Girl chokes out guy

Choked out!!

Choked out!!31 Jan. 2011
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One of our guys decided he

One of our guys decided he wanted to know what it felt like to get choked out...

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lol 0:41


That was dangerous. That was not a carotid artery choke, but a real choke. He had his forearm across the windpipe and could have crushed it.

Simple Minds

Don't fight it relax relax




What a champ.

Simple Minds

More vids pls of him and that strategy also




Good to see he was sitting too many do it standing then have the person drop to the ground often hitting their head.


Instructor: Dont fight it, relax relax relax

Me: How can you relax when your windpipe is getting crushed and you cant breath

Rambo K.E.M Strike King

@anaconda371 Its Dangerous if u do it more times

Simple Minds

I like this

Woman Chokes Out Man For Being Inappropriate!!!!

Woman Chokes Out Man For Being Inappropriate!!!!11 Jan. 2021
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He said the wrong thing to

He said the wrong thing to mama bear and learned his lesson from her choke hold off death!!

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Subscribed only to see part 2 a longer version

Mark Peter

That was brilliant

Igor Haselnovic

Brilliant video. Would be nice to see she wrestle again

Mark Peter

Are they together and does she usually wrestle guys ?

vignesh venkatesh

do you have her insta?

Direct Dog

I would never tap i rather go out tbh

Wife chokes out her husband

Wife chokes out her husband10 Mar. 2013
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Wife ends their fight with

Wife ends their fight with her husband by choking him out with her legs, in public, in Vegas.

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I want it

Red Phoenix

I am not worring about da bitch, cuz she is the agressor I suppose.

WoW Wiki

The one scissors I am training to beat now is a matchbook pin spladle.

I already know how to get out of an ordinary spladle, but the advanced scissor the leg spladle is 5 times harder

Red Phoenix

Hello dude, you know alot about escape techniques and I am heavily interested in it. How is this grip called and how can you escape it? You push your arms underneath the armpits to leverage and lock the forearms into horizontal position, similar to a mantis.

Joab Almeida

Foi traida ou roubada?

Patrick Hughes

He is all wrapped up. She
has complete control of him.

Mister Monkey



If you have ever been trapped in a headscissor by a woman with powerful legs who knows how to apply it, then you will understand that it is NOT always possible to escape. I have been there, I know

Hot Enough

She needs jail time.

Hernan Benjamin Erazo

Jaja llego a tener una pelea con esa vieja jaja no tiene chanses

BryGuy Says

It's all good when women play the vagina card right?? Although I can't decide who is the bigger idiots, the woman and her cackling friends or the bystanders standing there with their thumbs up their asses making casual conversation and stories.

Mik Mak

Why is she still holding him?! Let him go for god sake. That wasn’t him snoring, that was his body suffering oxygen deprivation.

Everyone’s walking up and taking photos. Seriously?!
But if a man was choke holding a woman this wouldn’t have lasted more than 3 seconds.

WoW Wiki

there is no headscissor that is tough to escape. The only way for a headscissor to be hard to escape is to combine it with a kimura or double armgrab, pulling 1 of your arms. and it has to be to the side. so a side scissor with a kimura or side headscissor with a double arm grab. you have one arm free though , you can punch their side knee an destroy them since side knee is very weak. or you can rotate to grab your arm and then do thesame escape as a reverse scissor escape


How strong are her legs?? She looks calm as could be yet this dude can't move lol

Red Phoenix

The problem I see, if she chokes your chin, the only way to get out while she is choking your head is by pushing your whole body through the scissors. My idea is to devide the choking arms and use your right leck to unlock the ankles, but how to grab over efficiently?

Gregory Lopez

He should split them apart so he can get out

Virginia Neill

Domestic abuse should call 911

Red Phoenix

@dulyda Maybe you did something wrong. Those techniques seem to be independent of leg strenght. Destroy the core of the creating, that seems to b essential. You wouldn't jump of a car which is driving with full throttle, right? You basically just say, "I am failed."


If the guy has survived that without brain damage he is lucky. The choke was applied MUCH too long. By far too long.

Adrian Griffiths

mama said knock you out

WoW Wiki

if you know how to tense your nck, you can resist a scissor choke for a whole minute instead of 10 seconds. The problem is, you have to have already tensed your neck before they have the scissor hold on you. if you were relaxed and they did it. then you cant tense properly. so what you can do is say your already in the scissor, rotate your whole body so your neck cartoids arent being squeezed, then tense. then rotate back and it will work.

Gabriel Sanches

Even if I had been locked like him i still would have won she's a girl wow

WoW Wiki

it doesn't matter what strength you have in your legs, you cant beat a leverage escape, its always the leverage that has the advantage because its muscles work 200% better than yours in THAT position of pulling.

All Knowing

Human centipede

Virginia Neill

She is a sorry woman is he still alive

Bill S

Let's say she did this is self defense.  Fine, but when he fell unconscious; do we want to celebrate the fact that the woman not only continued to choke him, but people around her cheered her it on?  Sick video.

Red Phoenix

Was that irony or sacasm? If not ... C'mon if you are an untrained person and don't know how to escape the grip, you are screwed. What if he had resisted and white knights attacked him, he was screwed, too. Choking a fainted person could have been leathal. Public humiliation and double standard at its best. >:(

Grant Johnson

This pushes their leg up or their hand up if they are using the rear naked choke on you, but the problem with the rear naked choke is that its a lot harder to get out of so you have to pry the arms by what I mentioned before. that is the only rnc escape and 100% beats any rnc no matter how big someone is, even a women can get out of a bodybuilders grasp if she uses my technique. I find it funny that they haven't taught it to ufc fighters since it would bring about a whole new era of beating the rnc

Rachelle L

Is he ok? Anyone know?


I'm not a grappler / wrestler...but even I know, that she choked him BY FAR longer than it was safe. As far as I know one isn't stop breathing in a Blood Choke. He isn't snoring, he is simply automatically breathing while being unconscious.
Sorry, but this is irresponsible.
It has a reason why grapplers and wrestlers are relieving their defeated opponents right at the spot when they are going unconscious. Holding a Blood Choke any longer beyond the threshhold of unconsciousness can result in brain damage and death.
Hell, we don't even know, if it was justified that she attacked him like that. The video just beginns after he is allready lying on the ground...but EVERYBODY is automatically assuming that this was his own fault.

Red Phoenix

Lol you are an stupid child.

finnasaur 06

Men need equaltity more than woman it just shows how minimal respect people have for men than woman now she got away with attempted murder just because of there gender

Phil West

turn the tables and everyone there would of jumped on him for doing the same thing to her aload of fucking bullshit i say.....

WoW Wiki

a matchbook pin spladle done to one leg with a leg scissors to your other 1 leg, thats tough. not this trash

I also know the matchbook pin escape, its easy


Lol clearly he was drunk like the rest of them. Pretty easy to take out a drunk guy.

WoW Wiki

That is 100 times harder than this move.

Steven Cogoni

Exactly such a good video with so many questions. Like how we know that was her husband?

steve stevenson

Does anyone know what actually started this to put it in context?

I would agree with the fact he should not have been choked out, but there is no reason why he shouldnt have been restrained like that and kept there until police or help arrived, i would guess that if he has been restrained there was a reason for it. She should have kept him there without choking him and let police deal with it

WoW Wiki

the only headscissors that are hard to me would be a kimura or armlock with a side headscissors. (not figure 4, thisis counterable easily. a normal side headscissors with an armlock


not my proudest fap.

WoW Wiki

should never be showing your back when your ro;lling out of side control or rolling out of any choke or a figure 4 leglock, and when you roll out of an rnc, you dont keep your back to them, you grab an arm and use that as leverage to roll you to them

wow does the average ufc fighter i see do that last one i said

gamingBdmac jack

What is her problem?

art vandelay

Some really good Samaritans in Vegas. That'll do just fine when his heart stops and everyone's an accessory to invountary manslaughter.

Guypui Kamei

Fuck to all those people just watching and not doing anything but talking shit,,,may Satan take them??

Grant Johnson

hardest pins to escape are very very tight camel clutches with wrist grabs, spladles, reverse double armlock/chickenwing(normal double armlock chicken wing is too easy to escape), and certain submissions that involve grabbing the legs such as the boston crab and a reverse boston crab, I have escapes for all of these and no hold is impossible to escape


This is why you fight back. . .


Yeah if was a woman out nobody would be laughing...idiots

Red Phoenix

"I didn't think I was talking to you. Mind your own business." I don't care, you have made a stupid statement, and I call you out on that.

WoW Wiki

and the escapes are really easy but this guy was so dumb not to escape. read my post if you don't believe me...


I wonder if he suffered brain damage from this choke hold that was held way too long!

Jay Allen

Attempted murder: to the cheers of bystanders.

Grant Johnson

it just annoys me when I see people who have no experience in escaping attacks lose and their opponents think they are in control or should be proud of winning when they have no idea that they won by flukes and should spit on themselves for beating an average joe, what I mean is this stupid lady shouldn't feel good about choking out a non experienced person, anyway.... RIC FLAIR: WOOOOOOOO!

Red Phoenix

Thanks alot. This poor lad didn't know it. :(

Allan Schneider

Why aren't they stoping her

m. k,2

after about 15-20sec. in she became the assaulter,if he was ever even a threat at all(no beginning to it) he isnt anymore at that point.shes a criminal,the bystanders are weak bitches. fuckin loosers

Patrick Hughes

Did he wake up with a headache?


About time men are abused physically instead of the women! These days, many women can fight back and should!

Luca International

A bitch !!!


Not the worst way to die.

ait kateb Wassila

never marry to martial art woman :)

Grant Johnson

I got this escape from a guy who did medieval fighting and told me, medieval knights used this escape. I have no idea if that's true lol and he told me they did a lot of grappling to stop attackers from mounting them. that is true though
rear naked choke is easy to escape, once you put both your arms around the elbow that isn't choking you, pull down on it and pull in the opposite direction to the choking arm, both your arms back muscles vs his 1 arm and his chest muscles, back > chest muscles, push with your body/neck north towards his armpit and raise your head up while your pulling down on his arm and push your body/neck opposite from his non choking arm while your pulling down on his arm with your arms in the opposite direction. then both of your arms will pry off his one arm because its impossible for him to stop it combined with your bodyweight, then put both your arms across your neck and get ready to grab his 1 arm so you can rotate into him whether or not if he has a figure 4 bodysciccor on you, your also on the ground when you do this, or you can be standing

Toxically Masculine

nobody stepped in, and she could have killed him. she was choking him. he is lucky to be alive. he's lucky he was only knocked unconscious. you choke someone just a bit longer after they're knocked out, they will die. he may have literally suffered brain damage from a lack of oxygen, because none of you pieces of shit in this video were willing to step in and save a man from a brutal act of violence. i don't even care if he started it. that doesn't mean he should suffer brain damage. you get her off of him, and separate them. it doesn't matter what he did to "deserve it," you don't get revenge on him by letting him suffer brain damage or death. you protect them from each other. this video is just disgusting. if the genders were reversed here, regardless of whether she even fucking stabbed him to start it, you would be pulling him off her and kicking the shit out of him. everybody would be. he would be in a prison cell now for attempted manslaughter, if not attempted murder. she got off with community service, guaranteed.

Dylan W

My favourite parts the police not getting involved like 99.9% of bare knuckle boxing fist fights they don't


Every escape trick in the book sounds really great. But in reality, if her legs are powerful, and my wife had the most powerful legs I've ever known, and if she knows how to apply the headscissor, then it basically goes out the window.  Once the scissor was locked in, the pain was instant and intense. I tried to get my hand between her legs to relieve some of the pressure but to no avail. My only hope was she would tire out before I had to give up, but that didn't happen. An embarrassing and humbling moment in my life, as I had never lost any fight I had been involved in

Grant Johnson

Its gino alexo here, just to reply back to the guy who replied to me.

All you need to do is tense your neck muscle by shrugging it up, shrug your neck to your ears. TADA..... you cant be blood choked now


Any follow up story after this?

WoW Wiki

dont grab the ankles if you cant reach them, there is a space between the knees

interlock your fingers by getting one under the space and the left arm over one of their knee. Then pull it to one side while pushing your neck to the opposite, they can never beat this.

Virginia Neill

Come try that on me

WoW Wiki

u can get out of it in 3 seconds.. its all about destroying the very core that's creating I the attack, just like the rnc, destroy the 2 arms that choking you by separating them individually, not at the same time, you have to isolate the legs and separate them or isolate the arms. headlocks are abit different, you have to use pry on the correct arm. unlock the ankles and you have beaten the scissor.. if you cant reach the ankles, fit your arm in the spaces because a scissor has spaces to pry it

Red Phoenix

Do you mind contacting me? I am interested in your experience about leverage escapes.

Dvir Musth

What the hell happened here? why did she do this to him?

terrance wellner

ill fight a woman

Red Phoenix

Are you stupid or just a masochist? You can choke people ol like that.


I hate people just letting this happen. Frak people

WoW Wiki

all this guy is doing is bridging uselessly to nowhere, uselessly using his legs, it points to me is he actually isnt trying to escape and this video was indeed staged, i dont blame him though, he probably felt seducted from human body or something pathetic that id never know. umm i also didnt see him pushing his arms to pry and he also didnt try pulling the leg that holds the scissor in place. its easy to beat this scissor. anyway

Red Phoenix

Your wife worries about your health, unless she is a lunatic or a sociopath, which is pretty much the same.

WoW Wiki

the only one that is hard to escape if you let your arm get too far. is a chickenwing / double arm bar. but then again theres a way to keep your elbows close, push it back without hurting it. it has to do with turning your body + putting pressure into their body with your shoulder. Bodyweight > 1 arm


People just standing around letting this dude get choked for way longer than is safe! smh


Does somebody know, what led to that fight and in which relationsip those two people really stood to each other?

Songul Yilmaz

Acaba adam ne bok yedi

King Durant

so these dumasses just gonna take picture and video, cuz it a girl.

Red Phoenix

@bobwres Off course you can be choked out, due to stupid mistakes or ineffectivity. This is sports and a rather technical fight not a fight of the sexes, get over your gynocentrism.

Michał Suska


WoW Wiki

to beat that, you can choose to get out of it by grabbing the arm and pulling it but you have to rotate to a reverse sscissor  and then you pull your head back or you can push their thigh up off your neck


Damn you can kill someone in the street as long as you’re over 18. Vegas baby!

Red Phoenix

Thanks, that makes me feel relieved. I am some kinda empathic guy, that's why these bitch pisses me off.


stuped man why you strong man (just girl not fight ) very fuka you (and I don't like girl's ????????)

Gialo Bakino



Useless crowd.  What would have happened if he did this to her, instead?

Tim Smith

Is this what women do to men in a fight in the States, put them in a choke hold and damn nearly kill them. In the UK my wife would just scratch and pull your hair.

Samson Maximus

was wondering if she had to defend herself against him. so many people just watch because they are afraid to intrude.

Foster Bibron

The power of a woman's thighs.

WoW Wiki

like say they have kept one arm on your to pin you and 1 arm to gouge or take both arms off to gouge you, all you need to do is use the arm they let goed of to push their leg to your head so it covers your side head, rotate your face into the side of their leg, and then keep your face as close to it as possible so they have no space to gouge you, they are very close to you, this is good because their own body acts as a shield to cover you if you just turn your face.

Random Dude

She doesn't even care or is surprised that he is knocked out. Like this is commonplace for her.

Nuna Yabusiness

Too lovely for words... Can't stop purring with delight as I watch.

WoW Wiki

figure 4 scissors? pull the knee that's bending over the choking leg to the opposite side and pull your neck to the opposite side of your arm pulling direction... too easy..... 100% escape, have I ever seen any idiot who bothers to know this escape or even knows it.. none. Your surrounded by idiots.

Josep Sánchez català

La esposa demuestra dominar muy bien a su marido, incluso fuera de casa, fuertes muslos para tenerlo bien domado.

Red Phoenix

Where have you those information from? Is it based on some personal experience? I allways read about a bunch of guys saying it was impossible to escape a skilled scissor choking woman.

ait kateb Wassila

MojaveRaider i want check your romancy :P

Karl Plummer

Just get your thumb and finger get some skin on leg between them and squeeze and twist her skin she will soon let go.