How to tell if she is jealous

She Makes You Jealous... to Keep You In Line

She Makes You Jealous... to Keep You In Line11 Mar. 2020
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This video is going to

This video is going to breakdown how wahmin will bring up other guys to try and make you jealous in a very subtle way

Once they make you jealous, they know where you stand. And once she knows where you stand, she will now use this 'jealousy' card in order to keep a man in line by making him fear losing her (because she obviously has other men happily waiting to wine and dine her).

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Comments (36)
Mike Larry

Good way for a woman to get cheated on and dumped. Well if the man has any sense. Cant stay because she can easily outcheat you so you have to go after.

David Easton

I just met someone like that..went to her house and she is cool to hangout with but im very confident and and secure and it was like was trying me to get a reaction or as if she was like ehhhh your sitting infront of me but she was messaging some dude and smiling and giggling, taking out loud as if she wanted me to hear but i truly don't care inside because it reveals her character and i know my worth and I'll find a chick whos real soon or later so i told her" hey i had a really good time i think your cool but it seems like you have a lot going on and have a lot of guy friends and stuff and i don't want to be in your way of something good so i think being friends is better for now. I won't try coming onto you as much and sorry if that sparked something in you and if so I apologize but I enjoy hanging out with you and feel free to call me again some time and we can chill and be friends". I don't do the game playing stuff and don't have time for it because if im not important enough or valued enough to be shown interest and she wants to messaged dudes about her age infront of me shows she has issues so i was like nah im good.. Just let them go be a slut alone then she will figure out what she threw away someday soon if your a good man as i know I am. Sometimes it's a insecurity to make herself feel better because she knows your too good for her.

Ahmad Rifai

The heart is clean originally. What they dont know When they start clubbing and sleeping around that it becomes dirty. And this surfaces as manipulation, materialism, ungratefulness and eventually unsatisfaction with everything. Such a shame what wahmen are going through all in the name of fake freedom equality and independence.

Lonnie Jolly

This dude that wrote him. Fucking simp.

The Upper Echelon

It's much deeper than this video. When she's trying to make you jealous, just remember what she isn't saying. She know she's cheating (at least mentally) or will be cheating in the future. Training your reaction with jealousy is just the beginning making sure you won't leave her, when it happens. Simp training 101. The first time she tries to make you jealous tell her to stop it. Second time leave her. Nothing good will come out of it.

alan jay mouse

I’m ashamed to admit this but I have fallen for this trap



Grampa Smurf

I'm from Chicago . You are a fan of the EVIL TWINS ? LOL !


LMAO!!! tell this dude he is not a boyfriend but a provider/enabler. he is going to learn the hard way.


This is why I stopped dating over 30 years ago. I don't want to deal with all this drama and all these games. It's all nonsense. I have better things to do with my time. Sex may feel good, but it's not worth the trouble.

Mike Stanislaus

Come to the Dark Side........

....we have cookies!

Alexis TAF

Have you ever heard that there is a shadow work behind every person? Wemen are their own shadow. MGTOW Know the shadow and tell it to FCK OFF.

Texting Prince

Who’s joining me live tonight?
Topic : 3 Lessons I Learned Being a SIMP
7 pm PST drink a brewski with me

Cody's Circus

I can't ever connect with anyone enough to feel anything anyways.

Demarious Jiles

I just learned from my experiences it's a jungle out here don't feed the animals and stay out the way

Jdub 25

I had a girl who would try this on me and when she realized I could care less and would ghost her for weeks at a time than shed stop. After a while it gets tiresome so, I ghosted her for good ?

Kerry Foster

Jealous?  Yes I had that when I was a young man, but as soon as you realise it reflects your INSECURITY you make damn sure you can turn the tables. If my partner flirts with other men I will do exactly the same with women.  She needs to know SHE IS NOT IRREPLACEABLE. You need to keep her jn line by letting her know that.. If she values you she will stay. If she doesn't YOU WILL LOSE HER ANTWAY. Plenty of great chics out there - and at ANY age.


Woman go out looking for Chad, they are horny.


High value Men don't get jealous. Nor do they date women who like to go clubbing without you to get attention and validation from other Men.

Shawn Coleman

This poor kid is gonna get his heart ripped out in a most vicious manner. Gotta learn the hard way. He failed to establish boundaries at the get go. Sorry pal- game over.

Loalp Zndrah

She tells me about her gay bff that he caried her and played with her. I was like: uuhh k bye

Chad Hart

The gf acts like not going clubbing isnt even an option because to her it isnt. Her hypergamy draws her to the club scene.


She can easily avoid by not going to clubs. She will keep going.

Anthony Kist

or just be smart and read through it. If she does it often then dump her. Easy

Peter Speliotis

Definitely true about the jealousy thing!!! Can’t know when they are lying about other guys attention and more or not. Good one !!!

Marcus Aurelius

Yes, there was a bartender I was hanging out with for 6 months and she constantly but subtly mentioned this man or that man she still talked to or used to hang out with and I ignored it, acted indifferent or asked oh yeah tell me about that and never got riled about it, until after about 4 mos I said something but then it increased like 3x as much until I broke it off. I didn't know how to check it or confront it.

Scorched Earth

She hates men grabbing at her at the club, but she keeps going back.

Lonnie Jolly

Show no emotions.i would say. Wat you want me to shoot the club up.

Pure Male

Choooo chooooooooo! Next stop: manipulation station!

I had a girl do this: you gotta pull a Patrice. Stay calm, laugh and ask if she treated him right. “I hope you sucked his $&@“ good!”
Ruins their game immediately

Darth Andreas

If a woman tries this I'd point to the door

J. R.

Main thing to remember is she's not Yours.but should be useing jealousy or dread against her, but remember she has a concern for her reputation,so if used to aggressive or in a incongrurent way, she'll just pull way back.her use of jealousy on you will put you on notice,&test you further.hypergamy is her operating system with men, just realize how deep & endless this is.


That guy is in for a whole world of pain!

lts Kas

I worked in a prison for 2 years with inmates who were locked up for many things from breaking parole to rape and murder and they would hit on female officers constantly. If the women say no they would immediately stop. If they giggle and shit they would push more. If they stop at a no so can chad if he keeps going they arent saying stop.

alan jay mouse

I knew a girl who waited for weeks before she told me this guy was married


Women’s games are just a reflection of her deep insecurities.

Mesi Rochambeau

There was this girl i was going out with her.

She tried to do the same thing with her, I broke up with her straight away.

5 Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You

5 Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You1 Apr. 2020
30 210
True MedallionSubscribe 438 721

5 signs a girl is jealous

5 signs a girl is jealous and likes you. In today’s world, there are lots of things that are confusing. Some of these might include calculus, quantum physics, and… girls. Hear me out – guys can be just as confusing, but today we are going to talk about how we can figure out why that particular girl in your life is acting strange. There could be many reasons why someone could change their behavior around you, but all of these reasons revolve around how that person feels. Does she like you? Is she mad about something you did or said? How do you know? Chances are, we have a mix of the lovey dovey feels and the big green-eyed monster (jealousy) in our midst. Here are 5 sure signs that a girl is jealous and likes you.


10 Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You


Is He Trying To Make Me Jealous?


10 Signs He Is Jealous But Hiding It


10 Signs A Woman Is Jealous Of You


He's Not That Into You (5 Red Flags)


Here's the transcript if you want to read it instead:

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Comments (56)

For some strange reason, guys like it when the girl they like stalk them, agree?

Troy Harper

I'm in a situationship & my friend gets upset when I open doors for other females but I'm a gentleman & when I look at other females she speaks on it so today she was on the phone with me & had me on hold so I hung up now she is mad at me because she didn't speak to me what do I do ?

Jase King

Can a girl still like you after you got rejected

2502 Hl

Can you do a vid for the shy ones

Sandro Batinović

I mean none of these will work for her if she holds no weight in the dude's life, like babygirl you can die tonight idc lmaoo

Eric McConnell

Love your videos.
Y'all stay safe and don't get corona.

Also, my crush likes one of my friends. What should I do?


Welp quarantine isn't helping me right now. Idk how im going to find most of these signs

TWDx Jaymhar

This is a lot better video ✔️

afzaal khan

Hi Guten morgn drink coffee 4 u☕??


Thanks True Medallion. I've been waiting for something like this. Keep up the good work.


I like the new style on the video

random person


dont be scared i am with you

what does it mean if she blocks you but stalks your social media(instagram,spotify,tellonym)?


Bro please make an video on why girls ignore when boy propose her.but she told her friends I like him.when I proposed she rejected me. please help me king of love.

Please like if u read it.

Kelcey Clark

(Yes, I'm male.) When some fan fiction obsseser realizes that their favorite shipping involves these behaviors in the canon material even though there's no connection. (Could you do a video on how to handle a double date? I think some will find it useful.)

Doge Gaming Roblox


Filipp Shauchuk

Said shoot your shot but the basketball missed the net

meow & woof

How do i start talking to my shy and quiet with people I don't know but with my friends i'm the exact opposite(mostly)

Scarlet King

These have never happened to me :(

John Malwe

Hey, the person I like is 2 years older than me (i'm 14 they're 16). I am a little confused as to if she likes me or not; the times she snap me is when I'd snapped her first and she doesn't really ask any questions in dms.

In school, we get a lot of eye contact and when we were talking we went on for like 20 minutes after school and having eye contact for most of the time. We made a handshake promise about something in a game too.

Then she brought up her sister who was born in the same year as me and then said that she was cute and that her sister and I should become a couple. This kinda sounds a little like teasing to me.

She also said I was mature for my age. The snaps she sends me are her pouting her lips knowingly and doing that cute thing from Tik Tok where you squeeze your face together without your hands.

I can't tell if she's just being nice and sending everyone those photos or if she likes me even a bit, as she isn't the one sending snaps first. Then you might say shes shy, but then again she's 2 years older and isn't scared to talk in person.


My real situation is when i am single, girls don’t bother me but when i have a babe,other girls get unnecessarily jealous at my babe. My babe gets scared to lose me but i told her i am not handsome type guy don’t worry lol. Still girls bother me lol

Selena JK

These are really accurate actually.. Cause I'm a girl and i like someone from online.. We're really close and talk all day long
..I do all of this stuff tho.. Nice video dude

Finn Bakker

I’m afraid number 2 isnt gonna happen right now

Kaleb Pronk

My crush does look for reasons to touch at school or if we hang out and always looks for my attention and stay quite close to me but we dont hang out as much cuz she live far away what should I do

Samer Kseiry

Finally!! I was waiting for that video... THANKS

Vanshika Verma

I'm obvious in front of my crush ?....but it doesn't matter as I confessed my feelings for him much earlier and I was shocked of his reply he said that I like it that you confessed your feelings, now you could feel better and these feelings are nothing else but attraction ?..I was quite disappointed.. But he talks to me only and he doesn't have any girl in his life also ?I truly love him but plz tell me is he is really interested in me and not showing or it is anything else

Christopher Campbell

I have a question..I work with a woman and she's married..Why does she always try to make me jealous and she's married?

HerbertGaming 1

I watched ur vids and realized my best friend for 8 years liked me and I asked her out and now we dating


John Lloyd De Guzman

I have a classmate that stares me

Leobhhrrss 4

Someone realize how extremely kind this man is, he reply’s and hearts so many comments, he is one who has a conversation with his viewers and does not just talk to them.

Burnt Toast

Even if I "like" you. I am not a Jealous type person. If you prefer the company of others, go ahead. I have other things to do in Life. I have had feelings for someone, before and was crushed. I still haven't forgotten him. So, moving on has been hard. I was forced to leave. To keep myself from his line of sight. I knew he never actually cared. And I never talked to him. So, I let him go. To this day. I don't think I can ever love again.

True Medallion

It'll be awesome if you can scroll back up and tickle the like button for me. It's looking pretty sad.

Kyper Phillips

hi i have a question im not sure if u ever explaind this but can u pls tell us why your channel name is true medallion (sorry if youve already said this or if u just dont want to) what evers fine keep up the great content :D

Mike Perez

OMG! I need to watch this Atleast 20 Times A Day Are All Woman This Twisted Why cant they just be Straight up instead of being mental and Twizted in such a puzzled Riddled way Geez Wees Elouise!?

NYB Luck Ruedas

I broke up with my girlfriend ?


These are correct! I Stopped watching my Korean dramas fro this, Your Welcome. Hehe.

Ajmain Lajim Leon

How come Leicester City footballer "Harvey Barnes" is getting a haircut? ?

Chanan Wigenton


The Noobie

Medallion i need to ask something about my crush
Actually we know each other but we never talked in school
Now we follow each other on insta and i really want to text her and there is no reason for me to text her. Please help
Also tell if I can contact u somewhere else

Genevieve Monk

i'm here just to check if i'm hiding good enough

Coralie Arias

...And then he breaks your heart because he doesn't like her back. ?


Bruh im here to take notes of what not to do

A Human


Sander Vanhoutte

Once again, confusion. 50% of the times all 5 apply, the other 50%not one applies. Perfect example, yesterday we were texting all day, today she is skipping all day.


How about during corona should i wait until this epidemic is over and tell her i like her then or should i do it now....??

fair lili

Me watching this to see if I'm being obvious or nah.

Also me ; damn I'm exposed!

Captain Marlboro

She is not fine ! ... I knew it


Damn still can’t find a partner time to give up


Some of these I don't do because I know i will be obvious... I'm in quarantine now tho so whatever ;-;

SM, YG, Pledis, and Cube Entertainment

Any other girls here to see if they're obvious?

Marisol GIl

Is it bad to be jealous????

الاعب المصريEgyptian Gamer

Hope that in Egypt it becomes normal to chat with a girl; so that i can be ok with all the god damn signs ?. Good video BTW

Wolf Tides

Notification squad


The first sign literally just happened to me and I was like “ I sense jealousy”

Kyper Phillips

hey do have a email i have a question about something that really dont want the whole internet to now. if u dont its fine or even if u do its fine i respect your privacy keep up the great vids!

Adrija Dutta

Oops... True AF?


45 543
Josh TryhaneSubscribe 438 721



Have you ever had a guy make you jealous!? In todays video i'm talking about some different ways girls show they're jealous. I went on twitter and Snapchat and Asked you guys to tell me some different things you do that makes you jealous that your girlfriend/boyfriend/crush does!

Why I Love SHORT Girls! -

Follow me on other social media:



Vlog Channel -

Snapchat // joshtryhane

see you on Saturday!

For Business Inquiries: [email protected]

Comments (100)
04 akash kumar

She will deliberately ignore you nd show uh that see is talking to some other guy

Eileen Zeira Argañaraz

thank you for this

Christina Bolger

Do you think your horoscope is part of the way you act (if that makes sense) and to also cut a long story short my mate said to this guy that “has he ever had a thing for me” and after class I was walking to the gym and I saw him and told him what my mate said so he heard it wrong and suddenly he’s got a ‘girlfriend ‘ I don’t believe him but he’s always talking to me and his mate tries to squish me in the corridor (he is abit chubby) please help

Hayley Ybarra

Ugh I just love your channel

Isabela Lasic

can u do video how to get back with ur ex,even if he said he wants to stay friends?

hannah rouse


tory h

I get so sad whenever I see my crush talking to another girl, I always assume that he likes her so I just get really down

Alexa Page

Such a funny and accurate video loolll ????


One time my crush made me jealous and mad because he ranted behind a girl then hugged her for like 15 seconds like hello darkness my old
Friend. But after that he saw i was ignoring him so he started to wave at me aaaalot which is every time he see emerged which is 15 times a day. His friend always scream very loud JOHN SAYS HI . Also this one girl said, is that your girlfriend u was talking about and pointed to me . When he walks home he finds me and tell me bye. He always talk about me to his friends even when I’m around or not around. He always laugh when i do something funny . The funniest thing i did around him was fuss out my Spanish teacher. I have sat next to him. He had a fight with a boy because the boy said that he had liked me and my crush liked me. My crush is way to cute so he as my attention and we are real cool ????? if your reading this John dm me on snap lol????

Meilin Cedillo

#snapchat sent me

Connie Rasmussen

What guys think about girls who have depression.

Everything Ethan

Why is Karen so funny ?

Keona Febrian

I have exams tomorrow but here I am watching this video but this video is accurate af.

Juarez Films productions

Hey Josh I love your videos so much!! But I was wondering if you can do a video on "how to tell if the guy you like, who likes you back and you both know is just using you" or simply "how to tell if he is using you"? Because I can't tell if the guy I like who likes me back is using me. We have liked each other for over a month now now but I had just gotten out of a pretty toxic 8 month relationship 2 months ago. My crush says it's too soon and I think maybe that's for the best but at the same time i can't tell if he is just using me. I know he doesn't want me to get hurt like how i did in my previous relationship. So he said we should wait till next year when we are both in high school but I really like him. And he also tends to ask for things that older couple's would do. So like I said I'm in a pretty rough spot right now and id really appreciate if you could help me. Thanks Josh!!?

vivian bastowrose

Snapchat sent me ??

Marisol Lopez

I didn’t thought you’ll do it again. Thanks, it made me laugh ?

Monika K

awww the laugh in the beginning! ?

Veronica Yim

Josh, I have request for a video. I was wondering if you could do a ‘is it okay to date your best friends/friends ex?’ video, the whole situation has been stressing me out and I’m scared to talk to anyone else about it..

Upali Sarkar

if I saw my crush talking to a girl. I use to GI to that girl and make sure that she does not have feelings for him.

Savannah Kenney

ahhh i honestly love watching you. i love your laugh


????? love this

Niki sha

You remind me of YouTuber Tal Fishman! can u collab with him please..? ?

kaylee reyes

karen is my favorite

Emily Espinosa

What about For guys!!

Krista videos

Do another video like this please

Princess Vanessa

Hi Josh!! I love you soooo much!! Watching from Australia??


Holy crusty bagel. ?

Tator tot

Why is that blonde creepy girl in his house if he has a girlfriend?

Angelina Smouter

Also a girl will automatically hate the girl there jelous of usually

jade morano

Thank you for the amazing day on 25th it was lit thank you ❤❤

Turk-Tech DJ Official

I like jealous girls so much. :)
Because I am jealous too :D

Christina Bolger

How to tell if a guy is lying about having a girlfriend? How can you tell?

Amanda Thorpe

Omg I Josh says everything about me I really like this guy and I still keep my cool when am around him because I don't like the fact to make it obvious when you like a guy and I really wanna express my feelings to him but each time I tried my friend who name salomie always ruin the day and when he will like wanna borrow my instruments I will say oh excuse me why don't you ask your girl salomie to do it and he will say that I sound hurt and that am jealous and I should admit it and I will say that I am not jealous as a matter a fact I will never he jealous over someone like you but after watching josh video it reminds of everything what I have done just to get back his attention on me alone and not salomie?

Karma queen

I will help you people if you are talking with a girl and if we like you we will turn look at you and stare then pretend we never saw you

Jen Slow

When I'm jealous I just try to basically steal the person away from conversation with another girl. If I'm not in range to talk, I will just pretend like I can't see/hear them. In many ways, I'm like a guy because whenever someone I likes even talks to another girl I get almost angry with jealousy. Like one time my crush asked a girl about something in class that was a one word answer and I just interjected as soon as she was done speaking, answering with my own thought. But I try to stay calm as much as possible and not be too obvious.

— strawbaerri




Mahalia Andreo

I just realized I blush almost the whole time I watch one of your videos, and you help me with self esteem and confidence problems.

Elijah Isaac

That's funny can you pass me the milk

Amanda Frascarelli

Omg I like a boy and his friends like me what should I do ps I think he likes me too ?


Oh my heck, Josh. You were so extra in this video ???

Kenber j

Omg me ???


Ur laugh is ❤

Taylor Colbeck

aww this is the video we watched at the meet and greet

Luna plays roblox

I want to ask something what if your crush stares at you and you see him and he looks away then you look at him again and you smile and he smiles back what does that mean ???

Nina Hudsen

at first I thought that person with the wig was really a girl ?????

Everything Ethan

Your laugh ❤️❤️

Widya Yolanda

how about these signs, he keep texts me every single day (non stop), when i give short replies he keep on texts me, he texts me like a long text message sometimes like a paragraph, he always telling me "if there's something, you can tell me", he always texts me with uses emojis all the time every single message most guys didnt use them, he get to know me even tho my problems, personality and life, he always listening my stories, he's being curious, he cares about me. but i dont even know he likes me as friends or he's into me? because he's shy guy. he admit that he always curious about people and care easily especially when becoming friends, friends should know each other a bit at least. what do you think? does he just wants to be friends or he's into me?


When my name is Karen too...

Zoe Osagiede

Plz do another part 2 so straight up when u see a guy talking to a girl they find the nearest boy that there friends with and start talk that’s straight up me acting like I don’t care but inside I do


If I'm jealous I pretend to be all serious and shit and when they try to get my attention I pretend I didn't hear them until they say my name like 3 more times

I'm so petty


5 type of guys when jealous next please!

Shruti Sapre

I wanted to know that if a guy just randomly msgs you and it's always 2-3 sentences and then the convs ends. He is my friend and always initiates the conversation . But does not consistently msg it's always like one to two times every month . But it's kind of up-to me . If I upload a status on whatsapp he immediately msgs me and asks me about it.

Jessica Garcia

DUUUUDEEEEE I NEED HELP, there’s this one guy I kinda like (well not really cause I don’t know him very well because of the situation but I really want to get to know him) and he’s really quiet and kinda shy or whatever and so am I so like I have no idea what to do but like I’m pretty sure he feels the same way we’re both just too shy to do anything, idk it might just be in my head, I’d see him look at me every once in a while but like we sit near each other so that might just be nothing but like this one time his friend was teasing him saying “tell me you wouldn’t go out with her” or whatever and he tried not to deny it while still trying not to flat out say he would, then whenever other girls would flirt with him in front of me he’d like turn them down and maybe look at me, idk might be in my head about him liking me back but still idk what to do about both of us being shy, like I’m great with conversation, it’s just starting one that’s my problem

Daytona Says What?!

727k subscribers to this relentlessly empty malarkey makes me want to mix up a Hemlock smoothie.


Well this was helpful ?

naduisky remon

Another one is that they "i bet you rather be with her"

Jen Slow

If you like someone but they won't go out with you, threaten them with a weapon. Works every time.

Octavia Avant

These are all true l, I️ did one of those today? geez! That’s sad…


Hi so I like this guy the problem is my best friend does As well . I’m more of the shy friend and my best friend is more out there for example like I’ll say a joke but two seconds later she will run to my crush and say it . I won’t say anything I’ll just stay quiet. Can you guys help me like anyone Its been really anything and it’s just annoying that I can’t really say anything thanks xx




“CaN u PaSs Me ThE MiLk?”


I bumped into my crush twice today and I've never even touched him before it was really awkward and apparently someone told him to ask me out but he didn't he's shy as you might've heard before and I'm really confused but I barely know him but I kind of do Omg I can't stand it I just wanna give him a big hug and apologize ughhhhh

Myrlandie Rancy

This video made my day,Karen shirt is inside out ?

Eretney Gómez

is so not true girls eyeball all evil like to their crush if their with another girl like this??on life bruh????

Ashton MacDonald

“Why do ppl have like 7 passports just like pick one and deal with it” ????

Hannah Smith

OMS So true??

Samuel Alejandro Sanchez

One thing i do when im jealous is if another girl goes like "so i saw justin at the store yesterday" I would be like "OH YEAH ummm wellllll i saw justin at the store three times and then saw him AT a ummmmm a restaurant" then in my mind (haha beat that sucka)????

Alejandra Oldaccount

I swear if a guy can't tell a girl is jealous u should see a doctor

Antonia Noti xx

5 sings a boy is jealous plz!!!PLZ

Sterre De Vries

I saw my snapchat chat haha


Ok but ture

Bella G

Karen is me lol

maddie e

Your skits are amazing oh my goodness

Christella Van Coppenhagen

Plz do a part 2 of this video


At 5:42, did anyone notice he's wearing that shirt inside out right? xD

Shelby Foglesong

omg yes the trying to get the guy jealous when you are jealous is something i do all the time knowingly and i honestly clicked on this video to see if it would be mentioned


Can you please do a video about like what is wrong if both of you were actually talking and he clearly had a crush on me and I had a crush on him, and he started it all but now everything is over and like we pretend to not know each other? Even in the school we walk side by side and still ignore each other. I ignore him bcs he ignores me and I still has a huge crush on him and I'm really shy. Like WHATS WRONG

Yahira Bonilla

Part 2

Allie Rae crush rejected meeee?????


Do what guys like about smart girls!!!

Bear Flipper

Hi, I need some advice right now. So for about a month now, I've started to like my guy friend. I was in denial for the most part because I was like I shouldn't be having these feelings, but I finally told my best friends. Now there's this girl who started this fake marriage thing with him (we convinced him to shut it down) but now they're friends. I get jealous whenever I see her with him and being all touchy, and today my best friend asked him if he would ever date her in the future. He said idk, there's no one else that likes me so maybe and inside I'm just I DO. Honestly, I'm scared to ruin our friendship if I tell him I like him, and I don't want that. I would appreciate if someone gave me advice!


Question : I liked a guy and i liked him too much... i texted him i liked him on insta but it was too much and there was another girl, i said that i didnt actually like him, but i do, and i dont know what to do... he is different , i dont understand him, but it seems he is on my bus now, and he is a little angry when i am laughing with another guy... and somehow he's with another girl who is like with him, but not into a relationship, but like friends, and he sometimes stares at me, but i dont know, what is happening? can you explain? it is just wierd i think he is just having fun with me, cause sometimes he just laughs smirking at me. like a little laugh. can you help??? i don't understand. I think he is going through a hard situation between me and that girl...

yandere the no face girlxxx

I will never be good enough

Catherine Bass

Ok I was waiting for you to make this video to make sure it's the truth about my life. This is my story: My boy best friend is my crush I told my "best friend" he was my crush and she's been turning into a hoe at school. Skip forward she has been doing all of these things to hurt me and in addition, she also told him bad things about me. I really don't know what to do can someone please help me. Thank you Josh btw.

Zenaida Margie

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Hey my name is Karen , lmaoo ??

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I know this is totally random but you should make a video with your gf! You guys are goals :))


Ok I have a struggle so I think this guy is really cute but he’s a grade below me, and I have no idea how to talk to him. Since we’re in different grades I don’t have any classes with him, so the only time I really see him is sometimes at the end of the day. How do I talk to him and get to know him???

Lucero Charles

Theres this guy I like and he always wants to know who my crushes are and I keep on lying. I don't know if he likes me or he's just curious. Please help me !!!!


1:20 Well how do u know that, maybe she tries to save her spaghetti from u lol

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Honestly Karen gives me life

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Please please reply to this i need help how do people find guys on Instagram please make a video on this


Yep.... um i can realate

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We need a part 2 ?❤️

nunya business

what guys think of girls that are fat/body builders

Carys Tyler

Last Thursday was the most awkward day that happened to me involving me and my crush ...

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You should to a video on teeth whitening??

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This was soooo relatable! Thank you for making me laugh. Love you so much!

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We also might one up the stories that they talk about