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Medicinal herbs are a

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Learning to support your family's health by growing medicinal herbs at home is a fantastic way to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on over-the-counter medicines.

Here are the 15 medicinal herbs we recommend planting and why. Be sure to check out the blog post for photos of each plant and a full list of their remedies and uses: https://homesteadingfamily.com/15-medicinal-herbs-to-grow/

- Peppermint

- Calendula

- Bee Balm (Bergamot)

- Lemon Balm

- Tulsi (Holy Basil)

- Echinacea

- Elecampane

- Sage

- Oregano

- Garlic

- Horseradish

- Marshmallow or Hollyhock

- Yarrow

- Chamomile

- Dill



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Juh-Ree Walker

One of Caroline’s posts on healing herbs said something about fermenting garlic and honey but I can’t find that post anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to ferment garlic and honey to make an anabiotic. Thank you ahead of time

Dr Oboh

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Daisey Mae

Love this family

Marcy Caisse

The greatest man❤️ I have ever meet in my life,, all thanks @dr_lucky_herbal_home for helping me and my husband and my mom also,, we really appreciate your herbal work?❤️ me and my husband are now Herpes free and my also get rid of Diabetes ? We are so happy connect him on WhatsApp +2348167554235 @dr_lucky_herbal_home for your help, we really do appreciate ❤️???..

David Wilson

Madida herbal medicine helped me cure my Herpes virus, believe me I am HSV negative now. WhatsApp him now +2348071333118 for his herbal cure..

Rachel Elderts

looking for cure to your herpes ? look no further , herbal medicine is the way. I was tested positive few yrs ago i search and went to different hospitals and tried different drugs but no solution , until i came across this email online [email protected]gmail.com, i sent an email and got a feed back ,followed the instruction given to me and was sent a herbal medicine via courier service i took the drug after few weeks i noticed some changes .Now i am totally cured thanks to Dr CHO-CHA .. For those looking for help to any diseases ,this is his email [email protected]gmail.com Thanks so much doctor

flap jack

ok but how old is she?

Dan oneclickhealthplan

Hi Guys I pulled the Embed code for your video and put it on my website
https://oneclickhealthplan.com/downloads/100-fresh-herbs-blessed-with-love Thanks for the video?

Neilr Prathe

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Andrea Parker-Straub

Have you tried corn poppy? I received some as a free gift when I ordered seeds online and I'm not sure what to do with them or if it something that would be useful in my medicinal garden

Bucky O Hare

F.Y.I. spun out in today's world means high on meth, I know you didn't mean that tho! Great video!

Celestea Deanes

how about potted plants? I'm an apartment dwelling herbalist.


What herbal books would you recommend? Which 9nes do you use?

endurance famous

I was suffering from Herpes, i suffered until i meet Dr Ihibor the great Traditional healer who cured me completely with his herbal medicine product that I order from him. you can visit his website for more information https://drihiborherbalhomes.wordpress.com/. you can also add him on WhatsApp +2349050141449
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Fabulous video....Thankyou so much x

organica insights

this is so helpful..thank you♥️

Rohit Mandal

When I found out I had herpes, I was completely lost because I didn't know what to do and I worried about how the incident would affect my relationship. I couldn't go about it but positive thinking and a healthy approach keeps me going. I tried finding help in all possible area but my efforts were to no avail. But with the help of Dr Agbonifo herbal remedy which i only used for three weeks and went back for another test which came out NEGATIVE and I was totally healed,Contact him on WhatsApp +2349034749874

Dunia Tanaman29

That's new, information for Heath

Mama Trish

My dog gets green eye infections. Used to drag him (he’s 85 lbs) to vet, spend a fortune on the vet and meds, wrassle him 2X a day to put goo in his eyes that freaked him out and he couldn’t see thru. Now? Oregano tea with sea salt (not regular salt, has additives that burn) and when it cools a little raw honey. One rinse, it’s better. 2 in 24 hrs, it’s GONE. Oregano is my favorite herb!!!

Karina Indo-flower

Thank you for sharing this information! I was born in souther Russia, and growing up my family owned three plots of land, which we utilized for growing food. We also owned some chickens. I don’t remember everything we grew, but I do remember that my parents came up with a clever plan to remove all of the potato bugs from our potato patch. My sister and I were a little girls, and my parents gave us buckets with water, and told us to go collect as many potato bugs as we could, and at the end they were going to count every bug in the bucket, and give us money for each one. Of course it wasn’t much money, but to us little kids it seemed like a lot, and we tried really hard to collect as many bugs as we could. One of our gardens was surrounded by thick lush raspberry bushes. I remember we grew so much strawberry, that we didn’t know what to do with it. My mother made jams, and other preservatives from the strawberry we harvested, but still it was a lot of leftover strawberry, and we were giving buckets away to our neighbors. I really miss that time. When I was 13 my parents decided it was a good idea for us to move to USA where we already had family. It’s in Jacksonville Florida, and unfortunately it is way too humid and hot here to grow anything. I miss going to Russian forests to pick wild mushrooms and berries. Four years ago my family and I went to vacation at Gatlinburg Tennessee, and we fell in love with it so much that we have been going back for vacation once a year every since the first visit. I’m in love with Smoky Mountains, and I’m planning to move there one day. I just love being surrounded by all that gorgeous, wild, organic nature, untamed, untouched by human hand

Melina Dayrit

Ma'am, can you specific peppermint! What kind me buy that? I don't have idea! I want your program! Thank you so much God bless!

Jazzy J

What a fascinating video! Thank you

Elvis Rand

It feels good to know that there are cures and remedy for many terrible disease and virus such as : HERPES,  ALS, HPV etc? Am grateful that my wife finally got rid of her Genital Herpes  after suffering for over two years and my wife wasn't able to give birth, but now she's permanently cured. Trust me holistic doctors are the best. Text me on my email [email protected] to brief you more about the doctor. You can also get more information on Herbalist Alaho Olu YouTube channel.❤

Beulah Land Homestead Farm

I bought quite a few bee balm plants this year, purple, planted them, they bloomed for about two weeks and just stopped...I am so disappointed cause I paid good money for the plants. I was able to get some for dehydrating ..

Steven Wonder

You forgot the chronic!


Thank you!all this herbals are very usefully you can also add herbals to use on food like oregant etc

Marco Alex

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Dr Asokhia Herbalcure

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oyalow happy

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Jocelyn Poesnecker

Caroline, we humans do not make anything grow. Only Dear God Makes things Grow if He Wants. We farm plants, not grow them! I ask Dear God humbly to Bless you and your family.?
Love God!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Please read this and share it:

LOVE DEAR GOD❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
We must be careful when reporting historical events. If we did not witness an event, then say that someone narrated something if that was a case, and say the narrator's name if you know it.

I do not want to think poorly about a fellow human, nor think too highly. Dear God Knows all that every human did, and what all humans are doing now. God never forgets!~~I want to share a comment I sent to a fellow American person:

Our Creator, God, Said that all pornography is illegal. Do not watch pornography. Ask your congresspeople to move to make it illegal according to US man written rules.

I am Jocelyn Poesnecker, mother of five and grandmother of four. I live near Philadelphia, USA. I love God and know that Only God Grants rain. For many, many years now I prayed to Dear God for rain, for our drinking, bathing and for the trees and other plants. Always Dear God Granted our area rain but not floods. I thank Dear God for that. Do not pray to Jesus or his mother. They both prayed to God.

The weather is from God, The Only Creator. Never say the weather is horrible. Dear God Does not Make mistakes!

Do not say that you Grow anything. Only Dear God Makes things Grow!!!

I want to share some concerns of mine: My people have been unrightfully killed with guns. I do not own a gun and I plan to never use one. I encourage others to do the same!

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Thane Helton

Ok I have been thumbing through the comments.

Could you please reference the book/s you are using.
It would be nice to have a hard copy of this in-depth information on hand, just in case to internet goes down.

Thank you in advance.

Frances Kinard

So does that mean that holly basil is good for ADD?

Zhang Woo

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Brooks Odelia

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leakh peach

Thanks it’s helping me a lot to learn if you add pictures of all herb plants you talking about it will be much better for me as foreigner so I don’t have to search for what is each plant look like. Thanks

Jan Hodkins

Comfrey is really good.

AA Home Gardening

Lovely video

Augusta Gootee

I need the chamomile rt now


I am new to your wonderful channel. Can you send me your list of 15 medicinal herbs please, an where to purchase them. I checked rareseeds, johnny seeds, gurney, burpee, seed companies. #2 on your list unable to find.
Unfortunately, I am very allergic to Sage an Oregano.

For people whom have Intesti al bloating, a water bottle filled not super hot water, with lid on bottle an place it around uncomfortable area help reduce pain an pass gas.

Cherie Robinson

Thank you for your good encouragement!
I need to get my herbs growing.

Cherie Robinson

Fresh Elecampane - will stop nettle burns

Alba Downing

I just discovered your channel. And I LOVE? you guys❣️

Linda Bell

Visuals would have been nice but great advice. Really nice.

Mountain Girl

You're extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much for sharing what you know with us. I really enjoy your videos.

alalos s0fia

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I also love my medicinal herbs. Too bad it didn't made it in the list ?

Florence Florence

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Senica S

So glad I found your channel! I apparently don't learn well in a "class room" setting, but I absorbed everything you said. You are such a delight!

sofia stark

Thank you so much. I’m new to your channel and I have to say this is the best vid I have seen on basic herb additions for a medicinal garden. Well done

Frank Delison

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Donna Straup

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Katherine Walker

What do you use for arthritis and muscle pain?

Mark Marshall

Thank you!

Sopheak KH

Great ?. I really like herbs too??❤️❤️??

Country Fun

Can you please do a video or series of videos on how to use these wonderful herbs? I am so excited for the herbs I am already seeing pop up! We are looking to get away from some of the pharmaceuticals and treat things more naturally. Also, we have some airway issues mostly asthma related. So any tips there for herbs would be greatly helpful. I love? your channel and can't wait to hear back!

Melina Dayrit

Ma'am, In the Philippines not ing Marsmallow plant! Nothing here can I request you send me a seeds Marsmallow! How much?

Stefan Ryznyk

Great presentation!

Melina Dayrit

Ma'am, what Country you have?

Britt Perdue

I know I’m late but I was looking through your videos and was wondering if you could make some videos on how you make your herbal tinctures and oils and everything else? I’ve been looking for days but your videos are the only ones I can stay focused on (I think it’s your soothing voice lol). Thank you for all that you do!

Carolyn Fulton

I have rheumatoid arthritis-do you have any herbal remedy for this? Also, I’ve looked on Amazon and there lots of books on herbs and remedies. Is there one that you would recommend-it doesn’t have to be from Amazon-any source would be fine. I’m very interested in growing and processing herbs into remedies for my family.

Annalisa Kelley

Carolyn, maybe you can help I have been searching ALL NIGHT for help with growing pains. Heat and massage are working...kind of...I refuse to give ibuprofen , tylenol or motrin or anything of the sort it's just too dangerous. Please any help or suggestions if you can.

Kylie Brooks

When using Calandula, that is drying for herbal infusions or teas, etc, do you only use the petals or do you use the entire flower head?

Barry Minor

Thank you for sharing awareness of healthier lifestyle CHOICES changes and possible alternatives.
WE can do better together sharing our healthy ideas and unique dreams

Joan Fernandez

How do I know what plants l have in my garden. The women l bought my house from had so many plants. That l don’t know what is what. Is there a website or how do I get to know what I have.

Yvonne Norris

I wish you would of showed em in full bloom, Don’t know what they all look like

Mr michael

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Info Kapstok

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I just ordered seeds for my medicine/tea garden. Glad to see many herbs I bought were on this list <3

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It's Me

What should I do in the fall to prepare my herbs and garden? I'm thinking about pruning and how much.

Conscious Dancer

It's September...can I start growing things now?

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✅ Motor: We Treat But God Heals?

Landon Scott

If you have a sore throat mash up garlic and jalapeño. Then mix with local honey

Drew Peacock

What's the best herb for a tooth abscess?

Peggy O'Connell

This was so good! I learned so much! Thank you so much!!!

club Emprendedore

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Jessica Roberts

I'm so excited to find this helpful and informative and down to earth video. I am so passionate about this and I am starting a medicinal and tea flower garden. I have actually ordered seeds already or already started last year almost everything that you mentioned except for two. So I was so thrilled that you thought what I had picked was the right picks. How wonderful! And then I went to get some tea from my last years chamomile and when I came back you started to talk about chamomile! Whoo hoo! I feel so cool! Cause you're so cool and I picked your favorites, so I must be cool too! Thank you. I'll watch all of your videos.

tina storey

Hi can you do a video or point me in a direction of how to use these please, would love to use these for my self please please please ??????

Laura Becky

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7 HERBAL TEAS FOR GOOD HEALTH | Why YOU Should Consume Herbal Teas | The Health Space

7 HERBAL TEAS FOR GOOD HEALTH | Why YOU Should Consume Herbal Teas | The Health Space5 Mar. 2020
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Are you looking for a

Are you looking for a natural way to improve your health? Health coach Srishti Vasandani teaches you how to make 7 miracle healing teas which can give you relief from multiple health problems ranging from thyroid, pcod, period pain, indigestion, cough and cold to diabetes.

#HerbalTeas #GoodHealthFood #HealthSpace #HomeRemedyWithMe

Credits :

HOST - Srishti Vasandani

DIRECTOR - Katyayani Kapoor

EDITOR - Kishor Rai

CAMERA Team: Kavaldeep Singh Jangwal, Vishal Chavan

GRAPHICS- Mukesh Ishi and Advaiti Shewale

VFX- Nayan Jharbade

PRODUCER- Neha Barjatya

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Comments (55)
Jon Wesie

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Lynnz Awich

You saved my sleepless nights ?


beautyful lady :)

zehra lokhandwala

Hi mam can you suggest a gud tea for psoraisis issues itching and rashes I m in a bad condition pls help

Kaila Stovall

Hi! Do you list the ingredients and measurements anywhere?

Dinesh Bisht

Thanky mam ? do you have remedy for weight loss??

Ajay Kumar

Hindi me bhi bta do kuch saari knowledge angrezo ko hi baat di

doni sandali

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Albert van Zyl

Thank you for this information, I have always believed in herbal remedies. I don't understand what you mean by "reducing it to half"? and can i use dried basil leaves instead of fresh?

Aishu Ravi

Your voice resembles Rani Mukherjee

back office2


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Nice tips


Thank you

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It ok for summer

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Thank you, I loves this. Very good stuff yo know

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Sala Yoga


Rashmiprava Lenka

When to consume the turmeric shot for acidity to get max benefit?

Dileep Kumar

Ye video angrejo ke liye hai ya hum bhartiye logo ke liye madam hume english nahi samajh me aata behtar hota ki aap ye video ingland me ja kar shoot aur uploade karti.....?


i enjoyed this video & learned a lot, thank you ??

ramya p

Your voice sounds like Rani mukerjee ?

This is Marge

Can you believe I have all the ingredients mentioned but mint coz I hate the taste! I am a black girl who loves Indian spices in chai and curries haha must have been Indian in my previous life coz I can't go without them! Chapattis are my favorite too!

Bhagirath Kumar

हिंदी बोलतें हुऐ शर्म आती है क्या?

Inderjeet Singh

Hindi me bhi kindly ?

Rahul Bhalla

After seen this video i fell in love with her

Me Myself

Mam, can you please tell me, how to make "kx2 herbal tea" ???

Kam Leb

Hey Leute, ich habe eine erstaunliche Methode gefunden, um im Jahr 2020 Gewicht zu verlieren. Wenn Sie wissen möchten, wie Sie mir eine E-Mail senden können: [email protected]gmail.com

Yvette Stitt


Krttika Shah

going to try them ?

lyrical kingdom

Can we add sugar or honey into it ??

Herbal DT CH

Jom Tengok Khasiat Herbal-Herbal Semulajadi Yang Boleh Kita Amalkan Untuk Kesihatan di Youtube Herbal DT CH https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHQkWdUUm8FVbcyO_U3TpOg

Yoly Curls

Great video thank you! What to take to get rid of hypertension?

Muskan Athwani

Can you tell which chamomile u are using. Any brand or natural from plant

Chandan Kumar

Thank you

Shubham Kapoor

Looking beautiful

Natasha Ford

This is so so true. I started planting herbs in my kitchen garden , cause I started suffering with high blood pressure after I had my son. Absolutely wonderful video. Stay healthy guys .????

ruhani amil

good English

dee 21st

The best tea I've ever had is https://alrightea.bigcartel.com/

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timothy longmore

I used many of these. What about chaga and reishi though. I know if you don't harvest your own they can be more expensive but they do bear mentioning. I live in the north and harvst my own. I also sell them and at that point in the chain they're not expensive at all. Gathering your own is a great adventure too.

Susie Pinon

love this! thank you <3

dee 21st

The best tea I've ever had is https://alrightea.bigcartel.com/

doni sandali

drink MORINGA TEA avoid this covid-19 epidemic


paras ramola


Adam, the Owner of Your Passionate Groomer

Thank you for sharing this was enjoyable to watch=)

I HaveNoGunGame

Indian females have such dope eyebrows that distract me lol
Anyways I've been eating these with my food mostly,never thought about making a drink with them or blending them up,thx for the tips.
Also its nice to see natural beauty from a healthy lifestyle and not make up and plastic operations.
I ain't no simp but I had to say you look healthy and its all natural.

sangeeta jain

Perfect to follow to heal yourself

Be Smart

Hi mam . . We can give chamomile tea for 8 years old child . . Will you please rply?

Parmeet Nirwan

Awesome!! I have started taking your teas and immunity shots and I feel amazing! Two questions:
1: What if I just put most of the ingredients, you showed, all together?
2: Remember your immunity shot video? I feel like not throwing away the strained material and like to chew it with the shot. Or use that in boiling water to make tea. Is that okay?

pretty money

Her voice ? so melodic and beautiful?

Kajal Kanaujia

Can we make tea from the dried leaves of pattharchatta?

Top 10 Best Medicinal Herbs - For Health & Vitality

Top 10 Best Medicinal Herbs - For Health & Vitality24 Aug. 2018
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Humans have used medicinal plants for over 70,000 years to help preserve food, enhance flavor, and provide other health benefits.

There are literally thousands of medicinal herbs and plants. In today’s video, we’ll cover some particularly popular (and very beneficial) medicinal herbs for improving your health. All of the medicinal plants we'll cover today have strong research backing.

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine.” We believe his words are true. Today’s video will help you take action on that sage advice.

Broadly speaking, there are two main groups of medicinal plants and herbs – 1) culinary herbs (those that we commonly use for cooking) and 2) medicinal herbs (those that we don’t cook with often yet are very beneficial for our health).

Many culinary herbs are very medicinal (example: ginger, basil, rosemary)

Here are some very popular culinary herbs that are also medicinal:

-Basil: powerful antioxidants

-Rosemary: great for memory

-Thyme: boosts immune system

-Oregano: strong antimicrobial

Culinary medicinal herbs are typically safe in large doses – hence why humans have learned to incorporate them into our food.

Many medicinal herbs are very powerful and should be used with caution. Two examples of powerful medicinal plants are St. John’s Wort (a powerful anti-depressant with lots of different interactions with drugs) and Kava (a powerful anti-anxiety and pain-relieving herb that’s toxic in high doses).

Our goal is to cover 10 medicinal herbs for beginners that have great safety profiles and are also very beneficial.

** Medicinal Herb #1: Ginger **

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. It also helps relieve symptoms of nausea.

** Medicinal Herb #2: Lavender **

Lavender is a great relaxing herb that is best taken as an essential oil at night. Research shows that Lavender improves sleep and mood.

** Medicinal Herb #3: Garlic **

Garlic is one of nature’s best heart health herbs. Garlic lowers triglycerides and cholesterol.

** Medicinal Herb #4: Tea Tree **

Tea Tree (best used as a topical essential oil) is one of nature’s best anti-microbial herbs. Research shows that Tea Tree can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria like methicillin-resistant staph (MRSA).

** Medicinal Herb #5: Peppermint **

Peppermint is a great herb to improve digestive health.

** Medicinal Herb #6: Cayenne **

Cayenne is a powerful herb for decreasing pain, slightly increasing your metabolic rate, and improving your circulation.

** Medicinal Herb #7: Echinacea **

Echinacea is a powerful herb for stimulating your immune system and preventing you from getting sick.

** Medicinal Herb #8: Dandelion **

Dandelion is a powerful herb for improving liver health (bile flow and supporting the liver’s natural detoxification functions).

** Medicinal Herb #9: Chamomile **

Like Lavender, Chamomile is a great relaxing herb for decreasing stress and promoting restful sleep. It’s best taken at night as a tea.

** Medicinal Herb #10: Turmeric/Curcumin **

I can’t really say enough good things about Turmeric. It’s perhaps the most versatile and powerful medicinal herb and plant on this entire list. Research supports Turmeric’s use as a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, heart health & brain health promoter.

Unfortunately, Turmeric is poorly absorbed when eaten as a spice (only about 10% of what you eat is actually absorbed), so we do recommend you supplement with a bio-available Turmeric daily.

** Bonus Medicinal Herb #11: Stinging Nettle **

Stinging Nettle is very useful in preventing allergies (it reduces histamine release). Using the seeds of the Stinging Nettle plant also helps improve free Testosterone levels in men.

Take-Home Message: Medicinal herbs and plants are powerful, and we definitely recommend you get as many herbs and spices from your foods as possible.

-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi + The Men’s Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

**Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.

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great, thanks for sharing

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Nobody eats more garlic than the Portuguese.

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Great video, very informative. Ginger in tea also helps with cramps, lol.


Well, I prefer use herbs

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Thanks this video really helped god bless you ??man

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Always best advices , thank you Anthony ?? stay safe and healthy ?


Your advice has been really useful to me. I am seeing major positive changes in my body. Thank you brosky.

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Nothing really special stands out except turmeric. I suggest you consider Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola Rosea, and Jioagulan.

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Awesome video on medicinal herbs!

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I really needed such information, this will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing this information.

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Herbs are called herbs not erbs in the UK


Finally, a clear and straight to the point video on these herbs. Thanks.


Where’s the seamoss and bladderwrack this video is a joke

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He really knows what he's talking about! I feel like following him


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Great!! Very informative, thank you! Plantain is one of my favorites ever! I learned more than just "a little bit of something"

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I think you just saved us allot of money as well! Great video!

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I love to add herbs into my food it taste so good. Great video.

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I Love alternative health and wellness! thank you for the amazing video !!

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This is really great info - thanks for taking the time to make this video!

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I personally take Turmeric with black pepper and cinnamon everyday. I'm a firm believer that all synthetic medication can and should be replaced with all natural alternatives.

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Very informative video. Thanks for sharing!

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I wish he was more inclusive to people under 40

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Herbs are essential to our health, it's important to know what to take - and what to avoid.


Wow! Thank you for sharing helped me a lot! ?


Thanks for the video! I've been thinking about adding medicinal herbs to my diet. Thanks for explaining what they are and which ones are the best.

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I never even knew there were such a wide range of medicinal herbs, thanks for creating this I want to give some of these a try as they are some of the best available.


I'm definitely going to look into working this into my diet

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What about chocolate and cinnamon

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This is awesome, I've always believed in the power of natural resources #PlantPower

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Check me out as I have roots for stomach disorder

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Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of spices is interesting, thanks for reminding me about that.

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Salt and turmeric are herbs?

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AWESOME VIDEO! You are just so fun and super positive---I LOVE it.Growing herb garden for first time this year and you have informed and encouraged me to dig in.i just found you guys about a week ago and i just got done watching all you videos for the past year thank you for making videos you really inspire me

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Nettes Video. Ich habe dieses Video alle Situationen genossen. Das wird mehr Spaß machen. Und auch danke für Ihre freundlichen Informationen.

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excellent video subject Dr. Balduzzi , I was kind of surprised to see both the medicinal and culinary herbs discussed in one video , very inspiring.

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This is really amazing video for our wellness. I was kind of surprised to see both the medicinal and culinary herbs discussed in one video. I will definitely give a try and i will definitely pass on this information. thanks for sharing nice information.

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Rosemary improves memory?


Great video .Its clearly described about herbs and their benefits of our lives. Learned a lot from your video. Thanks man for sharing

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would these be good for cooking as well? thanks for the great video

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What specific herbs for H.Pylori bacterial infection and Gastritis ?

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There’s some good info in here but.....why do you talk like a valley girl? It’s so distracting. You ought to replay your description of why you "really-really" like garlic because it "really-really" is a powerful antimicrobial. It "really-really" kills things. Really-really it does. Why can’t you say "really" once? You need to really-really work on it. PS- You also love the term "amazing". Almost all of your favorite herbs were really-really amazing. Sorry for the criticism but if your going to put yourself out in the YT world, you will have to get used to some comments that aren’t 100% nice. It was meant to help you.

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yes herbs can cure you of many ailments as well

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I don't know as much as you concerning herbs, and is why I watched this informative video, but I do know that salt is a mineral, as in a water soluble rock, and not an herb, just saying. Also, I might add, the existence of the famed William Shakespeare can't be verified to the extent that many historians believe him to be fictitious along with all claims of his being, check it out.

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Man... No one recapped??

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All the benefits of herbs, in a nutshell, that is awesome. I am glad that I do take some herbs/spices mentioned in your list and must mention garlic I used to eat it raw but my body started smelling of it and my wife complained LOL. Now I store it in vinegar before consuming it.

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Lavender increases estrogen.

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I thought tea Tree was a Phyto Estrogen or estrogen booster? that would not be good for us MEN if it is true.

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This dude will change your life of you listen and implement.

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Big fan of medicinal herbs myself. I'm finding that some of these herbs are better for my system, work better for the ailment. Totally agreed. Food should be the medicine! I am learning to manage my ADHD thru food/herbs. Interesting about the Rosemary though! I'm going to start using more! I take Kava too, and I can honestly say it's quite similar to taking a xanax. Definitely works better than the Lorazepam (I no longer take) that was prescribed to me, and I don't have to use it that often.

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Man I adore your channel and content. So informative and scientific, specially you describe below. I used most of thos3 ingredients together, few i don't know or not sure available in Egypt like dandelion, stinging nettles... But thanks.
One question though, I heard about estrogenic effect of tea tree on men, is it only in large amounts? Also nutmeg and hallocination like we had in forensic med. Lol....
I am interested in nutrition btw.
I am int

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