How do narcissists feel when you move on

When You’re Moving On - The NARCISSIST Will Do This ( Psychology Of Covert Narcissism)

When You’re Moving On - The NARCISSIST Will Do This ( Psychology Of Covert Narcissism)14 Oct. 2019
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When You’re Moving On - The NARCISSIST Will Do This ( Psychology Of Covert Narcissism)

Comments (100)
Alana Winters

Thank you your helping me understand more about what I've been going through

The Flyest Angel

One day after our first separation he contacted an ex and said he thought about her every day for the past few years and just got out of "terrible situation". she never responded and married now. I made sure to let him know before we broke up the final time. The one that got away is now married and didn't want YOU!!!!! He soon found a rough looking drunk woman whom he claimed he has loved since 5th grade. LOL. thats funny b/c he loved me at first sight at age 17. SAME LINES same loser!!!!

Carmela Fiore

My ex narc sent a text ..”I’m not seeing anyone, are you?” I completely fell for it..agreed to meet up..less than 24 hrs later he sent the rejection text and became a complete ghost.. hurt beyond words can explain.

Annette Gardiner

Oh sorry I'm taking about empath to empath.. ?

Dez’Aray Keith

I am in the process of divorcing a narc these videos help me god bless everyone who shares their experiences?

Matt Isbell

Out of the H-garage and feel such piece of mind and empowerment. It took me a bit, but I'm currently bad @$$ :) Thank you for the vids. I am a fan.

Lee Edwards

So sad, but very true

Awakened Empire 144

Wow soulmate-roommate to cell mate perfect !!! I’m from Connecticut

Annette Gardiner

He's got my key front and back won't give me back...

Arihant Jain

open with garage closed

Sam Son

I feel so confused with my self. I have came to the realization that I think I am a covert narcissist, I feel broken and I break people. And I feel like I am ruining my child's thought process. I have noticed my cycle of toxicity. And am in the biggest Battle of my life trying to find a way to recalibrated the way I proceed with people. As to not be so petty. If any pray warrior come across this please pray for core shattering healing. Thank you.

Tanya Sanchez

Miss A all the way.

Anissa K.

How do I know he's a narcissist and not just a piece of shit?

Tanya Mack

I left the harem garage...right after I gave him a dose of his own medicine and discarded him 1 day before Thanksgiving of this year 2020. ??????.

Sheila Murry


Tatjana Babić

After just 5 years he came back. But what he never told me was that he became a father of son with another. And when I"ve found out a boy on photo with him and asked him about, he lied as cold as stone that boy is his cousin.

Fring baby Ross

This is exactly how my discard played out. She was completely heartless. However 6 months before we broke up she said “if we ever break up we should still have sex”. It seemed odd at the time but it makes perfect sense now.


I agree. They do it all, Blame shift, play victim, smear campaign, fake cry/fake apologies, Hoover, threaten.

I got a Hoover today, a picture of a two page love letter that was written a while back to me.. ? ignored. I don’t want her around. I am standing strong. No more narc pipe. No more trauma bond. Yeah it hurts but it hurt when she was here too. Sick of the ? and the mind games. Betrayal. Reading Proverbs about adultery, lying, and good and evil has helped along with these videos. Stay strong.


Honestly, I’m starting to get really afraid learning that this is my situation & the man I am with. Was women B am now A. I don’t want any answers.

Suzanne St. John

I think the biggest piece of knowledge I learned on my own was that the attraction to the narcissistic person doesn’t go away when they disregard you even if you move on to a new relationship. In fact, you only are willing to move on when a new narcissist arrives on scene. A codependent can collect her own garage of supply to cope between the discard and rebuild phases.

The attraction or addiction to toxicity needs to be reprogrammed through self-love and independence. You have to recognize normal relationships feel uneasy, uncertain, unpredictable and yet non dramatic because you’re programmed to crave toxicity to feel loved.

You cannot jump into new relationships and you have to remain single until you love yourself enough to never want to risk having another toxic person. And then, you’ll be tested. The quicker you recognize and move away from people carrying red and yellow flags the sooner you’ll find normal. When you decorate your house with red and yellow flags, instead of run, you know you’re still an addict looking for your codependent fix.

I start running when white flags start looking dingy yellow...??‍♀️

Cathy A Ogram

Excellent ???

Claudia Falz

Mine will never come back because he would look stupid in front of his family because of the lies he's told about me

Nilta Mims

I'm from Oklahoma City Usa.

Who Cares

My ex narci has his harem garage and recycles each one of us. What's crazier than me lol is he thinks I don't know it goes on and has been since the day I met him 3 years ago. His entire family thinks he's the victim...omg!!!!! RIP


I always watch and listen to these videos more than once because as I slowly begin to comprehend all that has happened I get more each time from the content and comments. This is so important. I have taken this my whole life. At 50 years old I have a lifetime to unravel. Yes, they once were your soulmate and become your roommate and then cellmate! Excellent! How could this resonate with every single person who has experienced this if it was not TRUE!

Rosalyn Jolly

Narc go to exs of family members. You was a good looking woman. What about me.


He actually went to sleep at his office's garage? when he left-where his new supply worked and his flying monkeys.? You can't make this stuff up.? Its that obvious.

Jake State Farm

After reading these comments I’m super thankful to you Jesus? that I never got married and had kids. That you’ve kept me on your task and purpose for my life! That type of life, ie. wife or gf, kids, home with the white picket fence isn’t worth the trouble. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore, especially with decreasing SMV with increasing age. Yea no thanks!

Toni Smith

Find a partner with the Holy Spirit of God. Be safe out there. The unholy spirits walk the earth looking for wounded. Light exposes darkness.

Jill Gnagy

This is Jill, I just wanted to add that once he realized l wasn't dead in the car he walked back into the house and went to bed. A word of advice from someone who has definitely been there, I know how bad it hurts, but you can do this, I remember people saying that same thing to me and I just could not feel it. Seven months later and I understand now, you will too. You are not alone ???❤️


That’s true about the harming oneself. I sadly went through a self harming stage and my ex narc laughed hysterically when he found out about it. He made fun of me. I couldn’t believe a human being could make fun of a person. Do you understand how low and depressed a person has to be to harm themselves? This was one of the cruelest things he ever did. I am so glad I got away.

Ashley Nic

You are so handsome. That is all. ??‍♀️??

Nicole Weeks-Boyers

I wish I could send this to my ex who just doesn't understand, doesn't see that he did anything wrong, doesn't understand he caused any long term damage to our daughter. I'd like to say I'm a Ms A, but our daughter is my weakness. I had to stick up for her, and I realized it was a way to get a reaction out of me. I'm so conflicted on how to do this better. I welcome any help.

Awakened Empire 144

Lit is a good thing Dave ! That means lit ? up!! Your light shines through ?


100% FACTS


Your voice has changed since these older videos. Somewhat alarming..

Ava Glover

Yes..Lit is a good thing!

Lorraine Garrett

⚠️☣⚠️?⚠️...i would like to warn every body..of a possibility ...besides the normal demon in a flesh suit..AKA..the narcissist ?...yes narcissist can be involved but...allso take a look at this info as well..predatory community organized gang stalking..contract stalking aka..targeted individuals...i am one ?...its a nightmare..its like living with the enemy ...times a thousand and multiple people are involved..and very hard to prove...go to ella free on u informed

Donna Daniels

Left ran,? ?‍♀️


I had THE WORST Narc relationship any one could possibly endure (like Dirty John). Everyone says I should write a book/movie script because it was just so incredible (Life-time Movie Academy Award material). My Narc was a retired law enforcement officer of 22 yrs. He then earned his doctorate in Psychology to become a "trauma" therapist for first responders. On top of it he is a Scorpio. I can't think of a worse combo. I had no chance whatsoever! Still trying to figure out how to help others. I'm petrified to have any online social media presence.


This is exactly word for word my experience

Marla Delgado

Best leap of faith I had ever taken , to leave my ex narc husband with my three Chi children to a shelter where we were safe!

Dahlia Dulay

I love my narc husband but i lock the door for him for good his aa monster ???

Lorrie Cavanah

I left that garage.

Melody Montana

once we overcome the lesson of a narc we'll be rewarded with empathic love

Rob Mooney

I understand this is a very late comment my friend, but was impelled to say thank you . I consider your your advise very valuable to the loving decent human being

Astrid Nagel

Lol...indeed..the Harem Garage. AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH!

Sheila Brewster

Dave, I see what you're saying. I hope the only that could help me is to be a Narcissist. What would happen if a Narcissist falls in love with another Narcissist? Is that the perfect relationshiP?

Joann Thornton

My husband asked me how I wanted to celebrate our wedding anniversary? I said I don’t want to celebrate the day i became your slave ; I want to forget I ever met you, but your more than welcome to go celebrate your Adultery

Abigail Thompson

In the gargae but the door is shut tight

Deborah Scarlette

This is my husband right on target!

Melody Montana

the narc gets their karma at 40 and it's all downhill because they don't try to change and they become their worst nightmare mid life crisis victim....always the it's true hahahahahahahaaa....wake up narcs ...GOD WANTS YOU NOW

Tochara Hurst

Growning up I use to tell my mom she's like talking to a wall. ?

Jeanette Morris


Mrs A

What about when the spouse never leaves, he waits for you to kick him out. He says all the things you mentioned. Yet wont be the one to actually move?

Sheila Brewster

Is there any way to change a Narcissist, befides giving them a frontal lebotamy? Empaths like me have never been married. Why did I keep feeling for Narcissists. I had lots of nicemenfriends a but the CHEMISTRY wasn't there for them. There's something wrong with me isn't there? I cared about men who never cared if I lived or died. Thank you Dave, In starting to see something. What you say is So True. I'm lonely when I'm with Mike. I thought it was my fault. Then I got depressed. I was lonely with or without him. I thought I had Depression. It is a War. This is Awful. He WOUKD leave and never think twice. He even admitted and is Proud of being a Narcissist. This guy must be Satan's twin! How sad for we Empaths.

Jenny Lee

I hope everyone heals, one day, and is able to love again

Annette Gardiner

I felt like hurting myself to and actually did but luckily stopped as I felt so much pain and hurt from the emotions..I never done anything like that before in my life.. ??.. This was 6yrs ago.. Now with the help of you I'm feeling much better now so thanks Dave ☺️

Melissa Brown

Dave here’s a question. Why don’t narcs venture off to get “brand new” supply, meaning women/men that they don’t know. Is part of their issue is they are too insecure to seek supply that are strangers instead of old supply?

michelle b

I liken living with them as the movie GROUNDHOG DAY!!! Stuck on repeat same shit different day!!!

Terri Veracruz

I would love for that to happen we can all meet up all empaths meet up that would be great

Summer Lily

Met him February 2020. It was a emotional roller coaster for months..mixed signals everywhere I was trying to figure out who the hell I was dealing with !! I have a closet full of red flags ? (my fault) he’s has all of the characteristics and behavior patterns you’ve mentioned..he also suffers from bipolar/ depression so I was always trying to be there for him sometimes I felt I was being manipulated at times. Not realizing I was ignoring the other signs. Until he finally ended our friendship December 29, 2020. Felt it was a great way to end the year !! in reality I was exhausted from the BS . A day after I came across your channel ...what a blessing ?and amazing way to start 2021 . You brought so much clarity to my situation with that person. Everything makes sense now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping others that have gone through so much hurt because they didn’t know who they were dealing with keep up the good work ?✨

penny davis

I want to make this clear. I did not get rejected from the narc. I ran away after I just couldn’t handle anymore verbal abuse and constant anger from him. He says “ you abandon me”. Call it what you want sparky but I left your soulless ass. Before he got blocked, he would blow up my phone daily with his “ false impressions” of me. Then he finds his flying monkeys and I showed them all the vile messages he set. I have well over 120 printed copies to add to my divorce papers. Document everything, take pictures and copy everything. I moved out of my home state that I lived in since 1979 because of the abuse.. I am in therapy because of what he did to me. Dave, been watching your videos for 5 years please don’t stop these videos.

alexandra schuster

You are an angry resentful, repressed, narcissist who cannot accept the player got played.

Reno Stubbs

Question, can child abuse or physical abuse cause narcissistic tendencies in a woman?

Sheila Murry

Children suffer because of this too

Keisha Wade

Your videos make everything that was happening with me so clear thank you so much for these informative videos!!


Isnt it funny how one single person can fill a relationship with so much love? Insane how this can led you into darkness when youre with the wrong people. life is crazy

Nancy Feke

All answers...BS anyway! Let it go, pack up Your Tent and run for Your Life!


Its lit?

Jeanette Morris


James Hammond

You are a brilliant. I have lived your words. And right NOW, I am living in my Van of Freedom. Yes! I am cold. But I hear not a word of manipulation. And I am smiling with a cold and beautiful smile. I am cold, but I am better- off.

Shere'e Loftus

Yes, they look at you like an object and not as a person.

Lorrie Cavanah

My husband has been divorced from his ex wife for almost a full decade. He is remarried to me and the ex wife is also remarried and she still tries to seek control over ex husband and she uses her own children to try and gain control over her ex husband and through her ex husbands family. She still wants control over his thoughts, believes, perceptions etc. She tries to make the kids see me his wife as all bad, negative, and inferior to the ex and to see the ex wife as all good, all positive, and superior to the new wife. Why? Because she wants to be in control of how her ex husband sees his new wife in comparison to her and also to cause conflict in the ex husbands new marriage, and in an effort to sabotage the ex husbands 2nd marriage. She makes the children into flying monkeys and she parental alienates them. I have done research up on research and all the signs are there.


open the door Hal - I'm afraid I cant do that Dave -- D, you are the man!!!!

D Thrills

Why do they have their friends trash talk to you. Dislike youtube videos after creating an account just to do that. Make statuses on facebook about you then they laugh together ???

Ravens Moon

My narc ex turned out to be closet gay the entire relationship. Full of lies and deceit. At the end, when I found all his sex videos on his phone, I also found out he was stealing and storing it in his storage building. I used that as leverage to force him to move 300 miles away, then I turned him into the police.

Ryan McGuire

I went through a 3 year relationship with a female narc of course, thinking I finally healed from it 3 years later..I ran into another, which oddly healed me from it completely.. Recognizing it this time tells me, it's not me. Subsequently realizing fully it wasn't me that had any of the problems, but made me feel better realizing I'm just an empath, not co dependent..I got out of it almost right away this time

Lorrie Cavanah

When I got the divorced the 1st time I had to get someone to play my body guard so he wouldn't both me at school or work and I had a DVO too but it still wasn't enough. I lived at a abuse shelter because I knew if I went anywhere else he would hunt me down and find me and I would not be safe or protected from him. He would stalk me. I would find roses on my car after work and teddy bears, flowers, and ballons at my grandparents drive way. He would try to love bomb me to get me to come back which I did but the 3rd time I had learned my lesson and left for good and the love bombing did not work anymore. He also would flip like a switch he would be love bombing me one day and leaving abusive messages on my answering machine and text messaging the next day.

Silvian Browne

You are amazing man such support here I thought I was alone, I knew my narc since I was 13 years old we always had a crush on each other. We started dating at 30 years old 5 years later I'm just finding out she is a narcissist smh

Awakened Empire 144

They would love to see you in misery and also they would love to use your sympathy and say they are broken without them .... they are liars

Astrid Nagel

Thank you for this LIT channel - from Cape Town

Lorrie Cavanah

Yeah he didn't cheat he was in a hotel room with another girl and she was laying in bed with him naked but he supposedly refused to have sex with them even though they were coming on to him. When I caught him coming out of the hotel room with this other girl. He paid for the hotel room too and drove her there in his car. They will lie even when they are caught red handed.

Dan Dowd

My ex-narc still try’s to hack my accounts. The same thing she did to her ex’s when with me.

Annette Gardiner

That would be great but I'm afraid I'm in Britain ??

Mystic Rose

A parent treated me like this. I got divorced and my family acted like it was a witch hunt. Like I had committed a crime. Too sick. I didn't want to stay in a miserable marriage like they did for 20 years. And I got punished for it. I can't be around people who would rather see me get abused.

Mary Bondar

Seriously, these analogies are so good. The way Dave delivers his messages is so unique and powerful, and I'm so grateful for it! Thank you!!

Claudia Falz

How do u go from Mrs B to Mrs A? We all want to be Mrs A

Ravens Moon

These creatures need to be locked up for good! Psychology says 80% of humans in prison are the cluster B personality disorders! Narcs, avoidants, psycho and socialpaths. They are destroying all the good left in this realm.

Lamulata#1 Azuquita

Thank you Dave great video. God bless you??????thank you for helping all of us ex narc abusers. I’ve learned so much from your videos. ??????

Astrid Nagel

This LITERALLY HAPPENED TO ME. The demon ran off and got engaged to marry one of his common ho's, WHILST STILL MARRIED TO ME. These creatures are true DEMONS in the flesh...always seeking to devour


This community is lit ?


It’s creepy af how you’re telling my life’s story. Word ?? For ?? Word ??

Julie Louks

OMG this is my story! My ex husband who was 10years older and now has 3 ex wives! He is the devil! I’m never going back! It was hell!

Sheila Brewster

Are men like that SOCIAPATHS??? THIS guy who thinks he's the Legend is beyond Narcissist. OMG

Beauty For Ashes

I burned down the garage, ground zero , nothing here for him anymore



Astrid Nagel

RUN TOWARDS THE THRONE ...never EVER look back!

Claudia Falz

Mine had nothing when I met him, he was seperated, no money and once his family started getting over his cheating, he excluded me and thru me away once he was on his feet again. His wife n kids haven't forgiven him. I was not the reason, met him after he seperated. Nobody has ever hurt me as much, I feel used n dirty. And I still hurt

Jacqueline Jeffrey

I have left the garage

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Comments (100)
Kate MCL

I remember saying to my narc-ex “sometimes it feels like you don’t even like me”.

Vibeke S

They have absolutely no regards for other people.

Laura Branigan Forever - RunAndPlay

I can't believe I let my exnarc lizard fool me so often. Lol I look back now and just think "ew."

Dream Catcher

They're thieves.....they may steal our energy, time, happiness, love for a while, but we are smarter and stronger than they will ever be. And when we are through with them, we become even stronger and even better. This is part of their karma, that they will never ever have control over us again. Let's take our control back from the Narc and see how they get destroyed in their own web of lies.

Therese Ward

There is a way to help the narcissist lose interest. I see my ex at family gatherings and have learned to turn him away from me. First I tell him how difficult life is (Ok so it is mildly difficult) He offers to help (he does not help - offer yes - help no). I accept and am prepared with a list of everything he can do, when he can do it, and how he can do it. He says he will call and let me know when he’s available. He doesn’t call. This is the first year I will tell him I don’t need his help (I’ve decided to be brave) we’ve been divorced 14 years. I act a little disinterested when he sits next to me and talks (at family/friend gatherings) I ask him to repeat himself a few times. He gets frustrated and sometimes moves away from me and glares. Or I move away from him. I dance around my discomfort at being near him. Oh I tell our adult children I don’t mind if he’s at the gatherings. Now Im moving in new uncharted territory. I didn’t return his text this week (rarely does he text-always just before gatherings) next weeks gathering will be different - I’m going to be kind and straight forward. “no thank you- I don’t need any help- if I do I will call” he will ask why I didn’t text back- we are over now aren’t we- it’s time for me to move on - I wish you the best (which I do-actually still am fond of him on some very low level- he can sense this) I will no longer act fond of him- just indifferent

Lucky Charm

That’s so scary! ??

Lesley Miller

Hes feels nothing

Diamond Princess

Absolutely true


Its means she loves me indeep ..and heat me also narc always be narc.... Correct me she loved me

Patricia N. Izzo

Always the Best!!

Pickles N cheese

This is spot on


Thank you for this video!!! You’re the Only one that has made me feel better about myself as a person!! All the other videos made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of the person I am. Made me feel like I wasn’t good enough but you have made me feel better about the relationship I was in & not feel so bad about it & me, as a person!! So thank you for that! Not that I would want to get back into that situation with them, b/c I would NEVER put myself in that relationship again!!

Steven Thury

You speak as if you really experienced what you are talking about.

Jean Dawes

So true NS ?

Ann Livingitup

Everything you are saying is so true!! Keep making your amazing videos. It helps me a lot. Thank you and May God bless you.

Joseph Aldrich

I think they can't really love at all, they're just that sick...
They would love to be you, and that drives them crazy.

Marti Grant

And just to add to my below comment, the straw that broke the camel's back for me concerning him, I left the relationship for good after he intentionally sprayed my car's eyes with wasp poison to blind him to get back at me for God knows what. That was the breaking point for me and he is going to go to hell because of intentionally blinding my cat. God WILL see to that. There is a special place in hell for that narcissistic piece of sh_t I was the next on his list and probably still am because I have gone no contact on him and always will. Keep your pets and children as well as yourself as far away from these psychos before something horrible happens to you and your loved ones.

Lesley Miller

Hes never tried to come back or even contact me... so hes someone elses problem now


The most difficult is if a narcissist is your mother, father or sibbling. After realizing it 20 years later in life makes it hard even if you have distance from them. It's sad in a way.
I see narcissist as people whom have turned away from any sort of enlightenment including belief of One God.

Matt Reed

Great video

Marilou Dimalanta

Great video and highly educating !! It iwas just the music towards the end ---- it became LOUD and distracting; it was difficult to follow what you were saying.

Sam Boriboun

My narc said he will break me before he makes me i said goodbye lol

Linda Geiling

I discarded him. I couldnt take his abuse anymore. I knew he was talking to other women. N yet im still going thru withdrawal.. I loved him. Its almost 3 months since he left. He accused me of conspiring with his ex girlfriends to do something against him. Paranoid. He was so verbally abusive. He hasnt tried to contact me n i dont know if he will again.

iliana estrella

Always knew I was a drug??

Red Squirrel

I am a big fan of the adage "You will search for me in another person but you will never find me."
My ex narc got lucky when she found me but either couldn't or wouldn't recognise it.
That's now her problem because I'm gone. And I'm never coming back.

Tanya Lopez

Thank you for helping me on my spiritual journey and self healing I appreciate your videos

Alda Mendes

Us proper human beings have feelings but for them it’s a different kind of feelings! They want to see how bad you are doing.

Lesley Miller

I dont hate him, i just hate what hes done to me but he wont get the chance to do it again

Alda Mendes

They are not real, they have a human being body but not a human being mind or brain! They are just different to us because we are scared of hurting but they enjoy it.

Maria Sannicandro

These narc people are like they are bc of not WANTING to they live wanting REVENGE ..this fills their hearts full of HATE..especially toward WONDERFUL & FULL of LOVE people ..that they know they could never be..this is why they ENVY us..& try to destroy us...this is what makes them demonic people..bc they open themselves to all kind of evil...So our enemy is not really them ..but Satan that pulls their strings..they are his puppets...& we're fighting against the enemy that after having destroyed them..wants to take us to hell ..with them..& I always tell the narc that I'm from 35 +years with...I BELONG TO GOD..&ALWAYS WILL..HE'S MY ALL& YOU WILL HAVE TO GO TO HELL ALONE ..IF YOU REALLY WANT TO...

Dan Gray

I keep hearing how the narc always comes back? Really? Mines been gone 4 months and hasn’t made her move yet? I know she’s made a sexual orientation change, so it appears? But a narc is a narc right? They’re 60?days into their adventure.... I just want to see her regret kick in.... a little Hoover would feel good... a little satisfaction would go a long ways!

Mella B

They abuse you sexually as well...mine use to tell me that he wished he could crawl inside of me so he could he could be with me all the time... sick! Now he won't even look at me...crazy sicko's

Myrian Valenzuela

In other words, they are purely evil. There is no GOD in them.

Jean Dawes

Too late NS shall be there cry.

Silly Girl

Thank you for the opportunity to listen to an authentic and continue accurate overview of the topic excellent job peace and blessings to you.

Tanya Chavis

How do they feel? Narcs feel nothing but misery. They are huge garbage cans, constantly looking for honorable people to dump their garbage into. They are completely driven by envy, jealousy and contempt for decent people and there own self-inflicted and self-imposed strife. If you are with a Narc, know two things: they will never love you because they don’t love themselves, and as long as you are with them, you will always have a life of strife, confusion and chaos. Go no contact. And don’t look back.

Tayo Great Ajibade


Jade O'Shaunessy

I've been studying narcissim for 7 yrs. You've put the Best perspective on these ppl so far...
But I'm starting to fall back into watching these podcast
And still being a victim
I love you, ns for showing the way
But it's time, so I'm
Movin' on

Marti Grant

Who gives a f_ck what the narcissist thinks of me. Does it really matter to me??? No. Why should it when he is nothing but a violent scumbag. I hope I NEVER see him again and God have mercy on anyone who will deal with him after me. I would rather put my efforts into people who are and will be worthy of my time instead of worrying about what the narcissist or any narcissist thinks of me. They are all losers and always will be.

Angel Pierson

but can they take 12 years to actually show their true self or can my awakening bring it out and if so can i bring him back


Thank you so much. My most ultimate favorite!
You are a gem


They are not coming back because they loved the person.
They want the feelings back the person gave about themselfs. That's it!

Deborah Etheridge

One word....WOW!!!!!!


Whew. Good one! Ty!

Sean Garcia

I feel these narcs are just jelous
And really hateful people
Lord forgive there souls.

Prem Chald

You are so great everything is true much love

Shayla Holloway

Makes me feel better?

Meli Ling

Waw this feels spot on, I feel like my narc husband hates me ?

Ainsley Flint

You are just the same to them as any other appliance. Once they have broken you through misuse they will throw you away and get a brand new one.

Bharti Sharma

True they will search for us in every another person , n I promise you they will never find us . That will break their heart n ego deep down.

Nankya Agnes

Our personality,Qualities, Enegy keeps them want more sip,but not possiple to get it from any one else.because we are unique individual.once done with the Narcissists,no matter what ,we never retret we just move on to buid our lives.

Lorraine M

Out of all of your videos, this is one of my favorites. I still can't get my head around that level of jealousy and hatred - I just don't understand it - but for me it is helpful to have some perspective on the dysfunction of narcs.

michael morgan

My narc and I met over 20 years ago
We had a one stand.
Years later we met again
It latest 7 months
I was ghosted 6 months ago
I am still recovering
I was never so hurt
We are both singers
We did shows it
Seemed so perfect
But it. Was all a lie

Daniel Chekol

Are you really a human to reach this level of knowledge and understanding? Or did you born in this world for the second time? This time of my age you are talking something with a mind blowing topic in its nature. You made me insane. Jesus saves humanity on the cross who are sinful as well as a blessed one. You are trying to save innocent people all over the world. You are the army of the Almighty God. Bless you.

Karen Zeifman

I'm free of my narcissist ex-boyfriend....learned from him exactly what I never want ever ever again.

Renee Gardner

32 narcissists disliked this video!!! ???

Mike Ammargon

Damn you are good!

Ioana 1111

Excellent video confirming what I learned ! Thank you ?❤️
We are not worthless; they only tried to make us feel this way due to their own soul emptiness and envy.
They will always look for us into others but will never find us again! ?

Phineas J Whoopie

Fascinates me that I noticed many of the things described here about the covert narc, without ever knowing what she was. Before I ever got "educated" as to what this was. A family member got me to research the subject of sociopathy, as he believed her to be a sociopath. After reading up on it, I had to agree, and I wrote it off as she was a regular person who had a "severe personality disorder." (A text book definition). Wanting to know every little detail of my life. Trying to dominate and control me. She always seemed to somehow be involved, every time something bad happened to me, or someone I cared about. Ignoring, opposing, and arguing against every single thing I suggested or wanted to do. Absolute denial when questioned about anything. Ignoring my boundaries. Incredible selfishness. "Favors" with an UN-Godly debt attached. A huge overdone projection of a religious facade, for many years. So many signs, yet I knew nothing of narcissism. Since my "awakening" by this and other channels, I've seen many more of the evil games that have been, and are still being played toward me and my entire family. Even the grandchildren are up to their eyes in her hidden abuse and manipulations, though quite unsuspecting and unaware. Thanks to you NS, I've come a long way in a short time in my understanding and handling of narcissists. This information has literally saved my life. And it is invaluable as a guide to getting completely freed from it, as well as arming me with weapons to defeat it. I'm grateful for your work.

Fátima Teles

Best video ever about the subject. I saw him described word by word. He told that he will never give soo much power to someone! I never understood, know I do. Thank you.
I disappear completely so he can’t not look for me. I ripped his mask completely. I never saw soo
Much hate in a persons eyes. He had to settle.
Thank you for this words ??

Oscar Mannheim

Yep, mine love bombed me for literally 7 yrs before I finally gave in to a relationship. There was a reason I hesitated! I now know! These communities are my crutch. Ty everybody for listening to my sorrow!

Asha Bharth

My ex narc, knew l was too good for him.

His own friend's and most of his family told him.

Ever weddings,parties we went to he would be stuck up!!!

Never communicated with other's..

My ex narc would always spoil the day on those special events...

Your video was so good Narc survivor ??????

Never feel useless,
be proud of myself you got away !!!


The very thing that initially attracts them to us .. eventually pushes us away .. they begin to hate it and envy it then use it against us. God bless everyone ??

Dawn Nicolas

Thank you for the increased awareness about Narcs and the abuse. It's like a ride on a Merry go Round and a roller coaster!!! Knowledge is power!!! ??

Wandering Free

Nice video. Thanks for posting.

Leaves is giving life

holly right!!!!!!

Shawna Deyo

Mine would get mad at anyone who would talk to his exes. I used to think what the hell is wrong with you? Why do you care who talks to your exes? But like a dummy I didn't say anything because I didn't want to seem jealous or insecure. Now I know EXACTLY why he kept track of his exes. He thought he owned them and he needed to keep them on the back burner in case we didn't work out. Which of course we didn't. And come to find out he was cheating left and right with them and plenty of others.

Gregory Chandler

Narcissists love objects but narcissists hate people. This love-hate relationship exists among narcissists.

Lesley Miller

Hes away back to his previous life now so i wont ever see him again ? so hes free to do what ever he wants and with whoever he wants...

E Cunningham

Never again.

Ethan Schiltz

This video is in the top 3 of my favorite NS videos. Although I love them all. Comforting and healing.

Ashely Bently

This is so true

joue Fawzi

Love ur vídeos howver, i want more focus on the parents

Reneka Washington

Ahsan Khan

My narc used to say "I can't feel emotions. It requires a lot of energy to fake emotions".

Christy Brown

Makes sense now!!! So Twisted!!!


I'm going through it now. I left my wife because I couldn't take it anymore. The only comfort I have is that it is her abnormal ways of relating. It really is all about them, not me or you. About them because they expect to have everything their way; About them cos their mental wiring is awry. Don't blame yourself or do the what if's because truly we could never be enough for them no matter how hard we try and nor will anyone else.. It isn't about you, it's their faulty programming. You can't have a healthy intimate relationship with a narcissist.

Zandra Lee

Excellent and uplifting. Thank you - again. This new (for me) slant makes sense to me. I managed to maintain some semblance of self-worth through a degrading three year relationship with a Narc to see how he would deeply appreciate having a great "supply" that was a therapist, hospital chaplain, attractive, personable - just an all around nice person who other people enjoyed and were attracted to. The Narc still wants me back - to finish me off. I took a lot of abuse until I learned through you and other magnificent individuals who were actually knowledgeable and able to share critical information about Narcissist, and teach us (the abused) to not only comprehend what was happening to us, but get out with some semblance of dignity and self worth as this awesome video does. Again, thank you for this huge ray of hope you have shined on my life and many, many other individuals. Blessings to you and yours.

Magdalena Da Costa

The narcissist who did everything to reach me for eight years said: ”You are glittering, radiant and possess so much feminity that you distort the head of every man. So, it is your fault if men abuse you!”
Next: you are ugly and who would want you?”
”I love you!” ”I hate you!” and so on.

Lyrical Terrorist

Awww this is my stalking scumbag csis agent Bain Coote who is a criminal drug dealing cop who lived at 1032 Dovercourt rd.. y biggest fan


They take away all your good things in life and then, blame you for not having those things.


I think that they come back not because of love, but because they cant stand looking to themselves. They NEED someone to look to. They CANT look to themselves.

barta andel

We don't care how demoniacs feel..

Roger M

Everything you just mentioned is exactly what's going on in my ex relationship and the mother of my child this man knows a lot what he's talking about


These scumbags waste so much time & energy on evil, destroying their target(s), if they can. We had narc neighbors. It was terrible! Daily harassment, stalking, using their kids to teach them how to harass us, getting the neighborhood to harass us. They smeared our name in the neighborhood. We finally sold our house, no 4 sale sign out (we had to protect our realtor friend). We moved out quietly over 2 months. We told only 3 people where we were moving to & we are temporarily living in another area but will be moving over 1,000 miles away in a about 6-weeks. We are slowly healing. I appreciate people's comments on here because everyone understands what this dangerous abuse we experience @ the narcs hands. ??

Berkies Sepulveda

Thank you narc survivor for sharing your videos.

Andrea Gordon

My exhub said that if I didn't 'make him happy' he would find someone else...I said start looking. No Contact since 2012 and that shit still sends emails...I do not ever reply cuz that's attention he doesn't deserve. I go to great lengths to not even acknowledge his existence. I'm grateful my kids are now adults but he did damage to both. I pray they both heal soon?


Name of song in the background in this video?

Diamond Princess

Absolutely correct

Discharge Summary

The narcissist despises you



Sabrina S

about a year ago....he didn't even try to ask about my day. Id say you don't even ask about my day??? Why does it seem like we only have a relationship on the weekends??? I didn't understand.........but You love me??.......I just couldn't understand. I love you just meant I love what you give to me. I need it. ONLY I didn't know this. I believed his words.

I say I care about you and your day?? why cant you care about mine? I knew a huge red flag after I kicked him out and 45 days passed and he didn't ask me one single question. Not one damn question. miserable POS!

Gloria Tucker

some of these pictures look like Alaska. They are beautiful.


I don’t really think I was attractive to my narcissist... the relationship was short lived and there was no sex. I feel like I was more a last minute resort for more fuel.

all haters have in common their all ugly

Thats rotten to the bone thiz feeling always mad as a child on my Childhood best friend before I overcome it,simple just look at your Blessings....

Michael Morgan

You have to use all your ?
It will drive them away
Listen to your gut

Helen Reed

WhAt a great video ty so much I learned so much!!!

Tom Price

This video describes the thief and manipulator Mike Morren. Prick! Liar, con artist, manipulator, demon, bastard. Piss of you bastard, Robbing me will terminate you. Karma is coming to you.

Zenaida Z Dozgic


Amanda Louw

Started watching, but then i thought do i care, NOPE not really

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Comments (70)
steady pace

Narcissists are opportunists and moody, they seem to live in the moment so it depends on what is going on in their life at the time. If the narcissist has new narc supply they may not feel too concerned about you moving on as they have a new toy to play with. If they are without new narc supply they could feel stressed, angry and resentful towards you, they may even stalk or try to contact you in some way. Narcissists fear rejection so they will usually want to reject you first to feel in control. If you reject them first it could bring back a feeling of shame within them and they may feel like they have failed at something.

Denise Harris

Thanks for the video...all the do is destroy...I can relate...I am doing way better but it came at a price...I could not understand any of this without the videos...the gang stalking is horrible but their is a God..

Chiara Master

Thank you for this! I really want to know what a narc is telling to himself in the mirror when he wakes up?! Maybe something like: let's make this day a hell to you !!! Is like living in a house with a hater,how to feed a hater everyday,how to shower a hater everyday,how to move and work for a hater every day,this is too much for my understanding.Is like when you literally are paying someone to come at your door and spit you in the face everyday and with you saying "thank you" like when you do with delivered packages.This person is the narc doing it for himself every minute of his life...I really wish them fast recovery,the sooner they change the better their lives will be !!!

Donna Barden

This was my life, not anymore, I'm glad I got away while I could,I don't have to live or breathe that parasite any more, I am actually liking myself and can't wait to live my future.

Victoria Sutherland

He may have tried to break me but he has failed. I am strong. I am brave. I am good. I am loving. I will thrive without him.

Narc Free

Yes, he did almost destroy me but since he did not I will go ahead and live.


I think that they never completely hoover you because if they really do then they won't have the chance of hoovering you again, when the new supply rejects them. They wont show their true self unless they are desperate.

Spanish 1love

I just miss him so much. I'm so hurt

Maya Karen

Want to say and point out something all the unknown people that were making those bad comments towards NS you are just hating you looked so cool in that car especially with those neon lights orange bright lights I think that was the color, Change of coversation the narcs knew they were the problem from the start not way after the relationshitt was over that is why I discarded him as soon I started seeing the disrespect I was gone.
Dont listen to those people yes NS
you work your butt hard to make all these Vids for us and we are Thankful is ok we are here for you ok?


Thank YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INFORMATION.. FROM my ❤??..thank you bc I was going CRAZY.... THINKING IT WAS ME...WHAT WAS I DOING...3 YEARS OF THAT....I loved him can't believe how I stupid I made me STRONG AGAIN...I KNEW something was wrong... but it wasnt ME.... I didnt cheat..lie.... I was a BREADCRUMB...OMG BOMBING aka...Love BOMBING the first 3 months.... then the arguing..I LOOK BACK AND SAY WOW...

Truegem Hearts

Great content I needed this I just walked away from my narc ex !

George J Gilles.:

Terrible beings. Darn parasites.

Michael Ayala

I am floored with your wisdom and understanding. You are a gift to us, thank you!


Narcissist do not want you to move on and be happy in life. They want you to be just as negative and miserable as they are!

YaYa Says

I left a narc three weeks ago who I was very codependent on. I thought I was in love. His mask was always off, I was just dealing with chronic pain and didn’t want to be alone. He would get upset over the stupidest things and I found out he was a BIG laying manipulator. The fact that they cannot experience satisfaction or fulfillment, as you say, is an indication that narcissism is definitely a disorder and they should all be on meds and in constant psychotherapy. Thank you for the video

S.Suzanne Fakhri

Life is better than before the last two,the Most High sent them packing and exposed me to the wickedness of the world so I would cling tightly to HIM.?


I'm to Good for Any person in my life that treats me in anyway like my last 2 Narrsistics I had in my life... .

Nadia Saliba

So true NS after my ex narc discarded me he put a letter in my mailbox saying I was trash nothing.. I reported it to the police and they did nothing. I gave up on reporting his harassment.. he comes in my house steals my jewelry moves things around and damages my cars. I don't know what to do.??

Honey Blu

Narc is currently slandering my name to whoever will listen. #Facts

Retired 2015

All I can say is thank you!

paulzedx636 ninja

It's very sad when you have your personal development all together. Narcissist always find a way to keep you from reaping your rewards. ?

Stacey Herup

the info is really realy good but the drinking water is kinda distracting and gross i just dont personally like hearing that lol


They get sick with envy. I hope they die.

Sarah Alvarez - Singer

You explain everything so we'll. You're to the point. You have a good tone in your voice. it's not boisterous or slow. Very professional but simple. You don't cuss much only some which makes sense. I appreciate your help so much. You bring much insight thank you so much for your kindness.

read 4:00

It’s amazing. In the first few discards I would feel so hurt. But I’ve gained a certain strength and began going back to him just to observe, without any emotions or desires for him and the relationship. Not taking anything from him personally, just watching and enjoying when it was good. Analyzing when it was rocky. Neutral energy. This last meeting, it hardly even felt like a discard. (figuratively) He pushed me off of that cliff and I TOOK FLIGHT. I got my wings back baby. I was hardly effected by this last and final separation for us. It’s almost as if he pushed me right into my on arms safely and happily and almost with no hurt feelings, although there we’re definitely grounds for them. No bitterness, no longing, no offense taken at all tbh. This moving on has been almost effortless. I feel very well. Thank you

Ronda Smith

My ex, false friend, and 3 family members that I cut OFF will remain cut OFF. They knew then and know NOW that they can't run this empath. They can stay pissed off, miserable, pathetic and injured! Checkmate?

Feel Good Generation X

do they do the same to all their relatives and family members??

r. o

They are perpetually bored and looking for new fresh victims to piss off/love bomb

Narc Free

I love it when you say they weren’t about ish! ?

Island Girl Ruby

The narcissist is a vampire, they suck your money, time, assets, energy sanity and then discard your carcass and move unto the next unsuspecting victim. Death ? to Narcs, they do not deserve to breathe the air we are breathing. They are waste of space, empty shells, empty meat suits, demons in human form.

Adrian Blakely


Jane Doh

? my self esteem isn't quite right yet can I still press the like ???


I went on vacation one time, wanted to go to the pool but Ex narc says he wants to stay in the hotel room. So I went by myself. Fast forward, after 3 years NC I get contacted by ex narc he tells me his new supply is in the hot tub and he’s alone in the room reaching out to me . He probably did the same shit to me. They repeat the same thing.. isn’t it insane ??


misery loves company but it ain't gonna be me ?


Meditate meditate meditate!

Mali Osage

Their “reaction” to your recovery should be confirmation to never reopen that door, never look back and never again acknowledge their pathetic existence.

Jane Doh

They get bored with us
Yet ladies ( in this case) you know that you are the best woman who came into their lives and albeit we were given a cheque for a solid relationship which bounced when we tried to cash it in.
They may try next gal or whatever but they will AND I GUARANTEE YOU THIS 100% they will look for us in every next victim but they will be disillusioned in them and bored with weeks not months or years it took them to be bored with us ( I'm talking about codependent empaths who turn supernova and we lose interest after breaking our hearts begging for attention and getting stonewalled. That only happens to us for when we get"allegedly finally discarded" like. Drug we crave and text and crave until we have done our detox they suddenly are seen in a different light by us and we turn ambivalent about them because we've grieved the relationSHIT we settled for wondering wtf all the fuss was about
And what do you know
How are you?

But thry

Original Waleed

Fake people are for Satan

Jil Ross

My Narc mum sent me a text asking if I knew what sin is. I was silance the last 8 weeks, since she caused an argument with me and left my home before time. She could not stand my dissappointment with her.


Thks this video was so very accurate. I can’t begin to tell you that this is text book of how things went down in my life. I truly never knew that lady. Lol ... Wow❗️

Sandra Dee

Hey NS. TY. You rest today-Jesus loves you, and we need you. Get your rest???. Thank you, Sweetie ? for all you do!

Jennifer Turi

Who cares

mya dior

I thank you very much.

Flowing Gracefully

Be happy. Dance n smile. Look your best. Be your best. Make good friends. Love your friends n family. Socialize n work hard. These things the narc psychopath cannot do. Live, Love and prosper. U got away...u won. You got this ?

Denise Sarabia

Thank you for taking the time to do this video and giving so much clarity on this NARCISSISTIC behaviors!! I am so very grateful giving me much needed insight!! God bless you always for helping others such as myself who were completely in the dark about these behaviors!!


Before I watch the video, I’ll tell you how the Narc feels.....salty as shit! That’s how. Now, I will proceed to view your video♥️

Christina Wahlmüller

It took me so long to heal after my Narc. So much pain!
But all I can say is I am so greatful that it's over.. and I am so greatful that you share these kind of Videos on YouTube! It helped me heal faster!
Keep the good work up!

LaTonya White



I'd say very angry not because they love you but because they have to go and find someone else to drain.

Sheila Johnson

I don't think they feel any thing, but more misery, hatred, anger because you walked away and they can't use you to regulate,what they refuse to take responsibility for. Listen you have MOVED on with your life, your eating good,sleeping good,healing good, ?good, you make sure you keep it that way,DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE BACK IN, WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU. YOU TREAT THEM LIKE A NONENTITY, BECAUSE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE.!!

B. Amie

Interesting about 'perfection' doesn't even work. God has the last word on that.

Leda Fox

Then why do they keep coming back

Rene Mattison

You are so right Narc Survivor. They ain't about shit! You said it twice. I was laughing.

Gerald Pomerantz

I have been 4 weeks in NC since being dumped a SECOND time. This video is without a doubt (for me) the best eye opener I’ve experienced. I am finally understanding what took place and why. I am in your debt and extremely appreciative for this rather rude awaking that has finally turned me around. Thank you.

Jane Dough

Your so awesome thank you

Josee Noel

They 'feel'?

obi wan

Sorry NS didn't even hesitate to watch the video, but I do enjoy your others. Only reason I say this is because who cares what the narc thinks about you, isn't that how you got over the narc? lol

Ali Xilvia Shah

Like the Canadian PM said after the Mosque killings:
We All know who did it but we will NOT take his name but I'm "VERY SORRY" (That our kaput system puts innocent lives in danger through defective control and modification techniques) .
Thank you for this but I feel sad for all of us including me cuz we've be hit by a smooth criminal named(rely on your genes and not Deen) RELIGION. henceforth and hancy by ion I reversed fothh the fyvimdtbfdfkmgbddibtvjfjgkusujgg in j I reversed reverse and revert forth the curse upon utse it's origination originators copityoltbtccpyinfg cloners hbcjjfvhHnhc so

Heavenly heart girl

I apologize to everyone who reads this. But bitch. I called him so we say good bye and he said to me that he doesn't like to say good bye. All the time he bluffed me. He bluffed me that he wants to see me. He talked about how he wants that we meet but only as friends. All the time he tricked me to believe that I am important to him and played with my mind. Yes,he is also arrogant as you describe narcissists. Maybe also he wanted that we fight so he can take my energy that I drop from fighting.


I was involved with my narc since 2013. I ended the relationship in mid 2014 only to get back with her 2 years later
I read these comments how people were with their narc in a relationship for so many more years than me. I so respect all of you for dealing with them for so long and now working on putting it behind you. I cannot fathom the pain some of you are feeling. I wish the best for all of you in all that you do to put this monster behind you and live a happy life.

Spock B

Since i have moved on from my narcissistic marriage. Apparently, they were unhappy and called me a coward for their mistakes. Now since my ex has married another man, which is adultery according to Mark chapter 10 in the bible, It appears to be that she wont take responsibility for that sin, even lying.

Chris Stacher

Thank you , for your help .?

Blossoming Shells

Amen brother!

Audrey’s Cornerstone

Moving forward never felt better! My narcissistic envious aunt insists my mom is doing a good job turning me against the family! I do contact or communicate with her because she’s a manipulator, leaves a trail of lies as my late grandmother once stated, and instigate mess! She hates to hear my name in the community and abroad! I’m going to finish my Doctorate of Divinity hopefully from Oral Roberts University! She never made it pass an associate’s degree! My goal is not compete with a miserable old broad who husband divorced her for another woman, but level up because the LORD has richly blessed me with a warm, pleasant and bubbly personality!

Darkness Demon

???Sad face


My ex NARC don't care if I moved on he was only using me, he's busy with his sexy cosmetic new supply flaunting her all over he could care less about me I'm not giving him attention since I'm not surgical enhanced. I'm just glad he's gone. But the hurt to be used when you truly love them still haunts me at times. I shake my head alot when I remember certain things. I don't care who he's with now, because I'm definitely over him.


I had a conversation with him... And cut him off.....OMG...WHAT A CRAZY SAD WAY TO LIVE LIFE...
THANK YOU FOR putting me back together... I'm getting my ABUNDANCE xxoo Thank you YOUTUBE ❤??????

Asha Rani

I could never associate with the narc...
Lesson learned never again !!!
The narc could never break your well power and strength to rebuild and stand your ground...
These narc's worthless !!!

Oscar J

Reader, read —The Psalm 83 war is forming and about to take place amid US/International troubles (Hint: Israel annexation of West Bank taking place this July) in the Middle East, Ezekiel 38-39 as well,(The Gog Magog war) of Ezekiel 38-39 (Iran, Russia, Turkey, Libya, Sudan VS Israel) will happen during the 7-year-Tribulation (All this stuff makes sense and it’s all real, look into it, the Word of God is the Truth, God will fulfill it all, there is only so much end time prophecy left honestly)

The next event that needs to happen according to the Word of God is the Rapture of the Church (those alive that have repented and accepted Christ as their personal Savior will be taken with Christ before the 7 year Tribulation begins (Even those that are dead in Christ will rise to be with Christ and will receive their glorified bodies /Thessalonians 4:16)

Then the Antichrist comes into the scene and signs a 7 year covenant with Israel and many others after a small battle between Israel and her neighbors/ Daniel 9:27 (hint; The Psalm 83 war)

Then the 7 Seals, the 7 Bowls, the 7 Trumpets, the Judgements mentioned in the book of Revelation take place on earth, the Beast system emerges and enforces the mark of the beast and this work in progress digital World Order AI/5G/Vaccines/DNA/Globalism, the False Prophet (Religious Figure) will help the Beast (The Anticrist) which will be in-dwelt by Satan during the second half of the 7 year Tribulation, the Vatican will also be used by Satan during the 7 year Tribulation Period, Jesuits are bad news.

Christ returns at the battle of Megiddo at Armageddon to set His Millennial 1000 year Kingdom with His saints, He touches down at the Mount of Olives where He consumes the Antichrist and his armies at His coming, Satan gets bound up under the earth for Christ’s 1000 year reign only to be released a short time to then be cast into the Lake of fire with his angels, after Christ’s 1000 year reign on this Earth comes to an end, comes the new Heavens and new Earth as it is written in Revelation Chapter 20 (God wants all this for you), these are promises to His people.

This is what the word of God says, in biblical order. Right now we are simply waiting on Jesus to rapture His people as Globalists and Satanic Transnationals try to destroy America and the old system, to emerge their New World Liberal Tech, Big Pharma, Soros, Democrat Socialists, Jesuit, Integrated Satanic Order.

Jesus is coming soon!!!! Open your eyes, it’s in front of us, Jesus is Lord King and Savior. ?

He Reigns and He’s going to reign! He overcame death for us at the cross and on the third day, Christ is the Resurrection. Jesus loves you, He paid for all your sins to redeem you unto Himself, God, simply receive Him as Lord and Savior (Salvation is a free gift, you need His salvation) He’s got the rest covered, for Eternity, no cliche, that’s the Word of God really says, Christ is alive, Christ is real, He’s coming soon. God bless.


? I don't give a damn what my narc family members feel. Let them FEEL my ABSENCE!! Because I AM DONE with them.