Flattened man

Small man gets flattened by chad

Small man gets flattened by chad29 Sep. 2020
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Chad fucks up small man

Chad fucks up small man with basketball

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Someone meme this

Furret Gal


FLATTENED and Giantess Yoga - Part 6

FLATTENED and Giantess Yoga - Part 626 Jan. 2021
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#flattened #giantess

#flattened #giantess #giants

Flattened is back. AND SO IS SUBURB(an) MODE!

That's right, the giant and giantess game everybody loves by zsansubar has received a new update as we start 2021! If you like running from giantesses, saving people from giantesses, fighting giantesses, or pretending you are a giantesses this is the game for you. It's been in development for a long time (this is still alpha) but I'm pretty sure only one person makes it and releases it for free so they can take as long as they need ya'll. The game has actually been rebuilt a couple of times and one of the modes lost between rebuilds (suburb/suburban) has returned! It was one of my favourites from the original release so I'm glad to see it back! I'd like to see the game developed a lot further (and have given my tips and feedback in the video) so hopefully I'll do more videos on it as more updates come out!

Please keep the comments respectful because I'm not "into" giantess stuff, it's just a bit of fun!

Download and play for yourself at https://zsansubar.itch.io/flattened


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Lucysoft

Twitch VOD YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBP9jkOsW5oiFqRT4yFLC7A

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LucyLucysoft

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/LucyLucysoft/

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Oscar Fiscal Barrera

The Giant Lucy it's back!?

Alessandro Mieli

So giant women, counting out fetish-related alternatives, could:
A) Help in the edile sector by razing old houses or helping move big cargos
B) Reach difficult places to reach for normal people.
C) Be a weapon for the government
D) Help dig a lot of stuff in a lot of different places
E) She'd probably be able to withstand the strong pressures of like the bottom of the ocean, should she want to explore the oceanic depths for mankind's sake.
Yet I think it's impossible for her to survive too long without ending a shit ton of living beings, animals/humans/plants because she'd need to eat a lot *each day*. Also each time she goes to the toilet would be really tough to clean up.
Anyway if you specified "please no fetishistic comments towards me" I assume there have been a lot, sorry about that.

Anthony Boykin

Teenies UNITE!!! :D




It's a shame you aren't into it. You could probably make a lot of money

Santa Ji


Gary Hansen

on your next video please answer this...if u were giantsize who and what would u like to step on and explain how youd step on them with your giant foot?


One good use for her, she could crush more than a fuck ton of fruit for wine, lol.


It looks like the city models are really poorly optimized, the character models are probably poorly optimized as well but I think the main issue is the buildings. They all have relatively detailed interiors and it looks like no Level of Detail models that help lighten the load on the GPU. I'm guessing those chunks are all pre-calculated and turn their physics on when you collide with them That's a lot of little moving parts that are all super unoptimized.




It looks like there should be more interesting things to do in the city leveling mode though. Like fight the army or maybe destroy specific targets or something.

Tommy Boy

Let's see how long it takes before we get some simp being a creeper in the comment section.


16:30 Sexuality
You know, I'm playing Cyberpunk on the other screen and it has a bunch of straight-up sex scenes, so as long as it stays voluntary and they don't force you to do anything sexually explicit, I think it should be fine.


PS that cat painting is killin it

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?????? ????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???????? ??????? |?????? ????? ???? ??????? ?? ???????{?? ??? ????}30 Jan. 2021
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? Police CHASE: {You can

? Police CHASE: {You can see the description section ??}

?????? ????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???????? pursuit

HOUSTON – A man accused of beating a Baytown woman Thursday led police on a nearly 90-minute chase that ended near the Museum District of Houston, police said.

Baytown officers received a call about 7 a.m. concerning an assault and domestic disturbance, according to Houston police. Officers arrived and a woman at the scene pointed at a vehicle that was fleeing, saying she had been pistol-whipped by the driver, identified as 42-year-old Eric Brown, police said.

Baytown officers began chasing Brown’s vehicle westbound on Interstate 10, and Houston police joined in once it entered their jurisdiction, officials said. The chase eventually turned onto Interstate 610 South Loop, Post Oak Road and then back onto the South Loop.

Officers tried to use a maneuver, called the Pursuit Intervention Technique, to stop the vehicle on the eastbound side of the South Loop near Kirby Drive. The vehicle, which was traveling with a flattened driver’s side rear tire, was able to escape.

The chase seemed to have come to an end when several police vehicles surrounded it in the emergency lane on the northbound side of Highway 288 just north of Holcombe Boulevard. However, the driver was able to slip between two of the police vehicles and sped away.

Shortly after that, a Houston police cruiser moved in and used the PIT maneuver a second time to successfully stop the vehicle on the exit ramp from northbound Highway 288 to MacGregor Way. Brown was taken into custody and placed on a gurney.

Houston police said that during the chase they believed Brown may have had a weapon and a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Once the chase ended, however, no weapon was found and Brown did not appear to be wounded, police said.

No serious injuries were reported and Brown was taken to a hospital for evaluation as a precaution, police said.

Police said they will review the methods used during the chase to improve their tactics.

Police CHASE: playlists

Police CHASE:https://bit.ly/39p9902 | ➡ ?????? ?????: ???0

Police CHASE: https://bit.ly/2YqWNhK | ➡ ?????? ?????: 2016

Police CHASE: https://bit.ly/3ppRScC | ➡ ?????? ?????

Police CHASE: https://bit.ly/3ptIhlh | ➡ ?????? ????? 2017

Police CHASE: https://bit.ly/3t4trnj | ➡ ?????? ????? 2021

Police CHASE: https://bit.ly/36nvEAC | ➡ ?????? ?????: ??19

Police CHASE: https://bit.ly/3t66IHn | ➡ ?????? ????? 2018

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Fatima Garcia


Donald Biden




Juan Garcia

Puro mallate

Ronald Hamling

ps it also shows how much the police can be idiots numsculls and any other like words you care to think of


I thought, german police is most stupid in the world. But now I have to change my mind.

Adelina Coronel

Cuando puedo lo miro y me gustas también me da dolor cuando muere un policias en accidentes


The news presenters have clearly never watched a police chase before saying a car with a single flat tyre cant keep going. There's been chases where there's been 3 flat tyres that last longer and drive WAY faster than this guy

franklin ansah

They should pit him


the sign behind the badge is kprc 2