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Groping Without ‘Skin-to-Skin’ Contact Not Sexual Assault

Groping Without ‘Skin-to-Skin’ Contact Not Sexual Assault25 Jan. 2021
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In 2016 a man took a

In 2016 a man took a 12-year-old girl to his house on the pretext of giving her Guava. He then pressed her breast and attempted to remove her salwar. At that point in time, the mother reached the spot and rescued her daughter. An FIR was registered almost immediately. The case was going on in the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court. The prosecution examined five witnesses, the mother, the 12-year-old girl and a neighbour who had heard the child scream and two police officers. Justice Pushpa Ganediwala of the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court said, there must be physical contact “i.e skin-to-skin contact with sexual intent without penetration”. The act must have been committed with the intention of having sex and involved touching the private parts of a child or making the child touch the private organ of the accused. Then it is called sexual assault.

If the person gropes a child with no skin-to-skin contact, then it won’t be called sexual assault. The court said that the man pressed the girl’s breasts without removing her top. Hence, it can not be sexual assault.The court sentenced him to one year of imprisonment for outraging a woman’s modesty and for wrongfully forcing her into a room. Many on social media have expressed anger towards the female judge for pronouncing such a verdict.

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Aman sharma editx

Very bad

Annamalai Raja

I feel

Sri Sri

Shame on u to be even sitting on that bench

Amu Sholanki

Wrong bad

Kala Raman

Very bad ?

Manpreet kaur

Angry but yes ,, Mom or papa self Care take fully see tell dear son boy or girl age 3 PR,,,, 21 or 25 married but yes

Happy Kasi

Today, a man who had long been sheltered by his wealth, power, and a culture of blaming and shaming the victim, was found guilty of rape by a jury of his peers. This monumental victory is a direct result of the bravery of the women who risked their personal and professional lives to speak publicly about the sexual violence they experienced at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.

Having worked to combat sexual and gender-based violence for over three decades, I have seen first-hand how difficult it is for a survivor to come forward to report their rape, much less take the case to court. Victim-blaming is not unique to one part of the world. Societies across the globe stigmatize women and girls who are raped; putting them on trial instead of their perpetrators. Families and local communities are often times unsupportive and want to hide the “shame” of having a relative or close connection who has experienced sexual violence. This frequently results in self-blame and internalized shame. If survivors do decide to report, they often confront police officers and prosecutors who do not believe them. For those cases that do manage to make it to court, survivors are then raked over the coals by lawyers who are determined to discredit them. While the burden of proof is always on the prosecution, no victim is less likely to be believed than the victim of a sex crime. In short, it is an act of bravery to bring your case of rape to court. ?

Sunitha Acharya

Shame on this judge. Unfit to occupy the august post. in all probability, she was drunk while she gave this judgement. She should know that assault need not be physical, it can also be mental. She should be removed immediately.

Piyush Mishra

Like seriously?? Is that a joke by Supreme Court or what?

Ren Veteran

So you can wear condom and rape a woman and it won't be considered a crime. Isn't this the same?

ART Suggest IDEA

She is wrongly from HC..

Lukman PM

I can't agree with her court...

Mina Roy


Subhanshu Lodhi


shivani choudhary

Shame on the judge .

Shanaaz Shaikh

?l am sorry much ? thanks very you nice hai

E.kowsalya Mannan


harpreet singh

Very bad

The Depeck Effect

Mast hai

Amardip Ingle


Simrin Sinha

Shame on her, idk i think she was paid for it to defend the assault or either she has shit mentality. Shame shame!!!!

Ganesh Biradar

You are best ? India sign language

Aritra Bose



This is so messed up , shame

Kumar Kumar k b


Ranjeet Jaiswal

She madam Court worng or 1 yrs not 5 yrs most only

Pramila Bhalerao

Boy bad .mad ? ..

Telugu Madhulatha


Balaji Rajini

Shocked Bad

Gowri Krishna

Thanks for sharing this news

KingHero Df

Oh Show wrong bad ?

Daddy Ji

Today if a boy is raped by a women and then this so called feminists will not take any action and now they are demanding more laws to terrorize men . what would be the scenerio then if you had a fight with a girl and she want revenge then she can without a single thought can allege you of severe crimes like rape and most of the times you end up in jail even if you are innocent your innocence will be questioned and by the time you will be proven innocent this media ys these channels lik NDTV and republic bharat the trp hunters will destroy your social life in public places you will be down looked and now they want laws for touching wtf if you touch a men at any place will you be sued if you harras men will you be sued now is a time when most of the men fear marriage coz a single case of 498a can destroy their and their whole family's life... your channel is a news channel understand stop these kind of foolish things

Police sexual misconduct: Groping a woman's breasts during arrest - FX7News

Police sexual misconduct: Groping a woman's breasts during arrest - FX7News12 Jul. 2020
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Police sexual misconduct: Groping a woman's breasts during arrest

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كل من عليها فان

Why did he grope her with his wrist? It was obvious she was not hiding a weapon.

Dirty Cop Busted Fondling Dead Woman's Breasts By His Own Body Camera

Dirty Cop Busted Fondling Dead Woman's Breasts By His Own Body Camera6 Dec. 2019
INVICTUS mediaSubscribe 438 721

A Los Angeles Police

A Los Angeles Police Department officer has been placed on leave after body camera footage allegedly caught him fondling a female corpse.

Full story:

DISCLAIMER: This video may feature some instances of police brutality and is shown to bring awareness to this problem. For News Reporting & Educating Purpose Only.

Not intended to promote violence or hate towards police.

The Invictus Media YouTube channel may contain copyrighted material, the use of which may not have been specifically authorized by the copyright holders. The material is made available on this YouTube channel as a way to advance research and teaching related to critical media literacy and inter-cultural understanding, among other salient political and social issues. Through context, critical questioning, and educational framing, the Invictus Media YouTube channel , therefore, creates a transformative use of copyrighted media. Fair use protections are central to many non-profit and education projects, especially those that operate in digital and online spaces. The material is presented for entirely non-profit educational purposes. There is no reason to believe that the featured media clips will in any way negatively affect the market value of the copyrighted works. For these reasons, we believe that the Invictus Media YouTube channel is clearly covered under current fair use copyright laws. We do not support any actions in which the materials on this YouTube channel are used for purposes that extend beyond fair use.

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News Now Fort Worth

so this ass hole gets a paid vacaion

J Law

Mixed up stories between the police department/officers/media, with not enough EVIDENCE and all ACCUSATIONS. Hmm....Who shall we believe??? Who will win this battle? Usually its the department with the accusations and media is there to back the police department in order to keep things hyped right? Anyways, those 2 officers should quit. Not a good time to be an officer in 2020. ? u might get fooled by the corrupted government ?


Just a VETERAN? If that would've been me, they would have used my full name and all of the MEDIA would be knocking at my home... I would also be in jail. GOTTA LOVE THESE SOVEREIGN COPS ?

News Now Fort Worth

with pay what the fuck

Heikki DTW

I only read the title...KILL THE PIG...

Chairman Meow

It must be great to have a job where you can break the law then go on a paid vacation instead of being forced into a cell like most people would in similar circumstances.

Flash Inthepan

Oh ffs

Dr. Shawn Berry

These piggies are fucking nuts.

Greg Gardiner

Wow. For shame.

Bob Bitchin

What a disgusting piece of shit.

Lightning Dave

So tired of these bad cops getting paid vacation after being suspended from active duty. Because even if fired he doesn’t have to pay it back.

Pink Eyed Genie

The real N word.

Darryl Kennedy

If I was a relative of that poor dead woman this arsehole would be on a permanent holiday. You've gotta wonder what else this prick's been up to seeing as he's a "veteran"..


You know if he is groping dead chicks he probably been diddling kids. Better check his computers.

After Party sin

sick horny bastard


This behaviour has no place in law enforcement ...LOL that's all they are. That is literally all of them. Psychopathic serial killers that rest comfortably knowing police unions will protect them during their paid vacation because they got caught fucking dead people...

Ej Nicks

This behavior has no place being anywhere, police department or otherwise.
However "Dead Girls Don't Say No" (Cradle of Filth)


That is just nasty...
Of course the police union is trying to defend the officer even though there’s proof of what he did...

Calli Kristoff

Omg who does that ?what sick sick person ?thank you posting invictus ?

Klove 5343

Ooooh my goooodness. Disturbing indeed

Maximus Decimus Meridius

As I've been saying for a long time these guys are nothing but Hired Guns,thugs to keep tightening the Noose on the American people and the freedoms they thought they had. Never in the history of man has any Dynasty or Empire accumulated the wealth that the banksters of today have. Not the czars of Russia not the Caesars of Rome. With the incredible wealth they have they are able to buy their own occupational armies not just one,many! And one of the Army's they control are the thugs patrolling every street and America across our country under the guise of law enforcement. Americans still seem to think we are going to reinstitute a government of the People by the people and for the people without a fight they are dead wrong. Maybe if they would have listened wind Bill Cooper was trying to wake us up in the eighties it may have been possible but probably not. It is definitely not possible today or anytime in the future cuz the Noose on the Stranglehold of power is just going to get Tighter and Tighter.

Triple ZZZ

My gawd police will hire any psychopath!

Stray Dog The Exposer

Damn, what a sick fool and getting paid to sit at home and watch porn now.

Pat Riott

At home... being fully paid

Thunder Rolls Media


Luther B

Did I just hear that right? Did that reporter just say that this sick necromancer is getting a free “paid vacation” while they “investigate”... the video already spoke for itself. There is no place for this kind of preferential treatment of police officers who are caught red handed commuting such a heinous act. A non-police citizen would be apprehended, placed in cuffs and jailed immediately... WTF is going on here???? OVER!