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73-year-old fitness phenom inspiring others around the world

73-year-old fitness phenom inspiring others around the world28 Nov. 2019
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A 73-year-old from Ontario

A 73-year-old from Ontario has inspired people from around the world with her transformation tale.

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Comments (100)
Lolita Marie Fitness

WOW!! I hope that I am still in shape at this age!

KimAnh Chung


Dana Caro-herman

I find the interviewer incredibly annoying, the older woman looks fabulous!!!


Oh 65&i cant imagine me EVER looking like that!!!!!

denise nadeau

thankyou for this

Duzi Realz

grammy been hittin the deca

Angela Austin

Awesome, I Love you and I'm glad you are an inspiration ❤

Dr. Marlène Trusiak

?Inspiring story. Great mother-daughter team....Keep it up Joann...


I am 73. I plan to get started exercising again at the beginning of the year. I know a better body is in here somewhere. I just need to digit out again via exercise and diet. This is very encouraging. I now weigh 190 lbs, something thatI never imagined would happen to me. When I was in my early 50’s and got up to 118, I thought I was obese. I was no where close. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement.

Be Happy


Carrol Lindsay

You look great do you have any tips on how to get a body trainer. I am not overweight just tall needing to lose 50 lbs & build body muscle.

Cherie Jones

This ma

Conchinchina Del japon

Sexy and hot ????

Lilian Pieters-malmberg

Your Mom looks incredible. Wish you were here on our Island so I could take personal training with you.

Lisa Smith


Kim M.

Look at those guns! She is really inspiring!

jinx 57

Her butt is amazing! How long did it take to complete your transformation?

Carol Biering

Hi. Simply put ... did all of this diminish arm wrinkles??

Sue Lyons

? ? ? Fantastic

M Lewis

I love how enthusiastic the reporter was.

Lorena Davila

She looks amazing!

Prevail Prevail

Wow!!! You look great!!!

Pamela Parsons

You’ve inspired me. I’m 63 and have more than 100 lbs to lose. I didn’t think I could do it but now I’m going to try.

C Skog

The newscaster is so pleasant and encouraging - looks like he really enjoys his job. She looks great!

El Tigre De Santa Julia

Consistency, modify your diet and those little modifications will help you transform your body. You got to BELIEVE in yourself. The key is consistency!!!!!! Do the exercises you love abc always increase your intensity and combined with diet and a regular exercise will take you to your goals. One day at s as time!!!!!!

extrememelonspillage yesyesyesyes

This woman looks great because you can see she not only lost weight but look at the definition in her body look at the muscle awesome looks great and younger

Ray van Mueller South

Thank you Father for the blueprint the blueprint to success

Ellaz Matz

Your awesome i wish in my 73 year old still stunning

Bek W

Wow what a amazing story ☺☺?

Sarah Carr

Inspiring and cute!!

Mindful Fitness

I'm 57 and I'm from Ukraine. Take a look at me while I'm teaching how to exercise properly on my channel Mindful Fitness.

Wanda Houchens

Need guidance
Almost 60
Need to drop 50 lbs

jezus nawrocenie

Big deal.

Janet Mayer

Truly an inspiration! This lady is a bad ass!

Sabrina Brooks

That's phenomenal

Gugrat Jindahbath

Her success her doctors for join surgeries keeping her abeled, she does exercise instead of meds


She has better shape and muscle tone in her shoulders and arms than most 18-20 year old women. This shows that if you don't do your part, your age is pretty meaningless.

Naseem Wali

Thank you for your advice on health and fitness.

احمد ابوعماد

Those woman's very sweet lm like them in old.lwill love one of them

Nekia Mingo

She looks awesome

angela reinhofer

LOVE This thank you for your inspiring story!! My mom has knee trouble and arthritis and I'm going to share it with her now!!

Ania Mika

She's fantastic

wayne Patrick

Ime a gym instructor fat bald and lazy, bet you never heard that before. Took me years to get like that,

Misa Misa

We need to eat enough green vegetables to take in the 4700 mg of potassium to be able to build muscle, and also no sugar, and no soda, juices, k2 & D 3 omega 3

oyo rra


jayn carson

Great encouragement

Freddie Jones

Check out wendy ida and she is 68 yrs, young fitness trainer. I am 39 and feel very I secure with these women


She hardly has any loose skin! Gaining muscle is the way.

Becky M

Her shoulders and arms are incredible on any age of woman!

Leslie Beaumont

Love Joanne’s laugh....infectious. She is an inspiration.

frank adams

what a hot lady

Shevy Silverberg


Carla Hotrock



And let’s not forget one major perk - a whole new wardrobe that fits and makes you look as awesome as you are! Even if it comes from the thrift store ... and you can donate the old stuff as a commitment to never being that size again!

Michael H

The physical change is incredible. Metamorphosis

IviSpark Joyful Empowerment

Amazing! But her daughter needs to connect with her mother more emotionally, she seemed more interested in pushing her workout program ( which she obviously doesn’t need to worry about selling. Lol I mean, it’s pretty obvious that she has the know-how).

Tonnie Roth

I am so happy for u ur very determined and u made it congratulations

Nancy De Leon

She is nice

Lee Saunders

I doubt she'd look like that if her daughter wasn't a personal trainer??

daylight 56 koblensky

i am 64 weight 210 5'4 weigh 145 now and feeling fabulous

Julie Goodman


valentina morales

Wow amazing ❣️ am getting stating now am 50 years old I feel so embarrassed I did get really sick with am autoimmune disease that chronically the pain is ridiculous I couldn't move for 5 years It literally stopped me from working out Now I'm better that better medication and this year are I said I'm going for it again little by little and now I saw your story I'm like no I have no excuses Thank you for that

Mealy Bug


Linda Fernandez-Mathews

This inspiring !! Thank you just starting my journey at 60 this helped give me hope

Sujatha Veeriah

I feel ashame... I m 50 and doing nothing

Eufrocenia Pastor

Wow! I wish I can be like that body super ?❤️?

Graeme L

Awesome and inspirational...great effort!

conejo vergara


Bless Tone

Great ?

allan barsness

way to go

Becky M

Quickly Joan. Quickly.


What type of diet do they eat ?

Liz McLean

Kick ass guns girl!!! Im jealous

Lily Galiano

I’m 43 I was 154 last year now I’m 120!!! ??

Kailash Chand

Old ?

Falcon one

It looks like fitness is part of anti aging

Andrena McEvoy Wilson

Hi Joanna. I have lost some weight and have terrible bingo wings, but they are very wrinkly My question is, how do you get your arms into shape to get rid of the wrinkly skin, I am 67, love from Scotland

Cathy Rizzi

WOW Amazing ?

Misa Misa

Our body regenerates daily has to do with nutrition and movement
intermittent fasting is great


Wow she looks amazing..i need to get started

Queen Tama

Those arms are gold!

Hannah Green

You've convinced me! I'm off to the gym . . . oh, I forgot - they're all shut.

Christiane von Junker und Bigato

Absolutely Amazing ???

DeeDee M

My hero.

Marshia Thomas

Is there a video? I am 71 in 3 weeks and although I have lost weight, I am so flabby!! Can you help me??

Young At Any Age

Great video! We are both in our 80's and feel better than ever! We are all about healthy aging -- maintaining a strong body, a calm mind, and a very positive outlook. We are doing research for our new Healthy-Aging Advice YouTube channel to make it a success. Our hope is to inspire others. Learned a lot here. Thank-you.

prussian millionaire

So she's got a free trainer...well, I don't

Merlyn Fruto

Wow amazing

Jacqueline Velilla

Great job! You are an inspiration to others!


I am a 72 yr. old woman, and doing cycling now, plus arm exercises with 2lb weights ... lighter than these kettle bells, of course, plus can easily do 30 jumping jacks at a go ... Did her food protocol change during the 2 years she was losing the weight? I have changed to low carb/keto for the past 2 years, and am now more energetic than I've been in years ... want to build some more muscle ... lost 40 lbs, and seen my blood markers go to normal ... so now it is focus on stronger muscle strength for me.

Coral Gallagher

You are such an inspiration,I’m 69 and just what I need I’ve started at the gym 2 times a week and hopefully be able to get my self in shape. Thankyou!

sarah reynolds

This. Is amazing and she has arthritis amazed

The World According To Lisa

Why does he ruin the interview by telling them quick quickly

Shawn Jacob

Amazing ?

America B.

Woao wonderfull

Carolyn Weaver

What about women that has arthritis in their knees. Is all this possible

barbra burns

Amazing! ❤️❤️


OK... Am 52, she's 73. No excuses left for me.

Inga Hill


Elizabeth Joseph

Brilliant job. Hats off to mom and daughter

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Bowflex® How-To | Squats for Beginners

Bowflex® How-To | Squats for Beginners31 Aug. 2016
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Doing squats with bad form can turn the exercise against you though, so it is important to begin doing squats by learning how to do a squat with correct form. This video will show you the key components:

1) Take a wide stance (about shoulder-width apart)

2) Put your hands out in front of you for balance

3) Sit back as if you are sitting in a chair, keeping your feet flat on the ground and your knees behind your toes.

4) As you are sitting back, keep your chest up and your head looking forward.

When you are first starting off with squats, do 1-3 sets with 10 reps in each set and 30-60 seconds rest in between, and really concentrate on doing the form correctly. As you build strength in your legs, you can add sets or more reps to each set.

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Comments (100)
Dhruva Kumar Chapala

does it engage abdomen muscles?


Tom Holland is Spiderman I guess ?

Sam sara

My ass hurted like for a week.

Lieding Abdul Mutalib


mortux jonny

download this simple squats tracker to track you daily squats

login Gold

Thank you very much. I tried this method, it was very beautiful, and they continued and I want more exercise ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


tom holland is Spiderman have you met mr stark inor man


I can't even able to go through stairs ??

Adarsh Katia

Hey bro
A guy in India has damaged his left testical while doing squats

Robby Antonius

Americans: trying to squat
Russians and Indonesians: ez clap blyat

Mayck Jasso



soooo, her namer is Lisa.... hi, Lisa

griefed by Jack


Machale Sepitla

exercising is cool

mostafa manaei


Thelma Martel

Thank you for this demonstration, just so you know, it would be nice to see it done with a beginner, not someone totally fit.

Brad Bradson

It's impossible to keep your knees behind your toes


I’m here cos i went from 145 to 120 and i went from sloppy built doja cat to flat stanley ???

Sourya Chatterjee

watching now

cringe noob

Me after trying to do workouts: Every inch of me is trembling, but not from the coooooooold.

Βασιλης Λιοσατος

It takes very long to achieve great quads. I recommend the people who watch this video to hit the gym since you can add more weight to squats and there are a lot machines for legs there.


Video starts at 0:37 . You're welcome.

Fullmetal Alchemist it normal my knee hurts while I squat?


I’m trying to get thick :( I’m tired of being a stick.


She is beautiful ?

Australian Scholarships for International Students


Rapid World

Burning up calories and weight reduction


I want her

Daniel Jelínek

Dude, where's the Uncharted movie?

captain coon

Saitama brought me here

Eonwoo K

When you decide to be fit at the middle of the night

The Final Rumbling

Why does it hurt my stomach?

Test One

can we keep our feet in V shape or just straight ?

Gqwashu Lawu

I always don’t see BUTT in these squats tutorials, but in some men and mostly black women or latina does glute improvement include genetics? ?


I find myself reading such mixed opinions about knees tracking over the toes, I never know what to believe

Cory M.M.

oh ok. I was pushing my knees out.

Imran Abdullah

I British and fat 111kg ? I need lose weight I'm dying I'm always sick yet I only only cooked meal a day


Dude i accidentally searched sqirts at the place of squates???

Nayna Singh

My thighs died after two....

Thankfully they can resurrect back just to die again...

Alan Jupes

She’s hot


Lisa need some hips, aka curves.
Otherwise, great video

Jan Michel

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Sleepy Perfume

I need an ass

Jewel's Adventures

Is this for kids or all


She looks brainwashed ?

Carla Maia

^^proof squats don’t build a butt

Pradeesh Paheerathan

I thought he was British ?


thanks. you saved my knees!

Ann Q.

"No pain, No gain"

The Dapples

Omg Tom Holland!

Zack WhoAmI

I didn't expect it to be this hard to find a short, precise video about squats. This is literally the only video that shows and explains it shortly.

Twixy Kitty

I'm going to do this for 10 minutes every day. please like my comment to remind me to do it.


Wow, the video is nice! I saw it well. I also made a home training video. Let’s work out together.

Nuubmasta 69

Tom holland, what are you doing squats for? lmaoo spiderman

Arika Jones

How am I supposed to keep my knees behind my toes? I can't! No matter what. I just can't get the hang of these squats no matter HOW HARD I try! What am I doing wrong!! ??. Please help

Pred Edicius

No wonder why Spider-Man is amazing

sunfire James

Thank you tom

rakesh patel

in the name of love

Akbar Hussain

Thank you keep it up....

Raviranjan Rao

Watch my squat video

Pepe God

Trying to squat while lying down


Aina Shaikh

Iam 19, Can I do it?

Laverne Guerra

I have been using this vertical jump program for five days and I have already acquired about 4-5 inches. This program was truly impressive. This is the best vertical jump program I have ever done and I have attempted them all. I discovered this jump guide by Google. The jump program is Julian Jumρosen
With thanks

Barry Ram

Very good, first learn proper form before hurting your back putting on weights.


8.4 million views and telling people to squat knees behind the toes.
Knees over toes is natural, do you really think early humans reminded themselves to keep knees behind toes when they squatted down lol.

Kaylie Chung

i’m here because of gym class

Deepak Singhal

Can be done by person with disc dessication?.

Sachin soni

Sir ise mote ho skte h kya krne se


Her abs are awesome

DC Detective

The girl is so pretty

Raviranjan Rao

Watch my squat video of 150 kg with correct posture

Prince Lara

My module brought me here..


Going to the comments to see all of the Tom Holland comments...

Ranahh Ahmed

Where is your Spiderman suit?

Alan Rutherford

Every video I’ve found so far has women demonstrating the exercise. I don’t have their flexibility and shape. I wish he’d done some, too.

سحر عندلیب

i get pain in my shoulders n neck plz help

LookAtThisDude XD

Aren't squats just leg push ups?

Carly Dagen

Everyone here is talking about Tom Holland and no one is mentioning how incredible Lisa’s abs are. I see you Lisa!


My feet seems to be positioned outward and I don’t know if I’m doing it correctly

Brandon Taylor

Does Lisa have her own fitness channel?


It`s been Five days since I began using this vertical jump program but I managed to jump 4 to 5 inches higher. I really believe on this plan hands down. This is the best vertical jump program I have ever done and I have tried them all. It is not hard to research this jump tip by Google. The jump tip is Julian Jumρosen
With thanks

Mjol ninja

What should I do when my knees are screaming at me everytime I squat

Al27 20

I'm a football player but when I do squats and I go a little to low it hurts my knee this hasn't happen but just now idk if I injured my knee any suggestions


Now I can squat like a slav

Jada Creative Wanderer

why don't fitness videos have videos showing an overweight person doing these exercises? Obviously she can do it. But what about a person who is just starting out?

Eapeisi Teo

Nearly everytime I do a squat I pull my muscle just behind my thigh underneath my bottom, How do I stop this???

smt smt

Ah,Can i reduce my size of thigh if i do 50 to 100 squats a day? And how many days will it take to see the results?


I did it carefully and it didnt hurt in any way! I did warm ups first. Could tht be the reason why??

Sharon Brantley

I hope this work out for me. I just took on 50 squats a day for the month of December!?

Lynn Ford

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Kennedy Greg

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Mercedes Beard

Ok, dumb question. But are you supposed to perk up and stick your butt out when you go down or is it mostly in the legs and hips?

Yogendra Singh Meena



and now i need new pants ....


me: tries a proper squat, falls backwards.
Yeah I'm weak af

Jamie Cee49

I just done about 14 of these. And my knees was like. You did what just now? lol. But it felt good at the same time. More exercise routines for me. Been a Basketball player when I was in school. I'm not new to these. ?? I was doing it wrong. But now I know the right way. ?

astroboy 143

Tom holland of spider man


Hello, Tom Holland. 0:00