Goatskin condom

The Sexperts - Ep. 31 - DIY Lambskin Condoms - Ft. Heidi Peelen

The Sexperts - Ep. 31 - DIY Lambskin Condoms - Ft. Heidi Peelen16 Aug. 2017
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Dr. John and Delilah

Dr. John and Delilah discuss "DIY Lambskin Condoms" with Kelly Svante, horticulturalist and physical therapist - Featuring Heidi Peelen (www.heidipeelen.com)  of Low Key Starved at the Push Comedy Theater!

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Booty Call (1997) - Gimme the Money Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

Booty Call (1997) - Gimme the Money Scene (6/10) | Movieclips1 Jun. 2017
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Booty Call - Gimme the

Booty Call - Gimme the Money: Bunz (Jamie Foxx) and Rushon (Tommy Davidson) witness a robbery at a gas station.

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Rushon (Tommy Davidson) is sexually pent-up and ready to take thing things to the next level with his girlfriend, Nikki (Tamala Jones). But when he calls for a date, she asks to make it a double -- bringing along her brash friend Lysterine (Vivica A. Fox), whom Rushon sets up with his lewd buddy, Bunz (Jamie Foxx). Things go better than expected. As the evening transitions from the restaurant to the bedroom, the two men go on a madcap search for what will surely make the night complete: condoms.


TM & © Columbia Pictures (1997)

Cast: Art Malik, Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson, Scott LaRose

Director: Jeff Pollack


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Byron ‘92

What a weird movie

Al B

" Call me a Pakistani" ????

Luis Lizard

This supposed to be funny?

The Godfather

He shot up his own place, lol!!!!

Castle Coatl

Call me a Pakistani! >:[

Charity Rich

I think I got a pickle stuck in my ass???????????

j k

too funny!

ed burshtan

as soon as he shoots them motherfuckas im gonna grab some groceries

Kyd Kaide

Goes without saying that the Indians are nobody ta fuq around wit. Especially the clumsy ones.

Christopher Longo

Listen you crack addict!


Terrorist from true lies ended up in this movie too

Patrick WannaFightAboutIt?


Nathan Tawomhera

Just a minute we talking ????

Rayshard Robinson

Your Customer!!



suriel tv

The Indian guy with the turban is white lol but still could pass as Indian or Pakistani.

Mfundo Mayila

? is nobody gonna mention the fact that the robber ddn't ther robber wasn't equal

Da Royal General

waste of rounds.

Fermin Cervantes

Your customer

Son of God

This scene was a complete waste of groceries and bullets

Farouq Omaro

People call me Indian & Pakistani. I don't mind, never been in either country, but we have family in both countries.


1:08 when u saw a ghost in the store


Funny enough is that Ahmed is played by a Pakistani actor, Art Malik. Singh appears to be played by a white actor using a thick indian accent

Benjiman Passi

Ahahahahaha ?

Dreshawn S


whoo else

Im trying to figure out why they shot the whole store up though.

Satnam Batth


Fred GG

I bet we're all going to get this recommended to us


Lmao I bet they lost more than what that guy was gonna take ?


Zimmerman sticking up the Kwik-E-Mart


I’m in pain from laughing ????


This is too funny?

E Boogie

Isn’t that store clerk the bad guy from True Lies

Chiles Russell-Taylor

My favorite drinks. Coca-Cola! ?

Hava K



That escalated quickly

Devesh Bhatt

I am Indian - the actor is actually British Pakistani and half of Punjab is in Pakistan. Also he is Ahmed and not Akhmed in India


Indians dont like to be called a pakistani or bangladeshi

Ziliana Haini

You tell him who you is???

Keva J

Tore that whole store up with that gun ??



Martin Acosta

Is never too much hahaha

Former Partner Q&A || Male Perspective On Dating Someone With Herpes

Former Partner Q&A || Male Perspective On Dating Someone With Herpes10 Apr. 2019
16 244
Earth MamiSubscribe 438 721

A lot of people ask me

A lot of people ask me how males react to my boldness

How do I tell them I have herpes?

How do most guys feel about what I’m doing?

Are guys scared to be intimate with me?

....... so I figure the best way to give an answer is to ask someone outside of myself how they feel about me, herpes and my movement. This interview was raw and authentic in the questions asked and how they were answered. I hope this helps some women with herpes to see a males perspective on disclosing our status.

It is not WHAT you carry but HOW you carry yourself ~Nauni

Here are some of my other videos you may find helpful:

Most common reaction to telling people I have herpes:


Does HSV1 cause HSV2 -


Self-Love Sunday (EVERY SUNDAY)-


Social Media:

Facebook: Nauni Darby

Instagram: naunibynature

Twitter: naunibynature

Snapchat: teelocc


Comments (66)
Cole Montana

Yo I love his answers lol

Bratty Bee

Can’t wait to reach this point in my life ? you must feel so free

Kansas Williams

I wonder if he would have a different reaction if you/his potential partner had HSV 2. Can you do a interview with a BLACK couple that has experience this? I specially would like to know a black males raw and uncut response to it.

Andrea Rada

How’d you tell him? And why didn’t y’all work out? I’m nosey af ? I need the details.

Alyssa’s World

Are you guys dating? I’m confused

Paula Konopasek

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Cole Montana

I’m talking to this girl who’s got hsv2 she was right up front with it, an instead of running away, I became more attracted to her for her honesty! Yes I know what could happen , and we take all the appropriate actions, but I can’t justify letting this ruin happiness ya know , just gotta be real safe, it’s not her fault she got it


Thank you so much for this. I was so incredibly nervous about telling an incredible and sweet man ive started dating. I listened to this video during my preparation yesterday and it truly helped and eased my nerves, especially hearing the Male perspective. Thank you for this and what you do.

Alyssa’s World

Did you tell him before you ever kissed or had sex?



Voy j

How long were you guys together ?

Mebel Silver

Dr. Umoru may God continue to favour you. I am permanently free from Herpes just because of you. I am really grateful sir. You can get more information on Dr Umoru YouTube channel

Gloria A

Love this!

Courtney Bell

Yall are hella cute..... Love it .. #EJandMami

Channelle James

Fatima, Fallan, Felicia

Kevin CCIE

I suspected my new girlfriend of having something right before sex so I asked and she immediately came free with the truth. She said she would have told me if she felt she had an onset recurring outbreak itch if I had not asked she would have told me eventually further into the relationship - just not on the day. SO WHAT DID I DO - I RAN. Comments below - was I right or wrong?


My question ??‍♀️ is he made the decision to be with someone with herpes. Which is cool no judgment but since y’all not together. Does he disclose he’s been with someone with herpes to his next partners ? Because getting tested don’t means he don’t have herpes because I am learning that getting tested can leave a false positive or negative. Just asking is it morally right to do that? I am glad I have watch this video very eye opening.

Jada Christine


Yarinet Medina Alvarado

But he did good


Great sharing.

Vell G Lazarus

Naw we could be cool

Channelle James

Not sure why you guys broke up

Keepit Ahunnid

It's cool when a girl got, but if a dude has it we gets no pussy.


Omg can we be friends we have so much in common. Love the video btw your are doing amazing with spreading awareness and ur vibe is lit?

Helen Morgan

Thanks to Dr Osaba on YouTube who cure my husband from herpes virus with the use of his herbal medicine

Joel Thomas

She looks so like on her intro but sooo dark on her video

Violet sherri mae

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Anthony Jones

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Naturally BabyDoll

Here for it!!!!

Lissy Hamilton

Thank you for making this video. Thank you for being honest

Drago Marielia

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Dang Nha Huong

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Octavia Moncrieft

He really did great answering the questions this was very informative on a guys point

Ella Younge

I want a shirt. I also have HSV-1. Can mine please say I have hsv 1 and on the back 2 out of 3 people have hsv 1

Maura Harty

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So do you have oral hsv1 ? If so, howcome you were concerned about penetrative sex?

James Amari

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Amanda Madison

Y’all are too cute!

Kay E

You should hashtag no fear under the shirt you have on✊?

Jason Phillips

You two are reckless when it comes to sex smh. She stated she isn't big on using condoms and she has a Herpes. What about contracting HIV?

I don't comprehend how there is so much information out there and the both of you still go raw smh. What man doesn't carry condoms in his car or etc lol. C'mon man smarten up.

LilBitOf Joi

Black f name= Felicia ???

Alyssa’s World

Bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has a dope personality like you ???


When did you disclose it...right away or months after knowing each other?

Enoma Abieyuwa

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toni banks

Can I have her ??

Erika Erika

Getting ready to disclose for the first time ever & this brings me so much reassurance

allbadthings nolastname

Aw he’s such a sweet soul ?❤️ love him!!

Steven Nathaniel

they stink "goatskin condoms"

Shelley Eaton

I love this video. You two are so cute. He did a great job answering your questions.I love what you are doing to de-stigmatize herpes. You are beautiful, brave, and bad ass. I clicked on this video to hear a guys perspective on HSV 2. Don't most people have HSV 1? Having HSV 2 is hell. I would not be worried if I had HSV 1. I am just confused why you are disclosing hsv 1?

antonio young

How long did you guys date?.
How often did you guys have sex weekly?

Shayna Sanders

yall did your thing <3 the energy was greeaatt

Bruce Royal Jr

You have a Superwoman imblem on!! By you wearing that shirt is ? powerful. My girlfriend has herpes and I've been doing all I can to learn about it. We found out in a up in a unsuspecting way but by running across this authentic video has really helped me be alot more open than I was. Thank you

Felicia raliae

Dr.ademiso  on youtube is truly a man of his words, finally free from herpes

LeeAnn Warren

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Ellie M

“Take you to pound town” ?? imma have to start using that hahaha

Ashleigh Earby

He seem sweet girl he handled the interview welll?

Yarinet Medina Alvarado

Goddamn hes so handsome??

Max The Millionaire

Yea,, i feel like He handled all your questions pretty well and kept it real at the same time..

Esteban Ro Rodeem

You guys said you don't line wearing condoms... did he wear one with you? If not was he worried?

Chris Kelley

Thank you guys, its so cool that I could relate to you guys. you're awesome.

Simply khalifa Dawson

I think people should get stds check before they sleep with people

Gens Faves

#FaithfulFelicia lol

Andrewhart Amanda

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