Fleshlight guy

family guy - how to masturbate like a boss

family guy - how to masturbate like a boss27 Jul. 2018
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_peter giving ways to

_peter giving ways to masturbate everyware

_peter betting with his friends by 10dollars. without loss

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Chelsea Roberts

Idk really

Constantino Galvan

What’s going on under that blanket you’ll never know?????

Daith Izumi

Why does Peter look oddly cooler with Joe’s chin????

J. Busch

1:32 that isn’t caliente, that is quente

Perfect Body Armor

Perfect Body Armor23 Apr. 2019
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This is the greatest armor

This is the greatest armor of All Time

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Jesse Guerrero

It’s Martin Scorsese




it's like in forest when you wear the skin of your enemys

Love Nighah

They are freaks


The flarmor


I got an add on the worlds hardest armor right before the vid, I think its a challenge

Josse De Borger

Charlie would be a perfect gta v strangers and freaks character

Lukas Pittman

Your girlfriend is very tolerant


This title is click bait johntron’s flex tape armor is the best

Edward Tapia

When the forest released creepy armor

Ikea God

It looks like the mutant armor from the forest


Charlie's a bit of a masochist...

(I heard this in my head as a woman with a medium-thick Scottish accent. Think of the movie Brave.)

kenji montalban

This man could defeat Hermes

Bruh Bwoi

Alternate title: Florida man goes SHOULDER DEEP in vagina

Thigh Deologyy

1:43 Bruce Lee lol

Mhammed Akrot

Sand my one


I just hope they weren't used xD

Thomas Mcdaniel

Flesh night

Random guy

The army should adopt this armor

Small Boi

We need Charlie in an entire suit of Fleshlights along with the foraged In Fleshlights sword

Super Cloudy

I dont think i Want a fleshlight anymore

Jayant Chatterji

Charlie - "I have the power of fleshlights and hentai on my side ! "
Robber - " Jesus Christ , get me the fuck out of here , there's a alpha predator inside "

Normal Human

The Flesh Knight

Martial Arts Guy

Our agents need this in the field

Methavee Markwell

Charlie’s prepared for zombie apocalypse. The undead try to bite his meaty arms but will be unable to penetrate the hymen of his fleshlight armor. Truly, this man is untouchable.

Jonas Loverin

You should get someone to make you a full set of flesh light armor, helmet and everything

Lil Atism

0:58 now that’s what I call fisting


Looks like the forest armor


Hmm I tried this and it's bullet proof

Wired Loaf

Charlie is just wiggling fleshlights and the dog is likes “oh what’s this”

420 Jesus

Robber: Has chip

Charlie: Has flashlight armor

Robber: ?️??️

Ege Canberi

Live footage of me uno reversing birth

Fairy Fox

Oh I hate the sound of him just shaking the fleshlights


Alternate title: Jesus Christ makes armor out of fleshlights and has his girlfriend test the durability of the armor with the most powerful weapons known to mankind

Call Mad

ok serious note : it is actually good at absorbing impact so would be interesting if he wore chainmail above that, it could almost be as protective as plate armor

Some Dumb Guy

2:56 -this serves 2 fold, a classic duel of fates between the 2 arts of masturbation and, now he has his girlfriends hair all over an arrangement of pocket pussies


is it comfortable


This man is stronger than Halo's Spartans.

H4mmer Head

Ok I want to know how many he used

Collin Reid

i love his concentration

Knife Kid

He sacrificed his life for pakistan

Maddog VR

i now feel both disgusted yet intrigued

Jacob Baker

he is truly a God among men

Puffin Man

Charlie's humor and confidence make me jealous. How do I become an Alpha Chad like him?

Figer of Speech

All the talk about fleshlite and dildo pants a different pic of you. Please DO NOT continue this content, it's very disturbing


That flopping and jiggly sound right in the beginning fucking sent me

Ben Dover

Now all he has to do is use his "forged in fleshlights" - vagina apocalypse to become a holy flesh-knight

Pivot pictures

It must be really fun to be Charlie's girlfriend.

tomoya ryota

Sun Tzu once said "cover your body with flamor and you'll survive the fight"

Richard Soupcan

but y tho


she's liking way to much the slaping part :o

jhonniest milnm

he really makes me buy a Fleshlight

Jesse Heard

This is peak youtube.

Dark Fox Narrations

How does this have ads?

Rachel Albright

Imagine your boyfriend asked you for help with a Youtube video, and this is what you do.

Ray Akuma

Charley's looking like a half mutated fallout Character with 1 Intelligence. Cavemen style


Hey maybe now zombies can’t bite your arms

Ninten1 1

What happened to the forged in fire fleshlight sword?

Mathechu Mat

Wtf I woke up and I left my phone on but the it was on this


My mom walked in and when I explained what the armor was she said "that's not normal"

Sam Streeter

Now THIS is content

Naeem R

U should have gave em away instead of body armor (disgraceful)

Gay bowser Jr

The noise they make


Those biceps ??

Gerson Cano-Fox

Creepy armour in the forest

Evan Ellacott

Did he call his gf a barbarian??

Vivian V Boettger

That’s fisting on a whole other level

Joshua Krueger

such technique

Ramsey Schaefer

His girlfriend is jealous of him sticking his arm so far up there!

Stick Bird

That poor fucking dog

Matt Bezuk


Zain Khan

Man covers himself in fleshlights and robs a bank. Police say he's invincible.

Super pixel Warrior

Imagine doing the same thing, and your mom finds all your flesh lights and you just say you use them for your man meat because it’s easier to explain

Jacob Coates

This man covered in flesh lights yelling "harder" is quite a sight to behold.


Creepy armour gauntlets

Brandan Maza

4:12 close your eyes and listen

Wet Bread

Tiana said "other arm" like your mom clipping your nails when you were 8 years old

PlayStation Stoner

Who is the girl in all his videos?

Zero-two 02

+1000 katana protection
+♾ chip protection
+500 agility
+ 300% critical damage
+ ♾ knowledge of martial arts
+ 50% chance of stunning the enemy on hit

an armor forged by the gods of sex toys themselves in the deepest part of hell some says this armor is so strong it could kill its wielder if not worn properly. Only the chosen ones or the one who trained their body for eternity could even hope to wear it.


Fleshlight slapping man covered in fleshlights :D

Kefka Connoisseur

The only reason I'd buy a fleshlight is for self defense, thanks Charlie, you've taught me the ways of a fleshlight master

Quinn Ethan

Uh hey how is this monetized

funkytoenail hi

He could be the rubber vagina knight that weilds the moby huge dildo


Stand Name: "Flarmor"
Stand User: Sir Charlie Gloryhammer of House Rubber Vagine

Bentley Koons



yet another video about charlie flexing his premarital aids collection


Bruh im tryna get that sword now

Brandon Cummins

Looks like creepy armor from the forest

Brian Ghost

It looks like creepy armor from the forest

Xx Selena xX


grimm 750

The flarmour lmao


What if he put flarmor on top of chain mail

Just Another Gamer

Can it defend against the Moby Huge? We have to answer the big questions here.

Hawk Li

I got an ad for actual body armour

Galaxy Lord Roxas

How is this not age restricted?

The Butcher BSG

bruh i actually got an ad for actual
3a body armor


Damn, what level is that armor?


To the 755 people who downvoted, why are you like this

Lmk how death feels

What couples are actually doing with fleshlights ??

Ella Spies

I have never laughed and cried at the same time

My Face Was Made Into A Fleshlight

My Face Was Made Into A Fleshlight3 Nov. 2020
1 630 834
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This is the greatest

This is the greatest plastic toy of All Time

Comments (100)
The Internet Police



Onyx Molina

bro wtf


he never disappoints me


Everyday, I imagine a future

where you belong to me
in my hand is a pen that
I stole from you, hope you didn't see
My world changed from the
moment I met you
Look what you've done, lit a flame
inside my heart
But whenever I find myself near you...
Why does she keep trying to
tear us apart?
I swear to you, we will never be apart

Have I found you a book that'll keep you

closer to me today?
When you're near, why am I so unable
to keep my eyes away?
When I can't even speak my true feelings
The thrills you send through my veins
must be set free
But if they too wish for your attention
What must I do for you to see only me?

Does my blade write you letters of love

with every red-inked line?
With my love, tell me how many must
I write just to make you mine?

The blood flows down into a dark puddle

What has she done to break down
my sanity?
If I can't calm the tremor inside me...
I won't let her ruin our reality
And in our reality
Darling, if you say you love me
I'll never leave


A Random Comment

Petition to make that the new pog emote


Charlie pog


Greg: dildoos

Calub White

My middle mace is Charles and my last name is white is he my real papa

Carlomaster 1O5

This man just woke up in his bed and thought to himself
"Can I make Charlie's face into a fleshlight?"


I think this is the next step from adding Cr1t to Wii Sports

James Henderson


oi bruv

This is a B R U H moment if I seen one

Noose Me Up

looks more like Drake than you though


when you stare down the fleshlight long enough, the fleshlight stares back.

Atticus MahonBarker

He’s a fleshlight prodigy being taught by the master

jake dominguez

Dill daws


“I turned myself into a Fleshlight Morty”

dave charzard

I would take that as a compliment man good for you


This should be the new pog emote


Ok, what

Huston scuffed

were can i buy this asking for a friend


Any YouTuber other than Charlie would react so disgusted if they saw this made in their image.

12 inchesofworm

bruh its not even to scale smh


I feel like this video is one of those things where i learn too much about something stupid and all the important information in my head will be replaced by the importance of fleshlight textures

Dion578 robuxgang is gay

why does it look like poggers

Theo Naicker



Adding to cart ?

Nunya Bidness

So I can have one of those made of my face and finally follow the repeated recommendation of my family, friends, and colleagues that I go f**k myself?

Manav Shah

perfect for douchetubers

dusk jazzy

So if there is a "Charles White Fleshlight" ...

Does that mean we'll also get a "Charles Black Fleshjack"?


Can I buy one please?


Oh my god, this is it boys

S-7 Anims

White Drake??

Harrison Smetana

If this ever becomes a real product I have a feeling you would dedicate a whole stream or video to it


Ya I was confused about the protruding cylinder in the back. Most heads can fit a dick in them fine.


You were made into a flesh light with an $800 Software, let that sink in.

Gordon Ramsay

Truly earned the name of “ Moist Cr1tikal”



Oreo Sherm



Thats cool and all when u finna drop it


When I hear fleshlight I can only remember sword art online

Anne Myers

Adoptius prime

Reaper 61098

I can’t get it out of my mind of just how much it looks like he’s pogging

ghostly bopp

Shut up and take my money!

Hashibul Kowshik



The only thing more beautiful than this would be a Charlie Strapon. His face would be in the back and his tongue would be the phallic part protruding out of his mouth. If this happens the world is a better place.

Derek Valentino Metz

if he used it, it would be selfcest

FrogHunter Studios

What is this guys accent!?




yeah, cool, but are you actually selling them?

ali youtube lover

Charlie literally makes my day better


my proudest moment


the charles white delight

Biggie Cheese

Jesus fleshlight



John Kovar

Where can I get one of these?



- paranoid

0:19 my name is Greg lol

ItsYoPal Kowalski

where can i buy it?


Can you demonstrate how to use it?

Ishigami Yu

Ok but where's the demo???


0:00 is this jesus?

Annette McGreevy

wonder if he got one for his collection


I swear to God, I thought that the photo shop tool he used is Pornhub


Imagine if the video ended by it being tested

Coconut Minaduki

Has someone posted a video of this fleshlight on pornhub?

Vishesh Sinha

You should patent "Charles White Fleshlight"


Wait..... Greaseball?

Naud van Dalen

If it was bigger, it wouldn't need a head that somewhat has the shape of a Xenomorph.


i thought it said flashlight


can i buy one?


I'm gay now


so when is this available on adam and eve's website

Hannibal Lecter


Ryker Rush

first vid i watched of 2021, not dissapointed

Pulse Willis

Now I can see in the dark with style


I would buy 10 of these, so I could make them all suckle my toes at once

Daniel Gregorio


Waldo Lemmer

The like/dislike ratios on your videos are amazing



Dante Palermo



"Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today."

Jared Barrera


Petition to make this as Charlie's equivalent of the emote PogU which will be called "sogU"

Silent Assassin 49


Fish Tank

Imagine his search history


This is the video that introduced me to him.

Sentinal .R6


Izaiah Azua


Crack Man77

its perfect

Adrian Cuellar Calderon

The poggers action figure


i don't have a dick but man am I happy this exists

Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness


bartek calinski

critical pog

Jack Brattin

the hair is not it


I'd buy that


oh god i just found out what a fleshlight is

Mika Kaneki

Idk what to do with this information,I got no dick.

Manny’s Poop Sock

someone please buy it for me...

Fat Stinky

pp haha