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10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Women Hate

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Women Hate11 Feb. 2019
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We all live our lives on

We all live our lives on social media, but that doesn’t mean you have to have annoying habits. In this video we’re running through some of the worst social media fails, are you doing any of these 10 Things Men Do On Social Media That Women Hate?

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Comments (100)

I think you just need to put 10 things women like n the rest they hate


So ranting on politics would be #1 on my list in order to avoid dating or marrying a foolish girl

Paul Stewart

Social media is stupid. People tend to be more interesting the less you see of them.

Tamer 1

Things to avoid on social media: Social media!

Mitchell Cox

How about what men should do on social media and how to take good pictures???

Hich k

I posted pictures with a fancy Mercedes one time and I had too many girls slide into my DMs!


Things women do on social media that guys hate... : snapchat filters. Duck faces. Party pictures and drinking pictures. Constantly posting pictures of their babies or children or pets

Andy Bryant

I will have too check who I'm following now. It is a really bad look.

Anthony Hore

all of yours videos nice content and so much to thank you two couple i learned from it, keep it up.

somber one

No no no no no, this should have been called 10 social media mistakes, you can't just put a gender tag over this, all types of people do this shit regardless of sex or gender

Omar Garcia

Lol. Guilty of the last one. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if someone is really curious as to who you are following on instagram, that has to be a good thing in itself, right? Or are girls just looking at who everyone is following!?

Ron Claridad

vids getting better

Craig B

Be sure to do a video of things women do on social media that men hate.

Irfan Bhuiyan

You forgot, too many shirtless pictures

Nikhith Reddy

Great content ?

Alonzo Miles

Kinda seems like a method of control for a woman. Please do everything that I like and won't upset me ?????


You guys usually put out good content but this one is pretty bad. So it's not okay for men to do any of this but for women it's totally fine? All of this is equally annoying whether it's a man or a woman.

Alojzy Żyrokompas

Trying to figure out what is left out to do. :D

Michael Chan

Seriously, so many triggered people here would get offended by the Gillette ad. “ThIs apPlIes to WoMEn too. WHy are YOu singlinG out mEn?” This applies to women, but this channel is tailored to improving men.

Jovanni Serrano

It's simple if you don't like what people post just unfollow them

Kirk Veesaert

Bravo ! "Dutch uncle advise" , that is advise a person must hear ; though they don't want to hear. ?


you're not a real man until you follow at least 10 "booty girls"

Mega Mind

Is that black guy 360 jeeze on piont 3


Digital Minimalism, not having social media at all seems to solve all those problems.

chaitanyasai chunduri

Thanks for the update Ashley and dorian

Michael Ryan

Great list, great honest review of social media.

Saibu Shayer

It's not bragging if it's true.

Bryan Encallado

No social media at all! For those reason!


She is giving you free information but some of you guy just complain and get defensive. This channel might not be for you if you get triggered every single episode. Go watch Zuniga or something of that nature because you’re obviously not interested in what a women has to say.

J JMen

You guys are cute


This channel has changed a lot. Seems like a lazy topic.


I need a time warp back to the 80's...any one else in?


Kanye. Lol


Basically what women do on social should do the opposite

Daniel Bustos

I’m careful with what I post on social media. With the way society is going a drunk photo/tweet may be the deciding factor of a big job, promotion, next scandal etc.

Matt C.

U guys r the best lolol

Levi Reattoir

These videos are a trip! You guys are awesome!

mark choe

How not to be human you saying women want robots

heinz elias4999

11 - having social media at all , right ?

D Cooper

congrats mister and misis... iforgot your husbands name. nways, more power guys!

Saibu Shayer

How come typos and grammatical mistakes didn't make the list?

Alonzo Miles

So what do you do on social media? Lol

Tom O'Bedlam

Are these two for real? This video pertains mostly to women, not men.

Google Account

I couldn't agree more???

Javier Gallego

Lots of rules for men and none for women. ?

S Stein

Great video! Accurate, no doubts!

Anthony Escalante

I love booty girls lol

Shawn H007

Great video! We are visual creatures ?

jouwen lee

Hi Ashley and Dorian. I stumbled upon your channel and saw a few of your YouTube videos.

Just curious when you speak about what men should or shouldn’t do; women’s like or dislikes etc. Are those from USA perspective or including some other regions?

Scott Colddiver31

Simple answer..... don't post stuff on social media. Nobody cares whet you are doing on any given day.

Jean-Raphael Lacas

That girl is sooooo annoying, OMG I don't how can he work with her... This dude is a hero. LOL


Can you make the video on what you should post on social media?

Justin Baldwin

Here’s what you should do on social media: What you want, not what these folks tell you will make you digestible.

john smith

Hey clown ass you do understand its anti social media as it makes people talk less in person. Wait you two bags are millenials I forgot you have no social skills.

James L Arnold

Such a good video you two.

Tonio Pagao

It’s like “10 things women do on social media that men must not do”.

Nano N.

This video is great! But it has me thinking, what should I post on social media then?? ?

Why is solis?

Theyre finally posting!!!

Xay Link

1 not to many selfies, a few is ok,
2 don't flex your gucci and mclaren
3 don't complain about your life
4 no rants about trump or feminism
5 not responding to comments or your sugar momma
6 don't post yourself with alot of different women
7 being open about yourself, quotes, confessional quotes
8 no drunk selfies
9 live streaming anything
10 don't follow fuckgirls

Huy Pham

Why a man should care what women think???


I haven’t taken a single selfie of myself which might be an extreme as well.

karl solano

Great, informative video!

I also enjoy the salty comments of some of the "men" here. Like enjoy the video, take what's useful, or move on to something else. Ain't nobody got time for all that negativity.


Single tip from a stranger:
Don't be like these two annoying ppl.

Abhishek Pandey

Please do videos for style tips for teenagers.


Ashley could you do a top 10 for things men do on social media that women love

Virgil Hammond

I am guilty of the last one;) lol

Mark Asher

Ashley, as an older guy I don't post but I do respond to others or send Happy Birthdays, is this considered okay?

Ban Theet

I never do all these also get rejected. What happen to the world nowadays.

Bread Man

Basically, don't use anything social media related BUT don't forget to subscribe, follow and like your content...


Social media-route of all evil.
The physical and mental negative effects far outweigh the positive ones when you’re on social media. It ruins and can end the strongest relationship.

Flex Frank

Just want to acknowledge the new thumbnail skills you guys have been showing


Haha I always click on these to see all the bitter comments.
They make these videos cause of the comments and views. Just take it with a grain of salt

Noe Denetrio

1:15 uhuhuhuhuhuh got me dead asf?


Just post memes

Charles Mark

This channel focuses Guys vs women where it inequality sides with women, such as "8 Words Men Use That Women Hate " or this video, It would be nice if they were equal, they might get more thumbs up once in a while.

Amandeep Singh

2:20 ever heard of gary vee

// Docadious

Another video to praise women's egoistic vanities and tell men they can't do this.

And men are deemed the sexiest gender? WTF

How come social media has become 100% misandristic and Western Society has accepted this to the point that it's in the subconscious of the vast majority of our population.

Hich k

her husband agrees with everything she said.. I feel he is more feminist

Mark GOGO Gomez

This is why I am not on social media at all. I don't even have FB.

Opportunity Doors

Seems like women dislike most things men do lol

Classy Juanito

I don't have social media, it's trouble!

Jay Manalo

How about unboxings? lol

Eye Heart Sushi

Open a second Insta for the booty follows ?

Arnav Sengupta

I don't understand why this video is titled '10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Women Hate', it is equally annoying if a woman does any of this. These are things any mature person should mostly avoid. I also, do not get the point of so many Instagram stories, the purpose of the feed itself is enough. Stories here and there, occasionally are fine but what you are eating, where you are going, what you did today, every single day is annoying.

Will Chou's Personal Development Show

The open and confessional one made me rethink some stuff. Gary V is telling everyone to tell their truth and vulnerability online which I've been experimenting with but frankly it's probably just turning off women

Pablo Martinez

I have to confess, I was checking someone's profile years ago, and I've liked almost the entire profile and that person's pictutres and accidently have said things aleageily of a sexual nature. I'm regretting it ever since it happened abd paying the price for being an idiot on Social Media. #socialmediaisbullshit.

Gabriel G

social media is for losers

Jim Williams

I don't do social media at all, I HATE IT !! ?

Rich L

Really? Too many selfies? Confident guy doesn’t give a damn. Here’s where I am and here is what I look like. I just took the picture myself.

Rabar Jamal

Such a stupid video, if you don't like seeing these stuff from someone you guys clearly aren't friends let alone a potential partner, don't express your self or your struggles to anyone just keep it inside cause you're a man and that's what men do gtfoh with that bullshit, if she doesn't accept you for who you are and isnt there for then great she's clearly not the one.

Paul Moody

Women appear to hate everything these days, apparently, I should only live my life or think about what woman like. My view of life doesn't count compared to women apparently.


I've been noticing a lot of negative reaction to these videos recently, notably along the lines of receiving them as anti-male criticism. While I understand and appreciate the roots of the reaction -- the Web is full of horrible anti-male criticism -- I have to say that I really do appreciate Ashley's work. Perhaps a lot of the critics here don't realize that Ashley used to work for female celebrity clients as well and then turned away after experiencing too much prima donna behavior from those clients. Her male clients were much more appreciative. I've watched a lot of style channels hosted by men, and they're pretty good (though sometimes expensive for my tastes), but I appreciate the female perspective brought by Ashley (balanced out by a male perspective from Dorian). I think she's genuinely positive about men in general and wants to help from her own expertise. (That doesn't mean I agree with everything -- I think the channel targets men younger than I am, and I'm still not attracted to suede -- but I still pay attention and find a lot of value here.)

All that said, I do agree that many -- all? -- of the items on this list aren't unique to men, selfies in particular. (Actually, about half of the items on the list are variations on selfies.) I was once on a family vacation at a resort in Hawaii, and I noticed young women in their twenties going around the pools in bikinis with selfie-sticks, posing and pouting as they walked around and got in and out of the pools. This was in the early days of social media influencers trying to get freebies from resorts, though I don't necessarily know that that's what was going on at the time. All I remember was thinking "You're nowhere near as attractive as you think you are, and your self-evident narcissism detracts greatly from what attractiveness you do possess."

That said, I do take the occasional selfie, like "Hey, I really was at the Great Wall of China, and there it is with me to the side." But that's to share photos with family and friends (and to show that I really was there, rather than just grabbing, say, a photo off the web), not to make public. Every time I take a selfie, I'm reminded of those women in bikinis and carrying selfie-sticks.

Otherwise, while I read social media, I much prefer not to post to it. This is one of those areas where I think Ashley's target audience skews notably younger than I am. It's not that I think that younger people are more comfortably into technology than I am; I'm heavily into technology, professionally as well as as a hobby. But I've been around long enough to know to be cautious about cybersecurity, identity theft, ownership of personal information, privacy, etc., and from that perspective alone, I prefer to skew toward great caution when posting to social media. I think that the tendency toward posting everything to social media exposes a lot of people to the possibility of massive headaches later in life. The Internet is forever, as they say.

That, and I'm normally inclined not to share personal information anyway, on or off of social media.

Mike Nate

Post whatever the hell you want bro... It's your platform

qwerty yuiop

What’s with exposure and saturation in this video?


How to be social without really being social...(?) How to be socially acceptable to us... (?) How to be fake... (?) Ten things we don't like on social media... (?) Types of people we don't want on social media... (?) I don't know that I really get the point. Individuals go through stages of development. There are different types of people in the world with diverse values and personalities and ways of doing things and seeing things in the world. I agree with some of the things on your list and not others, because some of the things listed are people communicating in harmless even if annoying ways... like this social media video.... and others listed are a healthy outlet or discussion opportunity for folks that are emotionally invested in things they may not have control over but want to Express their views publicly so they at least feel empowered to have a tiny amount of influence or to vent in a harmless way or spark a healthy constructive public debate or discussion about current events or issues. Some people like that. Some people don't. You can isolate yourself from people you disagree with or that annoy you. I've known lonely people like that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't know that this is an authoritative scientifically based list. For me it comes off as a couple that thinks their taste and views of social media are the standards everyone else should abide by to make you cool like them. I have a different perspective. I view all those posts that aren't that great or are annoying as just people being themselves and when I find posts I really like or agree with or want to share, it's because I get some connections and emotions or rational thoughts that are in synch with the person that made them... like a tuning fork resonates with particular sounds. We all operate with different tuning forks at different times and in different ways for a variety of reasons.

Diogenes o Sinopeus

So If you're involved in politics ¿You can't post about it?

TheIndianBlader AshtonPinto

Nice. Jesus bless

Moataz Mostafa

Avoid doing those 10 things mentioned and you'll get no followers ?


You guys make killer content together. I absolutely love the fact that your channel is sponsor free. KEEP IT UP!!!!

Steve Leopard

Great video. Thanks

How Social Media RUINED Dating For Young Men

How Social Media RUINED Dating For Young Men15 Sep. 2020
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How Social Media Ruined

How Social Media Ruined Dating For Young Men

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Comments (100)
Philip Tessaro

Dating has become a job interview for seek adventure....putting a woman in your life kills your purpose....

Just Random Sh#t

My channel is way better than this


I feel this is a subject you could of gone more in depth upon.

Lee Dawson

Let's face it they were best ignored before social media ! Now stepped over

Black Dragon

Guys looking for a Job just go to or Good Luck


Thirsty Blue Pill beta simps off their purpose supply the thot’s emotional high received via validation.

Western society largely practices Christianity. In YMDRP’s video titled, “How Feminism Has Affected Christianity || The Bible Is Red Pill PROOF Scriptures About Female Nature“ he quotes the following verses:

1 Timothy 2 : 8-12 (KJV) “I desire then that in every place the man should pray lifting holy hands without anger and quarreling; likewise also that women should adorn themselves and in respectful apparel with modesty and self-control not with braided hair or golden pearls or costly attire, but, with what is proper for women who profess godliness with good works. Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man rather she to remain in quiet.”

Isaiah 3 : 16-28 (KJV) “The Lord said because the daughters of Zion are haughty and walked with outstretched necks glancing wantingly with their eyes mincing along as they go tinkling with their feet; therefore, the Lord will strike with a scab the heads of the daughters of Zion and the Lord will lay bare their secret parts. In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon, the chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers, the bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings, the rings, and nose jewels, the changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins, the glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails. And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty. Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war. And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.”

Ecclesiastes 7 : 26 (KJV) “And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.”

Clearly, women are to respect their bodies liken to men praising God in prayer, dress modestly and respect the man’s authority. Those men who do understand this will escape thots (also meaning a quality man will not want to be with a thot) while those men that do not understand this (i.e. thirsty Blue Pill beta simps) will be ensnared by the evils of thots (also meaning the thot will end up with the guy she does not really want to be with). A society like this will die by the sword (i.e. through battle) and lay desolate (i.e. empty, bleak and barren).

Western society is: feminism, soft, Blue Pill and PC; which is not what the Bible teaches. Blue Pill society has been brainwashed to consider these passages as misogynistic and to look at Eastern society, who much more closely practice these verses in their daily lives, as oppressive to women; all so large business and elite wealthy can ensure their finances and power by perpetuating feminism for financial business gains (ex. more workers available means lower wages, less benefits, etc.), creating psychological manipulation (ex. media, advertising, etc.) and, ultimately, indoctrinating individual and societal control. A grim doom is spelled for such a society.

Laurae Steele

Desert Land = Pussy Drought

Joseph Jones

1:32 Awesome composure there bro!
Quran 24:31:And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their women.

Drew Cobain

When you tried not to laugh when he said “there are good women out there” ????


Social media acts as the catalyst and spotlight for female nature. On one hand, it amplifies female hypergamy and allows them to exercise it to an extent never seen in the past. On the other hand, it allows males to observe and understand how female nature works and how to protect themselves from it.


Half man half goat

Roger Chavez

Social media has given women a false sense of validation given the multitude of Simps sending heart eyed emojis and pedestalizing compliments on their IG pictures and other similar platforms. Before social media, women were more focused on getting one guy's attention. Now, they seek it from the streets--and that's where I will leave them.


I have met a thousand men of virtue and honour but not one woman........

The Renegod12

Sorry bro, your dude is still Blue Pill BETA male!


2:43 Bro, this part right here!! I had a co-worker last year that def fits this description. We had this chemistry together and would talk alot but once we started following each other on instagram, it was like suddenly I became less of a real person to her. One time she posted an IG story of a throwback pic from when she was a chubbier girl and even though she looks better presently, I thought she looked gorgeous in the pic and I remember commenting that she looked incredible back then and on the next day at work, she told me she was mad at me because she assumed I called her ugly now and I was like WTF! Then another time, I came into work in a great mood and I told her she looked good that day and she was telling me from that moment on how she felt insecure because forgot to put eye shadow on and when I realized I wasted to breaths trying to convince her she looked fine, I was like nah she ain’t it. There was also another time when I texted her after I left that job just to see how she was doing and she left me on read. For shits and giggles, I followed up and said I just wanted to see how she was doing since I saw the IG story where she said she was sick with the flu. She immediately replied and said thank you. My next text was just me asking how she had been then next thing I knew she left me on read. I was over her bullshit so I deleted her number??

Danny D

Your friend is still kinda blue pilled bro

Ronin JoLin

you zoomed in on yourself with a grin when he said "there are good women out there." .... ... ... ...


Quran is Gods words. There is no loophole, like the other religions do.


Lol, Kudos to you for trying. In my friend circle, there's just people who get it, and people who just don't. No amount of teaching helps some people. But I think your boy's got potential.

Robert Mendick

American Psycho 2. A 2002 movie with loads of insights about modern women because of its "empowered" women backdrop... The movie is about a female college student whose major is criminology. Her ultimate goal is a career in the FBI unit that profiles serial killers. A stepping stone to get accepted to the FBI Academy is becoming a teaching assistant to her criminology professor. She uses ruthless female tactics to land that position. She is obsessed with bad-boy serial killers because she has a lot of the same traits that she admires in them.

Alpha uchechukwu

I see social media as zoo. This is a zoo you visit the animal's acting crazy just to be notices hoping you give them cookies or bananas ? some of your girlfriends and wife's pus*y are being suck online ? men stay off SM or Hollywood movies to reten your Alpha Aura around women in real life. They planted all those shit to weaken your mind. Also reten your seed!


Every camping trip, road trip, vacation, concert, whatever... gets more difficult and frustrating when you invite a woman along. It gets worse and scales up the more women you add to the situation. Something trivial like “where to stop for gas” becomes a huge hassle.

Eugene Roushe

Bro I love this content keep it coming!

Philip Tessaro

Men must chase God or women/ a 53 year old man I can tell you this is very cannot have can have just as much meaning and purpose in his life without women....if she cannot help you, she is useless to you....playing video games and fishing are again my favorite hobbies...nothing changes as you get older...must adere to what makes you happy....

Fred Matthews

Women are not women theses days it needs to change more men need to speak up about this

Isaac Rebecca

If you want modest clad women, you might want to left the protestant B.S. and check the traditional catholic doctrine on women's modesty and what the Fathers of the Church said about that. It's way more hardcore than muslim stuff.

Rickey Jackson

Pretty much I want a woman in my life but Godly women are rare to come by these days. All these years I been thinking it was me in reality women been on recruit difficulties in life. We men have to take our power back from these women.

BahamasBro YT

Sad times an it only getting worst?


1:35 mans had half a mind to disagree with that statement & I don’t even blame ya?

Baruch Israel

Bro you have blown up in these few months.

Wendell Noel

This guy really denied female nature

Clark Kent

Either you pay for it within your budget or watch pornhub to save your money and retain value. Do not give your rent money to these hoes all they want is your money and all we want is the pussy, we can't compromise then so be it.

Omar Crump

“That’s why Today’s women need to be treated like pure FUCKING SHIT” - FadedHolySoldier

Tyree Gold

Your bro isn’t red pill ??‍♂️

Micah Carey

That scripture in proverbs is just mind-blowing that word stood from then till now in 2020.....powerful


Islam is the answer people.
YouTube did not notify me of this video bcz it knows I ain't no simp.

Oscar G

if you guys want to help men...go to the reddits and send them a dm. I think I might have helped some young men take the red pill and it tells so fucking good.

Global Man

Hi YMDRP, your pal there is very ignorant. He should do some reading on the history of women and how women have behaved all through history. I recommend he reads "AssemblyWomen" which is a Greek play. Tell him he should read that.

Ben Mollitor

I gave up along time ago...

Conker Squirrel

Most women that are high value are from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The 2000s None! Zero! Ziltch! Nada.


porn. the interNET must be shut down before it's too late.....your friend is right. it is a cancer...
it was designed to destroy the family. you'd better wake yo ass up.


Bruh 1:33

Alejandro De Santiago Zepeda

Here in México narcissims women are increase but fortunately more and more man are realizing their nature

Great channel bro !


The irony is, the blue pill simp next to him is part of the problem. ?⚡

The Nostradante Show

I stopped approaching women. Not out of hatred. I just don't like the current environment I'm in, and for the time being, dating and getting laid isn't a high priority for me. I am much more focused on building a legacy. Perfecting my finances. Getting my health right. A woman by my side is icing on the cake. I don't feel like playing games and dealing with getting ghosted and flaked. Most women actually bore me. So I'm doing my thing.


Basically it's like
Porn site is porn for men and social media is pornsite for women.

jonah levi?

your friend is purple pill

Shan Ming

Her to me: I havent had sex in 5 years.

Me: Well go find yourself a man whos a keeper and you shouldnt have that problem. ? (No STD's for this guy! ?)


#IncelLivesMatter #ICantBreed

Atomic A.C.

Proverbs 7 = my exwife

Itss Donnie

How u make that picture on yo profile bro also awesome video

The common boater

Like the discussion, but you guys should have been across from each other for your podcast.

Harnoor Singh

I feel the other guy's point. There are good girls out there, but the reason it's so difficult to find them is because the NORM for women has their image become overly sexualized, less lady like/more bossy and domineering, and incapable of being in any form of a relationship. This doesn't apply to all women, but there is NO reason to search for that needle in the haystack. Just jump in the haystack without looking for the needle. If it pops up, you'll feel it. It'll poke you in the ass. That is the point to take away here.


Government ivented social media to help with female hypergamy and destroy the family unit

John Smith

If the simps would stop, it would give some power back to men.


how can you tell if she a good woman?

jp bart

your young mate has a lot of wisdom for his age. i also blame 21st century pop culture & social media for how fucked up young people are this day in age. when i was young, people idolised actors & rock/ pop stars. now people idolise reality stars who are famous for nothing like paris hilton (back in the '00s) & kim kartrashian along side of these instacrap models who i wouldn't know from a bar of soap. nowadays fame is so easy as, to quote jon bon jovi on kim kartrashian: "i mad a sex tape & guess what? i'm famous!" what a sad, sad world we live in. fuck, i feel old!

F Will

Social media has made below average women want to get with the top 5% of men, Michael b Jordan and Brad Pitt etc.

Garth Stewart

1. Make a list of 50 desserts you want to try in your city (NYC in my case). Cluster a bunch of these desserts you want to try in a walkable area. This gives you an ulterior motive other than the date itself; even if she does not like you, at least you tried a new thing that you were interested in

2. Approach women on the street using the “3 second rule” (as long as you approach women immediately after eye contact, without any weird stalking, it seems to work really well for me). Do not worry about rejection; in my experience at least half of women you approach like this want to have a conversation and a third give you their number.

3. Use dating apps, and cut and paste the same message to 300 hot women every Monday, which usually translates into 15 real dates for that weekend.

4. Schedule 4-5 first dates per day, all in the same general area (this helps for when women flake; you still have plenty of dates). In between your dates, practice your street approach. Never fear rejection, because when an approach works, it REALLY WORKS!!!

5. Wait for chemistry; a good date is effortless. If anything goes wrong on a date, or there is the slightest friction END THE DATE IMMEDIATELY and proceed to the next one. Learn to be able to WALK AWAY from anything other than a super fun experience.

In my experience 1-out-40 women love you instantly. The chemistry is so overpowering that you do not need “GAME” or even any real effort.

**Have acquired two wives with this method

Chris Scully

I think the main problem with woman is the fact that the majority of them grew up without a Father figure in the house.


High Value Man = Bust your ass off, make something of yourself, grind etc
High Value Women= sit there, look pretty, don't sleep around, don't get in debt, don't get any tattoos

Peter Moygannon

woman are the attention seekers not men but we all know what she will hand out is not for me . I'm no Chad I get zero. so I'm not worried about that . good luck to Chad and catching something. no win there.

jp bart

it is sad that there aren't many good women around anymore. i feel like i must've grabbed the last of 'em. but then again, that was 20 years ago. before facebook & everything else since. honestly, hearing all this shit makes me glad i'm old & was done with the dating game before all of this shit started happening & i really do feel sorry for you youngsters. i honestly think if i were your age i'd be eternally single too!


Blue pilled alert moment @1:35

ricardo orozco

Great conversation

Coffee Republic

Your friend still sees the "good" in today's women.

Aries Trucker

Muslims had it right all along

Tyler Campbell

He said "Minority mindset"? Wheres Jesplayn?

Jean-Baptiste Dupont

You're a bloody legend, mate ?

Scientific Lee

social media has ruined many marriages ...normally by women going outside.
There seems to be something very wrong with how women think.
Now it is being showcased ....many women will not be entering the kingdom of God.
God has mercy and so will forgive those who erred, but unfortunately, many women are actually very mean and have wicked intentions.
May God have mercy on us all.


I firmly believe that it is nowadays impossible to find a decent woman.
The social media have corroded them to their souls.
There's no hope.
And it will only getting worse.
I'm in my 50s.
Social media are CANCER.
and it's terminal.


You're absolutely on point YMDRP ?


women with iphones young men are now rated from men all around the world vs you lol that's the new dating game you have no shot so play games

King Doge

Thanks to social media and dating apps women went from super saiyan blue to ultra instinct, they’re too op, and men stayed at Yamcha level

Beat Fucker9000

Delete instagram, and other social media. It is a drug pushed out by Zuckerberg.


I'm with you on this, it's in women's nature to seek attention as it's the basis of attracting and finding a mate.  The story of Adam and Eve perfectly describes this though most people just see it as a story of disobedience.  I believe, however, that it's really a story of the need to keep women in check and not letting them to stray and allowing snakes into their secret garden.  Obviously, modern day society with feminism, women's lib and technology has failed miserably to keep a lid on things,


Do a video of why women pull away if tho everything is going good

Balboa Baggins

It baffles me men are still dating

Red Pill Rights

Spreading the lord's word is a righteous act

Peter DeLury

Women are what they are, but the simps enabled it. As your friend says. "We created it as a society."

When we stop demanding sex and all this superficial skin deep bull as a whole (as in all heterosexual men), you will see a shift in the supply.

Thing is lotta dudes, especially the sex deprived ones....they don't care, so making money off them with onlyfans is a layup.

So I can't say he's wrong. He makes good points and you should keep spitballing with him.

Aaron Kelly

Can relate ? ,, been single for 6 years now and I'm loving it

Dozier T

1:35 lmao

Charles Rogers

I was at a restaurant recently with a buddy having beer/burgers and I saw a cadre ( 6) of early twenty something females sitting at a table across from me. They were all intensely staring at their iPhones and never communicated with each other at all ( no laughing, telling jokes, or even looking around). Society has created women with fixated on iPhones rather than learning to socialize and engage with others. Sad.


I really want to interview you, dude next to you is clueless.♻️


Women compliment other women in hopes that someday when they post a selfie they would shower her back with compliments. Kind of similar to a nice guy behavior, doing something in exchange of another.

Scientific Lee

You are a wise kid...good job on your videos.

حسين علاء الدين حسين اسماعيل الفهاد

MGTOW 4rm Iraq ???✊


That facial expression when he said there are good women out there was absolutely hilarious ?

Regi Rich

Love your content bro straight from montreal ??

Raymond Burks

Excuse me i am still wondering what the red pill is if u went over your definition of it can u refer me to that video plz

Just Random Sh#t

Coping guys. No man wants to be alone.


Are communist society bought all the women

Joe DiGiovanni IV

I truly believe social media has been, and will be a detriment to society in more harmful ways than it has ever done good. Im 34, i graduated h.s. in 04. Yes, there are great things about it. I feel like I was the last generation to live in the real world. Yes, we had MySpace in high school, but cell phone data was prohibitively expensive for all, texting as well. During lunch and free periods, before and after school, everyone socialized with each other. Everyone was more genuine. You were judged on your actions and character, not by how many likes, friends, and photos one shares. The best looking girls in school must have egos that have manifested further than ones intelligence. Its cheapened society, its ruined countless relationships, and has become the default judgment of today's kids. Its amazing to me, the amount of adults I see constantly needing attention on social media. And these are adults who should know better. Millions have become addicted to it, always seeking out a picture or post to garner attention, to carve out an image that they always work towards portraying. The most meaningful and important relationships should always be based in reality and real world actions. Yes, there's alot of good, i.e long term relationships. But I personally think the world has gone mad with this stuff.


Me about to go on a date and watching this videos be like: ?

OU812 i4got

Social media is controlled by the few and brainwashes the many. Many articles are written, polled, and published by just 3 people with no facts but make it look like it's the opinion of millions. Men and women were never divided like today and it came in with the invention of social media. Back before the internet was invented, men and women, for the most part, were together and knew what they wanted and focused on that. Today, everything is divided with so many useless distractions that produce useless, if not damaging, results.

Mister Knight Owl & Co.

Dont spend time chasing women. Spend time building yourself into what a woman wants. There are still good people out there. One thing men have forgotten is that women, no matter what, are followers. That's why you dont see women ceo's. If your doing right. If your doing right, she'll follow. Women are easy to convert to your line of thinking. How the hell you think the church gets so much money ?.

Haytem Mouad

back in the years.. The less women show skin, the more attractive she is.

Omar Krauser

Hey Sir, I love your videos, you’re very bright and mature for 22, I was wondering if you could do a video on women with tattoos? That would be awesome! Keep up the good work!


Your buddy is more purple pill than red. He's the man that's most at risk, because he knows just enough to think he can avoid the pitfalls. He doesn't. If he's not careful he's going to get absolutely steamrolled.


Don't give women an attention unless shes on too you & stop cooming it lowers your energy

How Men Should Use Social Media & Beware Of Women's Value Test

How Men Should Use Social Media & Beware Of Women's Value Test25 Feb. 2019
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Comments (100)
Lorence Reid Productions

Started my business in January ???


Attract gold diggers, got it

Javarro Long

I like how you said #business that’s all I got from this. ✊✊✊


Can you make videos on business tips or how you build yours :)

Ice Bocks

"Bitch, yo' goddamn tooth don't hurt!"

Kyle Kuchta

Good video bro I'm not even worried about girls lately trying to get my mind right and thibking about moneu 24/7


word!!!! stop taking selfies ya b** n****!!!!


Social media is free marketing ??‍♂️


“Because I’m not on Instagram to look at ass motherfucka” ??

Cameron Brady

Powerful video. Love your perspective.

you knw what

Impressions are my second fav after facts lol

kaiserin yoleba

In America,first you get the money,then you get the power,then you get the pussy

Brandon Diaz

I deleted snapchat and instagram. Do you really need it? I mean It’s a waste of time in my opinion (I’m 19 years old btw)

Grand Regent G

LMAO..."my tooth hurt"

Rocket Boy

AMS teaching me its about handling business not bitches. That’s how you get women. Be on your shit.
When you hit the gym and get in shape the women come.
When you at work on ya shit getting a raise or promotion, the women come.
When you go out to social network to promote ya business the women come.

Rogee Satburn

AMS you like like an angry chef about to sprinkle a dash of something, except a handful

Djbro2true1000keepitsotrue Jones

Social media Instagram and facebook is not for us men's its nothing but toxics chicks. puting thirt traps looking for sims and disprate thirty dudes too kissing they ass on the internet too boost they so call ego. You know Instagram go take away like button. They craving for too likes and worships the likes too ? see how many they can get.

Kariuki Githinji


Juan Londono

AMS the reason girls look at social media like a business is because they get APPROACHED by brands to advertise their product. You seriously think they had the business minds to see the potential of their page? No, it’s because a business opportunity fell into their lap because they grew a huge following by posting their fuckin booty all over Instagram. They aren’t business savvy. They aren’t visionaries. They’re just lucky. It would be 1,000 times harder for a man to grow a following and sponsor products because we don’t have a fat ass to show everybody and gain 10,000 followers a day.

Raiyan Rizwan

This guy's analogies be on point

drizzydmy s

What if your business is to stand with your shirt off ?

Jose D

clicked faster than a "4" seeking validation at the gym with booty shorts.


When he says the word scale he actually means the word promote

Grégory L

"hoesforthestreet doesn't exist !" GET a team and ngga make move

Keandre The Goat

“HeYyy wHatS thE bEst PicTurEs I CaN puT uP tO AttRacT tHe MoSt GirLs”???ams be getting in ppl ass?

Yea OK

Swear he sounded like Major Payne when he said “businesssss”

Amith Kumar

Why do my ears open wide when I hear " Listen Guys " ?

Mompoloki Marumo

"Ain't that som'n" ??? a very fine point bro. And I agree, I'm currently working on scaling my own shit. But, bear in mind, the internet blew up as fast as it did BECAUSE of ass.

Damien Blake

Been subbed to you a long time now bro. Got your paper back and Audiobook done listened to that shit like 6 times through.. think I get your subliminal message AMS I came here for the pussy now I'm earning 2x as much and looking at side hustles through Instagram etc. I'm get your money book on payday and join your patreon right now. This is shit it outright investment



MrUltimate Pranksters

your thumbnail look mad funny

InnerG Pxl


Kenny Gee

So at the ed of the day it ain't even bout the bitches. What's important is the business. BET.


Girls be baiting niggas on social media. They put a dude texting they girl back nonstop talm bout they want a man like this. That's bullshit. Trynna bait niggas so they can put them in the friendzone.


Fuck social media. I aint even on it

Ronaldo Chanco

Thank you master!


I got some Christian Filipina ad and it was such a scam this got me laughing.

Kile Noe

You seem to be all about like ignoring women but at the same time always chasing them and having a "rotation" ...
How about just forget all that shit you know they gonna hurt you. Could be 5 years could be 10 years from now but hey you get all wrapped up in other people they're gonna hurt you. But I suppose that dont sell as well as they chase the women but uh dont but do it and do it to like a rotation uh but yeah dont validate em or nuttin.... makes sense boys.


That car analogy is so true.. can’t tell u how many times i’ve came across a super good looking women and it almost seems a bit too easy or she seems too thirsty for how good looking she is so immediately makes me like alright wtf is wrong wit this bitch?

Leonel Orozco

Readin guys! Developing wealth goes hand to hand with developing your mind, selling skills and personality. Keep grinding.

Erica Brooks

Sample : 326

Musa Namomo

I know my bro about to spit that wisdom after he done rubbing his hands. Let's go men we ain't going MGTOW we doing things our way.

Rafael Rollet

I have never fuck a girl from online dating and iam a good looking guy I give up on that long time ago

Tisquantum from Massachusetts

Men should use social media to make money. Correct Answer!

Tostitos fritos

Thank you AMS. Just graduated Practical Nursing school, gonna hopefully start working as a nurse before Christmas. Got me thinking now about how Imma try and advertise business in my free time.

Pills N Thrills

My tooth hurt lmaooo

Erica Brooks

Sample : 149

edgar siame


Jaime Herrera

Hahhaha this dude is so funny. Thanks for your knowledge

Will Sutherland

Teach , make a business , many platforms to buy and sell products, entertain. If your a natural goof start up a YouTube channel tho when your out there talking with girls stay in ya masculine frame

bendjy bien-aime

Sorry but my purpose = financial freedom. So I need money

William Oliveira

LMAO AMS is coked up in this one


She doubts your value because she is an idiot.. American women are not normal period

Elijah Daniel

Damnnnnnnn!!!!! ?


WAY true!!!

Jonart Moreno

The DON father out here legit changing lives with all these gem ? we appreciate you bro ??

fernando gonzales

LMFAO!!! ???

Pano Sarris

they go from sucking ya dick to ''my tooth hurt'' ??? AMS got some crazy comedy shit up in there!

Diego Lisandro Ruiz2

Man that car analogy was great


I deleted my Facebook and Tinder and the next day something happens that never happened to me, Out of no where 3 girls DM me on Instagram... Like why now? When I'm trying to get rid of social media

Ákos Moldován

Rich Dad, Poor Dad from Robert Kyosaki is a must read in this case.

Thommy Mulder

51 guys rather get on social media to look at ass rather then work on they business there lmao

Ondoificacion Ondoificacion



If it important, you get it. Fvck the odds!!!

Prodigy M

Just by looking at the thumbnail I know AMS gonna be preaching that truth ???

Ken Stoudamire

This man ??

Mike Van Der Berg

At times you must be thinking to yourself: what are people dumb. It might be entertaining while doing your dump.

Maurice The Great

Church Preach

Jesse F

Good shit

Justin Hughes

Facts ? ? bro.

Last Merican

How is there a "but" attached to your purpose.

DC Clouse

What you gonna do for the whole weekend? PLAY WIT YO BALLS?

Kevin Barrera

Damn I wish Id seen this video before?? I was out here talking to the girl at night and shit idgaf bout her but still??


"What the fuck was you gon do this weekend? Play with yo balls???" ???

Eyuel Gorfu

Dear Emperors,
The ideas of making the most money and hoarding wealth is what got all this people up top drunk of power and greed. They just keep hoarding it because girls flock to it no matter what age. Especially now you have a society where girls are looking for man with higher salary margins than them no matter how much they get paid. Kindness and caring is the last check box. Please don’t be slave to what girls desire, raise the ceiling and drag the floor up with you by actively help others with your blessings. End the wealth hoarding and greed. Make society expand out of the top 1% they are trying to corner it to.


How men should use social media: Don't use social media.

George Fernandez

Ain't that nice!!!!

War Chief V

Why does this girl look at my stories but not my messages/snapchat ?

Kris Reitz

AMS preaches 7 days a week


I am starting a 3d printing farm. 3rd printer on the way. That’ll make me $18/hr while I keep coding


To make billions u need to impact billions

Logan Molina

Hey ams can you give me a idea and how to start writing a book a program or how to print it


"All you see is your homeboys saying aye man you looking in good shape, I don't see any women" lol it's funny because it's true I've been there lol.


"Whatever the case may be"

marlon waruhiu

2:03 ????

Mr. Bailey

real shit my nigga


Ma tooth hurt??dead

max 360

Ahhh my tooth hurts ??? that one or "My jaws tiered"

Chris Abbott

That crazy big brother you always trying to invite to church...


My tooth hurt ???


Good video AMS. ?

Rocket Boy

He not lying even the simple bitches got a onlyfans. I heard some women only post regular pics and still make money on onlyfans no nudes


Can you make a video how to deal with rejection, or failure to ask for a woman's number?


Reminds me of the Seinfeld "Loser Girlfriend" episode

MrUltimate Pranksters

Money my dominant thought

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That car analogy killed me , 10,000 ?????, ABS is too funny

WithGod E.

I have my own business and brand. Hella models sliding in my dms because they wanna be ambassadors. AMs changed my life

Elijah Roland

Been going through a rough patch but now I’m fucking with being proactive and not reactive gym no beer after Monday I got a cheat day but I’m working now bby??