How to sell nudes

He Paid Me $500 For Nudes |Story Time|How To Scam These Ninjas

He Paid Me $500 For Nudes |Story Time|How To Scam These Ninjas10 May. 2017
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Deborah Awe

?????????????? he got scammed

Deidra Star

Girl we're he at ?????

Valeria Monice

Lmao ?

Aliya Johnson

It’s so easy to manipulate these men out here‼️ Get ya coin sis‼️

Deidra Star

Love it???????

Cynthia Vanessa Lopez

I sell

Obey'LiLi Conwaay

add my snap @prxncessr18

Leandra J

Omg youre pretty marry me ?

Amelie S.

If you’re trying to buy mine add me on Twitter @yourfavebratxo

Cori Cat

I need a man like this ??

Mary D Martinez


Eu Sou a Loba

I’m selling 20 nude pics I took professionally on the beach, if you are interested, contact me

B Williams

Hey daughter how its going

Cryptic Shadows


Rayjan Bryant Bryant

??? yesss get that shmoney

Edgar Lopez

This guy is a pics are worth that much money.You may as well get some hor escorts with that money.

John Arnold

No he didn't.

Taylor Patterson

I enjoyed this I subscribed

Just Mickey

I would've went to Google too??? I just subscribed

Tina O.

Don't know how I ended up here, but I am a subbie off this one here. Yes Queen!!

Deidra Star

Brows on point SIS

Mary D Martinez


spartanomen john117

Wait till he google search porn pics and see those pictures you sent him aren’t really you and he realizes you scammed him. Stop listening to you evil minded friends because he’ll remember you and you won’t until he’s in your face mad as hell years later.

Cydney T

Lmfao u better hope his ass dont see this video ? and yo hg better get a lil sum.

Ur Majesty Crew

Please I want to sell out my porn film and is Ghana porn


if he was so annoying n you just wanted to escape, why didnt you block him when he called/txt the first time?

Cameo Watts

This made my day!!!?


"I was Becky, Stacy, Kim- whoever that bitch was!" I love it

We live in a Hociety

Alwayssss get the money before you send a pic if you choose to send anything.

OG Krillin

Lame ass welfare queen

BellaRose J. Logan

Oh my goosshh you is smart!!!! May I get his number boo?

T G.

If you tryna buy mine hmu

Brenda Avila

Nice goggle pic

Black Doll

Send me 1$ dollars via paypal


Omg omg Cece lol it's missprettyname btw and $500 lordt he paid for free pic

Ok /

Lmaoooooo I hope I can find somebody to pay me that much for a google pic ?


lmaoo!!!!! help me find a guy like that!!!!

Lawrence Alston

He should have google reverse image search??‍♂️plus for 500 he could have paid a dime escort an got the whole 9 yards... lol what a sucker

B. Real

I can't understand why any man would be attracted to a woman with fake hair.

Ms. Blue

i did that b4.. nvr my real body for $500 but why tf u telling these bitches

Kidale Smith

So messed up. That poor rich dude. The least you can do is send him what he thought he was paying for.

Eric Alex Anderson

lol what a dumbass

DOLA by Goldenyaa

Yasss get that?????

First Last

suspicious story

nina ocanas


Al Most

“for like hours” dude was beating dick ???

Natural Beauty

more ??

Priyal Patel

She sounds so much like janice from FRIENDS

Mary Fabela

Girl that's dope . You make me laugh so hard i love you, subscribed

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