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Ross Jeffries on How to Excite and Arouse Women Through Language

Ross Jeffries on How to Excite and Arouse Women Through Language16 Jul. 2018
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Godfather of the seduction community Ross Jeffries teaches you how you can alter a women’s state of consciousness through language. In the full video, you will learn how to create states of excitement, fascination and excitement so that you can get the women you desire into bed.

In the full video, you will also learn:

-Why women see you through the emotions they feel for you

-How to build arousal and sexual energy through tension

-The secret to confidence and why your need for certainty is holding you back with women

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Comments (51)
andrew anderson

Bull SHIT.

Paul's Youtube Acc

My first experience of Ross Jeffries. Clickbait waste of time advert.

Anna Lisa

I hope he dresses better at parties his outfit there is repulsive imo.


NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Cuts off where it's about to be revealed.

Xpectro MO


Sal 808

Does that make sense to You? <3

Ronnin Discipline

Fraud hahaha

Ronald Miller

His methods are now irrelevant and outdated.


So, what’s his point?

Paul LeCouteur

Is this for those who are pension chasers? MMmmmm take out your dentures baby!
LOL I kid

The_Answer Is

Being dominated. A friend once texted me that she wanted a man (me) to go over to her house and, this is what she said, "I want to be raped." Yeah. They think about that and want it.

Nicky Larson

Just lost 6 min of my life I will never see again...

The Tycoon

Mystery ??

Andrei Popescu

Mystery lmaooooo ????

Míchele Cobré

Man he looks terrible he has to lose weight


I watched that clip for nothing, they cut out at the end ?

Ray Ormaza

Some incels here ripping on this guy for his age and looks. I respect this man more for those two reasons. I will listen more to an ugly, old dude who's got the skills than a good looking guy that doesn't need skills because he can get a free ride on his looks. If you see an old ugly player that's tearing it up.......that's the man you take advice from


I’m just curious when he’s going to break out the paint brush and start painting mountains and trees

Judah Pacino

What a crock of shit if I ever heard! Let me tell you something Mr. Cool
what exactly is your angle?
Attention to every schmoe that needs help with the ladies.
Just be yourself.
This is a marketing ploy.
This guy is an idiot!

Indian Sam

Try mirroring them to build rapport then set anchors on them. The word indulgence won’t have the save effect on every women. One might like it while the other one hates it. Some of these NLP practitioners are narcissistic. Just be yourself and if she falls in love with you she’s a keeper. Enjoy life and stay out of your head.




This guy is a Will Ferrell character, a real dumbass. The whole situation here is sad, pathetic, and absurd.

Louie V. Baby

Once had a woman start flirting with me after a conversation about one of her exes. Now.... I very well should have been upset if I was emotionally invested, but it def worked in my favor.

Dave Cirlclux

Can he still pimp 18 year olds at this age?


Good looking. Gemstone. Hot.

Jary Hazard

Boring af


So what's the secret to that magnetic quality that draws women in?

Bill Lumbergh

This guys a legend


This man is evil.
But good thing to know is there is no law of assertion. Only influence.

Rachel Jayceeuk42

This guy needs to grow up! So many women get abused because of videos like this! What happened to good ole fashioned dating?


"Leader of men, protector of loved ones..." Lmfaooooo what's this guy's hatred and resentment for Mystery for?


i want my 6: Minutes and seventeen seconds back. https://youtu.be/T2iZPRif2i4

asvin soma

Or just drink alcohol Ha

tim schutte

Ungodly worldy nonsense that will send people to hell... Sex is only for in marriage so this guy is leading people astray and is nothing but pure lust not love...

Billy Albert

Like the shirt, trousers look fine but wtf are those running shoes all about??
Advice is excellent tho ??

Jorge Figueroa

This guy??? Yuck

laghrif omar

I cant see where is the advice here... For me this is nonsense or maybe im just dumb to understand these complicated techniques

Mr. Universe

Didnt grasp the language he was talking about. Wasnt speccific enough. He said spoke plenty but didnt say much.

Camden McInnis

Ross is a legend

Proud American Man

I saw Kezia speak at a small Ross Jeffries SS event 7 years ago in LA. He’s eccentric to say the least ... but he is an icon ... and he’s still going ... lots to be learned from him

mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine

I think people miss the point of this guy. He’s not talking about banging the hottest chick. He’s talking about getting with some woman you like when you totally feel derailed or confused about where you may be going wrong.

Frank Feldman

If my eyes are not deceiving me, goofy sneakers and a paunch are foolproof.


Lol why'd he diss mystery FOH

Alan B Stewart

Painfully obtuse ,,,

All Total Coaching

Ross Jeffries is a star


Quite useless

Millennial Patriot

dude is cheesy

Prabhakar Dahal

I have read his book speed seduction. And trust me. The book tells more than this nonsense youtube video. .
Conclusion : his speed seduction is dope but this so called bait video is shit like the goat shit

The Blakester Experience

Ross offers some of his material for free.
Louis Theroux Ross Jeffries Complete - https://youtu.be/kw3FEgKsPzI
Part 1 Concepts of Speed Seduction - https://youtu.be/qpZiWj52lwM
Part 2 Speed Seduction Tools - https://youtu.be/E8UU6VpTt-Q
Part 3 Speed Seduction Weasel Phrases,Embedded Commands and Suggestions - https://youtu.be/vjR-i0XPjK8
Part 4 Speed Seduction Conversational Frameworks,Transition Phrases,Sexual Accelerators and Phonetic - https://youtu.be/Mv3krrOKEIE
Part 5 Speed Seduction Design Your State Of Mind - https://youtu.be/f_KC3n7WEm8

Ed Bartek

Is this the NLP guy?

Christian Loparco

This dude is still alive?!

How To Excite A Woman Crazy Video

How To Excite A Woman Crazy Video4 Jul. 2013
16 712
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Comments (2)


Siaa a


What Things Excite Women Most

What Things Excite Women Most21 Apr. 2019
762 027

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"Secrets Most Men Will Never Learn About Women"







What Things Excite Women Most? video transcript:



Comments (22)
Dan Rodriguez

The one thing that excites women most during sex?
Is knowing you will finish in 5 minutes, then take out the trash, change the oil in her car, rotate the tires, mow the lawn, paint the house n give her your paycheck every friday... Then she will leave you for a younger Dick when you hit 60...

Lynn Beccue

It's always about women, then why the hell won't they tell you or play what's good for her and the hell with what a man wants or if she would think of her partner?

Hardeep Kaur

Thankyou Thank you Thank you it is more about respect and caring for each other more than caring forcing for one sided heaven on earth blessed world caring world from Kenya

Jason Ingram

WOMEN WANT pas·sion·ate MEN
-Intense, impassioned, ardent, fervent, fervid, zealous, vehement, fiery, heated, feverish, emotional, heartfelt, eager, excited, animated, spirited, vigorous, strong, energetic, messianic, fanatical, frenzied, wild, fierce, consuming, violent, tumultuous, flaming, raging, burning, uncontrollable, SEX N LOVE

Pabob Pabob

Let 'em ride, they know what they want better then we do. The creativity is mind blowing, and you get to watch the show.

Adolfo Ochoa

BD !!!!!, and $$$$$$

Marc Turk

When she's on the saddle tickle those thighs!!!!!!!!!!

davee Uday

Nice informatiom

Prosperity Mindset

It's all about the way you touch her !

Toby Bielat

Just get a really good job and have alotta money. Women want money more than anything.

Jetee Phillips

Hump & dump the only way.

Bill Mahnken

Money diamonds

boogz tapez

we dont really care .....

Donna King

When a man is well built .

Dick Gozinya

lol this from an involuntary celebate

Mike Moser

Pay attention to her, her body will tell you what to do, but it ain't shit if you don't care.

Patience Sanelisiwe

mens will watch this and do listerning and act they will copy everything that is being said here and do it exactly like a student who have memorandum nope guys ask yr women what she want stop coping everything that is being said on there media

Marc Turk

Ya like you would keep your hands to yourself during ? L.M A.O .live well be well

Tim kosinski

What excites ? Breakfast served and a day of shopping afterwards

ponca ok


Jetee Phillips

All women want is to ride for 20 minutes.. Most young guys hop on & off like the rooster.

noe balbedina

Dfurutuy????????????. ???j’ xjifdloyiit?????ooop??? ?abc