How often do couples in their 50s make love

Tracey Cox on why sex gets better after 50

Tracey Cox on why sex gets better after 5010 Feb. 2020
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The sex and relationships

The sex and relationships expert tells us why sex just gets better in your 50s.

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Another woman talking about sex. Thank god for that. It’s been 24 hours at least.


Fantastic!! Happy I came across your channel. Look into using SMZeus!!! It’s a handy tool to help grow your channel!!!

chandler bing bong

The type of woman who'd buy a manual on sex isn't the kind of person you want to get naked with anyway.

shirley lane

I’m 65.....I could have written that book! I’m still lovin’ it!?

Barrios Groupie

Just grow old gracefully and with dignity, giving up the things of the youth like sex. Way easier than stressing over something our bodies is no longer up to.




The 90's called - wants their topic back.

Valentines Day - What's it All About?

Valentines Day - What's it All About?31 Jan. 2021
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Who better to address the

Who better to address the pros and con's of Valentines Day than Celebrating Act 2™'s Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega? Michele shares her opinion of the semi-'Holiday' which some feel is manufactured and leads to insincere affection and too much pressure on singles. On the other hand what is better than celebrating love? But LOVE comes is many different forms as she discusses with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2. You will LOVE this discussion, guaranteed!

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Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess

Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess30 Jan. 2021
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Ralph welcomes Jerry Cox,

Ralph welcomes Jerry Cox, author of “Killer Air Bags: The Deadly Secret Automakers Don’t Want You to Know,” his insider account of how the Takata company made airbags that were essentially equipped with pipe bombs of ammonium nitrate. And the former executive director of Greenpeace, Peter Bahouth, comes on to rail against that noisy, polluting scourge of the suburbs: the leaf blower. Plus, Ralph answers your questions.

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old fan

At last! Affirmation! Raking leaves, let alone blowing leaves, has always struck me as a stupid chore... like drying dishes.

Pat Hacker

How is Trump responsible for bad airbags designed before he even dreamed of running for office.

Wet leaves can be a hazard folks.

I wish this program had focused on the Medicare advantage story, it’s way more important than leaf blowers or beyond belly aching about Trump, but Ralph glossed over it.

Shell B

The leaf blower thing is interesting. I never knew how harmful it is. I will definitely spread that info. Thank you.

Ed Bd

As far as leaves I believe some organization a few years ago recommended grinding them with your lawn mower which I have been doing. And for the lawn equipment should all be electric which I have been using my self for 5 years and they are a lot less noise . Girding the leaves recycles them and you get organic fertilizer. Leaving the leaves would end up with the wind blowing them over your nieghbors.

Laurie Oakley

I know a 95-year-old who worked for both GM and Ford back in the day. He has memory problems but not when you mention Ralph Nader.

Brian Cattani

Great to hear that china, once again leading the way, will put to death a corrupt corporate pile of crap for corruption. When will the US get this together. Never. We won't even imprison these sons of bitches.

Michelle Sotelo

I agree 100% with your guess Ralph and you I don't rake my leaves I've never done it nor do I try to get rid of dandelions are other types of natural medicines growing in my lawn I don't try to work against nature I tried to work with nature or put it any insecticides down or snake repellent or rodent repellent down because I respect every creature on our Earth and also our Earth I do however have a lot of cats that repel the rodents the snakes from my house like I said work with nature not against it

yousif althawadi

God bless you Ralph


Democrats are morons.

old fan

The letter from the SEIU retiree blew me away. Made a short clip to post all over "social media."

Herb Levin

With an Even LARGER mess from Criminal BIDEN and his OWNERS!!!!!
Only Idiots follow Stay at Home Orders for political Agendas.. Epidemiologists and Doctors have spoken out and the were crushed by Big Tech & Big Media combined to make money for Big Pharma and to take away rights.

Mark Mahan

I just realized I have been unsubscribe from this channel. I just subscribed back to Ralph Nader Radio Hour. And it was Bad Faith with Briana Grey Joy, clip interview with Ralph. That I Checked to see why I was not getting Notifications from Ralph's Show.

Louie R

We all know that Ralph is a frugal guy. But gosh Ralph, you need to get a good quality microphone.


Peter thinks leafblowers are more dangerous than a chainsaw?! Okay, boomer.

Bitsof Bytes

OK but"
Still cleaning up GOP era.. at
Education. Starts THERE . Dude.


how is this connected to trumps. mess

John Mcclure

In 2022 Washington DC these gas powered leaf blowers shall be banned because of noise issues.

louise hoff

Powells bookstore in Portland OR (independent bookstore) in Portland ships most books, new & used.

louise hoff is focusing on industrial polluters and will hopefully pay attention to this leaf blower issue and establish a "page" of resources for communities to embroider further on this awful issue. Many of us environmentalists in Oregon and New England are leaving leaves to provide natural winter cover to the ground. And we have a very active Audubon chapter. I'm on it.


I wrote a letter when I was a young man to the local news paper about leaf blowers. I also agree and have for decades that mowing and raking lawns is overrated and really obsessive compulsive social behavior. The point about neighbors that manicure their verge; social pressure everyone else to do it and it snow balls into laws forcing people to do it; like calling the police for leaves. No one should be compelled by law to do it. It's the rich and the wanna be rich that foist it on everyone else.


we need to clean up every one of those scumbag mess! Pornography, poison food, garbage healthcare, drugs, guns, war mongers, on and on nightmares!

T Bombadil

It's not that hard to type in your VIN, guys. It's listed on the title and most Auto Ins docs. It took me a few mins to check my two vehicles

exhippie503 ommp

Hello Hooray, . . American Big co public Hustle dis Wall Street dbl CK squeeze


The episode title is incorrect. Good episode as always, otherwise.


What the Dems learned from Trump. Just tell them what they want to hear then do whatever you want.

James Campbell

Unless your disabled

Marlene Soifer

I'm looking for sense happy program

DJ Well Dressed Man

Many Millions of Lives are reading this comment due to Ralph Nader's book 'unsafe at any speed".

Todd Davison

Thanks for the segment on leaf blowers. Apparently I am a lunatic as everyone I talk to of leaf blowers harm are like, there you go again , Mr negative enviro nut. Now as an avid mountain biker, the bike trail crews blow the forest trails with high power high end blowers! WTF. Each pass takes a bit of the trail off slowly creating a deeper faster erosion rut, but naw that's no fun, your a nut case. The PM 2.5 thing everywhere is real nasty development for respiratory health.

Audio Pervert

What a useless discourse.. the empire is still sliding into chaos, malfunction, rebellion and epic disasters. Trump or the next asshole Dump....

old fan

Pete Buttigieg is Biden's pick for Sec. of Transportation so NITSA will be HIS "portfolio."

Grinning Guise

It's conversations like this that make me wonder... Why is Ralph Nader not anti capitalist?

Do you really think that there can be a kinder, gentler capitalism??

As a child of the seventies, I remember the dim afterglow of working class supremacy in the 50s and 60s. Then in the 80s everything changed.

And yet, Ralph, you still support capitalism?

Brother, with all due respect, grow up.

Pat M

Obomber's team is back because Trump didn't start any new wars for the war industry. The corporate-controlled U.S. Empire needs endless wars-for-profit. Empires never settle for peaceful co-existence. JFK was opting for it so he had to be eliminated in the Dallas coup. Empires never settle for anything less than total ownership and control of the world's natural, human and financial financial resources. With 800+ military installations in 140+ countries and relentlessly scheming to add the remaining 50+ to its conquests - the corporate-controlled US Empire is the main instigator of wars and terrorism worldwide. This makes it everyone's problem.

david ackerman

The focus should be on the lawn, not the leaves. The backpack blower is used primarily for grass clippings. The legislation should focus on making turf lawns illegal. Between the unconscionable wasteful use of water, the proliferation of toxic weed killers such as roundup, and the scourge of the 2 stroke engine, I think it is time to end the grass lawn once and for all.


I don't know but this leaf blower issue doesn't sound that much of an issue. I understand the concerns but i find it hard to be concerned with it. That said I am Canadian and leaf blowers are not that big an issue here. I think I heard a leaf just once all of last fall. Most Canadians either rake or use their lawn mower to deal with leafs. In Canada during the fall people tend to rake their leafs into large paper bags sold only during the season, which most cities picks up with a special truck for composting.

Louie R

I see homeowners and landscapers going crazy, and deaf with their leafblowers and this slight smirk of enjoyment in their faces and robotic arm movements, and I always wonder... do they just take pleasure in torturing other human beings? or are they perhaps just consumed by some form of a strident internalized orgasm?

Paul Wohlfarth

The UAW pushes Medicare advantage on its retirees. Need to investigate why these union a pushing Advantage programs

Ninja 419

I clicked like because merely because of the title of this video.

Laura McConney

The landscape company would have to pay more for more labor hours. The residents have to pay more. The manufacturer will have to stop making leafblowers,retailers will have to stop selling them. It hits everyone's pocketbook. So no will to fight for right!!! He's right, we need to get back to loving our natural world, but we're locked in our house now so we can't even see it!!!

Joe Caner

Putting a politician to death for taking bribes seems excessive.
I would be thrilled to have them placed into the general population of a penitentiary.
Of course, what politicians have done the those who already reside there, the results may be the same.

bonn Ulu

Congress has access to unlimited diapers and chose not to use!

Marlene Soifer



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Bitsof Bytes

Heavy! lotta crime at.. but Reality Winner in prison?!

john fugiel

nader, rather than focusing on trump and these 2 wretched parties, you should be discussing the tail that wags the dog-israel and its many lobbbies' stronghold over our 3 branches of govt. these parasites are dual citizens who pledge their loyalty to an illegal nation in occupied palestine called israel. come on ralphy cakes, you're of middle eastern heritage unlike those ash can nazis from eastern europe-these kosher nostra are the epitomy of scum. they gun down palestinians almost daily ralph-who weeps for them? grow a spine ralph and speak out against these people without fear of being called an antisemite-palestinians are semites! do it for helen thomas ralph- your lebanese kin

louise hoff

Wow! I never really understood the airbag problem. I will definitely follow up. So scary! so corrupt!

Howie Lisnoff

An additional problem with noise pollution is that some people, enamored of the self and self-righteousess, could care less about the other.

Victoria Leif

In 2015, I received the recall notice from the Honda dealership where I bought my car. I took the car in right away.
The “ fix” for that dealership, was to put a warning sticker on my visor!
As for the leaf blower, when I lived in an affluent neighborhood, leaf blower noise was constant! Living in an
“ incorporated “ estate neighborhood, there was tremendous pressure to have a perfectly manicured yard.
What was worse, was that the neighborhood wouldn’t allow residents to remove their own trees! One had to pay the neighborhood association for a permit, on top of the cost of removal.( The only exception to the rule, was if the tree was sick or dead.)
You can add this to your screenplay!


gas leaf blowers should be totally prohibited --- If I could Id also jail the anti social morons that make them, the selfish morons that sell them, and the selfish morons that buy them.

Ray Rocher

nader is an idiot. he cost gore the election. he helps Jeb Bush become president. nader causes riots. and never grasp his bullcrap that does not work in real world. socialism is loser oligarchs, writers like nader - are insane and moronic. thanks for safer cars then. but this show is crap , now.