How did heath ledger

I AM HEATH LEDGER Movie Clip - Crafting The Joker (2017) Heath Ledger Documentary Movie HD

I AM HEATH LEDGER Movie Clip - Crafting The Joker (2017) Heath Ledger Documentary Movie HD7 Sep. 2017
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I AM HEATH LEDGER Movie Clip - Crafting The Joker (2017) Heath Ledger Documentary Movie HD

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I know I’m good, but I’ll never beat him.

Fortnite Is Aids

Heath sounds exactly like Chris Hemsworth


After watching the upcoming trailer of Joker movie I think its safe to say that phoenix has reached a little bit to the standard of Heath Ledger.. although not even close to where Heath THE LEGEND stands as a joker..


That awkward moment when you play a character so well it fucking kills you...


Actor-less performance, when I see the Joker, I can't even imagine Heath in there, such a perfect performance.


Jack Nicholsons Joker was too clean. Heath Ledger created a Joker who is unique. He depicts the absolute psycho you expect him to be. His Joker will be the best of all time just for his uniqueness. And you can't replicate this version. Not even Phoenix will be able to do that.

Gavin Cyr

I'll always like Nicholson better. Always.

Donn Bradley

Heath was undoubtedly at the top, but I think we might need to give some space for Joaquin because when it comes to acting (especially in this type of role), he's no slouch


Jack Nicholson embodied the comic book Joker perfectly.
Watching Jack, steal just about every scene in the '89 film, was like

watching the comic book version, of The Joker, literally come to life

right off the panels. How anyone who's ever read a Batman comic

can actually discredit Jack's amazing performance should have their

heads examined.
Heath, granted, played an amazing sociopath.
But Jack was, and always shall be, The Joker from the comics.

Gene Miller

Watch some interviews with Tom Waits. The voice and lots of mannerisms are rather close. The phrasing and intonation are scarily like Waits.


that is fucking Thor bros, wtf?

Mint Lyn

he's the BEST JOKER OUT OF ALL ???

Viktor Rängël

The most underrated joker of all


This is the one celebrating death that truly hurts for me.. he had the potential to be the best actor of all time

Quad Crown4

when you imagine the face of the joker you usually would see the face of heath


THE HELL there is water in my eyes..
Am i weeping?

warm sun

and now im sad

Matthew Deemer

Everytime I watch this movie, I don’t see Heath Ledger as the Joker... I SEE THE FUCKING JOKER

Arin Adams

Playing the joker is what killed him. RIP.



Director Krennic himself


Such a great actor and a great sad that he left us at a young in paradise


I'm not are. Heath was so full of life, how tragic it ended.

Facts don’t care About your feelings

“You’re a psychopath. They’re your toys. You play with your toys”


The Evil Empire

And to think that he was going to return as the Joker in the third film had he not die. This was confirmed by multiple people who were apart of the movie including Heath’s sister. Imagine an encore of that performance in part 3 along with Hardy’s Bane. Would’ve been epic! RIP Heath aka the greatest Joker ever...

Colton R. Dean

The lip licking could also be interpreted as Tardive Dyskinesia, a possible side-effect from taking anti-psychotic medications.


I think it got to his head and he destroy himself with Drugs. Say No to Drugs.


When your mind is of light its easy to spot darkness, most actors call upon darkness.

Brandon Stohel

Now there's a joker

Daniel Vincent morrell

Damn you heath!! Why ??


The real joker heath ledger RIP

morph alucard chua

the greatest thing all is, leave some video of you, doing things that makes you be remembered by. so when you leave.... some people could still smile even when they're sad. ?


the charater thor should be the next joker, he could own it if he wanted too!

pitbull bulldog

The best joker ? ever Rest In Peace ✌️

leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories

So sad he didn't get to see it.

Gaël Hervé hiking&birding

Ledger is the best Jocker of all question about it.

john gurnhill

Heath was amazing Joker Jack was also

Dennis Costa

One of the great performances in modern cinema, bar none.

Eugene K.S.M.

how polite of him to put the glass back on the table after he was down.. i would have just thrown it on the floor if i was him

Anna Lisa

He and Bale had worked together before in I'm not there. Heath would know what an intense actor Christian is and would want to give his best performance he pushed himself too hard for the role.

Official Filmilen

Heath Ledger is forever the best Joker

Klee Klee

Such a shame

Travis Quintero

Jack Nicholson,Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix... Brilliant performances... I don't care for Tim Burton's direction

Sebas Giraldo

The title should have been I AM JOKER

A Bates

...the end of this video; if he was all so awesome and unaffected by the fame.. theeeen how/why did he off himself with pills?...


i miss him

A-Z Man

The one who could play Kurt Cobain . Ironic.


I miss him! One of the best actors we ever had and no one can beat his performance of the Joker.


Watch the movie Candy 2006... it's so goooooood.

Heisenberg GB

who else saw the reflection at 5:30

United Culture

I believed that heath really became the joker ,literally ! He change his whole personality for this purpose . That’s why he sold it

Thundertazzy 412

May he rest in peace

Radley Jared

Makes me want to watch the movie Dark Night again.


A rare bright soul.

joker nezami



Heath will always be and forever be the best joker and actor ♥️♥️??


So the Joker had Tardive Dyskinesia???

King David

RIP Heath Ledger. You left your mark in this world and changed things ....forever ....for that role and any future actor period.

Tech News for Tech Noobs

"How do you do tackle that without just doing a version of Jack?" do it RIGHT! Jack was NOT a good Joker despite what the masses say. Heath did what can only ever be described as the absolute DEFINITIVE version of Joker that has, or ever will be done.

Ben McDonald

With how much people loved his performance it's hilarious how now everyone tries to act like the backlash towards Heath Ledger when he was first cast never existed

Elia Tahmasebi

After all that time working his butt off to be this wonderfully amazing character that I adore he never even lived long enough to see all his hard labor he lived long enough to give the world this phenomenal character though now his bones are all ash in 2019 he still lives in our hearts


this is sad, but so lovely at the same time ;(

Shannon Giasson

he was one of my favorite actors very sad that he died too young.

Seasiren Westwood

He was possessed

Jarren Enriquez

The part where he spills all the champagne and tries to drink it whether it was accidental or not was pure genius and had me dying the first time I ever saw it.

warm sun

he just seemed like such a bright and colorful and full of life person. he seemed like he had so much to give and so much to do and seeing him smiling kinda breaks my heart because i truly wish he could had lived to feel as good as he made the people around him feel. people describe him as if he was light and i, truly, believe he exhaled that feeling because there are people like that. i did not know him at all but as a human being to another, i wished he had more time.. it reminds me of cameron boyce’s death and it’s scary to think one day you go to sleep and you don’t wake up. just.. live your lives, allow yourselves to live and love and to be loved and to feel happiness. you don’t know how much time you have.


Joaquin Pheonixs performance was much better than ledgers.

kmrul hmd

One of the best Joker, that i ever knew...miss HIM.... the Legend...


so over rated the laugh WEAK the scar stories CRINGE

Charles Antill

Still my favorite real world Joker, although Jack Nicholas does a fantastic comic book portrayal.


Best joker ever...............

13th Evergreen

Any one who kills themselves to make a movie wasn't a good actor in the first place.

Steve Strickland

he will be missed...... amazing performance

The Imperial Bower

Its sad he died because if he was alive he could've return. Only if ledger was still alive but it makes me happy that they at least made this in honor of ledger and that he won an award for best supporting actor

Jake Burris

Greatest performance I've ever seen from an actor. You truly believe Heath is the joker.

BIG Games

And he was a druggy

Ben Shepherd

You're dead


Legends love Joker?!

Moved 2 Bitchute

Nicholson's was better.

Charlie walls

Becoming the joker came with a serious price, the joker has never been so dark But yet so amazing

Drew Dahlen

love Heath..but I feel the Joker makes an actor sometimes..there hasn't been a bad Joker just different versions.that said he is my favorite..i bet joaquin phoenix gets an award for the new one.

The Watch Mister

Does anybody know the name of the music that starts at 6:18? Thank you! ??

Cheddar Cheese

I'm very glad to here someone who was on the set of TDK say that Heath had fun on the set..I've heard so many times that he got eaten up by the Joker role.That it consumed him..It didnt..His death was an accident.You take to much and you die..Unfortunately It happends more than it should..sad

Todd VanSlyck

Heath sounds like Chris Hemsworth


Sorry heath. Joaquin phoenix will absolutly surpass you, but you're still a legend

Mr Crackdonald

dude went from Heath Ledger to a Ted Bundy Charles Manson hybrid


If I Had a Time Machine I Would Save Him ..... By telling Him he is a LEGEND.... we miss him very much

Esaretin Bedeli

Mass Hysteria

Born for that role and sadly died for that role.

Frank G.

I didn't really like the movie, I was more impressed by Heath performance in brokeback mountain


The light doesn't play into "movies" but the dark does.ask them

allah hu akbar Mohammad wale hu aslamu waselum

Dark Knight I just joker Batman is invisible???????? if anyone agree hit the like

Scottie Jerwin Abejuela

He's the real deal Joker in DC history. He's the most motivating and terrifying joker I've watched in all of DC movie. The Dark Knight is always my no. 1 favorite and most watched movie of a time and I'll never forget him from his legendary acting skills that turned their heads around from his influence and I'll give it a standing ovation to that. You'll always be my no. 1 joker heath ledger ???????

Enlightened Soul

The movie dark night is not what it seems. They're even deeper spiritual plots listen to the joker and what he says.


Damn that got me choked up.


The greatest performance of the 20th century!!

Ville Pakarinen

There should be a law: anyone who invents a time machine should as the first thing they do bring back heath.

m daudi

Batman is a schizoid being who has not reconciled the trauma that he endured as a child. He does not know that he has become a schizoid being, not just a bat man but in fact a vampire who is undead. Bruce Wayne was trained by the "league of shadows' (illuminati)

However, the Joker understands his trauma and he also understands Bruce's trauma and for that reason he knows the Batman better than the Batman knows himself. For this reason the batman can never outsmart the Joker, no matter how much technology the batman has, no matter how smart the batman is, the joker is always 2 steps ahead. Bruce can never capture the Joker, because first he must capture and find himself and understand what caused the splitting of his ego, the trauma that he endured within the parent-child relationship (as all schizophrenia spawns out of a flaw in the parent-child relationship).


Was a good joker, but not the best at all. Had he lived, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Irish Tyrant

It's a shame he isn't around to reprise the role. He killed this role


I had seen the trailer 3 times. Before he died and the movie came out. I didn’t realize that was heath ledger. That’s how good he was. That’s how excited I was to see it. And he was AMAZING.

Heath Ledger - Joker Interviews

Heath Ledger - Joker Interviews13 Aug. 2008
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All of Heath Ledger's

All of Heath Ledger's interviews discussing his portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight.

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Heath Ledger’s Joker Origins (THE DARK KNIGHT) Explored

Heath Ledger’s Joker Origins (THE DARK KNIGHT) Explored12 Oct. 2018
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The Joker is the archenemy

The Joker is the archenemy and symbolic antithesis of the Dark Knight first introduced in the 1940 Debut issue of Batman. The character was the main villain in the Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan and was portrayed by the late Heath Ledger.

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MrSquishy Ø

This mans prediction about the joker movie is spot on

Levi Tersteeg

Also he is very good with interigation, Like when the Batman interagats him in the jail he’s just laughs and cries and he has no leverage over him. He just laughs and laughs. Also remember how he was extremely good at fist fighting? Yeah....He’s ex soldier all right


The war veteran theory is even more plausible when you realize that his facial disfigurement could've been from shrapnel. His mental state could be caused by the resulting head injuries following a bomb blast. I suspect he was injured during a counter-terrorism operation where a bomb that he was defusing exploded. The shrapnel tore up his face and the shockwave damaged his brain. Since the bomb blast killed the rest of his squad, the military thought he was dead and medics didn't bother to save him. He had to fix his face himself, and since he didn't have proper tools, this resulted in a shoddy repair job hence the scaring.

Michael Carter

"You don't wanna accept the fact that you're dealing with an expert in guerilla warfare, with a man who was the best with guns, with knives, with his bare hands." - COL Samuel Trautman describing John J. Rambo. The similarities are shocking.

Controlled Chaos

The Joker is my favorite comic book character ever I’m familiar with most of not damn near all his multi-verse versions and I loved this version of the joker this video you did is my favorite keep it going my guy you rock


You figured out jack and shit, that theory came out in 2008

Domo Powerhaus

movie sucked


maybe Nolan's Joker was an ex-CIA operative who got double-crossed


The Joker's the one who succeeds in his plan to actually save Gotham from becoming a city too deeply tainted with criminals and the mobs, by forcing Batman back into the shadows while also having a dig at the other criminals to take 'em down a few pegs.. Burning a ton of their cash, for example...

joseph bons

They really should have stopped trying to have people play joker after Heath ledger's performance It was just perfect.It's far more likely that if he was in the military at all it would have been psyops.

Jei Marbañiang

My theory is that The Joker was an ex-spy, CIA or something. Cuz they would definitely erased all his records if he was involved in espionage. He does look like a guy who could tear down governments

Jason Tritt

Damn good theory, if I do say so myself

Tom husson

It's a good theory, but where it falls apart is when he's caught and they have no DNA matches as they do take bloods when entering the military and it is on file.

Ko Hakan Hanan

Completely forgetting about the possibility he could be in a other branch of service. Marines and Seals get better training. And do more wetwork

Giannis Avgousti

I often thought about The Joker being a former soldier so this origin theory is mt favourite. The best thing though is that this Joker leaves the origin part open for every one of us to imagine it as we like

Steven M. Cunningham

This joker comes from the whole stack. Broken home. Dysfunctional family I unofficially disowned as a child & there is even a story. Cryptic?

< ( + _ * = _ * + ) >

Chadx M

hmm i do like this possible interpretation of joker's origins...


there are a lot of fan theories out there as well, about the joker, a few of them states that he was originally Robin(and yes there have been multiple Robins), but my favorite fan theory is that after batman defeated Darksied, he was thrown back into time to back to his childhood, where he only had pants, a coat with a gun inside the pocket, ran into his younger self, and parents, killed his parents, and became the joker knowing on what would happen, and with that theory, that would make the joker at least 30 to 35 years old than batman


Very good theory I've always thought he was military once you watch all the things he was skilled in. it's kind of like a Jack reacher type person over the edge

Molly Anderson

An Ex-Green beret whose identity was redacted by the government in the past.


He's an abused child who suffered abuse

Understandable have a nice day

Arculas Nathaniel

Your theory has a conclusion.If you notice that Health Ledgers Joker has a 20inch knife and a firearm that's one of the Characteristics of a person that has obtained millitary training to an extent!


Fantastic fucking video.

Stanley King

You should do the movie buried with Ryan reynolds

Mr DK2

In the end
"Everything Burns!"


It makes sense!!

Sam Briddon

Yeah man, this is probably the best interpretation

Arif Eren

I didn't come here to listen to you pad time of the video

Mark Penachos

That "Look at me" growling voice that joker did is one of the creepiest.

Jussie Smollett

I think CIA's Special Activities Division (SAD) would fit this a little better than CAG or any other conventional special forces. They do not go through the identity scrubbing like I would think SAD does. And they do a lot of the same mission sets in regards to intelligence, special interrogations techniques, and many more

Cameron Branford

Heath is the greatest actor to ever live

josefer andrazzi

Well no, if he was a soldier it would ruin the scene where hes incarcerated and Jim says he has no fingerprints, dna , pics in the system. Nothing. All soldiers in most modern countries give all of these. Unless he was of some foreign army or mercenary. Idk

Rosemarie Harding

And I thought I watched the dark knight a lot 50 times o_0

R. S.

Poor choice of words

The Illuminated One

Flawless theory, except for one thing. If the Joker were a Tier 1 spec ops field operative (implied by the lack of any evidence to his true identity) Batman would not have been able to compete with him in a one-on-one fight.


This is such a cool theory


I honestly can’t think of a more plausible theory

Cole Lawton

The military does not delete or remove your records, actually the opposite as they have well organized records of who is special forces etc. That weird record deleting stuff is more associated with the CIA, or FBI.

Emanuel Ruiz

Joker cant be an ex Tier 2 operator, he must be a tier 1 one lol

Cris Viktor Lastimosa

Nolan wanted everything to be realistic but 2 face’s burnt face isn’t.

slaven simic

I believe the Joker was actually the one who saved Gotham the chaos it needed, Batman was just taking out petty criminals and making them buy bigger guns and get dogs. While the joker took down the mafia and corrupt cops and made a vigilante Batman retire also made incorruptible commissioner Gordon.

But this explains how the Joker became to be, really convinced

Thomas Vu

Mark Hamil: Best voice actor for the Joker
Heath Ledger: Best movie Joker
Cameron Monahan: Best TV series Joker

chill person


Robert G

How did you guess how the joker movie would go

Big Joe

Would love to see a video on Bane’s origins in this movie series

Love this channel

(Ps: Please make my video)


He's Hoffman from the saw franchise, you can't disprove this.

140694 1994

Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off! It wasn't my war! You asked me, I didn't ask you! And I did what I had to do to win! But somebody wouldn't let us win! And I come back to the world and I see all those maggots at the airport, protesting me, spitting. Calling me baby killer and all kinds of vile crap! Who are they to protest me, huh? Who are they? Unless they've been me and been there and know what the hell they're yelling about!
For me civilian life is nothing! In the field we had a code of honor, you watch my back, I watch yours. Back here there's nothing!
Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank, I was in charge of million dollar equipment, back here I can't even hold a job *parking cars*!

Did joker had same suffering like rambo? everyone spitting on him, civilian life on him is nothing, he couldn't get any job, is that why he become joker?


Whoa, I knew this was a theory that floated around but I never heard the evidence to back it up. Genius.

Rex Luther

Truth is
Joker is a Patriot
He do it for a cause

Reiki Warrior

I'm a war veteran with PTSD and remember thinking in the opening of this movie.."He has definitely been trained in the military somehow." Good job on this video. And you made some extremely compelling arguments especially when it came to him being special forces. I would have gone with MARSOC more than the Berets though because all Marines do is think of destruction to our targets lol.

Mace Face

I think this theory makes a lot of sense but we'll never really know the Ledger Joker's origins. That was kinda the point of him. No one knows who he is, where he came from, he gave multiple different answers for how he got his scars because he wanted to confuse people. He was never meant to have his backstory revealed. The mystery surrounding him is what made him scary.

alex toll

I like that idea. Made me think that he was probably trained and involved in a group like the League of Shadows, and got injured/mutilated in a hit gone wrong, or as punishment and then was banished. Who knows though. All I know is he is insanely precise and insanely good at every single goal he sets out to accomplish.

Robert Price

I wonder what he wrote and scribbled in the journal i heard he kept while getting in character



Seen a lot of guesses at his origins but this is indeed the only one that makes sense.


Wouldn't surprise me if the joker somehow bugged the homes of batman and others in order to learn more about the people he is interacting with. It would fit in with the special ops background in this video.

Felix Vargas

i love this theory, one of the best ive ever known. hands down. bravo

Bill Cashion


Masked Jensen

I hope they make a movie on the jokers child life and pre-joker, it would do a lot for character development and could give fox more movie opportunities

Nick Suazo

nothing in his pockets but knives and lint

Matthew Schutze

He was an ordinary guy who read too many silly YouTube comments.

Keith Whitaker

Tbh at one point in the video it made me think that he may have been in the league of shadows owo


Really really good. ?????

G3tshot Heett

What if he’s delta force or former SAC/SOG

The Last Roman

I’d like to see an origin film about the Heath Ledger Joker as a solider disfigured in the War on Terror.

Great White Cat

The Joker's philosophy about society is being proven true by the Coronavirus

Prathik Gojito

ik I'm 2 years late but I guess the whole "what doesn't kill you only makes you... STRANGER"

is THE JOKER'S way ( or twisted war veteran's words/analogy) of saying this... is... what happened to me.
And notice he only says that before and to the only person he personally blew up the banker owner

(as flimcomicsexplains hinted about the joker's TeAm getting wiped in in an explosion)

just a little theory but I might be wrong... but hey if u think it's right leave a like

Jeffrey Sommer

Your theory makes sense: I think you're on to something!

Truth News Media History

He is the monster. in PTSD. the trilogy explores the three major points of ptsd.
Bruce : has PTSD from his parents
scarecrow :Fear
Raz : anger
Joker : the monster
Bane : flashbacks

All represent fear and chaos which is what ptsd sufferers have and struggle with. Sometimes its wont turn off. This trilogy is art


Heath ledger joker - joaquin phoenix

Charlotte O'Connell

I think what happened is that he erased his identity through the machine mentioned in the dark knight rises which gets rid of your entire identity. It’s what Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle used so they could live a life together.


All I can say is I'm a huge Joker fan ???? and Heath Ledger and Phoenix was the best one's so far. But Leger still is the All time Favourite

BH impxct

8:17 hes an abused child who sufferd abuse

Joseph Douglas


David Stowers

Everything you said in this video was possibly the most comprehensive and fully fleshed out diagnosis of this iteration of the Joker. It is a shame we lost Heath Ledger, as him returning in the third film would have been even more of a masterpiece than what we actually got. As far as I'm concerned he will live on in the hearts and minds of comic book movie fans forever.

Alex Lowe

That “look at me” was so terrifying and perfect

Mr Wick

The joker always states that he doesn’t have a plan but the whole operation was planned since the first bank robbery


"he's an abused child who suffered abuse" 8:16 lol

Blue Glue

You don’t have to be in the military to know about weapons. He could have been a deer hunter or a cop. He wasn’t in the military even though he is skilled like one

Goku 2003

He’s a veteran because he likes browning shit up.

Travis Gerling

man the actor was a good guy R.I.P health ledger :(

Maria Rodriguez

My theory is that the joker was abused by his father in grew up to be a soldier in what costed him to go insane was that while joker was in the army his wife gets her face cut in costs joker to go crazy in at the beginning of the dark knight he Stella money from the mob in also takes them all out like how the mob cut his wife’s face in just wanted revenge in says the frace in the dark knight guns are to quick to kill like a reference as of how joker witnessed all of his Conrad’s die in front of him.


Holy crap I forgot how long this movie was


My favorite idea of the joker or i guess my idea. Would be a poor street comedian who loses everything but falls into chemicals as a result. The movie was too realistic for this but in mine he'd wear the clown makeup and everything but fall into chemicals causing the paint to mix into his skin and become permanent

Mr Satan

The other 2 movies have the main villains rooted in the league of shadows so i find it hard to believe that the joker has no connection to them

Dark Sith Lord

I like your theory to Heath Ledger's Joker origins! Your theory has merit to it it makes sense and it fits into the Christopher Nolan movie! One thing I'd like to add! Bruce Wayne is hi Batman's alter ego! Bruce Wayne is the mask he wears to hide who Batman is not the other way around! That is just my take!

Jalen Scott

I remember watching the first movie in theatre and when the joker card came up at the end our theatre went ape shit ?

Spencer Kvikstad

Personally I like the comics version of ras al ghul better

NathanielFrance Salac

"They wouldnt get it"

tetffyryfyr5ru fhdtsgfydce



Special Forces operators do not “have their identities deleted by the government.” In fact, most of them who leave the service have discharge forms that show you what unit they were assigned to.

Also, as military members, their fingerprints and DNA are in a database that can be be accessed by police.

Moesha special DVD

I think the joker is a guy that went

ape shit crazy

stephane cha /motif_r /blackwood

You are right.
But your 6 dices are pyramids.


The Joker in the “The Killing Joke” is the stuff of nightmares

h3h3productions not happy

I always found his Joker really interesting compared to the others, sucks he never got to play the role again.

sol cisne

The best joker for Life ? but the Worst Batman for the rest of life too!

Mando So

Dang if only heath ledger was still alive and we would’ve gotten another movie with the joker and I’m pretty sure they were gonna show his backstory

Deck Panganiban

This is still the best Batman movie ever created.

Jesse Givan

"He's an abused child who suffered abuse"

Ayan Seal


Brandon Flippin

You were wrong ... Sounds good. But the newest JOKER MOVIE is a bullshit original story for all of em