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PSA Probs Doesn't Like Me Anymore Because Of All The Vintage Cards I Got Graded | PSA Graded Returns

PSA Probs Doesn't Like Me Anymore Because Of All The Vintage Cards I Got Graded | PSA Graded Returns30 Jan. 2021


#Pokémon #PokémonPSAGradedReturn #PokémonEX

Delta Species, Unseen Forces, and some of the greatest vintage EX era cards in Pokemon history? Yeah, that's right, sounds like its going to be a good Saturday, with another Pokemon Graded Card PSA return!

Hey Gengar Gang, and thanks for checking out another PSA Graded Return Video!

Please note that because of the time between filming and releasing this video, all of the cards have or are no longer available for sale! Thanks to all for the messages and interest!

Make sure to follow me on IG and subscribe to stay up to date on new products, slabs, and cards I get in, so you can grab some of the vintage cards that occasionally come through.

Please note: I use prices in this video, but given the dynamic nature of the Pokemon Graded Card market, the prices used should be considered as of a point in time, and when looking to purchase, please make sure to have the most up to date information available to assist you in the shopping process. My estimates are purposefully low, so that I am not stating a price that is misleadingly high or inflated. I'd rather you reference a lower, out-of-date price, and be corrected, than offer too much because I said it was a valuable card, only for you to be taken advantage of or pay excessive amounts for a card.

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Comments (8)
David Bohaychuk

PSA may not like you anymore but we do! (for what its worth :D)


Omg that Umbreon ???. Also after watching your videos for a while now and I catch myself saying “Woooow” in the beginning lmao

Cedric Williams

All of your cards are very nice!! The Metagross Reverse-Holo looks better than the regular holo. I enjoyed the video bro!! Peace & Blessings to you!!


I want that PSA 7 Unbreon

Nick A

Pretty sure they are foxes


would u sell any of those psa 8 umbreon

The Personal Pokedex

I remember grading the entire delta species reverse holo set. Was a thing of beauty! the holo styles are so cool!


What are the chances a strong 9 regrades as a 10? What are your thouggts and opinions on that.

PSA Build Kit - Quick Overview

PSA Build Kit - Quick Overview14 Jun. 2020
14 909

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory makes some of the best priced kits for your build needs. Todays video is just a quick show and tell, an overview so that you can see how they package these kits to make the build process as easy as possible for you.

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Comments (28)
bob cat

One of the small things I like about their kits, that I bought, is that they added an extra detent in case I lose one.


Just got one about a month back, already built upper that came with the lower kit, went to a shop near me and got a lower. This gun has been amazing so far, no issue what so ever, highly recommend PSA for everything, quality parts for not the exacerbated premium price.


Bro my first built was a PSA before this pandemic, I bought a PTAC upper heavy barrel and the grouping is great that was long time ago and you wright PSA stay with their product and customer service also their sales is one of the most affordable in the market and with good quality.

Kin to Ramesses III

I love the irony of that shirt?

Richard Lucas

Glad to see your Buddha

The Colonel JJ

OK, I'm hooked. Take me through the build!

Steven Neely

Which PSA upper was that one?

Gilbert Craven

Agreed. I have never had a single issue with any of my PSA rifles or parts. People talk smack because it makes them feel better about themselves.

lee vaello

I picked up one couple of months ago love it looking for to get another 1

T- Electrik

Awesome project can't wait to see the finish product! Stay Glock ready my brother salute peaceluv

Dragonfly 1

Hot damn Sergeant Expert Gun Builder. In the video, you called the bolt release a slide stop.. same thing? not really.. My point is, next time you pre-judge people into suggesting they will never shoot the gun more than it will stay in a safe or boast about how many AR's you have "built". Challenge yourself first and ask the question if you're good enough and wise enough to act so arrogantly over a firearm that was engineered in such a way that an intelligent 12 year old can properly assemble it. Humility is a beautiful thing, it keeps us honest.

Billy Bob

Good video thank you.

Luis Ibarra

Can u help me build mine ? Lol


? Palmetto State Armory is a very good company to deal with. They stand behind their products and stand for the first and second amendments. Their guns go bang and are accurate to the level of the person using it. Can’t ethically ask for anything more than that.

James Coble

I love my psa build. I'm going to put a couple more together. I kinda feel like I need to get a AR in every

Mario Chingon

I ordered two complete lowers from PSA a month ago for a good price. Unfortunately their customer service is not great and I still have not received my items... But I do agree, their prices are good. ? great video!!

Ira Fowler Jr.

helpful info, thanks

Daniel Lopez

Does psa ship to sandiego?

D Man

I’m a first time builder, have a PSA M4 freedom build kit. Is there a manual to help me put the parts together? Ironically, PSA did not provide that with the kit

MOS Battle Buddy

PSA is hardly ever in stock


Thanks brother!!! ????


Just ordered my first gun on Saturday night. I ordered the 5.56 AR15 16" MOE EPT or whatever it's called. I cannot WAIT until the kit is in, and to go get some some ammo and a stripped lower. I can't wait til I'm 21 to be able to concealed carry. Great video man.


Very well done!


Just bought a lower from PSA. BTW. Nice shirt!

Christopher Vogt

I have built 2 AR’s from PSA and I love them! I think that they stand behind there products and from what I have heard will correct a problem ASAP! They shoot great and I will continue to support them.


You already know I'm a 10mm fan in handguns. For my first long gun I want a .308 AR-10. The one thing I worry about kitting it with PSA on this is how heavy it would turn out in the end. I've heard about 6 and 7 pound AR-10 .308's, but I also don't want to spend 2 grand on my first rifle, either. PSA would probably net me an affordable, 9 or 10 pound boat anchor. Ugh.

R. Tafolla

“Quick Video”

*6 minutes long


Star Screamers

Hey man. After watching your video i decided to go with a PSA rifle kit build. I know its a budget build. Mines look used. LoL. The bottom of the BCG looks scrapped up. The muzzle device looks like some one took a tool to it and rolled it on the ground for a bit. I don't know whether its suppose to be like that or its just my kit. $700 kit i know its more on t he budget side but damn, was expecting some quality control finish. Well, looking into the return policy now to decide to keep it or not. LOL

PSA 16” AR-15 Build - Does it Suck? (Gear Review)

PSA 16” AR-15 Build - Does it Suck? (Gear Review)4 Mar. 2020
134 607
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Today on the Bear

Today on the Bear Independent show, a gear review of the PSA 16” AR-15 Build from What do you think, Bear, does it suck?

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This topic is quintessential to preparedness for all doomsday preppers, homesteaders survivalist, militia, minuteman, city prepping, rural prepper, normal people, or urban prepper looking to prepare for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI or natural disaster. Whether your own personal SHTF is the 2020 elections, economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, food crisis, civil war, food shortage, EMP or CME, black swan event, or whatever, a prepper needs to be prepared for this topic.

Regardless if you’re a Viking Preparedness prepper, Canadian Prepper, into city prepping, or just normal people, you need to be ready for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI which is why we’re discussing this topic today. Common prepper concerns are bug out bag, bugging out in general, food storage, security, commo, emergency preparedness, homesteading, budget, gardening, bushcrafting, end times, torah, get home bag, survival, EDC, and all the things we discuss at this channel.

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Comments (100)
la'reggie patterson

The beep sounds sold me ..this guys the real deal..??


Now these go for $600-700

Cleveland Sanders

Awesome vid brother. Working on purchasing my first AR...have no idea how to build one but I heard it’s better to go that route instead of buying complete. I’m a Carolina guy so PSA is where I was going to grab it, especially as you mentioned for the price. Thanks for the info and laughs, blessings!


Why you gotta hate on Keystone though?

Randall Weaver

I love the practicality of this video! I just acquired my ar and will be following the steps similar to how you state them in this video... "on the next paycheck....".

Alpha Whiskey

I bought the most expensive PSA upper most expensive PSA lower and then put all Daniel Defense furniture on it best rifle of ever own I spent about 1100 including weapon light sling random accessories that I enjoy


I've built a shorty 10.5 with the flash can. Another shorty with all the geissele stuff on it, a DMR 18 in one and a full 20 inch M16 style one. Good products.

Peter McCann

Bought a PSA AR pistol that started jamming on the second shot. After 2 attempts to contact service, I finally got an email, requesting info & stating I would be receiving a return label. 2 1/2 MONTHS later, and nothing but crickets. Replied to the email again, still nothing. I've been buying firearms over 4 decades, and have run across a few bad dealers, but PSA may be the worst.

Willwork4 XRP

"That rooster is going to regret trolling my video"

Methodical 66

So this is what the man with painted face wearing fur and horns was doing before he stormed the Capitol hill ?

robin winter

Right off the bat Im thinking - well he painted it so it must be ok.


All these newer handguards like Keymod or M-LOK make every rifle look gucci

Willwork4 XRP

""Hold your fire till you hear them say "EEP!"

miclo 9087

Damn they went up. I'm wanting to buy ome and the whole kit is like 560 rn.


Look at larue tactical for the replacement trigger!

Jaysen Bartlett

I just bought one


Keystone light and bath salts. Wuhahahahaha!

Teddy Busch

The "EEEP" had me dying lmao


how did you get those colors on it?

David Duafala

Shoot that stupid roster before the next video.

J DoDs

Like and subscribed immediately after your commitment to YESHUA in your about section.

Drew E

Let’s go kill that rooster, hold on!! Haha love it

max man

I luv my PSA Rifle!

D Tay

Where did you get the whole upper receiver for this gun?

J Arbogast

Barrel, bolt and decent trigger and sights is all you need.

Jeff Paul

I bought mine built (pistol version) (during corona times, so prices slightly higher) Quality and fit/finish seem the same as any other ive owned in the past. I still have an original Bushmaster 16 inch barrel (back when they were expensive and very good)

Grande Gugn

PSA does suck!

Aloha Sake

"you need to die rooster!" haha



Mathias Rausch

Every time he goes beep I LMAO


Getting ready to do my first AR with a build kit I just got from PSA before I lose it in a boating accident

hassan mansaray

Thought about getting a Daniel defense. I rather get this instead

Rich Molon labe

I love my Palmetto rifle I've been running a psa upper for 2 years now haven't had any problems..

Jordan Rhodes

Just ordered one. Can’t wait to see how it holds up.

chad haire

Screw PSA--they just jacked their prices up 25%....

Jeff Mc Garvey

My dogs were going nuts w/that rooster crowing


Who is better prepared?
The guy with 3 $500 ARs and $1000 dollars worth of mags and ammo.
Or the guy with the $2500 safe queen AR.

Sheldon Pappas

If my name was Bear I probably would be able to grow a beard

Daniel Obst

Its cool factor is that it does the same thing as a DD or a POF...

David Tadlock

Thanks for speaking on gear for the Everyman bear. I have dpms, and smith and Wesson m&p ar15’s and psa ak and ar’s and would trust my life to them as insane as that sounds to some folks with some of the higher end gear

ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

Too bad this same rifle is probably $800 now, if you could even find it. Damn uppers are like $480 now on their website for some basic shit. Ridiculous.

Matt Peacock

The wiggle between my upper and lower on the M16A2 the Corps issued me in the summer of 95 was a wonky ass kaddy-wompus gap! Still qualified high sharpshooter.

Dogman tossed my salad

I just bought my first kit today.. you can't even find the decent rugers or m&p 15s on the shelf anymore so I really didn't have a choice unless I wanted to spend 1000-1200$, which I don't have.

Michael Woodward

In Cali this kit is $599 and the lower cost me $99... Supply in demand???


Love that rooster man so clutch. Appreciate the vid it helps push my decision to pull the trigger on one.


I just bought my first AR...Last time I used that platform was my M-16 A2 Service Rifle in the Marines back in OIF and OEF. Of course is PSA American made!!

robin winter

But yeah I recently got a psa...really tight snug cheap.

Tommy Apocalypse

My PSA 16" AR rifle doesn't suck.

3rd502 Infantry

Daniel Defense who?

Seth Jones

Could you tell me exactly what the upper and lower is? I want to get the same gun or close to it.

chris medina

“Let go kill that rooster.” ???

City Slickers Prepping

Thanks Bear!


build my own or buy sport 2?

John Paul Smithdeal

Keystone life baby

william nicholson

Psa makes good stuff. Does some of it require some tinkering to get working perfectly yes but thats part of the fun of them. Taking a pile of mismatched parts and making a functioning rifle on your dining room table is almost as fun as legos.

Brandon Hall

He’s under 6ft

Full Retaliation!!!

שלום ואלוהים מברכים אותך אחי..????
GOD Bless you Brother and SHALOM to you also...
I own a IWI ZION15 Tricked out but i will try the PSA...

GLOCK 15&1

10 thumbs up!!


The truth is an entry level AR is all you will ever "need" .....after the basics the rest is all "want". Too many people watch "high end" operators who think they are gods gift to combat and try to emulate don't need 3500 dollar ARs with all the bells and are getting hustled. BUY AMMO and PRACTICE!!! When the shit hits the fan the bad guys will never know how much you paid for your AR if you practice... because they will be dead....but they will know how much you don't practice if you are dead with a 5000 dollar rifle laying across your chest. They will laugh and take your spendy trendy AR and then shoot your friends and family with it!

Joshua Moore

Shut up Roosta..

Michael Rihel

Good vid, the blue jays and rooster helped in the production!

Tyler Fletcher

eeeep hahaha

Uniform Tango 74

All my ARs except for one have PSA uppers...10.5" to 16"...most of them with Poverty Pony lowers....and guess what? They all run. Who knew!?

Malcolm McDermit

A Thor fire haha. I’m building an ar like this one, nothing wrong with a budget gun, I want the muzzle device now

scott kammer

The rooster is funny as F. This guy is trying not to let the rooster ruin his video.

chris puckett

spray paint ? loser

Stephen Stack

I have 600 rounds through mine, I know to most that’s not a lot but I’ve only had it for about 2 months. I had 1 fail to fire which was probably ammo related. I’m super happy with it, can’t wait to shoot more

matthew ihaioahO

You use it for what? You a bounty hunter like Boba and Jango?


Love the shot timer!

Michelle D.

You might be a man but, not all of us are. ?

Jay Mcdude

So you built a higher end rifle, with decent enough accessories. For about what you would spend on a mil spec AR, with iron sights, and a polymer fore-grip from any given company.

Ryan Trott

I love how you totally figured your paychecks on what to add first and second.....Lmmfao! ??. Love it!

Henry Gallego

Damn rooster ?

The Warhawk

Eeep pew pew ??? ?

dubz thedman

Does it kill roosters lol

Marleyjr 00

PSA upper on and Anderson lower and zero problems.

Alex Kunze

Shoot that rooster


Is this something that a person who bought their first handgun 6 mos ago can put together?

samurai balichnakov

Came for the review. Stayed for the rooster. Poor poor rooster.

Love the PSA pistols and rifles I own. They get used and abused and still run great.

scroonie 1976

Rooster had me laughing hard bro.....subbed. Rooster needs to be in all your vids


How do you keep the rail guard from rotating??

By the way thanks for the wiggle test! No other youtuber iv seen, checks for wiggle.??

Carlos De los santos

Damn Rooster ? in the background!! ???! Like the vid!

Jimmy D

Totally agree with the optics you mentioned however, don't you think a person would be better served to purchase an excellent entry level rifle say from S&W (M&P Sport II) or Ruger (AR-556) and have a fully (irons, with mags) functional firearm right outta the gate? Seems the better option to me - hang whatever nonessential hardware you wish later. You know it'll be reliable, backed by a warranty, YOU don't have to build it, and, catch the right sale, all for around $600.00 or a little more (maybe a little less).

ritesideofthefence 58

I bought one of their premium with FN CHF barrel. And then grabbed a complete lower, added a geissle G2S and a colt carry handle rear sight. It is a great rifle. I also bought the magpul edition PSA nitride and a lower with magpul CTR stock. It too has been a great rifle. Both have at least 2000 rounds without issue.i also have DDM4 V11 LTWT.and an FN A4 and a couple colts. The Daniels defense owns the accuracy department, but the PSA rifle go bang every time, same as the others.


I was in the market for a quarantine AR and I spent a tad more on the lower for a JP15 and 3lb trigger, and plonked an 11.5" 5.56 PSA upper on it. I dumped 300 rounds of LAX M193 through it on its first outing and I have to say I don't regret a penny I spent on this gun. Not as much as a hiccup from my new baby and it kept sub 6-inch groups at 50 yards, which I am extremely happy with given this AR is my first rifle.




I have about 20,000 rounds through one of the PSA’s I built . Still keeps going , I’m not sure why people talk trash on them .?‍♂️

Dave Why



I'll take a psa kit over any turnkey rifle on the market. Don't be fooled by big brand names. Had pretty much everything you can think of and I only own kits now. Price is irrelevant


just bought a psa pistol lower now the hard part is choosing a upper, i def want 556 since i already have ammo for it just length size is my concern

Tamie Headrick

Hell hes. Just being a rooster leave him alone

Hunter S

All of you should also look into Bear Creek Arsenal’s products! Similar price point and great quality!

Guardian Gibbs

I was sitting here watching and thinking to myself, at what point does the annoying rooster and rifle in hand become too tempting to resist? Kudos for simply shooing it away.

Everette Lawson III

This is the first video I saw from you, and "EEEP", I hit subscribe. ??

SouthernBoy 71

I love my PSA the kit , built it , later on I added some fancy toys to it... Love it !

Iski Moe in Alaska

What kind of muzzle brake is that again?


Great! Just accidentally won a bid on a factory new PSA for $500 during this crazy inflated market cuz of the rona and election coming up. I think I lucked out haha. Thank you Bear ?

Bobibo Billi

Dude looks like Jason Mamoa Aqua Man. This dude is his cousin Land Man haaaaaa just jking

SouthernBoy 71

I got an old 3ft plastic Santa Claus as one of my targets at my dirt berm, lol


What method did you use to paint that rifle? Any video up on it?