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CARDI B – I Like it | Street Dance | Choreography Sabrina Lonis

CARDI B – I Like it | Street Dance | Choreography Sabrina Lonis1 Jul. 2018
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CARDI B – I LIKE IT | Street Dance Choreography Sabrina Lonis



-------------------- FOLLOW SABRINA LONIS --------------------


Professeur de danse diplômée d’état / Dance Teacher




► SNAPCHAT : SabrinaLonis



-------------------- MUSIC --------------------

CARDI B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin – I LIKE IT

ALBUM : Invasion of Privacy available now


- INVASION OF PRIVACY merchandise available here:

-------------------- THE AMAZING DANCERS --------------------

1 - Ornella - Louella – Ilanah

2 – Sharlyne Say

3 – Léo et Albane

4 – Aimée Denancé et Anabelle Villechenoux

5 – Jordan Boury

6 – Ambre Obela – Sarah Garba – Amélia Ramos

7 – Andy Da veiga

8 - Mila

9 – Ilona - Axelle Equinet – Ambrine

10 - Ashley – Juliette – Chiara

11 – Martin – Rafaëlle – Alexandre

12 – Clémence (9yrs) – Maelys (9yrs)

13 – Albane

-------------------- VIDEO --------------------

FILMED AT : @laxstudio Paris

BY : Florian Bretez ---

& Sabrina Lonis

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On compte sur vous pour vous abonner, liker, commenter et partager nos vidéos, plein de bisous ! This kids, teenagers and adult dancing street dance (jazz funk) commercial on Cardi b « i like it » are from Paris (France), they are all amazing dancers, I love them so much. Thank you for watching us.

Mille merci pour votre soutiens #teamsabrinalonis

Comments (100)

7:31 You re my fav kid. I bet on you ??

music in cat

Como llegue aquí :'v

Xorazm ustalari Stroyka


maryam white

c grave comme il bouge !!!!! truc de fou tres fort et il on travailler dur sa se voit trop boo



Dig All

I'm 11 and she flat

Justin Livingston

Zen I miss you terribly.

lena zorba

A little girl with the red and white T shirt and the boy with the red,white,and black T shirt Fila are amazing excellent????

jamn cornico

This is my favorite dance video?

_ GeNAsIs_

Who's the girl with the red bandana??

Chloe S

J'hésite.. je pleure car j'ai en aucun cas tout ce talent ou j'applaudis la performance ?

Michael Kane

Sbrina,I’m Michael in Saint Augustine Fl.Are you with Millenial Dance School?

Marco André Schmidt

The best for me is the black and red girl solo presentation ?? 7:38

yassou LPB


Enrique Iglesias

The camera goes out... annnnnd back in, and then out, then in, then out. The whole video. Kinda made it annoying to watch.



Kristie Steveson


jinlin Yu

good dancers

Jean-philippe Gazay

Woow !

Elif Sorguven


Lou Garouf

They are good but not very technical

Lida Garcia

Dónde queda esa escuela de baile??

prerna kaul

the last girl was lit !!!!!!

Zeynep Kutlu



me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mis respeto a ellos


Who else herw is wishing that they could dance like this rather than just be a couch potato.

Silver Nimo


Baibin_ Kurd

who knows dan dan like like?❤️

Sabrina Lonis


Gulcan Keser

2:40 they are the best i ship them

renegxde charli

Woo ?????????????????????



Abby Wall

Dang these people can DANCE

Michael Kane

Ive talked a few times to Yanis Marshal from Mellenial Dance Company.

ramadan behluli

juste trop beaux

Awais Khan

Hollywood dance Amazing

mehr gurung

these girls (11-14): go to school dance

every other kid: why do i hear boss music



Orena Bajraktaraj

i like it?


Los 3 son una riatAaaaa



Gina Cavalieri
Hey!! what do you think about my new film? (: CRAVIN - DANILEIGH Coreography thaaanks!!

Anasta Petrunina

Я буду много снимать про танцы❤️❤️?


whata bunch odf loosers. watch it on mute. their retarded.

Hiba Jatu

Nice this Dance ???

Jesus Roman

Just saying play the whole song starting from the beginning makes the song suck

Izzy Campos

I love it

Vo Tuan

3:17 what is her name?

Osiris Guerra


Paola La_bottona

Bravissimi♥️♥️pure io pratico hip hop e danza moderna

Eng95 X

They r bomb people

Niemand Niemand

I dont think whether this sexualizing dress and dance is appropriate for pre-teen girls but they have such a good potential to be a pro-dancer in future although they are now

lostt.the. rat

I wanna do this but I don’t have the guts to dance in front of a camera


Wow I love you guys so much.♥️♥️??

death bed

Louella best?


this is so great I wish we were the guys because I'm a good dancer everybody said this to me because I'm very very very good dancer

Bad Girl

Mina de laranja tava se achando a própria Cardi B kkkkkkkkk

Pooh Bear

omg .and my name is analise. ???????????

Mayara Kunha

Top dos tpos

mar ndiaye

I like ?????

Miyuki Gryffindor

Bad dance.


This called me untalented on a number of languages duolingo doesn't even know..

Gerard Gaussen

Ou tu fait les entrenement de danse perso a nimes et a paris avec un des d1nseur de black m

Leap Mee

I love u dance girl ❤️?

Jing you Wong

Wow the boy at 3:16 is so flexible

Van Johnson

Did not know she made this song.feb2020.

Marshall Recker RP

iv'e been dancing for 8 years and is on the best dance at trying to dance like them: dances like ive never danced in my life


Ilove song and music video ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

Vincenzo Costone



So great I love your decimeters and I wish I can be with you guys


No mms wey la cargaron con ese baile xD

Mirza Akın

Fucking tayip erdogan

ƒ l α η є υ я

They should make choreography for Futsal shuffle 2020 (Lil Uzi Vert)

Toni Stanford


Hill combo2020 H please help us choose the winner child battle


Hola luna

Brenda becker Becker


Maria munox

Wtf!! Look to thes dudes?????

Justine Macle

30 millions de vues omg, trop fière ??

Everyday With Erianna

Get it girls and guyss

Nadya Nurhidayah

8:29 the girl on the right with short hair really be killing it ?

Brooklynn Harden

Love this song by card b




i do cheerleading but i really wanna do street dance:( i’m scared to ask my dad tho cuz cheerleading is already alot of money

ღGachatuber Milყღ

Leí Sabrina Lolis ??‍♀️

Michael Kane

Great dance moves.....i used to follow Mellenial Dance Company vids,with Yanis Marshal,and other Dance teachers.Have you ever been to there studios?They opened 1 in Miami,Ny,Tx,and Ga.

vídeo musical com a vivi

Vocês são muito boa nessa dança viu

Helena Pinela

How is this type of dance called?

Valentina Barrios :3

Yo apenas me muevo y estas niñas se mueven mejor que yo wey :v


Ψώνια όλα τους μα ωραία χορογραφία κανό Καλύτερη ????????????

Brittney Segura

Yeah baby i said i lkie it like that

cutydown 101

3:00 love her and him

John Lapidario

How long it took u to do this dance?


Wow gorgeous i like the first group

renegxde charli


Ivana Erdeljan

Cool ????


The first girl in the red was good??????

Andy Simmons

It's, uhm, cute. Just seems to be very little discernible choreography between all the groups. ???

Gemi Larose

That Chinese girl got skills.Go girl

Ariana Zaragoza

Who is the girl with the orangish red shirt in the first group with the shoulders cut out? She is so great! Tons of expression

VW Up! bi-xenon projector installation tutorial

VW Up! bi-xenon projector installation tutorial26 Aug. 2015
649 707
Retrofitlab.comSubscribe 438 721

VW Up retrofitted by Mini

VW Up retrofitted by Mini D2S bi-xenon projectors and Iris shrouds. Nicely black out reflector!

The Volkswagen Up! is produced in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Follow this instructions step by step for a great upgrade of your halogen headlights!

??? ??? ??? ???? ????? ??????? ??? ????:


0:01 Heat the headlight in the carton box for about 18 minutes, and separate the glass from the housing. Unfortunately this headlight is permasealed what make it a little harder as butyl headlights.

When the sealant is cooled down, heat it up again in the box

1:31 Once the glass is separated you've access to the inlay. Remove it all if you want to paint the reflector

2:11 Remove the bulb holder and sand and clean it before you can use the primer. After the primer is dry you can spray a couple layers of the color you want (matte black is used here)

3:07 Drill a hole in the reflector for the bi-xenon wires

(Unfortunately I had missed a step, I didn't check if the projector fits directly.. It won't in the reflector so I had to modify it a little. After that of course I need to paint it again

4:02 Now, let's install the Mini D2S bi-xenon projector. Don't forget the rubber ring on the tail, use the H4 centric ring to align it and fasten the projector on with the included nut on the tail

4:45 This step is now needed in every headlight, please check it before you start grinding. The projector hits the reflector a little, so I decided to cut of some edges of the projector (of course I did this step before I mount it in the reflector)

5:25 Add some new butyl sealant and place all parts back in the housing again

6:15 Glue the Iris shroud on the projector with normal contact glue of with 2 components glue like JB weld

7:22 Install the bulb and close the back with the rubber cap again

7:54 Press the glass back on the housing and heat it up again. After it's heat enough press it further in the housing, you can also secure it with clamps

8:50 Final view!

?? ???? ????? ??'?? ????:

• Aharon Speedstart D2S Canbus ballasts

• Iris shrouds

• H4 Stand alone canbus wires

• 5500K XB35 D2S bulbs

?????????? ?? ? ??-????? ????????? ???????? ???:

• Much better light output

• Double high beam (xenon + halogen)

• No glare

• Lower energy consumption (35 watt instead of 55 watt)

• Luxury OEM look

???? ??? ???? ??? ??:

• Volkswagen Up! (2011 - 2015)

????? ??? ??? ??? ???????? ?????:

???? ?? ??:




Our website:

??? ?????:

Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. These days there are a lot of people who put a simple plug & play xenon kit in their halogen headlight housing in an attempt to improve night vision and looks of their vehicle. In fact they don’t realize that their headlight beams are often worse than before. Night vision achieves relatively little improvement on night vision because of a poor beam pattern, which increases the blinding of other road users. This is because their headlight housings are designed for halogen and not xenon.

A true Bi-Xenon projector update is now possible for your car. Such an upgrade will significantly improve your light output from 700-2100 lumens to 2800 and 3500 lumens, without blinding other traffic with glare from your headlight. Upgrade your headlight OEM style!

The latest high power Led bulbs will upgrade both the exterior and interior lighting system of your car. Led lighting is becoming more and more popular in the automotive market for obvious reasons. They have longer lifetime, use less energy and improve safety with their fast response time.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you out!

Good luck with your retrofit!

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.

Comments (96)
Sebas Ro

Hola. Como se llama el producto con el cual pegas las opticas? Gracias.

car daily

Hello guys!
If u can help me with some advice about my Audi a4 b5 regarding to my headlights i can't get the plastic lense off only with a hairdryer and box ...that adehesive is to thick ,wont even budge .
Can u please tell me what to do ?

Nerijus Rupeikis

you need led turn signal bulbs


Hoe weet je exact of hij horizontaal goed zit?

firdaus suadrif

hey is that h4 housing ?

Leonardo Silva

Qual spray é aquele antes da tinta preta?

Serge Degorce

Pas mal, et pour scenic 2 de 2007 1.5 ?

alison rechene

Quanto custa um serviço desse? Teria como mandar os valores para meu email?

Fahoo JG Workshop

orginal glue it`s a "hard glue" or buthyl glue?

Jonhie Ruiz

What's is the black strip that you put on the edge of the light?

Aldo CR

Hi !!!!!!!!!!
Who does this work in Mexico ?

canal do palio

Ficou top parabéns


What kind if spray paint u use ?


esse projetor suporta uma lampada com reator de 55W? a maior temperatura desgastá-lo? eu possuo um igual, mas queria um pouco mais de luz...

Wendell Favacho

impressiva job. congrats

Mauro Tufo

Decisamente un lavoro impeccabile, per dei gran carrozzieri!!!!

Juan Tapia

que tal dond te ubicas y saber si vendes los faros x que necesito unos para el jetta a4 asi con proyector oh si puedes subir un tutorial te lo agradesco

Power Light Iluminación y Audio

en donde se encuentran amigo? ustedes hacen el trabajo... regalenme un,Whats App para platicar... 6873679980 es mi numero!!!

Matheus Santana

beautiful tutorial friend, so get me one doubt that connection (wire) is left throughout installation is the one that makes the function , High / Low ?

Николай Барболин

Грязная работа

Francesco Esposito

complimenti, sei bravissimo

Alan Tan

I hate permaseal headlight! Did one before and the headlight housing bent so badly like the headlight in your video..

Juan Alcala

What is the name of the black strip you use to seal the unit?


E o limpador com água de xenonio

Jonathas Junior

Have you ever done the kia cerato/forte ?

Pietra Palluze Melido

Este kit vem com o as lampadas de xenon?
Quais os cursos para enviar para o Brasil?

UPCar Tuto

Na minha opinião esse é o melhor canal de Retrofit.

Victor Treze

show pra krl mas eu n tenho coragem de fazer isso no meu pq tenho ctz q vou fazer merda

Neto Estrela

Nice work! Do you sell the headlight with the kit installed? If yes, can you ship a pair of these to Brazil?? I'm looking for a plug&play solution...take in advance

André Porto

Parabéns pelo trabalho! De primeira!

sainidis kwstantinos

I like to retofit my honda hrv 2003 model.
Little help please..

Sniper 2810

Illegaler Schrott der andere Autofahrer blendet

José Luiz Lourenço Junior

Instalação de Led semelhante ao do Jetta ficaria Top tbm!

Lucas Lira

Sensacional! Verdadeiro profissional! Agora esse farol de Up! já tem LED, o brasileiro não tem...

marllon vlasak

Qual a lâmpada que vc ultilizou ?


pena que tem o fox g2 foco duplo ai, ia fica top

Miguel Lamar

Can you retrofit a Kia Sorento 2003

Seif Eddine

have you a parts for Mercedes w203 c270 cdi

maysa bombom

passa ai pra mim...93- 991897365

Adriano tressi

muito top mas vidieo sem audio nao eras

Dennis Ossi

Good Job, respect!

Matt Wagers

What is the primer and paint you guys use? and which scotchbrite pad do you use? Thanks

Paulo Andrade

Como faço pra contratar esse serviço pra meu carro ???


nice watch, model number? :D

Luciel Duderstadt

Já deveria vir de fábrica assim, fica mais bonito, e além disso, pra versão topo de linha do TSI poderia vir com Angel Eyes, nas outras versões poderia ser oferecido como opcional.

Braedon Bauer

so you cut the adhesive off then just press it back together? lmao your going to get a LOT of water build up in there... at least heat up the glue or even melt it, then reseal it properly so you dont get leaks, im just really confused lol

Anirudha Guha

Hello bro, please help me out.
currently m using the same d2s projector in my hyundai grand i10. can u please tell me which bulb to use? through which bulb i can get d maximum amount of light? d2h or d2s?
m having d2h cnlight 5000k bulbs nd m ok wid them!
Please suggest which one should i go wid?


Golf mk6?

Sercan Kantar

Hi. what xenon kit are u using? is the droser visible or you can place it in the headlight?



Fares Rezz

great tutorial, what did you do before painting the inside of the headlights plz?


vw Fox ?

Mr. Pepper

hey guys, do you know about winpower lamps? did you know what projector they use on their kit? my car its a jetta. Tks!!!!


the best retrofit i've seen so far!
and a question, is it possible for you guys to retrofit my OEM golf mk4 lights?

Igor Coelho

Hi, Im looking foward to install projectors on my Mitsubishi Lancer. My first doubt is about the bulb of the projectors are H1 and my car uses HB4; how can i use or adapt the H1 bulb to fit in my car that uses HB4?
Another question is, because of the law here in brazil, i cannot use xenon all the times, is it possible to use a halogen bulbs like Phillips Diamond Vision inside the projectors?
Thank you.

alal ghany

Tolong bang bikin tutorial kia carnival tahun 2000

Luis Lopez

Hello guys! I have a doubt with these system; if you are driving at the day with the sun and everything and everything, and you have the lights off (because you are driving at the middle of the day) and you want to turn-on the high beams lights for a second just to make a sign or something like that, (remember, lights are off) my question is: it does turn on the high beams? (because you take as "high beam" the plate for the projector and not the original high beam light). I hope you undersand my doubt.

Maniek Sz.

U should reccomend osram diadem indicator bulb :)


how do you adjust it horizontally? or does the adapter plate do that? i have a 9007 headlight but there isent a plate for mine... so ill have to thread it on a bit then manually tilt it then tighten it dont i?

Valon Kadrijaj


Andre gustavo

Essa cola preta é coisa do demo... Pqp! Hauahaua

Francisco Conticello

que luces son las que usaron?

Andre gustavo

Essa cola preta é coisa do demo... Pqp! Hauahaua

Luis Campos

it'll be a good idea to cover up the lens assembly to protect it from the grinding debris. It's all in the details bud.

Kassen Nunes

Qual tipo de tinta foi usada?

Diego Nogueira

ola amigo, tenho 2 perguntas pra voce: gostaria de saber que tpio de cola é esse que vc utiliza nesse video, qual a que voce recomenda e a outra é onde voce compra os projetores ?

Francysmar santos

infelizmente nao e brasil. ja teria um cliente


Olá amigo, qual a temperatura você deixa o soprador térmico 18 minutos!?!? obrigado e parabéns pelo vídeo!!!


Waar moet de stekker in?

hhh hhh

hey , c'est possible de garder le kit xénon H4 et l'installer dans la lentille D2S ?
a fin d'avoir le code et phare dans la même lentille

Mahmoud Ameen

what is the type of tape

ken Ken

Hi. I have hid projector and it doesnt have light in the top middle of it. Whats the problem ?


Belo trabalho!

Fabian Bruch

Ich fahre auch seit 3 Jahren einen Up und habe auch Probleme mit der Gangschaltung 2. Gang geht oft zu Leergang und den Rückgang gehts oft sehr schwer rein.
Dazu noch das bekannte Beschlagungsproblem. Bei Kälte und Regen ist das wie eine Dampfsauna, sehr ärgerlich. Fazit : mein nächstes Auto wird wohl kein VW sein.


What type of spray paint did u use?

Tuning By GRIG

Hello ! Whats the temperature setting for the heat gun?? Thank you !

La buena agricultura

La pregunta es.... proyectará bien la luz

Canh Bui

Can u tell me what u used to heat the headlamp? is that ok for any those?


Retrofitting xenon where I come from is illegal :'(


Too much work. Buy it already built. Lol

Anirudha Guha

Hello bro, please help me out.
currently m using the same d2s projector in my hyundai grand i10. can u please tell me which bulb to use? through which bulb i can get d maximum amount of light? d2h or d2s?
m having d2h cnlight 5000k bulbs nd m ok wid them!
Please suggest which one should i go wid?


aproveitando, queria saber também quanto ficaria no do Peugeot 308

Dustin Cariaga

How did u got the projector separately just asking and how do u know how to make it fit btw

Fotis Fotiou

For a car that does not have projectors from the factory, after you fit the aftermarket projectors can you use the signal (usually the high beam) without having turned the headlights on?

k___ 89


Vicenzo Alessandri

Belo trab parabens. Vce vende esses farol? e q valor ficaria? grato.

Fábio Afonso

Helio, do you sell the complete headlights? I don't have the skill needed to do it myself

bbq qbb

Nice job,but I have question 5:21 You cut off original mounting holes and 5:57 You put in one with original condition??

Andre gustavo

Essa cola preta é coisa do demo... Pqp! Hauahaua

Gabriel Bona

good evening! What Projector model shrouds used for this projector, the same as the video?

Александр Кадынцев

всю фару испортил... аккуратности ноль...


Hi uit Brazilië
Ik heb een twijfel
Om 4:45 u zowel de bovenste uiteinden van de lens stuk metaal en op 05:52 als je het zal vast weer snijd de beide bovenste uiteinden nog steeds er weer.
Dus wat is het punt van het snijden ?

Douglas Sampedro

Hi, what's the proper size lense that will fit in 2000 mitsubishi mirage hatchback pls?

Elvis Putns

What goes up must come down

Kenny Man

why would you paint the back reflection housing.. the light won't reflex off anything.. and why is every video no sound..

How To Install Retrofit Projectors With Bi-Xenon [10 Steps]

How To Install Retrofit Projectors With Bi-Xenon [10 Steps]26 Jan. 2021
Useful VidsSubscribe 438 721

How to install retrofit

How to install retrofit projector headlights! Projector retrofit install DIY!

This video will show you how to install bi-xenon projectors into your factory headlights - in just 10 steps! We will cover everything you need to know before attempting this retrofit.

You will need the following:

Bi-Xenon retrofit kit

H1 HID Kit (I chose 4.3K temperature)

Basic hand tools

RTV clear silicone

We cover every step of the retrofit process in detail so that your finished product will be superb. The basic premise is that you will bake your headlights at 290F for around 5-8 minutes, remove the lens from the headlight, remove the shroud from the reflector, install the aftermarket Bi-xenon projector, and finally seal the headlight back up.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Please hit that like and subscribe button! Thanks for watching!

Comments (1)
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