portion, of the people working the land, owned some or all of it. Yes there was a larger number who were Tenants but they had rights to work the land, they were not subject to unlawful eviction. Also the cloth industry was mainly a cottage industry, the people making the cloth, worked at home often making their 5 & 6 year old children do menial tasks. This was where the idea of Children working came from.

The whole video is shot through with misinformation and false statement.


Quick! What type of economy was the USA before the industrial Revolution?
What type of economy was the USA after the industrial Revolution?

Michael W. E. Cole


Jeff War

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Leyna Lynn

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Turning Points in History - Industrial Revolution
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The The

im watching this for an assignment lo

Hayley Felan

This is a good documentary, yet I have looked through these comments and founds some negative reviews.I am working on a project for school and I would like as much accurate information as I could get. If it is not any trouble to you, could you please state your opinion on the factual state of this video. And if you could please state profound facts to support your idea that would be lovely. I want to blow my teacher away with this project as I do most of them, but I have ran at an idea block here. Thank you for your feedback, if you post any, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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The British outlawed slavery because of the Industrial Revolution thanks to which machines replaced the need for as many slaves, decreasing demand, dwindling the profits of slavery when Africans sold Africans to Europeans. Yet many British claim they abolished slavery because they were "loving imperialists"! ¡Ja ja ja! ¡Me hacen reír!

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The Longest Ride TV SPOT - My Life Took a Turn (2015) - Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood Movie HD

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ITS DYLAN O'BRIENS GIRLFRIEND AHH ahh no. I'm his girlfriend

NicoleMarie Calvelo

0:13 that face tho

Sunday Funday, Brunch Spots, Sushi Night, Dallas Road Trip + Houston Turn Up | Houston Travel Vlog

Sunday Funday, Brunch Spots, Sushi Night, Dallas Road Trip + Houston Turn Up | Houston Travel Vlog16 Sep. 2019
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Hey Girls....I'm BACK!!!

Hey Girls....I'm BACK!!! I know it's been awhile, but I'm kicking off the fall season with my latest lifestyle vlog. I recently visited my girls in Houston, Texas and went to some amazing places. I absolutely loved it. First up we start off at Dish Society restaurant for some much needed girl time. Then we head over to Dallas for a quick road trip and stumble upon the best sushi EVER. Next, we head back to Houston for a little Sunday Brunch + More.

This is a separate vlog outside of my regular Felicia Shares It All California Series.

Places Seen.

1. Dish Society (UpTown)

2. Ra Sushi

3.Taste Bar

4. 77 Degrees RoofTop Bar

Equipment + Software


Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ii

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Box Lights

#FeliciaSharesItAll #SundayFunday #SundayBrunch #blacklifestylevlogger #houstonbrunch #HoustonTurnUP #DishSocietyHouston #Lifestylevlog

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K Jay

Living your best life, I love it

Anthony Hadley Jr


Amma Appiah

You look amazing and refreshed.
Cute outfits!

Felicia Mesadieu

What restaurant should I visit next in Houston? And who has the best day parties?

Bianca Francois

The Address!!!!

Myrna J

Notification Squad!!!??‍♀️❤ Yesss love a Vlog!!✔✔


I just love seeing black women living their BEST LIFE!!?????? And your hair is gorgeous btw!!

Lauryn Chandler

“Make sure you don’t edit out the angles” ??

Happiness Smiles4

I am moving to Houston next year???? I am so glad that you are enjoying your self, looking beautiful as always ❤️❤️?

Marcy W.

Felicia you looked amazing this whole vlog love! ?❤??????


Cute friends and you're looking beaut as ever

derilia b

Girl you were in my city #houston. I've been to taste bar and dish Society.