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The 3 Questions Game - Teal Swan -

The 3 Questions Game - Teal Swan -10 Dec. 2016
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In this episode of Ask

In this episode of Ask Teal, Teal Swan explains how to play a relational psychology game called “The Three Questions Game”. Teal Swan tells us that this game is not only fun, it is a window into our subconscious mind.

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Comments (100)
sincerely lei

I wrote drinking water bc its refreshing, clenches the thirst, and useful. wtf does that even mean.

Isaan Man

1) Navy Blue
- Conservative
- Solid & Dependable.
- Manly

2) Dog
- Unrequited love
- Loyalty
- Companionship

3) Tropical Rain Storm with thunder & lightening
- Exhilarating & makes me feel alive
- Cools everything down it in & washes the dust away
- Doesn’t last long & then the sun comes out & sets everything in now time.


Its extremely hard picking favorites when you have had a taste of god-mode :/

Connor Days

Your laugh is so pure and it always makes my day!!??

connie black


Greg Kentgens

Grey: Its a middle ground between dark and light, goes with multiple other colours, Makes me feel cozy.

Otter: Cute, Playful, funny.

Ice: It can turn to water when warm, Less friction and you can shape it into anything you want.

Sheila Fitzgerald

I LOVE The energy in this video so much :) :) :)

piupiu 24

What if the person doesn't have a reason for liking the color?

S-Line Productions

Ans 1 : Well,my artist’s mind is drawn to ALL darker versions of color and those colors which are "bright".
Ans 2 : T’amat-the Five headed dragon from the 1980s animated series dungeons and dragons.
Ans 3 : The form of water I choose is waves and breaking waves or water on a waterfall or Rapids with the body of water being the ocean and it’s entirety, the beach the waves the seemingly endless nature of it the amount of life that’s in it and it’s various colors.


Marsella D. Fyngold

Can you give more than 3 reasons? And what qualifies as "deep"?

Also, how would this work when you play with someone, wouldn't it be pretty one-sided? Like you ask them the questions and you get the benefit of getting to know more about them b/c you know what the questions are really about but they can't really use the same questions to get to know you better b/c then there's the possibility that you're tinkering with the answers? (I mean obviously don't do that, honour system and all that, but they don't get the same assurance you do that your answers are as "real")

Daniel Harrison Cox

Thank you miss? this game is insightfully invigorating

Eagle fly

I like your voice, it's beautiful.


The thing she doesn't consider is that the guy answers are Always going to trigger you cause we are attracted to the submissive sex while a girl will say something like a lion tiger because they are leaders, and if he says smth like that he is gay ?

Guillermo Lledó Wolkowicz

Oh wow. My favourite animal is the condor because of how warm but exciting it is to find them, because of their penetrating way of looking at things and because they live in healthy families. Good to know.

ping bak-cho

This video earned a subscription ?

Raymond Cardella

I'm very introspective but I don't have a favorite color. I think certain colors fit certain things very well like I think a corvette looks great in red but not everything fits that color

Ace Hernandez

Can I just say, her laugh is so damn cute ✨

Νικος Αγραφιωτης

How comes up that colour is personality or animal is ideal life partner?


Colour - Sense of Self
A blood red: Deeply emotional, although not at all sentimental or sappy, instead something deeper, more consistent, and reserved in its emotion, almost stoic in that way; sexually passionate; aggressive and fierce, even violent; strong and hearty; masculine

Animal - Ideal Partner
Wolf: Pack oriented/very much a part of a tightly knit family/group; mysterious, I always get the sense that I can never truly know what happens behind those eyes, and I enjoy that; calm, stoic and proud, although carries the threat of ferocity and violence; powerful, not authoritative, but very much has their own troubles under control; a sense of reserved physical strength between me and the animal

Form/Body of Water - Relationship to Sex
Mountain river: They're varied, in the sense that that they can take both the form of calm pools, as well as dangerous rapids; deep within nature, almost hidden in the sense that they're hard to find; very loud

Milagros S

HAHA my answers? my body of water was a pool to enjoy the summer with many people??? and also chose rain because when you let go and surrender to be wet its a very grounding experience I CANT LMAO

Bindu karki

Saw it in fb, and i lost the vdo after first two qn explanation and had to search on youtube with three qns ???....its so funny...
My ans were, lilac colorecause its rich, rare/unique and calm/soft
Animal lion bcoz its fierce, strong and powerful(as in king of jungle)
And water body water fall, bcoz its free, flowing and it may form rainbow....
So ???? just rainbow says sth abt it already, i like to be free but lets see ???

وليد خالد عبد المهيمن

I pick black cuz its a dark you will never find away when you are in dark also its color that shows wrath and not well expected outcome

I pick wolf ? cuz its hard to find a wolf in a Circus they are hard to be contorted also its very desipline beside they are loyal to the group

Form of water i chose rain it always give me a good feeling when I see it or walk under it and also I like to have mu most crazy ideas under the rain some times when it raining I walk like 5 miles while its raining

Lavinia Butler

Loved this video!

Shagun Srivastava

Love this game❤

Amanda Kongsted

And why is it that the animal is associated with the partner etc?


Lol, that was so funny... My fav color: Blue. Reasons: Representing Freedom, peace, majesty. Animal: Pig (Ahahahahaha; i was a bit ashamed, when Teal revelead what it was about). Reasons: pigs are animally, they represent home, as well as joy. My fav form of water: Lake. Reasons: A lake represents freedom, community and love.


Amazing!!! I stopped and answered the questions and it was incredible

Pensieri rotondi

Ending dates due to the game results: great! It's simply... Teal! <3 (Gonna submit it to my husband right now)

the Example


Purple because 1, me and my longest friend have always loved purple, 2, I've always felt drawn to it

Wolf because it's my main animal spirit guide, I've always been drawn to wolves my whole life,

Snowflake, because of the sheer uniqueness, the beauty, and the impact it's had in my life growing up

That's all I could think of

Umar Umi

My favourite animal is John Cena
Hustle loyalty respect

Prinsessa Ruusunen

OMG I LOVE THIS! thank you so much Teal?
I watched this and answered while I was in shower and then came back watch the rest of it. After that I was so suprised of the meanings of my answers... those told me so much about me. Just loving this!

Kirk Thompson



I answered ice to favorite type of water and one of the reasons was that I saw it as a deadly form of water. I wonder what that says about my outlook on sex. Other reasons were that it is breathtakingly beautiful and despite being seen as fragile, an adequately large and cold piece is incredibly strong.

Ditte Johansson



Cuttle fish: I admire their inteligence, find pleasure studying them, and they're quirky ? I definitely described my type. Give me the laughs and the mental stimulation!

Luther Evans

Wow, I'm pretty introspective, but this video helped me realize something. I do not like the idea of being tied down to one way or another! I do not have a favorite color. It was purple when I was a kid, but now I am not able to like one more than the other ones, and it's been that way for a long time. This also explains why I've had such a difficult time choosing the right career for me for years. I think it has to do with freedom and not wanting to be confined to a box that I don't want to be placed in. My mom was overly controlling (among other things) and didn't let me be liberated enough like I should have been able to. So moving towards feeling this way is a core mission of mine now.


so mu h fun if youre a person who doesnt have favorites at all ?

Léa C.

even when you're sitting still you're so... kinetic

Om Slice

My favorite color is purple. If you meditate quite a lot you may let go the use of words in observing yourself. You can allow yourself to view yourself in a more abstract way. So, one of my deep answers is this wordless place where I experience the vibration of purple. In layman terms, it fills me with joy and wonder to behold. I find it empowering and noble.

My favorite animal is humans. All of my deepest and most meaningful connections are with people. I think people are amazing creatures because of their curiosity. I like that people have a great capacity to care for all life and often use it.

My favorite body of water is the ocean. When you stare at the horizon it is like witnessing the convergence of two infinities. It's deeply rejuvenating and comforting. It supports all life.

Ariel Coffin

I couldn't pick one favorite animal. I wrote down like 7 and filled out answers for three. lol.

Sonjia j

Green peace connected to earth freedom
Racoon resourceful adaptability sneaky
Ocean relaxing vast silent.

J Taylor

The body of water thing is really messed up because it’s all about my family and memories with my father

Strawberry Milk

i like big black panthers!!!!

Tiny Gremlin

The water part-
I chose: Lonely, quiet and really nice atmosphere. Am I ace?

Chunited States

OMFG yesss

Alu Aluu

Can anyone recommend a good book about Relational Psychology or Free Association?

Katie Fulton

I am a ballet dancer & when I first played this game while watching one of your online synchronization workshops...for my favorite animal I answered: “Swan” ? (largely in part of “Swan Lake”, as so much of a balletic career is about mastering the role & showcasing the duality of the white swan, “Odette” vs. “Odile,” the black swan. Opposites in every way...)
So I answered “Swan” not specifying which (Odette or Odile) though admittedly I enjoy dancing Odile much more than Odette) + I do love the animal in general & they’re all throughout my home decor....anyway:
My reasoning: ?- because They’re irresistable in their beauty but still cunning and conniving, representation of sexuality, duality of man & all that represents. 3. They peak in beauty late in life /near death (“Swan Song”) - I admire the idea of longevity of beauty in any sense being an aging female in my (now) 30‘s ??‍♀️ I remember laughing aloud when I first learned the meaning behind the game & thought: “I’m bound to end up with a mentally unstable, though gorgeous, cheater...with like: multiple personalities, or a double life.
BUT: then I thought: no, because “Teal”’s in her very name: I’ll probably be just fine, then. Years later: Cut to me now in a committed relationship dating a musician (rock-genre) his hair, super long straight and dark, but with porcelain perfect skin, tall 6’4’’, the most beautiful man, Odette/Odile personified in male physical form...but I’m kinda paranoid when I think back on this game & my answers & sometimes I think: “ok where’s your conniving deceitful side, eh? If it’s there, spare me, dude! ? Or are you Odette, pure, but needing to be saved? ??‍♀️...I’m gonna try and get him to play the game, I’m so excited ?
I’ll share his answers if they’re entertaining.? Thank you Teal. ?

Jack Lloyd

Favourite Colour - Black
Favourite Animal - Dog
Favourite body of water -

Snow it comes around once a year and doesn't last very long

B Halton

This is a massive stretch. More of a comical joke. I mean when you have to keep probing people so it answers the question shows you on a base level it’s just a gimmic. And most people don’t relate to them anyway.

Alessia Valle

but I would like to know exactly what each color stand for


I know one game simular this..

Name 3 favour.animal and describe more u can why?
DO THAT FIRST, and when u done read belowe...

1. animal describe where are u now, how u see your self. others see u!
3.your true nature and reall u...

?? u may find more interesting if u play with someone...And maybe get suprised when u see that person and u have the same animal in some part and description too ??!


snake tooth fish... get it

Diana Kehoe

Thanks for sharing this game!

dagmar kalina

My third answer was rain, because... I love the freshness and humidity it leaves after it's gone, lol :D

Johnny O.

Come on. No man ever has ever told you that butterflies are his favourite animal.


What does it mean if they like oceans?

Cheryl Mary Landry

Just LOVE it..gotta play it and live it! TY Teal???

Dodo Diab

Are there any other games like this one, please? :)

Inner Warrior

But what about those other answers? ? What are they telling us?

Megan the Naturopath

Mad love for you woman ❤️?❤️?❤️

lia saraiva

it’s the second video i watch about this ( same person ), where i don’t get the answer what the form of water represents . what’s the deal ?!?

Léa C.

my favorite color is a deep, intense, vibrant saturated mauvish pink because looking at it makes me feel tingly and alive, in my eyes it's the epitome of beauty and as such can move me to tears with its intensity, and because it's a color found in nature and in nature it's even more beautiful. // my favorite animal would have to be (my first two choices [unicorn, then Pegasus] aren't real} pretty much any animal, but I LOVE horses, bears, elephants, dogs, pigs,all animals... they all show so much depth of feeling and emotion and pure positive awareness (as Teal would say). And since they are pure positive awareness, and because looking into the eyes of any animal will show you that they, too, are source consciousness, and that the Universe is inside of them, and that they have souls, too. I love any animal also because they are all gorgeous and completely perfect, exactly as they were created. // my favorite form or body of water is any flowing river or stream or ocean, because I love interacting with an Alive water source that is in constant flow/movement, and because bodies of water are in constant flux and morph-ability and change, and because you can put your whole body into bodies of water.


I can't think of 3 deep reason just 1, 2 and none


Troll time! What up Teal muufuuukka!

Addy Styles

I understood my personal and perfect mate but can't understand my sexual orientation

asaf mazareb

im new to this i can interpret there answers how i like or are there fixed rulles ?

Claudio Lima

Absolutely Incredible!!!!
I loved it

Ana Floreani

the question no one is asking is why are colors connected to how you view your own personality, animals connected to ideal partner, and water connected to sex?

Monika G

Fun :)

Space Angel

This is way cool

Zaryab Zahra

My test
Color: white
1. It feels peaceful
2. Calm
3.clean and beautiful

Fav animal: eagle
1. Intelligent
2. Possessive for their family
3. Focused

Fav form and body of water: flowing river
1.its calm and relaxing
2. Keeps going never stops with a relexing sound
3. Stays grounded and never changes its direction easily .

Yana L.

It worked so well!!!

Revinda N Art

I love this ❣️


how do we know what each color means?


Thank you ??


Soo if my favorite form of water is snow because that meant staying inside, closeness, warmth from outside...? Like melting it? What's that say about me??

Craig Pinkie

1. Blue
2. Eagle
3. Rain / Heavy / Storm

Akhil DC

I love your videos! You are so smart!

Aboubaker abdi ali

Gold - Lion - waterfall

deanea jones

Teal you're a angel..Thank you

abhinav kumar

Thank you for great tips, this will help me choosing right date, to share my love as much i can ;)

Deena Aquafina

this is so interesting, I would love to analyze peoples analysis to these questions

kritie sharda

My only question is what's wrong with what that guy said about butterflies that made you reject him and end the date. I am confused

Ishrat Nawaz

You just made my day.


But my favourites always keep changing ! ? What do I do with that...


Favorite animal : donkey
Feel bad for them being mistreated despite being loyal
Smart and kind
Cute and loveable

J Stewart

This woman is beautiful. I mean there is something about her that is kinda crazy but I love it!!!


Facinating how a pshycopath manages to use bullsh!t to trick people.
Mrs Swam Do you collect eggs after NBA games?
-No? That would be silly right? It would be like me asking: Do you assosiate your own narcisism with the bill count in your wallet?
- To which the answer is yes. You do count the green in ur wallt to cover up that void of a concious to be a proud narcisist.

Shamop Wampar

Cobalt blue, turtles, mist

Anastas Sia

1. lilac color
- a balanced combination of blue and red
- at sunset or sunrise (beginning and end) you can sometimes spot this color in the sky or on the ground, makes me think of good memories and feel nostalgic
- lilac flowers bloom once a year, and that's my favorite time of the year. they fill the whole garden/street with their scent and you just cant ignore their beauty.
2. a cat
- does what it wants to, when it wants to
- if treated right can help you calm and heal
- pretty sure they are able to empathise
3. snow
- every snowflake has its own unique pattern formed on their way to the ground
- you can sculpt something out of it, but you're limited to the material and your imagination
- (english bad) a drop of water turn into a snowflake, falls on the ground, melts, and the cycle continues (water, air, earth, fire). i love to watch the snow quietly falling on the ground, turning everything white, feels like a miracle almost

Candy jelly

Me & my crush answered the same Ans except color ?

crstfreedom222 1983

i like purple and i dont why i like tigers cause they provoke respect i like water and rain and sea because sea is inmense and upredictible and infinite

Emre Vurgun

I've never played this game the way you showed or with anyone else but i've been playing a similar version i made with myself for a long time its awesome


Teal! We want to know your answers!

Mercy Day

My favorite color is blue all shades of blue mixed together:) because it makes me feel safe, it's beautiful to me and the sky is often some shade of blue, 3rdly to me blue seems to go very deep and it makes me feel loved. My favorite animal is cat. They're highly awakened animal that can see beyond the physical and when they purr it calms them right down is similar to meditation & they're so soft and furry and loving it guess that's more than 3 lol. My favorite form/body of water would be a large calm body of water that's both clear and a dark blue almost tranquil like. It's clean to me pure I guess, I imagine being submerged in such a body of water it would be warm and would be extremely relaxing, water is a flowing element that bends easy and adapts. (I texted this to myself when she said to pause.)

dragon ninja

im not a photographer but i can picture us togather

Marsella D. Fyngold

Ack....I'm stuck on question 2....what if you don't have a favorite animal?! I know a guy who hates animals and thinks they're all dumb, and I have the opposite problem where I have multiple favorites but I dont have one I like the most =/


oh crap, I answered 7 butterflies, one for each day of the week

Tim Gega

So simple, yet so deep.

10 Good Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone FAST!

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We’ve all been there:

Racking your brain, trying to think of a conversation starter and all you can come up with is “How’s the weather?” or “What’s new?”

What’s even worse is being stuck on a date with nothing to talk about!

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A Himitsu - Adventures

Episode #2

Comments (100)

If anyone resorted to asking me these kinds of questions, I would ask myself;  " WTF am I doing here?"

Joseph Ashie

Im watching this in 2020.......who else?

Sun-eel Rai

What animal best represents you and why?..

mark jones

1: A large role of tear resistant, thick mill plastic, long-lasting firestarter and a machete 2: Taste, there are few really good cooks in the world 3: Crow, inquisitive/adventurous/territorial/loyal 4: Teleportation, I could travel and acquire needed supplies easily 5: Avatar, far too many humans suck 6: A glass of hemlock juice on the rocks, One must rage against the machine 7: I'm not telling 8: USB drive with my passwords on it. Enough said. 9: Nikola Tesla, provided that he was talkative and the meal was light 10: I wouldn't…


I feel like you should only ask one or two of these per conversation

Kiwi AustEcon

This is sooo stupid!


Sounds fun?

laberjo hoper

25 Questions You Need To Ask About NICE

koko kok

I hate all of those questions because I have to think

Daryl B

Those questions are not going to get you laid.

I Dunoh

“What is your Social Security #?” Works every time.


Song at 0.00 is adventures by A himitsu, thank me later :)

zak Sarwari

Number 10
~>- a photo of the one I love

(for jerking off)?????

~>- a ?

~>- And my favorite instrument

maybe finally I learn how to play music...


... You like to know all my answers ?

Medjy Davis

Imagine asking a girl thes question lmao


Thank you for this video it was so helpful to me and it gave me more confidence cause now i have some topics to ask a girl so i can avoid awkward situations!!!!!!! ❤️


im a girl.....oh welp

Mark Reilly

These sound more like job interview questions and not questions I would ask while on a date. Just be yourself, talk about your interests and goals in life and if there is a connection it will come naturally, if not then just move on. Leave this cheesy shit for the romantic comedies.


Question 5 is a serial killer question

lucy jones

I’d get rid of taste.

A Dweeb Weeb

I didn't need this for dating I needed it for making friends and small talking to people online.

Ungyul Yi

My answers to some of these questions would be more like my fantasy (which I'm not at all so I could imagine only in this kind of hypothetical situation) than what I exactly am (because it'd boring to regurgitate what I already know very well).
For instance,
I (don't have a pet because a pet keeps away from much else. but I) would definately bring one to a no man's island because there is not much else.


I cant think of anything to type

Jojo F

Everything besides #4 cringy as shit

Jackson Thomas


Tony Hill

load of bollocks

Nathan Bryan

Wages, "ETC" and so on…

Varun Shridhar

They'll feel like being interviewed :-D

Anonymes Anonymes

How da fuck do i put those in a normal conversation??‍♂️

Emily Cunningham

Interesting vid. Helpful. Ignore the critics.


The only thing you'll learn by asking most people these questions is how much patience for unbearably earnest & cliched bs they have.


8. I’m a bear chill and calm until you bother the fuck out of me

Aidan Watt

If you ask any of these questions is how you fuck your chances up. Just ask her to the movies

Gut Feelings

Awesome deep inspiration​, thank you! Great video style with text and b-roll, love it! ​I think I'll try asking some of these even to my clients... curious what happens. :-)

JK Bleach

I'd lose my sense of smell

Sean O


Geoffrey Mongella


maria gomes

This voice is annoying

Ron Miller

I found these questions pedestrian

Mamar Sebai

Excellent video content! Sorry for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard about - Renailey Inconceivable Recognition (just google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for arousing women and make them want you minus the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my old buddy Taylor finally got astronomical success with it.

Najla Syed

If you wanted to change your profession... what would it be and why?

Proud Boy87

Question number 10 is a dumb question to ask a girl .

Razor 32

If my house was burning i’d save my house

Alfonso Landin

Nice video to elicit "speaking" in my English Class. Thanks!


These are very awkward questions, it ain't work in real life


I'd rather talking about my job than answering those stupid questions...


Since this channels name is "Mantelligence", and most videos are related to dating girls, I would ask these dating related questions:
1. Political perspective?
2. Age?
3. Wedding ring - price she would expect you to pay?
Bonus Question (If you make it through the first 3):
4. How much debt do you have?

Guruprashanth Rao

try asking these questions to an introvert, he/she would run away to an another continent !

Sean O

The lack of social skills these questions demonstrate would have me walking towards the door or at least far away from what ever moron asked these.

Aaron Field

or they could just say "I don't know" to literally every question on this list

Christopher Ellis

Taste is the least useful
Save my bug out bag!
George Orwell


Thanks for awesome information.

Nikki E.

I cannot afford to live without any of my five senses.of my five senses.

John Schaefer

Wow, you're really going to to remember all these questions and then retain his or her answers?

Calvin Fields

Sounds like some questions a nerdy anti-social person would ask...?

Faith Cooper

I wanted to know my friend more so I love the questions man.


if you had to take a sit, and there was no toilet paper, what would you do

Larry Tepper

10 really bad questions

joshua smith

A real question: if you had six months to live what would you do? Answer: go live my mother in law, because it will be the longest six months of my life. Haha.

Martin Kaufmann

Ca I get my 36 seconds back?


Yeah, just how the hell am I supposed to slip these questions into a regular conversation? Like "Hello there, I'm Paul." "Hi I'm Emily" "So, Emily, which animal best describes you?" "Huh? ?" Is this for a date or a job interview? ?

Mi Mi Lils'

These are good to do in 20 questions


Um.. I would be very concerned and weirded out if someone I barely knew would ask me these kind of questions.. I mean "If you were on death row what would be your LAST MEAL" like... way to kill the mood... I mean... I don't really think anyone would ask this to people whom they just met... and even in a "Hypothetical situation" where we were with our group of friends with whom you already share stuff in common and have somewhat a bit more confidence to talk about other topics more openly... Not even in this situation I would use any of these questions... These would just make people very uncomfortable!

The Happy Sky Father

If you could ask an intriguing question to anyone, what question would that be?

Parth Agarwal

Each one gives us important information about the world, and different way to enjoy it. Ummm like seeing beautiful views, hearing music, tasting food

Dark Jolt

Wanna get a girlfriend with no effort? Listen carefully! What you have to do is say to the girl " Hi how is your day going." They say what they have to say then what you do is say " Hey sexy you like my ninty trillion dollar car outside?"

Mheann & Max Vlog Mother & Daughter.

Hahaha i try this to my friend and i laugh at her answers!!!! Hahahahahahaha

kevin klarskov

This works to well, i did habe to back to each question because i started to think


I can live without smell. Mostly everything smell like shit anyways.

Ivo Brick

Quite good questions, atleast for those blaming it, from my pov, they will show you are not braindead. Im not payed by thich channell or whatever btw.


Lol these questions so cringy

3B_sidharth _087

The answer for 3rd Question is --"house "

Jack Lopresti

Getting ahead or getting head??


New Thought

No sane person would ask or answer these questions. Be spontaneous, thoughtful and genuine, that's the most important thing.


Is it worth it to get to know a guy who I haven’t met before, who lives a few states away, and I’m unsure about how it’ll work out?


Remember to ask a question and say your own opinion so it's not a clinical interview

Jared Mease

Great! ?

Gary Mitchell

I get your point, but I'm not sure these are good date questions.

Shrishti puri

Such a great questions to ask?

Foe 187

Thumbnail almost made me nut

Tb Tb

Nice video. But lol
If someone asks me those questions I do feel like I’m getting job interview.

judy Radin

Guys dont this? its a bit socially off

Fırat Gedikli

I like rhis channel so much!! THANKS A LOT... I also try to create content which contains good informations, please check out and support me :) show some love for beginners :D


An addendum to question #5: What would you be on Death Row for?!?!? lol


I would go with smell or taste

Roger Ko

No Black person wants to travel to the 1900s...none of the years

Jamie Dough

Question 9: Answer: all of my senses so i don't have to hear your shit anymore lol.

Sarah Granados

You should ask what thier passion is when you ask that their face just lights up I may be a kid but I love that question

Real Talk

Cliche questions

Curtis Erecacho

That's really cool. I like the what tv show book or movie would they live in. Interesting.

c Fsy

Sounds like I am going to have an interview with someone

Luziel A. D ugart

I don’t think that is good for knowing the core of a human being this is just silly cuz u never know their real self


Please do not use these questions. These are super awkward. These will tell you nothing about a person. No offense to the video creator, he clearly just doesnt know better. You should ask questions that pertain to who people are and their interests. Watch a video on the FORD method, those are a 1000 times better than these.

The Unicorn of Power

7. Laser eyes


On that last one, can I choose to not go back at all? xD

WTF_Hunter GT

I wanted to ask my crush this but I realised that I was asked this Qns by some anonymous person on a social media and now I m like wow

Maria Costa

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Yours First

LAME QUESTIONS !!! Number 3 and number 2 are alright questions even number 1 that was actually a good one but mostly lame video those questions are things you get to learn about someone as you really get to know them later if there is any later ?

Adam Butts

Doesn’t question 7 reveal an insecurity

Angela Vazquez

me and me friend might take this

Gomila Droogies

Boring cliche questions dont ask any of these