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Making Glowing Resin Runestones!

Making Glowing Resin Runestones!30 Jan. 2021
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This time we try to create glowing runestones with LED strips, epoxy resin, worbla, and woodworking. We're using the glyphs from the Witcher 3 game as our designs, and put them all in a nice walnut wood stand!

Links marked with * are affiliation links that helps out the channel. Thanks! ❤︎




- Epoxy resin (Glasscast 3)

- Silicone for casting

- Epoxy resin pigments

- Wet sandpaper and micromesh: *

- Worbla: *

- PVA glue

- Exterior foam coat:

- Acrylic paint: *

- Matt acrylic paint varnish: *


- Walnut wood slab

- Cold white LED strip

- Female power plug: *

- Button: *

- Wire: *

- Heat shrink: *

- 12v power supply: *

- Laser cut labels

- Yukon Gold Cream in metallic gold

- Finishing oil



- Anycubic Resin Printer: *

- Anycubic Wash & Cure: *

- UV Resin: *

- Band saw

- Router

- Drill

- Chisel, files

- Misc. electrical sanders

- Soldering station: *

- Extractor fan: *

- Laser cutter



- Panasonic GH5 (Main camera): *

- Wide angle lens: *

- Main video light: *

- Awesome RGB lights: *

- Wireless lapel set: *

- Studio mic: *

- Wireless video set: *



? Instagram -

? Discord -

? Facebook -

? Twitter -

? Website -

✉️ BUSINESS CONTACT: [email protected]

Comments (100)
Deviant Spark

The intro sounded like "Shaddup already" to my caffeine deprived ears and got me to sit up a little bit lol, so thanks for that.

Tzisorey Tigerwuf

Look, if you want to eat those runestones (and looking at them, they DO look tasty) - just check the temperature rating of the silicone you used for the mold, and learn how to turn sugar into candy. Problem solved ;)

Le Pete

Get a buffing wheel and polish paste from 1 to 1/4 micron to polish resin and all other sorts of things with less effort and best results. You never get it as good by hand. I cut, grind and polish gem stones and believe me: polishing with a buffing wheel is hella addictive ?

Perry Wolf

I could be wrong, but I believe if you finish the edges with a rougher sanding finish, instead of polishing, essentially frosting the edges, it retains a nice glow on the edges while reflecting more light through the center of the piece.

Cool project! Very nice job all around. Excellent rock simulation! And the walnut...just lovely! I'm in the middle of playing Witcher 3 right now!

Will Frank

"They kind of look like candy or something..."
Great. Now I want a lemon-flavoured lollipop.

Ben Easthouse

I just recently came across your channel, and enjoy seeing the projects you make. It's re-awoken an old idea of mine that I have wanted to do for a long time. Honestly, I am still not even sure how to start. Maybe someday. For now though, I enjoy your videos. Keep at it!

Wolf Ridr

they are like the literal version of a power couple

Gawain van der Bijl

These are amazing! Sanding Resin is a nightmare but I recently bought a pottery wheel and taped the sanding paper to the wheel to sand my resin pieces faster. I highly suggest it. If you'd like to see more Rybonator on Youtube has a video on it!


Hey would you like to try and do the flying Dutchman from pirates of the Caribbean

Dawn Pridmore

THESE ARE NOT RUNE STONES!!! I AM Pagan these are the element symbols, earth air fire and water!! Please don’t say what you don’t know... please research and learn the meaning of RELIGIOUS symbols... you wouldn’t want me to confuse Jesus with Mary would you?

Brooke Lamanna

I am addicted to Witcher 3. I play on switch. I got it for my hubs for his PS4 and he hasn’t even made it past geralts dream about training Ciri. ??‍♀️


Wubbys "manager"

Remco Hamersma

you and your brother are a good team


Excellent work! May I ask, what do the stones represent? I'm guessing some elemental symbols, there...

Nate Connell

Can't wait to see Wubby's reaction!

Matt Simunovich

You should make Link’s Rubee purse abs rubees.

Sir Frederick

argh, game messed up the element symbol and colors

Owj Uw

The loving skate cytologically damage because orange inversely scratch pro a periodic plastic. equal, ahead boot


Excellent editing and entertaining as always! I was thinking it might have been easier to haved use colored LEDs and some 6mm acrylic but it's definitely cool they are that color all the time!

Pete McD67

Making glowing resin runes stones? Why? What a waste of time. They're not really runestones are they? They're more like clear rune plaques. Rune stones? Where's the stone part?

Vangie LaVelle

You two are so talented, imaginative, happy, and fun to watch. Wish you all the luck in the world with all of your endeavors.

Devin Olsen

Awesome work guys!

Yvonne Schimmel

I love them! They are amazing

Samantha Dean

"I am a conjuror of cheap tricks!"
OMG, I woke my parents up from laughing so hard!!! ??????

Zachary Elliott

Fuggin amazing


AW! You made this for that big beefi nerd boi Wubby?!
I just know he was flipping his shit to get that!

You guys did great!

Scott Miller

Awesome Architects shirt

kat c

I was recently watching blowen away on Netflix and you reminded me of the finalist Cat

The Smugglers Room

This was a great project guys!

Rasmus Knispel

scheiß Staats Lüge setzen erst Corona frei und denken die fallen nicht auf


Baking soda and super glue

Elizabeth Epp

Asking the burning questions we all have: IS oil good on it's own?

Gaurd1an Ange1

imagine turning the runes into thumb drives at the bottom, and making the stand into a usb hub, and each of the runes had different files on it. it would look so awsome on your desk and has function


I definitely encourage you guys to use captions in your videos. Im hard of hearing/ can't wear headphones and im not always able to turn my phone volume up enough to be able to hear. Please for the sake of accessibility, use captions.

Karen Tate

Can you make Hogwarts and the forbidden forest

All Cops Are Bad At Cuddling

Nice Architects shirt


This has to do nothing with the project but um i had to go back like 4 times to see how did she make that square with her fingers

Gautland Creations

I like your videos, but...these are not runes?

Frankie Rzucek Jr

Very cool, you guys do phenomenal work and yes they do look like candy Lol. Also thought the milk and cookies anology was great.
After you put the resin under a vacuum do you still have to put it in a pressure pot?

Eso Ego

gal u are a star

Brooke Lamanna

Also the silicone works wonderfully but tbh I would have probably used the molding putty just to be able to create knock out multiple casts at once

Morten M

This is not Runestones, this is from Witcher game, and is sign, not runestones

bob weeks

Been binge watching.You are insanely gifted thank you for lockdown entertainment

Edward Bradshaw

She looks like a twelve year old trapped in the body of a 14 year old who is pretending to be a 40 year old.


So full house tour sometime?

Alice Esperanza

I love you nerds so much ☺️?

Frankie Rzucek Jr

Idk if you're a big fan of the Fifth Element movie but im sure you are lol. How about making those Element Stones and maybe they actually move amd light up when you get them all together or something. I thought of that immediately when I seen this pop up. I haven't watched yet,just wanted to say it before I forgot lol. I'm sure you can do it, because what can't you do. Lol just a thought. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Xo


the resin bits look like forbidden gushers

Mayhem posser

hey thats wat im doin

Chryn Aoroura

Cool project, good rock simulation, and a great game to take inspiration from. Only a couple things I could think of to improve it would be to add something to the resin to maybe give it a more crystalline appearance. The other thing was the finishing oil. It's better to apply the finishing oil before attaching anything else to the wood. The oil soaks into the wood, and untreated spots will decay or dry rot over time.


honestly i was expecting Martina just to steal some gravel form the neighbors for the stone textures

Carolyn Stewart

"They still look like candy and I still want to eat them." Honestly, SAME. My brain kept thinking "Giant gummies?!"

Eric Grux

OMG, you really should take care about the resin, it's a very toxic product and in the video at 00:45 you push it with your hand without any glove ! You also should wear a mask if you don't want to get cancer and other health and breath issues !


How about Harry Potter like Goblet of Fire from three wizard tournament with LED programmed surfaces and proximity sensor that light up surfaces when you come near :)

Rueders Culinary Institute

You have so many cool projects going on. Always interesting.


Just an advice, use gloves when you work with epoxy!


All I seen was the screen shot for the video and thought is that the The Witcher Signs? I want to get the tattoos of the witcher signs.. Love the witcher. Read the books too!


I love this channel! Always looking forward to the next project! Also, Hansi armor when? ?

Mister4life Me

Yes I love the Witcher three runestones , they always looked cool


Mother Nature wants to thank you for your trash for this video.


May favorite finish for wood is CA glue


Guys... Don't get me wrong... But you could just cut off these "stones" out of acrylic thick sheets (glue them together if not enough thickness) and get the same look with much less pain. The shapes are not so special to use all these technologies.
Also as another version - you could 3d-print transparent shapes with cavities of interesting forms (and channels for LEDs inside them)... these runes inside "glass" or some other symbols. Two pieces: the main and a cap (to make LED inside possible). Or (v2): two symmetrical pieces that will be glued together. Just need a good polishing of contact surfaces and using some good resin (it can be the same resin that you print!) to fill imperfections.
Thus you'll be able to make self illuminating "stones" without using silicon molds. I think it's about the same time but you'll not need to use the vacuum chamber, the cutting machine and etc.

Евгений Боровиков

Отличная работа! Классная задумка! И реализация супер!

A Human

The chonk stones, yes that is what I call them ... deal with it

Alisha Creativa

This might be a stupid question... was there a specific reason for using Worbla?

Love your guys work ❤️

Ashlee Edwards

Martina doesn't seem like she feels very good. Hope you feel better Hugs <3


I didn't know I needed that until now


you deserve a million sub guys

Owj Uw

The raspy sarah micrencephaly compete because impulse partly dislike beyond a statuesque ornament. vagabond, sore pair


Project idea!: make the Bifrost from God of War (2018). Make it life size and see if you could make a way to recharge it, maybe wirelessly (if you can, please go into detail).

It would make a really cool prop fantasy lantern.

Karie Chaos

I'm kinda eh. I don't like the stone veneers, I think I would have gone with carved in runes filled with black paint instead. Also, not in rainbow order makes me want to rearrange themmmmmmmm

Ahmet ZUKU


Ellen-barbara J



it looks like power rangers rune stone edition!!! each one could hold alot of power!!!! great job!

Salvador Montes

You reference colors MM Power Rangers


What incredible, beautiful creations and such craftsmanship!

Andy Wolf

Where subtitle ? :(

Royce M.

Turn on your captions please.

Jack Buarque

"I kinda wanna eat that"
Hank green: ???


Love you Guys! So happy, for you that you have the freedom to do all this stuff, and for us that you are sharing it with the world!

Ashley James

Your videos are showing up all over my Facebook page


Here from Wubby to apologize for how dumb that goblin is. Love!

Shugo Pendragon

Not really runes they are just glyphs

Cemir Achour

Good but I dont like the forme squar... I think will be more best if the forme are same of energy stone , same in game play. You know ??

Austin Bar

They both pulled off the reptilian look

Linkin Yliniemi

You should make another suit of armor but for Hansi

Joseph Gan

I think those are "glyphs" and NOT "runestones", but I digress...It's awesome!

Ben Murray

So cool - yet again! You guys just kill it every time with these videos. I can't get enough!


Very cool!! The idea is great! Or maybe add moss behind the stones? There will be a real witcher's or witch's regiment)) Good luck in your business and all the best!


Get a box fan and a 20x20 inch filter. Use blue tape to tape the filter to the intake on the fan and you have a rudimentary air filtration system when sanding inside.

F. Welzel

Does that mean there is a chance for a collab between you and Wubby? :o

Yvonne Schimmel

Out of curiosity do you sell these rune stones? They are magnificent


Please always wear protections like gloves and masks when working with resin printers. That stuff is somewhat toxic though not deadly


It took a while to figure out that your 'exterior foam coating' is the solids added to paint and fixer to create modern exterior stucco.

Callanwolde Wingo

Great piece of art, guys! ?


Wooow great job and excelent video.


Wubby will love it

Ville Nimetön

The wood glue threw me off, it had finnish in its label

fuiehf jfcnsl

Ein Kommentar

Grand Master Kasher

Seeing a new video pop up definitely is a day maker!

How to Make Out at Work | Kissing Tutorials

How to Make Out at Work | Kissing Tutorials10 Jun. 2013
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Maya: Um, Harrison can I just talk to you for a second?

Harrison: Um, yeah let me...

Maya: No that's great just save that.

Harrison: Yeah, yeah.

Maya: You know I think we have really good professional chemistry but also minus the professional. If you just leave in the chemistry part.

Harrison: Wait, you're my boss this is kind of weird.

Maya: Weird or hot? And that's how you get a promotion. No, not necessarily but I [believe] we were at work, clearly this is not the proper venue or the typical venue for sultry interactions. I had the advantage of being his boss so I could intimidate him and also feel immune to being fired. However...

Harrison: It's not about the pay raise.

Harrison: It's about the authority.

Maya: Absolutely. But if you're not in that kind of hierarchy sort of situation where you have the advantage of immunity you need to be careful at work. Now that ups the stakes professionally but it also ups the stakes heat wise, wouldn't you say? Makes it a little risky and risque.

Harrison: Yeah...

Maya: So, what would be some good spots...well let's say you're just two co-workers on the payroll needing to put food in your fridge. You don't want to get fired but you got to capitalize.

Harrison: Copy room. Copy room.

Maya: Copy room's a good spot.

Harrison: Yeah, 500 days of summer scenario. But basically you want to go, copy room is good.

Maya: Stairwell.

Harrison: Stairwell is really good too.

Maya: You got to be quick on the stairwell.

Harrison: Elevator in between....

Maya: Lots of traffic.

Harrison: ...if you're on a sales call and you're in between. Do it in the stairwell.

Maya: What...I've never done this, you know what I've always wanted to do?

Harrison: What do you have in mind?

Maya: Emergency button.

Harrison: I want to do that so badly, oh my God.

Maya: Maybe even, I know this might be a little out there but maybe even a board room scenario. Like a conference room if it's not transparent if it's not being used for a meeting because then you could blow someone on a table, have your way with them, kind of just pull one of these guys.

Harrison: Whoa, whoa...

Maya: Kind of sidle and kind of push someone down, obviously keep your eye on the door.

Maya: Um, so I'm going to need those laminations by Monday 5 pm at the latest.

Harrison: You got it boss.

Comments (47)

2rd! :D


Kissing my boss? EWWW... (and I'm sure she wouldn't want to with me, either)

jenna williams

i wonder whts in the cameramans mind?


Way yuo do this



andy jj

Really sloppy kissing it's supposed to be beautiful and sensual not to get a promotion at work it's about live and that was like kissing porn, it's just Eh, there's not really anything.

Princess OreoS

Should they just get a room? lol

Archna Sharma

brrrraa .

Christia Orpia

I like it

Sergio Aceves

I hate hate hate this

Laura Ayala Náder

He's like "shut up and kiss me!!!" xD

Al Pacino

Why are they all in the fucking car

Jamie D


Fendikay —



Time to delete my watch history

As As


Mia Bardawil

I got lost on YouTube and ended up here... Ok.


Kiss your hand 10 times say your crushes name 15 times and repost and ur crush will ask u out tommorow

Stephanie Mora

Yeah, first, go to work, then, make out with someone

Himan Munda

Wish my boss was she....but infact its a he....and hes nt impressed wid by my work....yet ....ugh?....

As As


As As


HighFrequencyBlade Raiden

My job has zero tolerance for this. If I do make out on the job, I'll be fired. xD

Jimmy Lee

Ok I love it


Advice: Never EVER flirt with or date a co-worker.

antonio carmona

You really kiss dirty!STOP

Artem Sidorenko


Michael Tyler

And that ladies and gentlemen is how to get a promotion


Apart from his nose..he's alright.

kohtrol khmer

what r u teaching lol

Hodhod hod

this should be done with your boss, so you can get promoted
fuck, it's far from Reality

Evie N

Why am I watching this ??? lol


This looks like a preview of a porn film.



kathy pearl

If you REALLY want him to think about you, and you alone, only AFTER you make that decision would I point out Jillian Therkstein's website. Thousands of women have used her "Big Kissing Secret" to have their men on a leash lol.


what ?

Deekon . who annoys everyone on planet earth



hes actually so hot

That one guy from that one thing

Kiss how do I get someone to kiss me

Zhiyar Ali


Meg Townsend

what am I doing with my life?

DayC C


Bernerd King

Woah !!u guys are frenz but u kiss that deeply

Lizzy Llera

Well they had sex


Who the fuck does this

Zero Impetuous


Feto SA

they totally did it after this

How to Fade In Out Video In Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

How to Fade In Out Video In Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial24 Apr. 2017
426 241
StephenSubscribe 438 721

A short Tutorial Video on

A short Tutorial Video on How to Fade In Out Video In Adobe Premiere Pro

Check out my t-shirt designs at

Instagram: Tulsa_Oklahoma

Instagram: StephenWPier

Comments (100)

Wow, exactly what I needed in under two minutes! Thanks so much. Subbed.


thanks for helping me make a simple video!

Ryan Howells

Dude the fucking volume!!

Xzavia Simon

When you see a 3 min tutorial you know you getting what you ask for

Sagar Joshi

fuck it takes 2-3 seconds in vegas pro 12

sarah mahmood

sweet victory spongebob

English Rain

For those of you for whom the effect is not applying, you need to drag the effect right at the END boundary of the video track. Then release it. If you don't see it still, you need to zoom in a very good deal & finally you will see the effect at the very end as a tiny thing.

zw zn

Thank you

Evan Buckley

Kinda just starting on Premiere Pro, literally exactly what I needed thank you bro ?? subbed.

Dash DV

may i know how to fade every track of the video?like all together


THANK YOU! Perfect length especially for late at night editing AND I'm now a gangster! He gave everything and more! <3 Subbed


Youtube gangsters yo im subscribing lol

Associates of Wellness LLC

I am very new to Adobe Premiere Pro, I am 63 and have started my channel, my videos are still a little Raged but just want to say thank you for keeping it simple.


no se esccha una mierda


your so fucking quiet


'youtube gangsters'
Well that escalated quickly


Thank you!! This helped

Lesley Pyke Glass Engraver

Oh that was exactly what I needed, thank you!

Zerxis Gaming

He sounds like Mark Ruffalo.


big thanks man!!!

Diego Felix de Lima

Ctrl + D

Alex Zander

This was actually helpful, didn't' rush and was simple plus to the point. Thank you!

Sirius Playz

Thanks so much for the help mate, truly appreciated.

Cyn Chinq

Thank you!

James Blodgett

Thanks for the video, I'm going to use the one you like. It seems to be better than the first one you showed.


thank you so much this helped me out so much


great tutorial, short, sweet and informative.
mic volume could be a little louder though


thx bro you are the best

Primitive Simple

thank you for share


Definitely helped with my transitions!! Thank you Stephen!!

captain beef

thank you

Wolf Photography

Thank you! :)

Vjeran Janeš

oh man
i'm a gangster

Kenneth Tran

very helpful!


dude that's my Name... lol

Marcos Panizzolo



Thank You So Much sir! This is what i was looking for. the Fading out transitions.. =) Bless You!


every other comment is "whats up yt gangsters" y????

Anastázie Taskina

Thank you!

CrackerBarrelKid 55

yaaay im a youtube gangster now ?


ima youtube gangster fuck yeah gimme cereal and water im crazy asfk




straight to the point ay no need for tedious how's and whys I like that

David Burchette

Easy and clear. I like it!

Broderick McGarvey

1:14 for the way he likes to do it.


10/10 outro


I heard "YouTube gangsters" and immediately subscribed without hesitation.

Lucas James

Any suggestions on how to fix not being able to drag effects into the timeline?

Jinger Bread

in sony vegas it is lot easier to do this effect

wiek school

gangsters... video about fade in and out XD


Thank you! Some people could have turned this into a 10 minute tutorial. Also nice intro. Also, for an even shorter tutorial, just apply the Film Dissolve effect to the clip you want to fade out.

Maverick Berkland

I can't get it to fade out, only fade in.

Francisco Antonio Alvarez Zambrano

Thanks, quick and straight to the point!



Sile Moloney

Thank you!!!


thanks g



the majastic creature

damn. thanks bro, i'm still used to sony vegas where it was way too easy to do these so gotta learn new shit and thanks for letting me in your gang XD

Akik Sarkar 2

Thanks buddy

Kay Ω

"whats happening youtube gangsters"

??????? ???

James Chia



Nice and Simple this helped with the transition of my gameplays , subbed

dancing bear83

best intro ever


Small youtubers have real content, big youtubers do them longer for monetization. Good job bro, subbed to you.

Let's Learn Photo

Big help! Thank you!!!

BG Dave

420k views Nick

Oscar Hernandez

You had me at "gangsters" subbed


gangsters LMAO subbed

oxy does play

2020 anyone


“What’s up YouTube gangsters”

the last melon

Thanks guy

E Aaa

Being called a YouTube gangster warmed my heart so fucking much. Take this sub. Btw I agree, your method is better. Thanks!


Nice, thanks.


This is why I don't like about Premiere compared to Vegas, Resolve, etc. Fading video and Audio IN/OUT is a hassle. I like the easy simple way from VEGAS/RESOLVE where you just drag the fade handle as you see fit.

Diego Axtmann

why every time I try to find a premier pro tutorial everyone is like quiet.

Timugin Othman

THX 10^3 Times <3


Thanks a lot, man! This really helped me out!

rabid padme

This was wonderful, thank you!!


Thanks, lad!

David Medina

For some reason I’m not able to drag the transition to the beginning of the clip. Also, my effects have the accelerated effects logo next to them. I don’t know if that might be the issue. I followed the same thing you did but it’s not working :( please help


shit tutorial

エロスカ // Eroska

Thanks, a very quick but useful video

bugi herzog

Thanks bro !


thx b


intro is one of the best i've ever heard in all my time on youtube. 1000/10 would watch again.


Thank you for getting to the point. A lot of these tutorial videos have a lot of BS with no real information. Thanks a lot.

Sincerely, a Youtube Gangster

Creative buds


Ajaysingh Thakur

This was helpful, thanks mate!

Faycal Cheriguene

Thank you sir

Jesper Öberg

Thx, this helped so much



Cris Gamble

Very helpful brodie. Thank u!


Thanks broham, I had a brain lapse regarding transitions and this video was quite helpful.





Yesid Vizcaino

Whata a great video!!! Awesome, just thanks!!

Laila Karina

I've been trying to put film dissolve at the end of my video clip for like 5 minutes straight. didn't work, I googled it and found you video. it's the same way but somehow after watching your video it worked. the wonders of programs :D hahahah nice video, i enjoyed it!


Perfect! Thank you!

Tophat Jones

First time watching this (for project purposes) and my man's starts it off "What happening YouTube gangsters", damn funny guy...and appreciate the knowledge.