Exercises to tighten stomach

11 Tummy Tightening Exercises At Home

11 Tummy Tightening Exercises At Home28 Apr. 2020
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Achieve a flat tummy by

Achieve a flat tummy by doing this 30-min at home workout!

This exercise is best suited for you if you're looking to achieve one of the best body features anyone can have--abs! These core routines will help you reach your goal as you not only tone your muscles, you will also burn calories and lose weight.

Good luck and feel free to do this workout on a daily basis for the best results. Let's begin!❤️?

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3 Tips On How To Tighten Your Core (Flat Tummy Guide)

3 Tips On How To Tighten Your Core (Flat Tummy Guide)29 Oct. 2019
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Welcome back to Mind Pump

Welcome back to Mind Pump TV where we cover all things Health & Fitness to help you on your journey to reach your goals!

In today’s video, Danny talks about some great tips for flattening your stomach and tightening your core. Learn about why waist trainer products are not the best solution for long term success and how you can use these actionable tips towards reaching your goals!

Why Waist Products Don’t Work Long-Term

- Waist Trainers/Wraps (0:44)

- Compression along with additives increase localized sweating

- Dehydrates your core in the short-term

- Flat Tummy Teas (1:44)

- Can help decrease appetite with herbs

- Doesn’t “tone” your tummy

Focus On Caloric Deficit (2:35)

- Controlling your intake

- Understand your body’s caloric requirements

- Sure-fire way to lose body fat

Give yourself some SLACK (3:19)

- Bloating fluctuates per individual

- Hormones & Stress are realistic factors we should always consider

Thank you to Danny for filming this video, be sure to check out his instagram here:


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"3 Tips On How To Tighten Your Abdominal Core (Flat Tummy Guide)"

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1st comment!

Tamer Jamil

Fasting in a calorie deficit is the most effective way to lose body fat.

Jackie Janvier

Thanks DM! That's a real struggle for women. Fluctuations = Frustration.


Take ur breath in



I'm so happy you're not promoting intermittent fasting.

Armando Gallegos

Thanks Danny

Yolanda Pierce

One more time for the people not listening in the back!!!!

Kelly Gjesdal

Thanks for the great information...".Keeping it real!". ?♥️?

Daphne Velez

So would you say any and all "skinny pills" would be a no?

hb lovely

I just subscribed to this channel and it's so helpful. I already started following some of the tips. Thanks so much for sharing.


Eat vegetables, lose fat and workout. Saved you 5 minutes.


You are realistic, bro.

Esoteric Fitness

How to strengthen the core...Very easy, One must work the core directly & indirectly .....

Volac Nehrghal

This channel is ripping! Ripping through all the BS! I appreciate you all! Thanks!

Jahnwiz lmbru



Danny - your content is getting better and better. Really nuanced information, delivered in a humble and caring way.

How to get rid of loose skin / belly fat after weight loss & pregnancy | No SURGERY

How to get rid of loose skin / belly fat after weight loss & pregnancy | No SURGERY1 Mar. 2019
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Weight loss can be a very

Weight loss can be a very difficult process for many. Most are scared of loose skin problems after weight loss or post pregnancy, specially around the belly fat region.How to get rid of loose skin after losing lots of weight has been discussed in this video.I have also discussed how to ensure one never has the problem of loose skin when u are on ur weight loss journey. U need to ensure first if at all u r suffering from loose skin or stubborn fat around your belly, hips, thighs and so on.

Beginners basic dumbell kit at home : https://amzn.to/2VyXQsz

Weight training at home (arms) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyBEi38PdvY

Best belly fat workout ever : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6AZSUjBGmk

Weight training at home (legs) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FTg-6IyPm8

This is Anwesha Mukherjee, a wife & working woman.I make youtube videos on fitness, beauty & lifestyle.Sharing parts of my life & experience with you all. P.S - I am not fitness trainer or nutritionist/dietician. All things I share on this channel is what I use and apply in my own life and share it as a friend/well wisher. This channel is not responsible for your assumptions & actions. Also, please take prior notice if copying my videos or ideas. Thanks

Blog : http://www.anweshamukherjee.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/simpletipsanwesha/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/simpletipsanwesha/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/pearlnpanzy

Say 'yo' in comments section,if you read this :)

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Rachell Unique

I wish I could understand what you are saying

Masha Sharfuddin

Please let me know post pregnancy hw to loose belly fat

harshi kapoor

I really love your way of explaining things out .. it will be great help for viewers if can make videos on weight training for beginners to decent shape ..I kno asking for more but request tou kar hi sakte hai .. ?

Tiffany Knox

Your video was hard for me to understand but i enjoyed watching it.. lol.. CRAZY HUH

Ali Aqsa

Or strength training s fat burn hoga

Sameera Banu

Hi Anwesha! I've 64 kgs to loose to reach my ideal weight. Do you think I would get loose skin over my body ? Please reply.

Lukrécia Macskássy

don't understand half of it what you say.

Mahesh kumar


vijeta Singh

I really love your efforts Anwesha ji. U r a very intelligent soul ?


superb agree with u

sila chaudhary

Exercise kya karain

Lydia Adjetey

I really wanted this video and I wanted it from Indians because I trust their source but most of the information wasnt in English ?


Is she speaking english?


R u singleb.. I like u a lot...

Janu Janani

Wt she is telling?

Yesminara Ahmed

Thank you ❤

tushar 777

So motivating and inspiring vdo thank you ❤️❤️

Ayan Haidar 512

Dear I am from Pakistan love your volg.mera 3 saal pehlay 4th c section hoa tha vertical c section belly button Kay nichay straight line baby hoa tu Mera belly looks like 2 parts 1st time Mera belly fat Kam nahi hoaa any effective remedy or excersie Bata dijay and love handle ka bhi problem hay other Mera face arms legs bikul smart Hain.

chittu KUMAR

Bakwas hai

Arnold Réthy

I wanted to understand it so bad! :P

Hyma Chandru

Hi... Am weighing 90kg.. I have loose belly fat... If I reduce my fat will i have sagging skin? If am consistent in diet n workout will I over come this problem? My age is 35... Please help me out

Rupanjana Chatterjee

Shit man! You talked and talked!


I’m sorry I really wanna know how to figure it out is my stomach lose skin or belly fat but I have no idea what you saying :(

Sultana Alsaud

I smell bad smell while I’m watching this video????

Tai rin

Right video for. I was afraid to lose weight be cause of loose skin prblm ? i'll follow your workout

Im 20 and 84kg. Hope for the best

Rohit baba

O baba

June Tay41

Where is the cc? I want to listen in English

Sadia Zaidi

,6th may sy ramazan start hsi so mjy ramazan diet plan dy den taky m es month m reduce kr skn,

Apni Kahani

Dvry k bat bht body loss ho gye hy sis liya kro?

Raveen Bhandari

Your videos are so inspiring and connect to us ❤️❤️❤️ loads of love and hugs??????

anwesha roy

I lost 21kg ....nd now I get strechmark everywhere....???what to do to remove strechmark ???

Subhradip Pal Choudhury

Didi bol raha hoon apko apne mera thoda tension kom kiya

Md Ar

Reply dejeye man kuch ab mai kya Karo ???

Amrita Dey

Mam I have lots of stretch marks in my belly part From childhood only Please say how to get rid of this ?

Vicky Wadhwani

Please help. I dnt know my weight is stable but skin losing elasticity or fat decreasing or muscle mass decreasing . Can't get whats exact reason. ?

Abdullah Anwar

Pls add English subtitle

Hawa Diallo

Don’t title the video in English if you’re going to speaker in another language

lava chauhan

advice achii di but main topic se aap bhatak gai ? , ye to bataya hi nahi ki loos skin thik kaise hogi ?

nologic ookay

please could you recommendd some products

varsha dubey

Thank you so much before watching ur this video mujhe bahot tension ho gya tha coz I'm on weight loss journey
18kgs loss krna h mujhe ???
Isliye skin losses ko le kr tension tha

musaddiya shaik

Mera weight tha 130 nd now iam 109...iam 27 tho mera ideal weight jitna hai wahan tak pahunche pe kya mujhe loose skin hojaegi....pls batao iam very much worried abt it

a th47

What are you saying. ???

Vadika Sahu

Hi mam arms ki bone aur flash lgta hai mei mom Ko plz help plz reply plzzzzz I trust you only

cute girl

Mam mera weight 90 kg hai.. Mai weight loss karna chati hu.. But meri pet latki huwi hai.. Mujhe lose skin to nai hogi na

Rinu Zahra

english try pls..i dont know hindi

Innocent Hydrogen

Meine already 27 kg loose kar liya hai .and still 19 kgs more to go .
Pls tell me if I can ever regain that healthy tight skin ever again.

Sneh lata Arora

If we are having loose skin on arms wht to do?.

Smily Chauhan

Di stretch Mark's k liye kuch btao

Khumtaya Jam

My sis m ur big fan n dtgnk u so much for this,, par agar sis 54 kgs tak kam krungi toh losse hoga skin plz answer it,, plz I need ur help,m trying to loose weight at least 54kgs plz suggest me sis m very worried

Playground boy

Is there an video in English ,with all respect,but I understand only English ,thank you very much for the video .

syed namirah

aisa nhi hota h babba?liked nd subscribed for this line u r too cute

River Robertson

Is that even English?

Rohit Pandey

Who is watching in lockdown!??

Shubhanka Banerjee

breast reduction and lift ka video banao


Why would you put the title of your video in english if you’re not even speaking english? Cant understand anything. Very misleading clickbait

Rinu Zahra

Pls english

Wasim Shaikh

I need to loose weight about 90 kg

Mayyank Mukesh

Didi aapane Kaha ki is Tarah se dabavo, itna andar jaega To vah charbi hai,wah bat samja me Nahi aai aap Karke bata Sakti he

SimpleTips Anwesha

Good morning, doing a much requested video after so long
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/simpletipsanwesha/
Pls click CC for english subtitles

Subhradip Pal Choudhury

Thank u so much

Yoga Malayalam

Good topic ?❤️

Manpreet cour

Loose breast ko kaise thik kre plz rply

Amber Ann

Yes why did the English sub titles go away ... I have no idea what she is saying

Manahil Khan

Another Great video i caught..

noor's recepi's

Hi Mama mujhai 65 kg loss karna hai kya mujhai loss skin problem hogi Maine abhi 20 kg loss karliya mujhai loss skin ka tension ho raha please suggest Mai kaise weight loss Karu ke Jada loss skin na ho

Kimmy Grant

After assisting his soldiers and then arriving home and talking to a woman who was on the brink of throwing away her life as a consequence of her weight and being in position to assist her turn her life around, Kyle has committed his life to sharing his remarkably simple and valuable diet program with anybody that wants it. Click here to read more https://tinyurl.com/ya6wzm4v

Poornima Gold

Aap aesa lgta h Jese muh mai tofi rakh k bolti ho

Michelle Twardy


Monika Phalswal

You shared positivity

hodaya lahmani

Can’t understand a word!

Saly sed seds

Please subtitle in english

Vanessa Behrens

I can't follow ?

amisha Chauhan


Anu Bala Krishnan

Mam pls make a video how to loose 40 kgs consistently

Raj Dulari

Iss pure video Mai loose skin ko tight Karne Ka to koi tarika nhi bataya h .....

Sadia Zaidi

Mri help kren weight loose krne m, mjy zda nhi weight loose nhi krna bs 15 kg krna hai,80 kg hai abi,65 tk krna hai,mry husbnd ko skiny aur smart wife psnd nhi so woh mry 65 weight sy bhi hapy hngy

Pooja Sehrawat

She is so cute.. “ aisa nahi hota h baba” ??

mehzabin arab

Thank you soooo sooo much anwesha mera prob. Solve kar diya


Hi Anyesha, tomar theke personal training pawa jabe? Or any suggestion as per my health condition?

a th47

Please anyone. Don't talk. Just show it. I get bored!

Sadia Zaidi

thank u so much ,apny mra loose skin ka fear khtm kr dia, mainy 15 kg loose krna hai so mjy dur lg rha tha mgr apki vid ny clear kr dia sub ..:)

Almas Bashir

Stay blessed !!!!!

sha rma

How to toned my skin?? Plz suggest diet plan



Rudro Nahid

Thank you so much...ap bohot acche se explain kia...mujhe iska dar tha...thanks a lot❤

Roma Karmakar

Hello mam,, aapne ye to bata diya k loose skin hone se precautions kaise liya jaa sakta hai,, but aapne ye nhi bataya ke jinka already loose skin hai, wo kaise apne loose skin ko thik kare... Agar ho sake to please make a video on that topic..

Yahya Khan

Hy mam m Pakistan se hun m apna weight 155 se 92 p la k ai hun meri skin lose hogi h

Shoaib Shah

Mera cezaier huwa he to me konsi exesice karu


I have lost my self confidence due to the tummy pooch. I had started a crash diet and now after your video i realise that i am doing a big mistake. I need to do it gradually. The issue is that i did a c section and i cannot hit the gym right now. However i want to thank you for stressing on the fact that i will not have loose skin problem. I gained 13kgs during pregnancy and 2 months after i already lost 8kgs.

Sneha Mishra

Ma'am I lost 12 kgs ....want to loose even more but now scared to do so because of the fear of skin loosening and stretch marks


Hello Anwesha you give me hope. During my pregnancy i had too much amniotic fluid due to which my tummy stretched a little bit more. I also had a c section and i am now 2 months post partum. I am doing some pelvic exercises everyday to close the gap. Pls could you let me know if i can do treadmill workout once the gap closes?

Nocey Jain

Kuch bhi nahi bataya Pagal banaya video mei

zenil joshi

I reduced 52 kgs in the last eight months. Still have some fat left. I'm arnd 16-17% bf
I guess I'll need surgery? or I need to wait for six months. Let's see. Still gotta reach 12% first

ana irshad

mera belly fat kam ho jata ha bt skin loose hojati ha kindly give any soltion for this.

Sadia Zaidi

Hello , mra weight 80 kg hai, m one month m ktna weight loose krn jissy skin loose na ho aur ,mjy ktny time m 65 kg tk krna chaey.. plz guide

Md Ar

Hello mam tqsm apke ye video dekhkar mujhe bohat bohat bohat accha laga.. mera weigh pahle 115 tha ab maine 75 kiya hai ..I am a girl ..mai mera weight 65 karna chahate ho but mere arm n thighs me mujhe lagraha hai ke skin loss hogye but apne ye video me kha jaise mere skin waise hi soft hai agar press karo to andar jarahi hai ..mujhe samjh n ara mai kya karo plzzzzzzzzzzz help me n reply mam maine gym join nhi kiya ghar par elliptical use kiya n normal thoda excise kya plzzzzzzzzzz help me n tell me ab mai kya karo ...???

Priyanka's Views

Girls k liy domble weight?

Mahbuba sultana Eva

আপু আমার ওজন ৮৯কেজি ছিল এখন আমি ডায়েট করে ৫৫ কেজিতে এনেছি এখন সমস্যা হচ্ছে আমার চামড়া লুজ হয়ে গিয়েছে । আপনার এই ভিডিও টি আমার জন্য খুব দরকার কিন্তু আমি হিন্দি একদম বুঝিনা তাই আপু আপনাকে request করছি যে আমার জন্য একটু কষ্ট করে হলেও এই ভিডিও টি বাংলায় বানান তাহলে আমার অনেক উপকার হবে।

Parul tiwari

31 kg loss ho gaya hai skin problem

Gayatri Mohapatra

I'm ur new subscriber.. Plz mam help me meri tummy full hogaya hai after c-section... What can i do nw.. Plz tell me