Girl abusing boyfriend

“Abusive Boyfriend Prank GONE WRONG” || TikTok Compilation

“Abusive Boyfriend Prank GONE WRONG” || TikTok Compilation16 Nov. 2020
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Tife Oluwa

Some people are saying it is fake that is what prank is about dumbo.....

Musa Haruna

I cant fucking take this

Andrew Williams

As funny as piles ?

Julio2legend S.

The prank is on us

nuha N a

That is so fake it is sad. At least act right :/


This fake shit is cringy

Sailor Vegan

Gritan re estúpido


2:44.. I’m unsure if that’s real or fake it’s it’s real I hope things get better soon and if it’s fake great makeup skills! :)

Grimm 血液生活

1:35 Sooooo we'll all just ignore it? XD


Oh God this is so funny ????

The king of all Demons

0:58 that’s a true dad he respects women’s

Sheryl Simmons

Too funny @ 2:44! ???

Mike Beast

Tik tok so cringe and unfunny

Me We

This ain't funny and half are so fake like if you can't really do it for real then don't do it

Earth’s Wonderman

The second and last one is cringe as fck


the prank is on us

Focused Lens Films

Domestic violence is not something to make jokes about. This shit is not cool.

hazeleyes brandi yingling

I’m like the dad I don’t play that shit.

Cat Man

Most these look fake

Nthopene Ramahuma

Imagine doing this prank and your girlfriend is mad at you for something and doesn't say it is a prank

gamernet234 j

Screen record I see

Robert Andersen

When parents are such online attention whores, they're starting to piss the children off.

Blake Gunn

This stupid, they fake.

Sans Unground

These boys are risking there life


0:50 I cant ????

tafari fuller

0:50 the dad oh my god ???????

Damian Harden

Why would this be a joke

Kryptonite the_realest_struggle

The last one was an actual way to get help without the kidnapper or abuser knowing

Lee R

But if a girl hits a dude tho

Spooky Ghost

0:55 his dad charges at him

This Woman Was Mistreating Her Boyfriend. You Won't Believe How These People Reacted

This Woman Was Mistreating Her Boyfriend. You Won't Believe How These People Reacted10 Aug. 2019
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Would you help a man being

Would you help a man being mistreated?

Last time I filmed a video with a man mistreating his girlfriend in public. I decided to conduct the very same social experiment but this time I wanted to see how people would react if they saw a woman verbally mistreat her boyfriend in public. The results were shocking!


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Big thanks to Megan Santos for starring in the video:

family friendly pg clean

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Comments (100)
Engracia Maiato Ngola

First it's the girl being depressed now it's the guy

harman kaler

This is incredibly rude to us boys, the girls think they are the only ones important but they're not each gender is equally important


The mother that came up she knows what’s up she has that kind of way of just making you feel alright like being a therapist/psychologist type of way I guess


The woman with the 12 year old daughter just makes me have a sense of safety, for these gender blind views of worldly problems


I'd not be with her...


Let's all appreciate how mom's are always gonna have our backs


For anyone that needs to hear it: Jesus is real and loving. He loves those who love Him and draws near to those who draw near to Him. Love y'all have an excellent day❤

Manojgaming 07

No Money = No Girlfriends


Men abused by women are called “wimps.” Happens a lot. The men get almost no support.

Women abused by men get lots of support. That is right and proper but should go the other way too.

Hated shootaz

Says the girl who has diabetes OHHhHh

Music Man96

The world only cares about women, sad????

Roronoa Zoro

From strangers prospective I look like a scary guy because of my height and build, I've had a few girlfriends and one of them did something like this to me in public, nobody did anything lol.

Alex Pineda

i feel your pain bro a few girls did that to me and i just walked away


It doesn't make the behavior ok, but any girlfriend who acts like this was most likely treated this way herself in past relationships or growing up


To girls who think women have it harder, here's the statistics.
Man abusing girl: 5/5 people stepped up, almost instantly after it started.
Girl abusing man: 3/4 people stepped up, taking their time before standing up to intervene.
Look at the numbers before you'd like to say something, sometimes it's very important. (Statistics for this video, not everywhere.)


This video deserves more views

Laser Ghost

Already so many things to dismantle 17 seconds in

EXport Gaming

When men is being bullied
The people: laughable

When a girl is arguing with boyfriend
The people: so you have chosen death

Ochako Uraraka

Dude the mic pack ?

MHA Cosplay

Hey i dont know if u Noticed but the girl who was abusing the man i think she was wearing a pump for diabeites

destinee vaughn

bro i was talked to in my last relationship and it almost made me take my life

Jannette Berends

It’s remarkable that the women reacted, the men had more problems with it.

Han Solo

I like his clothes more than hers...

Sanjay Mardi

You want ? money, Where's my shotgun?

Drew Macaya

1:32 “How bout no!”

Jonathan Smith

This is why I hate videos like this. Hope 2021 everyone is equal.

Nocturnal Gamer

0:23 You can give that percentage to the Governmental Overlords, the same things that like to highlight & market Females to be the only Domestic Abuse victims.

Joshua Sealey

If I had a friend or girlfriend who was like that. I would have to move on, and find someone else, and I'm single.

Mia Hudson

These are the kind of videos that help to make our world a better place. There’s so many Youtube videos that you could watch all day long. A lot of them are helping to spread positivity and kindness. From a raise of hands, how many if you guys can really tell me that you’ve gone and taken the lessons from these videos and done what they’ve said and I’m talking about any YouTube video? That’s probably a no, since we barely have time to do much of anything, that’s for sure. Well, Starting today I want all of us to go watch a video on YouTube and post a comment that’s really going to speak to others and last but not least I also want you to go and create your own video. Thanks for reading this. Subscribe to my channel, I’ll post something today. We matter, remember when given the choice between being kind and being right, always choose kind. ❤️??⚡️

Jose Rivera

Why dude recording for ?


from where did u find those 40+%? is it only for the us ?

Lunafairy Moongirl

Ik it was fake but I feel so bad, he looks so nice I hope he never has to deal w that.

Lily Fenton

So these are all set-ups to see how people would react??

Oof Idk

I believe in equality so if I see anybody being bullied or abused I’ll stand up no matter what the gender

Mazoku Noburesu14

My gud their are actually needed and wanted human beings out there we need more people like them. Seriously tho.

Royale Cameron

Dude just bc her boyfriend is not rich doesn't mean she has to treat him like that

Chelsea A

Women definitely help more than men. Women have more courage. I say that as a man. Women usually appear more self-confident and have better empathy. I help when someone needs help and also get involved directly.

That random22


Sebastian Clark

I've been bullied by girls and no one gave a shit. I've been bullied Into bullying another girl and everyone did

Royale Cameron

Man the girlfriend doesn't appreciate anything

Cirilo Tovar

Girl : what are you wearing
Me : wearing the same clothes, what's wrong with his clothes?


Xxtentacion: the world well be more better just wai

Joel McKaig

She is using him

Watchtower killer

We got gold diggers in this house

Leo Carter

Makes you wonder what your parent would have done...

Joe Mama

People never worry about men, always woman, we all should be cared for

Unban Pubg

The first dumb guy started his camera

SM. Raza

The first guy tho- he's like- ima make a video of her- AND TEACH HER A LESSON BY SOCIAL MEDIA

Skeptic knowledge

Wow I'm surprised, people are seeing the other side.


Matthew you are the nicest person I've ever watched on YouTube because when I was in 2 grade. People would bully me because I would wear school clothes every day.

Yoni Tricks

Girl: Where is my money I need my money where is the business you said you started your own business I need the business.
Me: girl all what you need is a doctor and go start you own fucking business.




Everyone when girls hurt guys: Too bad.
Everyone when boys hurt girls: HOLD UP-

Rebecca Gerszewski

Male or female everyone deserves respect and no one deserves to be treated like this.


I like the fact that when you slightly start to be anywhere rude or even look like you being rude to a girl ppl lose their shit

Squid Boi

This girl is a spoiled brat

Tosin Oparinde

Girl leave him alone also called the cops then you be arrested

Hunter Woolum

Also another thing to think about is when a girl is abusing a man and they don’t do anything that’s kinda of an insult

It’s basically saying to them that there weak with out telling them directly

Chandra 2003

2:44 Michelle Rodriguez steps in

Enoch nwogo

But honestly am the type of person that does not get involved in others business before I get involved with the wrong person, so I would have ignored this mf s

ALDC Blossom

Ok but it’s so creepy when people film them idc what’s the situation it’s creepy when people do that!!!

Hibu Yombo

They should ask the first guy why he was recording..... Smh

bantei dkhar

My girlfriend always bullied me I don't want to leave her i always buy her everything she want

rakim williams

3:34 she said my daughter's 12 years old I was shocked she looks like she's 18

I t's J a L

All jokes aside. They're acting is good


1:58 says the girl who is literally wearing shorts that are too high

Damon Aspeling

1:03 What a scumbag

S P the Strawberry Banana

When a female is being mistreated by their boyfriend:OmG dUmP hIm!!!!

When a male is being mistreated by their girlfriend:StOp BeInG a WiMp YoU pRoBaBlY dId SoMeThInG tO uPsEt HeR

Ethan Joseph

Men and Woman saying im being harassed
Children who get whoopins: Ok i see how it is just that because where young we don't matter


Wish What Would You Do would cover this topic. I only saw they did one where the male was abusive to the female. This is a subject that literally society does not care about. If men are at the shit end of something, its ok. Hell, when a ship sinks its “women and children” first. Not “children and women” or “men and children”. Men are expected to wait on a sinking ship, a burning house or stay in a hostage situation while women and children are the first to be asked to be set free. Does not sound equal to me.

But what do I know, I don’t own a pussy so I can literally fuck off as no one will care my opinion on the matter.

Yuri Alachev

thats why I dont have a girlfriend lol????????

maarten is drowning

the woman is mistreating the man not the other way around

edit: i read the title wrong, my bad

Frank Shuffitt

I loved that your supposed to give me money, took me back 50 years thanks for the good times guys


The first guy is exactly how society works: just laugh at men’s pain. But if the man was yelling back then the people would be concerned


I remember when I was 12 years old I tall probably like 5.4 but idk if I was that tall the heck.

Ainaya Begum

Is there anyone out there getting verbally abused and are just watching these to find there are people who actually care

Julianna Fairbanks

Okay I get that people get mad when they see a girl getting abused but when I see any one get abused mentally I step right in because my school mates and my ciosen would some time say mean things like that and no one helped but they did not care but I bring up my ciosen and fault and I won

Sweet Honey Roblox

the most I am sooooooo confused about is why she "ur supposed to be making the money Im supposed to be buying stuff"

Heydin coakley

He actually a good looking guy cause he skinny he looks like he has lots of money and then now the world is useless we need a better earth

Eilish's Abducted Dumbass

That is so not true, real women do not rely on their significant other for money... they help each other not use each other. And why tf are people not caring? There's literally Domestic Abuse happening right in front of them and they just ignore it. Literally only the matured women came up and confronted them. Not all men are bad and not all females are good. I'm a female and I am aware that this situation goes both ways


yall instead of trying to make the world stupid for only helping woman make it stupid for not helping men ok

Roblox Doge

Girl: hits guy, yells at him, bullies him, makes him depressed and have low self esteem and he defends himself after she hits him and goes to jail

The whole internet: Nah he just needs to man up and deal wit it. He can’t POSSIBLY be depressed or sad cause he’s a m a n!

Guy: y e l l



Now let's reverse the roles and he'll probably end up in jail

Ryk Son

Pink shirt guy is gay !

Sim C

You're supposed to be making the money and I'm supposed to be buying stuff lmao I know I shouldnt laugh but that was funny.

ɨΔɱτhεΘռʟʏᏫռɛ.Ꮚ. ᖇᏋᎩΣS

I Konw RighT Pink Guy!

Alexis Ortiz

The first guy made me laugh so hard ???

Levi Ackerman

I'm embarrassed to be a girl

Mark’s gaming

She a golddiger


I'm having flashbacks

I am Venom

Stop bullying!

Warren Foster

Society is a funny place the first guy just picked up his phone and started recording if it was the other way around he would have said something

Xavier Charles Bullock

I hate girls like this


I love the different angles you target on these problems. Definitely not mainstream and that’s good because you’re raising awareness about less mentioned forms of bullying. It just goes to show that anyone can be a bully. Some of these sound rare but it can be your grandma, uncle, boss, classmate, stranger, girlfriend, boyfriend, coach, etc. Bullying comes in a variety of forms and we definitely need to be aware of all them.


The men never get stood up for we need to teach people that we are all people no matter what you need to stand up for them.

Ankur Akhil skin care

I actually feel relieved by seeing this video that there is humanity left now

Chris Mark


T'e TOPiiT

This is why i believe in gender equality

Pastel Kara

This breaks my heart


You know this is staged, right? Those interviews are from people they fucking hired to pretend something happened. Youre trying to learn something from something that never happened.


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Comments (100)
Talib Alvi

Reverse the roles of this couple and it won't be funny anymore.

Green Beats

Me realising my name is also Vaibhav: (-_-メ)

vaibhav kamble

I am sorry babu

Veer singh

Why axe ticket


Everyone writing in tye comment that the girl sounds so frustrated and crazy and sympathizing for her..
Just swap the genders and watch the game then.. i found whatever girl and boy both did... utter ridiculous..

Abhishek Tripathi

Why axe ad

Shinchan hindi gaming studio

I love this comment section.....
Especially the replies?

Ayushman Biswari

aisi tez ladki mujhe bhi chahiye


Shiv sena waala part bhi daal dena tha ?

Red Head

We want episode 2

Pramod Mundepi

Agar gender ko interchange kar diya jaye to ye jo abhi tk fun lgra h wo kuch aur hi bn jayega

Adittya Gakhar

2:05 look at the superchat ,??



Gaurav Sharma 182

Already watched it many times and still watching ?

Ria Agarwal

the voice sounded like they are just 15 or so not more then that...
bc itni gaaliya maine apne lyf mai nahi di and i m 18 !!!
btw i started giving gali when i was 16 or 17 !!

desi gamer

Mere chungul se mere mere chungul se han mere chungul se mere mere chungul se

Sparta Vlogs

Oye mujhe vaibhav jaisa fuckboi banna hai. Koi tuition dedo kaise bana jaata hai

VAIBHAV saxena

Stop telling lies I'm loyal.?

Suresh Suryavanshi

Meli ti kadich ani vaibhav gavi gela farar

Binod Tharu

I think I know them lol

Aisa koi comment dikha nahi mujhe

crazzy #soham

last line was just.............cannot explain.........


kin kin ko axe ticket ka add aata hai? tanmay ki vid pe

getting over it season starts


Satyam Shukla

I am thinking that the people whom their conversation was this are watching this

Aashish kumar

Ldka jaake apni nasbandhi kra le?

Aryan Jha

if only Zakir was known earlier, Vaibhav would know how to answer

Isha Joshi

Mere Chungul!!!!!!???
Got me dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

naval_ kumar

This woman have a long way to go?

Kartik Agarwal

Life me esi ladki mil jaye to life set ?

Ritesh Kumar

07:36 Mere changul se?

sushara manoj

Where are they both now


Man this is too abusive .

Chaitanya Kolte


Vaibhav Jaiswal

She used to abuse me alot????

Omkar Dhoke

Imagine if this girl and 'Sadma Aashiq' dated and then had a fight!!!!
Best fight of all time!!!


I didn't new something like this existed

Mark DeMelo Music

2:30 Hindustani bhau female edition



Red HongKong


Shreya Rai

this video is amazing one of my favourite videos

munna tripathi

bhai log koi bp dikhane ka matlab btaona

Abdul Rana

Where is part 2 tanmay?

shubbh masown

Bhai itna stud hona hai zindagi mein bas

Aman Pandey

It's a Robin doge video with characters one

Utkarsh chatterjee

He should've watched Robin doge

gaurav yadav

Tanmay bhai yt chhod ke axe supply Krna start kr diya kya


This game s why I don't trust girls???

Prithvii Raj Yadav

Land goals :- Vaibhav

Ved Samant

Full unedited reaction video link ??

Amul karanje

Op bhai???

Sagar Arora

Shiv sena wala part cut krdiya

Simba My Beagle

Tanmay .. Ppl like you are encashing by fooling n spoiling this young generation.. I have hardly seen any video where you not using slangs n explicit words ..Do you really think that you can watch this content with your family members .. n if so thn hats off to u man


Anyone watching this video in 2021 also ?


I'm sure ye Kota Factory wala Vaibhav hai.

Mark DeMelo Music

This is the female voiceover artist of Bhuvan bams video's (banchos ex)

Exciting Mod 4

deadman hi

IronMan 2.0

If a boy would have talked to his girl in this way, Feminists ki toh gaandein jal jati, ekdm langoor ke gand jaisi kaali ho jati... Aur police complaint hota wo alag...

Johny George

Wait a second the girl sounds like my teacher


sound abusive but yet it still funny lol baap re matlab itna gussa kaha se laate ho

Atharv Kasbekar

your content ke dum par you made me crazy


But i must say... The girl was right in every perspective...???


All vaibhavs love this video so much ❤️

Abhishek Ajgaonkar

Waiting for next episode

Rajeev Kumar

X ticket perfume ad opp????

Shashi Gopal

Logics Vs loyalty.

Ankur •69 years ago

Kota factory deleted scene

Saad Samra

Bhai headphone warning tho dedate?

Manan Gupta

Where is Episode 2 ???????????

Shashi Gopal

Beassati karte hoe gallliiiii

Dhawal Bhatt

When I listen Vaibhav then this episode name change: Abusive Conversation between my Brother and His Girlfriend

lil pac. 999

Bhai head fone conect nai hue the tune start mai jo voice chalaya bhai mai gharvalo ke samne tha ?????wtf

Shashi Gopal

Hogya FIR



aks hay

this content makes AIB

Rohit Haldwania

Vaibhav is my best friend ?

Khushi Mehta

Epic ???

Vaibhav GAMER

Main nhi he vo vaibhav ???

Mohd Shayan Khan

Tanmay.. have some cough syrup.. we don't wanna watch u die on live stream??

shadab Qureshi

.....real Mumbai girl❣️

Pratham Jain

Thakur village is near me

Sanchit Mehta

Chal baapppp ko matt Sikhaa

Megharaj khuntia

Sound Review ???

Manohar Yeluri

It was fun watching Tanmay reactions but, it made me really feel sad, sorry for that real. The fuckboy is totally playing with her


Like, share and subscribe?

Sudeep Jaiswal

Axe ticket stay ready


Vaibhav needs to move to another country, change his hair color, change his name, grow a beard, live off the grid in a bunker. ☠️

Kapil Mahamunee


Abbas sayed

Now 1st time in my life I feel happy to be single ???

Vaibhav Agarwal

Ok she was rude to me :(

Legendary videos Under 1 min

Fun fact: this couple is the same couple from emotional atyachar(resha and Vishal)

doomy bonko

pyaar mohabbat dhokha hai. Padhle beta.. mauka hai

chinmay vyas

She sounds like Kiara Advani ??


This video is too 18+

Rajesh Daviyal

Do this more yaar. Why stopped after first episode. Best of youtube videos will be great fun.

Mr status

Jethalaal is great???

abdul raqeeb



Girl Sound like Aliya bhatt ?


Chutye ???pehle andha pyaar bolke sote he aur fir DEPRESUN dikhate he???kamal ho bhai tum log kamal... Tumko milte hi ladko ko letana he aur phir character kharab nikle to aur ladko ka character kharab karna he ??? bato se samjh raha hi he kon kitna harami he

Mark DeMelo Music

Hindustani bhau deleted video

Mark DeMelo Music

5:57 dislikes are from 'Vaibhav'