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S2 Episode 6: Dumb Fuck

S2 Episode 6: Dumb Fuck10 Nov. 2010
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Jack and Aaron reveal

Jack and Aaron reveal their intimate of which cuts a little too deep!

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What's interesting is that the poz guy was wrong, but you do feel a bit of empathy for him.

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Actually there's still a 30% chance of infection, even with a condom. HIV guy is the dumb fuck.

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I mean episode 8. Sorry.

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This is fucking bizarre. OH, by the way I have a life threatening STD.

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Ok, having seen episode 9, I appear to have maybe been a bit limited in my thoughts. Perhaps...


@bahleeted Did a little more research, the figure isn't 30% but there's still some chance. I think the HIV+ guy should have been honest straight up, and then let the other guy decide for himself whether he was willing to take the risk. Personally I would still have safe sex with him, but I would most certainly be angered if I was put at risk without my knowledge. It's not fair on your partner to keep them in the dark about something which could result in their death.

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Dennis Johannesson



Notice, it is a law in Australia to reveal your HIV status before the actual sex act.
I love Australians.
The neg guy is an ignorant bastard. He has the right to know and to not want to be intimate with a Pos man but his reaction is cruel and inappropriate.

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I hate Aaron since S1.

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The Perfect Cock4 Jul. 2017
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I don't remember much but I really enjoyed this.. It worked very well and i am reading the description now master.

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Being a gay man, I first thought this could be for us more masculine gay men as well, but when after you said your first trigger of "My cock slipping into your pussy" it immediately broke me out of the trance. Wish you could make a future video directed to gay men if that was possible. Personally, I really enjoyed your voice as a hypnotist and it really relaxed me. If the reason that there isn't any files for erotic hypnosis on this channel is because these are directed more for heterosexual women than I do understand. But again to be frank I did find your rather masculine voice honestly soothing and wish I could have enjoyed this particular file completely while under trance. I hope this doesn't offend in any way and thank you

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