How to please women in bed

How To Please Women In Bed - The Best Shes Ever Had

How To Please Women In Bed - The Best Shes Ever Had3 Sep. 2020
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Rocky Peterson is the

Rocky Peterson is the worlds premiere Sensual Massage giver for women. He runs a site called where he teaches sexual techniques to men and where he teaches women how to please men with their hands.

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This Is THE BEST Advice For Pleasing Women In 'The Bedroom' (r/AskReddit)

This Is THE BEST Advice For Pleasing Women In 'The Bedroom' (r/AskReddit)25 Aug. 2020
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What's the best bedroom

What's the best bedroom advice you ever got and from whom?

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Mind Heist

Jokes on you
my flat is too small to have a closet

DR. Eggz

Yo im first so i clam the comment section in the name of NARNIA

Liam Gordon

3:42 I like these guys. Sound like good brothers

Michael Rhoads

Smile, enjoy yourself, say thank you (if applicable), don't give frownjobs. They effin'suck

Brandon Vance

1:23 He’s right. I think every guy should watch this video as well. It is quite helpful.

Graham McFadyen Hill

Best advice was from my wild older sister...she told me that if I wanted to win a girl's heart, I had to get her off with oral sex first. I was a late starter, and I met my first girlfriend at church camp. We became intimate quite on the third date, and I followed my sister's advice. On our fourth date, just as we were leaving her house, still on the front stairs, she stopped, turned to me, and said "You're gong to go down on me, right?" Her mom and dad watching through the living room picture window. Me hoping they couldn't lip read. Sis was right.

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This is helpful

Justin Miller

Use toys. Women don't last long.


If you fear the thought of a person having a baby, don't do it with them.