Fastest sperm meme

Karate chop a squid

Karate chop a squid18 Jan. 2020
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Karate chop

Karate chop squid

King of Whatever



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Comments (100)
It’s so lit rn

So sad when their color disappears

Delicious Cheeseburger

I know some of you guys are thinking this horrible. But this is unfortunately a humane way to kill a squid. I don’t like it either, but it is humane


This is the definition of “I like ya cut g”





Sheano Animates

Ponder sprocket watching this like:


How to beat splatoon

Hãmz አልጋህ ስር ነኝ

Its sad how you can see the life drain away from them
No hate tho

Jozjuan Prosper

I’m here after watching TikTok

Cookie tiel

Nuuuuuu ?☹️



Zack 88


Bites into a fish finger ???

OwO :3

it make me sad squid die but is humanity way and i didnt eat squid :/

Toxic Unknown


No Effort

Squidward is quaking


I did this while fishing yesterday...killed about 7 of them like this?

Grey Brummitt-Smyth

Why u kill the squid like dat tho

Alexis Lagatic

Oop it’s ded


This new yt update has me going alll the way to bottom just to go to the top every damn time?great video btw

Flower Power

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Yo -


•Tokyo Slytherin•

Just a karate chop ok ??

Cousin: karate chops it 30 times finally dead

Me:*gives it a nudge* It Dies

Appa The Sky Bison


Jayvier Mendiola

Your name should be King of Squid Chops

Andrew Brechner



Chop chop chop the squid
Chop chop chop the squid
Chop chop chop the squid
Disappoint my father

Toasted Tomato

That's insane


By the way... he stole this footage from a YouTuber named Nick Fry. Not exactly sure why he did it. Messed up that you didn’t credit him...


How you kill enemies in splatoon 3

local idiot

Im not inviting u to you birthday party >:C


Sponge bob should test this

Syd the Squid

He is killing my family.

Frog Boi

Instantly dead noice


i cried.


yes i know im not funny at all.

Theo Nowlan

This is why squidward didn’t want to play kArAtE with spongebob


Why does it turn white

Elon Musk


Pepsi Pepsi

Everyone in spongebob is so vulnerable
Spongebob: can be ripped very easily
Squidward: one, swift karate chop
Patrick: vinegar
Mr Krabs: boiling water

i make bad art

as a splatoon fan i'm crying


i play splatoon and am greatly offended ?

shiny in roblox ramy

But ok

Road Runner

Not sure how I got to this. But I'd rather watch a squid die with a karate chop the being cut up with scissors or a knife

*Inky Animations*


sbev e

I would overdo this

Zury Puebla


Ian Lucas

Why is that so satisfying


It's kind of cool, but sad at the same time.

sub to pewds

Maybe that's why squidward's dead




"Squids are people too"

Sir Squid

Dude, what the frick...

Tanookiboi 582

Ssoyoung needs to hear this




crazy how they just loose color instantly

• xKillerGirlx •

W t h
It's colour just disappeares like... Umm... Idk
But it's some... BLEH ?



that's actually kinda cool + humane way of killing it


Is no one talking about how it didnt work on the last one

MLG Alcatraz98

squidward better watch the fuck out for spongebob

2021 Nissan Rogue

Squidward: Watches video What the fu... We’ll be right back with you


*PETA wants to sponsor your video*

VHS Gaming

New finishing move??

Stefan the cup 36

Dude that's actually pretty mean


Basically you gotta make sure it turns entirely white or else you gotta go again

shiny in roblox ramy

I was uncomfortable

Aston Margolis-Dias

I seems humane?

PrinceAlvin Alejandro

Squidward be like: ???


Who else here frm tiktok


plot twist: he has an incredible editor

Holy freakin' Shit Ballz!

Wrong way to dispatch a squid...

The Crispy SaladWizard

Thousands of ways to kill a squid easy and fast but that bitch keeps them alive until they are digested in her stomach qcids.


I is very satisfied ...
I might be psychopath

obsessed favorite active is killing squids...
these days I can tell..

Mercedes cede mey.

That is just cruel ????


@Ssoyoung you watching?

Ralsei The Fluffy Boi

inkling murder 101

Avery Leverett

Me who plays splatoon:.............



haze blurry?

Poor squid, why would you be so mean to it ?


Why the squids?


chop chop chop the squid, disappoint my fahder!

Mimi Vidz

Thats sad why show that!



Frank Gutierrez Jr

what the fuck

Everything2 TheMax

If I was the last squid to be killed, I’d freak out by seeing all my friends dead and probably would’ve tried to get away

Marcheline Fern Maglilong

Idk why but this is oddly satisfying.. it’s kinda sad tho that ur taking a squids life away-

Juliet Beneke

Take notes SSOYOUNG! Take notes on this.


..Well at least it died painlessly.

Liz T

Poor squid :(

Karti CID

Who came here from the meme


Why is he killing squid for no reason!

Jason Garcia

That’s the reason why squidward ain’t like sandy.

Pro Gamer

Rip squidward


Squid owww
Him chops him
Squid was slain by human

Jacobine Ndinelao Kakwambi

squidward rip squidward

comnander aidyn us commando elites

My people..

Dariuz Playz

How to kill a kraken
Step 1: Have 100 people karate chop it

Nothing Furret

rip squidward...


ayo how did it go from brown to white so fast tho

Reem Sharabi



Lost spongebob episode: squidwards execution

Dicey Mobb

Someone must have chopped Michael Jackson

06 funny race / animation funny video / race of life / fertilization / journey / nhr

06 funny race / animation funny video / race of life / fertilization / journey / nhr4 Oct. 2019
5 809

animation funny

animation funny video,funny race,race of life,funny videos,race to life animation,cartoon videos,funny animation,sfm animation,pubg animation,animation videos,top videos,#race,fertilization,journey

Comments (7)
FoxieLourd YT

it's really good i promise and it LIVE from now

odisha board teachers

We are born winner

Vishal Prajapati prayagraj

Please tell me the name of background music

Legaspi NozYaj


FoxieLourd YT

See this video-----} {}

FoxieLourd YT


Julfeeya Marzook

ASRAF ? Julfiya ??

Giant Whale Jumps Out Of Nowhere - Incredibly Close Whale Encounters!

Giant Whale Jumps Out Of Nowhere - Incredibly Close Whale Encounters!22 Sep. 2019
7 277 868
NewsflareSubscribe 438 721

Whales are magnificent

Whales are magnificent beasts of the sea, these giants can grow up to 90ft and weigh as much as 24 elephants! These lucky people got to experience these whales up close and personal. From whales jumping out of the water to divers swimming side by side, we have it all here.

Which one of these amazing whale encounters was your favourite?

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Comments (100)
ags rainbow

wow the speed tho
also they're adorable af. god.

Mark Silva

A killer whale should have jumped out the water too!!

Fresh Avocado

Can we talk about how terrifyingly fast that second whale swam up?

Tee Gee

So majestic? Whales are like gentle giants. I also love how they show out in front of an audience?


We have luck that thouse whales are friendly. Imagine if they would hunt us to eat.

Mr. Pudding

i like pudding.
and whales.

sudip phukan

How are they swiming with them man i would shit on my pants

Nuha Al jafar

lol its big in pic of vid and its small in vid

Harry M Crews Jr.

As you know whale do protect people from the shark.

flmngo clouds

5:55 baby whale hanging onto her mommy <3


I love the ocean but 1:45 this is why I'm really scared of dark water

Bülent Güntürk

They are fabulous creatures but I cant imagine how I would react if I encounter with them that close

matthew tonna

Tbh I would be scared shitless if i see a whale while swimming

NightCore City

Imagine gettin slapped by a blue whale or sperm whale

Hassan Ali


Polski Królik


Ghost _macho

He just said hi

Danish Ara

now i can see the whales....

Yaseen El-Olemy

So lucky

ags rainbow

idk if someone has ever done it or if it wouldn't be a good idea
but imagine grab onto the tail of a whale and let it drag you
from what i know they're friendly animals so maybe it wouldn't bother them??

Main Fortnite

Blue whales are a firework themselves

Banksquiat 313

I have a fear of swimming in anything that’s not a pool. I feel something would pull me under.

B rye Cuda

At 1:47 you can see many sharks swimming below the blue whale.... I've never seen birds, sharks, and a blue whale hanging out in the water together ?

ags rainbow

3:34 wow that is incredible
cuties their just chillin n floating in the blue✨

Benjamin Bottoms

At 40 second is the best although not completely leaped out but the prowess feeling came to me

Wayne Fay

Why would ya kill a creature like this?

Geetha Ranjani

they're just jumping around in the big blue sea ?

Faizi Khan

Creation Of God ?

Vikki Lee

WOW WOW awesome?

•lazy Gang•


safeeq thambi

This is not a blue whale but it's good?


Fucking show offs lol

Cutie Elise

Perfect example of the saying: “Be careful of the ocean. You have no idea what lies beneath you.”

⟭⟬ Deepika World ⟭⟬

OMG ????

Rob Razzano

Nice video, cool compilation. Thanks for sharing!

JMc 99.1

سبحان ألله وبحمده سبحان ألله ألعظيــــــــــم

Steve Damien



What a mind blowing fact that these huges feed on tiny sea organisms. ?

Courtney Villa

Who in their right mind would think to snorkel/dive in a feeding area like that? You don't know where the whale will come from where it'll drop. A swipe from a fin or tail could kill you instantly! Be safe out there lol


I first time saw sleeping whales

Crazy 2-1 ILZ

There isn't many comments so most likely this is fake


I want to help clean their house. Stop the plastic wind!!!


3:20 yep, I’d probly get away from its mouth, too :D

it's Priyanka's Art&Craft


Troll Juggalo

Imagine being unfortunate enough where you’re literally right in the whales path and when it breaches and falls back into the water, you’re under it and it just slams down on you. You’d probably die instantly.

Amber Marie Lewis

Would of been better if it wasn’t slow motion.

Silmarillion Tolkien

Dinosaurs are cool, but we have our own giants not just in our time but of all time. Blue Whales are the largest animal ever.

Chedalla Chinasatyanarayana murthy

They are like Godzilla

M Vlogs creations

Meanwhile on whaletube person encounter edit:I'm doing a giveaway sub to me to enter.


Flying whales are ze best - Gojira

Toby M

How did we win survival of the fittest lol


made a strange whale by myself.
Please watch it if you don't mind.

Jud Judersawn


A Youtube Channel

0:03 Oh I am fly like a Pelican.


Mate they're too fucking big. I dont care if they're friendly and endangered I'd be reaching for a harpoon. I ain't getting body slammed by a submarine!

Daz Alenko

What do they taste like?

Joie Beltran

Everybody gangster till the whale is almost to close to squishing the boat.

Everybody gangster till the teacher opens breakout rooms?

Naman Kumar

I have been awake it's 4 AM and I'm watching some whales.

Man I love 2021


Why are divers so close? Is there a rule about that?

Gaurav Mouli

Everyone gangsta until a shark jumps out of the water ?

Shrek wasouski

oh look, lizzo decided to go swimming

Lieutenant Nikola

I dare say humpback whales, while indeed much smaller than blue whales, are also much stronger than them. It takes some strength to move that fast through water and jump into air as you carry your 40-ton body along. Blue whales neither swim extra fast nor breach.

Mohd Aariz Khan

0:7 that is a baby whale actually adult blue whales are massive huge than humans more bigger bigger than magalodon and T. rex

The Pog Dog

I didn't know I would be featured in this jumping out of the water so many times

alex fiddler

I wish I was a fish just flopping in and out the ocean living my best life.

Mohd Aariz Khan

0:48 this is an actual size adult massive blue whale blue ?

Mehzabin Alam Hafsa

That was scary

Patrick Murphy

Such beautiful creatures.


Whales gotta be the most majestic creatures on this planet.

mahmudul Hasan

I think the man in the video wants to swallow by the ? whale

It is very dangerous

Zachary Stivers

That's pure power!

Technicall Company
Good job+keep it up+proud of

Tanya Krotowa

0:43 the best one


i literally get scared by little fishes in the sea and some people stands near by a giant whale in the middle of the ocean?

Matteo Giombetti

Gosh I understand why whales are my favorite animal now.


The fact that anyone could harm this magnificent creatures is simply beyond my comprehension.


Description: "These giants can weigh as much as 24 elephants!"
Americans: "How many football fields does one elephant weigh?"

Savannah Dyer

why do some whales look like pickles?

Corek BleedingHollow

I wish blue whales could do that

Gisley Alves

From the little bees and others insects that gives us 70% of all fruits and vegetables we eat to the big whales who give us carbon sequestration for our life on this so beautiful planet called earth.??


Man those things are so huge

Taylor Bayley

once when i was younger i was at the beach and saw a huge whale fin break the surface of the water before slapping down. it didn’t seem as though anyone else around me saw but the image lives in my head as both amazing at terrifying at the size

Arelys Rivera

It's still mind-boggling to me that they're so massive and can just throw themselves out of the water


Even their tail and a fin is enough to destroy a whole ship?

Ricky Moss

that person who's in the water has balls of steel all the whale has to do is grab him by the leg and it could take him deep into the abyss

Jima Forwood

I wonder why people put thumbs down for a video on whales? It’s not like you ended up watching horse racing now is it? I mean what’s there not to like about these extraordinary close ups of the mighty ?. So if anyone can enlighten me further . I would be intrigued . This is really some of the best footage I have ever seen! Spot on.

Umbrella With no videos or content?!?!

When the kid who’s redone the grade three times wants to make friends:

Cat Boy

They look like giant pickles

lemon mint

I want to go to the sea 1 day 8 never went to the sea not only 2 the wales and sharks are so cool atleast the shark is kinda creppy and the whale is sounds buityfull and looks pretty i love the wale alot

Zumba Corporation



Its scary

Teddy Chalamet

I gasped when I realised it was actually the baby and the mother was behind it.


0:44 it’s so big!

Sorenza Padron

Mom: wake up, you gotta go to school
12 year old me: 3:35

Snezhana Khrypta




codys mom is just everywhere

A n A n D u T h A m P i

Thank God , Whale are not extinct


Imagine ur playing minecraft behind the balcony u shocked and accidently drops ur phone in the water


¿Estamos de acuerdo que el 1:57 se lleva el premio?