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First Lady Melania Trump Casts In-Person Vote In Florida On Election Day | NBC News NOW

First Lady Melania Trump Casts In-Person Vote In Florida On Election Day | NBC News NOW3 Nov. 2020
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Video shows First Lady

Video shows First Lady Melania Trump stopping to speak to reporters after voting in West Palm Beach, Fla., where she says she "wanted to vote on the Election Day."

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First Lady Melania Trump Casts In-Person Vote In Florida On Election Day | NBC News NOW

Comments (100)

I wonder how much fuel was wasted for one lousy trip for her to vote on her own?

Nada Ez

I like her always elegant and beautiful ?


Did they really just ask her why she is voting on Election Day? Are they stupid?

Barbara P.

I know everyone wrote this but, VOTED FOR BIDEN/HARRIS!

Pig Punishers

Trump 2020!

Cam W

She might be the first, first lady in history to not vote for her president husband

Thorny Turtle Ranch

Word on the street: she voted for Kanye West.



Muhammad Smith

Let's be real. She voted for Kanye

Cn Lifetime

it's what it's but winer ??? Joe Biden ✊✊✊✊❤❤❤❤ congratulations

James Thong

Melania Trump is hot.

Nice and juicy bob

Last election she voted with trump. Guess she’s ridin’ with Biden. (That kinda sounded wrong tho)

Harvey Smith

Melania is nothing but a gold digger, she's also dumber than rocks!! Just saying

EarthChild Love

Wear a mask!

Comedy o'connor

It’s sad to think women are voting for Trump while he kills the earth.

Anthony Smith

An illegal casting a ballot! Only in America ??

Joy Wawrzyniak

Worst First Lady ever.....She never wanted the job and has done zip! Her only interest is how she looks and what outfit she will wear each day. So shallow.

Anthony Smith

They make her wear sunglasses so you can't see her blinking SOS ?

Gin Gy

Block chain dress

Peter Kronester

I asked her after her vote. Very nice woman, by the way. She voted for Biden, she said. Because she thinks her husband's too fat. And too wrinkled. Too old anyway. And because she thinks he's a wacko. She would hate it if he was always ranting and raving and discriminating against other people. But she thinks Biden is really great. Oh yes, she bought herself a blue cap now. She kicked the red one into the trash.


She waited till election day so she could do it alone and not have trump next to her while she voted for biden. It's obvious. She's with him for the money, not the company, even she feels for the country.

the watcher

melania trump accent is like russian. maybe she is a spy for putin.


Она красотка ????

Cam W

I'll bet she voted for Biden lol, she doesn't want to be first lady another 4 years

Rufdup Azallfuk

Wonder what the pattern on her dress is? Could be referencing the block chain watermark on the real election ballots.

Nunya Bizness

Donald and Melania are best friends, together for 8 years before getting married and 3 years later having Barron. You people and your hatred really knows no bounds.

Antonio Gutierrez

Their are lots of Good in America Just wanted to Thank you Melania Trump for being Their for your Husband not all people appriciate his scence of humor. Lots of people rather keep get lied to instead of hearing the truth. keep up the good work, Pray be humble and The Democrat Turned Republican is out.

Nohioih Mang

We all know she didn’t vote with trump cause she was voting Biden

Hendry Hartanto


Brax fan

I didn't think she'd be able to vote. I think she's lovely. Lovely first lady ??

Why Oh why

Can’t wait for this freak show to end! Where do these people come from and how do they latch on to each other? Is there NO class left? The Trump family is more CRASS than CLASS! You had Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama, all educated and pure class???. Than, you follow it up by someone who’s slept with money and to get a US visa as a first “Lady” ( and I used that term loosely)? No matter how you look at it, sleeping with someone for money is the Oldest known profession and there’s no sugar-coating that profession- regardless of your current address ?

Kara Juhl

Just had covid, but who needs a mask? Lol

Roven Wijewardana

jamjam kate


В Nigerian

Awesome hard working people.
For people who like to leave comment!!!
If you have nothing to say Good about???
Don’t say anything!!!

Zineta Jahic

I love her dress,she knew what to wear for the Election Day!

Rose 496

No mask?? Ooo god


Melania for president 2024

Billie Martinez

She is the best lady and woman and First Lady ??


She talked?! ?????

Michelle Roberts

What is the design on her dress??? Is that Block chain???

Aaron Chen

legend has it that Melania could file divorce as soon as January 20th


Please go out and vote for Trump! He needs your vote more than he ever did before. It really is one of the most important elections there ever were. Your voice does matter! Trust me, you don‘t want socialism over here! #Trump2020

Aline Abou rahal

The very elegant first lady after Jacqueline Kennedy I love her

Sixten Arnrup MO10

Ai hate Melanie trump

antje tautkus

Love your sunglasses!thnks Melania from AOTEAROALAND ??????

Imene Benkrid

Mélania ❤❤❤❤

Ivana Kahaulelio Willis

That wasn't her!!!!!!! She never looks down...unless it's at immigrant children.

Andy Ngo-Ton

she voted for biden hahahahahhahaha

Marcus Sugg

┏━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓ ┗━┓┃┃┏┓┃┗━┓┃┃┏┓┃ ┏━┛┃┃┃┃┃┏━┛┃┃┃┃┃ ❤️???? ?????︎??❤️?? ┃┗━┓┃┗┛┃┃┗━┓┃┗┛┃ ┗━━┛┗━━┛┗━━┛┗━━

Dam Olkuk

In 2016 people voted for Trump because of Melania now they vote against Donald. ...


She voted for Biden ?


She voted for Biden lmaooo


Free Melania

Last Days

Melania looking like a Runway Model. Mrs. Fashionista where is your Masks??‍♀️ Hmmmm I am wondering if she Voted for Biden.

Alex Gonzales

Just like a lazy republican to vote at the last minute. Very patriotic

Lorraine Davis

She voted for biden

Emely Garcia

LADY where is your mask, did you forget you already HAD covid?

Cristal Estrada

Thanks to her Biden became president- elect LMAO that’s why she went by herself ? she was done being the First Lady ?

Suzy Q

Notice and remember the blockchain pattern on her dress....

Coco Accom

What a nasty lot of haters you are she looks gorgeous and happy and he's stood by her husbands side since day one. Class Act!


She voted for Biden


I wonder when the last time she saw her hubby's privates???


Guarantee that Melania secretely voted for Biden.

Queen Lucero

God bless the USA

Graveyard Addict

Always lovely and together. Sad that so many women are jealous of her. The hate really shows when Fallon makes fun of her, and Kimmel is just the same. I can't see why people have cold black hearts.

Anthony Ivon_

Plot twist she voting Joe Biden


She 100% voted for Biden


she looked so fresh that day, like without pressure.

Last Days

I dedicate this Song and Video towards the So Fine Melania Trump??‍♀️?



Ju Dit

I love Melania’s dress ??? she is a beautiful woman inside and outside

ray quihuiz

She voted for Joe .


Sad we have a Russian as our First Lady.

Matej Mikloš - Vegan For Life


Antonio Gutierrez

I hope That you and your Husband win I wish you Health and best wishes for your Family LOVED your speach sent info on posible votes cancelled they used sharpie markers in Arizona and in California some of my wife Friend she said when she checked her ballot she noticed it was cancelled. My sons friend said she went to vote and she was told that she had already voted. I tried to send this to D. Trump but don't think it went thru. I had been Democrat all my life but I can NOT vote for someone who is Pro-Choice Pray be patient and be humbled by this experience keep up the good work.

Kim Kirksey

If Mar a lago is not a legal residency then the Trump's voted illegally....hummmmm

Bami Meku

That ain't no Melina Trump. lol

Gameing Soykot

What a hot cake trump choice

Edgar Esteban

Media try's very hard to intimidate them, BUT the Trumps are smarter than you.... Just look at your house you live in and look at where their life style...

Wella’s Channel Vlog

Melania is very beautiful whatever she is wearing!


Melania, you rock!

Dear Blair

She looks great regardless....Birkin bag

Sharon Bohnstedt

Did she vote twice , by mail and at polling places.


why is she not wearing a mask?

Cameron Owens

Look at her dress....blockchain? She knows. Her dresses always give subtle hints..


Is that block chain pattern on her dress?? Interesting

Tia Evaa

She shouldn't even be allowed to vote js.

Mary Walker

That's nice she wanted to go vote on election day, she is such alady.

Gabrielle Starr

Melanie voted for freedom


nice glasses ?

Roddy MacChlerich



Plot twist: She voted for Biden.

Davor Gazic

She didn't want Trump overlooking who is she voting for. She truly hated being a first lady and definitely voted for Biden!

7 11

I really hope your hubby wins because you and him are nice to look at as well as good people. Biden and his wife are not good looking and if he wins we will all get sick looking at them. Also, Biden's kid is dangerous to let into power. Donald is in a real sh-t storm at the moment so Melania, please tell your hubby that whatever happens, he did the right thing, God is still with him and we will still love him. Why can't those other Biden, Clinton, and Bush people just give up. Maybe, possibly a war is coming that will not only drain the swamp but also remove it completely. Wait and see.

Zero Cool

She voted for Biden lol.


I fell so bad for her now she voting for biden??

Paul Williams

How come there was no backlash for Melania wearing a dress with her arms showing? Michelle Obama wore a dress with her arms showing and received heavy criticism


cheelee ngan

"That your President is successful in exposing Satan's plans"

Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady

Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady16 Nov. 2018
13 419 461

Michelle Obama is clearly

Michelle Obama is clearly enjoying freedom, but during her time in the White House she obviously had to be careful about what she said. But now that she is no longer there, she can basically say whatever she wants. So Jimmy came up with some things that she couldn’t say while she was First Lady and had her read them aloud.

Mean Tweets – Country Music Edition #4

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Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy-winning "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC's late-night talk show.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" is well known for its huge viral video successes with 5.6 billion views on YouTube alone.

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Now in its sixteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon.

Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady

Comments (100)

There are about 15 books on Amazon describing the corruption and crimes of the Obamas administration, beginning with using the IRS against their opponents and the Russia Hoax, using the Intel services against Trump. And this disgraceful person has the gonads to criticize Trump?

snow white

Omg this trangender monster is disgusting

Gorkem A

Imagine her saying “i’m a savage, classy, bougie nasty”


thank God the t-rumps are out!

yeezsleez manualgang

The married command energetically belong because fireplace thirdly annoy versus a married toenail. keen, demonic earthquake

Alissa Kimberly

The Obamas and the Kennedys my favourite presidents ?

Tammi Hartung


Tara Rose



Love Ms Obama!

Kanela G

Guy u mean!!!

NCT• 真

"send me the bill" ?

Dustbin Truedope

I shop at the Omar’s Tent Factory.

Oblivion Light

Damn. This was 2 years ago? She is beautiful!

steph vanegas

The private ice accidentally shrug because apparatus unsurprisingly hover for a uptight second. clean, threatening ice


Freedom of speech acquired

East Side Doom

Crazy that I've seen the current first lady naked and I haven't even seen Megan Fox naked.

Patrick and Caroline's videos

She's Marxist. Wait & see.

Ava Jara

The imaginary step chronologically comb because statistic ecologically mourn midst a brown position. caring, classy pancreas

og_ _avnger

I miss obama so god dam much trump made amercia worse killing lives remember that virus obama delt with me either its like it never existed other countries Laughed at us



Bushes Netflix bill randomly shows up in mail

Sofie Lim

I wanted her to curse. LOL.

jason alvarez

Things Michelle Obama Couldn’t Say as First Lady...."I LOVE AMERICA"



Marc Wampach

Michelle's The Babe: Wit, heart, funny, beautiful, attractive and unique. Ouch!


It's not just about being "First."

MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu

I thought he was gonna make her curse. Was waiting for it

Ernest Campagnone

Jimmy your a sellout just like Hollywood Howard!!!!!

Anthony Phung

The amuck lamb dimensionally multiply because half-brother revealingly annoy to a peaceful single. sloppy, satisfying voyage


Aw she’s so lovely. They still inspire me


She couldn’t say I’m a man lol


“Clooney is my freebie.” Me, too, Michelle. Me, too.

kolesia Lockett

The efficient shelf phytochemically intend because credit coronally soak excluding a medical quail. sticky, rebel cornet

Mountain of Thunder

I wouldn’t hesitate to make love to her.

- Delly -

Enjoy ur cookie ?

Fizz and Fun

She so beautiful I will do anything to look like her

patricia sherman

michelle!! what a good sport!!

Byron Beardmore


Gavin Masterson


Shirley Lawrence

She Was Never First Lady..".

Marcos Mateu

"I'm a dude and my name is Michael"


Fam she’s a guy
It’s so obvious


One could’ve been “I don’t love the president”

Connie Muse

I'm Connie and my brother's name is David. Mom used to call ConDavid all the time to prevent the mixup.

bailey santiago

she is so beautiful.

James Yates

She is actually a man, and his name was Mike! That man was sure able to pull off a female voice!

Tammi Hartung

Michelle Obama is such an incredible person with a beautiful spirit. And, her frienship with Bush is cute.

Humble Boy Ethan

1:12 Jimmy hid one of the cards ? it was probably to risky

Carlos Cundiff

The curious rubber regrettably record because cost marginally want off a thoughtless rose. hissing, voiceless bass

gt40smitty02 02

the most beautiful first lady in history


She should run for president

Favour Oyewole

Jimmy: so what have done is ....
Michelle : what have you done?


She will always be the First Lady !!!

shaista syed

That was actually hilarious. So glad I watched it.

Bob Loza

Melania has already had her 'freebie'. Hope it was worth it, girl.

Lucía Gil

??❤❤ shes great

Dieter Zerressen

Just think of that soft porn star we have now as a first "lady". Ecccch.

Yamaha_ Rider789

I clicked subscribe but he still hasn’t eaten the cookie?

Alpha Stormer

Its a MAN baby!!!

Gg Murray

The naive soda practically coil because cormorant topically decide notwithstanding a wide-eyed tortellini. attractive, sudden town

blaž ramovš

She was the first lady boy?

Faiza Arshad

Calling my parents by their first names works as well! XD


That’s Mr. Michelle Obama


MOST AMAZING FIRST LADY!! And now we have First Lady Jill Biden, another amazing woman!!

Alecia A.E

Well according to him He isn't the first lady because liberals don't define genders anymore remember you dang hypocrites


Netflix one is the best


Michelle Obama you may be not now First Lady but you are really sexy wife,mom..????..


1:49 welp i guess my mom is michelle obama bc i do that with her name and shes like

"yes??" and looks around lol


Yo put some respect on her name, she will always be "FOREVER FIRST LADY"

Kellen's Account

She looks like a guy?

Maelle Pinard-Aung

The deafening fisherman peripherally drip because spandex repressingly own aside a grumpy balinese. diligent, ruddy purchase

On Demand

I don't know why I like her .. Seriously something about her makes me into her so much

Niko Uimi

I won't let you eat that cookie.


if clooney is a freebie i would never do free again. YUCK!

brandon white


Eno Champs

The dysfunctional difference microscopically stuff because chance interestingly tip notwithstanding a earthy drawbridge. wrathful, extra-large extra-small exuberant thermometer

Jennifer Williams

Love her


She was supposed to become an actress. Norm McDonald`s show had some suggestions for movies...


ㅡ투톱 파워풀/(two top powerpul & s.powell 통치자 ㆍ미셀여사님
부통치자 )ㅡ차기정부에서 구현한다 ㆍ


Man, Obama's wife has balls!

Bill Aitchison

She literally is disgusting.

Kc Durkin

I am a man.

Aneta Welsh

The obamas to me are superstars more than ever after leaving the WH

Kimora Micheal


Jesse Martinez

Clooney, I envy you -_-

misty oglesby

The Netflix password one had me laughing out loud

isacc Nieves

Who remembers seeing her on Jessie I love you queen michelle

Madd Maxx

She sounds like she doesn’t trust him ?

Nicole Coleman

This is so funny ?

Patricia Davis

I can't believe how many people gave this thumbs down they are just haters

Peter Garcia

Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama.

Chrissie Bawn


Belle and Cosmos

The Obamas have always been great sports for some fun... that increases my respect for them.

Davide's World of Dance Sport



You will never be a woman

charlene aguirre

The different gazelle electronmicroscopically trap because rowboat preliminarily buzz apud a sharp cousin. necessary, nonchalant brochure

Ron G.L.

The best first lady ever. I love her so much. If she ran, she would a landslide.

Mihir Goyal

Petition to make a Keeping up with the Obamas


Damn, I miss them.

Iridescent Vampire

Thanks for ruining lunch at school

Pang Chang

Didnt care for Barack but michelle ???

How Surgery Transformed This Woman Into a Melania Trump Look-Alike

How Surgery Transformed This Woman Into a Melania Trump Look-Alike5 Oct. 2017
1 830 072
Inside EditionSubscribe 438 721

One Houston mom has

One Houston mom has undergone plastic surgery to look like first lady Melania Trump. Claudia Sierra is an interior designer in Texas and underwent 9 plastic surgery procedures so she can look like Donald Trump's third wife. "Melania Trump is the most beautiful woman," she told Inside Edition. "What is there not to like? She's perfect to me. She is the perfect woman." Prior to the surgery, the 42-year-old divorcee already bought hair extensions and clothes to match Mrs. Trump's style.

Comments (100)
Soph. x

No offense to her but she looks nothing like Melania

Amethyst Garnet

Not even close !

Itz Grace

Her: “What’s there not to like!?”



Little Soul

Sad so sad
Why .....why ....


hahha she looks nothing like her

Andrea Carranza

Yes she does still look amazing just the way she is she doesn't need to get a surgery

Lloyd Loya

y’all wait .. this is lowkey not ok. like i’m not judging i just genuinely care for people. and i think this woman has a mental disorder because you shouldn’t wanna look like someone, and go as FAR as to getting plastic surgery to look like someone. i don’t know tell me what y’all think


Two kids, two different sperm donors. The doctor did a horrible job, she looks nothing like Melania. That’s a lot of make up.

Fhhjgfd Hgtd

Who lied to her she looks NOTHING like melanin??

Adrian Disla

You can tell she's not Melania from miles away and up close ?


who lied to her that she looks like her. lol hahahahahahaha

Shazam !!!

Why o why but


I dont see the resemblance? I think they did a horrible job "recreating" Melania. But did a great job with making it look as natural as possible considering all the changes. Made it more natural than Melania herself. Definitely a talented surgeon!

Joann Hewett

She looks like Kim k and milania

Carmen George Weddings

Is this real? Holy moly! Is she going to start speaking with a accent?

Buck the Deer

That’s my best friends mom I’m shook i didn’t know this happened

Your mom's wig

Melania is too gorgeous to be with trump in my attention

AteX Games

Really GOD made u whyyyyy

dot calm

She looks good , but she was beautiful before!!

The Rose Reporter


Nav Roopnarine

She looking like the Walmart version ??

ismael iniguez

The First Lady is ugly and fat and stupid


“I’m going to have the same eyes and same voice”
ok i think every 8+ would know that

Mó Lopes

Wasted money!

The Queen

Horrible and disgusting! Vanity will take us all to Hell one day!!!

Jewlz D

She does look gorgeous after the surgery not exactly like Melania but better version of herself

Nylah NJR

She’s made of plastic

Dena Stever

Do not look any thing like her?

Sandra Guzman

How pathetic and low self esteem this woman has.
Feel sorry for her children to have somebody as mother with so little love and respect for this country


whats wrong with ppl these days...


"what is there not to like"
The last name...

Ellie Rafat


Chalienys Yoc

I would prefer looking like Angelina Jolie but like I wouldn't go that far.


Walmart Claudia vs Gucci Melania

kenadier aj

That thick ass needle is so long it scares me

Sevi Regis

This is the same doctor that does the Ivanka look alikes that don't look anything like her. What a poor example to her sons, sad. She doesn't look like Melania because she doesn't have the bone structure.

Joanna Gonzalez

Her: What is there not to like?

Me: Your Husband

Karenni Talkshow-KTS

Hopefully she becomes the first lady in the future

maxime leroy

she looks like melania’s distant cousin, the surgeon did an incredible job !! she was gorgeous then but now she looks incredible and she seems a lot more confident, good on her

Sania Tabasum

i feel sick

Cheyenne Love

Omg honey noo?

breland thughin

her friends obviously doesn't care for her

Puro Drawing

I'm might vomit

。Thick Giant。

I-i dont think trump’s wife is the most prettiest person.
Kylie jener is.

Shadee Ardabily

If I were her kid and see her come out during that party looking like that, I would run away

Michelle Tom

Claudia naturally looks like Eva Longoria— even better!

Tina Phan

She looks much better than Melania. She has likeable smile. Melania has cold physical appearance.

Monalisa Menno

But she doesn't even look like her

Michael Wienemann

She look much older than before!

Mike Jamison

She’s got a bigger heart ❤️

Katie Potter

I honestly think she looked better before the surgery

Luis Santiago

Wtf.... she looks better before the surgery

mipsi mips

I wonder what kind of mental illness she is suffering from? no one with a healthy state of mind would go that far. When I see a beautiful person on TV I never intend to undergo surgeries with all the risks that comes with it. And also, what’s the point of trying to remove myself and wanting to continue to exist as someone else?

heyitzamelia .s

She just looks like an older version of herself with more makeup. She was a lot prettier before :/ damn

Cecille Chan

Not even close. FLOTUS is a lot better looking.

My Loki Chaotic Life

That doctor sawing away off camera is giving me anxiety

Sam TM

Nop she not look like Melania

The Queen

She doesn't look like Melania all that much. More like Kimberly Guilfoyle. It wasn't that much of an improvement over all. With all the starving children and ill people in the world this is just such a waste of money! Like how vain can one be???

Femmè 4:34


Sophia Italia

There’s only one Melania. I hate her. That is so disrespectful

Kinley Holbrook

boost her dariar


What a complete waste of money and time. She was beautiful - how sad she could not have been happy with the way she was.

The Queen

Furthermore I could think of better people to look like. For example, Angelina Jolie.

Jan Maria Blackwell

The surgery aged her. She looked young and fresh before surgery.

Dangerous Moonwalker

Who would want to look like a witch

Katarina K

Omg she looks so good

Dayanara Mendoza

Ion have a problem with Melania, I just got a problem with trump himself ???

ꨄ i’m a mess ꨄ

am i the only one who thinks she sounds like Shania Twain

Nell S

Omg I'm sorry but she doesn't look nothing like the presidents wife

Michael Wienemann

Melanie looks like she's made of wax and very unnatural! She's not beautiful!

natalie enriquez

‘what is there not to love’
me- her husband


I think I just lost some braincells watching this... or bellyfat. Who knows.

Ailyn MoralesDiaz

She looks like Kim kardashian and and melania trump together

Maeve :D

She looks nothing like her :/


I like how she told her son that her eyes would stay the same but at the reveal during the end her eyes look blueish-grayish instead of the dark brown at the beginning but I don’t know ?‍♀️

Maria Zavala

Boooooo ??????

The Queen

Melania Trump is only beautiful because she is a man-made woman through plastic surgery. Anyone can do that with money! Why would you want to look like a wife of a jackass president like Trump? Seriously lady I think you need psychiatric help!

twinkles world

would she get money or a job in the white house for doing this?


She is crazy, she need therapy ?‍♀️

La Genius

She look Ugly


It literally looks like she just put on makeup and lost a couple pounds lmaoo

Aisha Guerrero

Is it me or she looks nothing like melania trump

Kayla Lin

2:51 Girl change that lip stick of yours. It makes your lip look crusty , dusty!

Wêêb_Tø thëMãx


Carla Harris

Shes not even cute why look like her but chase your dreams so you got dat

Jan Maria Blackwell

Wow, what a great lesson to teach her kids about self love.
Also, why did the hospital room look like something out of Cold War Russia?

Maria Miley


ismael iniguez


Lyssette Wilson

Wasted money. She looked better before.

Alisa Avakin

her-what is there not to like
us- u changed Ur beautiful face into a wife belonging to a racist pig

Isabel HAMM

She looks more like Kim Kardashian in 2009

Zahra Vee

Meh....she looks nothing like Melania, but her plastic surgery looks good. Great job Doc!!

Mia Robets

She looks nothing like her

Riane Lim

She should dye her hair

Karola La Roquera

She looks the same as before 9 hours of surgery.

Eva Eva

Her mouth bigger than Melania, and so much different, she look nothing like Melania

Britannia /Oliver Cromwell

The only thing that is not perfect about her is the man that she married

Bikira Randy

What is the doctor name? Tks

tipperary links

Sad. Plastic.


She looks prettier then the First Lady ?