How to tell a man what you want in bed

Patrice O'Neal - Men Can't Love You And Like You

Patrice O'Neal - Men Can't Love You And Like You21 Mar. 2020
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#PatriceONeal on why he

#PatriceONeal on why he feels bad watching the news, his belief in God, and how women tell stories.

#PatriceONealStandUp from the #JustForLaughs Festival in 2008.


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Mr Postboxface

The irony is that if he cared he would still be around.



C. T.

Lmao that Diane ahit IS SOOOOO TRUEE. you just made this story 2 1/2 hours long bruh..

Peteyz Zed

stone cold genius

Dustin Elliott

Love Patrice

Charles Moore

This generation would hate Patrice O Neal

juan smith

One of the best comedians that ever lived, we need you now more than ever Patrice O'Neal R.I.P


The plane joke was the one ?



Arlind Sadikaj

the older I get, the funnier he gets... ain't that better?

Patricia Healey

Only short men wont laugh ..


Why is there a dislike??? :S

joshua handfinger

props to patrice rest in power

Robert Taylor


Christopher Stark

Rip Patrice. Gone but NEVER forgotten

Lawrence Terrell

He look like Rosey from the Netflix TV show F is for family lol ??

Tamara Kennedy

Rat turds and twigs lmao....dry sandwich and no volume hot and bright cant see the tv its like you come to my house and took notes and shit...we love you and miss you so bad Patrice.


The bit about Diane comes off so much like Carlin and it’s amazing.

Jessy Fretz

The true greats always leave us too soon. Our world is better for the time we were blessed to have him sharing his comedy and life with us. Thank you, Patrice.

Curt Alexander

The greatest to ever do it

Ryan Barker

"cause she don't like guns" lol.

Eric B

"Aint that better"

barron james

This was so true it stopped being comedy

Marcus Bibb

After a hard days work, i would go home and sit on the toilet, to collect my thoughts.
The thing is... I never really had to relieve myself, while in the bathroom.
Tranquility is underrated!

January Jones

I was today years old when I found out he passed away. Now I know why he doesn't do stand up anymore ??‍♀️ rest in peace ?️


Only partially true. Some people have a avoidant attachment style, and they don’t like closeness. So any form of closeness they feel smothered. Mainly children who wasn’t shown affection.

What he is saying goes both ways. Don’t smother your girl being needy. It screams desperation.



Nis MIndya

he says the things we think about sometimes lol

Lucipherious De Illuminati

don't care what you all say Patrice was not meant for stand up
He failed because his true calling was talk show host / podcast type stuff .
I watch this and it's eh.
On OnA for ex. Kills it!
I love this dude ...but as a comic he sucks because comedy is not big enough for his talent .

Pistol Pete

Patrice has always spoken fluent dude

Jay El

Why couldn't Patrice O'Neal be the black Al Bundy on a new "Married with children".

Lori Phipps

I feel like I'm the girl in this story. ???

Velaphi Price Ndlovu

"On the roof...anywhere but not in front of me" lol ?
Too nasty.

Brandon Potts

Mt Rushmore of comics so underrated its sad.


Everytime my girl does that I always say “ain’t that better” and she just laughs and stops immediately??

Felipe Iglesias

This is so true it hurts ?

Lord Tez

No, you selfish bitch. I kept the plane in the air.

Valentine HorrorBringer

Is it bald Bill Blurr laughing his ass off in the audience? ;)

A.S Redpill

Patrice one of the best who ever did it, along with G. Carlin and B.Burr..this man was gifted

Jerry Dboss

Never found the words to use till now

Banky Law

This video contained my life and i dont like it

JustWalk Away

Holy shit its too accurate.

1 2

he funny but she was right about that hamburger

George Ntapalis

The call from the other room is now the text.

See your phone light up and her name "wtf does she want" and you purposely dont answer for an hr or longer just to avoid them and play video games or chill in peace

jay clark

It’s amazing what 10 minutes of Patrice once a month can do for a man’s soul.

kojack Slim

Just for laughs now that's just rediculous big fake fans flexing fake guns with excessive fat hanging no one going to that gun show above the mc Donalds kitchen burger line keep sliding Patty's while you tuck them in a container sweat drips on the patty since u lost taste in your food sumbolging it in salt eating up all the pigs feet get out get yourself a gig rythem , thank Patrice and come with something better

Magic Skillz

The lowly drop canonically contain because rod internally live among a nonstop property. plausible, zany weather

Clarence Williams Comedy


Sean Derd

I showed my lady this you loved it because he was describing her lol

Thomas E. Clark

Patrice O'Neal was da man....

homey 22

6:16 Patrice sounds like elmo.

Nour NF

Im a woman and I totally agree, his “ aint that better ? “ kills me ????

82 fdny

Every time a woman walks in the room the 1st words are always about what she thinks is wrong with the room

Grin Stylez

"I don't do ground karma" lmfaoooo

Francisco Williams

Lmfaoo dumb ass bitches

Marvin Sublett

One of the greatest bits of all time

Word to Hannah

Just tucked that last jewel in my pocket. The men were laughing so hard it has to be true.

Freddie Mercury


Xavier Wren


Ruth Langmore - Egan

I just LOVE and MISS Him so MUCH!!!


Bruh I can’t wait to ain’t that better my husband once I get married ?? imma be the most annoying super sensitive wife.

Tamara Kennedy

Pat we miss you and love you forever man....we cant even get over you goin so young we miss you and forever we love you Pats. All our love to you Patts

Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi

What did we EVER do to deserve something as great as Patrice?


That 8 minutes so brilliant , I have to it watch every few months.


he 1000% could have just kept on going for a solid hour on just the “Ain’t that better?!” Bit.

skyler tremblay

You can sit In the vent lmao


stand-up heavy-weight, no pun intended

Aaron Daneils

I swear ??‍♂️ I be the same way with GOD on certain situations

dan holm

the 'I only want to be alone, not left alone' was stolen.. Hepburn....

Drew Kruck


Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi

This is what comedy perfection sounds like, kids. It cannot get better than this.

Martin Greet

Man wants to tell the world what men wants.

Jeffrey Smith

Ain't that better!

Christopher Mirkovich


RPF Creates

I showed my girlfriend this shit and she died laughing for ten straight minutes. Every sin she’s ever committed against me in the name of love was outlined in this bit. Rest In Peace Saint Patrice!

Tamara Kennedy

HOLD YOUR OWN by Kate Tempest...real shit man and another one called GIVE by kate tempest....this girl is the youngest in history to ever be given poet awards ...she has so many deep and real statements shes pissed off the governments pissed off the queen the president the wealthy and those who want us to hate one another...she is the shit man her words her message is so pure so deep just fire!

Zana C


Rev. Skydog 2 Crows


Darth Dani

Patrice > Dave

William J. Dove, Jr.

My granddad often said: Men are simple..all we want is " sex, sandwich, and silence." The baseball bit reminded me of that.

Rianna Dominguez

Lol @ making a side deal with God!???



Tamara Kennedy

Listen to KATE TEMPEST reciting her statement called says come on and smother me cuddle me go away no get back here and love me...and another real statement by KATE TEMPESt in Glastunbury

B - Barnation

This guy is a legend LEGEND


His ability to work the crowd was unmatched, one of the best. Rest In Peace OG.

Shirley LaVerne Rose

Truth same with being a real parent. U love not like em. I love not like

Mikey D

Years ago I dated a girl that I would make her tell me the end of a story before she started it

sped monie

My mom tells stories like this all the time and she always gets upset she’s like no one ever listens to and when I tell her hurry up she’s like no wait let me tell you the story and it’s always some dumb story never anything interesting like no one even almost got shot something about how someone bought the shirt she wanted last week but didn’t know who and she looked for it forever in the store and she saw a girl she didn’t like from school and it ruined her day cause she remembered her


No, you wanna be by yourself, not alone.

Josh Holgate

What a man!!!! Rip genius

Seyfu Nega

The best

kathie Lutton


Derrick Fowlkes

Pure genius!

Bertin Tinoco

One of the best to ever do it. RIP

Mageed A.

R.I.P Patrice! we all miss you...

88 ENT

He was killing one man on the crowd

lucas accardo

i watched this thing twelve times by now and it is always tears. what a genius.

Qrack Skullz

Any man who never commits to a woman but can be with women is a hero.

Dylan s.

World became less funny when Patrice died.. and that's facts..

Anurag Sadhak

we felt kinda same for 9/11

How To Tell Him What You Want In The Bedroom

How To Tell Him What You Want In The Bedroom13 Jul. 2016
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Ever struggled to tell a guy what you want in the bedroom?

Men can be particuarly 'sensitive' to critique in this area, and telling him in not-so-many words that he's not currently doing it for you beneath the sheets can be an awkward topic to encroach on.

Still, if you don't, you're going to resent him over the situation, and not speaking up about it is only going to make things worse. In the end, it could very well cost you your relationship.

The good news is, there's an easy way to tell a guy what you want in the bedroom without hurting his ego. In fact, when you do it the way I reccomend, the guy will actually be wanting to take the feedback from you to change what he does to please you!

It's all about HOW you tell him. In this video, I explain exactly how to tell a guy what you want in the bedroom so he gives you mind-blowing pleasure just the way you like it. The best part is, you don't risk his ego in the process and you strengthen your relationship as a result!

What a fun topic! Leave your thoughts and comments below :)

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Comments (17)
Luminous Life

Agree! gave advice on this to a gal pal the other evening... going to send her the link to this video... just to reiterate it lol Thanks!

Essie Thebestie

Very good. Thank you.

gisele spasbo

I really am surprised that there aren't any videos on how to ask a man for orgasm in bed

Alice Starr

Mark, That is such GREAT Advice. because men are so sensitive about their sexuality on pleasing a woman.

Seera Peera

why I didn't See it before !!!!! why why why
i feel so frustrated right now ?
actually i wasnt up for Sex with the guy so I never saw this video but this is helpful to convey regarding Stuff during making out as well!
everybody must watch this

Mark Rosenfeld

Who's here now still watching this video on How To Tell Him What You Want In The Bedroom?? If so, hit 'reply' to let me know your thoughts on the video! You can also DM me on insta @makehimyours and come behind the scenes on filming! And don't forget your FREE download via

Steal a Boat

I would love to be told what she likes honestly if she gets off I get off ?

Maya Koleva

I think I was too quick and I jumped pretty quick to the last step, basically we broke up, maybe I should've tried to wait a little bit more first, who knows :D

Sarah Wilkinson

My biggest issue is having the confidence to literally say want I want him to do in the moment... I think it, feel silly and get stuck in my head... I don’t know how to get passed that


For the older women, at least me, my man needs to start being extra sweet before we even get to the bedroom. It's hard when you been married for 33yrs, and your husband ignores you when he gets home from work, he won't even crack a smile. Then when he's ready to go to bed and wants to fool-around, your like who are you? I ain't no light bulb...How you warm me up during the day is what your gonna get in the bed at night. So #5 sounds like a good approach, because we got work together...Men shouldn't just be sweet when they want to hanky-panky. Also,  just because you might have worked on your girl's car and got take-out, doesn't mean  she's gonna put-out. People that's been together for a long time tend to take each other for granted. So when you guys come home from work, even though your tired as hell, SMILE =) for your lady, give her a hug, look in her eyes and flirt alittle. That's get us old women's juices warmed up and start to flow...And if your really sweet we might be just draggin your happy butt to the bedroom ourselves.  Make a women feel loved and appreciated, it makes us happy and when were happy, we want to make our man happy...Well at least I do.  Hope your dreams and all come true.  =)


I HAVE TO SAY: Most men love having sex with me and say I'm the best. sounds cocky but its true.I usually tell them if I like what they do but i also do not shy away from letting them know what does not feel so good and what feels bette,r and they usually always take my advice as they want to please me as much as I please them. one doesnt have to be rude, but like ;" when you rub me too hard I lose sensation and then its over for me, but a lite touch will really keep me going" ,,,they understand that and I would be stupid not to tell them. They want to give good sex, not bad feedback is necessary.

Shaghayegh Bayati

could you do a video about what men like to hear during intercours please?
I'm scared if I tell my guy what I want each time!couse it might hurts his proud feeling and may think he's not good enough .should I give up or keep telling him until it works its best? !!why they don't get it when we act like what we want rather than what we say it directly??


Oh boy I was at #5 about a year/10 months ago and it was a difficult situation. It takes a shitload of courage to tell this kind of things especially when you know that they might harm his ego. On the other hand he could clearly see I was not ok and he was afraid that I was going to break up with him (the thought had crossed my mind to be honest). Thankfully he was willing to make changes in the bedroom and in our relationship in general but it took some time, it was gradual and we had to have some more chats. Things turned out well. It's unbelievable how bad sex can ruin a relationship.

Daily dose of inspiration

Thanks a lot, Mark! This helps a lot and I'll try as you've advised !! A million thanks once again as what you're saying is very realistic and applicable. One small thing though - I am having a bit of difficulty reading this guy as well. He doesn't seem the sort who is very vocal either, and it's very difficult to know if I am pleasing him or not, until he eventually does finish. Any tips on how to read a guy and to know if he really likes it or not? Thanks!

lorisa wellock

I love the way you say baby!


You gave me the confidence to speak up! i wish i saw this video before but i wil use it in the future... Beautiful video

gisele spasbo

I just would like some guidance because I realize men are sensitive animals and need to be talked to in way that ego isn't involved in a negative way

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