How do they turn a man into a woman

Woman was turning into a man | 19 year old girl taking anabolics Tarun Gill talks

Woman was turning into a man | 19 year old girl taking anabolics Tarun Gill talks11 Jan. 2019
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Tarun Gill is India’s most powerful fitness influencer with a strong and effective social media presence. His honesty and uncanny knack of speaking his mind has got him over 400,000 YouTube subscribers in just nine months. Tarun is the classic Indian example of how one can make a successful career simply by being honest and transparent on social media.

He is a Founder of India's biggest fitness TV reality show, Indian Fitness league (IFL), handpicking talented, fit Indians across the country and promoting them both digitally and on television.

He is also a creator of successful YouTube fitness channel and founder of TG Connect, an event based platform to recognise underprivileged and needy athletes

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Varun Vashisht

Amazing and very motivated video?

Harry Styles

Ye vali to 720p me dekhunga...???


Tarun Bhai has great speaking persuasion skills

Sandeep chhwari

She is beautiful



Vipul Bansal

u r doing a very great work mr. Tarun gill.. salute u man

Alone Rider s

Her voice is soo deep



Gym Lovers



Just to be honest she's damn beautifully hot ???

Hannaan Siraj

2:00 thats how you start ??

Vignesh Suvarna

First thing is first why do you require roids to compete in bikini category ??

Uncool Technical


maheshbhai yagnik

I like it

wahid khan wahid khan

good experience

Upendra Singh Bisht

Salute for Yash Bhai. N vashu ji also salute for your willpower..


Bachpan se she is a Tom boy obviously she will love bodybuilding and come in this profession

Favas Cp Favas

Tarun is very dedicated person on fitness

Mridul Boro

feel bad for her

kunal thakran

Jaatni h jab

Aqeel Mudengudi

Osmmmmmmm inspiration

Vaskar Mondal

I am 20 year old boy..when I 19 years then start i was taken anabolic... ..I am not stopped anabolic in future... anabolic is god gift for anabolic no body..

Tanmay Fadnis

Hi, Tarun how are you?

Unstoppable DPK

Good girl

Bishal Mandal


yasin qureshi

Tarun Gill brother baat kr ni hai ap se urgently


Good one bro


This thing is in Trend!

ubaid Fitness

Very positive message ❤️

Anshul bisen

I think jo jo chize ye bol rhi vo to effects hai hormone lene k ...ab male hormone loge to male feature to aenge hi......

Crazy4 Carz

Continental GT??

Aloke Banerjee

i have spine problem ... is my gym carrier over?

Uttam Kumar

Big ?? #salute to "Yash" he prove the real meaning of #respect for a #Women i think everyone should take lessons from #yash ( 10:35 )

Aniket Jandial

Voice thodi deep ho gayi hai..! But she's so cute..! ?

Smai Debbarma

Very nice

preet choudhary

She is too sexy

79 Bikram Sahu

How many came after watching thumbnail????

Jethu Maravi

You are a too good..

d droid

Respect as usual , Keep it Sir

Siddharth Singh

She is so sweet ?

Nayan _

OMG what a sexy girl!

sharkú op



Her voice is slightly deeper even now... She also looks kind of older for her age...! But good thing is she is on right track now.

Avnish Kandwal

Thanks tarun sr.

Ahmed siddiqui

Tarun you are just awsome bcz ap hamy bht bht zabardast knowledge dyty h .
Yash you are a true lover and your mom much respct .
Wasu i never see a girl love a guy so much like you do


Jaatni hai pakki

Luckshay Kashyap


Kumar Vigyan

Good fitness...mam

MP N076100152


Tilak Magar


Nitish Rajput

You should be proud of yourself because very few girls are there in India like you

Pro Tutorials

Hi tarun bhai.. firstly thanks for sharing this quality feedbacks of professional athletes..
One thing i didn't like is that you don't support anabolic but during competition everyone there is using anabolic and my trainer who is one of your friend recommended me to take them.. so what should i do if i want to take competition, should i take them or is there any way to play competition without using anabolic...

Unknown User

Sanskari ??


"Turning into a man" is a great way to describe it ?.
These anabolic steroids (testosterone) are the SAME stuff FTM transgenders take

ashish bhatt

#yash bro respect for you and your mother ☺️

Best Tips by hashim


Nitish tattoo zone


tekken fight club

Sir aap k video m aaney ka process Kya h

Prashant Kumar Somesh


Sunil Shaw

As a doctor please please stop anabolic,durgs.i do regular zym want to fit always.take fruits n dry fruits.dont take unnecessarily protein supplement.its harms ur kidney in long run.

Harsh Mathur

Bhai ek bar sanju haryana ko deko fb pa

Video Memes

Ye video to HD me dekhenge

sangmesh m.m

Superb sir ???

Abdul Rehman

She is sho cute??

Pee News

I watched one of her videos on instagram doing dead lifts.
Her form is terrible. Back is almost C shaped.
I dont know who coaches her or what.
Try to get your technique and form right.
Doing dead lifts like that will cause terrible back injuries.
Learn... dont just blindly copy.

Abhi Ratnam

Tarun gill's Interview content is best

Monu Tanwar

Aaj upload ki h sir aapne best vedio???

Akp Akp

Sir agar aap health video content...tb jaisi dieases pe video banyo..logo se milo..aur unki story ko share karo..bahut content milega

nidhish c




Fitfat_club Stay fit

All the best for future

Soham Nitin Sawant


Aditya Patel

Dagar jaisi ladki hi kar sakti hai Bodybuilding....Jaat girl

Divyansh Nath

yai video kai sabsai jada view aanai walai hai ??

mutahhar jalal

Tg talks ?


Vasu the wonder women ??

Chandramohan Meeena


Amjad Jahangir

The best part of this video is...
" Anabolic urta hua teer hai"
No body ... even a doctor can't tell u.... Anabolic after a long time app ke body per keya reaction kary ga..
Plz be a natural..
Respect from Pakistan...??

Ryan mj

Tarun bhai rocks..

sahazaib kiani

We all know why we came here.

Aman New


Anupal Chaks


Yogesh Gupta

Ye jo bechari banne ka drma ladkiyan karti hai wo samajh nahi aata. Tumhe gym jaana hai gym jao, nahi jaana mat jao.

Udbhav Vikram Singh

19 year kidhar se LGA bhai thumhe

Sachin.K.G Ganesh

Just because of the thumbnail ?

Preet Sandhu

Sira jatta

2226 Dishant

beauty + 100.
lifting +1

Sameer Qureshi


Vishal Thakur

She's beautiful ? who came here after watching her.

Mrityunjoy Bhowmick

damn sexy...sqatting ass

Rajesh Y

First comment


Tarun gill sir aap aisa story aur le kar aaiyea jay hind and sir ek sholder ka exercise v le kar aaiyea plese

Boy Girl

Jai jaat

abhyuday gyani


Gaurav Dhyani

Brother desi pahlwan raho natural fruit chikan anda .paneer khao...ya supplement powder anbolic sab baker gama pahlwan bano..



bhanu jamwal

Nice butt babes

Anil Joshi

Huge respect tarun bhai


1080p me dekhnaa hai aab

Kuntal Ghosh

Sir great job great to introduce such a cute sister...thanks Tarun Sir

man turning into woman gender.

man turning into woman gender.6 Jul. 2012
1 599 234

i know its not a

i know its not a lalaloopsy video i will be putting lalaloopsy videos on soon

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so he can transform any man into a hot woman no matter what he looks like?

Niro Wolfe

LMAO! That thing stuck it in him soo deep he turned into a woman! XDD Like what prison does to a man.

Lahn Hedberg

Ehhh.....I wanna accept but idk if i keep my dk so no thanks.


i never been creeped out and turn on at the same time in my LIFE like this before WTF?


Turn me into a girl plz


아 ㅅㅂ 성형까지 해주네

ZERO 1395

if i had this power i would change all men except me into women and f*** them all and becoming the new father of humanity


I want this


It was Joker after work




Eric Kruckenberg

Turn your enemy into a waifu...AND FUCK EM!!!

Damn that's a bit dark...oh well had sex

Putra Harez

cute but i dont know want call male or female wtf

Gavin Parish

If I changed into a chick that hot it welcome to be transformed. For real lol.

Confused Gold

From ugly minor character, to every 13 year old’s dream, even if they are marrying a gay person.

Emprahs Finest

Looks like I have a new fetish.

Sergio Moreno

wtf i did i see

John Laureta

luffy be like... where is ace?




I would love to see that evil guy/gal fight Ranma. Ranma could just keep switching back to being a male with hot water.

Incinroar FanRoar!!!!

Fuck this



christian Licla ochoa



translation please?

IT's JC playz


하앍나기사 따먹는다


Creaciones y Manualidades angeles

The horror the horror

EIectric Airways

The best power: Making someone or yourself change DNA! (I wonder what it’s like to be a sexy,cute girl...)

Jo the Animator


Koca Kola

Omegalul! ?

Baby Love

I wish this thing existed in real life ?

Clarity Shine

I knew it's One piece

ShadowFox 1725

Most [email protected]$$ power with is that happened to me.

Dem Legz

Did you just assume their gender TRIGGERED

A guy with random convictions

... backs away slowly, but is still laughing hysterically

Cameron Jordan

What the everloving fuck cow is this shit

Franco Rothlisberger

Estoy comfundido

megawolf 2222


Doug Montgomery

Just show the man turning into a woman and get rid of that ugly Joker wannabee.

Sergio Moreno

que sexy pero por que se hizo mujer no entiendo

Tahlia Hyatt

She is so beautiful! <;}

Rasta Fonz

is this hentai

Rondinele Silva

princess pretty


the one with the blue hair has some strange accent

Nick Russell

Post in the replies who's gender you want swapped? This can be any anime. Mine is all Jojo characters (namely Jotaro) and Levi Ackerman.

Gino Gatash

Ivankov is the only character in the history of ever that manages to both make me laugh and creep the shit out of me, it's fascinating.

Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!

This should happen to all men


Watching this never gets old. ^_^

Now if only someone would make a video of the transformation in slow motion....

Raven 92

uh Ivankov you wouldn’t happen to also treat people in germany would you?

Convenient Comedy

The clown again?


This guys power doe XD

Kanser TheCrab

Male Nazi to female Nazi. Why the hell is this in fucking One Piece.

david starratt

I like the man more

akane owari

Change me into a guy

Tired Buttercup

My question is... why is this person a villian? they could make a killing helping transexuals...


How. The fuck. Did I get here.
What even is life

Jimmy Tran

I want to become a woman

عبدالله الحربي


Baby Love

I need to find this magical being, I would love to turn into a beautiful woman ?

anime glife

Can u do that to me

Itgel Bayarsaikhan

The female versions are very hot...


한국인은나밖에 없나


No amount of makeup will fix that mess, And why if that thing is a man in drag, Why doesn't it just stab it'self with the hormones, But even that would be creepy as it's ugly enough nvm as a female version...

IsayHi YousayBye

did any of you notice that that guard straight away use "watashi" instead of "boku" or "ore" which ever you prefer(not sure if i spelled it right) after is transformation

correct me if my "knowledge of the term use to address oneself is wrong

marco mendez

and that how shemales exist lol

Flavius M.T.F

the worst punnishment for a man propably


Must I say that the fucker looks like a nazi

Creepylps44 :3

Oh jebus I’m on the weird side of YouTube again ?


I want that power.


I swear this isn't what One Piece is like.

Paladin Miraak

So basically a giant drag queen turned a man into a woman? Wow, you never know what those Japanese people are going to come up with next...

Dylan Carr

hes actuarly happy becoming a girl!


Can someone tell me what was said when they all turned to look at the dark alley way? And what is in that alley way?

Sleepy Potato

It looks like such a pain to be a girl .... but I want to see what it would be like... o - o but I am a boy, so I can't

Yuru Buru



Don't you just hate it when your opponent changes your gender mid-fight. happens way too often to me. too bad they never realize that it doesn't matter what form I'm in, I'll still kick your ass.

Paradraw Zombie

wtf just happened


I love how the reaction to it is just: "What the- I was a guy a few seconds ago, now I'm a girl? OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH"

gamin shadow

What anime is this! I wanna see it on Netflix!

Omar Omar

حلقة 442

Justin Jones

this from one peace a cartoon

Randy Magbago

I will find this man and inject my father


Ill touch myself if that will happen to me..

black scourge


Paul Smith

I think it's Very insane and very great, because I it's great to a woman perspective in situations in one piece. The version of man transforming into a woman is insane....but interesting.

megawolf 2222

0:46 that one ugly thing

Pritxxus Zone

This is the origin of my TF TG fetish. I've seen this episode with my brother in 2014. It turned me on for some reason, which I couldn't know but I accepted it as something normal and started to look for more TF TG videos and deviantart images and comics.

El Perro Loco

I would love Ivankov's power. That way I can have all the women I could want. Besides, I got a fetish for trans women. There I said it.


wow that was bull shit.. my dick got caught off guard...


he's happy about that he became to a girl...?

b c


Johnny Joestar

I'm scared


Well if only she took f**k shirt?or dress?of id like that alot



These Eyes See Darkness Clearly

Nobody says what episode ):


여자로 변하니까 가르쳐주네 ㅋ

Kevin Violinist Rojas Topic

You look so pretty. Costume woman I love it


ㅋㅋㅋ 겁나 웃기넼ㅋ

a_memer to clear my search history bye!

The Game Master

Boy -> Girl

poptartgenuis Ruiz

Ivankov is kinda...scary in a way....?

I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh

I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh19 Dec. 2017
4 063 716
TEDx TalksSubscribe 438 721

If you’re a man, at one

If you’re a man, at one point or another you’ve probably thought to yourself, “I will never understand women!” And if you’re a woman, “what's wrong with men?!” But your gender is all you've ever known, so how could you understand? As a transgender woman, Paula Stone Williams has lived on both sides, “and the differences are massive!” In this funny and insightful talk, Paula shares her wisdom for all. Reverend Dr. Paula Stone Williams is the president of RLT Pathways, Inc., a non-profit providing counseling and coaching services. She works with the Center for Progressive Renewal, serves on the board of the Gay Christian Network, and is an active member at Highlands Church in Denver. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Denver Post, and Colorado Public Radio, and is a blogger for The Huffington Post. She is an avid runner and mountain biker with three children and five granddaughters. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Comments (100)
Tristan Nancy

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Wundervoll und humorvoll :-)

Dr Schaaf

Paula, this video changed my life. Thank you. I always felt this difference between women and men but everyone else denied it, so I felt like somthing´s wrong with me, I´m just a missfit again and again. Example: My tax counsultant made a mistake that would have cost me 5000 Euros. I wrote him, very politely, starting with the classical "Sorry, but I think ..." he wrote back in a childish way, next mail and one more, then I picked up the phone. It ended with "I will not discuss that with you." And I felt 100% sure that he would never have talked to me this way if I was a man. Nobody believes me. Now, after your video I finally trust my feeling. The sad side about the whole thing is the loneliness in times when I would wish for a little support.

Valerie Curtis

This should be mandatory in all Health classes. Thank you for this video.

bella g

He's not a woman, this is ridiculous. He doesn't and can't know what's it's like to be a woman, because he is not. But sure, live your life pretending if that's what makes you happy, none of my business.

Brian Allan Bodē Ghost Productions

One of the best Ted Talks I've heard yet. If I may, I'd like to borrow a quote from the movie : As Good As It Gets; " You make me want to be a better man." Paula, Love & Light To You, Dear & I thank you. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

bruce judd

This is just a deluded man fooling himself, pretending to be a women.

Scirlav Lavscir

Humanity is all a sickness and life a big experiment went wrong


No matter how much hard is it to swallow but that's the truth:

Men & Women can't be Equal, there can be equity and that lies in gender roles!

Jenn C

This was great Paula! You have such a wonderful personality and sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your story ?

Ashley Kennedy

The working stats show that women work half as hard for half as much.

mark mooroolbark

Women are entitled and privileged in our society yet they whine as if they are hard done by. It is painful to listen to.

Jennifer Laberge

I love her for this. Bless her heart.

wow 2020

I know Paula is great. But Paul probably just didnt have a father figure or was smothered by woman and that affected him till he grew up.

Ze Miguens

So, she became a professional victim
What a surprise

shut up

woah..this was SO relatable..

Gabriel Darlington

I like how she is so vocal with her hands.


i think changing gender is so wrong ..GOD made u the way you are because HE so it fit...who else disliked this before watching

xX_Malakai_Xx btw I'm a girl

Paula: says anything

Steph Sabol

I love how she says "less of a body experience and more of a being experience."

Remi Raghfan

The men in the audience are so silent

Peterson Ezekiel

God continue to bless Dr.Ahonle for his herbal medication that healed me completely from herpes virus /

meme me

Sooooo theres negative about being a man lol ?

jay h

i am a 63 year old woman & have never been treated like that ... i have always been treated well by men ... there are some women who give off a certain attitude & men can feel it ... we are VERY different because God created us that way ... she wanted to be a woman so get used to it & stop faulting men ..

Gary Mauler

Still xy

Buddy Hendrix

He's still a male at the core no matter how much he changed the shell of himself.

Michael Tarren Scott

That’s a man.

Steven Beeler


The Random Dude

This video reminds me of Roger from American Dad

Warren Ronne

God was not confused when he made you. .you the one confused

Albert Rouvray

You know - if this was even remotely funny -

Jim Sartin

V. Nina hartley

Michael Hamandishe

He is a good speaker I enjoyed it.

Sergej Erbis

working for a religious organization and not learning a thing about its foundation.. that's sad

Eatme Douche

It's not quite the same experience, being a transwoman, as she has had to deal with all of the prejudices, etc. that come along with it. Also not meant as an insult, but, it's quite obvious she is trans.

AA Nelson

Welp a lot has chnged in 2 years since this speech

Michael Katz

A man makes an off color OR unappreciated comment at work and watch the fury come down on him. Not so with women, who have freedom to express themselves. Well meaning male bosses still try to protect the tender sensibilities of women employees. Men and women supervisors and workers DO react to the same stimulus in different ways. Equal doesn't mean the same.

Elizabeth Pettigrew

I will be rewatching this for eternity.
Any future partner of mine will be one who doesn’t mind one bit.
No more toxicity.
Humility, empathy, loyalty, integrity, EMPATHY.
Did I mention empathy?

DeeAnn Martin - Health Joy Hiking

Every boy/man on the planet - especially American boys/men - need to watch and learn from this Ted Talk.

Donald Williams

The rapid ethernet nationally rock because rowboat rarely untidy till a fabulous soap. snobbish, easy hot

56 Hendo

You can dress as a woman, but you need to be born one, live the experience, puberty, dating, childbirth. That can't be replicated.

SuperSaiyan Stallone


Theresa Amuso

God bless you ?

Adi Mané

THIS is what J.K. Rowling is saying when she says women have real experiences that are a direct product of living their lives as a 'traditional' woman: Paula experienced that horrible attack for no reason from a man attempting to discredit her and bully her over something so minor. Women face some variation of this harrassment daily, and thus have often internalized this fear or learned to avoid certain men or even pathways home because of it. There was no way for Paula to have experienced or known what that was like before she transitioned to a woman. That is ALL JKR is saying - that we can't erase that women have these real, life-time long experiences of dealing with consequences due solely to the fact that they were born and raised as women. She is NOT saying trans people aren't real, or that they don't experience their own unique challenges themselves, nor did she ever question gender identity exists on a spectrum. All she's saying is that when we lump all women's experiences at once, we erase the lived realities of all parties.

Kish L.

I'm here to learn and try to understand the whole trans world (completely foreign to me). I must say this lecture is priceless and spoken from a place of pure truth. when one remove the fear I can see this experience having an important healing place in the world....very enlightening.

Bill Tremewan

Lots of whiners here.


I bought a second hand alternator for my car and the guy said "Tell your boyfriend to bring in the old one when he replaces it" I told him I can give him the old one before I leave and then I replaced it in the car park. ?


"There is no way a well-educated white male can understand how much the culture is tilted in his favor." Amen, Paula.

N Nicola

Really enjoyed listening to this,your not an interloper btw,welcome to the gang!

Julie Hardwick

Paula - what a wonderful talk and such insight and thank you for bringing this into the public eye. I love the fact that your dad realized that the love of his child is first and foremost and that he is willing to try. I also love your comment that we should all remember to " Honor the journey of another". Thank you and God bless

Flower Girl

What a wonderful lady! I applaud you! Absolutely brilliant!


You are still man. Man and woman is a term based on biology, your body.

The fact you feel or identify as a woman is alright, but when you go for certain surgery, or have a certain treatment in the hospital, you have to say that your are actually man, otherwise there could be complications if they treat you as a woman.

Karla. Karla Abbott

Nothing you do will make you look like a female ,so obviously male......

Alan Davis

Her friend's name is Karen. O the irony! :)

Kevin Chamberlain

I get the bit about this guy living as a man but...

Nawalt Rep

No one:
Rich white people with the power, resources and free time to question their gender roles and do something about it: "life is soooooo hard..."


I never apologize for being right or wrong. I love it when people tell me "it's okay, you got it wrong". And I'm like "Did you hear me apologize?".

Darius McDonald

I do support this but now id like to hear about the experience of a woman who transitioned to a man

Ioan Jones

not very well balanced - it's totally one sided. she could explain the opposite experiences

Pixie Hematite

WoW such a small word with such a big meaning. Paula, you may have changed the way my husband talks to me, may have changed the way he thinks of me. My husband is a wonderful man, kind, gentle however, when I ask a question he doesn't usually answer MY question, preferring instead to give me an answer that HE feels is what my intellectual capacity (in his view) can withstand. I will now show him your TEDx Talk and see if a light is switched on but I tell you this, there will probably be a huge discussion afterwards. Thankyou Paula xx

Rupert Psmith

I'm an alien from Mars.

Tararyze 11

You go girl....AMEN

Upscale Avenue

"There is no way an educated white male can understand how much the culture is tilted in his favor"

Say it louder for the anti - feminists!


My husband does mot take me seriously. He cuts me off whenever I try to explain. To me it is trying to avoid dealing with what I am dealing with. No monetary benefit from my situations, I guess. Nothing in it for him. Well, I have been able to find help elsewhere.

Native Spirit

I wish you were single ? Your my kind of a woman !

Elizabeth Oliva

Love this person

shannon laura

That was beautiful. Especially the last part about her father <3

Ronny Jr

Beautiful everything you and just everything


Actually in YOUR MALE BODY not having testosterone which the MALE BODY REQUIRES MORE! you could very well have problems including intellectual!


she is so lovely and geniune. I'm a woman and i know what she's talking about. I worked as a waitress to pay for university and men, especially the 40+, constantly underestimated and diminished me. after 5-10 minutes of conversation they usually said "what a smart, delightful young lady you are!" and they where always so surprised because, let's face it, i was "just a little waitress" to them before.
when someone bumps into me sometimes i actually apologize and the next moment i ask myself WHY? and the list goes on...blaming men is not the solution, just as much as blaming white people for racism isn't, but we need to be aware of these things and that's why men need to hear this! even if it makes them uncomfortable. thank you Paula! greetings from Germany :)

Bill Barthen

Thank you, Paula.

Raymond Ellis

I believe that we have a spirit and a body. If the spirit changes then we think we need to change our body from male to female or female to male, but the truth is the spirit began to err and the person really needs to correct their spirit not their body.  I have written a book called THE POWER OF UNITY and other insights from God. It should be out in September-October 2021 -- God willing.


I am a doctor. Cannot tell you how often people have asked me after an examination when the doctor will finally be there.
Also I started out to be a surgeon. I couldn’t get a job in general or trauma surgery and neither in orthopaedics because the heads of the departments all told me they‘d never hire a woman because the job were too stressful and too physical and them not hiring me was for my own good.

Candi D.

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing Paula!

John Morgan

My name is Sylvester but my friends call me Dr osifo am a comedian if you wont to be happy come close to me.......
I'm single
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Great, great talk! Made me laugh, then made me cry - that rarely ever happens in the TED paradgm of all-the-same-style talks. Thank you for this, Paula, I wish you all the best in life!


I watch this video from time to time. I love you Paula ❤️

Sam Targa

I experienced it with a taxi driver. At the airport. He was waiting with a sign saying sam.I gave my Nick name. his face dropped. Was quite funny when he saw a woman saying hi. He awquarly explained he expected the man. I Sayed why do you look so disappointed? I loved making him feel embarrassed then I laughed. I will never forget his face poor doughnut.

Elaine Johnson

He has not lived as a woman. Completely impossible.

Priscila Magalhaes

I thought she was going to say that both genders experience difficulties, but she laid out perfectly how privileged men are even if they aren’t aware of that. How women are treated as morons automaticaly just for being women. How annoying and exhausting this is. How much we go through in a simple everyday task. Thank you Ms. Paula for your insights.

Indraneel Singh

I have noticed this trend all throughout the society nowadays. This speech is along the same lines as what vegans would say after they stopped eating meat or what aethisits say after they stopped believing in God. It's fascinating as you can experience first hand how the society is transitioning. It's true that every generation keeps on changing.

Christopher Sullivan

You get to choose what you wear. Your hair style is one you choose. My daughter gets a traditionally male hair cut for the same price mine gets cut.
I guess it was too much for you to tell the gent to check his boarding pass?
Oh, so a young person was trying to help with his base of knowledge troubleshooting a problem until a more experienced person knew exactly what to ask? Hmmmm.... sounds like every specialty shop I've ever been in. I'm wondering if estrogen has just made you more sensitive.

Zoe Hobley

Just put YT on to make a cup of tea and now I'm crying my eyes out! Way to go Paula! Fantastic talk!


Still looks like a man


a guy not checking the ticket? * men privileges. should try to get a divorce, or do a job interview and then see the differences

Eunice N

Don't talk down on women.

Sam Targa

I love this video more Everytime I watch it. Just fab.

Oh Hansel

This clown has taken way to much estrogen. Women work twice as hard for half the pay? Women walk around with privalgede a man will never know.

Marex Kai

Paula is an amazing speaker. Love her sense of humour and wisdom. Enjoyed learning about her experiences.

Anna Thórsdóttir

absolutely wonderful

don sam

I find it funny as a man when hearing about problems immediately I think fix it but usually what a woman wants is to vent about the issue but not fix it immediately or wait until someone finds a solution.
Just a observation into different insights.
Great vid one love

Faith Po

Fast forward 2020 and this is no longer accurate.


This is the typical non-passable MTF. I've seen better transvestites who cross-dress without the hormones or surgery -- huh, and with better voices, also.

Brian Curry

wow -- very helpful! thank you - on my hubby's computer -- this is Maribeth speaking <3

Sophiep Tran

The problem is the idea that there should be equity. The genders are different so why should they be the same? Should square pegs need to fit round holes?

The answer is to recognize the differences and reasons for them in the creation of policy and norms. She's hitting up against social norms that are underpinned by biological processes. And requiring a change that goes against that instead of one that works with it will always fail. Male privilege exists but don't think that female privilege doesn't. Or that it operate similarly and in the same domain. She is still valuing the masculine ideals she's had in the past life. Many cis women do as well and gloss over the advantages they have as women.

Mary Smith

I don't agree so much with the disparity of equal pay for women. I know a lot of very powerful women who make as much as men in the same position. I also know that my boss used to hire good looking men...... so I think it works both ways.

The funny thing is, sometimes, all it takes if for a group to start something, and then that's all everyone sees. Like when you are buying a car, and all you see is that make and model. I'm not saying that pay disparity was never a problem in the past, but the more women entered the work force, the less disparity.

Jennifer Fischer

Thank you Paula for being you

kinky tan

Am watching this 3 video of Ted talks and I am having anxiety in every video that why no one is laughing wen the person is saying something that I find funnny

Mara Nocna

I'm non-binary, but looking femmine person and omg, this is so relative... She is a great speaker (and she is also very beautiful ❤️)

Peter Out

Now try being a divorced male. You have no rights whatsoever.