How to take the best nudes


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No, Im not talking abou those kinds of nudes.

Im talking the types of nudes for your lips!

Remember to please leave your favorites down below!

Im always on the hunt for lip products. No, I dont have a problem!

I hope you enjoy!



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Michelle’s Place of Beauty

Please make a list. That would be so super helpful.


Dam wrong kinda nudes but i ain't mad XD

Amber Duke

I love your videos being longer ?

León T.

Hola me encantó! I like it! Quiero saber en que shade o tono usa el face and body de Mac porque no encontré esa comparación y yo uso los mismos tonos . ??

Lupe Paz

What’s the name of the elf plumping gloss

Monica Tapia

Hey thank you for sharing your favorite nudes. I love elf plumping gloss , Milano natural nude and the Rimmel lip liner I’m tiramisu ?❤️

J Molina

I think it would be helpful if you’d list the products, but other then that keep them coming.
P.S I ❤️ the office little references ?


What eyeshadow is on your eyes, I love that brown look ❤

Alyssa Starr

Who doesn’t love nudes ?

Terri Reece

I’m ? ok with longer videos. You do you Gloria. ?

Kristie Lewis

i do not mind your longer videos. youre just chatting and letting us get to know you

Lorena Contreras

What is the color of the elf lip gloss

Breonna Jackson

I come to your channel to hear you talk so talk as much as you want. & I also like long videos.

So many great nudes, def gotta check out some new lip liners cause my fave was discontinued.
***also a slore for lip gloss

Colette FroggyStylez4Real

I love the title its perfect for ur personality and totally compliments your sense of humor..

Aracely Nicolas

Love your videos !

Odie Vaquera

What’s the color of the elf gloss ??


???? Maria, sabez de una crema para la cara de drugstore para really dry skin? Siento que none of the foundations work on me porque tengo really dry skin. ?

Saira Madrigal

I’m not a lip person, but I’ve been wanting to try the MAC lipsticks ? I’m definitely trying the elf gloss ?

RainesCurls IG

My Favs!! NYX matte lipstick in Sable!
Victoria Secret in matte lip creams in Adored and in Wanted! ??????

Benita Mckelvey

Love your longer videos!
I absolutly love my milini keep it full lip plumper in the shades nude shimmer and prismatic peach????

i Marian

Name of the Elf Gloss?

Abril Velasco

Hey there Maria! New here, really liked your videos! The only thing I would like to see are more close-ups of the swatches with the full name of the product (and I know it's a lot of work but I particularly like to see the prices- it doesn't bother me not to have it, I just appreciate it when it's there) Other than that little thing really liked the quality of the camera and the audio, and I do enjoy hearing you talk ? so longer videos are a yes for me! Sending love ?✨


I once had 25 lipsticks and none of them were nudes. I refused to wear nude lipsticks. ?. However, I am wiser now. My eyes go ? when I see nude lipsticks. Nudes are awesome. I buy anything with the word Terracotta in its name. Lol. Your videos are great. I can watch 15 minutes. I can watch 20 minutes. All the same to me. Fab video. Your look is amazing. I will check these lip liners out.

carol kerekes

Have small lips so gonna try the Elf,thanks for the tip, love your videos???✝??

Jennifer Carvente

the amount of times I had to stop the video to look for the products online is crazyy??

Saira Madrigal

I was also waiting for anything Gold to be mentioned and sure it was ?