How to get someone to ask you out

When someone asks you about your ex

When someone asks you about your ex6 Jan. 2018
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Thank you for watching :)

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616 Alex

This man was making it up as he went ?


I've watched this over 20 times now

Epic Movie Maker


Khriesteinielle elelelele

A car. A TRUCK!

Mr Wonder

Actually she left him and was happy with other guy ?

Philip Tucker

She must have been a fuckin bitch ?

Ni The Fly Guy

I think this was wishful thinking


There were 7 more things happening in chain of effect after she had a heart attack. What a way to go...

Swati Ravishyam

lmao this is me everytime i have to explain someone about my ex


truck.. DIESEL truck.. ???? ??


she must of been everyones ex then.. especially the asteroid

Elated Sorcerer


kangaroo jack

Wait he actually got a ad ?

Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke


Thornhillkiara Kiarathornhill

Truck-kun strikes once again...

Priscilla Jimenez

Believable until the chainsaw lol

Darth Strange

True story, no lie.

Mike Boucher

The joy this brings me ? This Vid helps u get over ur Exes ?

Naruto Uchiha

I can relate

Ryan Kelly

Man i want an authentic ushanka, but any kind would work

S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

Wtf is izis

Evolved Beats Re:Upload

What a way to die...
*has a heart attack on the sidewalk,
*trips and breaks neck,
*gets knocked by a huge 26+ wheeler truck,
*random active chainsaw falls on face which happens to be an undercover bomb sent from ISIS which renders body into a paste,
*airplane lands directly on body which causes a bigger explosion and renders your pasty-remains into red mist,
*asteroid falls on the area where your remaining cells lay and proceeds to wipe out any evidence of your body as well as the local town you were walking in.

Jose Chetty

Fml ????????

MCPE Anthony

She will never reach the truth...

Rolonda Nelson

This went just as I expected it ☠??

Mustafa Altay


Demon’s lore

Never stop making those video please ?

Jaiden Arias

Read Ephesians 4:29, follow the Ten Commandments, and Saturday is the Lord’s day

Yo Mafia

He was having his Russian( the head wear) flashbacks alongside his breakup ....

Ebi animates

You guys ever notice that Stephen Universe doll in his shelf in a lot of his vids.



Lorem Ipsum

Literally 50 ways to say goodbye ???

Caroline Chang

Didn't know final destination had a new part

Stephon Willis

0:00-0:10 is what I say, but the rest is what I want to say?


"Ay, what happened to you and ol' girl?"
"Me and who?"
"That one girl you used to go out with."
"...go out with. Where do we go?"
"Bro, that one girl you used to talk to."
"What do we talk about? I'm not sure..."
"Your girl bro, ex, whatever!"
"Hm, you got like a picture or something?"
"Your FUCKING ex! Your recent ex!"
"Oooh, yeah, she died."
"She died? How did she die?"
"Uh, she had a heart attack on the sidewalk."
"Oh, for real?"
"Yeah, and then she tripped and broke her neck!"
"Oh ma gad!"
"Yeah, and then she got hit by a TRUCK! A BIG ASS truck, a DIESEL truck! Then a chainsaw fell on her face! Yeah, a chainsaw! And the chainsaw was a BOMB! From ISIS! And it BLEW UP! IT BLEW HER BODY UP!"
"Oh my god..."

"Then a plane crashed on top of her. Then an asteroid came down and hit her! BOOM! Then she went to HELL!"
"Oh my god, rest in peace..."
"It's okay..."
"I'm here, it's okay. I'm your friend."

Real Shots

Me when my friends ask about my ex that cheated

abroiz ngr


Anusan Bavanandan

The heart attack was the death note. I dunno bout the rest though ???

The Chxnge

Either she dumped him or she cheated???


how is this video not banned yet


He about to awaken sharingan any moment now


he was building momentum as he was talking bout her death lmaooo



Mom Tingz

?? Lmao I can relate ??

Corvin DuGuap

Ay what happened to you and old girl?
... it’s complicated

sowmyan Ella

A plane crashed on top of her ??

the rock obama

Dam my neeguz she died a lot ?

V Naval

So, what killed her again?

BOS Elder


Adesh Kantha

Kinda wanna send this to my ex lol

shubham sharma

This is the video I'm gonna show to whoever asks about my ex XD

Srt Lara

Flashbacks ?

Dipen Bhuva

You fukin bitch ????????

Lucas Pflueger

Then: What happened to her?
Me: run over by a staircase

Sello Phakoe

?????? never laughed this hard bro☠️☠️☠️


I don't think he likes her anymore but I might just be making things up

Victor Ernest

From iziz?????


Lol that’s literally how i talk about my ex no cap...I always say shes dead when someone ask about her or even try to tell me about her....ill just say shes dead so I don’t know nothing

Abhishek Mukherji

? ? ?

I'm unknown unknown

Good thing some parts of that girl survive ?

Jay Vicky

It's okay Griffy, we've all been there.

Ronak Saxena

Omg such incidents

The Sesame Guy

I wanna watch this for the 1st time again

Zoo Renard

" that B*ITCH when to HELL "

Yeah, I felt that.

Turan Yavuz

İs She ok?

arnold naces

She got isekai’ed by truck-kun

woah chan


“ᵒʰ ᵐᵃ ᵍᵃʰ ʳᵉˢᵗ ⁱⁿ ᵖⁱᵉᶜᵉ”


Tinsae Shambel

Then she went to helllll

The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

"I've died a 1,000 times."


Cj Jefferson



“It’s oooookay. I’m you’re friend “

Amethyst Speaker

I actually laughed way to hard at this?????????????


And on her way to hell, A plane hit her

Seonah Han

Where did we go lolololololololol

Just some guy who cut his mustache

0:32 so she got isekai

dat damn kez

My ex got married to a guy in his mid 20's with kids and she's graduating from high school this year lol fuck that bitch

Siddharth Shivhare

Don't think she was the only one who died that day??

gwandumi mwakyoma

A big ass truck, a DIESEL truck! ??

Ramzi Chaouche

this guy should be an actor, better than 80%

Best P KSA

?????im dead

Aryan Rajput


Captian Winter

ps: All that happened after the heart attack


Sounds like Final Destination tbh

jo hello

Don 't forgot the depression

Ed Push & Pop

Completely me

Peter Goodspieces

The BOOM timed with the camera shake of the “friend’s” POV was probably hard to time damn gj griff

Moodi Nasim

An ideal death for all exes?


He did killed her 10 times??

Kenndsay Ordoñez Campos



"she got hit by a truck...a BIG ass truck....a DIESEL!" lmao

Ciro Ascarelli

"That's cool but how is she doing tho?"?

Byron Wesley

I just listened to this on repeat

Lucian Bonas

She revived and the cycle continues to this day

Sara Liffner

It aint been easy.?

Priscilla Jimenez

Just say she's dead to you lol

chulbul pandey

I really dont get how people hate someone they used to love


Going thru a break up and this shit had me in tears???

Credible Jumper

So your ex was Diavolo?

kris lee

And she get by a car, a truck, a big ass truck, a diesel truck, a BIG MFING RIG.

Indian Trust

The steven universe toy???

How To Ask Out Someone Older Than You

How To Ask Out Someone Older Than You6 Dec. 2016
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Do you like an older boy

Do you like an older boy or girl and are trying to figure out how to get them to like you or notice you? It can be hard to get the attention of someone older, but in this video I'll share my tips for how to ask out someone older, how to be more mature and more confident around your crush whether you're in middle school or high school.

QUESTION: Do you like someone that's older than you? What is the age difference between you and the person you want to ask out?


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Comments (100)
Fishing Time

The girl I like is 25 and I’m 17 I have no issue with the age gap at all but not sure if she does.

Nicky Gibbons Gibbons

I’m a freshman she’s a junior?


Im 14 and she is 16

Ethan Hunt

freshman to junior

Bradley Jacobsjr

She's 15 years older than me


I like someone who’s a junior but I’m a Freshman, I’ve known her for a long time tho so what should I do


Am 16 shes 19 lmao frick me


I'm 12 shes 13

Will Ellis

If I got 5 likes I would literally ask out my cousins friends friend that I have a crush on

The Reptile Keeper

13 she is 15 2 years older we don’t go to the same school but to a joint club what should I do I think she likes me back but I wouldn’t want her to see me as a younger brother

Caleb Arzie

I’m 19 and she is 24. Will that’s work?

Reece Mason

I'm 15 mines is 17 absolutely sucks

Lon Music

1year age difference ?
Main thing is that she’s a stranger to me.
And idk how to approach her in this case. Dk if she agrees or not because of the age factor.


Im 14 turning 15 shes 16 turning 17 and idk what to do its long distance but idk shes like 2 hours away but i play pst with her and im into her

Legend Motorsport

When he said you might have a family member in common


Ricardo Gooding

Im 13 and she is 14 and i cant stop thinking about her?

hillbilly_stoner !

I go bowling and I'm in a league there is this girl I like that's in high and works there and I'm in 8th grade what should I do

Scary Roast

Bro can someone tell what to do when you have feelings for somebody who's 5years older than you......l wanted to ask her out on a date with ldk how's been like now 2years and I'm still nervous....


I’m 16, turning 17.. she just turned 18. I’m in year 11, she’s in year 12. The only reason we know each other is because we go to church together. She’s always busy (year 12 work, all that stuff) so I never get a chance to talk to her. She’s shy, but she’s probably beyond her own age in terms of maturity. She is smart and I have embarrassed myself in front of her with immature behaviour (I forgot to wash my hands before I cooked at a bible study group, and she was like “maybe wash your hands first” and I awkwardly went and did that. I’ve done heaps of similar things). I can’t tell if she still likes me (not romantically), or if she’s just being polite and mature as she always is. She probably looks down on me, so I don’t know how I tell her I like her. Do I just forget it? What do I do?


I'm 12 and she's 14, even though I get rejected I still wanna be friends with her, wut do I do

King Raven765

Thanks for this bro there's been a girl who's older then me who I've been talking to for a year or two now and I've been wanting to talk to her about my feelings but I had been to scared too because I think she's too old for me because I'm afraid it's illegal? the thing is I'm 17 and she's 20 so idk what to do.

luciddreamer 87

Im 14 and she's 18 but im nervous to talk to her


Who else likes their t a

Jmystic Gamer

I am in 14 and she is 18, Lol...

ansh arora

How about 20 and 26? I am 20, the girl is 26 and my cousin's friend. Very few interaction. Try once a year or less.?

Vanshika Lakhani

2 years difference

PuR3 Skillz

So there a chance that I can get a girl that’s in 10th grade and I’m in 9th?


I'm 13 and she's 15 but she is a year and 4 months older because I turn 14 very soon. I'm scared

Samuel Alvarez

Does anyone else hate Josh's voice? ??

we coming

I like my french teacher ?

Nicholas Alvarez

i’ve been really good friends with my boy for many years and i’ve started to have feelings for his sister. he’s 21 and she’s 19 and i’m 17 almost 18. So the new sibling thing kinda applies cuz im her older brothers friend but i’m younger than her. and i feel kinda stuck not gonna lie.

Dankstarwarsmemes On tik tok

She’s like 15 or 16 and I’m 13

Ava Pressey

I’m 13 and she’s 16 but she’s homeschooled what do I dooo

E Clapz

I'm 13 she's 14 bout to be 15 and I knew her since I was like in 1st grade and she even said if I was older I might have a chance


I hate that all my crushes are my friends significant other I'd feel like a grade a doush bag if i actually was affectionate towards them even after there already apart.

FP 40

I’m 19 she’s 21

Ethan Ayala

Lol I’m 18 and she’s like 23 ?


I’m 13 she’s 18???????

Ela Ayyildiz

i'm 13 he 16

Landon DUDE

Im 10 shes 12

Kylee Honeysuckle

So I'm 11 and h3 is 16 I don't know what to do

React Vlogs

I’m 13 she’s 14 I’m in 7th she’s in 9th ik she likes me to and I don’t have a problem with asking her it’s just I’m afraid I won’t be able to c her much bc she goes to a different school

Hair4dayz Frlikefr

I’m 12 she’s 16 she thinks I’m 16 and said I look 17 ?


Im 13 shes 15 what should i do?

Amardeep Singh

I like a girl who's older thn me.. I'm 22 & she's 26
We work in the same place.. Once I proposed her and now she doesn't talk with me.. What should I do to talk with her.

Master Makabe


zachary collins

I like this person she use to watch me I am 20 and she 29 she has kids but the reason why I like her is because we have the same stuff in common me and her always laughing I really like her but don’t know how to tell her

lane sansom

Damn none of yall have a big of age gap as I do

Artaqa Yusufzai

I'm 19 she is 32-35?

Pranav Vivek

i am 17 and she is 20

Serene Sylveon

I have a crush on this guy in my school who is 3 years older than me, is it bad?

Tmacxaiden dipx

Im turning 15 and she is turning either 17 or 18 i think i met her once and basketball training and she was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen! I haven't seen her since then bc of the coronavirus and im really worried i wont see her again and she will be taken?


This is a big oof, i'm 14 and she is 16 soon to be 17 she is also my sisters friend.

Vegan Water420

I’m 13 she’s 15

Fruity Jester

I’m 13 in 8 and she’s 16 in 10 ????

Zala Crv

3 years hes 9th grade and i will not see him the next year

Basim Samoon

I'm 19 she's 23

israel torres

im 14 she is 4 years old maybe

Shorty Films

I'm 15 and hes 22 :/


Pls listen to my story. So once upon a time I had a crush on a girl that was 2 years older than me. I loved her for so long but I needed to study and a got over her. But one day I had a dream and remembered her. And back then I had the confidence but now it drifted away. She stares but only Because she always talks to my teacher. And I sit beside teachers desk. Well now I told my one friend I trust and he's in the same situation. I cant get over her again and she might leave school before me because I only have 3 months before I might never see her again and I will miss her and never make my move because I am too shy. Please help me before June.

iron man

Im 20 and she's 30.. What should i do.. :'(

Ethan Hunt

I’m 14 and she’s 16

1320k mosey

I'm 17 and my Crush Is about to be 20, we work together at a supernatural, any advice?

Jase Forgrave

8 years ?

KingOFpie ;P

I am 17 and she's 20, any tips?


I'm 31 and I like older girls


I am 13 and shes 14 idk if thats ok tho and plus she us taller than me too idk how to ask her out pls help

Ricsi Rekasiッ

What if I'm 13 and she's almost 20?

Killer Bee

i'm 13 and she's 14

hey mamas

he’s 2 years older and in high school when i’m in middle would that be weird? oh yeah he’s also my neighbor

Hamzah Yusuf

There’s this girl I like but she’s 5 years older than me. We’re really good friends and she’s really nice. Idk if she’s just being nice or she also likes me too:/ someone please help


i am 13 he is 17 what should i do???

dude chong

Im in 8th grade and she's in her 2nd year of college ?. I think it wont work.

Chleavhein Kian

I prefer older women nowadays because I wanna find someone who’s in the same level of thinking as me and I’m also tryna get that PS5 so..

Booty Juice

My crush is 15 years older

Josiah Cayenne

I'm 16 she's 18 is please advise

Itz Panda

when u got a crush on a girl thats 3 yrs older than u and met on roblox ???

Invisible Profile

What do I do? She’s in grade 12 and I’m in grade 9


So there is a girl that is 1 year older than me, is it good or bad? Should i go for it? Me and her have known each other for years tho.

Ali Love

I am fourteen I think she is to but she is older


i'm 14 she's 16


4:42 wait a minute

banjo music starts

Peter Bodnar IV

I'm a Sophmore and she's a junior


I'm 12 my crush is 14

Z Vibes Plays Roblox

My crush is 3 years older than me

Angel Ornelas

Ima be a freshman and she's going into college


I am 17 she is 22


Basically i like this guy at my youth im 13 hes 18 help me

Evamay Lang

Well in 12 and my crush is 13 :/

Jhair000 Barrientos

I am 15 and she is 19, what should i do

Invisible Profile

I wish my crush and I were in the same grade. Shes grade 12 and I’m grade 9 RIP

Leonardo emiliano

Wellll un 13 and shes 15 si 2 years of difference

Account 1

Today I asked out a girl that is 17 while I am 15 and I got friend zoned in the worst level


I'm 14 and there's this girl who I've been talking to and I really like her a lot but she's basically 16

johnny Ortiz

Y’all there’s this beautiful girl and I can’t find anyone else but her, I’m 14 and she’s 19!!!!!????

The Master Of Gaming

Theres a girl who is my friend who is 2 years older than me.


I'm 13, she's 14. I'm pretty sure she's one of the younger ones in her year so I'm pretty sure shes only just over half a year over older than me. Would she still see me as too childish or however you put it?

Cannon Jo Vlogs

Im 11, I KNOW IM YOUNG- but I like this boy, and I think he’s 2-3 years old than me. But he’s cute and I think he likes me as a friend. Not sure if he has a crush on me-???

Erdi Shelqizi

I'm 13 and shi's 15 ?❤

J Shroomy

I’m 13 she’s 17

send this to someone you want to ask you out *no context*

send this to someone you want to ask you out *no context*15 Nov. 2018
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Comments (12)
Kenny S.

Harambe victory royale



Homer Simpson

Nice kitchen

A flavour of anti socialness

My bestie sent this to me i- thought she rejected me b-but no EE IM SO HAPPY?

Galactic Potatoes

From one Molly to another:

Never change.


ok ay- imma send this to her now-

xJoy x

Awww you’re sooo pretty:))


they’re just gonna ask you out if i send it tbh

Fizzy Pop

I sent this to them. I hope your all happy.




i send this to her

yeye man

i finaly sent it
be happy cause im scared