How to over come being shy

8 Simple Steps to Overcome Shyness!

8 Simple Steps to Overcome Shyness!20 Nov. 2019
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If you want to learn how

If you want to learn how to overcome shyness and social anxiety, this video is for you! If you are a girl or a guy and want to stop being shy or even a little bit awkward, we can help you through it. Enjoy the video!


Painfully Shy

Varieties of Shyness in Adolescence and Adulthood

Shyness: Development, Consolidation, and Change.

Why the Most Effective Solution to Shyness Isn’t Greater Self Confidence

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO), HowlingCreations for helping to create this video!

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Sabrina DeRose

One of the best ways to start changing your behavior and stay motivated throughout the process is to gamify it.
I’ve come up with a few games for you to play that will help you start being a more social person.

1. The 60 second game

The first is called the 60 second game. Within 60 seconds of going into an event, coffee shop, anywhere, you’re going to go up and say hello to someone.
If you decide later you’re done saying hello and would like to use a different phrase, that’s fine. But the point of this game is to beat your anxiety by taking action before it takes root.

Overtime, this game will desensitize you from having any type of approach anxiety and you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with anybody in no time.
2.The phone game
If you see someone using a phone or see someone reading a book you can say, “what kind of phone is that? I’ve been thinking about switching for a long time”. Or you can say, “what book are you reading? I’m looking for something good to read”.
Do that 3 times in 24 hours.
Just like the first game, this will desentize you from having social anxiety. Over time, playing any one of these games (and hopefully all 3) will lead you to becoming that social butterfly that’s been dormant for years.
The 3 WORST Mistakes You Must AVOID If You Want To Eliminate Social Anxiety , click here:

Ammar Makaveli

Im so shy thank u


Top think is never shy. Never ever. But...

Neither am I! ?

*love & Peace is never guaranteed

Nah this too much work but i might give it a shot maybe ?

Alexa Plays

But I don’t really want to socialise. Except from close friends and family ?❤️


Find your bad things and start changing them no matter what . Work hard !!

Bhaskar Khadka

There are a few components to treating shyness at home. One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Sebs Shyness Tactic (check it out on google) without a doubt the best blueprint i've seen. look at all the great information .

Ritu Gupta

Thanks a million for this video !!....Your new subscriber and follower ? people are doing great work ,MAY GOD BLESS YOU ♡

Raudel Gomez

Best detailed information, Shyness isn’t better than us!


I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about best ways to overcome shyness try Alkarno Shyness Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got great results with it.


1. Make a fear scale. Use it gradually to come out of your shell.
2. Decipher your relationships. You can be Secure, Anxious-avoidant, Anxious-ambivalent, or Disorganized.
3. Familiarity with unfamiliarity. Practice going to new places. (Though I personally disagree with this one. I am much less shy in new environments.)

4. Coin your phrase. It's a 'catchphrase' that helps you get through the intro of a conversation.
5. Direct your attention outward. Don't be self-adsorbed.
6. Rearrange your expectations. Helps you develop your ideal self that gives you something real to look forward to.
7. Conquer one new challenge. Invest you time and energy into one single challenge.
8. Eliminate your scapegoats. Figure out what habits you use to protect yourself, and then get rid of them.

Please put the list in the description to save us a lot of time.

Yassir Bouhoum

Just about time thanks Top Think


Is this channel dead? 1 million and less than 1k views in an hour


Another great video. On focusing your attention outward, if you are the type who worries what will people think; am I looking, walking, behaving like I should... Well know this.. people are probably not even paying that much attention to those things that you are worried about. They are also too busy wondering what others are thinking about them. And I would say the use of the word shy is really more unconfident. I think we like to use that word because it feels safer and for girls it may even seem cutesy but it really is about not feeling confident or good enough. Something that has always helped me is knowing most people are feeling the same way. We are more alike than different. Relax, breath and know you are ok just the way you are. People will respect you when you are ok with who you are. ?

B Wick

9:55 - called out.

prooption 07

interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for how to cure shyness naturally try Tarbally Fast Shyness Tactics (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

Isha Tiwari

I have a fear of judge when someone told me fat someone told me ugly i have biggest fear
I am trying to i don't care but i can't

Jesus Ferrer

the greatest success that i've ever had was with the Seans Shy Program (just google it) - without a doubt the most helpful method i've seen.

Adil Ouass

I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about best books for getting over shyness try Tarbally Fast Shyness Tactics (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.

A Better You - Evidence-Based Personal Development

It's not that you're shy, you're reserved and you don't like to open to others for no reason. You just know how much you're worth. Shyness is an asset, always. If we can reframe the way we think about it, then shyness isn't a thing to overcome, but a thing to value and nurture.

Aleksandar Miletic

There are several components to reducing shyness naturally . One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Seans Shy Program (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful blueprint that I have ever seen. Check out all the unbelievable info .


wanting to be friends? I just couldn't find a kind person

Juliette !?

Sorry but, 5 is not true for all of the shy squad ?

Pandidurai Karuppaih

Here is the solution to get rid of shyness

Peres Noutchie

Me wishing I watched this before 1st day of school

100% sportif

here's several things to try
Work out why you suffer from shyness - the first step in solving an issue is to understand why you have it.
Be comfortable with yourself - this makes it easier when you are with others.
Challenge youself - you will gain confidence by taking action - especially by doing things that stretch your limits.
(I read these and more ideas on sebs shyness tactic site )

ff status boy 07

I really like the video thank you for video please make a video on personality development


This video really can help to overcome the shyness, inspiring to courage and force of Knights Templar:


I'm researching best natural cure for shyness and found a fantastic resource at Sebs Shyness Tactic (google it if you're interested)

liliana bolet

Good info the greatest results that I have had was by following the Seans Shy Program (just google it) - without a doubt the best method i've followed.


Is there 8 simple steps to overcome gayness ?

samar misra

Thank you once again


999999. Subscribers



Randeep Gaming

Thanks it's motivated me a lot?

Gustavo Marquez

Hello the greatest info that i've ever had was with the Seans Shy Program (just google it) - I found it the most useful idea that I have ever followed.


Learn that everyone have bad and good things so you will be able to be confident .

Iheb Bellili

What i fear most is dying lonely or being empty

Marquez Edwards

The majority of people are either quite or shy at mainly school or don’t know how to start a conversation which proves that school is an environment for us students because the more fear you have the less life you live and to be unhappy and nervous I just wish the government could fix this it hurts me seeing someone by themselves it makes no sense how teachers don’t teach this instead of stupid poems or presentations instead we have to watch YouTube videos come on are u serious☹️☹️☹️☹️


I wanna make friends so bad but nobody's interested or are always too busy when I try to talk to them or when I try to invite them to my place or hang out with them..Even my wider family.

André Fierens

10 people
9 dogs
8 assertive

Thank you ! Visit also

Egor Fomin

Once I'll reach level 10 and obtain new friend - Death.

Universe Physics


samar misra

Thank you for giving me the knowledge

boof destroyer

what I fear most is failure


I love how this channel goes straight to the point without all that "Before we begin the video, blah blah blah" BS :)


This better work

Sabrina Wanderer

I'm scared of men????

maria afzal zubery

That's really helpful!!

Online zarada

interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out how to cure shyness naturally try Megarno Shyness Magician (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.

Caillou quiere dólares

There are several factors in treating shyness at home. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Seans Shy Program (check it out on google) it's the most incredible blueprint that I've heard of. look at all the unbelievable info .


Hey everyone... m scared to dance..i get extremely nervous in parties bt m going to kill this fear by joining a dance class..
Best of luck to everyone!


There are a few components to treating shyness at home. One resource I found which successfully combines these is the Seans Shy Program (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful resource i've seen. Check out all the unbelievable info .

sami Kawz

If anyone is interested in top remedy for shyness the best results that ive had was by using the Seans Shy Program (just google it) - I found it the most useful resource that I have ever followed.

kevin rodirguez

I'm researching best natural remedy for shyness and found a fantastic website at Seans Shy Program (check it out on google)


Bullshits. Stopped at 7th min. I want those 7 minutes of my life back.

Error Eliminator 2.0

Do you think extroverts aren't also me, me, me and more me as well? LOL

kevin mangare

Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "counseling techniques for shyness" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Beyophia Unimaginable Blaster - (do a search on google ) ? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for discovering how to say goodbye to your shyness and anxiety without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my neighbour got great success with it.

Katherine Marsh

Not helpful. At all

Life Progress

Just want to clarify that being an introvert doesn't mean you are shy

The Art of Mastery

Meditation helps a lot? Try it

Alor Vubon

Subscribe for no reason

فاطمة / تنوع معرفى



Well i m introvert but im not confident example: i can forget all my speach or i can't talk to stangers it takes like a a big inhale to ask someone

Kavi Baby

very educational & helpful

Ryan Joey

This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "how do i get over shyness?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Beyophia Unimaginable Blaster - (should be on google have a look ) ? It is a good exclusive guide for discovering how to say goodbye to your shyness and anxiety minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

Laurens Van Hoeve


Kamii Sama

Expect that hits hard now i feel little more vonfident

Johnbosco C



Great video helped me a lot ???


- Work on self esteem
- Test your boundaries
- Practise socialising

How to overcome shyness? - Sadhguru

How to overcome shyness? - Sadhguru23 Jun. 2020
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In this video, #Sadhguru

In this video, #Sadhguru talks about how you can overcome #shyness?

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About Sadhgutu:

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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Thanks for watching! Stay tuned to get more videos like this.

Team WiselySane

Comments (6)

Watching after humiliated in family function for my quit nature misunderstood with shyness


You are so cute pv


Thanks for sharing

Saanvi Shettigar

Very very happy ❤️

swapnil khose


How To Overcome Shyness - Transform Yourself Into An Extrovert

How To Overcome Shyness - Transform Yourself Into An Extrovert19 Jan. 2014
605 990
Actualized.orgSubscribe 438 721

How To Overcome Shyness -

How To Overcome Shyness - How to overcome shyness and social anxiety. These are ideas you can take in start implementing immediately.

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream Career:

Leo's Top 140 Self Help Books

Full Video Transcript Here:

Video Summary:

Shyness is not innate. We can experience shyness in various settings, typically more acutely in some than in others. Don't label yourself as a shy person. Your shyness is reversible, not a life sentence you must drag around with you forever.

Shyness tends to emerge when we suffer from self-image issues that make us overly worried about what others think. It can appear as lack of eye contact, stuttering, or inability to approach others. One technique to overcome shyness is to care less about what others think. The best method for addressing shyness is to leave your house more. Become more social. For example, join a group with similar interests.

If you're shy at work, strike up friendships with one or two co-workers whom you invite to coffee or lunch. Gradually expand the circle to more people. Interacting in a casual environment will help you be more comfortable sharing your opinions in meetings and cubicles.

To become less shy with the opposite sex, go out with your friends at night, and imitate them, if you feel uncertain. Go bowling or to a concert if not to a bar or a club. Practice being less shy by chatting up service workers who assist you at the cashier counter or the restaurant. They're paid to be nice to people -- you can start perfecting your conversation skills with them. They'll appreciate being treated like human beings, not robots.

Comments (100)
Faux Fox

8:35 lmao so true. I am introverted and somewhat shy. But as a cashier, I had to be friendly. I welcomed all conversation from strangers.

Casey Bradbury

What i tell myself is that nobody cares and then for some reason i feel better

Md Tanvir Islam


: D

When I was in elementary, we're only 12 students in one class and even though we're only 12 I still feel shy. There are only 5 girls and they were really close except from me, I always feel out of place. Until one day I finally decided to be confident enough, I got closer with everyone on that day and I talked a lot, but my crush told everyone to shut up because it's getting to loud, then he turned to me and said "specially you! You're annoying now!" I went dead silent and I thought to myself that I went too far. So I kept quiet until I graduated and get to high school. I still couldn't get rid of myself being quiet, it got worse as years pass. I can only have 1 friend from school and I always looked like I don't care about anything that she says even though I always listen. I seemed heartless and cold now :((

All Tech

Hello the greatest results that i've had was by following the Seans Shy Program (i found it on google) - I found it the best idea i've tried.

pap pop

Btw you CANT really turn a introvert into a extrovert becouse you would have to basicly kill the true them
Maybe if you remove part of theirs brain or something?
So yeah
Its inposible

Alexandra Mătrescu

For an introvert social interactions are extremely stressing and tiring

keitaro yamamuro

Is he a robot?


Did the ice breaker talk last Wednesday!
I was by no means good at it, I was shaking, and at one point literally froze for 5 seconds, but I friggin did it!
I also said yes to some after work mtg-card playing, and joined a yoga class. I'm going full out, baby!


Anyone in 2020?


thank you.


Leo started building personality and power, ended up trying to remove what he began with and taking what he earned apart...


The thing is, a couple times I have gotten out of my comfort zone, and really tried to talk to people, but once I do it, I feel rejected, and casted out like an outsider. People tend to look at me weird, maybe becouse people don't really tend to just walk up and start talking to them? I've mainly gone out and talked with people I'm at least aquaintan ces with, and I still seem weird! Am I just really awkward?I don't do it enough,(which is why I'm watching this video) but when I have tried, it makes me feel more insecure about myself.

ebrigel gzmr

I'm an introvert!
Today my dad wanted me to talk with this random dude...who is little older than me on video chat.
He kept forcing me to talk with him...I ran out of freakin quickly!???
It got so awkward...but my dad...geez!
He was like talk to him... forcing me...

insan 9806

Actually introverts shouldn't want to change them selves introvert ism??? I guess lol. Any way introvert just means you can't be around people for people for a long time while extroverts can't cope without society so you should change ur extrovertism or introvertism an extrovert could also have social anxiety while an introvert can be great at talking but not for long periods of time so yeah I feel like a lot of ur logics is correct but there are some flaws

FBC Carmel

learn why you are here? Catechism of the Catholic Churcb


I once was a extreme overthinker. Before any conversation I would think of every single scenario, try desperately to think of things to talk about etc.
But now I found that if I force myself to not think about the interactions at all, the words come way easier and it's easier to have a conversation.

Yasser S197

I feel very bad when get rejected like to girls or so which like changed my personality, like I don't have confidence on my self, friends of mine told me that I'm over thinking about everything but I can't change that ?

Rory Fisher

thank you so much for this video. i really needed it!!!

Alexandra Mătrescu

I feel better seeing all these people having the same issues like me


Very practical and straightforward guides to overcome "introversy", this word doesn't exist. :D You are a guru Leo.

Anthony Cardon

What seems to help me with social anxiety is changing how I perceive socialization and people. Stop thinking of it has "a skill" or "a game". Stop viewing people as something to deal with.
It gets easier to socialize when you view interacting with people as getting to know their story instead of viewing it like it is a task or a chore that you have to get through.

Mia's Sparkles

this hit hard


The thing is Im not even into boys but still cant seem to be able to talk to them. I dunno why but I'm intimidated by them (kinda in the way I'm intimidated by anyone who seems to be popular) so I put my guard up and am even kinda rude

José Crisalide

There are many factors in natural remedies for shyness. One plan I found which succeeds in merging these is the Sebs Shyness Tactic (check it out on google) definately the most useful guide that I've heard of. look at all the super information .

Jess Wakka

Why are your thumbnails so creepy :(

Dark cigare

Trust me, when you just grip your teeth and go for it, you'll be surprised of the outcome. Just do it, we are all going to die.


I like it when people laugh at me

umesh bansal

leo u changed my life


There’s a difference between shyness and introversion, I’m a shy extrovert


People who judge you have less value to you, because you know yourself more then them so their opinions are no value


This really help me, thanks a lot, i hope i can overcome my shyness and turn to be more outgoing, wish me luck ?


I have some good advice for introverts starting out: Think of what you want to do, count down from 3, then just do it. Do not think about social interaction

Nibba X


Yobana Gonzales

Im shy in phone calls but in person im openminded idk why i just feel like i will not be understanded

AmongUs Grandpa

The title is so stupid, I am a shy extrovert and we are often overlooked which sucks.

Dolores Delgado

Does dis work.....

To to

Start a conversation..but my social skills is..?


I'm not shy. I'm anti social.


Shyness makes me the kid that nobody wants to hang out with and it makes me so sad that I can’t jus speak from my sole.???

Sadia Sharmin

Don't take advise from serious people.

Minimalist Apps

nofap bitches

pap pop

Also I just hate how youre stearing into the camera all the time
Its creepy man
Real creep ???


The One

Seeks to play
Seeks to unite
Seeks to multiply
Seeks to know itself
Seeks to make aware
Seeks to serve ‘the Self’
Seeks to integate Higher
Seeks to build understanding
Seeks to destruct passionately

Seeks Love

Is everyone and everything
Is pure sex but no gender
Is the great animator

Needs, loves & is the Dark
Reinvents itself selflessly
Might be alone

I love the Life
I love the One
I love the People

Srijan Singh

Me : watches how to be extrovert
Me next day : sits in the corner

meme nene

Leo: "...and you are locked up at home"
Me: agrees in corona Isolation

Your Favorite Enemy

I watched this video a few years ago and it really helped!


As far as relationships go girls should start approaching guys too. All the stress of this is on the guy, and also the girl thinks it's bad if she hit on the guy. Once we have more equality between the genders life will be much better in that regard(amongst others)

Alexandra Mătrescu

The worst is that when you're an introvert people don't even seem to notice you. You're literally transparent


would you say quantity of people is better than quality people?
because when i hang out with people that are negative, i feel my energy levels decreasing and feel sad
i'd hang out with my classmates but they're always gossiping, or they don't respect my opinions and my life choices or they ignore me when i try to participate or ignore me when i try to inform them about something school-related which no one knows...i'd like to open up to them more and overcome my shyness in school but not when they treat me like this, i don't want to hang out with them even during breaks

Princess Narcissus

Videos like this have actually helped me drastically! Everything is about your perception and mindset. STOP identifying as someone with social anxiety or shyness. Fake it until you make it. Do you want to wish you were more social for the rest of your life or do you actually want to DO IT? Don’t let your mind control you. Control your mind. Be the master of it. If you WANT to be more outgoing GO DO IT. Yes, it really is that simple! I use to have the worst social anxiety, but I got sick of being lonely and afraid of people! When your need for change becomes greater than the fear of the circumstances then you will do it.

Jinu raj

I never had the shyness issue till i was 10 or 12,but as i reach in to the teen-age the shyness start take over me and right now the shyness at its peak.I am in a stage right now even scare and feel awkward to attend a marrage or any other function.I always feels like people always watching at me and iam a wierd unattractive guy.I feel very tensed when someone say introduce myself to someone or someone introduce themself to me,i really don't know what to say when someone introduce themself to me.10 year ago i was the kid with lot of freainds and i was the kid who used sing infront of the whole class,but right i don't have any freinds or i can't perform infront of other.I really want to.become the old me.

August Rose

It amazes me that my coworkers like me

David Tichborne

I've always been shy because People are so ignorant and bullys

Shits fucked up n stuff

What if you've put yourself out there so many times before, failed miserably nearly everytime due to a literal mind freeze whenever someone speaks to you and now its to the point you dont care anymore and dont want friends?

Chase Niwa

nosforatu vladimir skin

Hustle Till die



I love this old happy Leo


The thought of death really is a relief for me, but not because I want to die.
The thought that I am going to be dead someday means that NOTHING that I do matters. And maybe some people will find this negative but look at it this way: every embarrassing moment, everytime someone hurt you because you opened up, it doesn't matter. You need to move on. People forget the "embarrassing" things you did very fast while you're there cringing about them years later still.
You need to live the life you want to because in the end it doesn't matter and you do only live once.

So choose: do you want to put yourself out there with the potential of getting hurt but live your life the way you want to, enjoying yourself, or do you want to keep up your guard, stay "safe" but at the same time waste your life? You don't have a second chance. Don't watch your life go on in front of your eyes completely blank and void of joy just because you're scared. Because in the end your life doesn't matter, the only thing that does is what matters to YOU.


Being introverted and being shy are not the same thing! Also extroverted people can be shy. Litteraly the brain functions a little diffrent between introverted an extroverted people. Shyness is about some kind of anxiety but introversion/extroversion is about how you recharge your energie. For exampme introverted people ned more alone time to recharge.

King A -

With me I’m find myself boring and I want to be friends but I keep talking to myself in my head when I’m in social situations.

ebrigel gzmr

I'm an extreme introvert.
I get really awkward with strangers...
And can't relate to them for very long.
My father says,"you'll die alone of starvation!"
I'm very proud of my dad for saying that...???
It's feels very good.?


Most people with pathological shyness are terrified of it's manifestation...Harsh self criticism only makes it worse.Instead If you allowed it,if you were not so fanatically against it,at least half of it would resolve. If you do not care what impression you make on others,shyness can't exist then.

Mayur Lahon

These are easy to say but not really to do

rco rdh

i was being so fat back on high school make myself constantly judged by other people and start changing myself, lost 45kg of my weight and into more human look when i got into college. now i'm feeling better and take care of my body well. i start making friends, alot. when i got comfortable with my close friends suddenly i change into extrovert guy. but sometimes my introvert act still haunted me when i walking alone without friend. i really avoid to talk with people when there is no friends backin me up. How to get rid of this? lots of girls like me but i keep wasting them by ignoring and dont give a shit act but deep in my heart i really wanna introduce my self but i can't


I'm very shy, only around women. Especially beautiful women ?

Adam Aunya

Thanks Leo


i'll have a long waayyy

Keto Diet

It’s not that I am necessarily shy, I just don’t have the desire to talk to people. I just don’t care.


I'm not sure what should I categorize myself. Even nerds have a group of friends they'd hang out with.

Nikol Nalbantova

I would recommend to all people who suffer from social anxiety : ''Go to work like a waiter ! '' . At first it could be somewhere in a small coffee or bar where not so many people go . When u go to work in such kind of places , the people there do not expect from you to make friends in those places ! Youre going to work ! So you know they do not expect from you to talk a lot .. you just go and do your work ! But suddenly ..what happens is, that when clients come day by day and you serve them your mind is using to talk to people even if at first it is only for the things they want to order ... and youre getting used to interact with people . I was suffering from social anxiety and this works allways to me ! : )
Its all in yoour mind, people do like you when u dont care what they think about you :)

Jabib Galt

1. Most people don't care about you at all - they care about themselves
2. Most people will not remember whatever it is you think was so important
3. The problem is your thoughts, which determine your attitude, which determines you behavior
4. Change your thoughts from "people are judging me" to "people are so self-centered, no one will remember, and we are all gonna die sooner rather later"
5. The only way to overcome your fears is to face them. Just be gentle with yourself and do it little by little. Slowly but surely start talking to people, and generally start doing things that raise your heartbeat. Soon, you will realize that those actions are not as big of a deal as you thought, and just after a few tries, you will notice how those actions no longer change your heartbeat anymore at all. Talking to someone will be like "meh"... No a big deal anymore.

Gently, slowly but surely, keep exposing yourself to that which you fear. If you get comfortable being uncomfortable, you will never be uncomfortable anymore.


The worst thing you can say to a shy person is "you're so shy", "you're so quiet". It makes shy people more selfconscious and they behave shy and quiet. Adults who say this when you're a kid are the worst

Kerry G

None of this advice was useful when you have chronic social anxiety


I am in love with your thumbnails, they are creative and...unique ???

Matt K

Leonard Nimoy once discribed shyness as being "easily embarrassed". I think that's a very accurate description.

Art Book

Just the thought of putting myself out there is making me emotional, this would be the biggest challenge of my life

Blaze Beats

Youre ugly as shit no offence

Michelle Forte

I have to try Toastmasters again. I used to attend Toastmasters years ago, but I lose my way.

Tattoo Enthusiast

When I was younger I remember I could make eye contact and i used to socialize a lot but after the age of 15 I don't know what happened.

Soulcry Soulcry

Dose any one have the problem that you can talk to a girl just fine but for some reason not there friends?

Malcolmm Freak

Emotional abuse during childhood can cause shyness.

Linda G

I started an actualization playlist for your videos so I have a choice of your different topics. I really like ur talks.


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Skyler Xo

Thank you so much
You are doing great♥♥♥
Keep on going

umesh bansal

superb video leo


You’re confusing introversion with shyness.


I don't know what is wrong with me I am a very great high school athlete and very attractive but I'm quieter then a rock and I don't know why.

hoe life

My teacher gave me depression, it started out as stress and then depression I've had it for 3 years already, she deserves jail time for giving me a mental illness, if I had a better teacher I wouldn't have depression
I hate that slut so much
She never bothered to apologise, I hope she gets depression so she can feel the pain I'm feeling
She deserves it after making me develop depression...anyways, after that wench made me develop depression i also developed social anxiety,autism,obsessive thoughts disorder,chronic fatigue,heart broken syndrome, honestly I can't do this anymore life is just awful in General I forgot what it's like to be happy..
I barley really smile, when I do smile it's usually just me faking it I want revenge so badly...but at the same time I'm to soft to do so

Fatimah Khan

I can make conversation with strangers but not with known peoples

Indrid Cold

Shyness should not be overcame. It be embraced and not tried to be subdued. When humans were sharing hunting grounds with bears, wild cats, wolves, and rival hunters, you had to be social or you would have lived a very short life. Today, it is no longer necessary for humans to herd together for protection. It is actually harmful and potentially very dangerous to be part of a herd in modern times. Since real friendships are no longer necessary to survive, few 21st century people are capable of true friendships. Those calling themself your friends will be the first to use, betray, and very painfully abandon you. They will appear like true friends until they get what they want from you. Then they will mangle you emotionally and go on to their next host and pretend to be a friend. I learned 8 August 2000 what false friends can do. I deleted everyone from my life back then and have not bothered to make new friends nor a girlfirend again. Introversion, shyness, a reclusive nature, are modern day survival tactics. Beware of friendly humans. They are not your friend.


I'm so grateful that this man has video for everything

August Rose

It amazes me that my coworkers like me

claire johnson

Shyness has NOTHING to do with introvert/extrovert. Completely different things and people always make this mistake. You can have shy extroverts and socially confident introverts. Extroverts gain energy from being around people. Introverts need quiet alone time to recharge energy, like me. I cant spend days straight in very socially engaged environments. But i am not shy or socially anxious.

Alex Fernandez

I believe that I am at that final level of introvert. After this I'm done.

אוהד כהן

What can i do if i know that no one actually cares what i do, but i feel like i don't want to approach people because i'm afraid?

Rat Race

I like you Leo...I really do

Anna 101

From now on I will no longer be a shy person because I'm sick and tired of avoiding situations that could lead to opportunities. I'm fed up of worrying every day about what people think of me. I want to talk to everyone and have a good time. From now on, being afraid of what happens next doesn't matter to me because it's the present that is the most important.

Martian magician

Shyness is a very strange phenomena. I have served in the military, stood in front of dozens of people giving them instruction. Done lots of character building activities, had a fair amount of relationships with women. I am a magician have performed at many social situations. I also stand in the street and busk, it doesn't bother me at all. However in certain situations I blush profusely, usually over the slightest thing. Once that happens it all turns into a downwards spiral.
I just don't understand it. I can and do talk to anyone. I can only think that someone severely fucked around with me in my childhood.

Teehee hee

I’m so shy at school. I can shout and talk freely while calling someone, but when I’m face to face with somebody at my school for some reason I cant talk normally and everything feels so unnatural. I’m constantly thinking about what they think about me.