How to hurt a man's ego

How To Hurt EGO of A MAN Funny Video | Lamophiles

How To Hurt EGO of A MAN Funny Video | Lamophiles11 Jan. 2021
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#chakka #chaka #egoinman

#chakka #chaka #egoinman #gay #india #ego #egoinindia

In India you can easily hurt a man's ego by Calling him "Chakka". Here is funny video about this topic.

This is some interlectual thing (ignore)

It’s no secret that men have egos and that as women, part of your job when dating one of us is either to coddle those egos or try to take them down a peg depending on whether they’re fragile or out of control. Either way, it should be helpful to know some of the best ways that you can hurt a man’s ego. Whether you want to do these on purpose or avoid doing them is up to you.

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btw the spelling of intellectual is wrong there.

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I m addicted to decent content

An aspirant

Adha video?

A Woman Strokes A Mans Ego To Control Him

A Woman Strokes A Mans Ego To Control Him16 Jun. 2019
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Christ Consciousness

Yo Eddie I been trying that eye seduction and I see that shit is real


I Concur... Much Luv Bro

Orin Lyles

U need God in anything u do... He gives u everything u need

Antoni De Medici

No truer words were ever said , most women understand male psychology and they know exactly the perfect things to say to get men to do things for them wether they're good or bad things. Alot of dudes are in jail or in front of some judge because of some f*cked up thing some woman said or did to them. Words are very powerful and many women know this so men be careful of a chick that's always trying to stroke your ego because alot times behind those words is something very sinister.


Peace and Prosperity


Bought both your books over the weekend Eddie! Just me buying them made me feel better! I can’t wait to get into the game!! Writing this before I even watched the video because you deserve everything that comes your way!!

Tremaine Jordan

Peace and Prosperity

Oliver Eugene

Peace and Prosperity

Robert Drake

Wonderful views Definitely motivating
Health Peace and Prosperity
#AbundanceMindset #FocusOnYourself #NiceGuysFinishLast #Hypergamy
#GuysFallingInLoveWithHoes 90days


peace, prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness.

LiGerald Jones

Peace and Prosperity!!!?????????

Kevin Vieira

Peace and Prosperity ‼️????????

Anthony Williams

Peace and prosperity brother...

Lawrence D. Adams

Good content ??

Daniel S

Peace and prosperity

Don Huan

Disrespect to god

Hay Man

Peace and prosperity to everyone

Lil’ Ronnie Da Realest

Eddie important question‼️
Do you think phallus size & spirituality are connected?
I’ve noticed this isn’t really talked about at all as if we don’t have any real information about the man & the phallus

Mental Alchemist

Really appreciate your content my guy. You have a way of showing your success and wisdom without coming across as condescending and egotistical.

Keep it up. You're words and life is motivation and a beacon of light in these times of darkness for so many. Increasing peace and prosperity to you and all who read this. May the most High continue to shine through you and guide your path. As its written so it be.


Nice place G!

FountainofLife Online

Nice place bro! Shalom!

Preach Curves

Beautiful view

brian nichols

peace and prosperity...





Prosper withCJ

Peace and prosperity bro. Keep it up that lifestyle is everything


Peace and prosperity to all my brothers


Learned this from Professor MGTOW. Gonna stay on the first floor

More Wisdom

peace and prosperity yall. Happy Belated

Kristian Murphy

Probably chopped it up with the chef too, It's sunday morning guys drop a few dollars into his collection plate for the paid content. Bless those that bless you..Peace and prosperity to all!


Nothing wrong with showing off, (edit: as long as it's done with the right motives) it can give others incentive to reach out in their lives


You're living good Eddie. Keep it up! Peace and Prosperity

Alfundz music

Peace and prosperity to you all. Very dope . You right bro.

Anthony Hudgins II

Peace & Prosperity

Jellz Msk

Peace and prosperity

Lonzie Lee

Gotta drop that peace and prosperity for the homies. Make sure y'all are speaking and writing the affirmation daily too

Professor Mgtow

This is all facts. I love you the most common ego manipulator words

Nile Alexander

the ending was fire


Peace and Prosperity to the Brothers...

Iriyon Prince

Faith n believe... similar to psalm 37 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart


peace and prosperity

Early Bird

Peace and prosperity

King Yedidyah Raiment

The energy in this Vlog is magnetic, after watching this a true man will automatically want to level up. Great inspiration Brethren.


Peace and prosperity Eddie.

JB Barnett

U way off the grid no people and thats a very populated place



King Rey

Peace and prosperity.

Joshua Perez

Peace and Prosperity


Peace and prosperity

King Yedidyah Raiment

Peace and Prosperity Brethren.

Outfit Music

Peace and propserity

Andrew Valadez

Peace and prosperity Eddie and peace and prosperity to everyone on here!

Gabe B

Peace and prosperity


Peace and prosperity King Eddie!

Brother GreyWolf

The Most High, in heaven above makes everything possible.

Wayne Poller

Peace and prosperity to Eddie and all the men watching this video....

Shaun K. Owens Son Of Yah

Peace and prosperity, brother.

Blue Deep

Yes some women do stroke a man's ego to control him but then that means that she has issues too!!! neither person should have a ego nor should they have any sort of Pride that allows them to ignore their heart!! once people get out of that brainwashed mentality of being egoistic which destroys your true inner meaning of who you are , and going into their hearts space, then that's where the True Love Lies!! And what I mean by true love, I mean loving yourself!! God is no he or a she!! At least that's what my belief is and that belief is not going to change whatsoever according to somebody else is stronger belief!! I believe in the universe and I believe in cause and effect!! You stroke a man's ego and then you control him you will never be internally happy vice versa!!! bye

Young Psycho

I ain't even gonna lie I'm 17 but that place motivates me to make serious money in my life

Alpha General

Peace and prosperity big fews


Peace and Prosperity

Swank Justin

Keep living how you live Eddie. Happy belated as well brother

Ran Ryaz

Peace and prosperity to all who reads this!!!

Roman Coleman

Holy fuck the view!!!

Wali Gordon

Health peace and prosperity


Peace and prosperity brother


Peace and prosperity family

Aaron DeGuire

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Paul Thomas

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Eddie Fews

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Jahdius king

Peace Patience and Prosperity.

ya bish

@6:05 is where the dimes begin

KingLouie1K AKA Louie Long Loc’s

Peace and prosperity my brother

Drippin Dividends

I see Bali is your favorite spot...i see

Don Knight

Peace and Prosperity ?

deval lineberger

Peace and prosperity

Antoine B

Peace and Prosperity to you King

TruPlayer 4real

Peace and prosperity to Eddie and all my brothers ??

Mike Sawyer

Best channel out


m8 on 100% volume is so low, please do something about this for future videos, and as always thanks for valueble information

How to ignore a man in a way that hurts him [Pt. 1]

How to ignore a man in a way that hurts him [Pt. 1]15 Nov. 2020
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Brooke Stafford

Why showing 2 women kissing??? Has nothing to do with this video

Queen Queeny

Y need to hurt the one u loved .
If She or he doesn't love u let her be .. no need to hurt ..

Meme Turkieee

Guys always like that ?

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Celine Montes

Not good!

Team Elxte

This world getting too toxic

Carol D

What was the point of the two women kissing in the first slide?

Cindy cinn

Acknowledgement of any kind is extremely important
Nothing wrong with a tiny bit
Total ignore is not nice
And will bite you in the butt one day I learned the hard way that:(


Not a nice head title...a real MATURE and loving woman wouldn't want to hurt someone on purpose. Setting boundaries for the way a man treats you is one thing but not ignoring with the intention of hurt. This is why people who play games in relationships will never last.

D.h. Geetha

I dont want to hurt anyone but he hurting me a lot.

Dasha Trohimets

Thanks for your videos ???☺️


Cruel but works

Mark Kobzar

How to be toxic 101

Crystal Dating Coach

While talking to him on the phone...hang up. Right in the middle of the conversation. Then turn the phone off. That hurts. It will drive him CRAZY!

Team Elxte

This why so many women are single and dry downstairs

Zaara 11A 59

What's the point of this? To hurt someone intentionally? You can just move on. Why do you have to hurt someone in order feel better? It just shows your trauma and insecurities. The energy you give to others is what you receive someday. This is no good you people. If you don't like or want be around them just don't be but hurting someone doesn't make things better in anyway. I hope you understand. No offense:)

Sandra Johnson

Why just why?

Denise Rivera

Don’t play games with man’s heart and emotions. ☮️