Girth vs length chart

No Man's Sky: NEXT [101] Length vs. Girth

No Man's Sky: NEXT [101] Length vs. Girth21 Dec. 2018
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No Man's Sky is like a

No Man's Sky is like a strange addiction that I know is bad and probably bad for me, but I can't stay away. Onward, to more adventures in tedium!

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Eric Payne

In this episode, Kurt compares balls! Lots of balls.



Frik Na luzie

Ah, if only we could use our freighters for commercial trading between the systems! Buy something cheap in one system, jump to a wealthy one and sell our cargo for a nice profit - "Elite: Dangerous" style. Maybe one day, with couple more updates :)

How to Measure: Your Dog's Girth

How to Measure: Your Dog's Girth18 Mar. 2020
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RuffwearSubscribe 438 721

Learn how to properly

Learn how to properly measure your dog's girth.

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Livia Gemser

Our pup is now 40 cm, he is a border/australian herder mix what size would we take

Lisa Whelan

I’m here for the dogs.

How To Check the Combined Length and Girth of a Package

How To Check the Combined Length and Girth of a Package28 Nov. 2017
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Tom Sawyer

I have a package with girth being two sides at 13inches two sides at 10 inches and length at 22 inches and the USPS is still insisting this is oversized. What am I doing wrong or not understanding?

Laurie Taylor

Finally, someone who explained and showed us visually!

Claire Hodges

This was so helpful! The USPS website had me feeling very dumb ?

vivek Agar

really helped .....thanks

Yardsale Steals300

thank you! I needed this. ;o)

lan Eiss

Good explanation. Thank you! The USPS explanation created more questions than answers! Again thank you!

May Fregeau

Thank you so much

Emelia Fordjour

So if they ask how much it weighs u tell them what??

Positive Woman

Thank you!

Yardsale Steals300

thank you! I needed this. ;o)

California Patty Cakes


Jay Leeds


Rishi Sai

Thank You so much ........great education


Nice Video it really helps!

Will Perez

Helpful, thanks.

Lynn BW

Thank you so much, really saved me!

Andrew F Cierra

Excellent vid, thanks man!

Daniel Smith

Dear Cooper,
thanks for this fine and thorough presentation.
As ever, May the Lord-God Jesus Christ be your Saviour. He loves you so! You can be sure that there will never be a condemning judgement and hell by receiving Him by faith and receiving Him just the same. Please see the Gospel of John in your Bible....
aye in Jesus,

Robert Dowson

THANK YOU for making it so simple

Ben Jamin

Thank you. Cleared it up for me.

Deborah Bunting

Excellent explanation!!!! From a USPS employee!!!!

Elann Suvat

So what do you input in the dimensions on the eBay "Ship Your Order" page? It asks for 3 measurements rounded up. If you calculate girth and length only, that is just two of the needed three measurement inputs required.

Update: So just measure the box Length x width x height. Input these numbers in boxes on eBay page. Then do the same in the girth calculator. As long as the girth calculation is less than the "maximum" allowed on eBay ship order page, you're good to go! I just shipped a large 36-pound statue yesterday. Dropped it off at the UPS store and they said it was spot on. Got the nice 47% ebay discount too. For those that sell on eBay, it's the way to go. You save so much money.

Patricia Jimenez

Thanks for the video, it helped us solve my daughter's Math homework. Very well explained.

Scott Manns

Thanks Man!


Brian Regan brought me here!

Underground Tech

Very simple to understand thanks and you just got a new subscriber :)