Give a good blow

Dan Savage: How do you give a good blow job?

Dan Savage: How do you give a good blow job?4 Jan. 2010
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"How do you give a good

"How do you give a good blow job?"

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David Dodge

I was just referred to this video by "Uncle Jimmy," himself. LOL


It's a sad sign of our times when a gay man stands on stage and talks about "how to give a good blowjob" to raptuous applause and laughter from the audience.  What have we become as a society...


Ah, I know someone that likes it like Uncle Jimmy! LOL. Luckily I knew that this was not the norm.

Jacob Bizaillion

@RyleeStrange i was thinking the same thing.

John Moore

go IU!


I was there! What an incredible, hilarious night. I think it's safe to say we were all pretty happy to hear and see Dan, as you could probably tell from the large amount of laughter.


@ RyleeStrange - Nope, I'm wondering the same thing myself.

John Adam Ziolkowski

@patsaxon Why not? Why not both? Why not both at the same time? That's the most fair!

Ms. Kinch

@staronciceli haha, excellent advice!




Wow...I hate teeth...most people do lol. This is crazy but funny I love his stuff


uncle jimmy is going to hell for being too awesome a guy!! :PP


Dan Savage, that Uncle Jimmy story was one of the funniest things I've heard since your last Savage Love podcast. Bless you!

Wesley Foreman

It's a shame he didn' bring his boyfriend up. That could have been funny.

David Diego Rodriguez

God bless, Uncle Jimmy!


The guy is a massive tool,i suspect he the worst human being on earth,what a scumbag. This guy actualy support children being raised by other people than their parents.

Steven London

Are you " men " serious ? !!!!!!!!!!! Glad to be from uncle jimmy's generation.


Fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Kinch

so..what if the response to 'how do you like it' is 'idunnooo'. how bout giving a grabbag of suggestions! Suggest some things to try! Not everyone is as creative as you, Mr. Savage!!


hahaha thats so horrible!!!

Lazureus Falcone

Uncle Jimmy is a jerk and a genius!


Funny ass shit, good stuff.


this freaking makes me laugh out loud every time


ohman, stole the words from my keyboard. xD

Vanessa Trotter



@flixitval.good post!


Oh, Jimmy, you are both hilarious and horrible.

William Stryker

Oh this fool is just begging to be made an example


It's incredible how someone can be so sexy and so well spoken at the same time


hilarious and and good advice.

brian stoll

1 Dislike = Rick Santorum

Adrian Alan

The way Dan perks up when he says "Personally?" Is my favorite. He's a freaking puppy.


I take offence at that. I might like it onclejimi


I would love to meet you. I particularly would like have you try to bully my so I could then bully you. I fly out to meet you where ever, preferably desolate place by ourselves. Let me know. [email protected]

Marek Arawn



You are fucking gross

Sad Bastard Music

God bless uncle Jimmy!!!

Bobette Smith

My dedication to Dan has just been proven...I'm a lesbian and am still watching this.

Chris Dragotta

Man, you have no sensitivity. Us straight men never get to do any of this stuff. It's like you are rubbing in the fact that as a gay man you actually have a reason to stay in shape and be happy (gay) knowing that life is one beautiful serendipitous adventure. Straight men can't have that. We dream about it. We get to watch porn, that's about it. Why rub it in? Why? You are cruel.

John Adam Ziolkowski

F-yeah, teeth!

Jeremy Bennett

Put me down for no finger in the butt. Thanks.

Lily T

lol. apply pressure between their butt and balls. Even the deeply homophobic stay-away-from-my-butthole men like their prostate stimulated, and you can just stay external and push down on the perineum so that they don't have to fear butt toys. What I do is I cup the balls, but push down with my knuckles on the perineum. Try watching some how to porn videos or read a boring article, haha. I was heavily advanced in my sexual knowledge while being a virgin for years. Best to be prepared.

Lily T

Reminds me of a sexual experience I had. He started squeezing my nipples, & I wasn't keen on this, but I didn't want to be a buzzkill, so I just returned the favor. He then said, "Men don't like to have their nipples played with." And I said "well, neither do I." He also gave really bad oral which turned me off further. His cocky attitude didn't match his skill set. Then I married a guy who loves to have his nipples rubbed and wouldn't dare presume all women are the same and that he knows all.


Surprisingly as a gay guy, I don't get this sort of question from straight people all the time. Now, I hope I rate well at blow jobs, but I will have to agree that most gay men don't like teeth, neither do I. It seems like something that could go terribly wrong rather easily. As for people being grossed out by gay men giving other gay men blow jobs, realize that you don't have to be and are 100% likely not a gay guy. So, why would you rationally give a fuck about what we gay guys do when we fuck?

On another note, Dan Savage is very inspirational. His videos are always amazing.

Jennifer Bowen

This cracks me up every time I watch this. Thanks for the laugh.

How To Give A Blow Job - How To Give A Good Blow Job

How To Give A Blow Job - How To Give A Good Blow Job5 Aug. 2015
37 164 -- How to give a blow job - how to give a good blow job.

Want to give the perfect blow job every time?

These 5 blowjob tips will show you exactly what you need to do if you want to give your man incredible and memorable oral sex. In fact if you do it right, then you can sure that he will happily return the favor!

1. Build Up To The BJ - Oral Sex Foreplay. Often you may find yourself making your way straight to your man's crotch from simply kissing him. This is all fine and good. But men actually enjoy foreplay too! This is an blow job tip that many don't realize. While men love quickies, foreplay makes their orgasms feel a lot stronger and more enjoyable than just 30 seconds in your mouth.

So instead of just ripping his pants off and taking him straight into your mouth, start off slower. Try lowering your hand to his crotch, outside of his trousers and gently massage him through his trousers. When you get his trousers off, stimulate around his legs and groin area before you finally take him into your mouth. This bj tip where you build up to oral sex will literally have him begging you to speed up...perfect for building anticipation!

2. Don't Forget About Your Hands. Just because you are using your mouth to give your man a bj, it doesn't mean that you should leave your hands idle and doing nothing.

Instead you should be using them to massage, rub, stimulate and caress around his member. So do pay some attention to his testicles. When you are grabbing and rubbing them, just make sure to be very careful though. Many who first hear about this blow job tip get a little excited and accidentally squeeze too hard and just end up hurting their man.

So remember to be soft and gentle!

3. Make It Wet. Of all 5 blow job tips in this article, making your bj wet is the easiest but possibly the most important. Making it wet for him means that it's going to feel a lot more luscious and sensual which means that his orgasm will feel a lot stronger and more enjoyable when he does reach orgasm.

If you naturally produce a lot of saliva, then you are off to a great start at making your oral sex a wetter experience. But if you don't (or if you want to make it even wetter) then you should consider using flavored lube on him. Alternatively, if you want it to taste even better, then try whipped cream or even some syrup. I cover this in much more detail in the oral sex instructional video along with the most important blow job techniques that you should be using on your man.

4. No Teeth! Many women want to learn oral sex tips on how to make their bjs better for their man. But very few look for the things they should avoid doing during it. This is critical if you want your man to have a good time.

The number one thing that you should avoid when giving your man head is...using your teeth.

His penis is obviously very sensitive, so even accidentally grazing it with your teeth can be incredibly painful for him. And for most men, pain is a turn off. If you find that it's difficult to avoid accidentally grazing his penis with your teeth, then a great technique is to wrap your lips back around your teeth so that they have no chance of coming into contact with his sensitive bits.

5. Variation. You can know all the techniques in the world, but if you don't vary them and actually try new blow job tips, then your man is going to get bored. And we all know that boredom is a massive relationship killer. You need to be constantly trying new things with your man in the bedroom if you want to keep him satisfied. Keep what works and forget about what doesn't.

1. Foreplay: I am constantly surprised to hear students tell me that men don't enjoy foreplay as much as women do. This is simply untrue. Men may never actually tell you that they like foreplay, but your guy will have much more powerful and enjoyable orgasms if you engage in foreplay with him before actually giving him a blow job. The same is true for regular sex. Thankfully, foreplay is pretty easy. Your man will enjoy most of the same things that you enjoy during foreplay.

Think about how you kiss him. Don't just give him a peck on the cheek, pay some attention to the rest of his body too. Not just his neck and cheeks, try kissing him all over his stomach and back as well. You'll even find that kissing his legs, right up to his groin can make for a really hot prelude before you get down to using my other blowjob techniques.

Comments (60)
Dennis Silvia

1. Breathing incorrectly can lead to you coming to fast in bed, as ejaculation is nearing a lot of men tense up and breathe to fast. The secret is to take deep long breaths, this has a remarkable effect on how long you last and can sometimes give you an extra 10 minutes.

2. Kegel exercises are an amazing way to control ejaculation, sure the results are not instant but as they say "the best things come to those who wait". So keep the exercises up for a week or two and the difference in your sexual stamina will be amazing. Some people even say that these kegal exercises are also the key to the fabled multiple male orgasm.

Anthony Silvia

If you want to have your man at your mercy while at the same time making sure he won't even consider cheating on you then you should learn how to suck a guys penis.

As you can see to help a woman orgasm there are two basic rules, one is to get her mentally prepared and the other is knowledge of cunnilingus. Get these things right and you are guaranteed to give your woman leg shaking or even multiple orgasms but get one of them wrong and you can lick her for hours with no end result.

Blair Tony

How to give women G-Spot orgasms.

The secret to giving these types of climax is all in the preparation. She needs to be relaxed, feeling sexy and very turned on. To relax her give her a massage, to make her feel sexy compliment her and to turn her on give her lots of foreplay.

Now to give women G-Spot orgasms the last thing you should do after all the preparation is try to stimulate it straight away. What you have to do now is get her to the point where she is almost begging you for more. This is best done by giving her cunnilingus. Lick her vagina slowly with some tongue thrusts for a few minutes to get her real horny then stop and put two fingers inside her.

Amos Tori

General Advice

One thing that I would say to you is to try and become more calm in the bedroom. Try not to worry about when you are going to ejaculate. If you feel it coming on too quickly then don't worry, you'll be able to go to round 2 and last longer the second time around.

Masturbate Before

The first ejaculation of the day is always the quickest so it can be a good idea to get it out of the way before you have sex, if possible. Ideally, you should ejaculate 20 minutes before having sex but even a few hours or first thing in the morning is better than nothing.

Dennis Silvia

Learning how to control early ejaculation is something sought after by many thousands of men all over the world. There are many different methods for lasting longer during sex, here are 3 simple tips that will help you to control ejaculation fast.

3. "Sort yourself out" 10 to 30 minutes before sex and take away the need to ejaculate, combine this with some unselfish lovemaking where you put her pleasure first and you will easily add 20 minutes or even more to your sex sessions.

I have never heard of any case of early ejaculation that could not be cured using natural delay exercises, if the 3 tips above do not work for you then do not worry just try some more until you find one that can control early ejaculation for you.

Stephanie Pike

I like to please my man. I do circulare motion around the head. Then take the tip of my tongue and lightly touch and massage the opening

Blair Tony

Where is a womans G-Spot?

It is to be found about 2 inches inside the front wall of her vagina and is the size of a walnut. It has a very spongy texture and is quite firm and resistive to the touch. At first it takes a while to find but you will soon be able to pinpoint it's location in a split second.

Now you should use these fingers to push gently on the G-Spot and within seconds you will have her screaming. That's how to give women G-Spot orgasms.

Dating Advice

Performance Anxiety

What is common to all men is the phenomenon known as "performance anxiety".

Basically, a guy who is confident in bed, who has no worries about pleasing his women, who never even thinks about when his ejaculation might happen - is going to be able to last a long time and will not suffer from PE.

Contrast this with a guy who focuses too much on how much time he will have until ejaculation, rather than the overall pleasure from the act itself, and who may also not feel like the lover that his partner expects (in his eyes at least) then this will manifest itself as premature ejaculation.

Stefan Wirts

Sooooo truuuuuuuuuuuuu

Charles Rachael

Keeping a man interested is an ongoing task that is overlooked by some women at the expense of their man cheating. Men are very fickle and if they are not getting what they want at home will get it somewhere else. If however you have the knowledge to turn a guy on then he will always be interested and want you for life.

What really turns a guy on though above anything else is fellatio. If you give this to him often then I guarantee that he is yours for life. The pleasure that men get from this oral act is second to none especially if you throw in some advanced fellatio techniques like deep throat and swallowing.

As long as you keep turning your man on and sexually exciting him then there is no need to worry about anything because he will love you for life.

James Bill

How To Give A Blow Job

Barnes Julian

This ejaculation, usually called squirting or gushing orgasms takes place after stimulation of the G-Spot.

Where is a womans G-Spot located?

Lots of men struggle here, the G-Spot can be found between one and three inches up and on the front wall of the vagina. It is a bean shaped piece of tissue that feels a bit spongy to the touch. When stimulated it leads to the release of female ejaculatory discharge and squirting orgasms. These orgasms are nothing short of spectacular for her and you.

John Bill

You should get this out of the way before you have sex. This way you will be able to last much longer and not be so worried about ejaculating early.

The ideal time to masturbate will vary for every man but often about 30 minutes before sex is ideal. Of course, in terms of timing and convenience, this may be less than ideal. Even if you can only masturbate in the morning while having a shower, this is better than nothing at all.

Here's a tip for you: do a search on the "coital alignment technique". This is a very interesting position for both the man and the woman that will leave your girlfriend begging for more and where you won't get premature ejaculation.

Top Ways To Lose Weight Fast

How To Give A Good Blow Job

Amos Tori

If you want to know how to prevent premature ejaculation then you're in the right place. I used to have this major problem and over 30% of men get it at some time in their lives so you're definitely not alone. Let's take a look at just some of the ways that you can extend yourself.


As well as being good for prevention of diseases, condoms are also great for preventing premature ejaculation too. If you get yourself a thick condom then you will be able to take the "edge" off your sensitivity and last about 3 to 5 minutes longer.

Alternatively, you can go one better and get yourself one of those condoms that contains anesthetic. This will definitely give you 5 minutes longer.

Donald Mabel

One is a natural technique while the other is a delay product but both work equally well.

Here are two ways to prolong sex.

1. When you ejaculate your brain tells your muscles to pump out the sperm. So it makes sense that if you strengthen those muscles then you can control your ejaculation. There is an exercise that does exactly that and it is pelvic floor exercises. Although these were invented for post natal women to tighten their vagina they also work their magic on premature ejaculation. The muscle affected is called the PC muscle and within a few weeks you will have control over them and in turn be able to prolong sex.

ravindran ramiah

for more info watts up me at 01133780387

Love Advice

Are you looking for natural cures for premature ejaculation? Then check out my findings from over 9 years of personal battles against this crippling condition.


Kegels are a very interesting natural cure for premature ejaculation. They are a series of exercises designed to train your "PC muscle".

This is a muscle that is located in your pelvic region. Both men and women possess one and you can feel it when you stop your flow of urine whilst at the toilet.

If you train these muscles then you'll be able to stop ejaculation whenever you want.

Baker Jack

Women cheat for two main reasons, one is they are mistreated and the other is that their man cannot last long enough to satisfy them. On the other hand if you learn how to stop quick ejaculation then not only will your woman receive the orgasms that she needs but she will be more attracted to you. Remember the confidence boost, women love confident men.

• The distraction, this is all about thinking anything but sex while having sex.

What I find best is to just relax and empty the mind before intercourse and then put my whole sexual efforts into pleasing her. If you go out of your way to please your woman you will not only give her an orgasm but last longer yourself. You see when your mind is focused on her and not on how to stop quick ejaculation then you will last a lot longer in bed naturally.

Thomas Donald

How to prevent premature ejaculation is largely dependent on knowing what causes it and then taking appropriate precautions to avoid this situation. In this article, get some great tips on how to prevent your premature ejaculation.

Confidence With Women

Not all, but some men have low confidence with women. It does not stop them having opportunities for sexual relations but it does mean that in the bedroom, they lack the "man" confidence that they should have.

For these men, I would advocate reading "seduction" manuals and learning how to be an "alpha male" type character. Remember, women prefer dominant men. They do not like men who are "below" them.

Isreal Will

Many a man asks himself the question "how do you last longer?" - not surprising when you consider that up to 30% of all men will have some sort of problem with premature ejaculation at some time in his life. In this article, I'll share with you a few good techniques that you can start using tonight to become a better, and longer, lover in the bedroom.

Different Positions

It always amazes me to hear how unadventurous some people are in the bedroom. Many guys use only the missionary position and others who consider themselves a little more experienced may opt for "doggy style" or woman on top.

Allen Woody

Licking a vagina is great way to make your woman reach an orgasm. The results are far better than when you have intercourse because you don't have to have bags of sexual stamina to satisfy her.

While licking a vagina try to keep your woman interested by using different tongue techniques. Instead of just licking up and down try some circular licks and prod your tongue inside from time to time. The classic cunnilingus technique of doing the alphabet with your tongue is brilliant because it gives a massive variety of strokes.

As you can see there is quite a lot to learn about licking s vagina if you want to give your woman an orgasm. The cunnilingus tips mentioned above are just basic ones but they will help you give your lover some great climaxes.

Dating Advice

Also, get use to exhaling fully during sex. When we are stressed, we tend to hold our breath. If instead you exhale all the air in your lungs and then hold your breath just briefly for a second, your body will calm down much more and stave off premature ejaculation.

Positive Feedback Loop

There are many conditions where fear actually creates it or makes it worse very rapidly. For example panic attacks, hyperhidrosis (extreme sweating). The same thing happens with premature ejaculation.

Banks Robert

Another way to stop ejaculating too fast is to do some exercises that are designed to eliminate early ejaculation. One such exercise is kegel exercises and after a week of these you will start to see good results. They are a simple squeeze and release exercise that concentrate on strengthening your pc muscles, these are the muscles that control the flow of your urine. What happens when the PC is stronger is that you will also be able to eliminate early ejaculation and have full control of when you orgasm.

Ejaculating too fast is rather simple to fix as long as you stick to an action plan and apply yourself to it for a few weeks. It's just a case of trying out a fee techniques last longer and finding the one suited to you.

Laurel Jones

There Is No Need To Rush

For some reason, some guys think they need to have sex like there are in a race. Unfortunately, there are no prizes for finishing first during sex. In fact, finishing first is equivalent to a last place finish. Take your time! I promise you she isn't going to complain about you taking your time with her. The problem with pumping to fast is that it will make you reach your tipping point before you realize it, or are able to do anything about it. Using a slower and steady pace will help you keep your orgasm reflex in check. Also, try masturbating to help you find what your perfect pace is. It's a natural no pressure way to help you find your perfect pace to prolong your ejaculation.

Top Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Mental Attitude is Important

It is no secret that porn star actors are always very confident about their sexual performance. They keep their mind clear and do not have any negative thoughts. It is also important to stay in control of the intercourse, as it will give your extra confidence. Women love confident men, who are in control. Correct breathing, described above can prevent performance anxiety and help with being calm and confident during sexual intercourse.

Allen Woody

The fact is that a very small percentage of women receive orgasms and a very high percentage fake them to keep their man happy. The lucky ladies who get regular climaxes will always try to repay their man by returning the favour and by being ever faithful.

The women who feel the need to fake orgasms will either satisfy themselves or look elsewhere for pleasure. That's why it's so important to learn how to go down on a woman.

If you keep in mind a few basic cunnilingus tips then you will soon be giving your lady powerful orgasms with your tongue.

Hannah Banana

I'm confused as to why so many comments are about premature ejaculation... but whatever. Thanks for the tips. The survey answers are especially helpful. Weird how most BJ tip videos are from ladies, I wanna hear straight from the cock's mouth the best way to go about it. Haha ;)

Anthony Silvia

1. You can easily put your troubles to one side by putting your undivided attention to making your woman orgasm without penetration. Not only will this please her but it will also stop you thinking that you are a bad lover. So attend to her needs with foreplay and then oral sex until she orgasms, the great thing is that once the pressure of satisfying her is gone you will last a lot longer.

2. Yes most of the causes of quick ejaculation are in the mind but if you let it fester for too long then a delay product may be needed to give you a little confidence booster. The choice is huge with special condoms, sprays, patches and creams to name but a few. Of them all I found the patches to be both effective and discreet.

Silvester Joy

If you would like to prolong ejaculation then please don't worry, there is no need to visit a doctor or take any pills. It's all about training the mind and body to be as one, I'm not talking tantra or yoga just a few simple things you can do to prolong ejaculation.

Once you have overcome the orgasmic sensation, you would have to go ahead and start masturbating again. Every time you are about to climax, you would have to remove your hands from your penis and wait till the sensation passes. You would have to repeat this exercise at least till you have overcome three orgasms. The fourth orgasm is yours to have. Now check the stop watch to for the time it had taken for you to overcome the three orgasms and then last till the fourth.

rika mia

It's super fun to give a man a BJ that leaves him wondering "wtf just happened". If you're interested in knowing some little talked about techniques, you should check out Jevie Hindlerg's website to learn more.

Banks Robert

Here are three ways of stopping ejaculation that will stop you asking, how do I last longer in bed?

1. Teach yourself to delay ejaculation by using the squeeze. This simple technique merely involves pleasuring yourself until you are about to ejaculate then quickly squeezing your penis with your thumb and finger right at it's tip. Hold tight for a minute and then continue, you will soon notice that you will be capable of stopping ejaculation without even having to use the squeeze.

2. Patches and sprays are also a good way to hold off ejaculation. These are good if you need a fix fast because they go to work a straight away and give super results. The bad thing is they don't come cheap.

John Bill

How To Give A Blow Job

Exclusive Sex Tips

If you are reading this, you are probably fed up with constantly ejaculating early and being unable to truly satisfy your partner with long-lasting sex. You are ready to take an action to overcome premature ejaculation. You are at the right place, because I am about to give you 5 simple tricks that will change your sex life once and for all.

Do Not Flex Your Muscles

If you pay attention to your body next time you have sex, you will notice muscles your stomach and butt flex a lot during sex. This can greatly reduce your lasting power. To overcome premature ejaculation, make a conscious effort to keep your body relaxed especially in your stomach and buttock areas.

Kristen Barry

Thanks for this post. It has really touched me. I plan to use these tips going forward.

James Bill

But forget the medical definitions for now, most men know instinctively if they have PE - they ejaculate before they desire it. Luckily, there are a number of self-help techniques that can be used to cure yourself of this affliction. Some can be done on your own and some with a trusting partner:

Different Strokes

Not all sex is about a "piston-like" action of penetration. In fact, positions such as woman on top and lying on top of you, side entry and coital alignment technique use less thrusting and yet can be more pleasurable for both partners.

elsa Grace

I totally agree with your theory on the psychology of the BJ.

James Bill

Pelvic Floor Exercises

These are the muscles used to stop the flow of urine. Many men say that by working these muscles out that they can develop an ability to delay ejaculation.

Stop And Start

This is a decades old technique favoured by 1960s sex therapists. Start with masturbation and allow yourself to get close to ejaculation. Back off when ejaculation seems imminent and practice getting closer and closer. This won't necessarily extend your time by much but it will help you to stop accidentally going "overboard".

Baker Jack

Here are two natural ways to last longer during intercourse.

1. The best, for me anyway is the squeeze exercise which as you will see is just that. It can be practiced with your partner but I found it best to do it alone. Simply masturbate as normal then as you feel the build of sperm waiting to be released stop and squeeze the tip of your penis.

Do this firmly until you are able to resume with no danger of ejaculation. Repeat a couple of times then allow your ejaculation to take place. You will be shocked how long you start to last between squeezing after just a few sessions. Now take this new found sexual stamina to the bedroom and watch her eyes light up.


Surprised he didn't mention deep throat

Gray Thomas

Filed Under: Contrary to what you see on "adult" TV, the vast majority of women do NOT find achieving orgasm from conventional intercourse all that easy. Some recent surveys show that up to half of all women find sexual intercourse to be their favorite sexual activity... but one that doesn't lead to climax in most situations.

The bottom line?

Women DO love to orgasm as much as men. It's just more complicated for us, and more work is required. Learning what really turns HER on is a big step, and believe it or not, communication is key to her climax as well! Asking her what she likes, what she doesn't, and what feels the best during sex is a big turn on for a woman, and that alone can overcome many other size, stamina or skill deficiencies by itself.


Excellent video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about - Mahorrla Intoxicating Pleasure Method (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a good one of a kind product for Giving awesome hand jobs minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy finally got astronomical results with it.

Love Advice

Sex Practices

These are highly effective. I'm talking here about techniques such as the squeeze method and using different positions.

I can particularly recommend any position where the woman controls penetration. You'll find that this technique is similar to masturbating with your non-dominant hand! You'll last a lot longer.

Speaking of masturbation, if you do it about half an hour to one hour before sex then you'll also find yourself lasting much longer.

Exclusive Sex Tips

Note all of this tricks can be practiced during masturbation also, in fact I encourage you to practice them during masturbation in order to get experience with them quicker.

Urinate Before Making Love Not After

So many of us make this mistake, we are simply too lazy to go to the bathroom and empty our bladder. This costs us a lot of sexual stamina. Full bladder puts so much pressure on your abdominal area that it triggers you to ejaculate early in order to allow you to pee sooner. So do not make this mistake any more and make it a habit to go to the bathroom every time you are about to have sex or masturbate.

Abelson Hal


Maybe you have already tried this to some degree but let me tell you of a method that is even better.

Instead of trying to imagine a very ugly woman or something very mundane, you should try a mental exercise. This will totally take your mind off how long you might have left before ejaculating.

I suggest something like: what is the answer to 1 multiplied by 2 multiplied by 3 etc. all the way up to 9. This works very well to calm your nerves down and then you will be able to enjoy sex better afterwards.

Silvester Joy

During the next masturbation session, you would have to remember this time and try beating it by another 5 minutes and by another elapsed orgasm.

Step 2

As for your second step you would have to remember to masturbate at least once before you actually have sex. It is proven that most men find it very difficult to last longer with the first orgasm. Hence if you masturbate once or twice before the actual penetration, you can be guaranteed that your penis would get slightly numb before the third orgasm and that it would definitely stop the premature ejaculation on a temporary basis.

cts _fallout

Dude, that was a comical video. LOL Ask any self-respecting woman, and she will admit It's one of the most "self-depreciating" acts that she could engage in.

Dating Advice

The Cause Of PE

You need to understand the cause is actually the key to overcoming premature ejaculation.

PE is not caused by extra-sensitive skin or anything like that. It is purely a function of your anxiety. Even if you are the coolest and most confident guy in every day life - if you worry in the bedroom about how long you have left or when ejaculation will occur or how good you are for your woman then you will prematurely ejaculate.

The greater this "performance anxiety" then the more likely that it will happen and the sooner it will happen. This is why guys with the worst anxiety will even ejaculate before touching their partner (like in the movie, "American Pie").

Charles Rachael

Here are 2 cunilingus tips to make her reach an oral orgasm.

One. Like I said she needs to be "readied" before she can enjoy a proper climax, this is the main reason that men cannot seem to satisfy their women, simply because they miss out this simple step. So before you even think about eating a girl out you have to get her in the right frame of mind. This is easy if you just be nice and tell her what she wants to hear, such as how slim is looking or how her hair looks really sexy. Just make her feel good.

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Different Positions

This is one of the best ways to delay onset of ejaculation. A natural, drug free way to spice up your sex life that has the added benefit of curing your premature ejaculation!

You probably only use a handful of sex positions at the moment. Do a search on Google for sex positions and you will find about one hundred!

Every man is different but typically, positions where the woman is in control tend to be the best.

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Premature ejaculation affects 30% of men at some time in their life so you're not alone. In this article, learn how to avoid premature ejaculation with my 3 tips that you can start to use tonight.

Different Positions

Did you know that the 2 most popular positions of missionary and from behind can be the worst for this condition? You should really take a leaf out of the kama sutra and try some other positions.

For example, let the woman lead - a good position is to have her on top but facing away from you. This is a great view and rarely leads to premature ejaculation!

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Wondering if you should look for a premature ejaculation treatment? If your partner is disappointed with your performance you should begin your search immediately. Don't worry too much though because many men suffer from this same problem. You are not alone. Most therapists agree that if a man doesn't have control over when he has an orgasm a problem exists. Of course experiencing ejaculation control issues damage a man's self confidence and very often his current relationship. There is a lot of help available for men suffering with PE symptoms and it is a common problem that many if not all men struggle with at some time in their lives.

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Clitoris stimulation.

For something so tiny the clitoris is jam packed with nerve endings, so approach with caution. If you touch it to soon it will make her pull away because it is so sensitive, you should only lick her clitoris to finish her off. You will know when the time is right by doing the odd longer lick to check if her clitoris has come out to play. You can tell when it's ready because it will get excited and pop out of it's little protective tent. It will feel like a tiny penis on your tongue and when you flick it and lick it to bring your woman to orgasm her pleasure will reach uncharted heights.

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These are only a permanent cure so long as you keep taking the drugs. For many people, they do not want to be on drugs for the rest of their life in order to rescue their sex life. However, others may be willing to take the plunge.

There are about 50 different antidepressants commonly prescribed by doctors. They are all similar but each one has unique differences.

2 or 3 have been found to be excellent at preventing performance anxiety and therefore premature ejaculation. However, if you prefer more natural methods then keep reading.

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Here are two methods to last longer in bed that you can use tonight.

1. The first way of fighting off premature ejaculation is a brand new invention called delay patches. These things are very discreet and measuring a mere 1 inch squared can be hidden anywhere on your body. They act by releasing natural delaying substances into your body and after wearing one for half an hour you are ready to go. The negative point about these patches is that they are extremely expensive.

If you find that you can't prolong sex very long then the following tips might help you. Controlling your ejaculation can be done quite easily with the right mindset and the right exercises.

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Perhaps the most important of the cunnilingus tips is the speed and pressure of your licking. For some unknown reason most men think that women like every single aspect of sex to be done hard and fast, this is totally wrong. My wife says that her best orgasms come from oral that is done slowly but all women are different. The best thing to do is start off slow and gentle and let her body tell you when to speed up. The signs are quite obvious like her hips squirming or her moans rising in volume.

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How fun would it be to blow a man’s mind away by just giving him a kiss which he totally unexpected? Awakening those feelings of love within him, is as simple as giving the perfect kiss, with that intention. Just look for Jillian Therkstein’s website to see how it can be done.

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The position you use can affect you greatly. For example, some positions involve more friction and you can be fooled into thinking that you will ejaculate quickly. Although you won't, you have made this association and you will get anxiety and it will happen because of you, not the position.

Mix up the positions and try other ones you never did before. Lotus position, side position, reverse cowgirl etc.

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In fact, there are many positions that will yield much longer time in the bedroom if you just try them. And some of them are also very good for the woman too. Just look up the "coital alignment technique" to see what I'm talking about.

Too Much Stress

Ultimately, the root cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety and focussing too much on "when" you will ejaculate.

One quick way around this is to try a natural herbal supplement because these act faster than drugs. One example is L-theanine and the Japanese have been using this for decades.

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Many people would like to find some tricks to last longer in bed but let me tell you why you should learn to last longer in bed. You may not agree with my definition of lasting long but I think it means you need to last as long as you want.

There is no "right amount of time" to reach an orgasm. Everyone is different. If your woman only takes 30 seconds to climax you probably don't have a problem lasting long enough.Unfortunately men take about 5 minutes on average to ejaculate and an average time for a woman to reach climax is about 20 minutes. That is why so many men are searching for tricks to last longer in bed.