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Compliance (2012) - Strip Search Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Compliance (2012) - Strip Search Scene (2/10) | Movieclips26 Jan. 2017
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Compliance movie clips:

Compliance movie clips:




Sandra (Ann Dowd) makes Becky (Dreama Walker) strip off her clothes to find the stolen money.


Inspired by actual events, writer/director Craig Zobel's sophomore feature Compliance examines the complex hierarchy of authority through the experiences of a teenage fast food restaurant clerk who falls victim to a twisted practical joke. Becky (Dreama Walker) is doing her best to get through another tough shift when a man claiming to be a police officer calls to speak with her stressed out manager Sandra (Ann Dowd). According to the man on the phone, Becky has just stolen money from a customer, and likely still has the cash on her person. When Becky denies any wrongdoing, the man on the phone insists that Sandra detain the frightened girl in the back room of the restaurant, an action that sets into motion a shocking sequence of events.


TM & © Magnolia Pictures (2012)

Cast: Ashlie Atkinson, Dreama Walker, Ann Dowd

Director: Craig Zobel

Producers: David Gordon Green, Sophia Lin, Lisa Muskat, James Belfer, Craig Zobel, Carina Alves, Eric Hollenbeck, Tyler Davidson

Screenwriter: Craig Zobel


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Comments (84)

I was working at a school, and a police officer wanted me to help strip search kids in the principal's office. My first response was "are you out of your mind?!?" The second was "no, you arrest them and do that at the station, so you can be responsible for the lawsuits, not me." They gave up on doing the searches, but if I'd been involved, it would be the school getting sued and me getting a bad rep.


David Ellis

Really Great film. Based on true events. Creepy.

Robert Jensen

Damn, that blonde was effen hooooooooooooot. Hell I'd be calling that place every DAY for that show.


? oh ya


David R. Stewart is a [email protected]$$ piece of s**t. I so hope he gets worse of what is comes for everyone.

Hannah Madden

Does anyone not realize this FICTION?
Someone MADE IT UP?

Dans Earway

The perpetrator repeated this crime in several countries whilst fluently speaking native languages.

s h a d ø w b a n n e d

Chill Aunt Lydia.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but under the law, only a cop can strip search you.

Cern Stormrunner

I feel like I've seen this movie but it doesnt seem like the kind of thing I would watch?

Martavius Taylor


Juliet Beneke

I'd tell her nope i guess hes taking me down town to spend the night in jail lol im not stripping in a back fast food restaurant.
And the manager is stupid AF!!!

Michael Kuhl

Breaking any number of laws...

John Zamosky

She has full head of hair on front shots but ponytail in rear shots...edit.

James Wilson

That's HOT !

Lindsey Allison Westhaven

Someone is watching via hidden cameras! Bet you that's what's going on.

Rap Battle Of Plushies 2

Gross xd

Anthony Patton


___issa Buhbuhvibe

The heck



Fayray Rita

Dam!!!!!!! Lol


All this based on that inside job, 9/11.


Hippty Hoppity Bleach is now my property

Ted Peveto


The Nomad

No nudity!?



Cracked Reverence Media Company


Paul C.

Wtf????? This actually happened?????

DatMan chan

Sorry Ešte

Green Lantern666

I saw this movie and heard that the guy behind the call and everything did HARD time in jail (for the movie that is)

Ted Peveto

Also God letery can till us to step if we dont we die man


this is F up. I guess they follow rules because they have never heard of a crime done like this before. I mean,I cant judge that I will not act the same way because I once fooled when I was younger with something like this type of crime in south America. and they ended it up taking all my house pertaining.

Bruce VanDyk

Law suit

Stiltmans Stilt

I honestly don't think this needs to be that traumatic . If it were me, I'd be pissed but not a life changing moment or anything.

Nyquasaha Williams

What is this based off I've never heard of this


I wonder how big the settlement was for this lawsuit?

Update: Apparently McDonald's lost the lawsuit and had to pay her $6.1M. Somehow, the dumb assistant manager also got paid $1.1M (wtf?!?!)


The real disturbing part is most of you let people this stupid prepare your food.


A little internet "research" plus the description notes for this video indicate this incident and many more are based on actual events. We are such creatures of habit and "compliance" and tend to believe what we see and hear. Politics. Police. Teachers. Bosses. "Leaders" of many organizations. It's convenient most of the time but sometimes does real harm when we don't think for ourselves. There are too frequent news stories of police acting on phone calls that claim a crime is being committed and a police SWAT team is sent to burst into a house belonging to innocent people.

Patrick Doyle

You all are crazy

Ted Peveto


Mary Thomson

Don't remember this one

Osiris Rex

No one from law enforcement is going to call you on a phone asking you to do stuff. They will come in person and show you a warrant.
When someone calls you on the phone claiming to be from law enforcement.
1. Ask for their full name, including their middle name
2. Ask for their badge number
3. Ask for their precinct number
4. Ask for the case number
5. Ask for their phone number.
6. If they can't answer these questions, hang up. Assuming they don't hang up first.
7. Call the real police and report this.


according to Wikipedia this happened over 70 times over 12 years.

I cant believe even one manager fell for it and even one employee fell for it.
as the one being searched i would have refused and told the cop to come on down and arrest me.

Jeff Donahue


Brandon vethanayagam

Forcing an employee to strip in her place of work; in front of her co-workers ... THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!



Coty McCain

Other pointer's likely novels shouting fore given ships

Cee Cee B.

Four words: "I need your supervisor."

Mike Killagreen

Damn Ann Dowd is good. She is so uncomfortable. Lol


Only 32 comments???

Johnny Mata

This Story Was Also On An Episode of Law And Order. The Actress Who Stripped Down To Her Underwear Was Also On A Different Episode of Law & Order.

Sarah100 Star

This is extremely f up seriously why would someone do that to a person??????????????????

Kurt Baumann

Are they actually stupid enough to fall for this? The employee has a grounds for suing the corporation. I hope those two did time in jail.

Cambreezy The Colorman

I love strip search

James Wilson

I am watching movie for first time right now. The actress dreama walker blocked me on Instagram because I told her she has nice large breasts and didn't need a padded bra. Go figure.

Paul Grimm

Time for the finger

steve peanut butter

Sorry to miss the panties slip off but that is totally uncalled for.

David Samuel Peckinpah

Well I know why I clicked on this video!

Mike Killagreen

Robin Williams did something similar as dude on the phone on Law and Order SVU. "You are all sheep."

The BigMack21

18M subs and only 200+ likes ?

Random Videos

The flip this is weird

Generalfund 2018

Sadly, this is a true story..

aiden ?

nobody supposed to go dat far in search

Marc Aliventi Aliventi

Looks like a TSA training video

Ted Peveto

No step no sterp

Tricia Tyler

Like my comment if you want brawless


I didn't recognize this till half way through and then it just hit me like a brick this is based on a real case that I vaguely remember.

James Wilson

The actress stripping is Dreama Walker. She has nice large breasts that don't need a padded bra.

Asian Duo

I don’t know much about law, but I think you’re not allowed to strip search someone legally like that even if you’re a policeman for that. There would be laws regarding inviolation of rights and privacy.

the Hello Kitty pay watch Hello Kitty hey

Ashley Abbott's for ground at like better I'd be like I'm grounded cuz I just did that punishment why does use the corner we don't have to spank him to behave I don't know how to spank it I hate retail my my step dad when he

Abram Sullivan

Damn didn't realize that the blonde girl is hot. But what the hell am I watching?

James Wilson

Dreama walker is not a nice person.

golden taco

What a dumb broad. I guess she was made to be seen in those bra and panties. Good lorrr. BOOOING


OMG didn't know they made a movie out of this. I found this case so interesting. Learned about it in social psychology. I think it's safe to say none of the people involved will be splitting the atom any time soon.

Demarcus Faulkner

I would sue the hell out them

Sleeperain 334

This all falls back to how we think of authority, I'm assuming the manager was never taught to question authority which is why she never objected to his orders nor did she ask for proof that he was a legit cop, when we don't teach our children too think for themselves they will rely on someone with a shiny badge too think for them.

Cod4 Wii

disturbing film, can't watch again...

Ryan The super dolphin boy

What is this

Nicole Larson

That was an extremely uncomfortable scene definitely don't want to see the movie now


This is sickening


The actress is being paid to act like she's ashamed of stripping in front of 2 women, while she would really be infinitely more ashamed of stripping before the prying eyes of 2 men she perceives to be perverts. In reality, she's stripping in front of the eyes of MILLIONS of men, many of whom are actually perverts. That's Hollywood for you....

Ashley Villela

Vv vvc fhjdhfjch bkgc changing jjhhjdf

Ryan Donovan 9911


HALF NAKED GIRL GETS REKT BY ?LEGENDARY? KILLER - Friday the 13th the Game Gameplay Funny Moments

HALF NAKED GIRL GETS REKT BY ?LEGENDARY? KILLER - Friday the 13th the Game Gameplay Funny Moments28 Dec. 2016
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Friday the 13th the Game

Friday the 13th the Game is a very scary mulitplayer horror. Friday the 13th the Game let's you play as Jason or the Counselors. Enjoy this Friday the 13th the Game funny moments with Razzbowski!


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I (Razzbowski) today go over the stealth horror game 'Friday the 13th the Game'! Friday the 13th the Game is one of the scariest games to date. Enjoy this horror game ' Friday the 13th the Game' and drop a like if you do.




Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person horror, survival game where players take on the role of a teen counselor, or for the first time ever, Jason Voorhees. You and six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while the most well-known killer in the world tracks you down and brutally slaughters you. Friday the 13th: The Game will strive to give every single player the tools to survive, escape or even try to take down the man who cannot be killed. Each and every gameplay session will give you an entirely new chance to prove if you have what it takes not only to survive, but to best the most prolific killer in cinema history, a slasher with more kills than any of his rivals!

Meanwhile, Jason will be given an array of abilities to track, hunt and kill his prey. Stalk from the shadows, scare your targets and kill them when the time is right in as brutal a fashion as you can imagine. Take control of the legendary killer that is Jason Voorhees and terrify those unfortunate enough to cross your path!

Play as Jason Voorhees!

For the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to play as Jason Voorhees, the most famous killer in horror. Stalk your prey, ambush them whenever you see fit and strike fear in the hearts of so many hapless victims as you become the legend himself! Friday the 13th: The Game will include a variety of kills, new and familiar, that will help you set the tone for the Jason Voorhees that you want to be. You’ll even get to unlock various Jason incarnations from the movies as well as an entirely new design, straight from horror effects legend Tom Savini that has never before been seen!

Jason will be equipped with a terrifying array of abilities, giving you the control of a hunter at the height of his game. These are his woods, and he knows them all too well. Jason will not only feed off the fear of his victims, but will become stronger as the night progresses. The darker the night, the more terrifying Jason becomes!

Fans of the movies will be able to play as various versions of Jason, including:

Friday the 13th, Part II

Friday the 13th, Part III

Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

Friday the 13th, Part VII: New Blood

Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

How Will You Survive?

The entire focus of Friday the 13th: The Game is multiplayer. Survival is entirely up to you, the player, as you either stealthily hide from Jason or work together as a team to escape or bring the fight to Jason. Playing as a counselor is all about risk and reward, giving players multiple means of triumph over Jason! Want to hide in the woods as you wait for the police? Perhaps you want to band together and try to take on Jason as a group? Maybe you and a friend decide to fix the boat on the lake and escape while leaving everyone else to their fate? There are endless opportunities to survive the night, but every choice has a consequence.

Friday the 13th: The Game will continually set the pace of change, giving you unfamiliar surroundings while Jason Voorhees looks for his latest victim. No single strategy will ever be reliable, forcing players to adapt and change each time they begin their long night in Camp Blood! Be wary, you never know when or where Jason is going to strike!


▼ MORE Five Nights at Freddy's Videos!:



▼ Music:

"Hyperfun" Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Razzbowski does not own the rights to Friday the 13th the Game. This Friday the 13th the Game video is for entertainment purposes. Enjoy this stealth/horror game 'Friday the 13th the Game' video with Razzbowski. friday the 13th: the game is hilarious

Comments (100)
Emily O'brien



Can't tell if you're a Scottish guy trying to put on an American accent or not?

AlexanderAlex Rodriguez

yeah I love this game

Kian Christie

Jason should play this with Ryan,Ryan and dorko

MicheNightTerror CF

Do u not know the legend of Jason?

J Schofield

did you forgot you can grab them bruh

Yjae Magno

That guy talking.. he dun messed up but who is he? there's youtubers there aswell :D more of these btw

hayden price

1:31 Dont judge me but Papa Razz is pretty damn hot.

SomeShort EmoKid

1:32 ....okay first of all,your hair is amazing second,that part made me laugh so hard,third.....I'm not sure?

Rainbow Creeper


King Bradberry

Stamina wouldnt matter in real life if Jason was chasing you. I dont care how tired I am I will still run and not walk as slow as humanly possible

Nameless Narrator

2:36 ?Craaaawling iiin my skiiiin...?

Lyan Steve

i sub razzbowski

Sara Virta

Papa Razz:,"the police have been called! Why would someone call the police?!"....

...... well uh, I don't know. I wonder why. ..... . Razz is so funny.

Adrian rutkevich


Lisa Vest

Every time he ask for 69 like he always gets more than that like 3k or 2k witch I ls

Marquis Sebastian

when was the part the half naked girl gets destroyed


no lease jason don't hit me with your demonic balls

Lucie Cook

Jason was ugly wen is born

Hannah Shipp

I love this game so much! Paparaz you need to play this more.

charlie jones

plz make more videos of this plz?

The Trash Can

Razz: It's always the pretty girls that die first
Me: No, that's the black guy

Freya Bowen

'Hey bro, ya slow' ?? get rekt Razz


Raz you are awesome so keep up the good work and pls can u do more Friday the 13th

DaAwesomeNicole Samiya

I love ur vids Papa Razz (officer booty lover) ;) ur soooo funny and make me cry of laughter ? I watch ur vids like 10 times in a row , Ur so amazing!

Cookie Gaming

jason is just a person who is crazy and killed his family and just lost in the woods

Helene Hedegaard

Hey you just got yourself a new subscriber

Camren Davis


Latonya McCAIN

good job razz


2hot4yt so true

Pisces Gaming

nice! papa iz plzd... ?

OwOchako UwUraka

razz can u play this more often coz it's awesome!


2:36 why Linkin Park?

SilverPhantom me 99




Gabriel Agapito

Lol ?????

The Ukulele Theydy

plz do more papa razz

Gwendolyn Foreman

razzbowski you can drive a car in those game

Gacha Vee Vee


Aureanna Hadley

Let me AXE you a question?! Lol

Jesse Vorster

I'm gonna comment everyday razz to remind u that u are my favourite youtuber of all time ❤

Brianna Kruse

Hi I joined the family aka I subscribed??

Stephanie Young

Papa Razz, my boy.
This clickbait title, whadda ya doin?

Ulta Sammy

sexy can u fex to

IWA Productions

Are you still playing this on PC?

Me and ovoVoodoo are good friends on F13 We play together alot...

Dominique Slagter

Razz if you do more grab kills you can get nice kill animations


Hi, I am a new subscriber!

Marie King-Stevason

Awesome gameplay Razz! I love your videos, so entertaining!! I especially loved the FNaF vids. ❤️ from ??

ShallowLunatic 2020

2:27 Razzbowski Used To Be A NASTY BOI

Jesse Vorster

I loved it sooooo much razz keep the good videos coming mate

freddie. B

play date Ariana

Red Pichu

can you stop cursing please cause my mom won't let me watch many of your videos



Lisa Vest

A lot like if u agree

toes are cool

Does anyone know who is talkin 2 jason? I do (Like if u do 2)

Doggie The Dog

0:04 #TRIGGERED ! Jason?..... Jasoooonnn?..... JASOOONNN!!!!!!!???!?!!

Nseven 111


Blindeye Creed

umm dat booty


The guy with the blond hair,that's Tommy Jarvis

Ansura Studios

Lol at the end "papa uz plzd" XD


Razz, you should play Tattletail.


Razz you should play the full game I can't wait to watch it it's going to be bad ass


This on guy on youtube keeps memeing my ass his name is The Razz 27

Smol_demon boi



whats that song razz uses with that deep voice? XD wanna know!


razz jason is very strong

Amira Hoffman 2002

Razzbowski I subscribed!!!! In like, the first ten seconds of this video..... ?????

Casey McCann


Gwendolyn Foreman

i mean you can drive in this game

Key Man

lmfao he's such a noob

Kizana Sonubo

xD I Love Dis Game


omg i keep laughing i love all your videos. ad the music parts

Patricia T.

i am looking Forward to watch the next Episode! :D

Nseven 111

that top was prada!

JoyAndroid 23

You're so funny and so entertaining ^_^ U got a new subscriber ^w^


play dis with 8bitryan!

Kayleigh Lett

Razzy, You are crazy but that is so so so so good.

ty hf mv ty h

I'm sorry you're Punes r bad

craig boone

I subbed

Simon Ghoul

yep, this is your game haha x"D

Ulta Sammy

hey bitches that DISLIKES papa razz's VIDEOS go to hell

DaAwesomeNicole Samiya

Yea why would they call the police killing people is absolutely fine :)


i saw a kubz scouts video you was in it and you was very help full so i told my self let's watch a video to him ...... this is my first video to watch in this channe .... and i like it ...... so one subscrib and notifition bell to go :)


i got a fnaf add

J Cervantes?

You my friend have earned a new subscriber like these videos better

catlove cat

Do more plz

Key Man

this dude is hilarious


This the first video ive seen of this guy, and I was very entertained! It does help that hes hot as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Tanya Gatlin

You crack me up

GC Rockboard

Razzbowski play roblox

_lazy boi_

I loved how the guy mestup and jump back in the room and regreted it :-D




Do you play PS4? Maybe we could play together?!

Alrazeen Taupan

papa raz got a new booty loving subscriber

Animallover Emily

Why do I feel like this game was made for him? It's funny enough he can make perverted jokes but it's murdery enough he can edit funny dying stuff


#2Hot4YT ??

The Ultimate Greninja


Reoloky Gryphon

I freaking love this! This definitely makes me want to play this.. Lots of love Papa Razz



Livestreamer Plays Rust as a Naked Girl, Gets Sexually Harassed

Livestreamer Plays Rust as a Naked Girl, Gets Sexually Harassed24 May. 2016
39 273
FragHeroSubscribe 438 721

When livestreamer YowPow

When livestreamer YowPow pretended to be a girl in Steam's survival based game Rust, he was met with harassing comments. Eventually a white knight came along and invited him to go get pie.

Comments (23)

Its rust, everyone gets treated like this, heh


Well yea, that is what u get when u cry for attention. It's no such thing as "Girl Gamer" IT'S ONLY FUCKING "GAMER". I play with girls who play games, but don't cry for attention like "Oh, i am a girl, and i play game " or " i am a girl gamer, pls help me".


It's a shame that anyone who defends a female is now a "white knight". Like you said, women playing video games should be treated no differently to men and I agree, so why is a derogatory term given to someone who defends specifically a female from harassment? Would he still be labelled a white knight if a male was getting harassed?


I really like your gameplay vids, they're really fun! :)

Milan Milivojevic

I did something like this in GTA not long ago.

It didn't go very well....

Imperial Watch

This is hilarious, more please

ApEX Gaming Community

Fucking Hilarious.


As a girl that plays at Rust, i can relate to this. The sexual harassment and the thirst is real lol Alot of kids that its their first time seeing a girl on the Internet.. I usually just tell them that i have a dick and when they talk about my voice i say that im a young kid ahah

Hannah Alexandra

I’m almost solely a single player girl gamer. It takes me knowing people and trusting them before I decide a multiplayer game is worth being verbally assaulted over.
I would like to think there are more often nice guys than cruel ones. I dunno.


Play a videogame with manchildren and kids, what did you expect?


Those guys give gamers a bad name. >:(


I remember back during wow burning crusade i made a female elf priest and my god lol it was bad. Well it have its perks i suppose, people offered me gold, dungeon runs and whatever.


Wow this is actually vile, people should go to prison for this...


I had a guy tell me I was "minecraft hot" one time.....I was disturbed.

nardu gamer

What's a bit worrying that the player is using the profile pic of an actual girl - am I right?

Fermented Logic

You're an idiot dude. This video made me unsubscribe.

William Amodei

prolly 12 y/o kids

Yuubi Timbergrim

And that is why i only play as a guy in MMOs >_>



Donnie H

You kinda look like Theon Greyjoy.


you type slower than my grandma


between perverts and spoiled kids, I'm good out of the multiplayer world

Stolen Password

SInce nobody will ever read this: as a kid I used to chop gophers in half with an axe to see if their heart was still beating