How to know if you are in the friend zone

10 Signs That You Are In The Friend Zone

10 Signs That You Are In The Friend Zone22 Mar. 2016
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Being in love is a

Being in love is a beautiful thing. With the spring and summer months on the horizon love is in the air and the idea of spending time with your significant other sounds delightful - especially if your significant other is your best friend.

The lines between friendship and relationship are often blurred, confusing and if not done properly can only create a less than ideal situation. Friends turned lovers isn't as easy as it sounds. Sure you may have great conversation, sure you may both have a great solid core of friends and similar values but is there really anything more than a simple friendship? The answer is most often that not, 'no'. You may have this grand idea on why life would be perfect with her and have already started laying the foundation for your 'hopeful' future together with her, however, she may see her future in another light and unfortunately that does not include you.

In today's video we've laid out 10 Signs That She Friendzoned You For Life in order to assist with reading between the lines in attempts to avoid making the same mistakes.


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Comments (100)
Bam Dawg

if a guy is asking a girl to hang an do stuff they wamt more! i have girls i consider friends or i like as people but i dont try to contact them or hang out


6 PPL MY LIFE IS HARDDD im turning 16 tomrrow and wow so meany ppl are at my house like 9

Smol Bunny

Rip boys who get rejected

Steller beats :Mlp and more!

Ok now I know how to not friend zone my crush.
how do I know if he is into me. Life's hard.


This Video Told the truth but forgot something. When she splits the bill she is not into you.
When you don't split it she is into you. Because she is a gold digger.

Ryan Matlaga

I don't know. I like this girl and we play a game every day in gym with others and we have A LOT in common. We knew each other for a long time but never really talked until about a month ago. I just don't know. help

Dania Rahal

I call my guy friend

Meme friend

friend zoned for LiFe

Smallie :3

I'm guilty geez......I'm just 11......

Maia Richarda neon

great video keep it uo

Ilyass Saadi

its not completly true, sometimes asking for dating advice is for the opposite perpus, asking for "help" or "info" scientificly is a sign that the other part wants to get your trust or your interest so... eventually it's all a gamball , u may win and u may looz

Madelief Spanhaak

this is the dumbest video I've ever seen. lol

The "K"

how about the benefit of friend zone

Eirik Schau Mikkelsen

i have frend zoned 9 Girls geez Why me itz so stupid Why do they like me Why me Why they think im cute Why i need help plz help me:-(

Random Guy In the Youtube section

I really dont understand girls.-,- I mean if you knkw that your friend had feelings to you and you only see him as a friend just tell him already. For fucksake man your just torturing him even more by not telling him and giving these stupid signss..Anyway im in friendzone thats why im mad.

therealkiabia 3

I always been friend zone with the guy that are my good friends but I get so nervous


What if maybe she is showing all these signs because i am kind of showing all these signs too??

Jack Hoff

prince, I see where you been.

Amber Masters

? Hate it when these are true?


today is my birthday I know no one cares


what if ive know a girl for a week, she invited me to a summer fair. But yesterday she called me a 'friend' on inatagram live stream with her friends... Now im not COMPLETELY into her, i just wanna see where ill go.

Angeline Catapang

when the 11th and Amy appeared i fell out of the couch

Carlison Hopper

I don't likemt boyfriend buying me things because it makes me feel all weird but doesn't mean he's in the friend zone don't believe most of these its just a video just cuz u do things differently dosent me your in the friend zone people its OK your fine most of u are at least ???

Kristie Banks

is it bad that I'm 11 and watching this?


Why do they have to be female?

SLR -Street Legal Revenue

I don't understand friend zones, just unfriend me lol. I can see a fuck buddy, but if i can't hit it, I'm not trying to be around her at all

sera ٰ

I brother zoned him


haha I frend zone 4 guys lol

Tem games 01

Now I understand at least 1% of the woman xD

AVideoStarWorld Willemijn

Video : She goes Dutch

Oh no, I will be single for ever! Every body will think that they are in the friend zone, because I am Dutch!

Annie M

when ur a teen despite what people say there isn't a friend zone she will often think of you as much of you think of her even if she doesn't realise it and she wouldn't stay your friend if she didn't find you utterly charming. the same with boys if you flirt with someone in one of your classes and you aren't sure if they like you or not if you hang about outside school or out of class and at lunch or break then 90% of the time yes he will like you and if not then he might not be confident or might be afraid he will get judged if you are pretty but not popular. trust me from personal circumstances I know what I am on about

grubbie chirp


Lilly Rey


Cristina Everson

I just broke up with my boyfriend and people started confessing they like me. there are about 5 and one of them is my ex boyfriends friend. I was surprised because my best guy friend confessed to. He also just got out of a relationship. I can see myself getting feelings for him which means I have been pushing these other guys into the friend zone while flirting with a different guy right in front of them.

Kilju Pullo

I friendzone women. Daym. (no homo) :D

Nadi Claire

I have friend zoned a guy...
I'm sorry but I just don't like him at all, we're not really much or friends just talk once and a while. But I really like my other friend.

Lexi Winter

Ive just told my crush my crushes except for him. He's a great person and friend but do you thinks that's a sign of a future with himself.

Justyn P.

I've literally done all of these

Junior Vafai

These videos about what women or men will do just sound like sexist generalizations

Jahziel Joynes

I feel really bad because a boy likes me and I'm not interested at all. He's just a friend

Erica Ttr

I hugged my friend and I have known him since I was one kindergarten and everyone screamed ;-;


I need advice on a girl I like


Thank god for denying chivalrous gestures best hint in the world.


Just figured out that I got friendzoned
/ \
| ● ● |
| ''' "" |
l ____ |


Guilty. Very guilty of friend-zoning. He was always very nice and was a great friend to me. Though I knew he was a great guy who would make a nice boyfriend, I have no control over what my heart wanted and always wished he would find someone more worthy of his affections. We ended up drifting apart.


what if she sends you a message saying
and then
cuz my friends are telling me "heyyy" is good
and "heyy"
I'm friendzoned for life

Slovakia05 and me



Her playing match maker is the absolute worse.

Billy Mee

Friend zoning doesn't exist. The only way you get friend zoned is if the other person doesn't find you physically and emotionally attractive. If there's any sort of attraction between the two then there's always a chance. I remember one of my friends thought he got friend zoned by his crush but in reality she had a boyfriend at the time and had him as a backup plan. Sure enough everyone gave him a hard time saying he was "friend zoned" but eventually the girl broke up with her boyfriend and now my friend and his crush have been together for two years.

Dawon Hall

Wow this spoke volumes for me! Really had this big crush on this woman, thought she was perfect for me and all. Had the same interests but she didn't see me that kind of way. Saw other men dogging her out and gave her advice about it and everything but she still went after those type of men. At the end, I moved on to someone else


I have friend zoned someone before. I felt really bad about it, but I did not feel that way about him and he did not get any of the not-so-subtle hints that I was not interested in him. it was a really bad situation for both parties because I did not want to break his heart or anything. I ended up rejecting him flat out rather than dragging it out which I think is a lot crueler.

Tajia Duty

I most confess that I am friend zoning someone right now. He doesn't seem to be understanding the hints that I dont like him though.

Anahi Medina

I freind zone sobody


No, I just pay my way cause we all work hard for our money.

Buick Bo

I have no friends to be zone :'( :'( :-(

Ian Mercer

I friend zone people I like sometimes

Marcus Hiller

I'm both

Thanasis Papageorgiou

3:48-3:59 completely bullshit just don't talk to her ever again

cherry cheetah unicorn

PA-LEEEZ-AH? when i reject ppl i keep it real and tell em "listen... CAN U HEAR THE WORDS COMEIN OUT MA MOUTH.....yeah ok....F?CK OFF!!" based on the way i have previously told ppl im ?NOT? interested you would hope to be friend zoned by me to spare the humiliation im a bold lil tang

Hey Look Its That Guy Nobody Knows Mr Unknown

Apparently the only thing between me and her is a restraining order


Would my best friend I like be into me because she asked me "What if I asked you out on a date when we are older?" A couple weeks ago.

Destiny Smith

a moment of silence for my brothers and sisters also in the friend zone

Second_Medic bf p4f

Fuck, im friendzoned. I'll get my Ass outta there

Dan Howell

or you know I might just like paying for myself because i hate when people spend money on me

Jenna Moss

I'd split the bill because I don't want anyone paying for me it doesn't mean I don't like someone infact when I do that it's mostly because I like the guy and want to let him know that he doesn't need to pay for me all of the time

laurentiu iliescu

At least give us a chance ffs!!!!!! how do you know we arent ur soulmate? or at least gud at sex...hey sex-friends are cool too pleasure in and out of the bed gg wp

Jerry Cardona

I like tacos.


Once I accidentally friend zoned my crush ???

Frisky Lolo

I've gotten friend zone :,>




I did not get friend zoned. It's more like accidentally I friend zoned my classmate. Her friend told me that my classmate has a crush on me... so I feel guilty after the vid.?

GamersLife GamersLife

I have a crush on this boy my twin brother says I do but I just say I don't but I wonder if he likes me

Divine E

Can't girls be friend zoned? This was always about men being friend zoned.

internet grl

I've been friend zoned xD

My friend (he's a boy) asked me out I said no xD cuz he ugly af ;)

Marco Aguilar

damn ive been in the friendzone for about 3 years now.???


I have this one friend who I thought had friend zoned me then he asked me out

Cynical Scorpio



I can't even get IN the friend zone


i have no friends B)

Paige Gibbeny

I got friend zone

mia jay

I friend zoned a Boy in my class

Raymond Standley

I allways get freindzoned every single fucking time I try!

jack g

sick and tired of only being a nice guy and only a friends. no thanks, not any more.

Red Eyes Studios

wemon lie

choya komoyo

Don't stereotype Dutch people.

Mia Beck

I've been friendzoned ;,(

Margaret Althaus

good thing I'm Gay


the girl I liked told me "love you bro gn" ???


FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???

That one friend who is in love with yaoi

I am in the friend zone


They left out a major one.....

#11 She\he doesn't show-off for you. Whether it be her breasts or her butt or something else entirely, she\he will try to impress you by showing off for you and only you.

Hunter Theater 101

I've been friend zoned

emma smith

Yea I friend zoned a lad in my class because I don't like him and I found out through a mutual friend and our whole class knows!! The embarrassment
The started talking about it in class while talking to the teacher and she just played an around with them. Is that not something a teacher shouldn't do??


I don't have female friends. It's a girlfriend or nothing.

Ciel de Jong

I would not split the bill. Even when I don't like him/her. Free Food duh ?


all my crushes have friendzoned me :(

Kawaii Kpop Jessica Watts

The glee thing with Sugar handing the money to Will, made me happy

Ellen Wall

me and ma crush kinda friendzoned eachother xD

Slender Work50

Me right now after watching this. ME:.......?. ?

elefeH tneK

The dislikes are from guys who recognized the signs in their lives.


Hey, guys! Here's a tip: If you're hanging out with a girl, and she utters the word "friend" in relation to you, simply glance at your phone and go: "I gotta go"; leave and never speak to her again – friendships are a waste of time.

How To Know You've Climbed Out Of The Friend Zone

How To Know You've Climbed Out Of The Friend Zone24 Mar. 2014
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Comments (8)
Manasa Reddy

i wonder who sheila is ;)

Lindsey Hebert

I had a shout out back when saying Hi Lindsey Hebert from New Iberia Louisiana

mark poop

if the girl i like who casually knows me asks me for my phone number and if i want to hang out does that mean she likes me more than as just a friend or as just a friend?


Connect With Me On Facebook -

Julie Mendez

Can you please help me! There is this guy and he's my friend we talk about everything in class, and when we talk he stares at me in the eye and he stares at me in one of my class, he made made me a cute gift and he let's me wear his sweater and hat, he compliments me most of the time bit he always uses " oh you look nice," or "that looks nice on you but everything he does I see it as a friend thing, I don't get t why he always flirts in front of me with this other girl...I don't know if he likes me or is he just being a nice friend? Oh and why hasn't he asked me out, I mean there was this time were I joked around saying " Oh he likes me" to one of his friends and they said "yup" but I don't know if they were serious about it. Please help.

Roblox networks helper

You should be a book writer.About datings tips you know it all

Angie Doss

I love you!! Thankyou sooo much!! :))

Charity Griego

My guy friend & I give each other deep compliments & inspirational cheering & we are not romantic.

Signs You're In The Friendzone

Signs You're In The Friendzone23 Nov. 2015
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Dashawn FuegoSubscribe 438 721

Whatever you do get out of

Whatever you do get out of the friendzone ASAP im only tellin yall once......Enjoy ;)

Follow me on all my social media! :)




Vine: Dashawn Fuego

Snapchat: Shecallmefuego2

* Instrumental *

Comments (100)
Qwyatt Storm

We fall down, but we get up..

Latoya Nance

facial hair don't look bad at all

Captain Random

good advice bro

Simone Pardee

Friendzoned twice! And they both got into a relationship with their friend the next day.


Sometimes the friend zone is the best zone....don't chase after nobody who doesn't want you....


Funny.... I like the we fall down part... Never knew that hug tap was so offensive

Will Shearer

So she sayin “bye fam” I’m screwed huh. Shit

tina wong

???❤️?love your personality and many thanks for this advice and sharing! Big hugs and lots love ??????❄️?

Gabby Pichardo

I use to be in a friend zone he had a nickname for me than he started calling me home and bro I'm like wtf but oh well we aint friends no more stuff happened so yeah?


tell me y the hell dis nigga look like marshawn lynch lol

Uba Obasi

What if they call you big homie?

Kiko Tasia

can't wait to watch your friendzone documentary ?it will be fun.. ??

Diamond Agar

The only thing that I related to is my crush takes a whole hour to reply or a day ?? but when I flirt with her she replies with "awe your so sweet" or "haha thank you" im so confused someone help

Xi IncOnitO

FriendZone hurt man

Stave Grimise

Lmao this is a great video! Doing this with humor is the best way. Still...friend zone suuuuuuuucks...


lol hella funny

Keke Mayfield

Lol, I love how you put extra videos in your videos.

Rose McGinnis

what is the guitar song in the middle? so funny

nope nope

Ain't no friends BITCH.

Herr Francois

Are these signs always true? No exceptions?

Faith Jeffcoat

im always start up. if i like someone i tell them. most people dont care tho

Bri Cadet

I like him so much

Charmekia White


Jimmy Martinez

watching these friend zone video actually helps me prepare for the worst case scenario and gives me peace somehow

Ur a cootie ;0

I hope my crush dont think i dont like him cause i say bruh and bro to literally everyone fuck

Shawn Johnson

i got out of the friend zone ....i had to increase seduction and do not friend behaviors.

I yearn for true gender equality

Pats me in the shoulder, Calls me either by my Nickname or Dude told her How I felt and she feels the same way ;)

718 G

I like how he said that u have to be interested in the person in order to get friendzoned by them. Toooo many ferocious lookin ppl claiming they friendzoned other ppl that dnt even want them.


shizzzz im friend zoned

Arthur Carter

What's the instrumental

panther lily

I like when he put a shirt on for the girl????


I'm friendzoned. It always takes him like 3 days after I text??


Bruh why u look like school boy q

Jiancarlo Landon

Holy fuck I never been in the friend zone LLL

Стеша Kokkineli

you are sooooooo cute !!!!!!
i love you !!!!!

joycelyn palmtree

You know if your in the friend zone when I tell them "your in the friends zone and u stayin in the friends zone" lol.


I realize the friendzone timeline disappears after 30... when the women been ran thru by dozen guys, 2 kids later and her face be needing bo-tox extra strength then she looking for "oh hey whats up, hows life" ...after u have your life together and bussiness straight

Teasley Marie

I actually call everyone bruh and dude xD even my mama


Why are we still here?
Just to suffer?

Nando flores

So I been hanging out with this girl for 4 months I already asked her out she said no but we still hang out all the time when she knows I like her a lot, whenever she sees me with other girls she acts weird and says stuff like if your gonna date me you have to deal with my Sarcasm etc...we talked on the phone all the time until she mention hanging out with one of her friends late at night I was heart broken and stopped talking to her. I am dying to talk to her what should I do?

Rose Arnault


Jasmyn Gardner

he reminds me of schoolboy q for some reason

Ryan Gulbrandsen

I just got friend zoned by a woman for a few months now who's already married to another man who I kind of known before from a few years ago who I thought I would never see again but eventually came back to me. She's a staff who works in a non-profit organization program that works with disadvantaged and disabled people like me and she's pretty though but just getting into the situation right now that I kind of keeps me thinking of her and gets stuck on my mind and of course is keeping me around her when she's there. And of course she sometimes talks about her married husband she already dated and married and other things what she considers "cute". And I don't think she completely takes me seriously. I just need to find a way to avoid her and keep my mind off of her and focus on other things and not be around her so much and being such a creep. Cause I am single and I have been single all my life now. I don't know If I will ever get a real girlfriend. I mean my life sucks right now. I just don't know what to do right now. I just want to move on with life and just forget about her. God help me!!! ?


Lol "deadddd give away." I actually like the is comfortable for me to be myself

Rck.l ess

What song is used in the background???
It's sooooo good!!!


ur intro is bomb..

Nailz ByKay

he calls me shorty, or he said if nothing ever become of this he wants to remain friends

Maria Paz

Don't stop believing, you can leave the friendzone, I did ??


I hate that dam zone especially when she leads u on then says I love u but not in that way smh

Marcelo Soprano

Bruh 2:16 to 2:24 had me dying ????


whats the instrumental? you tha real mvp

Syncere __

That intro never gets old ?



Bertha Myrthil

you need to do a video about 10 sign your friend is fake #compliment


Man u fuckin awesome lol

Tony P

You look like like Schoolboy Q ?

Kimberley Mitchell

"I will remember youuu.."?
Nailed it.
Took me too long to find this one tho(':

Aaliyah Forney

He so funny

Sean Scott

Friendzoned all my life and proud

Chase Chu


Gabby Pichardo

I use to be in a friend zone he had a nickname for me than he started calling me home and bro I'm like wtf but oh well we aint friends no more stuff happened so yeah?

Pluto Kidd

Mannn fck around stepped out of the friendzone and caught an Uber. That mf took me right back to the friendzone. ??‍♂️???

Jacob Chery

the term friendzoned should be used when a legit married couple decides to get a divorce or separate but choose to keep in contact with each other. I think it should replace the term (ex).

Chrystal louise

yup now i know i'm in the friendzone

Christine Mikolajczyk

I don't mind the friend zone it's when I'm in the friend zone then the guy toys with me cause he knows I like him that pisses me off...x

Aaliyah Forney

This guy is funny and tell the true at sametime which i like.


Omg I love this video! I died laughing ?

neighbors :0

I love your intro , lol it's so catchy

Adrian De León

The first one is the only sign for me so I think I’m safe and number 4 I think sheeeeeeeet

Patrick Wood

heck yeah

Ke Lewis

Too funny

Clueless Angel

Fuuck, you always make my day. How come you not a celeb yet?
Gained a new subscriber with me, too.

destroyer 911



I’m trying to figure out if one of my friends is in the friend zone with my crush...?? can’t tell

MichaelClifford's Girl

Damn, this guy is funny.

Starlet Jackson

He calls me Spongebob and I call him Patrick. Lmao okay if that's not BFF I don't know what is ? #friendzoned at least he's not being a fuckboy to me

Queen Vexana

I call my crush, dude, man and bruh
I tapped his back before
I told him about my celebrity crushes
lol I just friendzoned my crush.... R.I.P. T.T

The golden Apricot

Me:??(one of my best pics)
Him:oh cool

balis Flem

fuck this shit I'm out

Crystal Gonzalez

a nigga was friend zoning me so as soon as I catch feelings for someone else I stop getting friend zoned... FML

madelyn gabriel

You know your in the friend zone when they slug your arm or a pat you on the back. Especially if your a girl


omg can´t stop watching your videos!!! you're greeeeeeeat!!

Asma Ali Sharif

Whats the name of the acoustic song!!!! OMG YOUR INTRO IS BOOOMB AND YOU FUNNY

Ryan Gulbrandsen

nigga, you the best about givin' advice bout friend zone

Sergio victoria

What's funny I can only relate , 1 of the 5 signs , people say I'm not in the friendzone but I'm more than positive I am this girl is mixed signals , I'm just give up idc if I am or ain't

green eyes

I'm dying ???

Intelligently Dark

Need more pictures.


omg this video had me dead ?


is this guy stoned usher?

Officially Gymnast

Someone help me please... I can't tell if I am in the friend zone or not.he used to always look at me in class then quickly look away but recently I've realized that he has stopped doing that. He like almost all my post on social media though. We know each other as friends. He is my only friend that is a guy but he has a few other friends that are girls and one of them like him. He never answers my dms (direct messages) well at least now until like a week later. I don't know what to do any more someone please help me

Kevin Allertz

Lol omg

Zaranesha Mitchell

drakes in the friend zone???

Stephen Pile

Dashawn Fuego, you are one funny dude! I like your videos.

Dårÿūś ß

You the real MVP!

Matt Troughton

u gained another subscriber horrraaayyyy


All of these things... Shit.

Esther Saintil

you so funny

IX Raider

What about babe? Is that a friend zone sign?

Serenity Chardonnày Bonét



Cant get enough of this guy! Had to subscribe!