How to get a girl to send pics

Billings police send dog pics to sick girl

Billings police send dog pics to sick girl2 Mar. 2019
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Billings police send dog

Billings police send dog pics to sick girl

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Sakura Lover Music

dog is human best friend ever!!

Man accused of luring underage girl to send inappropriate pictures

Man accused of luring underage girl to send inappropriate pictures29 Dec. 2016
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WEST CHESTER, Ohio (WKRC) - A West Chester man was accused of luring an underage girl to send inappropriate pictures.

The Butler County Grand Jury indicted Brandon Cost on charges of importuning and illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material.

Investigators said Cost reached out to the girl online and asked for pictures.

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Is it still illegal if your the same age as that girl tho?

He Forced Me to Send Pictures and Do Things I Didn't Want To

He Forced Me to Send Pictures and Do Things I Didn't Want To11 Sep. 2019
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Macie Diehl

Her 12 having an 18 year old bf me at 12 playing football and beating up all the boys

sqoosh cat

me watching this and telling my police officer dad and mom

Im Mica

This girl is actually stupid! Like she’s not a victim! She’s stupid! Leave his ass

Arkinekus Malack III


RaMyna Williamson :3

Her:12 into boys over her age

Me:12 plays Fortnite,mincraft, roblox,and other things that 12 year olds DO!!!

Queen Zamor

Him:give me photos

Me:go f*** yourself that will put a picture in ur head

Rose Sharie

My friend has a boyfriend who is over 20 years old while she is just a 13 year old

UwU 1207

Her friend didn’t call the ?‍♀️

Mikayla Russell

I would of never been in this I would call 9 1 1

that mf

I searched "it does things to me" to see the Stephen A smith memes and now I'm here

Samantha Wardwell

It's called he's just using you for inappropriate pictures

Katherine Knapp

Glad your doing better ?

Bubba Stuchell

Where are her parents?


She should have reported him to the police for child pornography.

Malissa Curschmann

As soon as he made you and “order list” you should have kicked his ass to the curb.

Gacha Liyah

Did you ever tell anyone??? That's the first step of happiness and being free!

Sady Wheeler

Fudge his rules and orders

Allison Matzdorff

Everyone else is making comments about there 12 year old self while she was forced to take pictures of herself and other messed up crap

Rez Phoenix

Her at 12: dating a dude thats 18
Me at 12: Getting asked out by a girl and not knowing what to do

Jaron Brown

How much kicks in the balls that boy gets

m m

Age is just a number
Me oh it is well if it is i think that 911 is a number too calls 911
Hah what is just a number now


Woman is God it's called pro creation energy in ur body

Jabami Hisuko

Use me as the WTH did I just watch button!


This all sketching thing is so irritating

brooke cherie

“Age is just a number”
Me: you know what else is a number ? 000

gamer 6978

He should get the hell beat out of him


Frick , if he gives me his stupid order Rule . I'll just...

Ciao !

Jenna Haemmerle

i DiDnT wAnT tO bELiEvE iT sO i bELiEvEd HiS eXcUsE

Rubyrose Waterlowheuston

I’m really sorry this happened to you, I hope you have a nice life??????

Madison Lewis

P a r e n t s


If someone told me “age is just a number ;]” I would’ve said-

“You know what else is a number?”

“000” (I live in Australia, it’s “000” for us)

Natalia O’Neill

Her: 12

Him: 18

Me: law and order SVU


I did this ?

Lisa Diva

Poor girl lived her teenage years in such a toxic relationship. He deserved to be in prison for being with a minor and insisting on her doing inappropriate things....

Nance K G

O my god, this is just like how my ex was. Not exactly but, yes.
I understand the girl, it was suffocating, manipulative and critical. It was depressive. An year felt so long.
Now am happy by leaving him. ?

cynette Fleming

he is old enough to be ur brother and where is ur mum???

Secret Girl


Kila Santi

I've been in a similar situation that lasted two years. It definitely took its toll on my mental health. This is the first time I've heard of someone going through something like this. I know I'm not alone.

Its Hilde

Age is just a number
Yeah and death is just a fun activity

Random anime lover Maddy

This is how many times they used this voice

Aloch Elisha

I hate all people who commented

Dixie Reynolds

Well no wonder where the “age is just a number” comments came from

Paige N. S.

teens shouldn’t be worried about finding a relationship. Instead they should focus on school, family, friends, and themselves. Also, have fun being a kid because time flies by quickly. ??‍♀️

That Singer

I would let him leave

uyaedb cutey

And were r her parents


Why are all these girls 12

Wtf lol???

Mia the Anime person

So she's basically his slave....

Sharmistha Bhakta

This story is same as mine.. Only the difference is he was just 2 year older than me

Sasha Gaze

He is fat

Draco Malfoy

Why would a 12 yr old be dating a 18 yr old guy?

Microwave Edits

If I was you I would have left the relationship sooner

thellamis llamasforever

Girl: I'm 12
Me: oh no
Girl: I started dating an 18 yr old
Me:*calls 911*
911: 911 what's your emergency.
Me explains situation of girl
20 secs later
FBI open up!


This is exactly why fathers are needed in the household, for her and for him

itz_charie _girl


Mya owns it!

I think it's Jonny Craig

lovebeauty_ad brown

Where is Olivia Benson we need her

Rosemary Cheng

one like= one smack in the face for this guy

K i t s u n e

girl: “-he made me feel special..”
me: (chokes on tea) ”-yOu mAke mE fEeL sPecIal~!”

Maximus2004 Keene

Johnny should go to hell

Aloke Kumar

Oh man!
I still chase and beat bad boys in my school!

tiffany chrst

her:..."but it made me feel special"
me:YoU mAKe mE fEeL sPeCiARrR
{this is not a hate comment ok, I'm also once :}

Natalya Dunn

Honestly some people in this world are absolutely disgusting

L.J Assassin

Good Riddents to bad rubbish ?

Underrated Weeb

Her 12: has a boyfriend
Me 12(past): tomboy, mean & beating someone...


You make me feel speaciaaaal.
Sorry to all onces out there i had to

Hellish Helga

Something like this happened to me before and the video made me cry...

isabel Marie reynolds Reynolds

OK this guy is bad


Why don't you breakup


her at 12: has a boyfriend

me at 12: sprints up the stairs when i turn all the lights off downstairs so that the demon at the bottom of the stairs doesn’t kill me hahahahaha


Girl: 12

Boy: 18

Number: DO THINK I AM A JOKE!!!!!!

Yolephane Toussaint

You brok up with him already anyway he was gonna broke up with you because he is mean so you did broke up it's a good idea good thing

Cel Confitech

"Age is just a number"
If i were you: And pain is just a feeling
(Kicks his balls)
See, just a feeling

Harish Loh

Ur soo nice. Ur still worried about that girl. Love ya!!! Ur bravery is amazingly impressive

Mobarek Ismail

This whole video is ?


age is a number
....ya whatever buddy.
Guess what? So is this

Iva Konjević

No one can makes you to do things you don't won't. Remember this: you can always talk and you have to done no matter he brakes up whit you or

i m Bored okay

Aww Girl is 12 and Boy is way.I m 12 and my mom say to keep my self hide from those bad guys or boys....


Technically, it's her fault for dating that guy. She knew what he was already doing and should've left him for a long time. Some guys are manipulative, that's why some parents never allow their child to date somebody up until the age of 18 because young adults should have a sense of responsibility and to learn to grow up. I feel bad for her though, some guys are manipulative and stupid. She doesn't deserve this even though she was only 12 when her story started.

Tiffany Johnson

Wow... this sounds exactly like my story


Age is just a number.
Jail is just a room.

Yassir Hasnaoui

Ok...... CALL 911

Whitney Delmore

tbh i think its not cool to make fun of this on a channle that only want subs, not to be extra or annoying rn now im going through this rn and i try my best to avoid it but it keep happing and i dont know what to do.... and im just hoping that anyone who is going through just know you should deserve more then anything i hope if ur reading just know every thing is going to be alright.


Where are her parents???

Wicked Wicky


My brain:Johnny Johnny yes papa watching Nu de p.p...papa

Notice Me

Why my parents made me work for my own phone at the age of 16 and was overprotective ?

Aminah Sheeheed

So no one is gonna talk about that she is 12 and he is 18?!?


Age is just a number

And the police are just people

9̶ 0̶?̶

Random guy
Me: you said to take a picture so I grabbed a picture of myself and taped it to my bra
You ask for it?

Mikayla Russell

Boys like that will always break your heart

Abandoned Account

sapnu puas

Piki Unicornz


Me:Dang Jonny thicc?


he's so manipulative and controlling ,he took advantage of her bad state of mind

Freda Braganza


Some Random 14 Year Old

59% of comments: Age is just a number
40%: 12 year old and 18 year old

Le Famme

This is how many people want to hit him

sofiia herrera

Wow ..I can relate to this on so many levels tbh but only difference is, I was 16 and so was he and he also was involved with the mafia back in high school. Not to mention his pills for being bi-polar and when he was off them...not fun at all.


Ok this was an accurate true story that happened in my life and I've learned a lot from him that i can keep away from such ppl and prevent things im happy for who I am now?

Suga Boom

Age is just a number, true, but 911 is also a number.

Lazy Pajamas

I went through something a lot like this, it only lasted a year for me. Everyone around me would tell me how wrong it was, even though in the moment that hurt, they were so right. he’d manipulate me into keeping us a “secret” I eventually realized what we had was not love, and I left. He consistently threatened suicide, but I simply blocked him and he’s (ofcourse) still alive. years later I had a rough break up, he sent a long message apologizing wanting to still be friends.. then he sends disturbing pictures he drew inspired by me, and he got blocked again.. if you’re under 18 and you have phones watch out for yourself and your friends. Please Don’t slut shame, but just do everything in your power to make them realize they can leave. So much pain and shame in these situations..

No one Important

The boi a legit controlling, player, manipulative and a WHORE