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10 Famous Male Celebrities Who Came Out (in 2020)

10 Famous Male Celebrities Who Came Out (in 2020)14 Jul. 2020
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The 10 famous men, who

The 10 famous men, who decided that 2020 was a year, to tell the truth. They are handsome and very talented men who love other men.

Definitely the society and the growing community of gay pride have positively impacted the entire world. These are 10 men who made 2020 a more open and socially accepting year for love in its different expressions.

In our list includes; Dennis Del Valle, Ben Aldridge, Thomas Beattie, Pablo Alborán and more.

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justin castillo

Curdin looks like Rob Gronkowski.

John Smith

Hate to say it, but just watched 3 of these, and i don't know a single one. I watch a lot of movies, but never heard of any of them Over 50. LOL

Jared MacBride

Only one of these guys is even remotely famous (Alboran - who is a HUGE star in Spain and Portugal)

Narendra Sharma

Love is love thats it♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Not surprised to know about a male figure skater being gay.

Christophe Martini

Christophe gays ????♥♥???????????.2020.53

danchise lacaata

I agree with post below. Confess? No.its just guys informing who they are. Confessions are what you do to a priest.

Jonathan Riley

Who writes this shi*?

Rahul Nandeshwar

What on earth happens people to who dislikes the content?

Jumaing Jafa

in addition, the computerized voice is annoying....

Richard Brown

Haven’t heard of any of them

Predrag Ivanić

Gay is Ok

Shandy Leer

No.6 is strikingly handsome.

Kingwesley XIV

Support to all of them

Sarah Cheesman

Be happy

Ari Selenge

everyone has the right to their own happiness .. It's just a little pity that all handsome guys are only interested in guys .. Well, what can I do .. I just watch and enjoy how unusually gorgeous guys love each other, and how beautiful it is ..

Antonio Beardall

AM happy for them, but honestly have no idea who they are.

English Literature & Critical Theory

Gay Issues


When will Justin Bieber coming out the closet ???


I love you Guillaume cizeron

Luis Ortega

The ten HANDSOME men... because if you are ugly, people don't give a shit.

Jacob R.

Bruh, Aaron Schock is hot! Damn he is so sexy!

Gustavo Nunez

First at all, stop tu use, the words confess, because in this case this word es offensive, beside any body have to revel either to tell with whom sleep or like, any badly have the right to point or to enter in the live.

Viyet Roy


Obi Phil

Still waiting for a gay tennis players in the top 20!

The Siblings Vlog

So what,if they are gay???Love is love❤✌✌

Becky Farley

Shows you will do ANYTHING to get along in hellywood.

Brichanise Terrell

Jesus is the only way to true love and he has a plan for you.

Romans 10:9
New International Version
If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Mark Shao

Even they are so rich andfamous , they can't get a man like me.??☺️?

she is a beautiful mess

So we are gonna act like Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Styles, Hritik Roshan, Zayn Malik do not exist?

Dana S

Aaron Schock can burn in Hell.

Mark Peters

Screw Aaron Schock ! He should be forever shunned within the gay community for being such an asshole when he was in DC pretending to be straight by being homophobic

Nick Wolfe

In addition to how awful the word “confess” is in this context, could you possibly try to pronounce Spanish names anywhere near correctly? Google Maps doesn’t seem to have any trouble remembering how to pronounce names in another language! How hard can it be?

carlonovem espadero

ill come out soon,let's say 50 years from now, im still enjoying women.

ilza maria

A question, not a comment.
Will women still watch romantic or sexual scenes between a gay man with a female actress the same way they do now ?

Charlie Sands

So many handsome guys.. great that they are out! Hope that soccerplayers all over the world .. come out aswell..♡♡

James Eaton

Downvoted because of the Google Maps voice reading the poorly written - perhaps Google Translated? - script. How do I know it's the voice from Google Maps? Because it makes the same errors with non-English phrases and names such as "24 Heures" that Google Maps makes on my phone....

The concept is fabulous - but the execution gets a downvote.

Sarah Cheesman

Good for them

Martijn Spruit

So, I'm not the only viewer who stopped watching because he gets too annoyed with this computer voice?

nick conder

Truth? famous? ummm, lets try guys speaking to the press......not much more

John Lubrico


Jeff Inkhobar

It’s very frustrating - such a great topic but written with such lousy grammar and read so poorly by this crap robo-voice that it makes you want to block their future videos. I think it’s time YOU confessed to showing disrespect for a noble topic with your lousy production.

Jac Pot

Just shows how easily the words "famous" and "celebrity" are used for relative unknowns.

Sean Kinsella

Get rid of that robot voice

danchise lacaata

Plus, it’s like you have to be very attractive for anyone to care.

Ron Rumley-van Gurp

One does not "identify oneself" as a gay man. One simply is and at some point in time acknowledges this fact.

Tonny Flores

All of them good looking people

Kai J

The one on number2 . Is he the Augustine doctor from the vampire dairies?

gavin parks

Haha , heures said as hoors - makes sense north of the border.

Sarah Cheesman

U woukd never think but be who u r

Anders Liljevall

Sounds like a report from the Spanish Inquisition. CONFESS?You are gay!

Bobby Serrato

No matter how this production came off..remember the struggles..the homophobic society...the religious right..and this "coming out" piece is historical and endearing to this gay man..all u need is like love????

Dean Six Glass

adding HANDSOME is very difficult for the tens of thousands who are gay and not quite as GQ worthy. The presentation was faulted from the onset by that odd word choice and then th electronic voice- OMG

Ken Leahy

Good, but never heard of them. Hate the fake voice.

Reval Mardiansyah

1. Markus Thormeyer - Swimmer
2. Rick Cosnett - Actor
3. Aaron Schock - Politician
4. Curdin Orlik - Wrestler
5. Sebastian Vega - Basketball Player
6. Guillaume Cizeron - Ice Dancer
7. Pablo Alboran - Singer
8. Thomat Beattie - Soccer Player
9. Ben Aldridge - Actor
10. Dennis Del Valle - Volleyball Player

William Green

#uck sake it's the 21st century ..does it really matter [email protected] gay .straight. bi. white we all human all have a right to live our lives as we please in a respectful honest way to others come on stop making issues let's just all live together!!


What you do in your own private space is no one elses business.


How nice for them.

unknown DME

Wow, these are terrible, robotic narrations.

Originals MLM archive

one of these do not belong here : hint - it's the idiotic Republican

Aaron Ren MD

2020 sucks ,just as bad as aaron schock came out due to what he had done for LGBTQ

The Kettlewell's

The words used here are very, ummm...offensive.

Diogo Cosme

"he CONFESSED", "his sexual PREFERENCE", "told the TRUTH". So many wrong words here

Sarah Cheesman

All so beautiful

Ge Snyc

Aaron Schock? Are you F'ing kidding me? That nasty former closet case has done more to put the community back into the closet. He resigned under a cloud for unethical and possibly illegal behaviors that had nothing to do with being gay. The LGBTQIA community called him out years before he came out and he lied. He also sponsored legislation that was hurtful to the community as a whole. That Queen needs to vaporize back into the closet and stop seeking acceptance from all of us that he tried to screw over.


Honestly who cares anymore, stop labeling people based on shit that has nothing to do with the character of that person.... A person is not their political opinion, ethnicity, sex or sexuality.. The whole "coming out" thing became passé years ago. It's 2020, catch up.

Edward Cave

Doesn’t anyone proof the computer report???


Aaron shock is a republican with an extensive voting record against LGBT rights. Not only that, he’s seen caught in the middle of a single entry was posted in strip clubs Coachella and nine other places are making out with guys. He didn’t come out as much as we already knew because he was terrible at hiding it.

Adam Shares

How famous lol? Never heard of them before

Ian McCormack

Famous? I don't know any of these people.

Julie Dorval

I am glad we live in 2020. My son is gay, and his twin brother told him, that is doors bedroom just across the all. That they are together since they we’re born and he will be with him every days he live!!

Stefan Vitalis

Who decided to, 'tell the truth'? Many of them didn't lie about their preferences but just chose not to share it with the general public.

This account is clearly trying to manopolise on the pink pound.

Jezza 0611

Who ARE these men and why do we care that they “announce” that they’re gay??!! ???‍♂️

Daniel Minutilli

I think it might be nice to hear a gay man narrate this video.

Janet Harned

These men are also the most handsome!! Gay is Good, everyone!!!❤

Richard Evans

"Live under the truth every day". Something got lost in translation, Lady Roboto...


This is something I can't understand... Why is it that people have to be insanely handsome to declare being gay? Why is it that it is not important that ordinary people ( those ordinary people who walk along the streets everyday ) may also be gay ? From my point of view, sexuality is just a part of human nature and maybe not the most important. You know what ? Joyful will be the day when people won't have to "declare being gay". Being human will suffice !?

Fábio Fernandes

As a gay man, it's been complicated for to meet my soul mate. No one is interested in a steady relationship...unfortunately...

Tee Jay

Why is everyone complaining about the use of the word "confess"? it has multiple meanings; one of them being to admit something that previously held shame... literally what a lot of these people are doing...


we should live in a world where absolutely no one feels a need to be in a closet Dan Levy made that seem attainable

Lynn Ashley

STOP! STOP! STOP! Using the word "CONFESSED". Being Gay is NOT a sin which must be confessed. Ditch the robot voice. This video earns a DISLIKE.

Peter Baker

This video is complete garbage. I am sorry I wasted seven minutes of my life watching this. YouTube should consider having this video permanently deleted. What ever happened to Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

William Green

Good luck to them ......but I dont know who any off them!!!

Ki. Vi.

1:43 let's be honest, ain't a shocker given there are pics on the internet of him making out with a guy and stuffing a male stripers undie with cash

Ailene Tenges

Peculiar is a vry strong word tho

Shandy Leer

It is not a confession but more of letting you IN of their private life.

David John

These people obviously doesn’t take feedback from their subscribers!


why do you insist on using automated voice that uses a sentence structure that is not found in the English Language "a man who comes out as a gay man" is a phrase that is not heard in any English Speaking Country. Look Find a real narrator or just stop. I hear this automated female voice everywhere. I bet the creator has a nice voice and if you want a voice actor there are several on the LGBT Podcast circuit called Pride48.

Eva Stapaard

I'm hetero, you're gay, who cares?!
perhaps I'm raised differently but I've never cared about this and I think it's a damn shame that people can't live with it.
It's those damned religions.

Nicholas Damian

Sorry for being off topic but I feel so anxious and sad and I just wanted to leave a comment saying that I love everyone( even those who hate me for being gay). If I was about to die, I’d only have a few regrets. One of the biggest would be not having the chance to meet my non existing soulmate, the man who would truly love me beyond anything in this world...

Ignore this message.
Just a depressed person

Thomas Morrison

Does anyone really care?

William Green

In 2021 I'm coming out as straight!!!

Rosario Ferrara


Kenneth Friend

I am saddened that the primary reason that these men coming out is such an amazing revelation is because they are considered attractive. For the men on the list its as if they used their proclamation of homosexuality as self promotion. Why did they feel the need to disclose this anyway ?? It should only be relevant to whom youre in a personal relationship with. But I think thats the point, they wanted to invite everyone into their private lives. I was asked by one of my sisters, " Why do gay people feel the need to tell everyone about their sex life ?" I'm not sure, could it be that its because their sex life is the only thing that validates them ?

Martyn Cole

TOP List is homophobic. I'm going to block it.

Alden Richard

Its ok if they revealed their sexual orientation, just remsin who you are ..manly handsome.and very discreet gay...dont dress like.a.woman,don't put.make.up that's it hehe


Aaron Schock, needs to do better than just admit it to the world, he needs to fight for gay rights. For so long, he voted against it in legislation.


The commentary here is horrendous. A 7 year old could write better. Can't believe I got halfway through this shite.

Muku Joseph

It's very hard to do that but they have done an amazing job to tell the truth.. I feel proud of who they are and I would like to get an a honest half of me and it's very hard to tell my parents and family.

Chengfu Saechao

They are NOT
Heard of any of these