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How to Make Money on Findom?

How to Make Money on Findom?4 Aug. 2020
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Welcome Back to Findom

Welcome Back to Findom 401! Thank you for tuning in!

I hope you all learned something from this video. Please don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share!

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Comments (14)
Join Faradei

You are so beatiful mistress

Jessica Emmit

Do you have a referral or something for i want clips?

New York

Girl you're a fucking beast!!! You've given so much great advice but I still haven't gotten a bite yet but I'm still trying. Thank you so much!!!

Elaina Tv

thank you sis

Katherine Wright

Is it safe to give your ID to iwantclips?


So beautiful my queen good luck

Shay W.

You being hot from lack of AC gave me so much anxiety... Lol I felt your pain through this video, great video though!


i can't find any finsubs also my findom twitter is @goddessxlisa ! thankyouuu

Richard Sporay

You don't need makeup

Coco Carson

Do you make them tribute?


can you make a video about, what to do after pay-pigs send you a tribute? I usually set rules for them then I tell them to talk about their kinks. But some don't like that so idk what to say (next). Hope you make a vid on it.✨

Regan wolf

thanks for uploading

I just found you. I like to start working online to. but I dont know how to start.

Zara A

How would I find retweet and comment groupchats to join?

Kristin Carvalho

I really wish u would do a tutorial explaining how to set up. And navigate I want clips PLEASE MAMAS!! Need YOUR HELP

How to pay in stores with Google Pay

How to pay in stores with Google Pay23 Dec. 2020
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Watch this video to learn

Watch this video to learn how to use Google Pay to pay with your phone in stores. You can use it anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

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Comments (9)
GodDefinsing With BaldBobEagle Whatley




Geiser Garcia


Rose Atkins



Fucking google I don't wanna see this shit!

Hernadez Gomez

E u Y judío uu

Loubens Exavier


peter barn

This is the cringiest video video I've ever seen

Ahmed Moussa

?. GOOGLEe. ?

How I Make Money with my Feet - Foot Fetish Model Confessions

How I Make Money with my Feet - Foot Fetish Model Confessions11 Nov. 2018
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Recently, someone wrote

Recently, someone wrote to me asking me to make a video about how I make money with my feet. I’ve been a foot fetish model for several year and here I reveal how I make money while I sleep. Check out my reflections, experiences and tips on foot fetish modeling in this video!

Other resources: How I became a Foot fetish Model:

Venus O’Hara’s members area:


Check out my website:

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Comments (51)
Mat Monk

Your feet are almost as good as EmmaMatiaBjj's feet

Jessica Lambert

I have beautiful feet how do I sell them?

Sparky 20449

Do you have stinky feet? I love the smell of a woman's feet at the end of the day, especially when they smell really strong.

s A R a H

Add me @sarahssexyfeet if you’re looking for pics

Alexandria Trask

I would love to start selling feet pics! I just need to find clients ?


I love jerking off to feet. I've secretly jerked hundreds of feet in my life. Nicest jerks are sleeping females in the same house who are just friends of mine with really sexy feet (No bunion, high arches, long toes, gorgeous soles preferably wrinkled with intoxicating scent). I've had 100s of experiences. I'm totally obsessed with feet like that. I've dedicated my life to worshipping sexy feet.

cold wind

Foot fetish shouldn't just be about only money to women... ? Such a shallow View. Most of these women refuse too even talk to you really. And probably wouldn't be chill irl.

Renee Young

I have pretty feet and I want to get into this please help ❤️


This is so cool! I’m thinking about getting into foot modeling as well. Do you have any videos about how you started your website or how you got into fetishism?


I don't understand what people find attractive about feet, but I won't begrudge anyone something they enjoy that doesn't hurt anyone and isn't illegal, so more power to you.

I'm an ass man personally.

seyyed saleh fotouhi


Randy Erickson

I got my pedicure. Break out your singles cause these toes are ready.

Tiara Gal160

I would like to start selling my foot pictures, I’ve never tried this before. So I would like to ask where and how? I am petite. 5 flat lol. Thank you

Mysterious Moon

Wow I would actually love to do this :) my feet are tiny I only have size four little pretty dinky feet. I take goooood care of them and enjoy shoes and stuff and I genuinely think I could make someone happy :p

Johnny Buck


Michelle K

I have feet pics. Email me at [email protected]

Johniqua Swayzer

Follow my footpage @PRETTYFEETROMI

FOXYYFEET95 fetish

Dm me on instagram foxyyfeet95 or twitter foxyyfeet95 for feet pictures $???

Caramel Feet

I’m Learning everyday.

Masales Castrotv

Hey girl which sites to sell my feet would you recommend for a new model?

Jessie Jones

Snapchat jessieleejones paypal only pretty feet pics ?


Find me on Instagram @ ElectriKfeelx3 for great content!

Lourdes T. Gonzalez

I am fascinated by the fetish as well. I am interested in becoming a model as well. How do i start? Please help! ?

Badgal 210

I have a beauty mark on my feet if anyone interested ???

Sofi R

I would love to start selling feet pics, i just don't know how to start/where to find clients ? (p.s if you are interested comment ?)

Sweet Feet NZ

I don't paint my toenails either. My subscribers prefer no nail polish and now that's just my thing ??

Ms Alexandra

You have such a soothing voice. It's also a bit melodic, you can tell that you work creatively


I sell premade videos and take custom requests as well, check out @goldyfoot on Instagram ❤️?

Yasmin Mustafa

Any ideas on how to get started with this


Feet pics email [email protected]

cate cate

What website?

Albert Giesbrecht

Oh, I thought you had a live cam of you sleeping with your feet exposed.

Carolyn Bradford

I have beautiful feet and I just woke up today saying I wonder if I can make some money with these beautiful feet so here I am listening

Crysta Lloyd

You are beautiful. Not just feet. Sexy

foot fetishes

instragram @footfetishes___
selling foot pics!! cash app only dm me ?????

friend pagol


3- Nix

My wife wants to do this. How to start?

Anna neilson

Im seriously considering this to make money..

Ash Gonzalez

Selling feet pics PayPal me @[email protected]

Mia Yu

You seem like one of those hippie types

Charlotte Farica

Hi, I am looking to sell some original pictures of my African feet.
I am a size 7 foot size.
You can message me on Kik : UnderWaterFeet

99 9

Your feet are so beautiful, I'd kiss em if I were your boyfriend

Brittany Walker

I've always wanted to do this. I have beautiful feet!

Daisy Penner

I want to get in to this

Sweet Feet NZ

I love your channel. I'm a New Zealand foot model and I love being creative for my followers.

Harmony Flores

Selling feet pics my Instagram and Twitter is @happyfeet4u4 starting at 3$ each :) or we can do a bundle get it while it’s cheap

Jessica Melka

I am very interested in doing this how can I join and sign up I would love to do this. Please help me and tell me how please. Thank u if anyone is interested DM me on fb snap or Instagram I'll give out my info

Clarissa Dobson

Where do I go to start the Process?

simply_me_myself simply_me_myself

@diraspatitas instagram :) ?


i sell foot pics hmu on [email protected] jahnya8

cash app only

Angelica Texas

I've been told countless times that I should be a foot model! I love wearing heels too! My ex would beg and beg to touch my feet and I would deprive him unless it was a special occasion..he got to do anything he wanted with them but he would always want me to start by caressing his face with my feet. How do you find clientele for foot fetishes?