Feeling alone after break up

Breakups: The Fear of Being Alone (forever) — Susan Winter

Breakups: The Fear of Being Alone (forever) — Susan Winter21 Jun. 2019
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Eva writes, “Hello, I'm

Eva writes, “Hello, I'm Eva from Taiwan:) I had my first really serious breakup lately, that's why I started to watch you videos! And I really love all of them! Therefore, I also have one question I want to ask. Why after this breakup am I constantly worried if I'll be alone in the rest of my life? Or feeling that I will never find someone again? How can I help myself to stop these thoughts? Thank you!”

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Comments (95)
Nuha E. H

I have the fear of dying without being in a long term relationship... ever!

Dell Chica

Men come, men go. Men don't stay.


its not a fear.........its a fact that I embrace

torben lyneborg eriksen

After so much heartbreak I love solitude. I ...just had enough. I learned to love my own company.


I got divorced 27 years ago believing I would find a real man who didn't beat me. I'm so alone. I have dated a lot but every guy seems to either be a wife beater, alcoholic, drug addict, still in love with his ex or just plain psycho. There is a big problem with romance scams right now oh, so I can talk to 20 or 30 guys before I find a real profile or someone who's not trying to scam me out of money. It is not as easy as this video is claiming. It's easy if you're willing to settle if you have morals and you don't drink or do drugs it's nearly impossible to find a decent man anymore. I don't want to be alone, I have tried but have to accept that being alone maybe my only option unless I'm willing to be in an abusive relationship. Especially when you get older, the older men want to date younger women


The moment you mentioned putting someone else on a pedestal .. I loved, very deeply, very passionately, wholeheartedly. The hurt and longing for that kind of love sits deep. I will love like that again someday.

ritz25 winters

You give me hope by watching your amazing videos❤️❤️❤️

Diana Koleva


The Trump Dimension

Susan! You’ve done it again. THANK YOU!

Natalie D

Hold on.. Most women want commitment, not all men want commitment (again it's simply biology). So, Guys that want commitment will be taken or married. So, in the dating market there will be more women that want commitment and less guys that will fulfil that need. So, the fear of being Alone is kinda real?! I mean, Me and the lady in Taiwan are going something very similar.


I am 72 yrs old. My first husband left me with 3 little kids to raise. I was heartbroken. But I met a really nice man and we had a wonderful relationship for 8 yrs, he was great to my kids. He died suddenly while we were on vacation. I was brokenhearted. Eventually a man from my past out of the blue called me asking me for a date. He and I began friends first, a year later we got married. We were married for 25 yrs he was wonderful. He died suddenly of a heart attack..Again I was heartbroken. I eventually met a fellow online and we had a romance long distances for 3 yrs. Then he just poof vanished. My point is life goes on, new relationship can happen. Keep your heart open and my best advice is stay close to God, he never leaves. Men will either die on you or walk away.

Leyla Hussein

You are simply amazing???

Joyce Williams

I know it's best to not have a "situationship" with someone like this, I take blame too. I lost alot of my self respect, integrity, and dignity.he told me he doesnt want serious, and TOLD me he was gonna use me til he uses me up! But I always responded when he contacted me (my fault) I need advice on a response I want to give a guy next time he contacts me...this is what I want to say...I'VE REGROUPED AND I'M NOT OK WITH BEING TOLD THAT 'ILL GET USED TIL IM USED UP! ITS WRONG TO TREAT ANYONE THAT WAY! I TAKE BLAME ALSO FOR GIVING YOU MANY CHANCES. I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND. TAKE CARE"..
Thoughts please. Thanks


Thank you soooo much.I just need someone to be objective and tell me and get me back out of deppresion and selfdestruction path after loss..


Susan you are so on point. We are so fixated on this one result, one person, one house, etc. that we forget that there are so many other results, persons, houses.... and that each and everyone is an experience.

Michael C

Great advice!

C. Smith

I never found another good lover. It's just fine being alone. It's better than being with a jerk.

Myra House

OMG Susan I took your advice and was direct with him, it turns out we are absolutely fine!

He’s been super busy he apologised then messaged me and we talked.

Thankyou so much!!! I was sending myself nuts imagining he’d lost interest in me.

Alfie Bart

you couldnt have said it any better. its like when u put a really expensive item in your shoppinh cart and u decide to wait overnight before buying it and when u check the next day its gone, you think to urself “omg i needed it so bad! it would totally level up my style bla bla bla” we create this exagerration of it. ao true! love ur videos as always Susan!!! ❤️❤️❤️

A Ab

Thank you! <3

Danny Ribeiro

I needed to see this. Thank you so much! ???

King Baba James

She's good. Someone needs to wife her up.

Amer Abuobeid

Being alone means either finding yourself or you’re too good to be with with someone who doesn’t deserve you! What is the point from being with someone who doesn’t deserve the time, emotions, and effort that you are going to invest just to pretend that your life is good, not happy, just good to keep life going without being lonely. There is a huge difference between alone and lonely. We need to be alone to see if our lives is going the way we wanted to be and figure out what next.
Always remember being alone is the only situation that will help you finding your soulmate, second half, and the one who deserve you as who you are , not what you have and what you can give!


I have been alone for over 20 years now and no man has ever asked me for a date, or chatted me up. Sometimes when a special person does leave there isn't a guarantee love will come again. It's sad.

Pamela. Nam

There's no guarantee that one will find true love in life. Will a paraplegic? A developmentally challenged person? A Down syndrome person.? Deformed? Criminal? Addict? Destitute orphan? It may have worked for you, the beautiful and privileged born into a well adjusted family, but who will love those I have mentioned. No guarantee is the only guarantee. Just because you need the money it doesn't mean that you will win the lottery.


I swear you have changed my mindset about so many things in life in such a positive way. Thank you so much!

Darcy Royce Therapeutic Art In Rhythm And Rhyme

hear hear xx

Dana Dss

Can u peleas talk about a I kind of relationship that when you give and you don’t receive nothing just bad energy and disrespect without any reason

Dell Chica

No one has time to "love" anymore.

Alternative Spirituality

Brilliant Susan. I needed this

Jackson Scully

If I did it before I can do it again. Thanks for the Reminder Susan. :)


Love This as per usual! Such realism ?

Whispering Wind

Great video Susan!!!
I am in the same predicament right now and ur insight definitely helped me to see things differently!!
Thanks so much for being the Awesome Being that U are!!!!

Dianna Shuster

You are a Godsend for me! Much appreciation and respect.


Susan thanks for answering my questions:)) I’m encouraged and inspired! Nonetheless really happy that you found time to answer my doubts! Thank you ?

david srini

I'm scared of being alone , there's nothing worse than being on a death bed or being in a hospital alone and without any supportive family or friends.

Sultana Jahan

I'm just writing to say your this video is my manifestation. I was telling myself exactly this for past 2 days. And you just assured this. You are my synchronicity and manifestation itself. Love you.

Lorna Stamat

Spot on Susan, thank you!!! ??

torben lyneborg eriksen

Why not...skip the hole " love" concept and be ourself instead. I had a lot of vomen, sex, true love and all of it is Bullshit. Be yourself, that's all you have . Yourself.. The only " God" to count on.

Sara Motalebi

Love u Susan. Wish I could meet u in person..


I am actually in the “harder” situation where I have never found love. I am in my mid-30s and fear that I will never be able to find someone. I have found myself being attracted to people but my feelings were never reciprocated. I don’t know how to remain positive - you get tired after disappointments...

Christina Figueroa

I love this! Makes alot of sense.❤


Dear Susan, I did heard your all articles and when I was in a relationship so I did taken the expericenced about this most parents don't want to see you with the older woman. (But in my sight as I am 31 year old age doesn't matter because if you are really loves someone else so you must treat good) But why she cheated with me I went especially for her South america two times but her parents deny me we had three years of relationship and ended only few mintues I wish if someone love or like me on your page so I pray she stay in my life permanently In Jesus name. Because age doesn't matter.

Chris Dennis

What about if it keeps happening ? I know you’re probably thinking in that case you need to evaluate how and who you are choosing but I think if I could do that I would just choose better and interact correctly sigh ?

Minain Munda

i think susan is one of the smartest dating advisers

Somewhere in Time

Another enlightening video added to the next chapter in MY LIFE LESSONS JOURNAL!! ?
Thank you beautiful Susan!! ???
Much Love & Light ?NAMASTE ?

Carol Loraine

Thank ypu, Susan!!


Awesome insights as usual! Can you please make more videos for people that are in relationships too? :)

Baltimore Bama

Going through a breakup and really needed this

Older Women Rock . Fashion Over 50

Hi Susan would you consider doing a video about attachment ? With my last boyfriend I did not fall in love ( I doubt he did either ) . I’m not sure if I even loved him ( same for him) but I easily became attached . I actually wanted to leave after a year or so and I know he was on the fence about me too. Although at times he seemed the opposite . He left me first , the rejection was brutal . It’s been over 2 years and my self esteem is still not very good . Why did I hold on so tightly and yet not really want him ? I’m terrified of doing this again so I’ve been avoiding dating since he left me . Cheers

That Futures Life

Simple yet powerful, thank you

Tiff ani

This makes so much sense.

Michelle judd

Thankyou Susan I'm 48 I'm concerned , I wasted 10 years . It does get harder as you age .

D'arcy Wretzky

susan do you believe in astrology? what's your sign?

Elena Belacastre

* I Meant, HOW can I get in touch with U, or where can I send my questions!!??? ?

Yoyo C

Hello Susan, I really love your videos!
I somehow could not find the place to request the video. I was not able to find the "contact" and then find the "video request". Thank you so much!

Eacho Family

Needed to hear this very message on this very day. Thank you for your hopeful words.


Thank you. ❤ Faith that it will happen for me again.

Carol Loraine

Try again and enjoy the journey to something much better!!!!

Sha Li

Thank you. I have this fear...

Peter Charles

Thank you for this video. I lost a job opportunity and i was down on myself. Now i reassess myself to try again. Thank you..???

Ricky Harvey

They snypt but were waiting fot big wkerg

Michael Turman

Hello Everyone:
What Susan is simply saying is this, "If you believe, then, you will love again." God bless you all ????

Paula C

Susan can u talk about widowers why the date to soon and dump partners. Or date someone else after lying about dating to soon..

Rusty Hedge-Yamura

Your Amount of clarity and how much insight and wisdom you hold, is truly incredible ! You have helped me through these past couple months so much! I always gain a new perspective by watching your videos

Noor Alattas

Love you

Shyam Shinde

Hi Susan your advices are always helpful. Thank you so much for your videos.

Gop Nik

My mum and dad just split up after 35 years...
I sharing your work with them as its invaluble.

Anna Coy

you are incredible!

Dominic Cobb

I looove this!

Judy T.

As always, BRILLIANT!!!

J 2 cats

Fantastic video. Thank You Susan!? you really changed my perspective, and made me realize that I had limiting beliefs that don't serve me.

Sagrario Cordero

I'm listening with tears in my eyes, but it's a beatiful message. <3

Mr. LA Tours

Susan, I met a younger man in the Philippines two years ago on a dating site. We've talked on Skype virtually every day for those two years. We've fallen in love and we feel we are each other's mates. We've not met in person, yet, and my fear is that, upon meeting, I won't be interested in him. On dating sites, I get almost no hits from local (L.A.) men and get contacted by men from out of Los Angeles. I've attributed to being too unattractive for the L.A. scene but I do admit that, because of the smothering relationship my mother wanted with me, I have been afraid of attracting a smothering, controlling partner. My question is is my connection with the man in the Philippines based on reality or wishful thinking. I don't want to spend my time and money to be disappointed. I truly could use your guidance but I don't have a smart phone nor will I have the $325 for a session ready until Aug.1, Thank you!

Elena Belacastre

Hi! What if its been years, & its just not happening??? OOOO


Also, I have question, I prefer to remain private! How can I get in touch with!

Manny Rivera

Thank you for the great video. I just subscribed to see more wonderful videos from you

Sofia B

I love how you explain everything! You have a way with words ♥️ I wish I lived in New York so I could give you a hug and Thank you in person. You seem to be a wonderful person. You are down to earth and smart ? / Love from Sweden

andy brown

I love your videos Susan....its over a year since my lovely girl split with me and i'm still struggling to move on and be open to giving my heart to someone new. This video speaks to me like so many of your videos.

Mae Rose

Many times I’ve never thought I’d love again and then many times I thought I found love again but really the only love that is true, is the love I found for myself.

Rosmely Bastidas

Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered - Fiyyatt Dumbfounded Finder (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for removing the root cause of your social anxiety minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend at very last got amazing success with it.

Lu Lu

Amazing advice. It's what I needed to hear! Yehhhh! Feel so much better.

Craig Barry

Thanks for that Susan, really enjoy your videos and insight

The Beauty Nutritionist


nicholas usansky

This is brilliant. I hope it will take away my ferocious fear

Conor Daniel David

I know you get this acknowledgement a lot Susan but I feel it's worth repeating - you're the best relationship coach on YouTube. Well done sister. Your work is tremendously valued and appreciated ???

Jen4 yahweh sal

I'm a widow and a single world has been nothing but brutal to me I keep praying for another man in my life because I prefer being a wife and right now I feel so alone

Shyam Shinde

I have a query, a guy who had never dated anyone and never made a girlfriend and he don't have interest in girls and is always focused on his work. But one day he saw me and we had a eye contact and from that time he keeps on staring at me and is quite when I am absent. He never made a move towards me so I decided to make a move. It was last day of my work and I never went to that place again and we never met. I messaged him so that we will be in contact. First chat with him was so friendly but when I messaged him again after 2 days he have read it but he did not replied yet. It's been 5 months he have not messaged and he is active on other social medias but not on what's app and he is only connected to me by what's app and last month I messaged him 13 texts and I deleted it for everyone coz it was little harsh and when he came online back after 3 months, he have deleted his what's app account after reading those messages. So I don't know what is happening? Will he return to me one day? Should I move on or wait? And why the heck is he active on other social media but not on what's app?please help?

Kelli-Ann Kerr

Hi, Susan. Not sure if you answered this question here, but I zeroed in on your statement “it’s harder when you’ve never had love”. That’s exactly me. So how do I confront and challenge the fear of being alone forever, then?

Happy go lucky

I have been sending my mom your videos. I love your advice because it makes sense to me. ☺

Cherish Parkhurst

Thanx for that reminder i guess i was so much in the gray area s that i didnt or couldnt see past certain facts that if i did it before that i can do it again bigg hugggs to you


Susan Winter, I'm not afraid of being alone, I have been alone for quite some time.
I'm going to make this quick
I like my boss.

Princess Farron

I've only had 1 relationship in my whole life and it was 10 years ago so of course I think no one else will care for me. I don't even think my ex liked me.... Why am I so different form other women ( apparently)? I t appears I lack something that everyone else has...

Micheline Azar

Seriously Susan have you read the book of life or something like it? Where do you get all this wisdom from!? Love your advices and you of course

CW Tablet

To me a breakup means one chapter ends and another, much better one can begin. But be sure to really understand relationships, compatibility, and healthy boundaries first. And understand the difference between facts and feelings. Making too many big decisions based on feelings can be problematic.

Ryan C. Reed

Thanks for this @---',------

When You Feel Alone After Heartbreak (3 Secrets To Moving On)... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

When You Feel Alone After Heartbreak (3 Secrets To Moving On)... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)23 Dec. 2018
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Comments (100)
john mcneal

i know everyone gets into a relationship with the hope of getting a better life but it breaks my hearth knowing many relationship ends up with divorce and abuse due to cheating on one another. i was a victim of this as well so no one is perfect. if you ever need help monitoring your partners phone activities remotely to know what they are upto or who they her chatting to secretly then contact XTECH2025(at)GMAILCOM with his help im able to monitor all my partners chat location pictures and videos to gather enough proof of him cheating

Pandisionesa Martinez

He broke up with me. And then he said hope we can be friends

Laura Hernandez


Katie Unger

Saving my life. Cried for 8 weeks straight! I cried this morning but not this afternoon. Things are looking up!

Markafi Keita

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Sylvia Wyatt

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Владислав Калинин

Ok, this is literally the first time I write a comment to any video, but I want to say so much for those up there, who struggle with forgetting your ex's. I'm sorry , but its gonna be a bitter truth. You won't forget them , no words and no advise will help you. You cannot just distract yourself from it neither. And thinking that there are people out there who struggle just like you also will not have any impact on you. You wanna know why your ex moved on so easily? Because he or she didn't care, and that's what you need to do. Just find yourself someone else and that's it, you will be healed. But until you find a person you will suffer, and you will cry and moan. You cannot learn to be confident and strong , of course there are some people who doesn't give a fuck about things like break ups , but that just because they have other variants. So give up thinking that you can become a different person, you will not . And time won't help you , it will not heal your wounds . You will just numb that pain ,so never let it trick you , that you became stronger. Sorry guys thats the truth , stop living a lie , thats why your ex left you.

Thanos petrelis

Don't worry anymore sweetheart, I will introduce you to Dr Gabriel, the greatest relationship restorer that helped me get my ex back in less than 2 days, Whtsapp him,,, +1,646,547,9546,

Old Base

Who awaits me? lol.

Ann Cabiles

Its been 2 weeks ,been crying every night

Camis Beckk

Hello This is the Whatzpp contact
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Otilie Emery

why am I kinda falling involve with this guy


We broke up a few days ago. I'm so sad that our relationship didn't work. I miss him so badly it's unbearable. I feel incredibly alone. My heart is broken ?.

Luci inka

My ex told me He loves me and Can’t imagine life without me. One week later.... he broke up with me. He told me that everything is my fault and that I destroyed our relationship and after those worlds he just left.
And now, three months later I’m glad he left, because now I know I deserve someone better than him.

Joanna Białek

Thank you

A P0tato

We broke up a 2 weeks ago. 2 years together came to an end. I'll come back when I've healed and what I've learned. Today Dec. 16 it hurts to think about him.

Amal Ibrahim

He couldn't let go of his ex. Three years together. He made promises, he made me feel like I was special to him, he talked about the future and how great it will be. But all this years together he was searching and reading chats between him and ex. I'm so much in pain because my feelings for him was genuine ?

sara haitham

I read such an amazing quote.
"People with the darkest past can lead to the brightest future"

so if you're going through a hard time, remember it will make you more mature and stronger in the future.

Josh Tobi

Mr. Matthew how to move on? You see I REALLY REAAAALLLY love this girl but she can't love me back and it really hurt because I love her so bad, I was ready to give her everything I have support her with all my might but... She just can't love me back

Nurse V

My husband didn’t cheat on me, he has a great job and supports me but failed me in so many ways and now I have no choice other to leave him. I am so scared of being alone we do everything together?

Alice C.

The only good part of being emotionally abused is feeling 100% guilt free from the end of a relationship.


Just broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. It was a long time coming and the last 7 months of me trying and forcing to make the relationship work was just miserable for me as I was giving 80% and she was giving 20%. A day later after we broke up officially she started talking to this new guy and they were already on a date a few days later, on what would have been our 4 year anniversary. She told me she wasn’t ready for a relationship and that she just wanted to be alone and focus on herself but then she goes and does that. I’m hurt and lost and I haven’t been alone in a very long time. I wake up many times during my sleep wondering where she is and how she is and it’s hard. Every second of the day is filled with the idea of her with this new guy. It’s just so painful.


While I was day dreaming and thinking of wedding plans, he was thinking of the "best" way to break up with me.

Zuxian Chong

How could he remove me off social media so easily and not reply me? but here i am crying every hour, not being able to sleep past 30 mins, crying at work, not eating. i dont know how to feel, we tried fixing to relationship for a year now and together for 3 in total. how do i let all of this go? how do i feel okay again?


It’s crazy we’re all here because of heartbreak

Mike Burrello

Thanks for the hope man! So grateful for this video!

Rain Gaming

Its kinda strange that she broke up in july 19 2020..and i watched that video after my breakup and its 2021 January 23 and i am still on it. Where she moved on after i guess 1 month.

doris wandia

I'm commenting today, in so much pain but I'll come back and edit this comment when I've finally healed!!! Though my heart hurts so bad I know I will look back and be grateful

Linda Marcia

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Andy Koh

Almost 1 and half month of break up there still good days and bad days.. though some days has been negative and lonely . Being alone helps me to think and improve on myself.

Lee Bride

Wish I could end up with someone else... Unfortunately she screwed me for any future relationships.

Halen Sunday

He told me he's moving out and he wants to be alone and hes not coming back. I forgot how physical heartbreak feels. If i asked myself 10 years ago where would i be today at 34 i'd have said happily married with kids. My heart is broken. I just feel lost.

Denise Siddon

Getting through a depression after finally ending a relationship that was going nowhere 2 and half months ago.

Before then I kept going back blaming myself

Hearing all this helps a bit

hailey stoll

i wish i could listen to him all day, he is so wise and makes me feel better when i hear him talking

Sandhya Chouhan

My bf dumped me it's a 7 year relationship and after breakup rgt after 4 moths he engaged and now in April 2021 he is going to marry I'm dying everyday sleeping is struggle for me I cry atleast 10 times in a day I feel he betrayed me he was my best friend I want to move on but thinking about his marrige I got scared ..panic attack is happening I got anxiety issue I'll cry till I get fever and gey myself sick can somebody plzzz help me what should I do

Gonzalo Muller


([email protected])
you can contact him via WhatsApp +2348074335465

Harrey Bay

My life went upside down when my husband left me with the kid to join with another lady by the island, but thanx to Dr oniha who helped me brought him back with his love spell, you can also contact him on his email [email protected]yahoo.com


Can someone help me. I’ve been going through a break up for 5 days now honestly counting everyday. I sometimes get upset at certain things and will text my ex but he also has texted me a few times not to get together but to practically verbally abuse me and say i’m the reason. I get really mad at myself when I want him back and I text him. I feel like i break the no-contact rule and set myself back. I don’t wanna block him. Has anyone else dealt with this everytime i text him am I actually setting myself back because I still care and wanna save the relationship even though he doesn’t want me. I just need advice.

Belle Lee

Thanks sir

Nihon Shahidul

She ended our 12 years relationship a month ago. I know I have to move on. I am motivating myself all the moments, but still somehow her memories come to me and make me weak

Suzanne Swamn

A guy I met last year who seemed so lovely charming and really wonderful that i thought felt the same, dumped me this year by silent treatment. 3 months later I'm still broken hearted and still in a mess. I wish I hadnt of left him sweet sad farewell messages. I regret not telling him to suffer a terrible life and die of a painful death instead!

Maria Elisabeth

I want to use this medium to testify of how i got back my ex husband after divorce, i and my husband have been married for 8 years with 2 kids, we have been a happy family. Last year his behavior towards me and the kids changed, i suspected he was meeting another woman outside out marriage, any time i confronted him, he threatened to divorce me, i did all i could to make hings right but all to no avail until i saw a post on a "love and relationship forum" about a spell caster who helps people to cast spell on marriage and relationship issues, when i contacted this spell caster via email, he helped me cast a re-union spell and my husband changed and came apologizing to me and the kids. Contact this great spell caster for your relationship or marriage issues via this email: [email protected]YAHOO.COM   or Whats App him on +2348102652355

Stevenson Timango

Many people are afraid of pain. They don't want to suffer. But actually, pain is an inspiration. It inspires devotion to God. It teaches us dependence to the Almighty Savior. It helps us become more humble. It makes us more obedient to the will of God. So don't be afraid of pain. Embrace it as a blessing. If you don't give up, someday you'll understand your pain.

Principe Yuu

Hey friend... Don't give up. Maybe it's time to change your dream for something better. Change the plan is not bad.

Jordan Lok

The pain is unbearable and I cannot comprehend it in words. There's a small part of me hoping she sees this but its very unlikely. I would give anything to just turn back time a few days and tell her sooner and apologize for what I didn't do. I know and I am fully willing to change and to be the person she needs but it doesn't look likely that she'll give me that chance. 2 years is no short feat and me being young and inexperienced, its the only true and real relationship I have ever known. To all others hurting right now, I wish you the best. I have no one to talk to or speak to because she was not only my partner, soulmate, best friend, and future wife and baby mother. She was everything and without her there is nothing. I know that if she gives us a chance her life will change for the better, but I cannot convince her or move her on that stance no matter how how hard I try.

Anita Rahmawati

And I'm still crying over a guy who leave me two years ago. God help.

aashima prabha

When you speak logically and psychologically.....that's when it start hitting in hard....I like that you just don't give sympathy talk....but try n help with logic.❤️

Linda Marcia

Hey,I'm so excited my broken Marriage has been restored & my husband is back after he left me and our 2 kids for another woman. After 8 years of marriage, me and my husband has been into one quarrel or the other until he finally left me and moved to California to be with another woman. i felt my life was over and my kids thought they would never see their father again. i tried to be strong just for the kids but i could not control the pains that torments my heart, my heart was filled with sorrows and pains because i was really in love with my husband. Every day and night i think of him and always wish he would come back to me, I was really upset and i needed help, so i searched for help online and I came across a website that suggested that Dr Okorunde can help get ex back fast. So, I felt I should give him a try. I contacted him and he told me what to do and i did it then he did a (Love spell) for me. 28 hours later, my husband really called me and told me that he miss me and the kids so much, So Amazing!! So that was how he came back that same day,with lots of love and joy,and he apologized for his mistake,and for the pain he caused me and the kids. Then from that day,our Marriage was now stronger than how it were before,All thanks to Dr Okorunde he is so powerful and i decided to share my story on the internet that Dr Okorunde real and powerful spell caster who i will always pray to live long to help his children in the time of trouble, if you are here and you need your Ex back or your husband moved to another woman,or you're facing any health challenges do not cry anymore, contact this powerful spell caster now. Here’s his contact: Email : [email protected]gmail.com, you can also call him: +2348069525913

rubi T

Is it crazy that this makes me cry more

Dineshwaran Nagendaran

Thank you Matt, you made me feel so much better

Thanos petrelis

Don't worry anymore sweetheart, I will introduce you to Dr Gabriel, the greatest relationship restorer that helped me get my ex back in less than 2 days, Whtsapp him,,, +1,646,547,9546,


You're amazing, Matt!♥️

Shreenath Gauda

going through this rn and Jesus i want to die

sadaf Fatima

I am in severe pain of heart break. I watched your videos. Which help to move on.

hafiz jamshed

Waiting for it to get better..

Rose bella

Darling, I've tried this so many times and it didn't work until I met a powerful man? who helped me bring back my ex-husband who left me a few months ago and now my ex-husband is back. I am very grateful. Send him a message for any help? whatsapp @ (+2347044509792) ???...


Thank you so much. You are gifted!

ZHU Nathalie

The expectations and the future goals ser

Yageishwara Paramasivan

thank you..


Hello Matthew Hussey,

I'm currently going through a breakup but I know the future will bring so much opportunities for me and can't wait for it. It feels like I've lost someone who could've been "the one." Hopefully I'll remember I left this comment and an a year come back to it to self-reflect. I trust that I am capable of achieving everything I want to achieve.

Sofi Sanhá

She wasn't my ex
I told my best friend that I loved her for 1 year ... now I lost a friend
I never felt this way and hope to never love someone again.
Never felt so heartbroken, my eyes burn my head hurts my auto esteem is below 0 my soul it's not in me
Still love her ... I don't want to move on .. I have no choice, why her?
No matter what ill never see someone like her in this life. I don't want to see her. I just want everything to vanish. My feelings and the memories. Her eyes her smile the way she walks her voice her laugh her touch. Everything
She wants to be my friend I think that's the worst part. I draw her one time she was gorgeous, I just wanted her to know how I fallen for her in this past year. Why life is this destructive?? Karma?? Sins?? Why we need to love just to experience pain? Wasi if u see this one day I truly love u ...

Sujeet Sawant

Everything is just relatable

Ester Lioe

Blaming ourself is easy and convenient because to we are not ready to accept it is them, to accept that we've let ourselves be a fool


I'm in so much pain over my ex... The pain is crushing my chest. I'm a guy and embarrassed because every time I feel crushed by it, I want and need to cry ? I wish the pain would go away, this is unbearable

Francis Angela

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Ravi Dhungana

I really needed to hear this today.

Yasmin Sultan

Wow amazing

October Surprise

The homie made an 8 minute video to say the best way to get over a person is to get under someone else ?


Forgiving myself is something I don’t feel entitled to do. I don’t think that’s my privilege. I feel like forgiving is something we have to do for each other. That’s what relationships are partly there for. To have people who love and accept you and don’t try to change everything about you. Forgiving is something only others can do for you.

Seba Cuevas

You're great bro! really helpfull

Stell Dave

I just got my ex husband back through the help of Dr kayode love spells Experts. My husband left me for another woman, This was just 3 years of our marriage. The most painful thing is that I was pregnant with our second baby. I wanted him back. I did everything within my reach to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so badly because of the love I had for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to my friend and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back , I had no choice than to try it. I messaged the spell caster called dr kayode, and he assured me there was no problem and that everything will be okay before 11 hours. He cast the spell and surprisingly 11 hours later my husband called me. I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that had happened. He wanted me to return to him. He also said he loved me so much. I was so happy and went to him. That was how we started living together happily again.thanks to dr kayode . If you are here and your Lover is turning you down, or your husband moved to another woman, do not cry anymore, contact Dr. kayode for help now..Here his contact, WhatsApp him: +2348105366020 Email: [email protected]gmail.com ........

Natalie Leanne

Anybody else laugh at the “ that’s the thing we have to focus on and change” how does mr hussey give such good advice and offer an element of comedy a true genius ❤️


Man...I really thought she was “the one”...this pain is intolerable but it has to be temporary, right? Gonna be hard to forgive myself

Omnbusiness sbi

After 6 yrs together he left me to be with someone else,...

Justine Smith

This is one of your best videos, thank you man you have no idea!!

Jacklyn Jennifer

Heartbroken in November 2020 anyone ?
We can get over this guy is I wish everyone the best ?

Rehannad Samara

How could you be so handsome and wise in the same time!! I love everything you say..thank you

Mirza Ajrullah

this my 3rd day of break . It make too restless and sad. she want to break up because im not enough and she left me hanging alone. she look already move on?

sara haitham

Whoever is heartbroken, just remember
-there are still many fish in the sea??
- keep focusing on yourself??
- know that this breakup will give you a chance to improve and concentrate on yourself?
-it is time to make new friends and surround yourself with a new and positive environment ?
-stay safe and have a blessed day ❤

Puja Talukdar

he broke up with me today. now i am not able to take this pain..its haunting..
he broke up coz i asked him help to take me to doctor...and he need to visit his frnd home to have parties.
i m hurt.

Carla Houston

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Galina Lelchtfried

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Jessica Jung

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David Blankson

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Arianna Panareo

I’m hurting so much... it’s been almost a week of no contact at all... I really want to text him to see him and discuss things in a better way. How long should I wait before reaching out?

Isabella Lynn

My husband divorced me when I was 6 mnths pregnant with my second child. We had been arguing nonstop since the day our first child was conceived, no love no trust from him anymore so he divorced me. All this while, I've been trying all different means to get him back, I also tried some different spell casters here in the U.S but none of them could bring my husband back. It was only DR. DAN who guaranteed me an urgent 48 hours spell casting, and he assured me that my husband will be with me again. I am writing to offer my thanks and deep gratitude to you for keeping your promises, and for using your gifted and great powers to bring him back home. I was thrilled to know that you are specialized in reuniting lovers. Thank you for helping me through the worst times of my life, for being such a great spell caster, and for giving me a love spell that has brought me so much joy in my marriage. My husband promised never to leave me again. Are you going through this? Trust me, you should take a chance. It pays off in ways you could never even imagine. If you are there right now and you need a powerful and urgent love spell to bring back your happiness, then contact on
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Salvador Esteve Cortés

You are awesome man

sandra melanija

Listening to it as a podcast to fall asleep ✨ it’s my first day of the breakup.. he wasn’t able to commit after 20 months

lifes abeach

My situation was worse I was in a friends with benefits “relationship” I stayed hoping he would ask me to be his gf. That hope kept me from leaving him. But it ended badly with him manipulating me and brain washing me into thinking I was the only one for him. Now I’m in pain because i don’t know if I’m going to get closure. How you meet them is how you lose them. I’m too scared to date again. Friends with benefits can be so toxic if the other person actually has feelings, never make that mistake.


I spent one and a half year improving my ex life, being around her when she needed me, found her a very well paid job and supported her with everything i could. She broke up with me via facebook and after two weeks was with another guy already. It has been a month now already, but i do still struggle to move on... It is getting better, but damage has been done. This video does help a bit. Thank you!

Soph -

I,keep having intrusive urges and just feel like idomt think i can live on

Debra Davis

EAGLE SPY ? helped me cloned my husband’s phone and I got access to all his dealings both on phone and social media without touching his phone. All I did was share my husband’s phone number with EAGLE SPY ? and I was able to read both his new and deleted messages from my phone without having to touch his phone. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad to find out all his secrets with the help of eagle spy ? . I’m here in US and able to access my husband’s phone messages with a link on my phone even while he was away in Canada cheating and flirting with his phone. I read all his Whatsapp, Facebook,Skype,Instagram and Snapchat messages Including the deleted text and incoming messages. You can contact Eagle ? Spy to help you too on WhatsApp : +1 650 246 9893 or text and call . Email: [email protected]gmail.com..................


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wilson delia

this is how i got my ex back.After a year of Broken marriage, my lover left me with one kid, I felt like ending it all, i almost committed suicide because he left us with nothing, i was emotionally down . Thanks to a spell caster called Dr OLOWO which i met online who brought my Lover back to me. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet, I came across several of testimonies about Dr OLOWO Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb,cure cancer,and other sickness, you can text him on whtzap ???
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Marita Sulistya

I let him in, and he left me out ?

Belle Lee

The exact feelings that i have right now. No one evem noticed that i was being furious


I’m a 19 year old boy and My gf broke up with after 2 years and I’m so lonely and I can’t process any of it. I’ve tried to hard to not let her go and she just couldn’t do it :( I’m devastated

princess Amne muhamad

Very nice advice to take in consideration thanks matthew?

rioeeo eeo

we broke up last night. i feel like my heart is about to fall out. i can only pray it gets better. this video helped a lot.

Feeling LONELY AND SUICIDAL After The Narcissist Discarded You? Try Doing This.

Feeling LONELY AND SUICIDAL After The Narcissist Discarded You? Try Doing This.8 Mar. 2020
2 507

It's perfectly normal to

It's perfectly normal to feel lonely after a break up but that feeling is amplified to the extreme when a toxic relationship with a narcissist comes to its bitter end. Feelings of loneliness and suicidal thoughts are common after a narcissist discard and happens to all victims of psychopathy and narcissistic abuse. It's a creeping feeling of dread that makes us want to isolate even more which leads to more feelings of loneliness and doom. The narcissist knew you would feel this way. This is why they discarded you the way that they did.

►► 5 Steps to Going NO CONTACT with a Psychopath Narcissist. Free Ebook → https://psychopathexposure.com/ebook

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In this video we analyze why we are feeling such intense feelings of loneliness and why suicidal thoughts cross our minds. We are not to blame though. It was the narcissist that created these dreadful emotions in us and now that they are gone, it is our responsibility to combat those feelings and attack them before they completely destroy us.

#narcissist #loneliness #suicidal

Comments (46)
Tiljuana W

I feel alone ? and confused ?

Garnet Jensen

im about 7-10 days of no contact after a 3yr relationship. The first time i realized that there was some serious psychological issues with this woman was about 3 weeks into it. We started in separate towns for the first 2 months, having great conversations on the phone. She then would drive 3hrs to come see me on weekends, then after a month+ of this, she announced she was moving back to be closer to her mom, but now i know she had targeted me. We were going to move in together in the new house i built on my acreage, but it never happened. She was a master of projection, actually making me wonder if i was the narcissist! I didnt even know what narcissism was! She would push and complain and blame and lie until i would sorta snap and end up sending her a really mean text, to break up. however i would go back after 2-10 days. Repeated this cycle about 10-15 times because i thought i loved her, and she convinced me that i was the problem...and because im a nice, educated, accomplished athlete and professional, with morals and values, i felt guilty for being mean and she would always say, I gave up everything and moved across the province for you! I thought we were getting married blah blah. So id bow down and come back to her. She couldn't hold down a job, make any friends or have any positivity in her life, which made me feel sorry for her, and boy did she know how to play on it! It finally ended when i snapped and broke it off again, and she proceeded to instantly hook up with an old friend from 15yrs ago. I didnt know for a couple weeks, and she actually had me helping her move her furniture to her apartment while f*cking this guy! Its not like i really cared, but i was still so addicted to the companionship and her augmented breasts & blonde hair (beautician), that i stupidly attempted to get her back and professed my love for about 5 days. I feel like a fool cuz i knew she was a psycho for 3yrs, yet she had somehow managed to dig those fake nails into my heart and soul. Today am in the no-contact process, struggling through the withdrawal, missing having someone around and lonely, fighting the urge to be close to her. Im almost fully accepting of what she is and in my mind, going through the past 3years, seeing all the lies, deception and manipulation...and identifying all those little signs etc that i saw exposing how sick and evil she truly is. Am embarrassed that i kept going back and wished I'd been stronger, as had i stuck to my decision to leave her the first time, id have only lost a month or two vs 3yrs...and wouldn't be in the state of sadness, hurt and despair that im currently in. Granted, i feel more like myself as time passes but am nowhere near ready to date or open up to another woman. This is nothing I've ever experienced before. Last day i saw her, i asked her to come say goodbye, have a hug and wish each other well...but she refused. Having learned from your vids, i understand that its her way of trying to keep an attachment on me. Im still in shock that this has happened to me, she was a real pro, knew exactly what she was doing. Wish me luck! This is the hardest thing ive ever dealt with...but i know she's a monster, borderline criminal psychopath. Almost wanna warn her new supply as he's a decent, nice guy...but if i wouldn't even listen to my family after they met her, why the heck would he listen to me...especially when i know she's already been smearing me and lying about me to him and anyone who will listen! I just have to put my faith in God, love myself and take time to heal. I'll be back. I wish you all the best in your healing journey's and to believe in yourself. Don't give up on love, they're not all monsters!


I had no clue finally being able to leave for good (2nd try, 1st got hoovered/threatened back in.. before I knew what was fully going on) would be the hardest, most unbelievable time. Knowing to survive, I HAVE to maintain total no-contact... at the same time, someone who has lost-control of me (& our son) doing pretty much anything possible to destroy us/our character/ability to live. Make no mistake, knowing how much worse it got when I fell for it the first time yearS ago & went back.... there's nothing he could say or do that would make going back a better option. That said, after such a long-term roller coaster of absolute fkery... the more I took it, the sicker I got, the more I grey rocked, the more I was punished isolated.. (making sure I kept my son protected/safe, my priority.. in the back of my head tho, how good will I be if I continue to be weakened & ill.. physically, mentally) Somehow, he knew I was planning to leave again... (or, just common sense.. idk.. the closer our son came to 16, 17... he may have just figured it was inevitable) Not even a convo, not even to our son.... Empty house (including 90% of OUR stuff) pile of bills, rent due soon... accounts emptied. Worse yet, he had been speaking to, planting seeds & manipulating the little bit of friends, family I had. He ran & THAT DAY, filed for divorce AND came w/ a friend. to drive our car right outta the driveway. A divorce he now made sure.. I wouldn't be able to afford to even file/appear OR get to. He even tried to mess w/ the little bit I was getting for disability... that I'm now supposed to live AND rebuild w/. Had one person to go stay w/, who had issues of their own & ugh... just not a good place. While grateful for the roof, a bed/couch & safety... they used us at our most vulnerable. Didn't get or understand our fears, trauma.. no compassion for the situation now in or how we were going to get through, save.. even live day to day. Never offered to take us anywhere, to participate.. like isolation all over again in a strange place we didn't feel safe in. All, so out of our control, but.. what can we do. I also worry he will find out where we are, tho I've not forwarded anything, not changed anything.. Had to pull my son out of HS even, I mean... ugh. So stressed, so worried, family I can't talk to either... idk what he said, my mom asked if I was on drugs (I'm not a kid, never did drugs, hell.. don't even drink. Don't have an irresponsible bone in my body& have always done the right thing, took care of everyone else... obviously, always at my own expense) Never asked for a thing & either of my parents, who are still living have way more than the means to help out, get us back on our feet so we can START to heal. A lonely hell I could NEVER have imagined... NOT how I thought I'd spend my adult life OR waste sooooo much precious time. Little by little & slower than anything.... saving up to get my own place... to get a car. To be able to have my son get his GED (which, as a mom.... hurts so much he couldn't finish hs) & start his own life, which he deserves... seems too far off. Day by day, we literaly just sit here. We take care of their dogs while they are at work, & can go online (watch yt), play xbox. Thaaaaat's it. All that, in addition to dealing w/ the hoovering, the harassing, the burner phones, the reaching out to old people from HS to send me msgs (since he's blocked everywhere) He goes hot to cold, of course.... pleading, apologizing... then blaming, threatening... I can't tell anyone where I'm at & can't file order of protection (would have to GET there + prob see him in court + most of all..... TELL HIM where he'd have to stay away FROM. We're better off & safer, without it for now!) Holidays he tries to ruin, holidays we can't even take part of & are just like another day. Alone, just the 2 of us.... eating whatever little crap we can find, the one x every other week I go to the store w/ the woman we're staying with. Having to get processed stuff at that, since there's not much 'fridge' room for our stuff... Just so uncomfortable, so stressful.. all of it. So, yeah... you asked for..... prob the 3rd time I've even talked about it, to anyone.... in all this time. It's been just over a year..... FEELS LIKE 100! Now, seeing so many have compassion for & helping out others re: isolation/virus etc.. It's like, jeez.... only when THEY go through it themselves, can they put themselves in anyone else's shoes. Even w/ out going into detail I'll never understand why those who should be there most of all... those who should protect & be that soft place to fall... to help lift you back up.... you tell them you've been abused & need to stay away from him. They know what he did last time & yet......................... tell me I need to forget about him, stop being so paranoid & just do what I've gotta do. Sure, 4 ruptured vertebrae, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, exhausted mentally, physically, who knows what financially.... I'll never understand how they can turn their back. More angry tha I won't give them my address.... than even asking if we're ok/safe/need anything. smh. At our most vulnerable, the wolves come out to feed... i hate how many people suck! =( Hope you are staying safe & well... (IF you even made it this far,. Sorry, will prob just delete this rambling mess. Felt good to get out tho, tbh... let's me think someone gives a $hit) :) Take care & thanks for what you do here!

Maria Boo Gaa Daa

You would have been a great Carl Switzer Alfalfa movie....you look like him ....I love the Little Rascal's

Amal Hasan

Thanks for encouragement stay bless

Ernest Adewoyin

I believe you should make a podcast. You make such good material.


Stop wasting your time and losing your sanity entertaining these toxic predators. It never gets better and the longer you stay in the relationship, the harder it will be to repair your psyche. I've helped thousands of victims of narcissistic abuse take back control of their life and free themselves from psychopathic emotional torture. Schedule a private 1 on 1 coaching session with me today and lets put an end to this nightmare together: https://psychopathexposure.com/coaching/

Porsha Lynn

Thank you

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Getting a dog. Better than narc w, no question about that. So happy I subbed on this site. Kira drops truth.

Rick Pitts

I neededed this so much. Yiu are exactly right. All us victims have to just get over this by rebuilding our lifes and become grateful for getting this toxic monster out of our life and minds.

Tommy Dades

it has made me feel like a fool.it is a shitty feeling to go through.

Cher Witty

Was a couple weeks ago. Glad I got my power/mojo/esteem back. You're golden thnx??

Fay Ceedat

Married to him for 40yrs.
Need to leave. But don't know if i will manage


Excellent advice. I too was victim of this narcissistic abuse. Hardest thing I've ever been through. I had no idea or ever dreamed that i would ever go through something as psychologically damaging as this. However, I am so much better than i was last year. This sick woman tried to make me as sick as her. She tried to destroy me. I would never have thought that i would ever have to run away from a relationship but I had to with this one. I had to run to save my life! I had so much shit running through my head, I just had to turn everything off and tell myself just hang in there one more day. Youtube videos saved me. I binged watched them this whole past year. And i don't even know how i made it through work but i just pushed through it. I honestly don't know how i did it. I just did.

Anne Lavigne

Im alone no friends no support


I have been feeling lonely in the last almost 4 years.. after my fucking BPD ex gf left me.
I feel im dead inside....

Emily Hogan

I can't find your book ...

Judge Ashley

Knowledge is power and it will help tremendously with recovery. Spot on

Star boi101

Yes we are vegetables right now?

Ivonete Castanho

What happens when they do everything but fail to destroy you?
It happened to me. In ten years and many Hoovers (I did not know about npd until very recently)this guy did all kind of craziness to destroy me but he failed every single time. Now, the rumination is so annoying and it seems that is not going away but at least I’m narc free and living my life in peace.

Беженцы Абсурдистана

Hi. I practiced a method of 5 wishes a day. It worked for me really well!

Tatania Alba

Thank you so much for sharing I honestly thought I was the only one going through this. I remember getting my hair done at the salon and crying ? going to concerts getting dressed up and crying at a concert ? ? I will go by myself. And to make it worse the evil ? MF narcissistic works on my same floor eventhough he left me like trash ? he was love bombing another woman right in front of my face. I so just wanted to throw myself out of the building so bad. But all I kept thinking is that God will be mad at me if I do this . Why should I kill myself for a peace of shit of a man . So glad for COVID in a way that I get to work from home.

Gerarda Grapendaal

Yes i need a make over ha ha

Demi Gaines

Thank You So Incredibly Much For Sharing I Was First Given The Silent Treatment It Could Go On For Months And Yrs I Continued Chasing This Person’s Acceptance.The More He Would Abuse Me. The Silent Treatment is Horribly Abusive .I Have Let Myself Go How Do I Get Me Back??I Was Discarded About 2 Months Ago It’s Horrible Narcissists Are Very Horrible Dangerous Ppl.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

I was discarded for someone else. This feels so suicidal. It hurts so much

Me Me

It's called trauma bonding. Chemical reaction in your brain. Their attention and their martyrdom and your own need to nurture create the "drug" you feel valued, useful for being able to help or guide them or by being their "light".
As a counselor who is a warrior for suicide prevention I can validate that all of your suggestions are spot on! Go outside- nature is healing! Go out for coffee with a friend. Find at least one person you can "confess" your experience with. Treat yourself good. Take yourself on a date. Love yourself FIRST.
P.S. I used to in college (low $$ flow) back in 1999, use Friday as my going to the movies alone day.....1st showing half price...
Also,, I see you have only 87 likes and I know one day soon it will be 187K likes. You are doing honest, blunt, compassionate work. Thank you & best to you.

Souf Kerrlina

When you KNOOOOOW in your mind body and soul you are living your truth in a relationship, but the person you dealing with is so weak-minded beyond all get out.. they would rather destroy the best thing that ever happened to them when it comes to a relationship...... People are really that damn stupid, it really have to be some type of mental illness in the form of a guilty conscience. But in their mind they think they are right about how they are treating you without cause, they can just blame you and keep living life, no conscious, no remorse, just straight wicked.... And then it's your fault if you demand some type of respect and don't want to put up with that treatment you do not do back to them... It obviously means that you're guilty SMH
The universe should repay people who do people wrong for no reason a hundred times worse all the days of their life, and even worse when they die.

Anne Lavigne

Yep i tried To kill myself je destroyed me i went no contact he stalking me finding ways To Her To me

Rebecca Anderton

Left by my husband of 8 years. He is all of this...

Anne Lavigne

I thankyou for finding your vidéos it helped me to understand what he was doing to me i went ni contact now

Margaret Shanahan

Your videos are keeping me going right now.. I'm waking up to the fact that all my partners have been physhcopaths along with parents one sibling and alot of friends who have had personality disorders. Ive ended this relationship and where previously I grew to love ex partners this time I fell very deeply in love. I already had ptsd from my previous relationship. I feel scared because I am in shock and I still have physhcopaths in my family etc. I didnt know before about physhcopaths. The lock down here in London is making it worse. I want him to phone I know he is evil my mind and heart are battling. I'm looking tomorrow for a specialist physcholigist in physhcopath abuse. I know there must be hope when I see how far you have come. Many thanks for relaying your experience.

Brenda Leverick

Thank you for your helpful video.?

Maria Boo Gaa Daa

He dumped me after 10 years I have never ever being so lonely in my year.... he's engaged to another witch.... he didn't even look like that type to be engaged because she always wanted friends with benefits with other women.... I guess he must have been playing me like a side like fool.....

Tiljuana W

I need answers I thought we had a good relationship but they switched up on me I feel so alone one minute were happy then the next everything goes down hill ? ?

Samiee Dodger

Thank you ???✨

Brenda Leverick

These narcs are horrible demons that shouldn't be allowed to walk among us.

Lauryn Rose

Grieving - trauma bonds -addiction - soul ties
It’s a lot to deal with but keep going get help
From Narcissist abuse informed people

the gerg

Went no contact with my narc 2 months ago. She's done two malign hoovers on me since and it's getting more evil and dark. I never in my life have gone through anything this bad. I appreciate your videos, I keep watching them over and over and they've really helped getting through this. The shit I went through with this psychopath damn near killed me.

John O'Reilly

You can't do most the stuff in no contact when you have kids together. You have to talk to them. Not about anything other than the kids though. The tantrums are the worst.

Ben Gone

She was and a drunk and drug user that called herself a Christian. After she devalued me and left, I outed her to her Sunday school mom and brother elder in church. She's freaking out now but don't mess with me

Veronica Haney

I'm scared I'm going to see him again because he lives in the same town.

Karit K

It’s very difficult, I feel like I cannot connect with anyone after this abuse. I don’t have a lot of people around me & I feel so very lonely. Thank you for the encouraging words though.. ❤️

How Reenie sees it

Love yourself
I looked for someone else to give me what I need to give to myself first. I never knew what that meant until spending 24 years with someone that I wanted to love me
Even though he kept treating me like shit I still looked for HIM to love me. I've learned to love ME now. I love myself from the inside. I will never look on the outside ever ever again!

Michael Mattsson

Thanks ✌️??

free your mind MGTOW

The dark fog is very difficult to get rid off

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